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Give me a rink Dear Editor, I believe we should have an ice skating rink in Jasper, In. Some reasons I think this are because you won’t have to drive as long as you normally drive. You will save money if you don’t have to keep getting gasoline for your car. My second reason is you will get exercise. If you get exercise you will be healthy. Another reason is you could go ice skating in the summer! In the summer it’s not like you can go to a lake or pond and go ice skating. You would fall right through the water. Those are the reasons why I think we should have an ice skating rink in Jasper, In Andyn Lampert Grade 3, Ireland Elementary

Plays help the brain Dear Editor, I think we should have more plays to participate in. One reason is that we should be fit and use our minds. An example is a lot of kids spend too much time on their Ipads and watching TV. Plays would make them practice their lines and it would be good for their brain. Another reason is so we can have the best memories. An example for that is I’ve been in 3 plays and I love them all! I have awesome memories of the time I spent practicing them. Claire Linette Grade 3, Ireland Elementary

Guns only for hunting Dear Editor, I want violence to stop now. Don’t you think we should have a safe place? I think we should. I mean look at the news everyday. On the news it shows more violence. We should only use guns, knives and more to hunt. Please agree with me. Eli Mehringer Grade 3, Ireland Elementary

Storm warning Dear Editor, I think we shud have louder storms alarms. If we have louder alarms because people will not die from the storm and can get shelter faster. We will have a bigger population of humans and we will not become extinct as fast. It will wake the elderly and get them to safety. Children can live better lives and some of them don’t need to suffer life with no parents. If we can have louder storm alarms we can save many more lives. Ella Clark Grade 3, Ireland Elementary

Library will help Dear Editor, I think we need a new library because we need more room in the library for books. Please get more books. I beg you to get more books. We will have more room to read in the library. Are library in Jasper is falling apart. We can have more plays in the library. The library would make more money. This is why we need a new library. Garrett Gates Grade 3, Ireland Elementary

Why not gymnastics? Dear Editor, We need a high school gymnastics team. We need a high school gymnastics team because I want to do gymnastics in high school. If we do not have a high school gymnastics team I will not be able to do gymnastics in high school. P.S. gymnastics is my favorite sport. All other states have a high school gymnastics team and we do not, so we need a high school gymnastics team. That is why we need a high school gymnastics team. Emma Bauer Grade 3, Ireland Elementary

Shake on it Dear Editor, Jasper should really get a Steak-NShake. It will have purple walls, benches outside and inside, a public restroom, and three floors. We will have customers each day. Steak-N-Shake will be open 24 hours. I think we should have a Steak-N-Shake.


It would be cool to experience to have in Jasper. For example, in the summer when people are running or just hot they can get a shake. We could go with a family member or a babysitter. For another example, we could get a shake for breakfast if you’re in a hurry to get to work. You could also go for lunch or dinner. They will hire a lot of workers to work there so you won’t have to wait a long time. We should get a Steak-N-Shake! Ayla Elkins Grade 3, Ireland Elementary

Help homeless Dear Editor, I believe that we should help save many homeless people. When was one time when you were walking down the street and saw a man with ripped clothes on the ground? I wouldn’t think that you would probably joke around with him. You should give him or her money or bring out food for them. Why should you do this? You see, many people around the globe have no money for food. This has been caused by wars or burglars and many other things. If you gave them money or anything else, then the country would become a place, a place that everyone would be happy and glad that only you, and no one else has done something so wonderful. Thomas Dinh Grade 3, Ireland Elementary

Traffic patterns Dear Editor, In Ireland, in the morning, and after school on the road 500W when the buses are pulling out to go drop off kids and pick up kids, and parents are pulling in to drop kids off or pick kids up, there is a lot of commotion. I think that there should be a new route for the bus to go in and out. I think it should be different because it is dangerous, I also think it is too sharp of a turn, and I think it not safe for the teachers and students that walk through there. I think that the route has a too sharp of a turn, and Ireland needs to fix it. For example, there at least 556 kids enrolled at Ireland Elementary School. Trying to get to school. It not very safe there. When the buses pull out and the cars are waiting to go in the bus will have to make a sharp turn. The bus then nearly misses the car. Which not only scares the driver of the car, but the driver of the bus and all of the buses passengers get scared too. Another reason why I think that Ireland needs a new bus and car route is because it is really dangerous. One example is, there is a speed limit that nobody really follows. There is a stop sign there that kind of helps, but not all of the time. Also, some cars go way too fast down the road so it doesn’t help that they have to make a sharp turn. Karsyn Sander Grade 5, Ireland Elementary

More gyms Dear Editor, I think we should have gyms that kids can enter. Children need more exercise. We are always on electronics which rots our brains. That is not healthy. We need a gym that we are allowed to go into. Not to mention parents are always trying to find a babysitter so they can go to the gym, but if they can’t get their exercise and neither can we! If we were allowed to go into gyms we would develop healthy habits. That is why I think we need a gym that kids can enter and get their exercise. Jade Maki Grade 5, Ireland Elementary

Eliminate trash Dear Editor, For a long time I have been wanting to try to persuade the school to recycle milk cartons. At my school we have 556 students and if they all drink their milk that is 556 milk cartons that are thrown away every 5 days in a week. I would say we would have about 9 garbage bags thrown away a day! Even though some people bring their lunch almost all of the people that do bring their lunch have at least 1 cardboard item and we can do more projects to recycle. About 100 to 150 (depending on what we have to eat) people bring their lunch so that means about 360 to 460 eat at school. For every person that eats at school and gets a milk carton then throws it away. We can

save 360 to 460 milk cartons a day. The cartons are recyclable and they can be made into tissues and paper towels. This is why we should recycle. This could help reduce the number of milk cartons thrown away a day, we can reduce the 9 trash bags thrown away by half, and we can get the school to do more recycling projects. I hope you agree and we can make all schools an environmental place! Reid Doty Grade 5, Ireland Elementary

Time for shorts Dear Editor, Students should be able to wear shorts throughout the whole school year. Some of my friends and I have been thinking and wondering about how JMS should let students be able to wear shorts. I infer boys get used to it day by day, but for girls it may bother them because pants don’t often fit for them. It may be to lanky, or too short, or maybe even to bulky. You know girls are very serious about what they wear. During class time students might get hot, and uncomfortable, and it may not let them think or focus on what their doing. For example, if the classroom is too hot, kids might start to sweat or get frustrated. Tucking your shirt in might seem ok, but many students, parents, and teachers think it’s not that ok. For example, my friend, said he is fine with wearing pants, but he doesn’t like the fact that you have to tuck your shirt in too. Sometimes he has to do it constantly every day, because his shirt always falls out. Girls don’t have to wear pants, but that doesn’t mean leggings don’t bother them either. Leggings aren’t too big of a problem for students, because all schools usually allow them. But when girls wear pants some girls are used to wearing jeans, athletic pants, or maybe pajama pants. I’ve heard some complaints of girls wanting to wear athletic shorts and regular shorts. Mitchel Leinenbach Grade 5, Ireland Elementary

Entertain me Dear Editor, I think that there should be more entertaining places. The reason I say that is because the only entertaining places we have are the skate palace and the bowling alley. If we have more entertaining places we can get more money for the economy. We could use that money to fix broken roads. The money could also be used to build more hospitals and other stuff we need. Michael Sadler Grade 5, Ireland Elementary

Beverage options Dear Editor, I think we need more options to drink at school. Kids would get more vitamins and stay hydrated. We need orange juice, apple juice, or a sprite. And on the last day of school we should get to pick any drink. Also sometime the milk is spoiled!!!! Also people get tierd of drinking milk all the time!!! Logan Kempf Grade 5, Ireland Elementary

No more testing Dear Editor, I believe that schools should not have Istep+. It just makes kids nervous about their grades. Most teachers don’t even like it. Some test last about 1 hr. and kids already get a lot of grades. They get tired of it. Most parents tell their kids to go outside, but they can’t because they have to study for tests. Some kids don’t get enough rest for the week. So that gets there brain tired and you have tests that week. This is why tests and Istep+ are very effective. Reece Egbert Grade 5, Ireland Elementary

CHEW on this Dear Editor, Many people in Jasper, IN dont have money to buy food over the summer. That’s why Cassie Williams and Emma Pryor have decided that this summer we are starting a new program called the C.H.E.W. Community Hunger Education Workshop. Every Thursday in the summer, people

can come to Jasper Middle School where we will be giving out free meals and give an extra fresh meal in every bag for the weekend. Not just Jasper, but other areas can come get some food. Community Chew provides so much for so many people. Emma Pryor Grade 5, Ireland Elementary

Open Cabby gym Dear Editor, The city of Jasper needs a public gym that everyone can go to for fun. The Cabby O’neil gym is my idea. It would be a great place for kids to hold basketball games and for young kids to just play around. Adults also have no place to play ball, since there is no adult league. There, they can set up their own games. Another bonus is that while kids or dads play their games, little kids can play in the huge stands. Everyone would be so happy! An open gym would be a great place to play for kids and families who don’t have large yards. I know that there are many houses next to the Cabby, so it is already a convenient location. A family would be able to go and just have fun if the Cabby was open to the public. The gym could be used for still more activities like dodgeball and birthday parties, without so much expense. Another great thing is, that the Cabby has huge stands for little kids to run around in while older kids can play ball, and as long as there is a no drink or food policy, the gym will stay clean. I hope you will consider my ideas and opinions about the Cabby O’neil gym. I think it’s a good idea and will make many people happy. Carson Kelly Grade 5, Ireland Elementary

Pollution problems Dear Editor, I suggest reducing air pollution that causes the ozone layer to fade away. The ozone layer is very important it protects us from the sun’s radiation, we need to protect the ozone layer if we don’t it can cause sunburns, cancer, cataracts, damage to plans, and cause plankton populations to decrease which can cause Uv. The ozone layer is slowly getting thinner. That is why I suggest reducing air pollution. Yash Basra Grade 5, Ireland Elementary

Jasper’s just fine Dear Editor, I feel like we all underestimate our lovely town, Jasper, but today I am going to list the reasons why our town is awesome. Number one, Strassenfest. Jasper takes pride in our sister city in Germany by having a parade for them each year, which is honestly very kind. Number two, schools. Jasper has many schools, Holy Trinity, JMS, JHS, Fifth Street, and Tenth Street. The school program also added Ireland Elementary School to its school program, and it made Jasper greater, so that’s why it’s called Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools. Number three, the activities. In Jasper, there are many sports to play in, and you can even dance at dance central. And once every year there is a Disney play that ages 5-18 can participate in. Finally, the residents themself. Though there are many other reasons why Jasper is amazing, I am only going to list one more. The residents in Jaspe are also what makes Jasper so nice. Customer service is most places in Jasper are great! Jasper is one marvelous place to live in, and I be you’ll agree. Katie Shields Grade 5, Ireland Elementary

Dangerous crossing Dear Editor, There are 270,000 accidents per day and there are a lot on highway 56’s intersection by Buschkoetter’s and Shiloh Preschool. It seems that about a few time a month there is an accident there. I am very concerned that activity of crashes every now and then. Maybe you can add a stop light or have a police officer work at the intersection. Please fix this soon. Giselle Bez Grade 5, Ireland Elementary

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Stay at school Dear Editor, I want a new playground sweing and I want Mrs. Jesse to stay at Fifth Street Elementary School. Eli Thomas Grade 1, Fifth Street School

New supplies Dear Editor, I think we should get new playground supplies. Kimmy Lam Grade 1, Fifth Street School

Good leader Dear Editor, I will be a good leader in the hallway. Alexander Calvillo Grade 1, Fifth Street School

Bed time Dear Editor, I want a later bed time.

Maddox Moya Grade 1, Fifth Street School

Monkey bars Dear Editor, I wish we can have more playground eqetment like some swings, monkey bars and one more slide. Dalylah Lauer Grade 1, Fifth Street School

Sad Dear Editor, We are sad Mrs. Jessee is retiring. Nolan Lents Grade 1, Fifth Street School

More slides Dear Editor, I want more slides at reses.

Mya Hidalgo Grade 1, Fifth Street School

Low income houses Dear Editor, I think Jasper should have low income houses for people that don’t have enough money to buy a house. I also think we should have low income houses since some people can’t afford a house because they cost too much money. Jasper should have low income houses so everybody can live somewhere in Jasper when people want to move to Jasper but don’t have a lot of money to buy a house. Jasper really needs low income houses. Some people might not have a house because there are no more left for them. Maleah Vonderheide Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Water park Dear Editor, I think we need a new water park in Jasper. I think Jasper would enjoy a new water park. Most water parks aren’t that enormous. We have not had a new water park in a long time. There isn’t that much sections in water parks. All water parks are expensive to go to. Jonathan Dominguez Figueroa Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Shows for school Dear Editor, I think we should have shows for school because kids can watch just like they are watching t.v. So childeren have fun instead of being bored all the time. So teachers can do there work while the kids watch people play a show. So kids can relacks a little bit. So the teachers don’t get so crazy with us. Nalena Rankin Grade 2, Fifth Street School


there is no more room and people will get hot. Sometimes the pool can be broken and dangerest. Brigitte Menjivar Calderon Grade 2, Fifth Street School

New school Dear Editor, Jasper needs a new elementary school because there would be new stuff to use and do things with. There would be new floors in the school. There would be a bigger school for the new things you would put in and the extra floors for the mettings and things. There’s all ready a new middle school and high school. There would be different rooms in the school so the kids and teachers have rooms to use. So they could put different things in the school and class rooms will not be running out of room. Alex Whithem Grade 2, Fifth Street School

New pool

floor. My next reason is smoking makes you strange. My last reason is smoking causes cancer. It makes you cough so hard. That’s why people should stop smoking. Cameron Adams Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Flat tire Dear Editor, Have you ever got a flat tire from the road? In my opinion, I think we need better roads. My first reason is sometimes there are holes in the roads and it can give your car a flat tire. My second reason is sometimes there are big bumps on the road and flip your car over and can injure you. My last reason is if there’s chunks of road and it could scrape your car and you would not like it if you had to buy another car. Cody Krips Grade 2, Fifth Street School


Dear Editor, I think Jasper needs a new pool. The pool would be cheaper so more people come. We can have more lights when we swim at night. We can have a place where we can set our towels on. We can have the pool in a shady area. We could have a cover over the top of the pool. We cold have a new showe system. We could have a place for seniors, adults, and kids. We would like umbrellas so we don’t get sunburned and can have shade. We can have more baby places. Jett Springer Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Dear Editor, Do you have children? Do they like to make friends? I think that Jasper should have a YMCA. My first reason is an adult can exercise while kids can go play and don’t bug their parents’ exercise. My second reason is children can play and have fun and children can have fun swimming and rock climbing. My final reason is if both parents go to work, then the YMCA babysitters can babysit children and they can be healthy and safe. And that is why I think Jasper needs a YMCA. Angel Clark Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Sloths are cute

Relax by pool

Dear Editor, I thik Jasper should get a zoo. One reason is that we do not have Sloth. Another reason is that they are cute. The best reason is that thay can hold your hand. Please thik about building a zoo for Jasper. Brianna Barrix Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Dear Editor, Hey adults! Do you want to relax. Your free to because your children or child can play and have fun while your relaxing at the Jasper pool. Well if your child or children make you go crazy you can get away from them and relax by taking them to the Jasper pool. If you have a kid that is below 5 they can play in the baby pool. The Jasper pool has to stay here. Breyanna McAtee Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Obey laws Dear Editor, I think we shold obey the laws. One reason we need to obey the laws is we will go to jail. Another reason is that Jasper will look trashy. The best reason is that it will kill the animals. Pleas consider obeying the laws. Owen Rice Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Indoor soccer field Dear Editor, I think Jasper should get an indoor soccer field. One reason we need an indoor soccer field is people can get exersis. Anothor reason people can have fun. Please consider building an indoor soccer field. Eduardo Rodriguez Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Laser tag Dear Editor, I think we should get a laser tag. One reason we should get a laser tag is Pepole like it. Another reason we should get a laser tag is it’s fun. The best reason we should get a laser tag is PePole love it. Kohler McNolly Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Public buses Dear Editor, Do you have to spend money on gas? I think we should get public buses in Jasper. My first reason is if not enough people fit in a car, you can take a bus so your parents wouldn’t have to drive you. Second reason is you can go ahead and leave on the bus if you get done doing something first, so you don’t have to wait around. My third reason is you wouldn’t waste gas so you would have more money and that’s why Jasper needs public buses. Jace Hafele Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Gross and sticky

Smoking issues

Dear Editor, I think Jasper need a new swimming pool because in Jasper we have a lot of people in Jasper. One pool of Jasper can be gross and sticky. Both pools can be full and

Dear Editor, Do you have smoking issues? In my opinion you should stop smoking! My first reason is your teeth get loose because you cough so hard. You smash the cigarette on a

Play in park Dear Editor, Do you like playing at a park. Here is some reasons why you should keep our Jasper parks. The kids do not need help to play in the park. Like they do not need help playing on the slide. It is fun for kids and grone-ups can have fun to. The kids can be intertanda. The kids can go play on the playgroud and the audlts can sit on the bench and relax. Now you know why you should keep parks in Jasper. Drake Hagan Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Safe homes Dear Editor, I like that we have safe homes in Jasper. People in Jasper should keep them safe and here is why. Evreything you like is safe. If someone tries to get in they wont be abel to. If someone trise to kidnap someone you love they wont be abel to. Your kids bikes are safe. If someone trise to go through the front door they wont be abel to. Skyler Hudson Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Trampoline parks Dear Editor, Trampoline parks are so cool! Jasper needs a trampoline park! Trampoline parks are very popular. Kids jump the whole time so parents can relax and get slushies. Trampoline parks are fun. A lot of people enjoy going to trampoline parks. You need to bring trampoline parks to Jasper. Nicolas Aguilera Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Gardens Dear Editor, I think we should have gardens. So that our town can be more helther. Then pepole don’t have to go to stores. We should plant more gardens because it helps us stay healthy. Adriana Porter Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Weekend school Dear Editor, I want to only go to school on Saturday and Sunday. We don’t have to go to school a lot. Less work in a whole year! Some people don’t like to go to school but if we only go to school on Saturday and Sunday it will make them happy. Kami Buechler Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Needs love Dear Editor, People shoud take care of pets. They need love. They depend on you they love you. They need food and they need water otherwise something bad will happen. They need to have sheltr so they can be safe. They can help you find htings that you may ened. They need to exercise. It’s a law to take care of your pet. Alexa Romero Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Plant trees Dear Editor, I think we should plant more trees because trees give us food on thier branches. They give us honey and syrup from thier sap. Natuare gives us paper from the bark. They give us clothes from there leaves. Trees give us hats from there silk. Nature gives us lives. I think more lives can be brought on the earth. Now you know trees save lives. Brayden Benton Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Zoos for animals Dear Editor, I think Jasper should have a zoo because some aninals don’t have homes. To get to a zoo you must travel to places like Evansvile or Kentucky. Lots of kids love to pet little animals. There are a lot of animals we don’t get to see. Evelyn Harpenau Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Law for pets Dear Editor, Pepole should take care of pets. It is the law. Pets help us. Animals help us find things. They help us see. They help us with food. Dogs help us with cats if you are allergick. I think Jasper should have another pet store. Jaelyn Hall Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Allowances Dear Editor, Kids should have allowances because it could help their family. They can buy a house for homeless if they have enough money. Kids can get stuff for mom and dad. They can buy things for people or give some to homeless. Thats why I think that kids should have allowances. Nathen Ramos Grade 2, Fifth Street School

Skyzone Dear Editor, I think Jasper should have Skyzone. When it is the weekend’s and there is nothing to do kids could go to Skyzone. You can celbrate birthday’s there. We won’t have to drive all the way to Evansville. That’s why I think Jasper should have Skyzone. Carlos Soni Grade 2, Fifth Street School

New mall Dear Editor, I think their should be a new mall. The builders should put the mall where there is a lot of space. Can the builders put some place to play in the mall because kids might get bored? If their is enough space inside the mall at the front of it can be an American Doll store. That is why I think Jasper should have a new mall. Emily Pineda Grade 2, Fifth Street School

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Girls equal boys Dear Editor, I have always asked myself one question “What is the purpose of sports”? Well one day I got my answer, to have a good time and to work as a team with other players. I think that’s all great, but what’s not so great about sports is the boys and girls thing. See even in our wonderful town it’s a problem, here to how so many boys treat girls like dainty little daisies and that their better and stronger! And we are NOT, especially in sports, girls are just as great and strong as boys! The problem is that, why don’t girls get to play with the boys in sports? Why I think there shouldn’t be such a thing as a boys and or girls league, because they’re the same thing! I think Jasper can change, why they could have changed so long ago. So here’s what I’m saying “We Are All Equal”! Girls and boys what’s the difference? I’m saying this for the entire town to hear, “We Are All Equal”! Zoie E. Warner Grade 3, Tenth Street School

A wall to climb Dear Editor, I would like to have a rock climbing center. One reason is because it’s fun for kids and children get more stronger. Another reason is only in the summer the swimming pool is open and if we want we can take a little drive to the rock climbing center and it’s age appropriate for older Elementary kids. The last and final reason is, if your new your manager will show you a video or tell you what you can and can’t do to make sure you’re safe at all times. Jennifer Miranda Villalta Grade 3, Tenth Street School

School gaming Dear editor, I think we should let kids bring video games to school. 1. Because we can sometimes learn from video games. 2. They will play it at recess. 3. They will learn reflexes from video games. 4. They will get relax from playing video games. This why I think we should let kids bring video games to school. Caleb Huffman Grade 3, Tenth Street School

Beautiful church I LOVE the St Joseph’s Church! It is a beautiful place with all of the stained glass and the sun shining through. It is huge too! It always catches my eye. And I don’t know why, but I do get scared sometimes. But then once I look at that church, I hear God say to me that I am ok. And I thank God for that and for making me feel safer and better. I really appreciate the people who made that church. I want you to tell the people in Jasper to never take it down. Not even if you are making it new. I need that place the same forever and ever and ever and ever. Please protect that beautiful church for me. I love that place like it is my home. Please help me keep the church here as long as possible. I’m so glad it is so close to my school. It reminds me that God is with me all the time. I know God is with me, and all my friends, here at school too.    P.S. I have been in the newspaper before. Do you remember? Taliyah Fleming    Grade 3, Tenth Street School

Bullying is bad Dear Editor, I think that the mean kids should be good to their classroom kids. I think that they should STOP being rude! They like to talk in the hallways a lot especially when we are in the hallway down stairs. Bullying is bad. When you bully someone you might hurt someone’s feelings. If you hurt someone’s feelings they might tell a teacher. Bullying is not the best thing to do because it’s not good to bully someone. School is the best place to be. I’m glad we don’t have a lot of bullies. Bullying is not good in school. School is


the best when you don’t bully your classroom kids. All kids should be nice to each other all the time. I like the kids in my school. Kiersten Wirthwei  Grade 3, Tenth Street School

Protect your health Dear Editor, Cough! Cough! Cough! That is the sound of the person who smokes. You really should NOT smoke. It could cause you to have cancer or lung disease. People who smoke lose MILLIONS of dollars a year. Think about it cigarettes cost a lot of money. You are just throwing money out the door. When you smoke you make your child’s backpack and clothes stink. So when they go to school kids might make fun of them. The smoke when you smoke makes you addicted. Your body has to have it even more than it already does. I hope that this letter taught everyone who smokes that they should stop! Do what’s best for your body and your children! STOP SMOKING NOW!!!! Reagan Weisheit  Grade 3, Tenth Street School

Give five bucks                                                                              Dear Editor, I wish that everybody could donate at least $5.00 to everyone with cancer. Think what would you do if a loved one had cancer. You would not want that loved one to die from cancer. So I think everybody needs to donate $5.00 or more to help stop this life threatening illness. Please! What would you do if a loved one died from cancer? We need to find the cure, and your money may help. Please! PLEASE! PLEASE! Do not let one more person die from cancer. Please donate $5.00 to people with cancer!   Sarah Buechler Grade 3, Tenth Street School

throwing too many recyclable things in the trash like cans, bottles, and scrap paper and more. We want the earth to be fresh all the time. We need to be more conscience of what we are tossing in the trash. We Need to RECYCLE, REUSE, and REDUCE!! Makenna Williams   Grade 4, Tenth Street School

Kindness club Dear Editor, Here at Tenth Street Elementary we started a club called the KC Club, which is short for the kindness and compassion club. I am in the KC Club. We started by greeting kids by bus line and car line, putting kind compliments on sticky notes on every kids desk in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. Right now we painted rocks yellow and put a paw print on the front and in the back we wrote Tenth Street Rocks. We announced on the loudspeaker there are yellow rocks hidden among the school if you find one hide it where someone else will find it. I think this club is cool. The teacher who leads the club is Mrs. Krueger. I love this club! Kate Yarbrough   Grade 4, Tenth Street School

Family friendly Dear Editor, I think Jasper should hold more family public events. The city of Jasper is a city full of joyful people who want to spend time with their families. If Jasper held more family events people would spend more time with their families and get to bond with each other. Families would also get to connect with others in the community. That is why I think that Jasper should hold more public family events. Thank you for reading my letter. Have a great day. Stella Kisman   Grade 4, Tenth Street School

Three-day weekend

Place to skate

Dear Editor, Do you know what could be great? Another day off school! I wish we had another day off on our weekend. Did you know that we only have 48 hours off school and we have to withstand 5 days of school!!   That doesn’t seem fair to my classmates and me.  Another reason that we could use another day off of school is sometimes we get tired and grumpy because we didn’t get enough sleep. If we had an extra day off, we could get more rest.  Sometimes we might have a funeral and an extra day off. We can’t miss school. Please consider another day off for my weekend, and thank you for reading this letter. Alejandro Fischer    Grade 4, Tenth Street School

Dear Editor I think that we should have a skatepark in Jasper. One reason is some kids can only ride their bikes, skateboards, scooters, or skates on their driveways or on the road. Some kids might be really into that stuff but only get to go like once a year because it is out of Jasper and it costs money. If we had a skatepark then bigger kids that have a lot of experience could help you with new tricks. Also they could teach you how to be safe. If we had a skatepark then the town wouldn’t get damaged because people just do their tricks anywhere they want. I am really into riding scooters, but I have still never been to a skatepark. This is why I think we should have a skatepark in Jasper. Carter Smith   Grade 4, Tenth Street School

Play ball Dear Editor, I really like that we have a lot of Youth sports like baseball, basketball, football, tennis and more. I really think that kids should play sports. Sports can make you stronger, faster, and other things to help you in life. This is why I think it is good to have a lot of Youth sports in Jasper. Braxton Brosmer   Grade 4, Tenth Street School

Schools are needed Dear Editor, Schools are great to have because people can learn stuff like reading, spelling, math and science. It is also good to have schools because you wouldn’t know how to read, spell, add, subtract, multiply or divide. If schools also were not invented children would just sit at home and play on games all day and other stuff. They would not know what to do on the games because they wouldn’t know how to read, spell, or write anything. Also if schools weren’t invented, when people went to stores to buy things, they wouldn’t know how to count money. So they can’t buy what they need like food, veggies, meats and fruits. That’s why we need schools. Alexis Boyer   Grade 4, Tenth Street School

Reuse and reduce Dear Editor, I would like to talk about that I think we need a recycling plant. I think we are

Pay civil servants Dear Editor, I think that police and firefighters should be paid more. They help by catching criminals, getting rid of fires, and they teach children about D.A.R.E. (Drug abuse resistance education). They help us in so many ways. Some police even helped my mom, brother, and I once. We got in a care accident and two officers helped us. Firefighters help a lot and save lives too. If there weren’t any police and firefighters then there would be more deaths, more forest fires, and more drug consumers. You may think police and firefighters don’t deserve to be paid more, but you are wrong. They help in almost every public thing. Tell someone if you’ve ever seen a house or forest fire where firemen weren’t there. I feel that police officers and firemen should get paid more for all they’ve done, do you? Alexander Bastien Grade 5, Tenth Street School

Volunteer more Dear Editor, I believe that high school students should have to do volunteer work. I believe this because many people help our community each day, and volunteer work will give students a chance to give back. Also, volunteer work helps you to get out of the house. Many children sit at home and eat chips all day. That is not healthy, but they wouldn’t if they did volunteer work. Think about it, volunteer work isn’t going

to come to you on the couch, right? Finally, volunteer work prepares kids for when they get a real job. When you get a job you have to be a responsible about getting there on time, or just showing up at all. Same rules apply with volunteer work. This is why I believe hi school students should have to do volunteer work. Ava Meyer Grade 5, Tenth Street School

Start school later Dear Editor, I think that kids shouldn’t have school early in the morning. First of all, parents might have to work and they might not get their children up early enough to ride the bus. It will rush their parents to get them up and get them ready to take them to school. And they will have to do that every morning, and it might put stress on the children’s parents. Another reason is that some kids might have a game of some sport and they might get home late at night. If kids don’t get to bed early, they are going to be tired and struggle to get up from school. In my opinion, I think we should start school in the afternoon. And if kids have a test or a quiz, they are not going to think well on it if they are really tired. When kids try to get up in the morning they are really tired. And they have to get up at an early time in the morning. They struggle to get up and their parents struggle to get them up. If kids have school in the afternoon it will give them a lot more time to get up and get ready. That’s why I think we shouldn’t have school early in the morning. Kaitlyn Leonard Grade 5, Tenth Street School

One school Dear Editor, I think we need a new school A school where everybody goes to one school. The city will look better and people will make conversations more often. Kids could make new friends and it would not be a struggle for parents to get their kids to school. Parents don’t have to worry about getting all their kids to school on time, and kids could play outside more and get active. They can make improvements on the school. Kids will be healthier and it will make it easier for them at school. There will be more room to make businesses. This is why I think we need a new school. Eric Chase Williams Grade 5, Tenth Street School

Allow chewing gum Dear Editor, Have you ever got caught chewing gum in school? (I haven’t because I’m a good kid.) Well if you have, I have some reasons why you shouldn’t get in trouble. 1. Research shows that chewing gum can relieve stress so students can stay focussed. 2. Even the army makes soldiers chew gum during drills so they stay focussed. 3. Chewing sugarless gum brings more saliva flow which reduces plaque acid. 4. No bad breath. This is why I think we should be able to chew gum in school I forgot to add, just chewing the gum. There should be no blowing bubbles in school or the teacher will get mad and you’ll get in trouble. These are all the reasons that are in my head that gum should be allowed in school. Hunter Fulkerson Grade 5, Tenth Street School

Everyone pitch in Dear Editor, I think we should try and get rid of the litter around our homes and neighborhood. We should get a lot of people trying to help. In a little space with trees by Mill Creek is very much full of litter. We need to fix that. When I was in my last house there was a big circle driveway to get into our house. Me and my mother would go on our bikes with trash bags picking up any litter people dropped. You should try to do the same in your neighborhood. Because it will be a better place to live. Erica Frank Grade 5, Tenth Street School

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One smoke Dear Editor, Blackened lungs, cancer and rotted teeth are just some life threatening symptoms caused by smoking. And yet, you still reach out for that one cigarette. You may think that one smoke is harmless, but that is not the case. People smoke at the expense of their health and at the expense of others. Cigarette smoking is to blame for more than 480,000 deaths per years in the U.S., along with 41,000 deaths caused by secondhand smoke exposure. Carbon monoxide, tar and nicotine are a few toxic substances that you inhale while smoking. Just these three substances alone cause heart, lung and brain damage. Smokers are also more likely to get diseases because cigarette smoke can deteriorate cells in the body. Diseases such as lung cancer, bronchitis and emphysema are some of the deadly diseases smokers can get. These diseases can negatively affect you — physically and mentally. After all of this, would you still pick up a cigarette? When you buy a pack, you’re signing a contract that will threaten your life. Is even one smoke worth the price you have to pay? Livia Land Grade 7, Jasper Middle School

More respect Dear Editor, I believe the leaders in our community deserve more respect. The fireman, police officers and school staff do so much for us. They work for the respect they should receive. Sometimes, we take for granted the services they do. They keep our town clean and safe. The leaders set examples for the children of our town. The teachers educate the children so they can grow up to do great things. The school janitors keep the schools clean. They pick up the paper towels that you didn’t care enough to throw away. Fireman work day and night to ensure your safety. When there is a fire or emergency, they are there to assist. They risk their lives for us. They go into burning buildings to save families. Police officers help out in the town also. When there is a crime, they are there to make sure that the criminal doesn’t cause any more trouble. When there is an accident, they are there to make sure the victims are alright. The leaders in our town deserve more respect than they get. Jalyn Heeke Grade 7, Jasper Middle School

Made in the U.S.A. Dear Editor, Imagine: You’re walking into a store. Pick up an item off of one of the shelves and flip it over. If you read the manufacturing label, chances are it’s not made in the U.S. This is becoming a problem. According to the Pew Research Center, the U.S. imported about “$2.4 trillion worth of goods” last year, which dwarfed the exports of approximately “1.6 trillion.” If we don’t start creating more of our own goods, we could amass too large of a debt to pay off, be crippled if our trading partner’s economy collapses, and we will never be able to support ourselves economically. With China alone, we have a $347 billion trade deficit. That’s just a dent in the overall $502 billion trade deficit the U.S. has. As of December 2016, we owe China $1.058 trillion dollars, which again is only a small portion of the $20 trillion of debt we are in. Say Canada’s, our biggest trading partner, economy collapses. Food and other necessities run low during economic collapses, as shown by the frugal generation of the Great Depression. Canada would be forced to stop trading for lack of resources, leaving our country to scramble to find a replacement for all the goods they gave us. We wouldn’t know how to manufacture those goods, and would have to trade even more, gaining an even larger debt than before. Lastly, the U.S. can never support itself if we don’t begin to produce more of what we need individually as a country. The U.S. has had the largest trade deficit in the world since 1975—for over 42 years. This shows we have kept trading while not focusing on our


exports. The U.S. can buy more than it makes because it borrows from its trading partners. This can only go on as long as other countries trust us: what do we do if we are forced to compensate and turn up empty handed? Now you may argue that we need to trade with others to keep our friendly foreign relations. This is partially true. We should trade some, but not to the extent we currently are ($2.7 trillion imports per year). In conclusion, America needs to focus on the production of its own goods in order to chip away at our constantly rising debt. Hopefully, in less than a decade, when you read that manufacturing label it will say “Made in the USA”. Chloe Allen Grade 8, Jasper Middle School

Human trafficking Dear Editor, Martin Luther King Jr. once stated, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” I believe that as a human being, it is our responsibility to stand up against injustice in this world. We have learned in our history class that slavery ended in 1865 in the United States, but is that as true as it sounds? In my opinion, the answer is no. I believe that slavery still exists, but it is now called ‘human trafficking.’ In the US, 600,000 - 800,000 men, women, and children are trafficked across the national borders every year, and of that 293,000 children are victims of sex trafficking. Every 30 seconds, a person is becoming a victim of human trafficking. This problem is not only a global problem, but it is also an issue here in the US. Human trafficking is the world’s third largest crime industry, and it is a growing crime in the US. Human trafficking includes infamous work such as slavery, organ trade, sexual exploitation, and forced labor. It is one of the most profitable crime of all, 32 billion dollars to be exact. A majority of the victims are women and young children, most of which are being sold as sex slaves or hard laborers. This illegal activity strips the victim’s of pride, dignity, and self-worth. Although we have not witnessed human trafficking, it is false to assume it does not exist. California harbors three of the 13 highest child sex trafficking areas in the world including San Jose, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Furthermore Polaris (data from the National Human Trafficking Hotline) states that Indiana, as well as all states in the US, has an increasing amount in human trafficking. Encoded in the words ‘human trafficking’ are the words ‘modern slavery’. In the the words from the US Declaration of Independence states, ”We hold the truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with unalienable rights including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” but I believe that human trafficking goes against this statement. It is time to take action. Priyal Sharma Grade 8, Jasper Middle School

God-given right Dear Editor, A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. These 27 words protect our right to keep and bear arms for the defense of ourselves and this country, and in doing so protect all of our other rights. Why any person would voluntarily submit to any oppressive power and relinquish his or her God-given right to defense to this power, I do not know. However, as it stands, these people not only want to give up their right to keep and bear arms, but to take away that of other Americans. As such, this letter is written in fierce defense of the 2nd Amendment and the rights of Americans. The 2nd Amendment does not grant us the right to keep and bear arms, rather, protects it. It says shall not be infringed, it does not say shall henceforth be granted. This distinction is most significant, and shows clearly that the founders believed that the right to keep and bear arms pre-exists any writing and is unconditional, also evidenced by some founders’ belief that this right did not need to be outlined in the Constitution, but must be protected. Some will say that the 2nd Amendment was put in place for muskets, however writings from the founders, and a little common sense, show that it was not. These people

who claim that the 2nd Amendment was put in place for muskets also acknowledge that the founders wrote it so that the people’s right to protect themselves from the government and any foreign power cannot be infringed upon. If this is true, then the founders wrote it to ensure that the people had the same arms, the same technology, as the government. If it was written to ensure that the people had the same technology as the government, is it not reasonable to assume that the document was written to and, as a written instrument’s meaning does not change, must ensure the people’s right to fully automatic firearms? To 30 round magazines? To short barreled rifles? To suppressors? To armor penetrating rounds? Some also argue that because one is not actively in a militia, an organized fighting unit, that is, that the person does not have a right to keep nor to bear arms. This argument is extraordinarily baseless, for the document does not grant any militia, any fighting unit, the right to keep and bear arms, but, clearly, the people. “I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials.” — George Mason “The militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves, ... all men capable of bearing arms;...” — Letters from the Federal Farmer to the Republic, 1788 With this argument having been presented, I pray that an end be put to the ongoing erosion of every American’s God-given rights. Eli I. Hopf Grade 8, Jasper Middle School

Dire need Dear Editor, The community of Jasper is in dire need of a more beneficial and well-rounded preschool and pre-kindergarten program. Society’s expectations have skyrocketed, which makes it crucial to start preparing children, both socially and academically at a younger age. Currently in Jasper, before young children begin attending elementary school, they often have no or minimal prior education or have only attended a preschool or daycare at another Jasper resident’s home. Some children in Jasper attend half day schooling at this age. Normally, this consists of countless hours that kids spend playing with little rules or boundaries. Most Jasper children only attend pre-kindergarten, which is just the year before kindergarten, for only half of a day. This does not fully prepare children; kids need to experience a structured schooling program at an even younger age. All preschools around town need to stay consistent and teach the same material. A couple years of preschool before prekindergarten is a more ideal and beneficial approach. If Jasper had a community wide preschool, children would learn fundamental and basic rules and expectations that are useful all throughout life. Providing children with simple problem-solving steps and behavioral guidelines would make the transition into kindergarten less challenging. It is very important that children learn respect and self-discipline as many children as young as elementary school come home from school to an empty house and rely solely on themselves to cook meals, do their homework, and stay out of trouble. More well-rounded preschools promote excellent social skills and prepare kids for a variety of social settings. By interacting with teachers and fellow students from all sorts of backgrounds, children are not only preparing for elementary school, but they are also getting a foundation for interaction that will be necessary in college and the workforce. If children have exemplary social skills, the outlook on the future of Jasper will be stupendous as communication will thrive. On a similar note, if children go into kindergarten with more of this knowledge and understanding, the first years of elementary school will not need to be used for teaching the alphabet and how to write names. Teachers can cover even more material to broaden student’s horizons and build on previous studies. Moreover, material normally taught in second grade will be taught in kindergarten; material taught in fourth grade could be taught in second, for example. Eventually, our whole school system grades kindergarten through senior year will advance. In the future, these highly educated individuals will be more apt to give back to the community in various ways. A brand new preschool in our commu-

nity would attract people from surrounding communities and towns. As previously mentioned, Jasper is not home to a mass preschool and pre-kindergarten that runs all day to teach children skills useful in life. The preschools that Jasper is home to are held in residents’ houses or at private churches. Most Jasper students attend public schools and therefore it would be beneficial to have a public preschool. The building of a community wide preschool would attract parents and guardians from all over to Jasper so their little children could start a better educational path and be guided to a brighter future in general. This would encourage more families to be involved with the Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools’ district as their children grow older. In conclusion, in order for the Jasper community to prosper even more, Jasper needs to begin the education process at an even younger age. Up to three years of schooling at a mass Jasper preschool and pre-kindergarten facility should be required upon entering Greater Jasper elementary schools. This approach will not only benefit the youth of today, but it will also benefit the whole community of Jasper in years to come! Caroline McCance Grade 8, Jasper Middle School

Ten things Dear Editor, As an 8th grader, I’d like to say I know more than most 8th graders, and people altogether (I definitely think I do), but I know I don’t. I myself know a lot of people who will spend the rest of their lives in this town. They will grow up, have a couple children, get a nice job, maybe have a mid-life crisis and buy a Harley or something cliché like that (don’t get me wrong we have an amazing community). The point is though I feel there are too many people just growing up and living a common life, looking for nothing extraordinary. They’re not looking for a passion, they’re looking for an escape route. “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.” — Oscar Wilde. I thought I could write a little informative letter about ways to live a better, more full life. So without further ado, here I go: 1. Accept your mistakes — We are all human. We mess up everything we love in one way or another, nothing is perfect. Things that take years to build can be knocked down in seconds. Not a single soul lives there anymore. 2. Quit complaining — If you don’t like something fix it. 99.9% of everything on Earth (shocker) can be changed. 3. Instead of “what ifs” or “next time”— How about now? What can you do RIGHT NOW? Sure you can work up to your goals, but what about now? Of course it’s important not to forget the future, but it’s also important not to let it change you right now. 4. Create your own opportunities — Don’t wait for anyone or anything. Make a life for yourself. Be independent. Be brave. 5. Do the things you love — Find what you love, whether it be singing or surfing or skydiving. No matter how crazy your passion may be, it’s yours, and it can’t be taken from you, unless you let it. 6. Let go of attachments — Whether it be accessories, money, or even people let go of the negative things and the unnecessary things holding you back from being free of worry and hate. 7. Fall in love — Okay this one is kind of a given. I’m a person who thinks I can do everything on my own, so I might have some trouble with this one, but most people don’t. 8. Love with everything you’ve got — Don’t hold back. If you fall, if you’re afraid, you’ll lose more than you would’ve if you gave everything. You’ll lose experience. Maybe the experience of loss, but maybe the experience of passion, love, and happiness. 9. Write a letter to yourself — Get a box. Write a letter for yourself. One to open in a year, another to open in three years and one to open in five. It’ll help you know where you came from and where you are going. 10.) LOVE LIFE — With 7.4 billion people in the world, it’s easy to overlook important things like everything above, but people need to find our balance and live fully. Millie Tredway Grade 8, Jasper Middle School

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Fake teeth Dear Editor, Have you ever got fake teeth? I think everyone should have toothbrushes so people don’t get fake teeth. I think people should not have fake teeth because it will hurt when you eat. I do not want yellow teeth. The worst thing about fake teeth is they are going to hurt. Diana Bajorek Grade 1, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Pet, gun safety Dear Editor, I think Jasper needs a metel box around the Jasper Gun Club. Because if dogs don’t have a shock caller on and they don’t take a care of the dog and the husband is a hunter. Then the dog can get inside and then it might get shot. Cooper Kramer Grade 1, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Don’t fight police Dear Editor, Do not fight with police officers because you might get pepper sprayed, or get tased, or get shot at by a gun and get handcuffed. You need to be kind to them and do not say bad words to them, please! Todd Dick Grade 2, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Play the game Dear Editor, I think everyone should play Legend of Zelda, Ocirina of Time. My mom has it. She is on the fire temple. Me and Cohen watch videos of guides on youtube. My mom is telling me that I might get ti on my next birthday. Madeline Weatherwax Grade 2, Holy Trinity Catholic School

City planning Dear Editor, I think our city needs more places to walk around and look around, like the River Walk. I also think Jasper should have more quiet places to read and do more quiet things. Halle Recker Grade 2, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Tall trampolines Dear Editor, Please build more tall buildings so then it would look more like a state. And please, build a really tall house with 16 layers of trampolines. Charlie Seifert Grade 2, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Reading = fun Dear Editor, I think reading is fun. You can explore a whole world of imagination. There are silly books, nonfiction books, and fiction books, and way more types of books. I can’t wait to go to the new library! Jacqueline Cruz Grade 2, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Stop Trump’s wall Dear Editor, Will you stop Donald Trump from building a wall? Please make him stop. It will stop families from being with each other and from friends being with each other. Ryan Roettger Grade 2, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Keep parks clean Dear Editor, I think the parks and sports in Jasper are great. I hope we, as Jasper, will keep the parks and sports fields clean and stop throwing trash everywhere. Cohen Gunselman Grade 3, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Day at the museum Dear Editor, I am really thankful for the Dubois County Museum. It has a lot of cool facts and I like the electrical train set they have


set up. I really like the room that they have that has a lot of animals. I really hope if stays in business for a while. Ben Hawkins Grade 3, Holy Trinity Catholic School

space are very important to animals. Anna Uebelhor Grade 5, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Save trees

Dear Editor, Have you ever run down the soccer field and then your ball hit a bump? This happens at Schroeder Soccer Complex a lot. Schroeder fields need help. They need help because there are not enough fields, repairs are needed, and it would help Jasper’s economy. I feel that there are not enough fields. In the fall league there are 600 – 700 kids that play soccer. This means there are many teams that need to practice and play games. In the spring there are even more teams that need to practice and play. This causes much wear and tear on the fields. If we had more fields we could rotate between fields so they don’t get so torn up. If there were more fields there would also be more teams that could practice. Repairs are also needed at Schroeder soccer fields. The fields used to be a landfill so they aren’t in tip-top shape. There are ditches and bare spots everywhere. A few years ago a sinkhole appeared in the middle of a game! Also last year a water pipe busted leaving standing water on the fields. So, as you can see, Schroeder soccer fields need help. All of this will also help Jasper’s economy. If we had more fields we could host tournaments. This would help businesses in and around Jasper. Schroeder fields could also host an adult league which would help pay for things that we need. That is how it would help Jasper’s economy. So as you can see, helping Schroeder fields isn’t helpful to kids, but it is also helpful to Jasper. That is why we should help Schroeder fields. Drew Clauss Grade 6, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Dear Editor: I want Jasper to stop cutting down trees. I know some are good, but people are cutting down a lot. If they cut down all of them in Jasper, where would the animals live? I need to start helping wild live and stop the people who cut down the trees. Thank you. Kennedy Kunkel Grade 3, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Recycle or risk problems Dear Editor, I think people should recycle because they need to make the world even more beautiful than it ever was, and to help the population of animals live and the last thing is that it help people learn they need to help people, like if they are new they can live in harmony. We should recycle because it makes the world more beautiful by making the world more clean and organized. It saves the population of animals by making the animals not eat the trash to die. It could help people to go and learn that they need to help people not live in trash by helping the other people who pick up the trash. It makes it more beautiful by making it more clean and help animals so they won’t die and help people make the world more clean. Leo Wolf Grade 4, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Wanted: Starbucks Dear Editor, We should have a Starbucks in Jasper because some people are lazy on Sundays and no one wants to get off the couch. They have all kinds of flavors of coffee. And of course everyone loves their coffee. These are the reasons I think Starbucks should be in Jasper. Chloe Edwards Grade 4, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Get academic Dear Editor, I think that more students should join academic teams such as math and spell bowl because they are extra ways to learn more in a subject ahead of time, and you can make new friends in different grades. Firstly, learning new things can be essential when you’re learning those things prior to your regular classes. For example, some 5th graders who join math bowl can learn order of operations at least about 2 months before they learn it in their typical, everyday classes. Additionally, making new friends is superior. For instance, in spell bowl, intermediate students from 3rd to 5th grade can meet and make new friends with middle school students from 6th to 8th grade. Therefore, academic teams are a great benefit to students with their possible struggles in elementary subjects. Noah Lukemeyer Grade 5, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Animals need home Dear Editor, I believe there should be more foster homes for animals, such as dogs and cats in Jasper because they would have larger areas to roam and they would have more attention. With one or two dogs in a home they would have a larger area to play and discover than with a ton of dogs in a shelter. Dogs and cat’s instincts tell them to explore their surroundings; they can’t do that with a bunch of other animals roaming beside them and startling them. I also mentioned that the animals would have more attention. As you may know, owning a pet takes a lot of responsibility, hard work, and attention. Both animals need logs of grooming and if you’re not playing with them they often get bored, so if you’re an animal foster parent with one or two pets, you are able to give the animals the attention they need and often want, than having them in a shelter waiting for their turn being loved. In conclusion, having animals such as dogs and cats in loving foster homes is better than in a shelter because attention and

Fields need work

witness and help them out and they would feel like that they are safe. Bullying is never the answer; Bullying is just cruel and mean. Instead of bullying talk to someone instead of hurting someone’s feelings. It is now 2017; we want a better future for our schools so those 160,000 teens will feel safe and happy coming to school and not have to worry about a bully. Nobody has the right to hurt other people by hitting them or calling their names. If this is happening to you, just tell yourself that it is not your fault and that is the people who are bullying you. They need to change, not you. You also should tell a trusted adult. Taylor Huff Grade 7, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Into the action Dear Editor, Action! Plays are my favorite thing to do. I think you should try and be in one, or go and watch one. One reason I think you should try acting in a play is that JCAC has produced musicals, comedies, dramas and more! JCAC’s first show “Arsenic and Old Lace” was performed in 1984. In the years since many other plays were performed at JCAC. There are many to come soon to try. My next reason is you can make friends. There are an amazing number of talented people. You can meet someone new each play. Also, you will have the time of your life. There are many people you can find in theater. My last reason is that theater provides education and training in the skills necessary for acting, producing and managing. Most of this training comes once a person has volunteered for a task. You learn something new each day, like how to sing, dance and how to act. There are many different things to learn in acting. Ella Wolf Grade 7, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Plastic problems

Deal with it

Dear Editor, It is estimated that the U.S. goes through 100 billion plastic shopping bags annually. It takes 12 million barrels of oil required to make that many bags. Plastic bags hurt the environment: only 5% of plastic bags are recycled, and it takes a very long time to decompose. Chlorinated plastic can release harmful chemicals into the surrounding soil, which can then seep into ground water or other nearby water sources and also the ecosystem. This can cause serious harm to the species that drink the water. Harmful to humans? Yes! As these chemicals are ingested by animals in the ocean, that isn’t good for humans. We, as humans, ingest contaminated fish and mammals. Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that, at certain doses, can interfere with hormone systems. Endocrine disruption can lead to cancers, birth defects, immune system suppression and development problems in children. Animals too! Tens of thousands of whales, birds, seals, and turtles are killed every year from plastic bag litter in the marine environment as they often mistake plastic bags for food. Discarded plastic bags are “an iconic symbol of waste.” They are typically used for just 20 minutes and take 1,000 years to decompose. That’s why using reusable bags would be a smarter, better, and a healthier choice for our environment, our animals, and us. Riley Fischer Grade 6, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Dear Editor, I think people should accept the election results. It is the people’s decision to choose. My first reason is that he is our president and people should accept that. The republicans had to accept it when Obama was elected for 2 terms. They didn’t like it either, but dealt with it for 8 years. Another reason is that the electoral college is how you win the presidency. You don’t get elected by the popular vote. If you did, the candidates would mostly only campaign in California because that is the most populated state. My final reason is that Donald Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, said that we should accept the results of this election regardless of who wins. She didn’t say go out and protest about losing. I think we should unite as Americans and accept the fact that Trump won fair and square. Jared Baugh Grade 8, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Bullying is bad Dear Editor, How can we stop bullying these days? Bullying is aggressive and breaks people’s hearts. People commit suicide because of bullying. Bullying is not very pleasant. Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year. Approximately 160,000 teens skip school every day because of bullying. 1 in 4 teachers see nothing wrong with bullying. By age 14 less than 30% of boys and 40% of girls will talk to their peers about bullying. It makes peoples’ self-esteem goes down. People try to stand up to the bullies but some of them can’t. How can you stop bullying? Stand up for people that are bullied. Take an anti-bullying pledge. Talk to kids and take action. Encourage the child to talk to you. Bring the bullying to their parent’s attention. Be the

Stop protesting Dear Editor, I think that protesting should be banned in Jasper. It is destructive, oppressive, and annoying. The first reason I believe this is because it is destructive. On inauguration day in Washington D.C. police officers were often hurt or even killed, storefronts burned, shops looted, and personal property ruined. The second reason I believe protesting should be banned is because it stirs up hard feelings. After the election most Trump supporters were willing to accept Hillary supporters, but now we don’t feel so welcoming. People don’t want to hear about all the bad things happening in the streets all the time. We don’t need to have these protesters running around being bad examples. The third reason I believe we should ban protesting is to keep our reputation as people who can work together to do great things. Jasper has always been known as a good, community oriented town. We don’t need roadblocks and street riots, especially when that accomplishes nothing anyway. Besides, what good have these protesters even done? Most people just want them to move on. Isaac Heim Grade 8, Holy Trinity Catholic School

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Baseball in eye Dear Editor, I would like to tell you about my favorite sport. My favorite sport is baseball because you can’t get hurt in baseball. Only if the ball goes straight into your eye Diego Garcia Carmona Grade 1, Huntingburg Elementary

Newspaper fun Dear Editor, What is your favorite thing to do in the newspaper? Do you reply to every letter that comes to you? I think your job would be fun because your job looks fun. Do you send newspapers across the world? Grayson Bolling Grade 1, Huntingburg Elementary

I am glad Dear Editor, I am glad that I past kindergarden. I am so glad that I got Mrs. Prusz for first grade. I am so glad that I have my mom and dad because they help me so much. I am so glad that i have everything I need. I am so glad that I am safe too. Noah Dekemper Grade 1, Huntingburg Elementary

Summertime play Dear Editor, I wish the weather changed to summer because you get to go to the pool, and go play out side, and go jump off the diving board. Do you like summer? Why or why not? Brookelyn Beard Grade 1, Huntingburg Elementary

Save some water Dear Editor, I am concerned about a problem at Huntingburg Elementary School. The school doesn’t have enough water fountains for all of the students. If we had more water fountains the kids wouldn’t have to say 1, 2, 3 save some water for me. Cash Threet Grade 2, Huntingburg Elementary

Simone Biles inspires me Dear Editor, I do gymnastics all the time. I do it at school. I do it at home. I really want to be like Simone Biles. Simone Biles inspires me. I want to be like her. Last summer when the olympics was on she got her third gold medal! She has her own move she made up it is called “The Biles.” What she does is she runs does a roundoff, then does a double layout and does a quarter twist in the air. She lands it! Addison Cox Grade 2, Huntingburg Elementary

Help others, please Dear Editor, I would like to give $50 to someone that is sick so they can buy medicine to feel better Please try to help others that need help! Alfonso Lopez Grade 2, Huntingburg Elementary

Stop for buses


People speeding

Let’s stop deportation

Dear Editor, I think that people should not ever speed on the road. They can crash and get hurt or go to jail. And lots of people do it. Aniya McCormick Grade 2, Huntingburg Elementary

Dear Editor, I think deportation is a huge problem in our country. People are getting deported out of nowhere. How would you like it if all the sudden you get deported? People from different countries come here for better lives. They leave there families behind there houses behind. Everything’s gone. They come to the USA to become better people. You might not realize that most of us hispanics are people too. Just because we may have darker or even lighter skin doesn’t mean we’re not people. Just because we’re a different race doesn’t mean you or anyone else can take advantage of us. We need to take a stand in this country to stop deportation. Elizabeth Cruz Grade 4, Huntingburg Elementary

Frightful tree Dear Editor, The tree in the back of my house is going over my house. I think the city should help me and my family take it down. I cry every night because it is so scary and it is so tall. Izzabella Ash Grade 2, Huntingburg Elementary

Thanks, role models Dear Editor, My name is Garrett Ecret and I am in the 2nd grade at Huntingburg Elementary. I would like to thank all of the older athletes that lead a good example for younger kids like me. I wrestle for the crew and the high schoolers and coaches that help at practice and meets are great role models for youn athlete like me. Garrett Ecret Grade 2, Huntingburg Elementary

Gun safety Dear Editor, I think we should be more careful about gun safety because some people play with guns. They think they are not loaded so then they shoot, and they get hurt. My opinion about it is to only use guns for hunting and maybe self-defense. Gabriel Dubon Grade 3, Huntingburg Elementary

Mentor needed Dear Editor, I am writing about what I want Huntingburg to have. I really want Huntingburg to have a mentor for kids, because a lot of kids want to be helpful. I especially want to be a dentist, so I can help others. Kenia Dubon, Grade 3, Huntingburg Elementary

We need Dinky’s Dear Editor, I am writing about things that Huntingburg needs. I think Huntingburg needs a Chuck E Cheez because it is fun and has pizza and whack-a-mole. We also need a Barnes & Noble because it has books, iPads, stuffed animals, and games. The last thing is Dinky’s, because you can get animals and cool stuff. Brent Phipps Grade 3, Huntingburg Elementary

Cancer cure Dear Editor, I think we should have a cure for cancer because there are more and more people getting cancer. People in stages one and two need a cure to go a long way. If we don’t find a cure for cancer soon people can suffer and die. Especially people in stages 4 and 5. My mom had cancer. She had stage 2. She felt fine. Doctors and scientists can find a cure for cancer because people need it. Camryn Nalley Grade 3, Huntingburg Elementary

Dear Editor, When buses stop and cars are behind buses and the children are getting off the bus the cars should stop and not keep going. They should stop so they don’t run over the kids when they are getting off the bus. When semis are coming around the corner, the cars should stop so no one gets hurt. Adrianne Carrico Grade 2, Huntingburg Elementary

Read a lot

That isn’t fair!

Stop child abuse

Dear Editor, I think people shouldn’t litter because somebody could be walking down the street and slip on something. If somone threw a soda out the window a car could ride on top of the soda and get a flat tire. If somebody threw a used tissue on the ground another person would have to pick it up and throw it in a garbage can. That isn’t fair! Hudson Smith Grade 2, Huntingburg Elementary

Dear Editor, I think our community should take a stand to child abuse. There are thousands of kids getting abused. Our community could save those kids but we just have to work together. There is no reason for all of those kids getting hurt at there own house. The house that they’re supposed to feel safe in. Please lend a hand to child abuse. Allison Taylor Grade 4, Huntingburg Elementary

Dear Editor, I think kids like me should read a lot to get smart. When you grow up, if you want to be doing something you want to be reading books to be smart. My dad tells me school is your life. Alejandra Reyes Grade 3, Huntingburg Elementary

Smoking while pregnant Dear Editor, I think it should be illegal for pregnant women to smoke while being pregnant. Because it could cause the baby to have brain damage or even death. The mother of the baby could get sick or even lung cancer. And that is why it should be illegal to smoke while pregnant. Lesley Echeverria Grade 4, Huntingburg Elementary

Closer hospital Dear Editor, I think we should get a hospital in Huntingburg because if we get hurt or injured very badly, a hospital will be closer to us. It might take a while to save up for it, but it might be nice for citizens who cannot drive. I also think we should have a police officer on the road near the Holland junction because a lot of people get hurt on that road. Chloe Tooley Grade 4, Huntingburg Elementary

Just make peace Dear Editor, People are fighting for no reason. Just make peace. This is happening all over the world. You can be nice to people; help someone cross a street. If everyone does this the world would be nicer for everybody. Are you the person that’s being mean to other people? Well you need to stop; people have bad days. I don’t like bad days; it puts you down for the rest of the day. No one likes mean people. Help start world peace! Claudia Burton Grade 4, Huntingburg Elementary

Robots for military Dear Editor, I am worried about the military. And that’s why I think the companies that make robots should make their robots for the military. The reason I think this should happen is because the military goes out and fights for us. And this means some may die and get hurt very badly. This is where the robots come in; they can contact the nearest hospital and tell them what the problem is. Then the hospital could come and cure them. Heidi Barbour Grade 4, Huntingburg Elementary

Stop abortion Dear Editor, Stop abortion! No child needs to die. Every person deserves to live. If you were a newborn baby, would you want to die? I’m guessing no, so do all you can to stop abortion. Every life is important, so stop abortion. Addyson Kane Grade 4, Huntingburg Elementary

Stop poaching Dear Editor, I think people should stop poaching because it’s weird how they just shoot an animal and leave it there. It is also affecting their species. And there is no reason for them to kill the animal if they are not going to do anything with it. Felix Vanegas Grade 4, Huntingburg Elementary

No laughing matter Dear Editor, Please stop animal abuse. It’s NOT cool.

I’m tired of saying it! Stop, drink a cup of water, goodness. Don’t take out your anger on the animals. It’s no laughing matter. It’s not funny at all. I hate people who hurt animals! What did that cute cuddly face do to you!? Ugh! I’m an animal lover! Anyway, I’ll give you 1 way to NOT hurt an animal 1: Don’t get that animal. If you want an animal, have some anger issues, then it’s best if you don’t get it. Joffrette Carter Grade 4, Huntingburg Elementary

End to war Dear Editor, Please stop war. People all across the world are killing people. People need to to realize that we are all made of the same god. If all of the nations would just put aside our differences we could get rid of world starvation and get rid of the fact some families have to drink brown non treated water every day. If we work together we could end all world problems but only if all the nations would work together. Adam King Grade 4, Huntingburg Elementary

Gum helps you Dear Editor, Do you think we should be able to have gum in school? I do! You may think that I’m just a kid, and I want to have gum. That isn’t true! I do like gum, but it can help you too. If you don’t believe me, here are some reasons. One of them is that gum helps you stay focused. When I take tests, I’m way more relaxed when I’m chewing gum. Some kids are squirmy sitting in their seats during class, and I’m one of them. When I chew gum, I’m much less squirmy. Chewing gum helps you get better scores on your tests too. When you are focused and have better concentration, you get better grades. There are some reasons we shouldn’t have gum though. For example, one is that a school in Glendale, California spent $2,500 cleaning just one mess up. I don’t want to spend that much money. What do you think? Emma Blessinger Grade 5, Huntingburg Elementary

End ‘R’ word Dear Editor, I believe that some people don’t know what the real definition of “retard” or “retarded” means to others. What it means to me is very mean. It was what they called kids with intellectual disabilities because they learn slower. I have a 15-year-old sister that has Down Syndrome and when I hear kids say that word in my class, it really hurts. My sister does everything that someone without intellectual disabilities can do. She can write, read, sing to songs on YouTube, dance, and she plays on her iPad. It just takes her a little bit longer. Instead of thinking of them as stupid, think of them as lucky for getting the chance to have what they have. Whenever I hear kids use it frequently, it makes me feel bad. I know that my sister is lucky, and I wish others would think that way. One way to help is every year, there is a campaign called “Spread the Word to End the Word.” It is always held on the first Wednesday of March, so go and try to end the “R” word. Carson Bromm Grade 5, Huntingburg Elementary

Loneliness Dear Editor, is not fun to be sad and lonely in a retirement home. If you bring a pet to a retirement home, it would put an enormous smile on someone’s face. It would also let them love a cat or a dog. Would you rather play bingo or play with a trained pet? With a trained pet, it would not bark at them, or bite if they accidentally harm it. Bringing a pet doesn’t only lower blood pressure, heart rates, and anxiety, but it makes them feel happier. A pet will make an older person less lonely. is what we can give to people in retirement homes and it is what we all want. Gage Werner Grade 5, Huntingburg Elementary

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Curious and picky Dear Editor, I have a cat named Lolu. He’s a boy. He is always curious and he is a little picky. Some times he drinks out of the dogs bowl. He is a little crazy and is a little bit funny. Kuidence Darling Grade 1, Holland Elementary


ed to be a music teacher so she found something to be when she grows up. She can play infrount of people. That’s why you should learn to play an instrument. Molly Keusch Grade 2, Holland Elementary

other people. I can download more games. That’s why I need a iPhone. Kalen Denton Grade 3, Holland Elementary


Dear Editor, Trees are important because they provide oxygen. They also provide food and seeds to make more. It also helps us with our miteareals and helps build homes. Most things that you usually get is stuff like rubber, wood, and sap. That is why trees are important. Trenton Brames Grade 3, Holland Elementary

Dear Editor, I think people should go fishing. Fishing is fun. Fish is healthy for you. I like fishing. Chase O’Brien Grade 1, Holland Elementary

Dear Editor, I love cats. I love cats because their fur is soft and cozy. I also love cats because they are kind and they are so playful. If you have a toy mouse and move it around on the ground the cat mite go and catch the mouse and drag it away. Cats are useley tarafid of cucumbers. They usely run or jump away. The also jump high. I hope you like cats like I do. Reid Cox Grade 2, Holland Elementary

Laundry is work

Jobs and chores


Dear Editor, Laundry is hard work. It takes a long time. First, you have to wash dirty clothes. Next, dry them. Finally, fold the clothes and put them away. Yazenia Cordova Grade 1, Holland Elementary

Awesome dogs Dear Editor, I like dogs. They are awesome! They are very hard to take care of ! My dog’s name is Duke and he is a boy. He’s a black and brown beagle dog. Collin Harger Grade 1, Holland Elementary

Treats for pets Dear Editor, I think the vetcenter should have a bowl of treats for the pets. I think they should have lots of pets. I’m glad the vetcenter is there, because it helps my pets. Isabella Shaw Grade 1, Holland Elementary

My buddy Dear Editor, I love my mom, my dad, and my sister. My mom and dad take us fun places. We have a dog named Jaxs, he is my buddy. Gage Sherman Grade 1, Holland Elementary

Annoying sisters Dear Editor, I think sisters are the worst because once I went in the hospitle wheare my sister was born, and I could hear her screaming. Rite now the date is February 16, 2017. My sister is still annoying. Every time I play legos it ends up in a disaster. My sister brakes my legos. My favorit game is wrestling. I love to wrestle my sister she is so easy to pin. Sometimes she goes in my room and steels my legos. It feels so frustrating. I hope Mom has another baby to get Harper frusterated. Harper was born 4 years ago. Aidan Wibbeler Grade 2, Holland Elementary

Field trips Dear Editor, Schools need more field trips because we only have three field trips. I think we should have five field trips in a whole school year. Here are a couple reasons why. My first reason is we only have three and thats not enough. I think 5 because it would be so much fun! My next reason is we should have five because it would be so boring if not. That’s why I think schools need more field trips. Laney Bardwell Grade 2, Holland Elementary

Play instruments Dear Editor, I think more people shoud learn how to play an instrument like a gutiar or piano. My sister and I started piano lessons. Then I loved to play, but my sister didn’t. My piano teacher was nice. Her name was Lauren. I was making beautiful music! If your playing music it can make you happy and other people. My grandma played the piano and my cousin played the gutiar. My sister, Jill, would play on my cousin’s gutiar but she didn’t know how to really play it. Jill want-

Dear Editor, I think jobs are important to do. You help people out by doing your job. Jobs are kind of like chores. You can put your clothes away by yourself ! Do you ever remember to turn all of the lights out? That’s a chore. You can get paid for daily chores. I get paid one dollar and three pennies for each chore I do. That’s why I think jobs and chores are important. Kali Chambers Grade 2, Holland Elementary

Indiana Hoosiers Dear Editor, I like the Indiana Hoosiers. They are really good. They can slam dunk the ball. They play college basket ball and they are done this year. I was lucky. I got to watch them play at Indiana. They are from Indiana. Let’s hope they’re better next year! They better have James Blackmen! Karson Wibbeler Grade 2, Holland Elementary

Wild cow Dear Editor, Last year at Monroe County Fair, I brought my cow Abby. Abby is a beef cow. Every night we walked her until the last night everything went wrong. We were walking Abby on a path that she had never gone on. We were walking by the hog barn, and that’s when it went wrong. Abby saw a trashcan. She went toward the trashcan. She sniffed the trashcan. Then she went wild. She got scared. She reared up. I was still holding on to the lead. My dad however droped the lead. Abby kept on getting scared. She ran in different derections. Then she stopped. A few people were stairing at me. Jaylynn Goodwin Grade 3, Holland Elementary

Fun and stupid Dear Editor, I want to jump off a roof all the time, here is why. You could put on armor and not hurt anthing! It could be like your roof is a diving board! When you or me do it your exercising and risking you or my life! It would be funny, dangerous, and stupid! Wow doing something dangerous is really fun and stupid. Carson Blair Grade 3, Holland Elementary

Asking forever Dear Editor, I think my parents should get me a dog. I have been asking them forever. I’m really responsible so I know I would take very good care of it. I would feed it and give it water, I would brush it, take it for walks and it would be very healthy. I just don’t see why they won’t get me one. I’ve had a lot of animals so they know how good I am with them. One time I had a hampster that stayed alive for three years. Sometimes I think they will bring me home a dog after work but they never do. So hopefully when you read this letter I’ll have a dog by then. Kamryn Allen Grade 3, Holland Elementary

iPhone Dear Editor, This is why I need a iPhone. I need a iPhone because I can call my mom and


Turtles Dear Editor, A turtle is one of my favorite animals. I like turtles because they are green and have cool shells. I also like turtles because they are slow. Another reason I like turtles is because they have cool faces. Last is because they can go in or out of their cool shell. Keaton Allen Grade 5, Holland Elementary

Wasted trees

Dear Editor, Holland Elementary needs more classes. Like down stairs has so many rooms to use that we don’t use. One reason is that we don’t have to have a longer drive. We could make a swimming pool to use on Wednesday after gym. We might be able to have an obstical course. Alex Huffman Grade 4, Holland Elementary

Dear Editor, Have you ever taken the time to think about how many trees are cut down and wasted every day! That’s why I think all schools should have electronics so they can take tests on them and things like that without wasting paper. Things like that could save many, many trees. Also you can do reports on electronics and send it to your teacher. That saves trees. Trees give us oxygen and we need oxygen to live so if we don’t start saving and planting trees now then we may lose trees forever! Tehya Neukam Grade 5, Holland Elementary

Guinea pigs


Dear Editor, I think we should have a guinea pig in our class for a class pet. They are so loyal like dogs. They also bark like dogs. They are so cute and cuddly and so warm and soft. They have a lifespan last for 4-8 years. There are different types of guinea pigs like the Peruvian guinea pig. Laela Ronk Grade 4, Holland Elementary

Dear Editor, Commercials are the worst because when your watching a show and it gets to the good part it seems a commercial always shows up. That is one thing I don’t like about them but also some of them are pretty dumb. The only thing I like about some of them is they give me what I to put on my Christmas list. I know there trying to advertise but can’t they just let you watch your show. Also if there was no commercials your show would go faster. That is what I think of commercials. Blake Taylor Grade 5, Holland Elementary

More classes

Bus safety Dear Editor, Latley when our school bus lets us off a black car will go speeding past us. I am realy afraid it’s going to hit the bus or when it passes the bus it will hit another car because it won’t see it or have time to stop. It is against the law. That’s why I think our bus should have an extendable arm to stop cars from pasing them while there stopped. Bus safety is very important because a bus has a bunch of lives on it and I don’t think we want to lose any of them. Ayla Ring Grade 4, Holland Elementary

Spend the night Dear Editor, I’m going to tell you what I do when I spend the night at my grandpa’s house. We like to watch TV and eat snacks because my grandpa has a cabnet full of snacks, and it is crazy. Next we go out to the barn and feed the cats and we have 14 cats and one of them is my cat named Bob and then we feed the cows. The cows are scary because their tongues are so long and they feel weird. We have a lot of cows and my cow had a calf and he is black and his name is Frank and he has a big afro. Then we go check on their waters and if they are low then I have to go and turn the water on. We check on the food to and if its low my granpa will give them food and I can’t because I am not strong enough to carry it. Then I go into where Frank is and see how he is doing and if he is fine then I go back to the house. We eat and stuff and watch TV. Last it is bedtime and we just finishe our movie and we are going to bed. Avah Montgomery Grade 4, Holland Elementary

Boy cave Dear Editor, We really need a Boy Cave in this school. The reason I say that is because us boys at recess are cramed together with those gossipy girls. The Boy Cave is located in the basement in 3 classrooms. We will need an X-box 1s and 360. If in school we will get a tank from the show “Tanked.” If school lets me I will put a pool and a indoor small waterpark in the basement. Also, we need to have a few more rooms us boys would like to have a bowling alley, Rangers, and skateboards. That is all I would want in the basement. Olan Kramer Grade 4, Holland Elementary

Animal shelters Dear Editor, When animals get sheltered, it is sad. I don’t really like the pound because cats and dogs get picked up from just roaming around a city, or town. The Humain Sesiety is a good company because it is keeping animals from danger. But when animals get sheltered in the pound it is kinda sad because animals do not get fed pet brands like Meow Mix, Purina, e.t.c. I really wanted to express my feelings about animals being locked up. Kaylea Harlen Grade 5, Holland Elementary

Basketball Dear Editor, I am writing about basketball because I really, really like it! So, first you need to have at least 4 people to play a 2 on 2 game or you can just shoot. Make sure that you keep the ball at the waist or lower. Also, you should have your hand out so no one takes it. When you shoot you should flip your wrist and you will feel a very nice feeling. Also, you need to try and hit the back board or act like your hand is reaching in a cookie jar and try and swish it. These are some tips on basketball and how easy it is. Maddux Marshall Grade 5, Holland Elementary

No smoking Dear Editor, I think smoking should be prohibited because it is not only bad for you it is bad for the people around you. Actually it is worse for the people around you. It is worse for the people around you because when you are smoking you have something to exhale with but the people around you don’t have anything to exhale with, so it is worse for their lungs than yours. Also smoking can lead to cancer which is very hard to deal with. So whatever you do don’t smoke. Die your hair pink or ride a motorcycle just don’t smoke. Payton Nichter Grade 5, Holland Elementary

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Stop protesting Trump Dear Editor, I am against the protesting of President Trump. Ever since he has been inaugurated I have been thinking, “What is our country going to?” It keeps getting worse! All these people setting cars on fire? It’s ridiculous! He has many supporters that are high up in the ranks, and many people like his ideas. If protesters think they can do anything to get him out of the office, they thought wrong. Besides, he has already signed a few executive orders including one for the “Great Wall of Mexico!” Protesters that think he is going to be impeached are wrong. It’s not going to happen. If the protesters from groups like DistruptJ20, a group of violent protesters, think violence is going to help, well they’re out of luck. If anything, violence will just make it worse than it is right now! At most, peaceful marching will help persuade President Trump otherwise of some of the ideas that he plans to put into a bill in the near future. Even that will be given generously. With these protesters causing violence, resisting arrest, and injuring police officers, it gives our country a bad name to our allies and to our rivals all around the world. These protesters won’t even give Trump a chance! He has some very good idea that many Americans agree with. This is why he got elected! He has plans to stop illegal immigration, Islam terrorism, and many other things that are very good ideas indeed! Please give him a chance! These protesters just need to stop the destruction. Violence isn’t going to help it. It just gives our country a bad name. You can’t get Trump impeached right after he gets in office. He hasn’t even done anything to harm anybody. I ask that all violent protesters stop protesting. There is no need and no point. It’s just a waste of time. Stop the protesting! Luke Meyer Grade 6, Southridge Middle School

Huntingburg gymnastics Dear Editor, Imagine you are a gymnast, but you can’t do any of the flips you used to be able to do. That’s what a lot of people are sad about. A lot of gymnasts used to wow the crowd by being able to do some amazing flips, but now they have nowhere to practice. I am a gymnast, and I can do a lot of flips, but I have nowhere to practice except for my front yard. I don’t have any equipment. That’s why I think there should be a few gyms in Huntingburg where people can practice gymnastics. Many people live in Holland and Huntingburg. I think they would enjoy a gym where you can practice gymnastics. Parents don’t want to waste gas by driving their kid to Ferdinand or Jasper. Also, some families don’t have yards to practice in because they live in apartments with no yards. A lot of kids need the gymnastics equipment like balance beams, mats, bars, and much more to help them practice. It would be a really safe gym. On a list of which sports people get injuries from each year, gymnastics is 24th. Gymnasts wear safety wear at gymnastics gyms. They wear wrist straps with chalk all over the palm part of it, so they don’t fall when they are doing flips on the bars. They have mats so people can do flips without falling on hard ground. If people do flips outside, then they might fall, get a scrape, and get a grass stain. Gymnastics is good for other sports, too. People practice and their muscles get stronger. When people become really good at backbends, their stomach and back muscles get stronger. When people get good at handstands, their arm muscles get stronger. Your gymnastics skills could also be good for other sports. Since you run a lot in soccer, your leg strength from practicing gymnastics can help your running and kicking. If you want to be a cheerleader when you grow up, then it’ll be nice to know how to do a lot of flips. This is why I think there should be a gymnastics gym in Huntingburg. The gymnastics gym would be a good idea. It should be a gym where you have to pay a monthly fee. I dream of being an Olympic gymnast when I grow up. It would be great if I had somewhere to practice, so I could get better. Marissa Cox Grade 6, Southridge Middle School


Keep study hall Dear Editor, The day started out like any other. After math class everyone was dreading to do the workbook page our teacher had given us. Mostly we probably have something to do after school, like basketball practice, or student council, or just spending time with our family. Luckily for us, we have study hall. I think study hall should be kept in schools. With study hall, people get their homework done at school, so they have more time to do whatever they want to do after school. Say you have plans with some of your buddies. You get home and tell your mother you are leaving, and you’re about to head right out the door when your mom says, “Did you get your homework done?” Dang it, she is right. I have that science workbook page. “No,” you say with a sigh. Now you are bummed because you can’t hang out with your friends, but that is okay; they had to do their homework too. With study hall, you could’ve gotten your homework done, and enjoyed the time with his friends instead! Another reason we shouldn’t get rid of study hall is this: say you have had a horrible day. You got all of your homework done in the first 20 minutes of study hall. What do you do? You sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in your favorite book. Not only are you reading your favorite book, but you are getting farther “on” in your book report! Another reason to keep study hall is because sometimes people just need a break. Study hall is a student’s break room! Not only is study hall good for students, but it can help teachers too! Say you are a teacher. You just got back all of your tests and have no time on your list to finish it. With study hall, you got block 1 and 2 test grades. Not only that, but everyone in block 3 got their homework done. Even Jerry, the kid that always forgets everything got his homework done. How did he get it done? A classmate reminded him that homework was due today in study hall! Now, you know how much of a life saver study hall can be. Forget about that language arts paper? Don’t worry, you can do it in study hall. Getting rid of study hall might mean getting rid of some student’s good grades. Not having study hall means getting lower and lower test scores. Teachers might ask themselves why are my students getting such low test scores? It’s because they have no time study. With study hall, they could ace the test! Collin Tooley Grade 6, Southridge Middle School

Veggies are pricey Dear Editor, Many civilians need to be healthier, but vegetables are so expensive! I believe that vegetables should be cheaper. Junk food is cheap, but it is definitely unhealthy for you. If vegetables were cheaper, people would buy them more, and there would be less health problems! There would also be less obesity in the world. Nobody would be stuck on couches, but instead they would be outside enjoying themselves. There are many reasons why vegetables should be cheaper. If vegetables were cheaper, and people bought them, then they would have increased health, and they would live longer. Many vegetables help your body. For example, carrots can help with your eyesight and can be converted into Vitamin A. They can also help with your skin. The more vegetables you eat the longer you will live because of your health. Some people live until they’re in their 80s, 90s, and even when they’re 100 if they eat vegetables. People around the world won’t have to sit on their couches all day, but instead they could be outside more enjoying themselves if they got to eat vegetables. You would actually be able to get up and move around if you had vegetables. These are some examples of why vegetables should be cheaper. Vegetables could help many civilians around the world. There will be less obesity in cities, states, and countries. Less people will be visiting hospitals because of increased health. More people will be enjoying their lives. People will also love their lives because they will live longer. Olivia McClain Grade 6, Southridge Middle School

More wind turbines Dear Editor, I think we need to get more wind turbines and solar panels in Huntingburg. I think we should do this so our city would

stop polluting the air. Also we are going to run out of fossil fuels sometime. I don’t think we should just stop “cold turkey,” but we should progressively add more and more solar resources. Then when we do run out of fossil fuels, we will be ahead of all the other cities. I know we just got a huge grant and all I ask is that we put away part of that money. I think if we already have money put away for the future, it will be a lot easier in the future. Aidan Jochem Grade 7, Southridge Middle School

Train on tracks Dear Editor, I think that the train should not be allowed to just stop on the track when there are so many cars waiting to go somewhere. Those cars probably need to go somewhere important, but the train has stopped right in front of them. And when the train stops, they are late to that important thing that they needed to do. People could lose their job or be late to an appointment. Another reason why trains should not be allowed to stop is that maybe someone needs the ambulance on the other side of town. The train stops and the ambulance cannot get to the person that needs help. That would be really bad for the person that needed help. This is why I think the train should not be able to stop on the track. Jaqueline Calderon Grade 7, Southridge Middle School

Library love Dear Editor, I’d like to personally thank you for our library. In all honesty, I don’t believe I’d be able to survive without it. I love our library and enjoy going there when I can’t seem to find anything at my school’s own library. There always seems to be something that I haven’t read, and I find it nice to know that if I want to start a series, the library will most likely have it at my disposal, and I don’t have to worry about starting one book and never getting to read the next. Its various genres are enjoyable. If I want to read a romance novel, or perhaps a comedy, I know the library will most likely have something for me that I’ll like. Gracie Ferguson Grade 7, Southridge Middle School

Serious locker problem Dear Editor, I would like to inform you about our serious locker problem. They are way too small. I can’t even fit my backpack and a winter coat in my locker. Even if my backpack is completely empty I still cannot fit both of them in my locker. Other students seem to be having this problem too. I see students all of the time carrying around their big heavy coats because their lockers are too small. I believe this is a serious problem and something should be done about it. Also, the top compartment is too small. It isn’t big enough to fit our textbooks, workbooks, and notebooks in and when we put them in the bottom of our locker, they get ripped and tore up. Thanks for taking the time to read and listen to my opinion. Skyla Hayes Grade 7, Southridge Middle School

Make last words count Dear Editor, I’m writing this letter in honor of my older brother, Conner Hall. My older brother died when I was twelve, and he was fourteen. He died when I was away at my dad’s house. We were both going to go, but then he had plans to hangout with his friends the day we were leaving. At the time I didn’t care if he was going because we got in a big argument, and I was angry. Without thinking and out of anger, I said something that I will regret for the rest of my life. I told him that I wished he wasn’t my brother and that he would get out of my life! That was the last thing I said to him before I left. When I got to my dad’s house, I found out that we were going to a corn maze that day, the same day Conner went to his friends. When we got there I wasn’t angry any more, and I had a great time there. Then we started to leave, and we decided to go eat at Dairy Queen. When I was eating, my dad got a phone call from my mom. She told him that Conner got in a wreck and was being sent the hospital, so then my dad told us about it. When I heard this, I stopped eating.

When we got home, I was on the couch on my phone, and my dad asked everyone into the living room. He gave us an update on Conner’s well being. He told us that they did everything they could, but Conner didn’t make it. As he burst out in tears, everyone started to cry but not me. I had no emotion, no thoughts, nothing. I was an empty shell. My dad’s wife was holding me, crying, and telling me that it was ok. Then everyone went into different rooms. I stayed in the same place in the same position with no emotion or thoughts, but then I started to move. Without knowing, I got up and started to walk. I subconsciously walked to the hallway. When I stopped in the middle of the hallway and looked to the right, I saw our old family photos. These were when we were younger from when we were very little kids. As I looked at the photos, I remembered about the fight we had and the last words I said to him and the last words he heard from my mouth. Then I got to the last family photo we took together, and as a single tear rolled down my face, I fell down to the floor in tears. My stepmom helped me up to the couch. My dad asked me if I wanted to go home, and I said yes. The thing I want people to learn from my experience is not to make the last words you say to someone something you don’t mean before leaving because you don’t know when the words you said will be the last ones you say to them. Nicholas Mckown Grade 8, Southridge Middle School

Is ISTEP worth it? Dear Editor, Istep will forever be a word synonymous to stress and torture in the young minds of today’s Indiana students. A test that records whether or not students are achieving standards that aren’t even set by themselves. The state of Indiana controls these standards, and depending on how you look at it, those people ultimately are controlling us as well. We, the students of Indiana, are required to learn certain curriculum, therefore dictating how and what we learn everyday. Although the standards do show whether students are learning, the Istep test can have a positive or negative outcome for students. The Istep test is taken in two portions. Those being the written portion and the computerized portion. In conclusion to taking the Istep Test, every student in the state of Indiana will receive the score they achieved on the test around August. That score defines every student, but the definition of the student doesn’t contain words, but just a number. Our teacher had a discussion with us about the Istep test prior to taking it. He told us we are bigger than the test, and that the score will never be equal to the people we are and what we can achieve. He then asked our class a question prior to taking the written portion of Istep. “What will this year’s Istep score say to the world?” He had every student write one paragraph reflecting on what their score was going to say to the people who judged us by our scores. In my opinion, my response was unique. I wrote “This year’s Istep score will not define me, but it will merely be a snapshot of the person and student I am. I refuse to let a number define me, and if people want to attach a label to my name based on a number, that will show their own ignorance.” Although I refuse to let the people put a label on my name I realize it’s going to happen whether I approve of it or not. These scores come with positives and negatives, and you may not realize that a score can dictate your future schooling. Being able to take certain classes is supported by your Istep score, and if you score badly one time you may not be able to take that class even though you’re perfectly capable of doing so. Is it fair to allow kids into a class based upon one score? I certainly think it isn’t, so why do we keep doing it? It’s a question a large number of Indiana’s students are asking themselves and the people around them. Why do we even take the Istep test? Does it even benefit us, the students? I suppose we’ll let Indiana’s school board decide that. I feel putting an end to the stressful timed testing will benefit the students of Indiana. After all isn’t that what school is for? Chase Taylor Grade 8, Southridge Middle School

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Football team Dear Editor, I think there should be a Pine Ridge football team. We have a lot of strong people at Pine Ridge. The one thing I don’t like is that it takes money. They could play in the evening. They could be called the Pine Ridge Pioneers. They could be a good team. They will be a team that will practice for high school for when they get older. Alexander Fischer Grade 3, Pine Ridge Elementary

Five recesses Dear Editor, I think Pine Ridge should have five recesses because our recess time is so short and it is only fifteen minutes. Being outside is fun because you get to play games. You can play football, kickball, and basketball. Recess is good for you because it is stretching. That`s why I want five recesses. Jaxon Welp 3rd grade, Pine Ridge Elementary

Foursquare Dear Editor, I think we should get 2 foursquares painted on the blacktop. Foursquare is a fun game. It tests your reflexes. It is a four player game but you can take turns. We used to have foursquare at school but when they repainted the blacktop they took it away for some reason. Lots of people played on the foursquare areas. My friends and I played on it a lot. They just didn’t play it right. But most people know how to play now. It is a fun game that I wish Pine Ridge Elementary School had. Camden Cole Grade 3, Pine Ridge Elementary

Vegetable bar Dear Editor, At Pine Ridge I think we should have a fruit and vegetable bar so if you’re hungry and it’s not lunch you can go get fruit or vegetables. The reason is because if some people didn’t have breakfast they can grab fruit and it will be something for them to eat. It also will be good for you not to eat junk food. Jaxon Lueken 3rd grade, Pine Ridge Elementary

Gluten free food Dear Editor, I think Pine Ridge should only have Gluten Free food and Dye Free food because I think Gluten Free and Dye Free food taste better in my opinion. I think other kids would like it too. I have 2 more things. Some people can’t have it and it will give kids healthy food. Aubree Gogel Grade 3, Pine Ridge Elementary

More time Dear Editor, I think we should have more time to eat because then we will have time to eat all the food on our tray. We should have more time to play because we get exercise. I would like to have more time at art, PE, music, and computer lab because we can get better at those skills. Claudia Fest Grade 3, Pine Ridge Elementary

Better fuel Dear Editor, I want to talk about the environment. One idea would be better fuel because pollution from cars is eating away the ozone layer. We should have less landfills so animals can live free and in the wild. We need to plant more trees so the air is fresher and cleaner. Take care of our ocean’s wildlife by not dumping trash into the ocean or killing ocean predators like sharks. John DeWitte Grade 3, Pine Ridge Elementary

Powerade fountains Dear Editor, I think Pine Ridge should have chocolate milk and Powerade in the fountains. We should have Powerade because we


need power after PE. Next to the Powerade fountain there would be an ipad so you could pick which flavor. I think we should have a chocolate milk fountain because water gets boring and we need something fun. Grace E. Hulsman Grade 3, Pine Ridge Elementary

Soccer team Dear Editor, I think Pine Ridge should have a soccer team. I think that because most people would probably think soccer is fun. I know I do! It would be good exercise and it would encourage kids to play outside more. And maybe it would help us with our P.E goals. Maybe you could make some new and nice friends on your team. It would also help kids with their strategy when they are on the field. The last thing is I think this will prepare us if we want to get into high school sports. It would be a good example to help us with the sports in high school. I think it is a good idea to have a soccer team. I hope you think so, too! Jazzmyn Cummins Grade 3, Pine Ridge Elementary

Illegal signs Dear Editor, Do not put signs on electrical poles because it is illegal. It is illegal because when people have to climb up them, there are nails in the poles. It also is considered illegal because it is littering. lf you get paid to do that does not mean you have to put it on one so just put it in the ground. Chase Niehaus Grade 3, Pine Ridge Elementary

A nice smoothie Dear Editor, When you want to exercise and you need a drink maybe a nice strawberry or blueberry smoothie would help. My favorite smoothie is blueberry, But there is lots of smoothie flavors like: banana, grape, kiwi, mango, and orange. The ingredients I put in my blueberry smoothies are some: Frozen blueberries, ice cream, milk, and sugar. Smoothies are sometimes really healthy and sometimes their not healthy so I think if you put sugar in it that means it’s not healthy and if you don’t put sugar in it that means it is healthy.To make a smoothie you need a blender and some clean cups so you can pour the smoothie in. When you have made your smoothie see how it tastes and if it doesn’t taste right and you feel like it needs something that hadn’t been added then you could add it. If it does taste good than that is great. Grace Weigel Grade 3, Pine Ridge Elementary

Treating people Dear Editor, I feel strongly about people treating other people differently just because something happened to them or they are disabled. I think some people do it because they’re jealous of the other person. Let’s just say someone got a new sibling and the other person is an only child and they want a new sibling because they are lonely or get bored. It still doesn’t give them the right to be mean to that person. Just because a person has something exciting happening to them or happend to them doesn’t mean they are different. Same with disabled people. I understand they may look different or standout, but that doesn’t mean they are different than you are. They can still do the same things you can. Well maybe not a backflip or any flip, but the point is you shouldn’t treat them differently. It can make them really upset just because people treat them different. Marissa Bolden Grade 3, Pine Ridge Elementary

Do math Dear Editor, I think more people should do math because it can help some people with money. You need to know how much something is like milk could be $1.99 so that is how much you spend.The 99 means $1 because of taxes. It is good to know numbers because it helps

you with adding like 58+42=100 it helps a lot in life believe me.One time I was stuck on 165+239 so I guessed. My answer was 572.I was incorrect.The correct answer is 404. So if you run into a problem like that you need to learn about math. You don’t always have to add sometimes you have to subtract or you can multiply it can help a lot. If you subtract something the symbol would look like this - and the math problem can be 12121=100. Multiply symbol looks this x. I know a math problem with that symbol 9x9=81 because it is like adding but you do it more than one time like you would use it for 9x9 you can add 9+9+9+9+9+9+9+9+9=81 that is not the way I would do it but if don’t know the problem you should do it that way. That is why I think people should learn that. Veronica Mlsna Grade 3, Pine Ridge Elementary

Watch your kids Dear Editor, Sometimes parents don’t watch their kids very well. That’s why kids get kidnapped almost every single day. Parent’s should really watch their kids a lot better. When kids want to go outside their parent’s should go outside with them and when they want to go back inside the house. Ok everybody this is my own opinion I don’t know if this is your opinion but I think when kids want attention they really should get attention from their parent’s and also somebody that they are related to. I also think that everybody that knows you and loves you too. Kayla May Corbett Grade 3, Pine Ridge Elementary

Recycle more Dear Editor, St. Anthony is an awesome community. We have a great church, nice people, and a park. However, I think we need to recycle more. The first reason we need to recycle more is because sometimes there is trash in our backyard. One time when we came home from our baby-sitters there was trash in our backyard. My mom was wondering who did it. I told my brother to go and get it but he said NO! So I had to go and get it. I had to be careful because on the road right next to our house people go really fast up and down it. So I got the trash and ran up the hill to throw the trash away. The second reason we need to recycle more is because sometimes there is trash at the beach. One time we went to the beach it was all nice and clean toward the boardwalk but when we got toward the water it was really dirty. So we got some trash bags and started to clean up a little bit. It took almost an hour to clean up a little bit. Just remember recycling is important and we need to keep the earth clean. That’s why we need to recycle. Jillian Healy Grade 4, Pine Ridge Elementary

Time to talk Dear Editor, Lots of people have opinions on what they want to change in the world, Dubois County or Indiana. I think I should have more time to talk! The first reason I think we need more time to talk is because when I really want to talk to somebody in my class about something I do it and I always get in trouble for it. I really need to learn to KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT. One time I was talking to Christian in class and Mrs. Begle said that I owe last recess. That was a sad day. The second reason that I think we should have more time to talk is because I have nobody to talk to. One time I was playing video games and I thought to myself I need to socialize more so I facetimed Mya Wehr then I got bored. So I went out into the living room and started talking to my mom and dad. After that I socialized a lot more. That was my opinion on what I think should be changed in Dubois County. Do you agree with me? I hope you loved to read this as much as I loved to write it!!! Cade Bayer Grade 4, Pine Ridge Elementary

Minimum wage Dear Editor, Everybody in this world has an opinion on everything such as gas prices and drugs. I think that the minimum wage should be

$9.00 an hour. The first reason I think that the minimum wage should be $9.00 an hour is because some people are so very poor. Think about after a hard day work, you go home, right? Some people will just go home to their filthy alley and will have a million things to worry about. Here are just a few, getting murdered, mugged, tornadoes, and just plain storms. Sometimes after earthquakes or huge storms the news says that thousands of people died and every single time I wonder how many of those people were just fighting for their lives. The second reason I think that the minimum wage should be $9.00 an hour is because if you work a normal shift of 8 hours then you will earn $72.00 a day. One time my mom told me that the minimum wage now is $7.50. That may only be a twelve dollar difference at the end of each day, but sometimes that’s all some people might need. Zach Kissel Grade 4, Pine Ridge Elementary

Less wars Dear Editor, Hi my name is Justin. I have always wanted to be in the Army, but I never wanted to get hurt. I have two reasons I think we should have less wars!!!!! My first reason I think we should have less wars is because of a lot of dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. I hate to hear on the news that more people have died. I remember when my grandpa told me a story of how many of his friends died in a war. My second reason I think we should have less wars is because of the people who have families in the Army. I hope those who have families in the Army don’t lose any of their sons or daughters. I know a lot of people who want to be in the Army including my best friends Ethan, A.J, and me. My dad told me a story a long time ago when his dad went to Fort Knox. I hope I never get hurt too bad so I can’t be in the Army. Justin Voegerl Grade 4, Pine Ridge Elementary

Free guns Dear Editor, Gun shops have guns for sale such as clock 18, 20 gauge, 44, 22. These guns are a bunch of money. I think guns should be free, so we don’t have to pay money. My first reason I think guns should be free is because guns are a bunch of money. One time I was with my papa when we went to a gun store in Paoli. We went into the gun store and my papa bought a 20 gauge for me and it cost $150.00. My papa didn’t have the money to buy the gun. So he asked them to hold the gun for him so he could get more money to buy the gun. The second reason guns should be free is you have to work hard to get a gun. When I wasn’t born yet my papa worked at the phone company. He was top of the scale for money. He bought a muzzleloader and it was like $500.00. He worked hard to get that gun. Kolten Peek Grade 4, Pine Ridge Elementary

More music Dear Editor, Pine Ridge is a great school but we only have music once a week. The only day we have music is on Monday and it is winter so we could have snow days so I think we need more music. The first reason to have more music in schools and in the world is if you ever had a snow day and if it was music that day you would not have music until the next week. One day my older brother Hunter was getting ready to catch the bus and then my mom told him that he didn’t have school that day and he had music that day. The second reason why we need more music in schools is because people need to learn music and how boring it would be if there was no music in the world. Also if nobody wanted more music there would be hardly any music in movies and shows. How I know this is because my music teacher showed us a video of how movies would be boring with no music in the world. MaKayla King Grade 4, Pine Ridge Elementary

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Less homework Dear Editor, I think we should have less homework because it takes time, kids start to dislike school more, and students may miss other activities. Research says 43% of parents think their kids have too much homework. I’ve interviewed with two parents and they both agree that we have too much homework. I know my parent would agree because those two people were my parents. Some parents have thrown away homework not knowing it had to be done. Students may dislike school more because of the amount of homework they get. Students may also stay home from school because they don’t want to do homework. Too much homework can cause students to miss a sports practice or other activities. One of the students I interviewed said “ I remember staying home to work on math homework.” It made me miss a baseball practice. Even I have had to stay home from a basketball practice working on a science assignment. A big amount of homework could also cause kids to get bullied. Research says 32% of kids get bullied to do homework. That’s 32% more than what we need. What I’m trying to say is if we get less homework, it may cause less homework. So the less homework we get means less bullies, students may like school more and parents get less worried. Mason Lubbers Grade 5, Cedar Crest Intermediate

Clean buses Dear Editor, My name is Levi and I think kids should clean the buses at Cedar Crest Intermediate. I Think we should clean the buses because it’s appearance is gross, of health conditions, and safety is very helpful thing to take care of. First is because of it’s safety. The buses are not safe because there is candy wrappers you can slip on and there’s gum stuck on the side of the buses walls. I sat one day and I did not feel comfortable. So I got up looked down and there was a wrapper right underneath me. It is also for it’s health reasons. Every year there is an health inspection for the buses and every year it becomes harder and harder to clean the buses. My last reason is that it’s appearance is disturbing. There’s filth at your feet where you put it and it just makes people nauseous just to look at it. My evidence for my reasons is I interviewed one of my fellow classmates who ride my bus and he said “ Yesterday, I sat down on the bus and I saw a granola bar at my feet. It made me feel sick. Also I slipped on wrappers at my feet. While I fell to the ground a pencil jabbed me in the arm!” I also interviewed kids who ride my bus and every single one of them said they did not like the trash at the floor on the buses. I looked on the Internet and it sayed that many buses are never cleaned for years in the world. That is why I think that we should clean the buses in our county for its safety, health, and appearance. Levi Gayso Grade 5, Cedar Crest Intermediate

Bad wifi Dear Editor, My name is Joel Bueltel and I live in a rural area with bad wifi. Every year my family has to switch from Dish TV to Direct TV to get good wifi but the wifi isn’t good. Whenever I forget my homework I can’t go online to access it there. So the next day when I’m at school I won’t have my homework done. It’s not just me having troubles there are others. With all my interviews there wifi either didn’t work or it depended. So If it depended that means it worked sometimes but other times it didn’t. So are we just supposed to hope and pray that we get good wifi or can we get good wifi for the rural areas of Ferdinand? I know that we can get good wifi for the rural areas. I have cousins and grandparents that live in Perry County and they get great wifi and they don’t live in town either they live on a farm in a rural area. So what I’m trying to say here is why can’t we get good wifi for the rural areas of Ferdinand.


I know you guys are probably thinking well It’s going to cost too much money but I know it will be worth It because they’re people who don’t want to live in town but the wifi is so bad that they have to move to different counties and towns. So if we have good wifi then we will have quite a few people move to our rural areas of Ferdinand. So who is with me on getting better wifi for the rural areas of Ferdinand? Joel Bueltel Grade 5, Cedar Crest Intermedate

Hurt animals Dear Editor, I have a very important question. Do you have animals around the area that you live at and they are injured or hurt? I do. Once my grandma and I were going to Jake’s Auto Service for her oil change and I looked out in the grass and there was a cat laying down on the ground purring. It didn’t have a tail or a leg! Another time I was at my aunts and uncles house and their neighbor had a kitten that they found running around and it had a huge bite mark on its back! I think that we need an animal shelter around the Birdseye area. I got some people to answer that question and here are their results: ■■ Yes, because more animals lives can stay safe. Also people sometimes abuse their animals so staying in a safe place such as a shelter would keep them safe and then they could be loved! ■■ Yes, because I see lots of animals that have no owners. There are lots of animals who are starving and needing a home. ■■ No, because lots of animals have owners and homes. Please if you can, can we get an animal shelter in Birdseye? Aylah Lamkin Grade 5, Cedar Crest Intermediate

Stores closed Dear Editor, Have you ever had trouble getting food because all the nearby grocery stores are closed? When the Saint Meinrad Store was open this wouldn’t have happened because the store was open 7 days a week. Now, this happens all the time to me and my family. There should be a grocery store in every small town. The Saint Meinrad Store was 1 of 3 stores in the town and the other two were furniture stores! We also have our restaurants but no place to buy daily items such as lunch meat, milk, and eggs. At this store, we could also get gas for our cars. This especially doesn’t help our town economy. WE have to drive to other towns to raise their economy and we can’t collect money to raise ours. This store was bought two years ago and also was supposed to reopen in July of 2015 and it didn’t happen. So if your town has an economic issue and the town has an old store still in pretty good shape and could make good money, try to convince your town council to reopen the store. Hunter R. Gray Grade 5, Cedar Crest Intermediate

Parasomnia Dear Editor, Did you know that some people have committed crimes due to parasomnia, including sleep driving and even murder? Parasomnia is a term that refers to unnatural movements during your sleep. To begin with, sleep is very good for your brain and for your body. You see, when you go to sleep at night, your body is getting energy for the next day. Your brain is also doing something.Your brain is regenerating and fluids are flowing through your brain. As a result, not enough sleep can lead to crankiness because the average person should at least get eight to ten hours of sleep each night. in the mornings, do you feel cranky? If you do, that means you didn’t get enough sleep, and that means your body did not regenerate. Of course, more sleep is healthier because if you don’t get enough sleep, you could be at risk for diseases, like heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and even a stroke! So, I hope that if you don’t get enough sleep, you will try to go to bed sooner. Always get enough sleep even if you have to change some things. Hannah Wilson Grade 5, Cedar Crest Intermediate

Voting at 16 Dear Editor, You were once 16. I don’t know about when you were 16 if you wanted to vote or not, but when I turn 16 I want to be able to vote. My 1st reason why I think that 16 year olds should vote is that it would get people in the future would vote more because they would get in a rhythm of voting. Did you know that only 60% of U.S. citizens that can vote? The more that you vote the more natural it becomes. Meaning that if you vote when you’re 16 you then are more likely you are to vote when you’re 20. That’s why my second reason why I think that 16 year olds should be aloud to vote is 16 year olds have a long life ahead of them. Meaning that most 16 year olds are going to care more about what is going on in our government than most 80 year olds. Most people die at about age 80. So 16 year olds have roughly 69 years of life left. On average. Then 80 year olds have roughly 5 years of life left. So they won’t care as much. Plus 16 year olds may also be thinking about their future kids and possibly even grandkids and what would be the best them when they get older. Opposed to the 80 year old who has less life in them, but might care about their grandkids and kids. I bet that most 16 year olds don’t want to go to war, but if we get in some kind of trouble with another country later on before they can vote then they might have to go to war. So they probably want to vote on some who won’t send them to war. Plus they might lose their job then if they go to war. Which brings me to my final reason why I think that we should lower the voting to 16 which is they have to make other big decisions in their life. Like choosing to have a job or not. 30% of 16 year olds have jobs. So that 30% has to make decisions with their money that they are earning. Then once have enough to get a car they have to make decisions on the road . Plus almost two out of three 16 year olds have a car crash, so they have medical decisions. Then they have to make the decision if they want to try and fix their car or if they want to just go ahead and buy a new car. Then when they make that decision they might have to find a better paying job. Then they either have to save money for college or spend it on stuff right now. Those are the reasons why I think that the U.S should lower the voting age to 16. Now go out people and try to talk Congress into introducing this bill. Reid Jochem Grade 6, Cedar Crest Intermediate

Think twice Dear Editor, Have you ever wanted to be a teacher? Some people who would be good teachers, may have to think twice. If you have a big family to take care of you may not be able to afford to be a teacher. Have you ever really thought about how much a teacher gets paid? I think teachers should be paid more, I have several reasons why I think this. First, a teacher doesn’t get paid as much as you think. An average US teacher gets paid about $43,483 a year. This includes if you have a Master’s degree. A teach without a master’s degree may get paid less. If teachers want to get their Master’s degree, they have to pay for it themselves. Many employers in the business world will pay for their employees to get further education. The average US employee with a bachelor’s degree might get paid somewhere around $50,556 a year. Teachers get paid $34,891, being tenth on the rank of jobs that have a bachelor’s degree, behind engineers,computer science,math and science, business, agriculture/natural resources, healthcare, communications, social science, humanities, and last is education. Now look at how much you get paid a year is it more or less? Another reason teachers should be paid more is because they plan out a whole day of lessons for your child. Teachers also spend own money on school supplies for the classroom. Sometimes school supplies can be expensive for one kid but school supplies for a whole classroom. Usually the school sends out a letter with all the school supplies on it your kid needs. Some people don’t come to school with things so have to borrow from the new teacher. The last reason is teachers dedicate time to teach children. On weekends instead of doing something fun life skydiving they are grading papers all the time. They also are

nice enough to make sure your kids make it home safely. Teachers are trying to set your children up for success in life. Teachers pay is something that’s not noticed as much as other jobs pay. This is why I think teachers should be paid more. Olivia Debevoise 6th Grade, Cedar Crest Intermediate

Pay athletes? Dear Editor, Should college athletes get paid? All of those college sport lovers are asking that question, should they get paid? I’m here to tell you why they shouldn’t be paid. First of all to begin, they should focus on their education, not how much money they have. Details to support this is the following question what are you going to do in the future? After basketball or whatever sport, what are you going to do after that? If you don’t focus on your education more you will just be sitting at home doing nothing, while you are regretting getting better grades. The second detail is that if you would get paid for being a student athlete what would you spend it on the university already pays for your room, your travel, your team’s shoes, and your jerseys. Also, not to mention they pay for your stadium to play in and the sports team. Finally also another reason is that the college pays for the jumbotron, and every computer on the campus. So, tell me what are you going to pay for? Third, colleges would have to give every single player in every single sport money because if they don’t, first of all the university would get sued which would probably take some sport teams. Also, not all of the players are going to make it to the pro’s, so it would be just a waste of something of billions of dollars. Then what if the players want a raise what are you going to do? What if it’s the best player and he says he going to transfer, then all of the players say that and you don’t give them a raise? Finally the last reason that I think they shouldn’t be paid is because, why would there be a reason for pro’s? If you get the same amount of money as you would in pro’s, why would you need pro’s? Also in college it is supposed to be for the love of the game not how much money they have, because pro’s is for money, but college should be for the love of the game. Also if one of the teams in NCAA get caught playing players money they could get kicked out off the whole NCAA maybe even their campus could get shut down. And finally there are 460,000 student athletes in the whole NCAA!! My idea is to help college students stay in school for four years. Please after reading this letter I hope it will change your mind about NOT paying student athletes. Bryson Partenheimer Grade 6, Cedar Crest Intermediate

Start paying Dear Editor, I am writing this to try and persuade parents all around Indiana to start paying their kids for getting good grades in school. The reason I chose this topic is because I simply think it would be good if kids got to learn the responsibilities of having their own money. My first reason is that all around the world, kids aren’t really motivated by anything in school, but if parents start paying their kids for good grades, it will encourage them to study more because they will want to get good grades. If this would happen, students would start doing better in school. My second reason is that they would be able to earn money, just like having their very own job. They would basically have an allowance causing them to be able to buy more things and help the family out. This would also make kids a lot more happier if they got to own money. My third and final reason is that children would learn more about having responsibilities like how to handle money and to learn that if you really want something, you need to save your money and not spend a lot on other things. I really hope that this article convinces parents all around Indiana to start paying their kids money for getting good grades in school because seriously, we worked hard for those grades, so in return, we should get a reward. Why not make it money! Trejan M. Grade 6, Cedar Crest Intermediate

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Dog park needed Dear Editor, I think Ferdinand should have a dog park because people need a place to take their dogs to walk and play with them. There are a lot of people in Ferdinand that have dogs. A dog park would be nice for them. Jillian Matheis Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Pool in town Dear Editor, I think there should be a pool in Ferdinand so people don’t have to drive all the way to Evansville, Jasper, or Huntingburg just to go swimming. It would be good to practice swimming and get some exercise without having to drive so far. Avari Boeglin Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Indoor swim Dear Editor, I think there should be a pool at the YMCA in Ferdinand. It would be good exercise for everyone. It should be an indoor pool so you can swim anytime you want to. It should have a kid area and swim lanes too. Clayton Roesner Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Girls gymnastics Dear Editor, I think Ferdinand Elementary should have a girl’s gymnastics team. It would give the girls good exercise and get them moving more than in just PE. It would also be fun. Elizabeth Christmas Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Testing motivation Dear Editor, I think Ferdinand Elementary should have a pool in our school. When students get an A on a test they would get to swim for 30 minutes as a reward. If a student got a B- or lower, they would have to stay in the room and read. This would be a good way to get students to study for their tests. Kamdon Partenheimer Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Brain support Dear Editor, I think schools should have more recesses during the day to help your brain. It would help you think more and do better on your tests. I think it would help you concentrate more on your work. More recesses would make you smarter and smarter every day. Adalyn Luebbehusen Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Principal’s helper Dear Editor, I think Ferdinand Elementary should have a parrot as the principal’s helper instead of a human. It could fly into classrooms during recess and ask the teacher if anyone got into trouble. The parrot could then report to the principal. It could also help children learn and deliver papers to classrooms. Luke Meunier Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Longer playtime Dear Editor, I think schools should have longer recesses during the day to help get your brain working. You would be able to learn things quicker and kids could have fun too. During recess you could make more friends and play with them. Paige Memmer Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Help by recycling Dear Editor, I think people should recycle more. It would help the community, polar bears, and


all animals. Recycling is important because there will be less carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide makes the world warmer. With the warmer temperatures, the ice at the Arctic will melt and the animals that live at the Arctic will become extinct. Recycling will also help us save our natural resources.   We have to save natural resources or they will run out.  And we won’t have any more for our world. Natural resources provide us heat, electricity, food, and homes.  Without natural resources people will die!!!!  Please recycle! Kayden Kerstiens Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Jokes are funny Dear Editor, I really like your paper. It is good. I mostly like the jokes the best.   They are very funny.  When I read them, they make me laugh.  And I’m not joking!  I like to read the weather too.  When it is going to storm, I freak out!  Thanks for having a good newspaper for me to read. Brae Hammond Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Help one another Dear Editor, People should help one another and get along. If people are nice to each other, they may become friends. If people are poor, you can help by giving them money and food. When people get along, there is no fighting.   Fighting can cause people to be hurt. I think the world would be a better place if people were nicer and get along with each other. Grady Zink Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Turn off the TV Dear Editor,       I think people should turn off their TVs and put down their phones.  People should get out of their houses and get some exercise. I don’t think people should watch TV all the time or be on their phones or electronics.  If you watch TV and play on your phone a long time, your brain will not be smart. You can be in the house coloring or be on an exercise machine. Kids don’t need to be on their phones or watching TV especially on school nights!  People should pick up a book and read! Claudia Ebert Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Be nice Dear Editor,   I think people should treat others the way they want to be treated.  I lived in Louisville before moving to Ferdinand.  There were bad people there.   They had weapons.  It was scary.    People should not be mean to others.  If everyone treats everyone else nicely, people will get along and the towns and neighborhoods will be peaceful and safe. Ka’marion Walker Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Take a hike Dear Editor, I think people   should   start   hiking with  their  families.   It  helps  them  get  exercise.   Spending   time with   their   families  allows  them  to  talk  to  each  other. People   don’t   just   have   to   hike, they could   take   a   picnic   and explore   nature  too.  I think it would be good not to take phones or   ipods. They should     just   enjoy  talking.  Trust me, it’s  FUN! Brylee Longabaugh Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Foul ball protection Dear Editor, I think there should be a fenced dome over the baseball fields in Ferdinand. It would be safer for the audience because every time the batter hits a foul ball over the audience fence,  the ball might hit someone in the head.  If the ball hits them in the head, it will hurt very badly and could kill them.  I don’t want anyone to get hurt, and

I don’t like seeing that. It will be safer for everyone if Ferdinand would put fenced domes over the ballfields. Caiden Beck Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Run for fun Dear Editor, I think everyone should run to have fun. You can run to get exercise.  You can run with friends or go running alone.  There are teams like the Wolf Pups that kids can join and compete for medals.  People young and old can run in races like the Monster Dash and the Cupid’s Dash.   People can start out slow and run short distances, and then run faster times and longer distances.   I love running and think other people will too if they give it a try. Parker Wolf Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Youth football Dear Editor, I think we should have a football team for 2nd to 4th grade students at Ferdinand because we don’t have one. It would be fun, and we could play other teams in the county.  It would make the kids get stronger and better at football.   When the younger kids are in high school, they would help FP football team since they already know how to play football.  That’s why I think FES 2nd to 4th grades should have a football team. Jeremiah Marx Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Stop bullies Dear Editor, I think people should not be bullies because bullies are mean. If they don’t have anything nice to say, they should not say anything at all. Words can hurt and pushing, punching, or pulling aren’t ways to make friends either. If people ever see anyone bullying someone, they can say “NO” and tell them to stop. Bullies are mean and hurtful. If we didn’t have bullies and people were nice, the whole world would be a better, happier place to live. Adria Paulin Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Restaurant need Dear Editor, Ferdinand needs a new restaurant, so people would have more choices to choose from. I would like an Arby’s because the food is good and good for you.  More people would stop after work.   And people would stop from the interstate.  My grandpa would stop because he likes Arby’s and works in Ferdinand.   An Arby’s would be great for the people in Ferdinand, so I think one should be built.   Bryson Kunkler Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Scream for ice cream Dear Editor, I think Ferdinand needs an ice cream shop because ice cream is good and yummy. We don’t have one now.  People can just go there and buy some instead of going to the store and having to look around and try to find it.  Kids can go there with family, friends, and siblings.  They might have a party there.  Kids and adults that like ice cream will love it, and other people may come to Ferdinand to eat ice cream.    Kenley Frick Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Play space Dear Editor, I would like more playground equipment at Ferdinand 18th Street Park because children and their moms and dads can spend time there with friends and cousins. With more playground equipment, friends and family can spend time together at the park and have more to do.  They can get exercise, play, and have fun outside together.   Daizy Casares Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Dangerous drinking Dear Editor, I think people should not drink too much beer or alcohol because they can get sick and drunk.   Alcohol can be dangerous.   It can cause people to not think clearly and make bad choices. People under 21 should not drink it at all.   It is against the law.   I want people to be safe and live a long time. Layton Lubbehusen Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Health concerns Dear Editor, I think smoking is bad because it pollutes your lungs and it is rude to other people close by. Smoking costs people tons of money and is harmful to their health. Throwing cigarettes down could also cause a fire. Don’t throw cigarettes down. It is littering and it doesn’t look nice.   Put them in water or in a cigarette stand. People shouldn’t smoke around children because it could hurt their lungs. If people don’t stop smoking, they could die! Stop smoking or don’t start! Miranda Rickelman Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Causes cancer Dear Editor, I think companies should stop making cigarettes and chewing tobacco so people don’t die. Smoking and chewing tobacco cause cancer. I don’t want that to happen. That stuff could really make someone sick. Then they have to go the hospital. They should make smoking illegal.  Smoking can stop your lungs from working right. Smoking and chewing tobacco are bad for people and hurt them, so that’s why I don’t want people to chew or smoke.     Jagger Schipp Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Clear roads Dear Editor, When it snows the road crews need to clear roads faster so if people need to go somewhere important the roads are safe. If the roads are clear, people can get where they want. Or with clear roads, people don’t get in crashes. Clear roads quickly so people stay safe.   Brynn Vaught Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Stop littering Dear Editor, People should not throw trash on the ground because animals can eat it and die. It can end up in the sea. It can pollute the water. People can trip over the trash. It can get stinky and messy. People may get sick of the smell and leave town.  People would stay inside because they don’t like the smell.   I think people should take care of the world. Miguel Chontal Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Doing my part Dear Editor,                                              I’m going to clean the trash even if it is not my trash. I’m going to clean the trash if there is trash outside.  I’m going to clean it up if it is inside.  I’m going to clean up trash because when nobody cleans trash the town and area looks bad.  Maybe if I start cleaning up trash, other people will too.   It will make the town clean. Austin Lough Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

Stop drugs Dear Editor, People should stop drinking alcohol and making drugs. It is not good for anyone. Some people are stupid and they will take drugs or drink then drive. Drugs should STOP! They hurt your lungs and organs. Drugs can cause car crashes, fires, and death.       Hudson King Grade 2, Ferdinand Elementary School

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Dirt bikes Dear Editor, I like dirt bikes. I like when you can pop a wheelie. Griffen Beckman Kindergarten, Celestine Elementary

Funnies and faces


Play-doh egg Dear Editor, I love Play-doh! I wish there was a big Play-doh egg in school. We could pel off the Play-doh to get the prizes inside. All of my friends would love it! Dexi Kirchoff Grade 1, Celestine Elementary

Math teacher

Dear Editor, I like your paper. I like to look at the funnies. I like the faces, too. Camille Betz, Kindergarten, Celestine Elementary

Dear Editor, I want to be a teacher when I grow up. I would like to teach math. I would like to teach science. We would do lots of centers. Lily Goepfrich Grade 1, Celestine Elementary

Flag drawing

Helping the poor

Dear Editor, One time I drew a flag. It was our state. It had stars and was blue and yellow. Makenzie Beyke Kindergarten, Celestine Elementary

Changing colors Dear Editor, Here’s something that I want to tell you. A stegosaurus’s plates change colors when they have different feelings. Like when they are mad, they turn red. Austin Frank Kindergarten, Celestine Elementary

Baby nurse Dear Editor, I would like to be a baby nurse. You get to do baby work. They do hard work to keep baby’s safe. I love babies, and that’s why I want to be a baby nurse. Josslyn Glendening Kindergarten, Celestine Elementary

Helping hand Dear Editor, I like driving my own green tractor. My grandpa cuts down trees, and I haul back for firewood. I like to watch it. I help my uncle down at the shop and the back barns. We work on turkey trucks. Tyler “T.J.” Knebel Kindergarten, Celestine Elementary

Milk, food fountains Dear Editor, I would like a chocolate milk fountain at school. I really like chocolate milk and I could drink it whenever I am thirsty. I also wish there would be a chicken nugget fountain. Everyone would love it if they like chicken nuggest. William Wilson Grade 1, Celestine Elementary

Mamaw Marie Dear Editor, I love my mamaw, Marie. We play with Nerf guns, Uno, and hide and go seek at her house. We ride our bikes down the hill. I sometimes make deals with Mamaw when I clean my room. I might get a toy if I clean my room. James Nelson Grade 1, Celestine Elementary

Me and Charlie Dear Editor, I have a dog named Charlie. Me and Charlie run down the hill. When I get home from school, he lays down or follows me in the garage. We took Charlie to the basement during the rainstorm. He didn’t want to lay on the floor in the basement. Jaxen pulled Charlie around on a blanket. Charlie follows me on my bike. He also follows Jaxen and me on the fourwheeler. Charlie gets on the bus sometimes. I love Charlie! Kolton Sermersheim Grade 1, Celestine Elementary

Dear Editor, I would like to give money to the poor. I would like to give food to the poor. Sometimes, we give clothing to the needy. Addison Elliott Grade 1, Celestine Elementary

Purdue University Dear Editor, I think more people need to go to Purdue University. Purdue University is where everyone should go because it is a big university. It also has a good basketball program. Their record for this year is 21-5 and their conference record in 9-3. Purdue is the best university to go to get a good degree in engineering. That’s why I think more people need to go to Purdue University. Carson Grade 2, Celestine Elementary

Lower prices Dear Editor, I think that college football tickets should cost less. Did you know to get a football ticket it can cost hundreds of dollars. I looked on the internet and found that the most expensive ticket is $446.00 to a college game. That’s why I think they should lower the prices. Chase Grade 2, Celestine Elementary

More penguins Dear Editor, I think there should be more penguins in Celestine. They are not harmful. They eat fish. Their mom takes care of the babies. You can adopt the penguins in the winter when It’s cold and give them back to the South Pole in the spring. I think that penguins are rally cute and cuddly. That’s why I think there should be more penguins in Celestine. Alli Grade 2, Celestine Elementary

Disney World Dear Editor, I think that Disney World tickets should cost less than what they do. They cost $85 to go into one of the parks. That’s too expensive. They should lower down the price to $35 so it won’t be so expensive. That’s just my opinion. Cora Grade 2, Celestine Elementary

Longer recess Dear Editor, I wish there was more time for recess. First and last recess should have 30 minutes, and middle recess should be an hour. Right now there’s 15 minutes in last and first recess, and middle recess is 30 minutes. I think it would be great to have that much time for recess because we need some time to get our energy out. If we had that much time, we would want to learn something when class starts. Jace Grade 2, Celestine Elementary

Animal shelter

Hospital needed

Dear Editor, I want an animal shelter in the school. We could pet the animals during the day. We could ride the horses if there was one in the shelter. We could learn about animals and how they take care of them. Xavier Meyer Grade 1, Celestine Elementary

Dear Editor, I think there should be a hospital in Celestine. It would be handy for people that get hurt and need help right away. A hospital would be handy for people that have gotten sick. It would save time because people wouldn’t have to drive all the way to Jasper. It would make jobs for our town. These are

the reasons why I think it might be a good idea to have a hospital in Celestine. Nicholas Grade 2, Celestine Elementary

Help the homeless Dear Editor, I think that it is important to help the homeless. I know that it is important to help people to stay alive. If people stay alive, the human population will get bigger. They need help because they have nothing. That’s why we’re helping them. I am glad that I am not one of those people. But I hope that they can be like me and have a house and go to school. People need money to pay for bills, food, water, and education so the kids can learn like the kids at Celestine Elementary School. Then when they get out of school, they can go to college, and raise their kids good. They would not have to live in the woods or in the forest and not starve or dehydrated. Kids need their parents to teach them how to care of themselves. When they get older they can do the exact same things that their parents showed them. Keira Nesbitt Grade 3, Celestine Elementary

Wanted: Football Dear Editor, I think we should have football at Northeast Dubois. Football would be really fun and entertaining for kids. You could get a lot of exercise. It is really entertaining. Football is one of the most popular sports. Football is really fun. Football is way funner than playing video games all day. Football is a good way to learn to be part of a team. It helps build good character. It is good to work together as a team, and it is better than working by yourself. When you play football or any sport you get to make a lot of friends. Football is especially important for exercise because it helps keep you healthy. When you play football you get a lot of exercise. Football is especially important for exercise because it helps keep you healthy. When you play football you get a lot of exercise. Football is really good for your heart and lungs. We should have football at Northeast Dubois. Football is really good for your body. We could learn to work as a team. Ty Betz Grade 3, Celestine Elementary

Don’t litter Dear Editor, Littering is bad it can cause a car accident. It’s illegal. You could go to jail if you litter. You should stop littering it kills animals. It can kill a fish if they eat the litter. A bird could get in a wrapper. A cat could get stuck in bottle. Littering harms the earth. It makes pollution. It hurts people’s lungs. It makes people cough. It makes people sick. Don’t litter, because it kills plants. It makes air pollution. It causes bacteria. It spoils water. Littering is bad for the marine life. Litter could make fish extinct. Litter is dangerous. It carries a virus. Kelby Sander Grade 3, Celestine Elementary

Cancer support Dear Editor, I think people should support cancer because in the future it will help. People with cancer will appreciate what you do. They don’t care what it is. It’s so easy to help and care for people with cancer. You can help people do things they can’t do. You can clean for them, and cook for them. You can drive them places such as the market or supply store. You can do anything when it comes to help. Another way you can help support is by finding research. You can find research on the internet that other hospitals do to cure and report them to your town hospital. Also, you can donate to patients. It will help them buy gas. It can also help them pay for treatments such as Chemo, and Hospice. That is why I think people should donate for cancer. It will help. Chase Wildman Grade 3, Celestine Elementary

School necessary Dear Editor, Northeast Dubois is tight on money and we can’t afford may thing, and I worry that our school will shut down because the state is mean, they don’t give us money! It’s not just the elementary school. It’s the entire school corporation. If the school shuts down, then people will leave and the town would be abandoned. I’m not saying we need a bigger school because kids get more attention in a small school. That is what I think. Gavin Wagner Grade 4, Celestine Elementary

Mowing technique Dear Editor, Every day in the summer there is grass on the road because people mow toward the road. I think people could help by simply turning around and mowing the opposite way. I mean, how hard is it to turn around? People also turn around on the road with their lawn mower. For instance what if someone was coming down the road in their brand new car and they come over a hill and plow right over you that would not be good plus they could kill you. So you get what i’m saying don’t mow on the road! Andrew Bieker Grade 4, Celestine Elementary

Read like Lincoln Dear Editor, I think that people should read more. If you read more, you could become almost anything your want. Kids should read more too because books can teach you how to do all kinds of stuff. They can also teach you facts about something that you didn’t know. Abraham Lincoln is just one example of why you should read more and plus he became the 16th President of the United States! So, the next time you’re bored or have nothing to do, just grab a book and start reading. Caleb Lampert Grade 4, Celestine Elementary

Wild animals Dear Editor, This one thing, you do not want to be in the way of an angry raccoon. Here are a few reasons why you don’t mess with wild animals. Do not feed wild animals! If you keep feeding the wild animals, and then, you stop, Poof ! They’re hunting instinct is gone. Then, they may starve to death. Don’t keep wild animals as pets. This is because they carry diseases such as rabies. Besides, one day they will not be cute and fluffy any more. They will just get bigger and more aggressive. Landon Beck Grade 4, Celestine Elementary

Cursive handwriting Dear Editor, I think more kids should learn cursive handwriting in school. This can benefit children in many ways. If you don’t learn cursive handwriting, you could not read the Declaration of Independence and you could not ready your great grandma’s cake recipes because way back when they only did cursive handwriting. Another reason you should write cursive is to sign your signature. A signature is cursive Not Print. The last reason you should learn cursive is if you have disabilities, it will help you. Those are a few of the ways cursive handwriting can benefit your children. We need it put back in our school teachings. Bella Beckman Grade 4, Celestine Elementary

Learn Latin Dear Editor, I believe that everyone should learn Latin. I’m sure you may have heard that Latin boosts your grammar, spelling, and english. My teacher says that people should learn Latin to boost our english. Kids who have had phonics and Latin do the best at Spelling Bees and have great vocabulary. That is way I think people should learn Latin. Nigel Tretter Grade 4, Celestine Elementary

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Mexico is fun Dear Editor, I want to go to Mexico! I want to go to Mexico because my Gandma went there. My Gandma said it is fun. Ella Mehling Grade 1, Dubois Elementary

Good at basketball Dear Editor, I am doing good in basketball. I’m making a lot of points. Garrett Goller Grade 1, Dubois Elementary

Strong dad Dear Editor, My dad is strong. He can lift Cassi and he lifts weights. He lifts huge weight. Landon Mueth Grade 1, Dubois Elementary

Happy sister Dear Editor, My sister has been happy for two weeks because I have not been mean to her. She was really hungry last night because she wants to be strong. She Loves me. Holly Wyland Grade 1, Dubois Elementary

School is great Dear Editor, School is awesome. It is great. I like school because I Love learning. My favorite thing in school is math. Allison Hobbs Grade 1, Dubois Elementary


ATV safety

Family tradition

What is STEM?

Dear Editor, Safety on ATVs. I think it is good to wear a helmet. And you kneed to ware dnee pads and googles on your helmet and make sure you wore your set belt. They mite flip. Lane Leukam Grade 2, Dubois Elementary

Dear Editor, My name is Andy and I like to play basketball. My dad started basketball like in sixth grade. My mom started basketball like in sixth grade too. Now you will not believe this but my sister started in like the sixth grade too. But not me, I stated basketball in third grade. My first year was bad, but I got a basketball goal for Christmas and I found out that with my glasses, I shot badly but with out my glasses I can shoot five goals in a row! Andy Merkley Grade 3, Dubois Elementary

Dear Editor, My topic is STEM. If you don’t know what it is then I’ll tell you. Every Friday at school we do STEM. STEM stand for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Sometimes we don’t do technology, but most of the time we do. Sometimes we go in groups and other times we go with partners. Sometimes we go by ourselves. One time we had to make a race car out of glue and pasta. If you don’t get your homework done and turned in by Friday then you don’t get to do STEM. You should try STEM. All you need is an idea and the materials. Madelyn Schepers Grade 4, Dubois Elementary

My friends Dear Editor, My friends are nice. My friends are so cool. My friends can play with me. My friends can help me. My friends can help others. My friends can help the teachers. Austin Kempf Grade 2, Dubois Elementary

Why rob? Dear Editor, Why do people rob? Do they not no that a cop could find out? They could go to jail for a long time. If they got out of jail and rob again they could spend most of there life in jail. Do you think they will miss their home? Grace Dooley Grade 2, Dubois Elementary

‘Pick an egg’ Dear Editor, I love playing “pick an egg.” In school we play “pick and egg.” It is very fun! We pick and egg out of a container that says things like, pizza party, extra recess, recess is fun but “pick an egg” is better! I love playing with my friends! Madison Buttery Grade 2, Dubois Elementary

5,000 minutes

Dear Editor, I like the Justice league because it has Batman. I like batman because he has super awesome moves. Jackson Lockard Grade 1, Dubois Elementary

Dear Editor, Did you know that if we read 5,000 minutes we get to go to Barns n Noble with our librarian Mrs. Freyberger? So far I have 1,157 minutes. We can time our selves on our I-Pads. The readding program ends May or April. Katlyn Johns Grade 2, Dubois Elementary

Favorite color

Dangerous phones

Dear Editor, My favorite color is purple. My sister’s favorite color is purple too. My mom’s favorite color is purple, too. Marley Fischer Grade 1, Dubois Elementary

Dear Editor, Why do we have phones? Can’t they be dangerus? I bet a lot of crashes happen becouse driving wall testing! Have you ever wished phones wern’t invented? I think phones shulden’t be invented. Do you agree with me? Thank you, if you did. I know phones are sometimes helpful, but they can be dangerus. Done drive while you text! Zoey Carr Grade 2, Dubois Elementary

Justice League

Race horse Dear Editor, I have a horse. It is a girl. She is a race horse. She did a big jump. It was cool! She jumped my fence. Alexa Sander Grade 1, Dubois Elementary

Red, blue, yellow Dear Editor, I like the color red. It is the color of by red tractors. It like the color blue. It’s because it is the color of my legos. I like the color yellow because it is the color of emojis. Kogen Kalb Grade 1, Dubois Elementary

Favorite things Dear Editor, My favorite color in purple because it’s a pretty color. May favorite place in Big Splash because it has a lot of things that you can pay with there. My favorite ice cream is Oreos because it tastes good. Greenly Wininger Grade 1, Dubois Elementary

Thank you Dear Editor, Thank you for editing our newspapers. Have you edit my paper before? I have been on the newspaper before. Who am I? You might ask. I’m William L. Klawitter. The L. stands for Lorenzo. I have a grandpa who does the crossword puzzle. HJe also read the carttoons. William Klawitter Grade 2, Dubois Elementary

My animals Dear Editor, I have two guinea pigs. I have to water them and feed them. There names are Pepper and Zoom. I also have two dogs and there names are Blaze and Lane. I love my animals. Jace Brinkman Grade 3, Dubois Elementary

Active ferret Dear Editor, I have a ferret. I sleep with it every night. I feed it once a day. It doesn’t like its water. It is constantly moving a lot. It has a big cage. It is noisy, but I love it. It is fun to pet when I am sad. It try’s to get my gum a lot. I like playing with it a lot. Some times it’s eyes are red and I don’t know why. JJ Harder Grade 3, Dubois Elementary

Girls On The Run Dear Editor, Hi! I like to run. I go to a program called Girls On The Run. It is fun because I get a snack every time. I go there and get a drink. The last time I went there my goal was to run around the track 7 times, but I got 8! We play a lot of fun games there. We exercise there. I am in the 3rd grade, and my teacher is Mrs. Gogel. Laura Goller Grade 3, Dubois Elementary

Bald eagle Dear Editor, I think we should start to save the bald eagle. I wish people would stop shooting the bald eagle. I say no more shooting bald eagle. Let’s save the bald eagle . CJ Everman Grade 3, Dubois Elementary

Playing sports Dear Editor, I am going to write about sports that I’ve played through the years. I’ve played football 2 years and softball 1 year and soccer 1 year. What I’ve learned is dribbling, pushing, tackling, defense, offense and to toss and throw and to shoot or score. AND that’s all FOLKS! Viggo Brown Grade 3, Dubois Elementary

Nice teachers Dear Editor, I like school. Most of the time it is fun. All the teachers are nice to me and my friends. I like lunch and recess equipment. I like how the teachers have like little parties for us. Math and ELA are fun. I like to read and read all day long. I don’t like testing, but I have to do them. That’s why I like and dislike school. Autumn Payne Grade 3, Dubois Elementary

Fun homework Dear Editor, I think that homework is fun because you get to read and you get to learn. It can be hard sometimes, but you can figure it out. Willie Seybold Grade 3, Dubois Elementary

Funny brother Dear Editor, My brother is really funny and silly. My mom helps me with all my problems. My dad is the math man. My uncle Mark is good at basketball. My uncle Jr. is fun to play with. My two other uncles are brothers. My grandma and papaw live on a farm. My other one lives in a trailer. I have tons of cousins and they are all fun. Jenna Vogel Grade 3, Dubois Elementary

Mom, dad Dear Editor, My mom makes my bed when I go to school and gives me a kiss on my cheek. My dad helps me on my homework and he grills out with me. In my family I don’t have a brother, but I have a sister, dad, mom and me. We love each other. We look up to each other. Nevaeh Rasche Grade 3, Dubois Elementary

Hunting not easy Dear Editor, I like hunting because it is fun. Hunting is not as easy as people think. First you need to know where the animal comes out to eat. Then you need a stand you also need to know how many people are going with you. next you need to know if it is gun season bow season or muzzleloader season. You need to know what the limit of the animal. You need to know what kind of animals are illegal to hunt. You need to know what caliber gun you have so you get the right bullets. Devon Roach Grade 4, Dubois Elementary

Field trips Dear Editor, School all over Dubois County should have at least one field trip a year. For one it would make students a lot happier, second they would be more likely to try to get good grades so that they can participate in the trip. School staff want these things don’t they? I also think that the whole school should get to vote. This way it’s fair. People like thing to be fair by what I know. One field trip a year + school get to vote on the place = happy staff and students. Averlea Gehl Grade 4, Dubois Elementary

New cultures Dear Editor, I think every year families should try a new cultures, because you get to try new food and where different clothes and find out cool stuff about their culture. Every year you change the cultures and once your family has done all the cultures you can start again. Because there might be a new kids or baby so you can do it over and over. That is what I think! It will be fun. I bet your children will love this new holiday. And if this was a holiday it would be on June 27 because I’d you wanted to do it outside you could instead of doing in in fall or winter or spring it won’t be too cold and not too hot or windy! Aubrey Brown Grade 4, Dubois Elementary

Eat spaghetti Dear Editor, I like spaghetti because it tastes GOOD and because it has noodles. It is fun to make and eat. It is very messy. Lots of restaurants serve spaghetti. In the next paragraph I will tell you how to make it. It is easy to make. All you need are some noodles, Spaghetti sauce, Boiling water, And small chunks of meat. First, foil the water. Second, put the noodles in the water. Third, put the meat in a pan. Fourth, put the sauce int he same pan. Fifth, cook the sauce and meat. Sixth, serve. It is very easy to make. Paxton Mehringer Grade 4, Dubois Elementary

4-H, learning Dear Editor, I’m in 4-H and we learn about animals like cows, rabbits, goats, and many more. We also learn about robotics one robot is called Edison. It can fight with another Edison, but you have to have a paper that has the track that the Edisons can battle on. We also learn about arts and crafts. There are posters, metalcraft, basket weaving, and so many more. There is also baking and foods. You can make cake, cupcakes, cookies, and more. You also say the 4-H pledge and the pledge of allegiance. The leaders have speakers like DNR with the birds, and a Conservation Officer come to some of the meetings to teach about safety skills and other things. The leaders and other member bring stuff that we can learn about use and use to teach us about the projeects. We also have a snack and drink at the end of the meetings. At the 4-H fair there is at least 6 sheds that have animals or projects. I like to do metalcraft, and baking. Akayla Eichmiller Grade 4, Dubois Elementary

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Dodgeball Dear Editor, I think that dodgeball should be a sport. Kids all over the world love it! Whenever we get to play dodgeball it is a special treat. All the kids in our school love dodgeball. The whole 5th grade even beat about ten 6th graders! So I think that dodgball should be a sport because everyone loves it, it’s good exercise, and it is another sport that kids can be involved in. To start with, I think that dodgeball should be a sport because everyone loves it. In gym when the coach says that we are going to play dodgeball everyone goes insane! I mean don’t we all? Like they all want to be on certain teams with their friends, and they jump up and down, scream, and run around. Next, it’s good exercise. Cause we all need exercise, don’t we? It would make us all more fit, and we would have fun while doing exercise! It would make the world a healthier place. Also it would make people stronger, we all want to be strong right? Cause if you want to be a fighter you could play dodgeball. Finally, more kids could be involved in a sport if dodgeball becomes a sport. Many times a kid will be cut from a sport because their not good enough. If dodgeball became a sport more kids will have an opportunity to be on a team! And that is why I think that dodgeball should be a sport. It is fun, healthy, and a new sport. People would have more fun, and the world would be a more fun place to live. Also the world would be even more healthy! Alex Dooley Grade 5, Dubois Middle School

Horse riding Dear Editor, There are many things that you can do with horses. Some people think that you just put them out in a pasture. There are many types of riding too. Trick training, 4-H, and trail riding are really fun things to do with horses. Trick training is sometimes hard to do because if you have a horse that does not want to cooperate it will take longer to train. I am training my friend Sandi Bair’s miniature pony to sit down on a bale of hay. His name is Snap. His coat color is a grulla color. 4-H is a really fun experience. You can do a lot more than just horses. You can do cows, sheep, pigs, goats, chickens, ducks, bunnies, turkeys, cake decoraitng, shooting sports, and etc. I do horses at 4-H because when I grow up I want to be an equine dentist. Trail riding is really fun to od. You can tke your horse on a trail ride to spoo proof it so it will not be scared of anything. You can also take them on a trial ride ot get outside and exercise. I go to Tucker Lake to trail ride. It is reptty close to French Lick too. So as you can see horses are cool to have. You can also do a lot with them. I have seven horses right now. Their names are Angel, Rosie, Princess, Star, Gypsy, Shota, and Johnny Cash or Johnny for short. Paige Troxal Grade 5, Dubois Middle School

Chained dog Dear Editor, Have you ever seen a dog chained to a post on the side of the road with out food? This is called dog abuse. And this needs to stop! Three ways to stop dog abuse are donating, helping, and adopting. The first aspect is donating. You can donate money to a shelter. They can buy a lot of supplies with the money you donate. Buying food for the dogs is another way of donating. Just by donating a little amount of money that can help a lot. Pursuing this forward, helping is a good action. You can help by walking the dogs. You can make collars and dog beds out of old fabric. If a serious storm goes by you could help fix broken things around the shelter. If you find a dog on the road take it too a shelter and your house, that’s also helping. Yet another reason to stop dog abuse is adopting. Adopting a dog can help it get more comfortable with humans, and he will be more energetic. When you adopt a dog it makes more room for other dogs in trouble. Adopting is a big part to stop dog abuse. If you don’t want your dog any more take it to


a shelter and don’t leave it stranded. To sum it all up, donating, helping, and adopting are excellent ways to stop abuse abuse. Dog abuse will end! The dogs need our help to put an end to their abuse. Landon Reuber Grade 5, Dubois Middle School

Bigger lockers Dear Editor, I believe we should have bigger lockers. I think we should have bigger lockers because you can’t really fit your backpacks, binders, and gym bags in the lockers. To begin with, I think we should have bigger lockers because you can’t fit your backpacks in the lockers and sometimes you can’t get your backpacks out of your locker. For example if you have a lot of books in your backpack from different classes that you had to take home you probably won’t be able to put your backpack in your locker until you take the all the books out. That’s going to take a while which may make you miss a class. You wouldn’t want that happening would you? Sometimes if you have a bag in your backpack and it is for a party later you can get your backpack into the locker but after school you go to your locker and can’t get your backpack and the intercom is about to say “All students are dismissed.” You hear that and panic, you try to get your backpack out and you finally get it and you land safely on your bus. Anothe r reason is that you sometimes can’t fit binders and books in the lockers because the lockers are too small. This is only if you have a lot of papers and notebooks in your binder. Also, if you have lots of tiny books in your binder it may be hard to fit the binder in your locker. Especially, if you have a lot of binders. Lastly, if you have gym as your rotation you sometimes can’t fit your gym bag in your locker because the locker is too small. In your gym bag you have to have a T-shirt and shorts and that could make your gym bag really big and fat. That means you may not be able to fit it in your locker. It will make your backpack bigger if you put your gym bag in your backpack. Then you can’t get your backpack out of your locker to get your gym bag. Cheyenne Mroz Grade 5, Dubois Middle School

Dwarf planet Dear Editor, Ten years ago, scientists came together in one room. In 2006, they all decided that Pluto should not be a planet. Instead, it is a dwarf planet. Pluto is very small, it has a strange orbit, and it has not cleared its neighborhood. I think Pluto should stay a dwarf planet for these reasons. Pluto is tiny. It only has a 737.6 mi radius. Pluto’s density is 1.88 g/cm, and its gravity is only .62 m/s. Mercury, the smallest planet, has a 1,516 mi. radius, its density is 5.43 g/cm, and its gravity is 3.7 m/s. Mercury’s diameter is 4,879.4 km across and Pluto’s is 2,360 km across. If Mercury is our smallest plant, imagine how small Pluto is. Pluto has a very strange orbit. The orbit could cause a collision between the planets. The collision would happen because pluto’s orbit is intersecting with Neptune’s orbit. Pluto’s orbit is at a serious tilt, the orbit is 17 degrees higher than Neptune’s. Yet another reason Pluto shouldn’t be a planet is that it has not cleared its neighborhood; consequently, things could crash into Pluto and destroy it. “Cleared its neighborhood” means the planet has to be the dominant gravitational body in their orbit around the sun. Some people might say that Pluto is big enough to be planet. Here’s the weakness, Pluto’s diameter is just 16 miles bigger than the distance from Dubois, Indiana to Bucoda, Washington. Pluto is not even bigger than our country. In conclusion, Pluto should not be a planet because it has not cleared its neighborhood. It’s very small, and it has a strange orbit. Pluto was a cherished planet that made everyone excited but Pluto isn’t a planet anymore. I don’t think it should be a plant. What do you think? Mattingly Hale Grade 6, Dubois Middle School

Big planet Dear Editor, Have you ever seen Jupiter in pictures, man that’s a big planet? Have you ever won-

dered could it be it’s own solar system? It could be because Jupiter is the size of a star. But all the haters are like well it’s just a big ball but the sun is a big ball of gas also. The sun’s gas is just a lot warmer. Jupiter should be it’s own solar system because it has 64 moons, gases, and it’s the largest planet. One reason Jupiter should be it’s own solar system is because of it’s 64 moons. It’s biggest moon that was discovered in 2010 is named Ganymede and it’s known to be the biggest moon in the solar system. Even bigger than the old biggest moon Titan. Four of the moons are bigger than Mercury so there could be four planrts right there. They also have the most moons in the solar system and others are pretty big also. Some moons are so small that they can’t take a picture of them, so they could be the moons for the bigger moons. It would be pretty cool to say Jupiter has moons for its moons. As you can see, Jupiter should be it’s own solar system because of it’s moons. It should also be it’s own solar system because of its gases. We all know that the sun is made of gas well, so is Jupiter. So you could say it is a star. And being almost the size of the sun could make it a star. The gas also gives Jupiter it’s beautiful color, it almost looks like it has stripes. The gases make clouds and the clouds make storms. 90 percent of Jupiter gases are hydrogen and 10 percent is helium. Saying Jupiter should be it’s own solar system because of its gases is a good idea. Ty Kalb Grade 6, Dubois Middle School

Failed star Dear Editor, There are many planets out there. Like Mercery, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, etc. There are plenty of cool things about them also. Like Venus is hotter than Mercery, Earth has all known life, Uranus and Neptune are twins, etc. My personal favorite is Jupiter, because Jupiter has a lot of cool things that I like. Jupiter is more of a failed star and less of a planet. Jupiter is a Brown Dwarf because of how big and massive it is. It has at least 62 moons orbiting it. Which that is more than the amount of planets that orbit the sun. Jupiter also is not rock it is gas but not burning gas because it is a failed star. Did you know that Jupiter’s core is made out of solid diamond. Jupiter’s core is as big as earth and is made out of solid diamond. If someone had Jupiter’s core they would have enough money to last 1,000’s of years. Jupiter’s core is pretty expensive. Everyone knows about The Great Red Spot on Jupiter. They know all about that storm. Did you know that The Great Red Spot has gotten smaller by 15% between 1996 and 2006. Also The Great Red Spot is not the only storm on Jupiter there are more but they’re not like The Great Red Spot they’re born and they die they don’t last 1,000’s of years. The Great Red Spot is pretty famous. I agree that Uranus is cool for being on its side and for being twins with Neptune. But the thing is that it’s not the biggest planet in the Milky Way. It doesn’t have 62 moons, it doesn’t have a big storm (The Big Red Spot). Now you know why I picked Jupiter as my favorite planet. That is not all the facts about Jupiter, there is more to discover about that planet. Jacob Harder Grade 6, Dubois Middle School

Speed cameras Dear Editor, I am writing to you about speed limit cameras. I am writing about speed limit cameras because some people think it is a good idea and some people don’t. I think it is a bad idea because different people may think that it’s weird when they get a speeding ticket from a different town because they were speeding. They also may not remember when it happened because they didn’t even get pulled over. I know in Chicago they have speed limit cameras because my grandparents from Illinois got one when they went to Chicago. What speed limit cameras do is they run your license plate number in the system and find out where you live. Personally I think it’s weird because someone might be able to hack into the system and find out all of your information. That is why I think speed limit cameras are not a good idea. Katie Carr Grade 7, Dubois Middle School

Litter along roads Dear Editor, I am very displeased with the amount of litter along the roads. I have been noticing that the amount of pollution along the roads is increasing at an alarming rate. This is terrible for the land and it is bad for the animals, because they could accidentally eat something and suffocate. Littering also is disrespectful to the people who own the land people. Blake Reckelhoff Grade 7, Dubois Middle School

Siren testing Dear Editor, I agree with postponing the monthly siren testing because of the severe weather. If we test the sirens during the weather then people might get confused and think a tornado is on the way. They will panic and gather their children hustling them to a safe place only to find out that the sirens were a test. They will not trust the sirens anymore and next time they hear a siren they will not pay attention to it and it might be a time where a tornado is actually on the way. This position is logical and I agree fully with it. Alyssa Breitwieser Grade 7, Dubois Middle School

Farm machinery Dear Editor, I am writing to register to the people around the Dubois County area. I am worried about how people pass tractors and combines on the road. I want the citizens to know how dangerous it is to pass the equipment on the roads. Some tractors are too wide for people to pass around it. This could result into a wreck, and I know better than people trying to tell me that they don’t care having a wreck and getting possible injuries. You also have to remember that these are the people that are growing your food, and keeping you alive. So please listen to me, stay safe, and do not pass the farm equipment. Evan Eichmiller Grade 7, Dubois Middle School

Diplomas benefit Dear Editor, I believe that everyone needs to stay in school. A high school diploma can get you a lot more jobs than not having a high school diploma. There are many more benefits of having a high school diploma besides having more and better jobs. A high school diploma will provide you with more jobs, a better income and better overall living. Another benefit of having your high school diploma is it will allow you to go on to college. Most colleges will not accept you if you don’t have a high school diploma. So, if college is in the plans for you, you are going to have to make sure you get your diploma from high school. High school graduates earn $143 more per week than high school dropouts. College graduates earn $336 more per week than high school graduates ($479 more per week than high school dropouts). The average dropout can expect to earn an annual income of $20,241, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That’s a full $10,386 less than the typical high school graduate, and $36,424 less than someone with a bachelor’s degree. Jake Tower Grade 8, Dubois Middle School

Gluten free Dear Editor, Have you ever wondered what it felt like to be denied all the foods that you love? Well that is what happened to me. Back in August I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, the allergy to gluten such as wheat, barley, and rye. That means no bread, no cake, no pizza, no pretzels, etc. Due to this, I believe that schools should offer more gluten free items for people. Everyday I have to worry about whether a food has been contaminated with gluten. If I eat even a crumb of gluten it can leave my small intestine damaged for up to 6 months. I will admit, it does get easier as the days go by, but if the schools would give us the chance to feel normal while we are young and still with our friends we could get used to it even better. Madison Mickler Grade 8, Dubois Middle School















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