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March 30 2010



4-5 - Fashion By: Melissa Apostolovski 6-7 - Make -Up By: Lauren Shiels 8-9 - Tattoos By: Brian Corman 10-11 - Cosmetic Surgery By: Amanda Darrock 12-13 - Exercising: Natural Modification By: Luke Molica






dcFlash: Art of Modification By:Melissa Apostolovski

“Steal Her Look” By:Melissa Apostolovski

Are you addicted to twilight ? It’s ok, just come out and say it. There are many others who are just like you. Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella Swan in the Twilight Franchise is a different side of the typical California girl. Her look is enviably effortless, very natural and laid back. Every teenage girl just wants the style of Kristen or Bella. She is a dark beauty with pale skin. Here are some easy steps to getting her style. Step One: Kristen’s look is very easy to achieve, as she dresses casual most of the time. Look for loose plain t-shirts, sweatshirt or a flannel shirt. Stores such as H&M, Garage and Forever 21sells basic clothing like these for around the $20 range if you’re on a budget.

Kristen Stewart

Step Five: Keep your hair loose and wavy. For color, an auburn shade or a light brown would be the best choice for anything close to Kristen’s.

Step Two: Next you want to look for a pair of skinny jeans. As seen in most of her pictures, Kristen is always wearing skinny jeans. You could find jeans at Urban Planet, Garage, Hollister and Abercrombie stores.


Step Four: Keep your make-up simple. Kristen has such beautiful skin and doesn’t wear a lot of makeup. Mascara and a bit of eyeliner will do.

Step Six: Don’t forget to wear Ray bans.

Step Three: For shoes, you want to go with Air Walk or Converse. Payless shoes sell the Air Walk brand, and Foot Locker sells Converse in low cut and high cut styles and many different colors.

Bella Swan By:Melissa Apostolovski Step One: First, it’s important that you read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Throughout the novel you will find tips about Bella’s style and the way that she carries herself. She is very clumsy but holds herself well. As you will learn from the series, her favorite shirt is her plain red t-shirt that she wears with jeans. Step Two: Dress simple. Dressing like Bella is simple, but cute. Trendy jeans and nice fitting t-shirts is the way to go. Bella lives in Forks, Washington where it’s gloomy and rainy so she wears a lot of boots, Converse shoes, jackets, and raingear. The key is to find outerwear that fits you and hugs your curves, not things that are huge and hide your nice figure. Step Three: Accessorize like Bella. Bella often accessorizes her plain tshirt and jeans with necklaces, rings, and bracelets in the movie. Accessories are the key to looking trendy and a great way to spruce up your everyday outfit. You can find more of Bella’s accessories from Twilight at a website called Step Four: Keep your hair down and wavy. Bella’s hair has a natural wave to it that you can easily achieve by blow drying and curling with a curling iron. You can also go to sleep with your hair up in a twisted bun, and when you awake the next morning you will have naturally wavy hair. Step Five: Keep your make-up simple. Use a little foundation to hide any blemishes and light blush on your cheeks. Use lip-gloss instead of lipstick on your lips to make them soft and pink. On your eyes, no need for eye shadow, just apply some mascara to make your eyelashes pop. Keep it simple. Bella doesn’t need a lot of make-up to look beautiful and neither do you!


What is Beauty? How make-up has changed into a form of body manipulation.

In this day and age there are many different forms of body manipulation; however there is one form that has been around for centuries. In the early stages of human life, makeup is the one form that has been used in many different ways and in many different cultures. Starting purely as a matter of status separation, make-up has now evolved into a multi-million dollar industry. In the times that the Egyptians inhabited the earth, cosmetics were used on both men and women to show status. The more make-up that was worn the higher the status that they possessed. The make-up that they wore was very elaborate, and sometimes covered the entire body. Manly they accentuated the eyes with the combination of black or green eyeliner that was used for around the eye, on the eye lid and on the eyelashes. The make-up was applied very heavily in an almond shape around the eye, which has become an everlasting image for the Egyptian culture. It is funny how something as simple as the application of heavy make-up has become a symbol for an entire culture. As time moved on, the ways of Egyptian cosmetics slowly faded out and the time of the Geisha was evolved. A Geisha is a Japanese woman who entertained men with skills like dance and music. Their faces were painted with a pure white paint that covered the entire face, the neck and parts of the back. Their lips were painted with a bold shade of red, and the eye lids were accentuated with a harsh black line that fanned out at the crease of the eye. Their hair was pulled into eccentric bows and decorated with chimes and other gold pieces as a form of extreme accessories. The make-up was very bad for the skin and the clothes that they were to wear were uncomfortable, to the extent that the women were covered in bruises and blisters by the end of the day. This was considered beauty for the Japanese culture. A woman was not judged by the character of her personality but by what was worn on their face and body.


Make - up Design By: Lauren Shiels

When did the image of beauty become so mangled, especially for woman? After the times of Egypt, men no longer needed harsh make-up to demonstrate the representation of status. As time moved forward men were automatically considered the dominant gender, and women needed to find a way to match their dominance. Along with many different sociological changes that came with the up rising of woman domination, make-up became a way to make a woman look powerful while also keeping the stereotype of looking soft and delicate. Make-up is defined as ‘substances that are used to enhance the appearance of the human body’. When did we get it in our mind set that we need such enhancement? People are now going to the extreme levels to give off the perception of beauty. The expression that beauty is only skin deep has taken over the minds of society. Beauty is not just skin deep, it lies in the personality and character of each individual person, man or women. Don’t take this the wrong way, this article is not on the opposing side of make-up, I am just stating that body manipulation has turned into an extreme way of enhancement. We have been implanted with the conception that we will grow old and with age we lose beauty. This is far from the truth. Age is simply a way of life that we all have to deal with. No amount of make-up or other type of body manipulation will change the fact


that our skin will wrinkle and our breast will sag, its basic gravity. We need to realize the truth of the matter is that we can not change the way our bodies form over time, it is a preset motion that we are unable to control, no matter how hard some of us try. The amount of money that some of us throw away on the journey to ultimate beauty is ridiculous. As most of us forget over time, it is our natural beauty that is priceless. The simple things that we carry on from generations of our past families is true beauty. No person is going to be the same as another, and we need to realize that we all have good and bad parts of our bodies. The fact of the matter is that we either learn to deal with them, or we get completely obsessed with fixing them that we end up throwing away money to achieve this type of beauty. As we grow we must learn to become more acceptable with what we are given. Instead of trying to constantly enhance the way that we look, we should find things that simply accentuate your natural beauty. There are better and longer lasting results for the people that accentuate their natural beauty than the ones that who so called “go under the knife.”

The Art of Tattooing By Brian Corman


his planet we live on is divided into two different catagories of people: the first are the ones who have tattoos and the other are the ones who are afraid of people with tattoos. “For someone who likes tattoos, the most precious thing is bare skin.” -Cher

From the book titled “Tattoo, Design Directory: The Essential Reference For Body Art” by Vince Hemingson it is said that Tribal tattoos are the most popular tattoo in the world today. Tribal tattoos once marked individuals, both male and female, as members of a greater community. Each symbol has great meaning with each home front culture. Rites of passage, marks of rank, religious devotions to love and sexual lures are just a few reasons why one might get a tattoo. “Tattoos are like marrige: It’s a life long commitment, it hurts like hell and the color fades over time.” -Quote Garden

“Love lasts forever, but a tattoo lasts six months longer.” -Anon Tattooing is widely practiced by many different cultures all around the world and to this day is still practiced. Merriam Websters’ dictionary gives this definition, of a tattoo: A tattoo is “an incredible mark or figure fixed upon the body by insertion of pigment under the skin.” So why get a tattoo? My opinion... “It’s the greatest way to promote self expression.” -Corman When thinking about getting a tattoo you need to consider position, shape, concealment and size. Not only this, but what you want tattooed, every picture or symbol, holds more meaning then one would think.


Taken while tattooing “Blood Money” on a friend in Old English font style

Your body is a temple, but how long can you live in the same house before you redecorate? -Author Unknown

Safety Advice:

Tattoo Aftercare:

1. Always ask to see your tattooist remove a new needle and ink tube setup from the sealed package immediately prior to getting your tattoo.

1. Wash your tattoo in cool to warm water with a mild antibacterial soap. Pat dry, do not rub the area.

2. Make sure your tattooist pours a new ink supply into a new, clean container. 3. Make sure the tattooist puts on a new clean pair of disposable gloves before setting up needles, tubes and ink supplies.

2. Take care of your tattoo. It may get rubbed by tight clothing, straps or tight waist bands. 3. Do not soak your tattoo in water, keep it out of chlorine. Many vacation tattoos end up with veritable problems due to the client swimming. 4. The skin is going to peel with any new tattoo you get if a tattoo scabs, do not pick it. 5. Keep it out of the sun. 6. If there is swelling or redness use ice. If there is any sign or indication of infection, seek medical assistance. Ink to paper is thoughtful. Ink to flesh, hard-core. If Shakespeare were a tattooist We’d appreciate body art more. -Carrie Latet

4. Satisfy yourself. Do you find the suroundings clean and in order? 5. Always ask questions. Inquire about their experience and qualifications in the tattoo field. 6. If the artist or studio doesn’t meet these standards or become evasive, you should’nt get a tattoo from this place. “I always look for a woman who has a tattoo. I see a woman with a tattoo, and I’m thinking, okay, here’s a gal who’s capable of making a decision she’ll regret in the future.” -Richard Jeni

Quirky is sexy, like scars or chipped teeth. I also like tattoos - they’re rebellious. -Jennifer Aniston

Japanese wrestler : with full body tattoos (c.1800s)


Cosmetic By Amanda Darrock

What is Cosmetic Surgery?? Why do people have Cosmetic Sur- These are not always the only reasons though. After speakgery? In a world full of pop culture Icons and celebrities covering the pages of every magazine, it’s no wonder that procedures such as cosmetic surgery are on the rise. With an entire generation becoming once again obsessed with “The look”, cosmetic surgeons have it made. Cosmetic Surgery is defined as an “elective” surgery used to enhance or restore ones appearance, which means that it is chosen by the patient and not a necessity. This type of procedure is much different from plastic surgery in that it is used for esthetic reasons. Where plastic surgery is used for medical reasons such as burn victims and car accident victims.


Now you may ask why would someone opt for this kind of procedure that can potentially take weeks to recover from? Well that question really depends on the person, and the type of procedure they are having. For someone who is having a breast reduction, it could be for the issue that they are having physical issues such as back problems or pain from oversize or just that the woman is not feeling physically comfortable with herself. Now it is not only women that opt to have this procedure. There are rising numbers of men who are having this form of surgery done. The males who opt for this require it to flatten the skin around the pectoral area. Another surgery that is considered medical as well as an elective procedure, is a gastric bypass. Many people undergo this procedure in order to base weight, Since this is an intense and often extremely painful surgery, many people only use it as a last resort.

ing with a local Durham Region cosmetic surgeon, he informed me that many of his clients have also suffered from different forms of abuse of accidents that they need cosmetic surgery to “regain their previous selves.” This surgeon had a client come to him after she had recovered from an entire nasal reconstruction done by a plastic surgeon. She had been a victim of spousal abuse and first met with this local cosmetic surgeon and plastic surgeon after her husband had beating her so badly that her nose was almost completely flat on her face due to shattered bones and cardilodge.

After the plastic surgeon reconstructed her nose, the cosmetic surgeon added slight chin implants to balance the new nose so that it looked more natural with her face. Even though the plastic surgeon di  d “an amazing job” of reconstructThere are other procedures that ing her nose “from scratch”, are purely done to enhance the it was still different from her person’s physical appearance. “natural nose”. Procedures such as chin implant surgery, laser hair removal, hair transplants, tummy tuck, mole removal and liposuction just to name a few are requested to allow the client to feel their best about themselves.

Surgery When it all goes wrong!

Many people have seen the results of a cosmetic surgery gone wrong look at Heidi Montag from The Hills. After numerous plastic and cosmetic surgeries, she has ended up with a frozen face and is more unhappy then before. Though this is a terrible personal loss, she should consider herself lucky. Many clients who are looking into cosmetic surgery often find the price to be extremely high and look elsewhere for cheaper rates. Unfortunately the expression “getting your money’s worth” applies very well in this situation. The less expensive places often come with health risks and cause more damage than ever imagined. Take the story published in a 2009 issue of Marie Claire magazine, of young woman from Chicago for example. Shortly after having a breast augmentation in Mexico, she experienced excruciating pain in her nipples and later was informed that the “surgeon” had severed several nerves while in surgery. Due to this, she had to have a large amount of both nipples removed. Here are several other stories like this one. Also after interviewing three different cosmetic surgeons from the Durham Region, I learned that there are msny other stories like this one. In order to avoid this happening, anyone thinking of cosmetic surgery should do a lot of research and not bargain hunt with their health.

Types of Cosmetic Surgery Breast Augmentation Breast Reduction Liposuction Tummy Tuck Nose Surgery Face Lift Ear Pinning Laser Skin Resurfacing Facial Implants Eyelid Surgery Hair Restoration Botox Injections Breast Lift Laser Hair Removal and Hyaluronic Acid(skin filler)

Hang Mioku decided to inject cooking oil in her face after she no longer received silicone injections. The cooking oil injections left Hang Mioku disfigured.


The Healthy Perspective By Luke Molica

There are a lot of ways to manufacture your body and make yourself in whatever image you want. There’s liposuction, plastic surgery, and other medical procedures, but these quick and “easy ways” all have one common downside. They aren’t natural! You may look good but you won’t feel good, and that’s why there is only one sure way to get the muscles and confdence you need. Healthy living is the oldest and most concrete way to look and feel great. It may take longer than medical treatments but the results last your entire life.



The hardest part of this method is the concept of regular activity. In Canada the average person spends approximately 35 hours a week (7 hours a day) on either the computer or watching TV. Include this number with school or work which is approximately 7 hours a day and that only leaves 10 hours left, nine of those hours we should be sleeping. The recommended amount of daily exercise is 2 hours of rigorous activity, and with numbers like the ones above it’s clear that people aren’t getting the exercise they need.

Eating Right! Right?

The second part to healthy living is eating right, and this can be just as hard if eating isn’t just a means to gain energy.

I Dairy You

The next family moving up the pyramid is dairy, and not eating a lot of ice cream doesn’t cut it. Try to drink an occasional glass of milk instead of going for a soda. And instead of going for the triple chocolate chunk ice cream, go for vanilla or even some yogurt. This will provide your body with lots of calcium, but also vitamins and protein.

Meet Meat

The last formal member of the pyramid

Now don’t roll your eyes I know you’ve seen this image since kindergarten right? But lets face it not many of us have been following it’s wisdom. In fact that tiny triangle at the top may have completely overrun our daily pyramids. So what’s the best way to put it back in its tiny little place? The bottom chunk is for the carbohydrates which give your body energy. Too much can leave a person feeling tired and weak. Try balancing with protien and fibre.

is the meat family, and oddly enough it doesn’t just include meats, it also has nuts and eggs, but they are all rich in protein. Now this could be complicated for vegetarians, so here are some alternatives: tofu, beans, lentils, chick peas, and other high protein vegetables.

The Alterntaive

Now when we say alternative, it doesn’t mean., “hey I’m gonna use alternative instead of eating vegetables.” It doesn’t work like that. Alternative is the group where the misfits go. They don’t really have a home, and if you didn’t eat or drink them you’d probably be better off. But we’re all human of course so The next is your fruits and your sometimes it’s healthy to indulge vegetables. And no they aren’t the same ourselves. So here are some tips on how thing. Your vegetables provide your body to enjoy but not destroy. with Vitamin A, C, Iron, and Calcium. -Diet Soda: I know it tastes bad, but drinking While fruits are a great sour calories is the worst thing you can do. If you need to drink a soda, try buying diet. ce of natural sugar, fibre and viitamins. -Serving label: Obey the serving label, don’t You should try to eat 3-5 servings a day.

Eat Your Broccoli!

assume that when the bowl is full you have a single serving.

Good luck! And healthy living.


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