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A Study In Christian

Out on the pull

John Lennon


Preparing for the Walk of Shame

After a heavy night of shagging

Having words with James

OMG NEIL I FCKIN LUV U!1 !!!!1 !!!1 !!! XXoxoXOXOxOx

You know, I reckon I'd fuck Neil...

Just had a wank over Neil...

Post-neck nomination

Trying to pull James/Joe

When James does something vaguely impressive

Showing off his specs


Practice for the real deal

Attempting to pull on Queen's Street

Thinks he might shit himself in the library

Actually shits himself in the library

Classic storge

A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell

Practice for Models 1

After receiving job at Models 1

New Purchase In Primark!!!11 !!! XOXOXoxoxooxoXOxo <3 (L)(L)

Before every exam

When James says something horrendous to a girl he's trying to pull

James Dean

These are for your nipples darling

The sarcastic "OH, IS THAT SO??????????"

Unimpressed with something James has said

Reconsidering what James has said

I swear it wasn't me

Practice for future profile pictures

"Is he now?"

"Don't you fucking dare"

"What the fuck is this shit I'm drinking"

"Get that fucking camera out of my face"

Happy birthday.

Note: All situations, quotes and scenarios are entirely fictional, but are definitely, definitely things which can be related back to Christian in every possible fucking way.

A study in christian  
A study in christian  

Happy birthday.