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DC Garage Door and Services

DC Garage Door & Services, Inc. is a local, family owned garage door repair company focusing repair in Addison and Schaumburg. We perform commercial garage door and opener service and installation. We are fully insured and all work is warrantied and guaranteed by us.

Garage Door Repair in Addison and Schaumburg

DC Garage Service has been a leading garage repair service in Addison and Schaumburg. For the years we’ve been in business, we always do what is right and we never “over sell” any of our client on unnecessary parts or items. We just want to fix your garage issue so you can resume your daily activities.

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Deal directly with owner Reliable service with a guarantee All work warrantied Same day service Free quotes 24-hour emergency service provided Over the phone technical assistance Fully stocked service vehicles Fully insured No hidden charge

Residential Garage Door Services Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are something you never really think about, until they break. A garage door spring can break at any time.

Garage Door Cables

Garage door cables help with ensuring that your garage door runs smoothly. Garage door cables are what attach the spring assembly to the garage door.

About Us DC Garage Door & Services, Inc. DC Garage Door & Services, Inc. provides FREE, ON-SITE consultation and quote for new residential and commercial garage doors. When you call DC Garage Door & Services, Inc. We understand your time is valuable and you may be calling because your in need of immediate repair or assistance with your garage door or lift.

Fast and Reliable A majority of the work performed by DC is the result of garage door lift or spring malfunction which is why we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact Us DC Garage Door and Services, Inc. Address

114 Rohlwing Rd, Addison, IL


(630) 217 9839



Residential Garage Repair Schaumburg  

DC Garage Door & Services, Inc. is a local, family owned residential garage door company focusing repair in Addison and Schaumburg. We do bo...

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