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We are a creative branding agency with a proven track record of great results stretching over 20 years. Working out of an old dairy, in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside, our brains are free to roam! Experienced, talented, committed and, above all, honest.

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We have successfully helped a wide range of companies enhance their brand value, creating and delivering everything from complete company re-launches to integrated advertising campaigns. Whatever your objectives, we’ll work closely with you to make sure you achieve them.

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We use a holistic approach that delivers well considered solutions within the broader context of your strategy, your brand, your processes and your market. That’s why we cover branding, design and advertising, because whatever you do in one area affects the others.

Note: Items shown are only a selective representation of all the items and media actually contained within each campaign or project.

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don’t shout louder, think harder! How people view your brand makes the difference between success and failure. Spending money may get you noticed. But getting people to like you takes real skill!


“What I really liked about these guys is that they very quickly and easily grasped the big picture and the whole point, when in fact we were struggling with it.” RICHARD GHIOSSI VIP OF MARKETING WHITELIGHT SYSTEMS

Client: WhiteLight Systems U.S. Work: Branding review, global advertising campaigns, sales literature and websites.

Client: BOSS Work: UK advertising campaigns aimed at 15-18 year old males.

Client: Haringey Borough Council Work: Advertising campaigns promoting sport facilities.

“We have worked with DC for over a decade because of one thing – nobody gives us more. London agencies just do not compare.” JOHN GREENHALGH CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER WINCANTON

Client: Wincanton Work: Rebrand, applications, advertising campaigns, literature and websites.

Client: Roland Work: Brand review, applications and advertising campaigns.

Client: UVEX Germany Work: Product naming, branding, global advertising campaign and sales material.

Client: University of Southampton Work: Anniversary outdoor campaign with all supporting material.

Client: Pernod Ricard Travel Retail Europe Work: Promotional brand sales brochures and support material.

Could you make it happen? University of Southampton researchers are charting emotions through colour-coded pins mapped on the face. The world needs a better understanding of human emotions.

Your life at the cutting edge.


Client: University of Southampton Work: Undergraduate recruitment campaign with all supporting material.

Client: HM Government Work: National advertising campaign kit against housing fraud. Kit material supplied  through special web portal.

Client: Department for Transport (Think!) Work: National advertising campaign to encourage kids to wear cycling helmets. Included website and all supporting material.

Client: Office Team Europe Work: Direct mail for office supplies solution aimed at financial sector.

Client: Department for Transport Work: 30 MPH speed limit campaign with all supporting material.

Client: Skills for Health Work: Brand review, applications, advertising campaigns and supporting material.

Client: LLUK Work: Programme naming, branding, advertising campaign and supporting material.





Postgraduate opportunities – Current and former students, enquire about our 10% fee reduction

Postgraduate opportunities – Current and former students, enquire about our 10% fee reduction

Client: Plymouth University Work: Postgraduate recruitment campaign with all supporting material.

Client: Current Drugs Work: Direct mail campaign delivered monthly by post and online.

Client: ??????????? Martell Cognac Work: ?????????????????????? Brochures, merchandising units, tasting cards, promotional competitions, general sales literature.


THE BUSINESS SCHOOL WITH PLYMOUTH UNIVERSITY In partnership with Bond Pearce, Plymouth Business School presents:

HoW iS BiodiverSity generAted And mAintAined? WHy SHould We conServe BiodiverSity? WHAt SHould our conServAtion prioritieS Be? HoW cAn We mAnAge And reStore SpecieS And ecoSyStemS?

THE EQUALITY ACT 2010 SEMINAR Raising awareness of the new Equality Act 2010 and its relevance to the workplace. Special Guest Speaker, Eleanor Williams Head of Legal, Equality and Human Rights Commission Wales. Wednesday 19th October 2011 17:00-19:00 The Sherwell Centre Plymouth University

To book your place visit: If you have any difficulty booking online please email:

BSc (Hons) conservation Biology

If you have any special requirements e.g dietary / mobility / require hearing loop, please email:

For more information visit:

Client: Plymouth University Work: Various promotional and informational material for both online and print.

This programme provides students with the scientific tools to address these complex issues, developing the knowledge and skills that are required to understand and conserve plant and animal biodiversity both in the UK and overseas. Highlights include residential field courses to southern Spain and the Yucatan peninsula in SE Mexico. Students are encouraged to take a placement year working within a conservation-related organisation as part of their degree.

Client: University of Southampton Work: Fundraising campaign support material.

Low Carbon Vehicle Technology Project Aerodynamic Performance Lead Partner

The energy losses produced by aerodynamic drag are widely recognised as an area where improvement will lead

Coventry University

to efficiency gains in vehicles at potentially modest cost. As such, it is an essential component of the overall drive towards the adoption of low carbon technology within the automotive industry. The project took an integrated

Supporting Expertise Jaguar Land Rover, MIRA, Ricardo, Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC)

approach to this problem, adapting automotive design processes and technologies to the design, manufacture and test of innovative vehicle body forms and devices. Achievements include:

Business Impact – New Products and Processes Open source Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software was used for aerodynamic investigations, and many simulations were carried out, providing directions and correlation data for wind tunnel testing. MIRA has further developed its capability in Large Volume Airflow

• Comprehensive technology benchmarking study

Visualization (LVAV) techniques. The advantages of LVAV over current techniques such as Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), is that it covers a large

• Conceptual designs for body devices to reduce vehicle drag

three-dimensional volume rather than a slice of the flow, whilst still offering

• Computer simulation model validated through wind-tunnel testing of concept vehicles fitted with aerodynamic features and devices • Use of model scale and full scale tunnels for the development of aerodynamic concepts and to carry out correlation • Validated results of fixed ground wind tunnel testing by testing at a moving ground facility

accurate, transient, 3D position and velocity data capture. Rapid postprocessing of the data provides engineers with a detailed insight into the flow structure; something which usually takes much longer when using traditional CFD methods. Base pressures were a key area of research and development, and several concepts were tested, leading to significant reductions in drag. Drag reduction from wheel, and wheel arch modifications, was also investigated at model and full scale levels, as well as in fixed and moving ground tests.

Ricardo has performed a sensitivity analysis of aerodynamic drag over various drive cycles. This analysis has helped the investigation and evaluation of a range of state of the art passive and active devices and concepts used to improve aerodynamic performance. Ricardo used the vehicle fuel consumption and electric range model (called ‘VSIM’ and developed in Matlab Simulink) used in other areas of the project to quantify the electric energy consumption, regenerative braking and electric vehicle range over real world and legislative drive cycles (Artemis and NEDC). The results are being considered by Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC) for incorporation into new vehicle wheel and wheel bay designs. For Coventry University, the knowledge and experience gained through this workstream, in addition to its existing design, simulation and prototyping assets, has provided a step change in its engineering capabilities and expertise. It can now offer a comprehensive aerodynamics service from design critique to a managed test programme.



Vehicle Integration and Validator Platforms Lead Partner Ricardo Supporting Expertise Jaguar Land Rover

There are a number of major challenges in designing, testing and manufacturing high volume passenger vehicles incorporating emerging technologies. Three vehicle teams, with expertise from all partners, undertook the challenge, both virtually and physically, to prove out the technologies and processes developed across the project. Achievements include: • A set of vehicle, system and technology targets for a large saloon concept vehicle • A set of vehicle, system and technology targets for a sports utility concept vehicle • A set of vehicle, system and technology targets for a small size but high occupancy hybrid electric concept vehicle • A suite of new design, information sharing and target setting processes that integrate the complexities of hybrid vehicle development • Three virtual validation platforms • A physical sports-utility validation vehicle in two variants; all-electric propulsion and hybrid-electric propulsion • A safety integration strategy incorporating a whole vehicle FMEA • A new systems engineering methodology

• A set of new vehicle architecture concepts • A real world pure electric vehicle drive cycle has been developed from logged Vista EV data


Client: University of Warwick Work: Project report.

Business Impact – New Products and Processes For Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC) the objective of this work package was to develop a novel concept based on a vehicle to match the optimum segment identified for an EV and a Range Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV) that has, amongst its objectives, leadership in both aerodynamic performance and occupant package. This concept was the source of targets to the technology workstreams to investigate the maturity of the required technologies and their ability to meet the requirements. Concept development and validation were undertaken primarily in a virtual environment.

goal to create a REEV architecture incorporating an advanced auxiliary power unit (a gasoline engine integrated with a generator) developed within the project has been achieved. The inherent flexibility in the mechanical and electrical architecture will provide the basis for ongoing research and development such as enhanced control strategies for HVAC and other systems to further optimise comfort and energy efficiency. Following completion of its work within the project, Ricardo will continue to evolve the electric vehicle technology demonstration platform through further technological stages to realise the breadth and depth of research and development that Ricardo is investing in within this field.

Vehicle usage data from Vista EVs participating in the CABLED (Coventry And Birmingham Low Emission Demonstration) Programme was analysed to develop a real world electric vehicle drive cycle used to support vehicle performance target setting. This learning is being implemented on future low carbon vehicle and technology programmes within TMETC. Ricardo has built and developed two variants of a technology demonstration platform, developed through three key stages of work within the project. Initially, the technology demonstration platform provided technical and physical targets which have been adopted by some of the project activities to provide a focal point for technology development. As a result, the ultimate


Client: Office Club Work: Member support literature.

Client: Thames Gateway Work: Launch exhibition with VIP lounge and bar.

Client: The Logic Group Work: Bespoke exhibition stand with bar and competitions for extra lead generation.

Client: The Glenlivet Work: Retail space promotional branding (Heathrow T4).

Client: Pernod Ricard Travel Retail Work: TFWA World Exhibition Cannes – Full exhibition stand (including: meeting rooms, tasting bar and a retail display area).

Client: Various Work: Website deign and build, including other online services

Client: The University of Southampton Work: Web and mobile apps.

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