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B l o o m in g Id ea s

n e o fthe big tic ketitem s fo ra w ed d in g is the flo w ers. Here’s ho w to p ic k the bestfa llblo o m s tha tw illc o m p lem en tyo u rc o lo rp a lette a n d m a ke yo u rc erem o n y o n e to rem em ber. HO W T O C HO O SE A FLO RIST

The Society of American Florists has a list of questions for you to ask a potential wedding florist. They include: • What flowers will be in season? • What flowers are available that will fit my budget and color preferences? • Do you have pictures of other weddings you’ve done in my price range? • How will the flowers be handled, set up and delivered? • Do you preserve bouquets after the wedding? • Do you offer rental items like vases or will we need to get them from another company? Get in touch with your florist early, at least three months in advance, the society says. If you’re getting married during a peak season for your area, you may even need to allow up to a year. Bring any pictures you like and pictures of your dress and bridesmaids’ dresses so your florist can create a spectacular event that is also in your budget.


Add some seasonal accents to your bouquet no matter your color palette. Berries, oak and maple leaves, twigs, wheat and other grasses all make gorgeous additions. To stretch your budget, work with your florist to choose flowers in season. Teleflora says some flowers that bloom in fall are Asiatic and calla lilies, dahlias, chrysanthemums, roses and yarrow. Your florist will be able to give you more ideas about what is popular in your area.


The Society of American Florists also suggests some non-traditional uses for flowers. Send flowers that match your wedding theme as welcome gifts for out-of-town guests and wedding party members or as thank you gifts. You can also use flowers to decorate the wedding transportation, in floating arrangements, or as hair accessories.

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Ho w Co u p l es Ca n B en efitFr o m Hirin g Lo c a l W ed d in g Ven d o r s o c a lven d o rs ha ve in tim a te kn o w led g e o fthe a rea s they serve, a n d tha tc a n m a ke fo ra m o re p erso n a lized ,ec o -frien d ly w ed d in g . Local vendors are often a go-to choice when couples are planning their wedding ceremonies and receptions. As the “shop local” movement grows in popularity, weddings present a prime opportunity to embrace this movement. Couples may have different ideas regarding where to tie the knot, but local vendors can be hired regardless of geography. Brides magazine says the biggest factor influencing wedding location is the size of the guest list and the number of people who wouldn’t be able to attend if the wedding was in a particular locale. Hometowns might be the

traditional choice regarding wedding location, but the XO Group says one in four couples now host destination weddings. Once couples choose a town or city to host their weddings, they can begin exploring the benefits of working with locally-based vendors.

out with non-local vendors. For example, local photographers familiar with a particular venue will know all of the best places to get shots, and some vendors may have preexisting relationships with venue representatives that could ensure wedding day operations go smoothly.

FAM ILIARIT Y Local vendors will be familiar with the area and possibly even the location where the wedding will be held. That can help couples avoid having to give directions, discuss venue protocols, and handle other tasks that must be worked

PRO X IM IT Y Local vendors can meet with brides and grooms more readily throughout the planning process, making things less stressful on the happy couple. This also makes it easier to drop off deposits, attend meetings, make fitting appointments,

Wedding Receptions, Rehearsal Dinners, Corporate Luncheons & More!

or attend styling sessions. SAVIN G S Couples who travel for their weddings and employ local vendors will not have to pack as much. Using local vendors eliminates the need to bring along bulky dresses, decorative items, flowers, and much more. Plus, couples needn’t pay to transport and house vendors brought along from back home. EN VIRO N M EN T Individuals who take great strides to conserve resources by reducing their energy consumption and protecting the environment

often find that shopping local is beneficial. Local vendors are more likely to source their materials from other local businesses, reducing their carbon footprints along the way. For example, local caterers may rely on local farmers for their foods, affording couples the chance to host eco-friendly or even farmto-table weddings. C UST O M IZAT IO N Working with local vendors often translates into getting more personalized service and attention than mass retailers or merchants can provide.






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GetO u t


a ll’s c o o ler— bu tn o tto o c o ld — w ea therbeg s u s to be o u tsid e a n d en jo y it. Given the g lo rio u s c o lo rin the trees,ta kin g yo u rvo w s o u tsid e m a y be the w a y to g o .

Here are some things to consider when planning an outdoor ceremony in the fall.


Holding the ceremony outside is beautiful, but it also subjects you and your guests to the vagaries of the weather. Plan for a covered area nearby, whether it be a structure or a tent, that can hold everyone. If you’re going the tent route, carefully consider the space and determine whether you need a large pole tent, which also comes with a dramatic roofline, or a smaller frame tent. Also ask for tent walls in case of rain.


A cooling breeze can be just the thing, unless it sweeps your guest books, escort cards and any other paper across the grounds. Make sure to use paperweights or ribbons to keep everything in its place. Also consider the effect the sun will have on delicate flower arrangements and on your guests. Don’t leave either hanging around under the rays for too long.


Fall is gorgeous, but it can also mean sudden drops or rises in temperature that make it feel more like winter or summer. Ask an event company to also supply outdoor heaters for chilly days or fans if its too warm. In either case, offer warm or cool drinks preceremony to help keep your guests comfortable.


Let your florist, caterer and all other vendors know upfront you’re doing an outdoor ceremony and where. If possible, have them visit the site so they can be sure to offer you their best service there. Try to think of things like where the staff can change and rest, where the kitchen facilities are, any electrical needs and if there are enough restrooms on hand for all your guests plus vendor employees.

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Fa vo r s o fth e Sea so n F

a llis ric h w ith fla vo ra n d fo o d -c en tric ho lid a ys. L etyo u r w ed d in g be the sa m e by p ic kin g u n fo rg etta ble,ed ible fa vo rs. W o rk w ith lo c a lven d o rs a n d fa rm ers to p ic k the fin estin g red ien ts a n d g ive yo u rc erem o n y a sen se o fp la c e a n d tim e tha tyo u rg u ests w o n ’tso o n fo rg et. JAM S,JELLIES AN D M O RE

Traditionally, harvest time is when summer fruits and vegetables were preserved for the scarcity of winter. You can customize labels and miniature jars with your wedding date and more. Tie off the tiny jar with a bit of twine and viola, all done.


Fall also brings us Halloween and its bounty of sweets. Pick classic favorites or candies with fall flavors, like the rich taste of pralines, caramels, cinnamon hard candies or any one of the legions of pumpkin-flavored candies that come out in the fall. Bundle them up in adorable favor bags.


You can also pick a peck of lovely gifts with seasonal fruits like fall apples and pears. For a decadent favor, find a candy

shop that makes custom candied apples. Wrap them and order up or make custom tags for a crisp and sweet fall treat. Don’t forget other traditional favorites like caramel corn, popcorn balls and kettle corn. Work with local vendors and farmers to pick the finest ingredients and give your ceremony a sense of place and time that your guests won’t soon forget. More ideas for edible favors: • S’mores fixings, bagged up and ready to use, especially if you will have a nighttime reception lit with fires or fireplaces. • Hot chocolate mix. • Miniature bottles of maple syrup or local honey. • Cookies, doughnuts, or miniature pies or cupcakes from a local vendor, custom-ized in shapes and colors that complement your palette.

W o rk w ith lo c a lven d o rs a n d fa rm ers to p ic k the fin est in g red ien ts a n d g ive yo u rc erem o n y a sen se o fp la c e a n d tim e tha tyo u rg u ests w o n ’tso o n fo rg et.

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Wa r m ItUp


etc o zy a tyo u rfa ll w ed d in g by u sin g these tip s to keep yo u a n d yo u r g u ests w a rm a n d c o m fo rta ble thro u g ho u tthe even t,esp ec ia lly ifyo u rbig d a y is la terin the fa ll to w a rd s the w in ter.


Make one of your beverage stations a hot bar that serves coffee, hot chocolate, hot cider or other warm beverages. Give your guests plenty of garnishes and mix-ins for variety. Also offer virgin drinks for children and those who don’t drink. Some decadent but fun ideas include shaped marshmallows, chocolate covered stirring sticks or spoons and favors that recall the event, like personalized mugs or packets of hot cocoa mix.


Offer guests favors like mittens, gloves or scarves. Scatter blankets around the venue, especially if

your ceremony is outdoors. Larger items, like pashminas, make beautiful bridesmaids gifts that will be welcome both at the ceremony and after.


Nothing says hygge – a Danish word meaning cozy and comfortable – like a variety of warm, flickering candles. Pick both colors on your palette and colors that complement, and make sure to choose a variety of

sizes and heights for visual appeal. Keep all of them unscented, however, you don’t want to overwhelm the event or bother guests with allergies. You can also choose candle holders that complement your

decor. Metallic finishes up the warmth factor. If you’re worried about so many open flames, look for LED candles with flicker and flash just like the real thing but without the heat.


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Str ik e th e Per fec tLig h t W

hetherin d o o rs o r o u t,there a re a va riety o fo p tio n s fo r settin g u p yo u rc erem o n y in the p erfec tlig ht. Rea d o n fo rtip s a n d tric ks to fin d in g tha tp erfec tg o ld en hu e.


Walk through the venue

with your photographer beforehand so he or she can see how it’s lit during different times of day and from different angles. Pick out locations for pictures and also talk about what, if any, lighting you will be adding to the space.


There are gorgeous options for adding tiny lights on metallic or nearly

invisible strings. Bonus: Many are also battery operated. Think of wrapping strings around arches, trellises, around light fixtures, tent poles and frames, or tables.


Shiny surfaces, such as metal and mirrors, magnify any available light. Warm up your venue with gold or bronze accents. Place

candles on mirrored chargers or on shiny metallic candlesticks.


Get creative with your lighting. Use a variety of lanterns, either batterypowered or traditional oil or candle-powered to light up dark corners or line aisles or long tables (go battery powered if they’re anywhere they might get knocked

over). You can also hang lanterns from long chains or ribbons to bring the eye up and cast a warm glow. Arrange traditional electric lamps where people will gather and talk, next to a grouping of comfy chairs or by couches. You can even have groupings of lamps on a theme, say all Tiffany-style lamps, for more visual impact.

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GetRic h W ith Y o u r Pa l ette


a ll’s c o lo rs a llo w yo u to g etric h w ith yo u rp a lette. Jew elto n es, a u tu m n a lhu es,a n d d eep g reen s c o m p lem en tthe sea so n p erfec tly. Keep rea d in g fo rw a ys to in c o rp o ra te these c o lo rs in to yo u rw ed d in g .


These colors mimic the bright, vibrant colors of our favorite gemstones. Think ruby red, emerald green and the deep purple of amethyst. Wash your bridesmaids in these colors, which will contrast beautifully with your white or cream bridal gown. You could even go a step farther and step out of the box and make your own gown in these rich tones. Your

local bridal shop can give you great options for finding just the right shades.


make a stunning statement? Line up your bridesmaids in gowns of chocolate brown, especially for an evening ceremony.


When we think of fall, we think of the oranges, reds, yellows and rich browns of falling leaves. Work these into your celebration by using the leaves themselves in centerpieces, choosing flowers and candles in these colors. Want to

Another color that works well with fall’s splendor are deep greens. Bouquets of lush greenery adorning your site and your bridesmaids are easy on the wallet and the eyes. Table decor in velvety


On the Square in Jasper 812-482-1617

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green is also lovely and work well with all flower colors. Green can also be a great choice if your wedding will be outdoors, working well with the natural beauty that surrounds you.


If you’re looking for more ways to add pops of your palette to the ceremony, here are some suggestions. • Ask your baker

about dumping the traditional white cake for a stunning creation in your chosen colors. If you were dreaming of an all-white confection, look to a florist for a beautiful cake topper in just the right colors. • Make your ceremony Insta-perfect by setting up backdrops for your guests to take pictures with. • Put your best foot forward with bright footwear.

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B r in g In Th e Sea so n


m bra c e fa llw ith sea so n a ld ec o r tha tin c lu d es p u m p kin s,lea ves a n d o thersig n s o fa u tu m n . W hetheryo u rta stes tren d to w a rd m o d ern o rru stic ,there a re w a ys to in c o rp o ra te fa ll’s bestin to yo u r w ed d in g . RUST IC

If you’re shooting for a country look to your big day, then look to the outdoors. Leaves in gorgeous fall colors, fat orange and white pumpkins, cobs of multicolored corn can adorn tables, accent bouquets and star in centerpieces. Line the aisle with festive piles of decorative gourds

and greenery. Use miniature pumpkins as paperweights for guest books, copies of invitations or wedding programs. Bales of hay can also do duty as places to sit — use an appropriate covering — as sign posts, or to separate one part of a ceremony for another.


Set off a tasteful

modern decor with artfully arranged branches in vases, as part of centerpieces, or even adorning a delightful arch. Use single leaves in rich colors to (safely) line candleholders, and dip your pumpkins in classic colors like gold and silver to give your ceremony a taste of the season. Pumpkins,

when hollowed, also make excellent bowls to hold iced drinks, soups, flowers or, if you use a faux gourd, favors and more.


Turn to your favorite craft store for lots of fake pumpkins in a variety of colors and sizes, but if you only want the real thing,

here are some tips for choosing the best ones. Modern Farmer says to look for pumpkins with thick, sturdy stems and no soft spots. And never carry the pumpkin by its stem. Keep the pumpkins out of the sunlight and in a cool place and drape the entire pumpkin in a damp towel to keep it fresh.

Su rro u nd Them w ith ...

M on.,Tues.,Thurs. 8:30 am -5:30 pm W ed.& Fri.8:30 am -7:00 pm ; Sat.8:30 am -3:00 pm

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Ho w To Cu r ta il W ed d in g Sp en d in g & Still Im p r essGu ests


ed d in g s a re exp en sive,bu tc o u p les c a n fin d w a ys to c u tc o sts w itho u tsa c rific in g q u a lity.

Tying the knot can be an expensive endeavor. According to The Knot 2017 Real Weddings Study, which surveyed nearly 13,000 brides and grooms in the United States who got married in 2017, the average cost of a wedding was more than $33,000. That figure may surprise some couples planning their weddings, many of whom may not be able to afford spending so much on their ceremonies and receptions. Couples may feel pressure to compete with friends and relatives whose weddings they have attended in the past, and that may compel some to stretch their budgets and even go into debt to finance their nuptials. However, there are ways for couples to curtail their wedding spending and impress guests at the same time. • Trim the guest list. The 2017 Real Weddings Study found that couples spent an average of $268 per guest in 2017. Many couples are recognizing that smaller guest lists are a great way to lower wedding spending, and The Knot study found that the average guest count decreased from 149 in 2009 to 136 in 2017. Trimming the guest list may seem harsh, but couples who work together need not cut their guest lists in half. By working together, couples can likely find between 10 and 15 acquaintances on their initial lists who won’t be offended if they’re not invited. Couples who spend the 2017 average per guest can save nearly $3,000 by removing just 10 people from their guest lists. • Expand your venue horizons. A greater number of couples are looking beyond traditional wedding venues and opting for more unique locales to tie the knot. The 2017 Real Weddings Study found that 15 percent of 2017 weddings were held on farms, ranches and even in barns, while just 2 percent of weddings were hosted in such venues in 2009. The growing popularity of unique wedding venues may make some locations more expensive than couples anticipate, but a willingness to tie the knot in a unique venue greatly increases couples’ options, improving the chances they will find more affordable venues.

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• Cut back on guest entertainment. Customizing experiences for guests is a major reason why today’s couples are spending so much more per guest than their predecessors. Spending for customized guest entertainment, which includes things like photo booths, sparklers and video booths, tripled between 2009 and 2017. Couples may want to give their guests unique experiences, but should not stretch their budgets or go into debt to do so.

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Ho w to c r ea te a w ed d in g d a y sc h ed u l e


ed d in g d a ys c a n be hec tic . In fa c t,m a n y c o u p les n o te a ftertyin g the kn o ttha ttheir w ed d in g d a ys w ere so bu sy tha tthe c erem o n ies a n d rec ep tio n s w ere o verbefo re they kn ew it.

Creating a wedding day schedule can seem like a daunting task. Couples tend to have lots of things to do before saying “I do,” and organizing everything so ceremonies begin on time can seem as puzzling as a brain teaser. But certain scheduling strategies can help couples ensure they look their best and make it to the altar on time. • Start with the ceremony. Couples can establish a framework for their wedding day schedule by working back from the ceremony. Once the ceremony time is set, couples who plan to take photos before their ceremonies can then work with their photographers to determine how much time they will need for photos and where they want to take the photos. Bridal parties may need transportation to the photo session, so determining when and

where to take photos before the ceremony gives couples an idea of when to arrange for pickup. • Confirm when the wedding venue is open to the wedding party. Before booking hair and makeup appointments, couples should confirm when they will be able to access their wedding venue. Brides may want to get their hair and makeup done at the ceremony sight, but that may only be possible if the venue opens early for the wedding party. If it does not, then brides must account for transportation time to the ceremony sight when making their wedding day schedules. • Determine how much time is needed for hair and makeup. Weddings that feature large bridal parties will require more time for hair and makeup than ceremonies with small bridal parties. Grooms and groomsmen often take

care of their own hair, though some grooms might want to schedule hot shaves for themselves and their groomsmen. Grooms should ask groomsmen if they want a hot shave and then work with their barbers to determine how much time it will take to tend to all participants. Brides with large bridal parties may need to book more than two hair and makeup artists so everyone can get done on time. Wedding hair and makeup sessions can last several hours for large bridal parties, so brides should schedule their sessions early if their parties are big.

• Make lunch arrangements. Some couples choose to tie the knot and host their receptions at the same venue. In such instances, if brides are getting their hair and makeup done at the venue, ask the venue representative if lunch can be provided to the bridal party. Some venues may include small lunch buffets in their reception costs, while others might charge extra. Confirm the availability and costs, and if it’s unavailable or too expensive, then arrange for lunch to be delivered. Either way, couples should not skip lunch, as it may be their only chance to eat until after the

ceremony. • Distribute your schedule to one another and the bridal party. Once the wedding day schedule has been devised, couples should share it with each other and their wedding parties. Grooms’ wedding day to-do lists might not be as extensive as brides’, but grooms should still be kept in the loop regarding the schedule so they can help if anyone has questions or if something goes awry. Sharing the schedule with the wedding party decreases the chances of someone being late or missing an appointment.

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Pl a n n in g Tr ic k sTh e Pr o fessio n a l sUse W

ed d in g p la n n in g c a n be a n exc itin g u n d erta kin g ,bu t c o u p les w ho ha ve a lrea d y w a lked d o w n the a isle c a n a ttesttha tw ed d in g p la n n in g a lso c a n be stressfu l. En su rin g a llo fthe d eta ils c o m e o u trig htc a n p ro ve o verw helm in g a ttim es.

Hiring a wedding planner is one way to alleviate some of the stress associated with wedding planning. Couples who do not have the money to hire wedding planner can borrow some of the tips and tricks professionals rely on when planning weddings.


Even though it may seem like weddings should be geared around couples tying the knot, many wedding planners advise couples to focus on accommodating their guests. Having a handle on the number of people who will be attending, any of their specific needs (allergies, mobility issues, etc.), providing a comfortable environment (addressing bugs, weather, seating shortages), and knowing how much space guests will require can make choosing a venue that much easier.


Renting rather than purchasing items can save couples money. Wedding planners do not stockpile items such as tables, chairs and decorations. Instead, they rely on rental companies to provide what is necessary. According to Minneapolis-based professionals The Wedding Guys, even couples working with small budgets can enhance or elevate their weddings by working with rental companies.


Wedding planners know that flowers cost a great deal of money, especially flowers that are not native to the region where couples are getting married. The process of making arrangements can be time-consuming. Also, many flowers no longer produce strong scents because they’re bred for longer stems and a lengthy vase life. Interspersing potted plants with arrangements that are lighter on blooms and heavier on filler can help cost-conscious couple stick to budget.


Wedding vendors tend to know one another and can be good sources of information. A wedding photographer, for example, may be able to tell couples which reception venues photograph particularly well, and a reception manager may know which DJs or bands are best at getting guests on the dance floor.

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Bo rro w in g tric ks fro m w ed d in g p la n n ers c a n help c o u p les sa ve m o n ey a n d a vo id stress. N EG O T IAT E B EFO RE SIG N IN G T HE C O N T RAC T

Wedding planners understand that vendors may be more willing to offer perks or extras rather than adding up a la carte pricing before the contract is signed. This way they secure the reservation on good will. Negotiating for more later on may be difficult.


Organization is key. Brides- and grooms-to-be may want to enlist friends or relatives with a flair for organization to help with details.

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M a ster w ed d in g r ec ep tio n sea tin g c h a r ts A

fterthe vo w s ha ve been exc ha n g ed a n d c o u p les ha ve d o n n ed theirw ed d in g rin g s,n ew ly m a rried c o u p les a n d theirg u ests o ften en jo y so m e w ell-d eserved fu n a tthe w ed d in g rec ep tio n .

Though wedding receptions are all about fun, couples may find it difficult to plan the reception seating arrangements. Such a task requires a good deal of time, sorting through guest responses and an intimate knowledge of which personalities will mesh and which will not. But some patience, diplomacy and even a little help can make the process of planning seating arrangements much easier. •G r ou p r el a ted p eop l e tog eth er . This relation does not have to be familial. For example, seat work friends together rather than scattering them at various tables. It’s easier for wedding guests to mingle when they have some common connection. •Y ou n g er g u ests a r e m or e fl exi b l e. Recognize that younger guests are less likely to complain about where they are seated than older guests, so you have more wiggle room when arranging their tables. They can be placed at tables closer to the dance floor, near the entertainment or by the kitchen door, while older guests might want to be closer to the bride and groom and further away from distractions. •Sea ti m m ed i a te fa m i l y m em b er s n ea r b y. Seat immediate family members closest to the bride and

groom. Guests who fall under the acquaintance category as opposed to the family category can be seated further away. •Pl a ce fr i en d s or p a r ty a n i m a l s n ea r th e en ter ta i n m en t. Guests who are up for a good party may appreciate being seated close to the dance floor or within arm’s length of the refreshments. •Ad d r ess m ob i l i ty con cer n s. If a guest is elderly or needs to be close to exits or the restroom, make those accommodations. •Em b r a ce th e k i d s’ta b l e. Seat young guests together if there are a number of them. Kids will have more fun sitting with one another than with adults or their parents. And seating kids together makes it easier for servers if children will be ordering from a special menu. •Exp ectth e u n exp ected . Some seating arrangements may not work out. Be sure the reception site is flexible and can easily put another place setting together if an unexpected guest arrives or if someone needs to be moved to another table. Couples must map out seating arrangements when planning their wedding receptions. Learn to master the techniques and etiquette to make the process easier.

Co u p les m a y fin d itc ha llen g in g to la y o u tsea tin g a rra n g em en ts a ttheirw ed d in g rec ep tio n s.

D on't w a it until the la s t m inute to w ork on your fla w les s com plexion before your big da y! G ood skin care m akes for great m akeu p application. C allu s today 812-684-0018. M a k eu p Sta rtin g a t $35

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A irbru sh M akeu p o ffered as w ell.

Brid a l P a ck a ges A v a ila b le G ifts for Brid es m a id s M akeu p B ags,B ath B o m bs,Jew elry ,etc.

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Fo r A ll Yo u r B ri ridd a l N eed s ! FR EE G ift w ith R egistry

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W ed d in g Un ity Cer em o n y Id ea s


ed d in g s c elebra te the jo in in g to g ethero fhea rts,fa m ilies a n d ho m es. The u n ific a tio n o fa c o u p le p led g in g vo w s to ea c h o ther is the key c o m p o n en to fthe c erem o n y,a n d u n ity ritu a ls a re c o m m o n d u rin g bo th tra d itio n a la n d n o n tra d itio n a lw ed d in g s. Unity ceremonies represent the magic of two people coming together as one. Unity rituals may be built into certain religious or cultural weddings as a normal part of the festivities. Other couples may want to embrace the idea of a unity ceremony to add something extra special to their ceremonies. Couples seeking creative options for unity rituals as part of their wedding ceremonies can explore these clever ideas. •C a n d l e l i g h ti n g :The lighting of a unity candle is one of the more recognizable and traditional unity rituals. During this ritual, the bride and the groom each light an individual candle and then together light a larger candle, which celebrates them coming together as one. •Sa n d p ou r i n g :The pouring of sand into a vessel also is a popular unity ritual. In this ritual, couples choose two sands of different colors and then pour their respective colors into a vessel, allowing the different hues to mix together. This ritual can be expanded to include other family members, with a rainbow of colors blending for a now unified joining of families. •Un i ty cr oss:Christians may enjoy a unity cross ritual at their ceremony. A unity cross is a decorative cross with a holder, and the cross is held in place by three pins, which symbolize the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. During this ritual, the bride, groom and officiant will each set a pin in place.

•T r ee p l a n ti n g :Planting a tree or shrub that can grow with the marriage is a green idea and one that takes unity rituals to a different level. Couples can place the sapling in a decorative pot and then take turns watering it. Later the tree can be planted outside the couple’s first home. •La sso cer em on y:This ritual is traditional in many Spanish- and Filipinospeaking countries. After vows are exchanged, the officiant wraps a floral garland or rosary around the couple. At the end of the ceremony, the garland is saved as a symbol of unity and love. •Ha n d fa sti n g :This ritual comes from an ancient Celtic tradition that bounds the bride and groom’s right hands together during the wedding ceremony. Handfasting symbolizes couples’ commitments to one another. •Fl ow er cer em on y:In this ritual, couples can exchange roses or a favorite flower and then place them in a vase or basket. All members of the family also are invited to place a single flower into the vessel, which ultimately results in a beautiful floral display. Couples can create their own unique unity ceremonies. The blending of any two materials, such as wine, tea, glass beads, or paint, or even the traditional tying of knots will convey the symbolism of joining as one.

Co u p les o ften p a rtic ip a te in u n ity c erem o n ies,w hic h m a y in c lu d e lig htin g a c a n d le o rp o u rin g sa n d .

812-401-2822 • s uv-lim C hrys ler 300,H um m er,Es ca la de,a nd lim o bus es W e specialize in w eddings,and w e have done m any ofthem in the D ubois County area!

W edding R eceptio ns, B rida lS ho w ers, R ehea rsa lD inners

H o telR o o m s fo r G uests!

H w y.162,S anta C laus • 812-937-1902

w w w

Celebration Room Accommodates up to 300

V a riety o f M enu O ptio ns Ta ble S et-up & C lea n-up C hin a P lates,L in en s,G lassw are,& Silverw are available!

Conference Rooms

Accommodate up to 50 people; 169 Guest Rooms; Group Discounts; Indoor & Outdoor Pool

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W ed d in g Veils Co m p l ete B r id a l Lo o k T

he p erfec td ress is o n the w ish listo fm a n y a brid e-to -be,bu tn o brid a len sem ble is tru ly c o m p lete u n tilthe brid e c ho o ses herveil.

Veils have been worn by brides at their weddings for centuries. Veils can be traced back to the Middle East, where veils helped protect against the weather while also preserving the modesty of the bride. In Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, veils were used as protection against evil spirits. According to popular wedding website The, until Vatican II, all Catholic women were required to have

their heads covered in church, including during their wedding ceremonies. Veils were worn for this purpose, but they also symbolized trust in the groom and his love and companionship. Some Christians also see the veil as a visual representation of submission to the Church and to God. Others think of the veil as another beautiful accompaniment to their bridal gown, without attaching any

additional meaning to the veil itself. Veils come in various lengths and can complement the style of a wedding gown. They also tend to add glamour to brides’ looks. Here are the types of veils from shortest to longest. •B LUSHER:Blushers cover the face, though some extend only to mid-cheek on the bride. •FLY AW AY :Flyaways cover just the back of the head. Shorter veils may work better on

petite women.


Shoulder veils are about 20 inches in length and will hit at the bride’s shoulders or just below. •W AIST :Waist-length veils cascade down to the middle of the bride’s waist. •FIN G ERT IP:These veils extend down 38 to 42 inches, brushing against the bride’s fingertips. •W ALT Z/KN EE:For a dramatic look, many brides may opt for waltz-length veils,

which fall to the back of the knees.


Veils that extend to the floor may be referred to as “chapel” or “floorlength” veils. Such veils cascade slightly behind the bride. Veils can complete brides’ wedding day looks. Shorter veils may be comfortable to wear throughout the day and evening, but brides may want to consider detachable veils if they are selecting lengthier options.

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Something Old ... Something New ... Something Remodeled ... Just for you! No w ta kin g Reserva tio n s fo r2018 a n d beyo n d .

B ook you rnexteventw ith u s! ng Sea ti0 80


Fo r m o r e in fo r m a tio n ,c a l l Ja m ie a t1-812 -319-12 81

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