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2 The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

The way we remember Elaine Anselmi Staff Writer As she reads through the yellowing newspaper cut-outs and typed pages that tell the stories of her father and halfbrother’s lives, Monyeen Ollenberger has a few stories of her own. At 82 years old, Monyeen has lived her whole life in the Peace Country; first in North Rolla where, as the daughter of a rodeo pioneer, she grew up in the height of the Yeagers Rodeo. Her father, John Yaeger was born in Black Hills, North Dakota and immigrated to the region bringing the rodeo lifestyle with him. Two years ago Monyeen was recognized with a plaque for her family’s contribution to rodeo in the region – she wasn’t much of a horse person, although she rode to school everyday. John Yaeger was a true rodeo pioneer, settling a farm in North Rolla where he advertised a job for a farm cook. Monyeen’s mother Arthetta Davis responded to the advertisement in Grande Prairie. “She got it and she had my brother,” says Monyeen – her halfbrother Danny Martin was born in the United States, the youngest of Arthetta and her first husband William Martin. Arthetta moved to Canada

with Danny after divorcing her husband; he would eventually choose to take the Yaeger name. Monyeen’s neighbour helped her put her father and brother’s stories on paper and she has many copies, one of each that she hands over and says I have to read. John Yaeger, along with his two brothers, established a freighting company and took on a contract with the Hudson Bay Company in 1915, hauling supplies to Fort Nelson. The Yaeger Brothers Freighting Outfit continued on with contracts until 1922 and the month-long trips on horseback were far from easy. “He told me the story: it was 73 below when they crossed Nig Creek and he slept in Spruce bows and it was cold, 73 below,” she said. “He wanted my children to all see it, so I got busy and I got somebody.” While her father was farming and freighting, Monyeen’s mother also took a job in Watson Lake, Yukon. “She took a job for $6 a day, baking 600 pies a day,” says Monyeen. A street in Watson Lake still bears Arthetta’s name. Monyeen continued school until Grade 12, while her brother took a different path – he was the wild one.



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Danny Yeager was Monyeen’s half brother and the two grew up on the North Rolla farm where their father competed in the rodeo and along with his brothers supplied the livestock for some of the earliest stampedes. Many would come out to the rodeo events and Monyeen says it was lifestyle that attracted Danny. “I only had one brother,” says Monyeen, and although he died young, at the age of 32, they were very close. “My dad taught him and he rode, my dad got a letter from the rodeo association in Rose Prairie about Danny coming up to ride,” says Monyeen. “My dad said to him ‘if you buck off that horse don’t come crying to me’.” Monyeen says Danny was nine years old at the time and he rode the horse for 16 seconds. There was no prize money, but everyone at the event put into a collection and Danny took home $185. “He bought himself a cowboy hat and bought you a doll,” adds in Calvin Ollenberger, Monyeen’s son who she now lives with. She nods, remembering the time and says she didn’t have things like dolls back then, there was nowhere to buy them. Danny was four years older than Monyeen and left home at 13 years old to follow the rodeo circuit. “He was in Peace River in 1946 and he took the all around cowboy championship – he was only 18 at the time,” says Monyeen. Danny was one of few to ride Teepee Creek Terror, which he did in 1956 for $100 according to Monyeen’s recounted story. His friends had also bet him another $350 that he would not be able to ride the untamable horse, but he did. “My dad nearly had a fit when we were down at Teepee Creek,” says Monyeen. “They hauled [Danny] away to the hospital and they wouldn’t let my dad go in the ambulance.” The horse bucked Danny off eventually and rolled on him but he came out of it, he also came out of nearly a year laid up in Kamloops with tuberculosis.

Monyeen Ollenberger has lived 82 years in the of a rodeo pioneer.

Despite the illness, Danny made it back home to see their father’s last rodeo ride at 65 years old. “My brother came up from Kamloops and watched my dad riding his bucking horse,” says Monyeen. “He came to George Graham’s place and he looked me up and down and said that he wanted to be at the Yaeger Rodeo of East Doe River.” Although his career was brief, Danny became a legendary bush pilot in his late twenties with a number of crashes to validate his status. In 1959 he crash landed through a forest, stripping off both wings and eventually coming to rest upside against a tree – the men got away from the plane before the fuel tanks exploded. Growing up trapping, Danny recognized the land and led the way for

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The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

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e Peace Country, and grew up as the daughter

four days to a cabin where they borrowed a saw to build a raft, heading to the Dundedive River. They headed down the river to the

Liard and on to Franceway Indian Village where they were eventually picked up. Monyeen says she only flew with Danny the one time, out of Doe River and into Dawson Creek. A shock came to the family when, after numerous close calls and storied crashes – Danny plunged into the Peace River in 1962, just north of Dawson Creek. His passenger escaped by kicking out a window but Danny was pinned in his seat and drowned. “My brother attempted to amputate his own leg to free himself,” says Monyeen. Danny did a great deal of work with well-known Fort Nelson outfitter Robert Keen, who would remain a good friend of the family after Danny’s death. “Bobby Keen flew his outfit down at the funeral,” Monyeen says. On hearing of Danny’s death, Monyeen says Keen called down to them and asked her when her mother would be returning home from Watson Lake. “I said she would arrive tomorrow,” says Monyeen. “He said, ‘I’m going to give her some money’ and he wrote her out a cheque for $3,000 to help with the funeral but then he paid for it all anyway.” Calvin says there were about 800 people at Danny’s funeral, but it was before he was born. “I took my two older kids and we went to the graveyard and Keen and those airplanes circled,” says Monyeen. Continued on Page 9



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4 The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

Private Citizens In BC Peace Support Bill 24

The Citizens for Agricultural Land Reform is a registered society with 88 members in the North and South Peace electoral areas of BC. It is comprised of farmers, ranchers, business and professional people who came together in 2010

to address inequities in the application of the Agricultural Land Commission Act in BC. The group sees Bill 24 as the first step in ensuring that farm land owners will be treated equitably. Bill 24 recognizes regional differences. One size does

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Warning: The Polaris RANGER® and RZR® are not intended for on-road use. Driver must be at least 16 years old with a valid driver’s license to operate. Passengers must be at least 12 years old and tall enough to grasp the hand holds and plant feet firmly on the floor. All SxS drivers should take a safety course. Contact ROHVA at or (949)255-2560 for additional information. Drivers and passengers should always wear helmets, eye protection, protective clothing, and seat belts. Always use cab nets or doors (as equipped). Be particularly careful on difficult terrain. Never drive on public roads or paved surfaces. Never engage in stunt driving, and avoid excessive speeds and sharp turns. Riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. Check local laws before riding on trails. ATV’s can be hazardous to operate. Polaris adult models are for riders 16 or older. For your safety, always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing and be sure to take a safety training course. For safety and training information in the U.S., call the SVA at (800)887-2887. You may also contact your Polaris dealer or call Polaris at (800)342-3764. ©2014 Polaris Industries Inc.

not fit all. Residents of northeast BC watched as prime Class 1 and 2 farm lands in the Lower Mainland, the Okanagan and Vancouver Island were removed from agricultural use to accommodate rapid

residential, commercial and light industrial use while marginal land was added to the ALR in northeast BC – leaving BC citizens with the impression that the farm land was being protected. In fact, the 2010 Auditor General’s

RELENTLESS ON WEEDS. SAFE ON WHEAT. ™ FLUSHAFTERFLUSH CONTROL. With EVEREST® 2.0, no grower has to sacrifice yield or crop safety in order to control weeds in wheat. EVEREST 2.0 Herbicide, the new standard for grass control in wheat, has advanced safener technology built in to provide peace of mind while delivering long-lasting control of green foxtail, wild oats and key broadleaf weeds. FLUSH AFTER FLUSH™ CONTROL LEADS TO BETTER YIELDS In University of Saskatchewan field trials, researchers found that regardless of conditions, EVEREST 2.0 delivered Flush after flush™ control of wild oats and green foxtail with no risk of injury symptoms. The crop was able to grow without adverse effects, thanks to the super selectivity of EVEREST 2.0 on all varieties of spring and durum wheat. “We like that EVEREST 2.0 gives customers a wide application window that lets you spray at your earliest convenience, regardless of weather conditions,” says Brandon Funk of Rolla Ag Services Ltd. “Spraying early provides the best weed control, and with EVEREST 2.0, young wheat has the best chance to become

established and reach its top potential yield. And at the same time, if the rains come and the crop advances, EVEREST 2.0 is still safe to apply.” BEST-IN-CLASS CONTROL OF GROUP 1 RESISTANT GRASSY WEEDS More and more, spring wheat growers in Western Canada are plagued with Group 1 resistant grassy weeds. As a Group 2 herbicide, EVEREST 2.0 is the best option for growers struggling with Group 1 resistance. It is the only group 2 herbicide that provides Flush after flush control with unsurpassed crop safety.

EVEREST 2.0. A herbicide you can count on. For more information on EVEREST 2.0 visit Rolla Ag Services Ltd., or call 1-866-761-9397

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Always read and follow label directions. EVEREST and the EVEREST 2.0 logo are registered trademarks of Arysta LifeScience North America, LLC. “Flush after flush” is a trademark of Arysta LifeScience North America, LLC. Arysta LifeScience and the Arysta LifeScience logo are registered trademarks of Arysta LifeScience Corporation. ©2014 Arysta LifeScience North America, LLC. ESTC-259


The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

Report revealed that the best agricultural land in the province decreased by 20,000 hectares since the ALR was introduced in 1974, while 72,000 hectares of secondary or unclassified land was added – mostly in northeast BC. Much of that land has few, if any frost free days. The Land Commission determined in 2003 that quarter sections (65 hectares/160 acres) are not viable agricultural units despite the original subdivisions of

the Peace River Block, for agriculture in the early 1900’s using that survey unit. A farmer with a section or a half section as a single parcel cannot subdivide into quarter sections. Farm families cannot subdivide off 5 or 10 acres for family members, and non-farm use is restricted. In reality, there are portions of larger parcels that do not contribute to the farm and are not suitable for agriculture and would be better subdivided off and sold for resi-

dential use. Farm families wanting to have a business on their land to supplement their farm income cannot do so. It only makes sense to allow rural land owners to have oil and gas servicing businesses on their land when oil and gas operations are all around them. Otherwise, it means service trucks, water trucks, and vac trucks are driving long distances from Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, or just across the border in Alberta. Neither the oil and gas industry, nor those landowners wishing to have service businesses on their agricultural land are permanently removing land from agriculture. There are remediation standards for the oil and gas industry which could easily be applied to businesses on agricultural land. When oil and gas comes to an end, and it will – the land can be remediated and returned to agriculture much more easily than land that has been taken out of agriculture for a shopping centre or a suburban subdivision.

Meanwhile, without the ability to subdivide off small acreages or even quarter sections, rural communities are becoming depopulated and schools closing. Contrast this with Saddle Hills County just across the Alberta border where rural communities are a vibrant mix of agriculture, small residential acreage, light industry and commercial use. The ALC has created an artificial shortage of land for light industrial use. In the South Peace in particular, this has artificially inflated values of non-ALR land, and increased the number of oil and gas servicing companies based in Alberta operating in BC. Northeast BC residents are being denied the opportunity to participate in the local economy. The Citizens for Agricultural Land Reform support Bill 24 and equitable treatment of agricultural land owners in British Columbia. To learn more, visit


y e H






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14-02-12 11:22 AM



6 The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014


Breakfast Brief

Mixed Guidance

"Inequality is the root of social evil."

Heading into May, planting activity continues to be slowed down by wet and cold weather across North America. While most of the U.S. Midwest receives erratic shots of rainfall, dry conditions continue to affect the U.S. Plains, the main region for winter wheat crops. Recent crop tours in Kansas and Oklahoma are putting this year’s crop average yield at around 33 and 18.5 bushels per acre respectively. Aggregately, this would translate to an output significantly down from last year with less than 260 million bushels produced in Kansas and less than 66 million bushels in Oklahoma. These numbers could fall even further if the area doesn’t get some good rains in the next two weeks (AKA many fields could simply be written off). Conversely, while good rains in the Eastern U.S. Cornbelt have slowed planting progress, the reality is, the soil moisture conditions are excellent. This in mind, the bearishness of another large corn crop could likely offset some bullishness of a poor US winter wheat crop.

– A tweet from Pope Francis. Speculation has arisen that it is related to "Capital in the Twenty-First Century," which is sold out on Amazon. The tweet had nearly 10,000 retweets Monday afternoon.


PEACE COUNTRY SHEEP CONFERENCE SHEEP & GOATS June 7 & 8, 2014 At The Agri-Plex In Rycroft Alberta OUR SPEAKERS ARE Doctor Kathy Parker from Three Hills Gordon Schroeder Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board

A lunch will be served each day and at end of day one we will have a dinner Included in $75.00 registration fee Pre-register email to

OUR COMMITTE MEMBERS Sherry and Bill Mortland 1.780.864.3057 Gertie Sorensen 1.780.568.3308 Jody McLean 1.780.524.2809 Virginia or Martina Glover 1.780.356.2800


Ken Jones from Fairview Susan Hosford Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development

It’s possible that the delivery of these purchases to the E.U. could be delayed even further as roughly two-thirds of Lake Superior is still covered in ice, making movement of grain from Thunder Bay to the St. Lawrence Seaway extremely slow-going. Currently there’s 20 ships sitting at the Port of Thunder Bay waiting to load grain and while volume is expected pick up over the next three weeks, ice-cutter escorts are still required. While ships may be slow getting out of Canada, they are coming into the U.S. full of Brazilian soybeans. As credit restrictions are forcing Chinese buyers to default on South American soybeans, a lot of these loads are being rerouted to the U.S. (two cargoes so far with another six ships in transit or getting loaded). Thus, the trade is expecting 2013/14 U.S. soybean imports to surpass 2.3 million tonnes (U.S.D.A.’s estimate is 1.77 million). Food for thought: there could be demand for more soybeans south of the Canadian border not only this year but for the foreseeable future as America’s demand for the oilseed seems to outpacing its ability to allocate its production efficiently. To growth, Brennan Turner President,



Keeping with this theme, major wheat producers around the world aren’t feeling the same problems as the U.S. winter wheat crop & that growing conditions are mostly good (especially in the E.U. with some good rains in the forecast). Speaking of the E.U., it appears they’re back in business of buying Canadian flax just five years removed from the Triffid issue in 2009. Between China and the U.S. buying about 400,000 tonnes, pulse company Legumex Walker is expecting the European bloc of countries to purchase about 200,000 tonnes of the oilseed. Accordingly, this potentially could put this marketing year’s flax nending stocks below 100,000 tonnes. No surprise then that 2014/15 flax acres are expected to increase in both the U.S. (+80 per cent to 326,000) and Canada (+66 per cent to 1.72 million).

Brennan Turner is originally from Foam Lake, SK, where his family started farming the land in the 1920s. After completing his degree in economics from Yale University and then playing some pro hockey, Mr. Turner spent some time working in finance before starting, a risk-free, transparent online and now mobile grain marketplace (app available for iOS & Android). His weekly column is a summary of his free, daily market note, the FarmLead Breakfast Brief. He can be reached via email (b.turner@farmlead. com) or phone (1-855-332-7653).


The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014


May 26

The Beaverlodge 4-H Beef Club & the Valhalla 4-H Beef Club would like to invite you all out to enjoy our day. Our show is on: May 26, 2014 * Starting at 12:00 pm * Supper 5:30 pm * Sale 7:00 pm

ALL TAKES PLACE AT THE BEAVERLODGE AG BARN If you require more information or have any questions, please contact the Club Leaders: Gord Jones 780-356-2537 or Pat Moutray 780-356-2372 “West County 4H Club members would like to thank ALL the businesses, societies and individuals that make generous donationswhether monetary, equipment or time and energy to help towards the production and success of our Achievement Day every year!”

r e p p Su PM 0 3 5:

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8 The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

Reaping More than You Sow: Three Keys to Protecting Your Farm and Maximizing Your Profits The business of modern farming goes around the clock, but the springtime is particularly busy. With this time of year comes a wide array of responsibilities, including everything from staffing and planting to planning distribution. And while you may not be able to entirely predict things like the weather or crop yield, you can plan

for the unexpected and make the most out of your bottom line. Here’s how: Ensure you are protected A recent Western Financial Group study showed that only onequarter of Canadians who live on a farm say they have purchased farm insurance in the past year. Do you have the right coverage? “Given the

nature of farming, there are so many things to think about when it comes to insurance,” explains Jennifer Appleby, Branch Manager for Western Financial Group in Dawson Creek. “Is your property covered against inclement or extreme weather? Do you have an adequate amount of protection on all of the farm implements? Are


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your farm buildings protected? These are very important questions and the best way to answer them is by consulting your broker.” Look after your employees You do your best to create a safe work environment; however, farming comes with its own unique dangers, not just for you but for the people in your employ. Your employees – both full-time and seasonal – are one of the keys to your business’s success, so it’s vital to make sure they have all of the necessary coverage in case they are hurt on the farm. Again, start by speaking to a professional directly. Make the most out of tax provisions Though this year’s

Dawson Creek, BC 250-782-4449

FOSTER’S SEED & FEED Beaverlodge, AB 780-354-2107

LYNDON POPOVITCH Fairview, AB 780-835-0114

Stan Mracek Cell: 250-782-0220 Email: info@agrow Website.

most difficult work is still ahead of you, there is something you can do now – or consider for next year – that will be hugely beneficial: how you approach your

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Jennifer Appleby, an industry veteran with almost 30 years of experience, is available for interviews to discuss insurance matters

taxes. The Canadian Revenue Agency has many policies in place that can help farmers. Interestingly, even if you’re not a full-time farmer, you may still qualify for certain tax breaks, provided you engage in things like racehorse maintenance, beekeeping, or even raising fish. Do your due diligence and see if you qualify for any additional breaks. Whatever you farm, you work hard all year long, looking after details great and small. Part of that should entail ensuring that you safeguard yourself, your property, and your employees against the unexpected and you do all you can to make the most of your revenue. That starts with knowing where you stand.

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The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

The way we remember

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Continued from Page 3 There were many newspaper accounts of Danny’s fatal crash, ranging from local coverage to the Edmonton Journal – mostly reporting his age to be 38 years old, which Monyeen has crossed out in her clippings and written 32 over top. Calvin points out that Danny lived a lot in his short 32 years. Monyeen was married young at 20 years old after meeting her husband Frank John Ollenberger in a restaurant in Dawson Creek. She says, “He came up and introduced himself.” Prodded by Calvin as to whether it was love at first sight, she says not quite, “It took a while.” Monyeen worked as a secretary at Rolla Traditional School for 25 years, and for two years as a teacher’s aid at Canalta Elementary – she moved to Dawson Creek in 1990 after her husband passed away in 1989. Monyeen retired when she was 59 years old and moved back to Rolla to be closer to family – she has five children, four daughters and a son, Calvin. They live out off of the Old Alaska Highway now but Monyeen says she still remembers and goes back to visit Rolla. “Oh yeah, we go back there and see people,” she says. Monyeen was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease but much of her family’s story has been told by local historian Dorthea Calverley, as well as by herself. Some pieces might now be missing and years later, some details might have changed but at least the story has been told.



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WHEAT  CPSR #1  11.0 Delivery Period

Delivery Period Aug 1-31/14 Sept 1-30/14 Oct 1-31/14 Nov 1-30/14 Dec 1-31/14 Jan 1-31/15 Feb 1-28/15 Mar 1-31/15 Apr 1-30/15 May 1-31/15 Delivery Period Aug 1-31/14 Sep 1-30/14 Oct 1-31/14 Nov 1-30/14 Dec 1-31/14 Jan 1-31/15 Feb 1-28/15 Mar 1-31/15 Apr 1-30/15 May 1-31/15


Net Price Futures Net Price (After Basis) (After Basis) No cash bids exist for Wheat 1 CPSR at this time Wheat - CWRS #1 - 13.5 Futures Net Price Futures Net Price (After Basis) (After Basis) n/a Sep-14 $6.33 n/a Sep-14 $6.51 Dec-14 $5.28 Dec-14 $6.71 Dec-14 $5.34 Dec-14 $6.75 n/a Dec-14 $6.81 n/a Mar-15 $6.81 n/a Mar-15 $6.85 n/a Mar-15 $6.89 n/a May-15 $6.92 n/a May-15 $6.96

Sep-14 Sep-14 Dec-14 Dec-14 Dec-14 Mar-15 Mar-15 Mar-15 May-15 Mar-15



WHEAT  CWRS #2  12.5

Net Price (After Basis) No cash bids exist for Wheat #2 CWRS at this time

Futures Sep-14 Sep-14 Dec-14 Dec-14 Dec-14 Mar-15 Mar-15 Mar-15 May-15 May-15


Delivery Period


May-14 Jun-14 Jul-14

Jul-14 Jul-14 Sep-14

Delivery Period


May 1-31/14 Jun 1-30/14 Jul 1-31/14 Aug 1-31/14 Sep 1-30/14 Oct 1-30/14 Nov 1-30/14 Dec 1-31/14 Jan 1-31/15 Feb 1-28/15 Mar 1-31/15

n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a Nov-14 Nov-14 n/a n/a n/a n/a

Delivery Period


May-14 Jun-14 Jul-14

None None None

Delivery Period


June, 2014 July, 2014 August, 2014

Jul-14 Sep-14 Sep-14

Net Price (After Basis) $5.98 $6.02 $6.35 $6.39 $6.43 $6.45 $6.49 $6.12 $6.53 $6.57

Net Price (After Basis) $4.40 $4.40 $4.40


Net Price (After Basis) No cash bids exist for Feed Wheat at this time

Net Price (After Basis)



Net Price (After Basis)


Net Price (After Basis) $6.29 $6.41 $6.53 $6.57 $6.75 $6.77 $6.81 $6.85 $6.87 $6.91

Sep-14 Sep-14 Dec-14 Dec-14 Dec-14 Mar-15 Mar-15 Mar-15 May-15 May-15

Net Price (After Basis) $5.94 $6.06 $6.17 $6.21 $6.41 $6.41 $6.45 $6.49 $6.48 $6.52


Net Price (After Basis) No cash bids exist for Feed Wheat at this time

CANOLA Net Price (After Basis) $10.32 $10.32 $10.32 $9.87 $9.87 $10.05 $10.09 $10.11 $10.16 $10.19 $10.23


Net Price (After Basis) $3.00 $3.00 $3.00

Net Price (After Basis) No cash bids exist for Feed Barley at this time


Net Price (After Basis) $2.30 $2.30 $2.30


$420.00 $427.00

Jul-14 Jul-14 Jul-14 Nov-14 Nov-14 Nov-14 Nov-14 Jan-15 Jan-15 Mar-15 Mar-15


Jul-14 Jul-14 Jul-14 Nov-14 Nov-14 Nov-14 Nov-14 Jan-15 Jan-15 Mar-15 Mar-15

Net Price (After Basis) $10.17 $10.17 $10.17 $9.73 $9.39 $9.39 $9.43 $9.65 $10.04 $10.07 $10.11

Net Price (After Basis) No cash bids exist for Feed Barley at this time

OATS 2CW Net Price (After Basis) No cash bids exist for Oats at this time


Net Price (After Basis) No cash bids exist for oats at this time R001691283

10 The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

GRAIN FUTURES REPORT Contract Prices as of May 2, 2014 RS - Canola - ICEFC








May-14 Jul-14 Nov-14

487.9 469.0 475.5

488.0 477.3 484.8

487.9 462.5 469.3

488.0 473.5 481.0

+ 8.9 + 4.3 + 4.8

479.1 469.2 476.2

09:54 a.m. 09:54 a.m. 09:54 a.m.

AB - Western Barley - ICEFC












Jul-14 Oct-14

140.50 140.50

140.50s 140.50s

05/01 05/01








May-14 Jul-14 Sep-14

701’6 709’2 717’0

710’4 720’6 729’0 b

698’0 706’2 714’6

708’0 714’6 723’2 a

+ 9’2 + 7’4 + 7’2

698’6 707’2 716’0

09:54 a.m. 09:55 a.m. 09:55 a.m.

KW - Hard Red Winter Wheat - KCBT








May-14 Jul-14 Sep-14

817’0 806’0 809’6

836’0 828’0 828’6

815’4 805’4 809’6

830’4 821’4 823’4

+ 24’2 + 17’4 + 16’2

806’2 804’0 807’2

09:54 a.m. 09:54 a.m. 09:54 a.m.

MW - Hard Red Spring Wheat - MGE








May-14 Jul-14 Sep-14

748’2 762’0 772’0

752’0 779’4 787’0

748’2 762’0 772’0

752’0 774’0 784’2

+ 3’2 + 12’6 + 12’2

748’6 761’2 772’0

09:54 a.m. 09:54 a.m. 09:54 a.m.

O - Oats - CBOT








May-14 Jul-14

412’0 352’0

412’0 352’0

400’0 342’4

408’0 347’4

- 10’0 - 5’4

418’0 353’0

09:52 a.m. 09:52 a.m.






- 4’0


09:52 a.m.

C- Corn - CBOT








May-14 Jul-14 Sep-14

503’0 507’0 502’6

505’2 509’6 506’0

494’6 499’6 496’0

495’4 500’0 496’2

- 7’6 - 7’0 - 6’2

503’2 507’0 502’4

09:54 a.m. 09:54 a.m. 09:54 a.m.

CD - Canadian Dollar - CME








Jun-14 Sep-14 Dec-14

0.9111 0.9086 0.9070

0.9135 0.9113 0.9092

0.9066 0.9046 0.9045

0.9116 0.9103 0.9051

+ 0.0009 + 0.0016 - 0.0016

0.9107 0.9087 0.9067

09:54 a.m. 09:54 a.m. 09:54 a.m.

Your key to higher profitability.

FNA was created by farmers for farmers and is dedicated to lowering your input costs while capturing a larger share of your production’s worth up the value chain. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day, you can join the business alliance that over 10,000 other farmers are already part of. Shift your farm into high gear. Make FNA your Partner in Profitability.

1-877-FNA-FARM | r001690437

Ask us about: ProjectN — farmers building a fertilizer plant! And MarketPower Assurance credit insurance & risk mitigation.


W- Wheat - CBOT

The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014


Daily Grain & Feed Grain Report Daily Grain Prices as of May 2, 2014

Canola (#1)

Calgary Edmonton Lethbridge Red Deer Rycroft Vegreville Barley

Calgary Edmonton Lethbridge Red Deer Rycroft Vegreville Yellow Peas (#2) Yellow Peas (#2)

Calgary Edmonton Lethbridge Red Deer Rycroft Vegreville Feed Wheat (#3 CW)

Calgary Edmonton Lethbridge Red Deer Rycroft Vegreville Flax (#1) FLAX #1

Lethbridge Red Deer Vegreville OATS #2, 40  42LB

Calgary Edmonton Lethbridge Red Deer Rycroft Vegreville

Today May 2, 2014 $10.15 ($9.99 - $10.31) $10.09 ($9.87 - $10.28) $10.02 ($9.99 - $10.04) $10.16 ($10.14 - $10.17) $10.10 ($9.96 - $10.24) $9.94 ($9.76 - $10.11) Today May 2, 2014 $3.45 ($3.41 - $3.48) $3.08 ($2.83 - $3.22) $3.72 $3.10 ($2.91 - $3.28) $2.76 ($2.47 - $3.05) $3.23 ($3.19 - $3.27) Today May 2, 2014 $6.32 ($6.00 - $6.64) $6.62 ($6.53 - $6.70) $6.49 ($6.42 - $6.55) $6.60 ($6.46 - $6.74) $6.58 ($6.51 - $6.66) $5.70 Today May 2, 2014 $4.06 ($3.87 - $4.25) $4.09 ($3.59 - $4.48) $3.99 $4.05 ($3.71 - $4.40) $4.11 ($3.81 - $4.40) $4.15 Today May 2, 2014 not available not available not available Today May 2, 2014 not available $2.29 not available not available not available $2.00

One Week Ago April 25, 2014 $9.84 ($9.52 - $10.15) $9.96 ($9.50 - $10.22) $9.90 ($9.84 - $9.95) $10.12 ($9.98 - $10.25) $10.04 ($9.90 - $10.18) $9.86 ($9.56 - $10.15) One Week Ago April 25, 2014 $3.45 ($3.41 - $3.48) $3.08 ($2.83 - $3.22) $3.72 $3.10 ($2.91 - $3.28) $2.76 ($2.47 - $3.05) $3.23 ($3.19 - $3.27) One Week Ago April 25, 2014 $6.32 ($6.00 - $6.64) $6.53 $6.49 ($6.42 - $6.55) $6.60 ($6.46 - $6.74) $6.56 ($6.46 - $6.66) $6.13 ($5.70 - $6.56) One Week Ago April 25, 2014 $4.06 ($3.87 - $4.25) $3.90 ($3.59 - $4.20) $3.99 $3.88 ($3.71 - $4.05) $3.92 ($3.81 - $4.03) $4.01 ($3.87 - $4.15) One Week Ago April 25, 2014 not available not available not available One Week Ago April 25, 2014 not available not available not available not available not available $2.00



Same Day Last Year May 3, 2013 $14.08 ($13.96 - $14.20) $13.95 ($13.72 - $14.08) $13.65 ($13.62 - $13.67) $13.73 ($13.68 - $13.79) $13.92 ($13.80 - $14.05) $13.74 ($13.57 - $13.91) Same Day Last Year May 3, 2013 $5.71 ($5.66 - $5.77) $5.26 ($4.93 - $5.44) $3.96 $5.18 $4.95 ($4.85 - $5.05) $5.44 Same Day Last Year May 3, 2013 $9.00 $9.18 ($9.00 - $9.32) $9.16 $9.35 $9.24 ($9.20 - $9.28) not available Same Day Last Year May 3, 2013 $7.26 ($7.08 - $7.44) $7.26 ($7.08 - $7.44) $7.44 ($7.31 - $7.58) $7.48 ($7.44 - $7.51) $7.38 ($7.31 - $7.45) $7.26 ($7.08 - $7.44) Same Day Last Year May 3, 2013 $16.70 $16.15 not available Same Day Last Year May 3, 2013 not available not available $3.43 $3.40 not available $3.30

Feed Grain Report for the Week of April 28 - May 2, 2014 Feed Barley (288g per 1/2L, max of 15% moisture)

Brooks Calgary Edmonton Grande Prairie Lethbridge Red Deer Wainwright

This Week

One Week Ago

Same Week Last Year

Week of April 28, 2014

Week of April 21, 2014

Week of April 29, 2013

$4.27 ($4.22 - $4.31) $4.16 ($4.09 - $4.22) $3.70 ($3.66 - $3.77) $3.07 ($2.98 - $3.16) $4.35 ($4.31 - $4.44) $3.98 ($3.92 - $4.05) $3.74 ($3.66 - $3.81) This Week

Feed Peas (Max 4% fm allowable)

Brooks Calgary Edmonton Grande Prairie Lethbridge Red Deer Wainwright

Feed Wheat (58lbs/bu, Max 14.5% moisture)

Brooks Calgary Edmonton Grande Prairie Lethbridge Red Deer Wainwright

Feed Oats (#2CW)

Brooks Calgary Edmonton Grande Prairie Lethbridge Red Deer Wainwright

Week of April 28, 2014

$6.04 ($5.93 - $6.18) $6.01 ($5.85 - $6.15) $6.01 ($5.99 - $6.04) $5.09 ($5.01 - $5.25) $5.93 ($5.77 - $6.01) $6.04 ($5.99 - $6.12) $5.93 ($5.82 - $6.04)

$4.16 ($4.09 - $4.22) $4.11 ($4.05 - $4.18) $3.68 ($3.59 - $3.77) $3.03 ($2.90 - $3.07) $4.27 ($4.22 - $4.31) $3.94 ($3.88 - $4.01) $3.74 ($3.66 - $3.79) One Week Ago Week of April 21, 2014

$6.04 ($5.99 - $6.21) $6.01 ($5.93 - $6.10) $6.01 ($5.88 - $6.12) $5.12 ($4.95 - $5.33) $5.82 ($5.66 - $5.96) $6.07 ($6.01 - $6.21) $5.93 ($5.88 - $6.01)

$6.21 ($6.18 - $6.23) $6.31 ($6.27 - $6.34) $5.94 ($5.92 - $5.97) $5.09 ($5.01 - $5.14) $6.36 ($6.31 - $6.38) $6.10 ($6.05 - $6.14) $5.73 ($5.70 - $5.77) Same Week Last Year Week of April 29, 2013

$8.93 ($8.82 - $8.98) $8.74 ($8.65 - $8.82) $8.76 ($8.68 - $8.90) $7.65 ($7.46 - $7.76) $8.76 ($8.68 - $8.82) $8.82 ($8.74 - $8.90) $8.52 ($8.38 - $8.63)

This Week

One Week Ago

Same Week Last Year

Week of April 28, 2014

Week of April 21, 2014

Week of April 29, 2013

$5.17 ($5.09 - $5.25) $5.20 ($5.12 - $5.28) $5.17 ($5.09 - $5.23) $4.54 ($4.35 - $4.65) $5.31 ($5.25 - $5.36) $5.20 ($5.09 - $5.31) $4.93 ($4.68 - $5.03)

$5.14 ($5.06 - $5.23) $5.12 ($5.03 - $5.23) $5.12 ($5.06 - $5.20) $4.44 ($4.30 - $4.54) $5.25 ($5.17 - $5.31) $5.20 ($5.06 - $5.28) $4.68 ($4.54 - $4.90)

$8.00 ($7.95 - $8.08) $7.95 ($7.89 - $8.00) not available $7.65 ($7.32 - $7.73) $7.92 ($7.89 - $8.00) $8.03 ($7.97 - $8.06) $7.97 ($7.95 - $8.03)

This Week

One Week Ago

Same Week Last Year

Week of April 28, 2014

Week of April 21, 2014

Week of April 29, 2013

$2.68 ($2.59 - $2.78) $2.71 ($2.64 - $2.81) $2.65 ($2.58 - $2.75) $2.11 ($2.04 - $2.22) $2.79 ($2.71 - $2.84) $2.64 ($2.59 - $2.73) $2.54 ($2.42 - $2.64)

$2.71 ($2.65 - $2.79) $2.73 ($2.67 - $2.84) $2.71 ($2.61 - $2.78) $2.19 ($2.07 - $2.28) $2.81 ($2.75 - $2.87) $2.68 ($2.65 - $2.78) $2.56 ($2.48 - $2.67)

$3.87 ($3.81 - $3.89) $3.72 ($3.69 - $3.76) $3.84 ($3.76 - $3.89) $3.28 ($3.19 - $3.39) $3.93 ($3.81 - $4.01) r001691330 $3.78 ($3.64 - $3.84) $3.62 ($3.47 - $3.67) r001691331


1.877.250.5252 780.532.6470

12 The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014


Milligan Creek Steel

2-YEAR-OLD & YEARLING BULLS BULLS FOR SALE OFF THE RANCH The Roys - Chris, Jen & Family Fairview, Alberta

• 11 different profiles & 26+ colours • Agricultural & Industrial


Spring Sale Special Call for details!



(780) 835-0463 Email:

a division of:


Call Joe 250-793-7753

Visit our website


TC Equipment 8704 99th Street Clairmount, AB T0H 0W0 r001775900

The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014



Auction Date



Dawson Creek, BC

Ponoka, BC

Beaverlodge, AB

Grande Prairie, AB

Clyde, AB

Westlock, AB

Don Fessler (250)782-3766

Blair Vold (403)783-5561

Ged Willis (780)354-2423

Marty Gilfillan (780)532-3949

Garth Rogers (780)349-1491

Levi Pedgerachny (780)349-1446

May 1 - 397 head

April 29 - 1,431 head

May 1 - 1,188 head

May 1 - 660 head

301 - 400 401 - 500 501 - 600 601 - 700 701 - 800 801 - 900 901 - 1,000 over 1,000

n/a 205.00 200.00 198.00 185.00 168.00 145.00 130.00

n/a 225.00 225.00 218.00 205.00 182.00 160.00 150.00

301 - 400 401 - 500 501 - 600 601 - 700 701 - 800 801 - 900 901 - 1,000 over 1,000

n/a 195.00 190.00 185.00 170.00 153.00 130.00 120.00

n/a 210.00 207.00 202.00 187.00 172.00 154.00 132.00

D1 - D2 Cows 97.00 105.00 D3 - D4 Cows 90.00 95.00 Bologna Bulls 100.00 118.00

April 30 - 3,086 head no current report FEEDER STEERS 225.00 245.00 n/a n/a 225.00 245.00 n/a n/a 225.00 240.00 n/a n/a 215.00 230.00 n/a n/a 205.00 218.00 n/a n/a 175.00 190.00 n/a n/a 158.00 168.00 n/a n/a 140.00 159.00 n/a n/a FEEDER HEIFERS 205.00 225.00 n/a n/a 205.00 220.00 n/a n/a 200.00 215.00 n/a n/a 195.00 205.00 n/a n/a 185.00 198.00 n/a n/a 165.00 178.00 n/a n/a 150.00 162.00 n/a n/a 125.00 142.00 n/a n/a SLAUGHTER CATTLE D1 - D2 Cows D1 - D2 Cows 102.00 113.00 n/a n/a D3 - D4 Cows D3 - D4 Cows 92.00 100.00 n/a n/a Bologna Bulls Bologna Bulls 100.00 124.00 n/a n/a

n/a 215.00 210.00 200.00 185.00 175.00 n/a n/a

n/a 235.00 220.00 218.00 204.00 190.00 n/a n/a

220.00 210.00 205.00 200.00 190.00 170.00 155.00 n/a

251.00 240.00 228.00 224.25 206.00 190.00 165.00 n/a

200.00 210.00 210.00 200.00 190.00 174.00 157.00 157.00

250.00 250.00 240.00 233.00 210.00 200.00 171.00 171.00

n/a 180.00 170.00 170.00 160.00 150.00 n/a n/a

n/a 198.00 198.00 198.00 186.00 170.00 n/a n/a

200.00 190.00 185.00 185.00 170.00 155.00 140.00 n/a

215.00 210.00 210.00 206.00 189.25 170.00 160.00 n/a

190.00 190.00 190.00 190.00 172.00 168.00 148.00 148.00

220.00 220.00 215.00 208.00 190.00 181.00 162.00 162.00

D1 - D2 Cows 92.00 101.00 D3 Cows 75.00 91.00 D4 Over Fat 88.00 95.00

D1 - D2 Cows 90.00 105.00 D3 Cows 70.00 85.00 Slaughter Bulls 100.00 132.50

Butcher Cows 95.00 112.00 Butcher Bulls 100.00 124.00 Feeder Bulls 110.00 135.00

Farm Friendly Features Financing Available for:


➥Breeding Livestock ➥Feeder Livestock ➥Feed Advances (for Feeder Livestock) ✔ Non-Pooled Security Deposit ✔ Competitive Interest Rates

Cattle Financing Made Simple

For more information: ph (780) 448-0033


Cattle Market Report

14 The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

Spring break up rodeo all wrapped up Saddle Bronc was one of the seven events that took place at the two-day rodeo competition in Dawson Creek from April 25-26. BYRON HACKETT - STAFF WRITER APRIL 28-2014

It took Pouce Coupe native Clayton Moore just 4.3 seconds to get the whole crowd at the Encana Events Centre in Dawson Creek on their feet Saturday night. In a thrilling Steer Wrestling performance at the first annual Spring Break Up Rodeo, Moore gave the sparse crowd at the two-day rodeo something to cheer about. Moore was happy with his ride and the ovation he received. “I’ve always had a lot of luck when I come home for the summer rodeo and whatnot. It’s always treated me well. I seem to compete well in front of everybody that I know, I wish there was one every week,” he said. Moore had to share top prize with Chance Butterfield who had a 4.3 second ride on day one. They will each take home $1,616. Moore said he usually heads south this time of year but was attracted by the three events in one weekend and was satisfied with the way the event turned out. “It seems to have gone over really good. I’m sure they have found some things that they probably want to work on for next year. Normally this time of year I am in California going to some rodeos and it worked out there were three rodeos up here in Canada. So I decided to stay up here and it was a good week and I’m glad to finish it off here at home,” he said.

Nanton, Alberta resident Logan Bird won the overall weekend TieDown Roping event with a time of 9.9 seconds. He won $1,729. He said he was impressed with the facilities and the interest from the fans. “It’s really nice, I was surprised when I came and looked around. I thought it looked really nice, good place for a rodeo,” he said about the Encana Events Centre. “The crowd was pretty loud out there tonight.” The three event weekend was part of the reason president of the Dawson Creek Exhibition President said they choice this particular weekend to put on the event, although overall the attendance wasn’t what the group was hoping for. “The crowds have not been good. There’s no point in us thinking they have because they certainly haven’t. That’s been a real disappointment for us because for us we have 14 national and Canadian champions competing here. We take the top 24 in the world in each event. I don’t know when that has ever happened in Dawson Creek,” she explained. “When you put some of the top riders and top stock in North America and a venue like this you think that the people are going to come.” Having seven different rodeo events and with some of the top riders in Canada and the United States in town, Anderson wasn’t entirely sure why the attendance was so low, but she said the association would go back to the drawing board for next year’s event.



In stoc

• 24’ Strait Panels • 24’ Panels c/w 8’ Swing Gate • 30’ Free Standing Wind Breaks Or leave message at 250-787-5454



For more information & pricing call Kevin 250-261-1891

“Now we have to go back to the drawing board and figure out why. For us in a venue like this 12 to 1,500 isn’t enough for us. To be able to do this we have to be having 2,000 to 2,500 every night,” she said. Patterson was quick to point out the support from sponsors, volunteers and even the venue was excellent. “The sponsorships have been overwhelming, that part has been tremendous. All our volunteers are great and we are so fortunate to have this venue. This venue is just great,” she said. One part of the event that Patterson was pleased with was the auction for teams where they sold more than 160 plates for a dinner. “Our team dinner, we do a team draft where one person from each of the seven disciplines compete against each other for points and money. That was phenomenal. We had 160 to dinner and had a great auction and draft. Everything is great except getting the people here. We are hoping that will come,” she said. The seven events included were Bareback riding, Tie-down roping, Saddle Bronc, Steer wrestling, Ladies Barrel racing, Steer riding and Bull riding. Dusty LaValley from Benzanson, Alberta took home the bareback title collecting $1,981. Dustin Flundra was the Saddle Bronc winner for the weekend, taking home $2,010. Todd Chotowetz was the winner of the main event for the weekend, the bull-rider was able to claim $1,952 with the win. Rene LeClercq from Holden, Alberta was the Ladies Barrel Racing Cham-

pion winning $1,487 with a time of 14.36 seconds. Nick Tetz had the top score of 79 in the Steer Riding competition and took home a prize of $533. Although the turnout wasn’t exactly what Anderson had hoped for and believes some confusion played a part in fans missing out on the event, she looks forward to trying a spring rodeo again next season. “In Canada spring rodeos are not a really popular thing because of the weather and most of our venues are outdoors. So we don’t have a lot of places like (Encana Events Centre) in our country,” she said. “We’re hopeful. We know our big rodeo in the fall with a big agriculture fair and chuck wagon races, it doesn’t change, but this is something a little bit different. And something we want to keep trying, we are going to try it another year for sure. See how it goes and see if people learn about it.”

The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

A new puppy?



Deciding to add a new puppy to your family is always an exciting time. Picking the right breed can be one of the more exciting aspects of getting a new dog, but it can become overwhelming as there are over 175 Canadian Kennel Club registered breeds, and upwards of 400 breeds (both registered and non-registered), not to mention the infinite number of crosses and mixed breeds. This article is more geared towards pure bred dogs, but the same principles hold true for mixed breeds. If you are looking into getting a mixed breed from the SPCA, research the breeds it is crossed with, or if certain characteristics of certain breeds appeal to you and fit your lifestyle, look for crosses of those breeds at the SPCA. A good first step is to research the breed group (s) you are interested in. Groups are categorized by initial intended purpose, for example breeds can fall into a hunting group, sporting group, toy group, etc. Once you have decided which group will best suit your lifestyle it is time to consider the breeds within that group. For example, if you are not an outdoorsy/active type, dogs that fall into the sporting or hunting group may not be the best choice as they require a lot of exercise and activity. This is important because if a dog requires a certain amount of activity and is not receiving it, there is a good chance it will develop destructive behaviours or other behavioural issues. There are some great resources out there to explore when you are contemplating breeds. “The Right Dog for You” is a book by Daniel F. Tortora. It charts 16 traits and ranks them from very low to very high, like indoor activity, outdoor activity, vigor, behavioral constancy, dominance to strange and familiar people, territoriality, emotional stability, sociability with family/ children/strangers, learning-rate, obedience, problem solving, watchdog /guard dog ability. Another book, “The Perfect Match” by Chris Walkowicz has more of a written style and comments on size, color, protection, energy, life expectancy, children, other animals, abilities, shedding/grooming, health issues, etc. Certain breeds definitely have predispositions to certain personality types, activity levels and health conditions. My recommendation would be to narrow it down to several breeds within a certain group category that appeal to you and to research them thoroughly. Important breed characteristics to consider are size, coat type, the original breed purpose, and temperament. These characteristics will determine how much space you need for your dog, how much grooming will be required, how much instinctive behaviour your dog will have (ie – barking, protection, herding, etc.), obedience needs, level of independence or attachment, and aggressive/passive nature. Another consideration is breed predisposition to certain health conditions. Although it can be difficult to predict the health/medical future of a particular dog,


certain diseases are more prevalent within certain breeds of dogs. For example Dachshunds are prone to spinal problems/disc disease, Dobermans and Boxers are prone to certain types of heart disease, retrievers and shepherds are prone to hip dysplasia. Smaller breeds like Chihuahuas and Shih Tzu’s or other smooshy faced breeds (brachycephalics) like boxers and pugs are more prone to dental disease….the list goes on! This does not mean that you shouldn’t get a goofy, loveable boxer because it might develop a heart problem or have dental issues; it just means that you should be aware of the diseases that they are prone to developing. As a result of being well informed on your pet’s breed, you will ensure that your pet can live a healthier, happier life and you can reduce stress for yourself in the future should any issues arise. Once you have chosen a specific breed, investigate certain breeders in the area or visit your local SPCA. Go and visit the puppy before you make your decision. Play with them and spend time getting to know their personality. Are they shy, fearful, aggressive, outgoing…? If possible, ask to meet the puppy’s parents (this probably will not be possible if you are getting a puppy from the SPCA). Aggression has been identified to be a heritable trait, so an aggressive parent will likely have aggressive offspring. Enquire as to how often to puppies are handled, what kinds of things they have been exposed to, etc. In addition to this, make sure that if you are buying a pure bred dog that the parents have been tested for certain diseases that the breed is predisposed to. For example, if the breed is prone to hip dysplasia, the breeder should have the parent’s hips certified. There are other eye, ear and heart conditions that can also be tested for, and it again – depends on

the breed! Should you have any questions or concerns in making a decision about getting a new dog, please do not hesitate to contact the Dawson Creek Veterinary Clinic.

Dawson Creek Veterinary Clinic Small Animal Services • Laser Therapy • Laser Surgery • Microchips • Preventative Health Care • Medical Services • Laboratory Services • Diagnostic Imaging • Special Diagnostic Services • Surgical Services • Dental Services • Pet Nutrition • Retail Pet Supplies

Equine & Bovine Services • Preventative Health Care • Medical Services • Laboratory Services • Diagnostic Imaging • Surgical Services • Dental Services • Laser Therapy • Feedlot & Bovine Herd Health Services • Reproductive Services • Endoscopy Services • Equine Embryo Transfer

Dr. Mike Ross

Dr. Zoë Ross

Dawson Creek Veterinary Clinic We Have MOOved! But Don’t Worry. We haven’t gone far. We are located directly behind our old clinic across the street from the fair grounds. We thank you all for your patience as we make this transition.

Dr. Christa Harder

We are now offering our clients medical boarding and can board horses, dogs, and cats. Our caring and well trained team will be able to administer treatments and monitor your animals while

you are away.

Dr. Matt Allen

(250) 782-1080 Small Animals: (250) 782-5616

Large Animals:

Find us on Facebook


Small Animal: 250-782-5616 Large Animal: 250-782-1080 238-116th Avenue, Dawson Creek, BC

Dr. Amanda Breuer

238 -116 Avenue, Dawson Creek, BC V1G 3C8 Across from the Fairgrounds

16 The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

Beaver: Pest or protect

53’ Ground Load Livestock Trailer


Water … we can’t live without it. No substitute exists for this precious and beautiful resource, which has been scarce in Alberta at times. In the future, the flow of water may decline as we face a changing climate and what appears to be more seasonal variability in weather and precipitation patterns. With growing uncertainty about less snowpack in the mountains, earlier spring melting and runoff, and diminishing stream flow earlier in the summer; by late summer when we need water the most, it may be in short supply. Many people believe that water will be the new gold of the future. As the reality of a changing climate becomes ever more apparent, we will need to catch and store water more effectively. We’ve given water lots of advice on this issue, in the form of expensive dams and big reservoirs, but is that always the best solution? Have we overlooked a natural ally in our efforts to conserve and manage water? Maybe, consider our Canadian icon, the beaver! For more than 10,000 years, beaver have been building dams and storing water across the landscape. Historically, tens of millions of beaver were busy in nearly every water-shed across the North American continent. The cumulative effect of their ponds on water storage, both above and below ground, was enormous. In simple terms, more beaver on the landscape means more water supply. University of Alberta biologist, researcher and author of the Beaver Manifesto Glynnis Hood, found by scanning historical records of beaver populations and climate data

Serving the Alberta & BC Peace Country

Bill Toews

RR 1 Site 2, Box 52 Spirit River, Alberta Email

Cell: 780-500-5005 Ph: 780-351-2236 Fax: 780-351-2286


WILLOWVIEW AUCTIONS LTD. Box 56, Beaverlodge AB • 780-354-2423 Auction Mart located 3 Miles West of Industrial Park, Beaverlodge, Alberta


2014 SPRING CALENDAR Tues, May 13 Regular Cattle Sale 10:00 a.m. Tues, May 20 Regular Cattle Sale 10:00 a.m. Call for Details Sat, May 24 CONSIGNMENT SALE Tues, May 27 Regular Cattle Sale 10:00 a.m. Tues, June 3 Regular Cattle Sale 10:00 a.m. Tues, June 10 Regular Cattle Sale 10:00 a.m. LAST REGULAR CATTLE SALE OF THE SPRING Tues, June 17 Regular Cattle Sale 10:00 a.m.

10644 Spring Mountain - Composite








Call Ged Willis at 780-814-4751 or Rick Johnson (Field Agent) 780-897-2794








MAY 31



10:00am, Saturday,



Tack @ 9:30 a.m. Horse @ Noon, Saturday,







McElroy Herefords

Cattle for Sale • Red & Black

VISITORS ALWAYS WELCOME Bill Bentley - (250) 843-7575 Doug Bentley - (250) 843-7364

Dorothy and John McElroy Box 185, Charlie Lake, BC VOC 1H0 Phone: (250) 785-6074 Email:

Cost of ad:



20 miles West of Dawson Creek BENWYN FARM LTD. Hwy 97 South PROGRESS, BC 3/4 mile North of Progress (Rd V0C 2E0 Size of ad: Dates255) ad is to run:

Hilltop Honey Ranch

• Quality Polled Herefords • For sale on Ranch Highway 2 from DC West on Road 204 4 kms South on Road 211 to top of hill

Brian & Dana Smith Box 431, Pouce Coupe, BC Tel: (250) 786-5232 Cell: (250) 719-5548



Registered Polled Hereford Bulls and Heifers for sale

Home: (780) 832-4068 • Cell: (780) 831-9106 Chad & Anna Friesen Box 1185, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 4B6


Publication(s) booked in:

I have verified that all the information is correct Okay as is


that ponds with active beaver lodges had 9 times more water during droughts than ponds without dams. “In times of drought they [beavers] may be one of the most effective ways to mitigate wetland loss,” said Hood. “Some people believe climate is driving everything, but the presence of beaver has a dramatic effect on the availability of open water in an area. Beaver are helping to keep water in areas that would otherwise be dry.” The study, published recently in the online edition of Biological Conservation journal, also found that temperature, precipitation and other climate variables were much less important than beaver in maintaining open water areas in the wet-lands of the mixed-wood boreal forest in Alberta. In addition to impacting water quantity, beaver ponds contribute to an impressive list of valuable goods and services for humans - including cleaner sources of domestic water, more reliable water for irrigation and livestock, forage, opportunities for watching wildlife, hunting and fishing. Ponds trap and store tons of sediment which improves water quality downstream for people and livestock alike. This natural filtering and buffering of possible contaminants and recycling of excess nutrients (like phosphorus) assure cleaner water for all. And lastly, their ponds create diverse, productive and unique habitats for creatures great and small. This can enhance the biodiversity and connectivity of the overall landscape. Beaver dams and ponds check the velocity of streams and dissipate water energy laterally, creating speed bumps for streams. This decreases the risk (and r001744781

By: Cows and Fish


Now Available For Livestock Hauling

Okay with changes

Make changes - new proof required

Date/Time ad(s) sent for approval:_____________________ By:__________________

If we do not hear from you by 12:00 (noon) on ________________________we will assume the ad is approved for publication and will publish the ad as is, unless otherwise noticed, and change accordingly.

Date/Time approved: ___________ Signature: _________________________ Signature above assumes financial responsibility for placement of advertisement(s). Please fax back confirmation or any changes to: (250) 782-6770.

tor of water resource

Grundke Family Salers Since 1987 Bulls and Females for sale at the farm

‘the best of 200 cows’

us but only if we accommodate their activity and find a balance between the work of this sometimes pesky bucktoothed rodent and our land-use to sustain both on the land. Will we stick to our intolerance or will we partner with nature’s engineer to help store more water for free? The health of our watersheds, from headwaters to drinking tap, depends on our answer. Recently, Cows and Fish released a new Beaver Decision Matrix Tool – An Overview of Beaver Management for Agricultural Producers. Check it out, along with other factsheets at and the video, “Beavers – Love ‘Em, Hate ‘Em,” found by searching on YouTube.


Lazy S Charolais

Bulls will be semen tested. Delivery available

Werner & Debbie 780-924-2464 or


Ancient Greeks and Romans, bemused by the exotic giraffe, thought it was the result of an "unnatural" pairing between a camel and a leopard, going so far as to call it a "camelopardalis."

Attention Cattlemen!

Shadow Creek Red Polls

• Maternal traits with light birth weights • Dual purpose – high milk production • Registered Breeding stock for sale.

Purchase a Lewis cattle oiler or get your current Lewis oiler serviced to help control lice infestations in your herd. Check out our new 8 gallon upright tank oiler with drape and mineral block holder. Payment program available through Lewis Cattle Oilers with no banks or credit applications required. Monthly payments up to 18 months.

Dean & Marsha Anderson – Fort St John, BC Phone (250) 827-3293



FREE DELIVERY & SET UP For further information contact: Steve Major at 780-524-3312 or 780-524-8880


Herefords Charolais Simmentals

VISITORS WELCOME Randy & Chris Haddow 250-786-5048 Chad, Gene, Addison & Leah Haddow 250-784-3924

Over 40 years of business. R001729629

Red & Black 1 & 2 Year Olds


costs) of major flooding and slows erosion. Sediment captured by beaver ponds broadens stream valleys over time with rich deposits of soil and higher water tables to build productive riparian zones, wetlands, and meadows. There is a PHOTO COURTESY OF METRO diverse mosaic CREATIVE CONNECTION of vegetation, particularly willows in these areas, that protect and stabilize stream banks. Beaver ponds store surface water and recharge ground water. This increases water supply and releases water more steadily throughout the year - especially vital during droughts. Much of the stream water captured by ponds is stored under-ground in shallow aquifers and may re-enter the channel downstream. This keeps water temperatures cooler in summer and warmer in winter to the benefit of sport fish such as trout. In the 1800s, European fashion prized beaver pelts for hats, which spurred a westward wave of exploration as trappers searched for beaver. Excessive trapping eliminated beaver from most areas by the early 1900s. This was followed by intensive use of the land and drained watersheds. Without beavers, streams cut downward and some dried up, water tables dropped, woody vegetation disappeared and wild-life declined. The impacts on us have been considerable - including uncertain water flow, higher costs for water treatment and increased likelihood of erosion and flooding. Thanks to better management and reintroductions, beaver populations have rebounded over the past 50 years but only to 10-20% of their original numbers. Full recovery has been stymied … partly because we have not understood and appreciated the many services provided by beaver and the benefits for us. Life is all about water - a substance more precious than gold and likely more scarce as we move into a climatically uncertain future. With their ponds serving as natural water reservoirs, beaver can help

Gelbvieh Bulls


The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

Good selection of yearling bulls.

TAMARACK SHORTHORN Alvin & Deanna Johnson

Ph: 780-835-2645 • 780-835-0365

Roy and Erika Schweitzer Box 743, Beaverlodge, AB T0H 0C0

Box 27 Brownvale, AB T0H 0L0 Phone/Fax: (780) 597-3973


Ph: (780) 356-3611 Cell: (780) 402-5617 Email:

Yearling & 2 year old Bulls for Sale


& CanWest Trailers - Where Quality Proud to be your one stop source of quality trailers for 20 years in the Peace Country Service are a Way of Life • Box 362, Sexsmith, Alberta T0H 3C0 • Toll Free: 1.866.568.2136 • Local: 780.568.2136

18 The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

PC Country Limousin Bull Sale r001775875

Held April 3rd At VJV Auction Dawson Creek

The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014


FCC Economic Update: A look at a possible template for the future Trans-Pacific Partnership FARM CREDIT CANADA MAY 2, 2014

by Jean-Philippe Gervais, chief agricultural econmist, Farm Credit Canada On April 7, 2014, Australia and Japan concluded an Economic Partnership Agreement providing preferential access in both markets. Japan agreed to reduce trade taxes on many Australian exports while Australia will allow greater access for Japanese manufactured goods – more specifically electronics and automobiles. This deal doesn’t directly involve Canada, yet it’s potentially extremely significant. Australia is the first major agricultural exporter to gain access to the Japanese economy. This trade agreement sends a clear message that Japan is willing to concede increased market access and lower tariffs for sensitive sectors such as agriculture. Under the EPA, Japan opens up access to Australian beef, pork, cheese, horticulture, dairy, wine and seafood exports. The specifics vary by sector and commodities. In the case of beef, the tariff reductions will be from 38.5 per cent to 19.5 per cent for frozen beef and to 23.5 per cent for fresh beef. Australia is also reported to have gained an additional 20,000 tonnes of duty-free access of cheese exports. Japan is a high-value market for agriculture exports and is the third largest economy in the world behind the United States and China with a population of nearly 128 million. Opening up the Japanese

border to agricultural trade is a major opportunity for countries like Australia. The conclusion of this free trade agreement is significant to Canada for two primary reasons. First, Australia competes directly with Canada in the export market for high-value agricultural products. Our most recent Ag Economist blog post details our trade environment with Japan. Second, the Australia-Japan EPA could confer a temporary advantage to Australia over Canada because of the preferential access conceded to Australia over commodities that are very important to Canadian agriculture. Japan is the second largest market for Canadian pork products accounting for 28 per cent of our exports. It’s the fourth largest market for Canadian beef products despite the tariff wall at its border. Japan is an important market for grain and oilseeds, accounting for 14 per cent of Canadian exports. Finally, it is the second largest market for Canadian greenhouse exports. We believe any Australian advantage may be short-lived. This deal signals Japan is willing to consider opening market access for agriculture commodities, a sort of template for future deals. And Canada is currently negotiating with Japan on two fronts: a bilateral trade deal as well as part of a multilateral effort to create an enlarged Trans-Pacific Partnership. Japanese president Abe and U.S. president Obama just finished an intense negotiation round to build a template for a future TPP. Progress towards a bilateral deal was reported for some commodities, but

hurdles remain, notably in terms of U.S. beef access to the Japanese market. Leadership from Japan and the U.S. would be all that is needed to let the dominoes fall and complete a TPP deal in the not-so-distant future. Completing a trade deal with Japan, either through a bilateral agreement or the TPP, would have major implications for Canadian agriculture. In the bilateral case, all of Canadian agriculture would benefit from increased market access. In the multilateral effort, which is the TPP, the treatment of sensitive products and the market access expansion will be critical to monitor. The last few years have certainly been a fertile period for trade agreements. Current trade negotiations, the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement with the European Union and the free trade agreement with South Korea will continue to change the landscape of market competition for agricultural producers and food processors in Canada.


Purebred Simmental Breeders

Bulls and Females for SALE

Norbert & Janice Luken 780-835-3165 Email:


Home of Polled & Horned 100% Full Blood & Purebred Fleckvieh


Eckbert and Christa Georg and Sarah 250-263-8237 250-262-7681 Email • Box 159, Charlie Lake, BC V0C 1H0

PCSA Association President Jason Mcquaig 780.568.2647


Crystal Springs Ranch Inc. Weitzel Family


Elden, Einar, and Ole Bakkehaug Box 156, Hythe, AB T0H 2C0

(780) 356-2113


Secretary Treasurer Larry Love 780.402.2552




25 km North of Valleyview on Hwy. 49

Box 85, Cecil Lake, BC V0C 1G0

For Sale: 30+ Purebred Simmental Heifer Calves, all Polled, Solid Red or Black. onfor Feed. Yearling and 2 yr.Short old Bulls Sale by Private Treaty




Brad & Elaine Giesbrecht

Quarter Horse



Performance Breeding Stock Polled Reds and Blacks Box 1555 Valleyview, AB T0H 3N0

Simmental Cattle

• Bulls For Sale • •Red & Black Factor• r001692538

Box 223 Groundbirch, BC V0C 1T0

P: 250-780-2141 E:

rock Valley t a l F Simmentals


Chet & Jamie Jans

20 The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

Bull Sale

Held Sat, Apr 5th at VJV in Dawson Creek


Bar 4A Cattle Co.


The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014








RED ANGUS BULLS FOR SALE OFF THE FARM YEARLINGS & 2-YEAR OLDS Dan: (250) 630-2146 Cell: (250) 261-3955 Dan & Trudy Loewen & family Altona, BC (1 hour north of Fort St. John)



Aspen Aspen Hill Hill Red Heart Valley Angus Valley Angus Aspen Hill Red Red Angus Angus Heart Heart Valley Angus Box Alberta Box 235, Wanham, Alberta RR1,Woking, Woking, Alberta RR1, Alberta Aspen Hill Red Angus Valley Angus Box235, 235,Wanham, Wanham, Alberta and RR1, Woking, Alberta andHeart T0H 3P0 3P0 T0H3V0 3V0 T0H Box 235, Wanham,T0H Alberta T0H 3P0 RR1, Woking, Alberta T0H 3V0 and T0H 3P0 T0H 3V0 have teamed up to have to bring bring you you


have teamed up to bring you have teamed up to bring you

Unsurpassed Unsurpassed Unsurpassed Unsurpassed Genetics! Angus Genetics! Angus Genetics! Angus Genetics!


Yearling & 2-Yr-Old Bulls - Off The Farm Box 275 Manning, Alberta T0H 2M0

Ron Gordey


Registered Black Angus Bulls

Phone: 1-780-836-2584 Cell: 1-780-836-6239 Fax: 1-780-836-2582


Chris Tschetter Cell:780-864-8918 Chris Tschetter Cell:780-864-8918 Cell:780-864-8918 Cell:780-864-8918

Battle River Black Angus

C O .

Hugh Atkin 780-512-3641 Joleen (Joe) Meservy 780-834-8286

Call for for more information Call Call formore moreinformation information Call for more information Chris Tschetter GeorgeLeBlanc LeBlanc George Chris Tschetter

George LeBlanc Cell:780-402-9509 George LeBlanc Cell:780-402-9509 Cell:780-402-9509 email: Cell:780-402-9509 email: email: email:

Sec./Treas. - Cindy Bjorklund 780-835-3530 r001757553

yer 780-354-2726


Quality Red Angus Bred For Calving Ease, High Maternal, Marbling & Muscle r001690377



Lloyd & Donna 1-800-667-2251


MacKay & Jeanne 1-780-835-0356

Paul & Colleen Jex-Blake

Box 1729, Grimshaw AB, T0H 1W0 Ph: 780.597.2001

Gumbo Gulch


Cattle Company



Ph: 780-685-2531 • Cell: 780-835-0770



Established 1962 • Registered Pioneer Herd

(250) 759-4717



Ken & Rebecca Mackenzie & Family Tel: 780-836-2049 • Box 35, Deadwood, AB TOH 1A0

RING CREEK FARMS REGISTERED BLACK ANGUS PH: (780) 835-4338 Pat & Len Friedel, Fairview, AB


R001706731 r001776431

Angus Excellent selection of yearling bulls still available.

Cow & heifer Bulls for sale by private treaty.

Yearling Bulls & Heifers for Sale

STEVE AYLWARD (250)786-5031 or (250)784-5136 DALE AYLWARD (250)786-5478 P.O. BOX 132, DAWSON CREEK, B.C. V1G 4G3

Box 202 - Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4G3

Mark & Ginger Zahacy

Registered Red & Black Angus Box 2139 High Prairie, AB T0G 1E0

Quality Registered Yearling & 2-yr-old Bulls for Sale on the Farm

Phone (780) 523-5356 Cell (780) 523-1356


Registered Red Angus Yearling and 2 Year Old bulls For Sale by Private Treaty

2-YEAR-OLD & YEARLING BULLS BULLS FOR SALE OFF THE RANCH The Roys - Chris, Jen & Family Fairview, Alberta

(780) 835-0463 Email:


Dale Schwerdt, Worsley, AB

Visitors Welcome

Mile 11 on #2 Highway South of Dawson Creek



Don & Sheri Murphy


2 Year-Old Bulls For Sale

FEATURING SONS OF OLE OSCAR & DWAJO PLATINUM Contact Clarence & Darleen Budal Email: Coffee is Always On!


22 The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014



Red Angus Bull Sale 1:00pm, May 28, 2014


Grand Prairie Livestock Market

60 TWO-Year-Old Bulls on Offer on the Ranch

Grande Prairie, Alberta

Bred, Born, and Raised for the Peace Country Quality & Affordable for Commercial Cattlemen

Maynard Boese (780) 568-4340

Curtis Boese (780) 876-4526

Rocky Creek Ranch Box 2289 Chetwynd, B.C. V0C 1J0


Performance Tested • Vet Certified Personalized Service

Yearling and 2-year-old Red Angus Bulls on Offer - Semen Tested & Ready to Work - Bred to Light/Moderate Birthweights with Smooth Heads, Shoulders and Hips Call us today for more information Verne 250-788-2913, Les 250-788-9858 or Marty 780-831-4399 Les Keutzer


2014 • Sales Calendar • 2014

14809-100 Street, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 7C2 *** Sales Barn - Highway 2 North of Grande Prairie

780-532-3949 • Fax: 780-532-2211

Website: • Email:

Financing Available Through Cattlemen’s Financial Corp. The Grande Prairie Livestock Market - Your Complete Marketing Service



DLMS Sales Thursdays 10:00 a.m.

Watch for Additional Sales. 24 hour G.P. Livestock / Big Country XX FM Farm Phone: 780-539-0842



Regular Sale 10 am





Regular Sale 10 am





FEEDER SALE Producer Pens 10:00 a.m. Regular Sale to Follow




Regular Sale 10 am


Wednesday, May 28: Rocky Creek Red Angus Bull Sale 1:00 pm 4














28 Regular Sale 10:00 a.m. 29




HORSE SALE Large Item Tack 11 a.m. Horses Noon





SUPPORT YOUR CANADIAN BEEF PRODUCER Marty Gilfillan: Cell: (780) 831-4399

Ralph Calder: Cell: (780) 518-5586

Ethan Gilfillan: Cell: (780) 882-6072

The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014


In they come... out they go

It was “In they come ... out they go” at the regular cattle sale at Vold Jones Vold May 1st. The sales alley saw a good number of calves move through the building. Oh yes, to Rob who said that he would come and get me if we printed his picture - stop at McDonald’s first (a large black would be nice). ‘Since 1957’

Vold Jones & Vold Auction Co. Ltd. Bonded & Licensed Livestock Dealers

‘Since 1957’

Dawson Creek, BC

Vold Jones & Vold Auction Co. Ltd. Bonded & Licensed Livestock Dealers

Ponoka, AB

Contact our reps for current marketing trends, prices, booking of cattle into the Auction Mart or satellite sales. On Thursday May 1, 2014 660 head of cattle went through Vold Jones Vold Auction in Dawson Creek

On Wednesday, April 30, 2014- 1976 head of cattle went through our rings & 1110 head on the Canadian Satellite sale - TOTAL - 3086


SLAUGHTER CATTLE D1 - D2 Cows D3 - D4 Cows Holstein Cows Heiferettes Bologna Bulls Feeder Bulls

97.00-105.00 90.00-95.00 N/A 95.00-110.00 100.00-118.00 105.00-120.00

Good Bred Cows Good Bred Heifers Cow/calf pairs younger Older Cows Milk Cows

1500.00-1900.00 N/A 1600.00-1800.00 N/A N/A

130.00-150.00 145.00-160.00 168.00-182.00 185.00-205.00 198.00-218.00 200.00-225.00 205.00-225.00 N/A

Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers

102.00-113.00 92.00-100.00 80.00-95.00 100.00-120.00 100.00-124.00 105.00-125.00

Young Bred Cows Older Bred Cows Good Bred Heifers: Cow/calf pairs (younger) Cow/Calf pairs (older)

1400.00-1700.00 NONE 1800.00-2400.00 N/A


STOCKERS & FEEDERS Good Feeder Steers 1000 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 900 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 800 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 700 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 600 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 500 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 400 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 300 lbs Plus:

D1 - D2 cows D3 - D4 cows Holstein cows Heiferettes Bologna Bulls Feeder bulls

120.00-132.00 130.00-154.00 153.00-172.00 170.00-187.00 185.00-202.00 190.00-207.00 195.00-210.00 N/A

For more info go to SALES EVERY THURSDAY @ 10AM • INTERNET MARKET REPORT: Canadian Satellite Web site: • Email:

Dawson Creek Auction ‘Mile Zero City’

301 - 116 Ave., Dawson Creek, BC Dawson Creek Office (250) 782.3766 • VJV Main Office

RON KRAMER 250.827.3245 • DON FESSLER - CATTLE SALES 250.719.5561 NEIL CAMPBELL 780.765.3054, cell 780.814.4113 TRAPPER GREEN - 780.837.0171 ART PATTERSON - 250.782.6500, cell 250.784.4307 r001704311

Good Feeder Steers 1000 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 900 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 800 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 700 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 600 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 500 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 400 lbs Plus: Good Feeder Steers 300 lbs Plus:

Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers Heifers

140.00-159.00 158.00-168.00 175.00-190.00 205.00-218.00 215.00-230.00 225.00-240.00 225.00-245.00 225.00-245.00

125.00-142.00 150.00-162.00 165.00-178.00 185.00-198.00 195.00-205.00 200.00-215.00 205.00-220.00 205.00-225.00

Dairy Steers


Hay: Sq Bales


Rd Bales


Baby Calves Dairy Type:


Straw: Sq. Bales


Rd Bales


Baby Calves Beef Type:


Greenfeed: Sq. Bales.


Rd Bales


For more info go to SALES EVERY WEDNESDAY INTERNET MARKET REPORT: Canadian Satellite Web site: • Email:

Cattle Capital of Canada

4410 - Hwy. 2A Ponoka, Alberta PH: 403.783.5561 FAX: 403.783.4120

24 The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

DAVE ROSS EQUIP. LTD Ph: 780-864-3731,

Spirit River

May 2 - 2014

Fax: 864-3468,

Toll Free 1-800-661-7401 Web site:

Ross Equip. Ltd Since 1943

May 2 - 2014

Instock, 40km

Versatile Delta Track DT500 - DT550 In Stock

NEW Apollo 25.6, 71hp, Lift cap 5,500# lift 19’ 4”x 48” forks, Cab, A/C, 27km, hyd coupler, lites, 99,150 wt 10,600 lbs only 83,000

Instock, 40km Blow Out Price.

2013 120’ Boom SX275 Versatile Sprayer Call for Your Price. 2014 DT500 Versatile 500 hp P/Shift Del/Cab A/S/R 6 E/ hyd 110 gpm diff/lock HID/lites, R/fan, camera 514,650 36” Tracks, introductory offer 415,900

275hp Cum,5 spd Allison AutoTrans, air ride susp, 1200 gal Tank, , Auto steer, 300 gps, tilt, A/boom, accu boom.


239,900 Blowout 219,900 New stock

Call for Your Price.

100’ RG1100 Rogator SS tank, Viper Pro, Au Accu boom, Auto boo 380/90R46, Air ride, A 412,500

Call for Your Price. 2013 310 Versatile 310hp, 16spd Power Shift 4 E/hyd 55 gpm, Fenders L/3pt. L/wts 540/1000pto $267,500 20.8R42D, 16.9R30S 217,900 Tier 3

2014 DT550 Versatile 550 hp P/Shift Del/Cab A/S/R 6 E/ hyd 110 gpm diff/lock HID/lites, camera 534,750 36” Tracks, introductory offer 445,900

New Agri-Tech 40.7, 128hp Lift cap 9,000# 120’ RG1100 Rogator Lift 23’ boom susp Cab A/C forks 48”x adj 72” wide, 450,500 144,250 Empty wt 15,900 lbs only 126,900


Instock, 40km

Fall Special CNT .

RT490 Versatile Combine, 490 hp 16’ PU 414,350 Class 8 intro 259,900 New stock

Call for Your Price.

2012 305 Versatile 305hp, 16spd Power Shift 4 E/hyd 55 gpm, Fenders L/3pt. L/wts 540/1000pto $226,350 208 20.8R42D,16.9R30 1-Only $179,900 Tier 3

New Agri-Tech 35.7 128hp 540 / 1000 PTO, Lift 7,700# Lift 23’ boom susp Cab A/C forks

2013 550 Versatile 550 hp, P/Shift Del/Cab 110 hyd 6 E/ hyd diff/lock Radar, A/S/R, Canbus, Radar 478,640 800/70R38 Firestone Only 359,900

48”x adj 72” wide 3 rear hyd, 1 boom hyd, Rev fan, 55gpm / pump, lites,boom suspension, 22.5” Ag tires, 159,250 Empty wt 15,900 lbs only 131,900

35’ MacDon Draper Header w/PU reel 85,150 intro 76,100 Call for Your Price.

Call for Your Price.

120’ RG1100 Rogator $508,500 All Wheel S

Call for Your Price. 2013 305 Versatile 305hp, 16spd Power Shift 4 E/hyd 55 gpm, Fnds HID L/3pt wts 540/1000pto $230,500 506489 20.8R42D, 16.9R30 $198,900 2013 305 Versatile 305hp, 16spd Power Shift 4 E/hyd 55 gpm, Fnds HID L/3pt. L/wt 540/1000pto $221,430 506487 20.8R42D, 16.9R30 $192,900

2014 500 Versatile 500 hp, P/Shift Del/Cab 110 hyd 6 E/ hyd diff/lock Radar, A/S/R, Canbus, Radar 436,650 800/70R38 Firestone Only 333,000

70’ML 970 “ALIVE” shank monitor, D/S

Tier 3

90’ 2005 8500 Willmar S

New 825 gal/tank, 380/90R4 Trimble Ez –boom, Ez Auto Reg 135,300 #85107 n Blow Out Price.

9400 JD 97, 8khr, 425hp, 5 new 710/38 4 hyd 129,400

Air Drill 5 section, 634 bu tank, 4th tank

001996 Special


415,500 520x85R38 duals


Model 1214 Unloader



Call for Your Price.

1014 Farm Boy Unloader

Call for Your Price.

1214 Renn Unloader 12’

Call for Your Price.

2014 450 Versatile 450 hp, P/S TA22, Del/Cab 110 hyd 6 E/ hyd diff/lock Radar, A/S/R, Canbus, Radar 416,620 800/70R38 Firestone Only 312,000

2013 280 Versatile 280hp, 16spd PS, 3 E/hyd 710/70R38, 600/65R28 540/1000pto, Fenders, L/3pt. $232,440 with FEL 506468 $193,900 12’ 650 Offset 10”s 26”x8mm 38,940


Tier 3

Blow Out Price. 2012 535 Versatile 535 hp, P/Shift 780 hrs Del/Cab leather 80gpm, 6 E/ hyd, A/S/R, Canbus, HID lites, $442,300 850/60R38 Trelleborg 1-Only $249,900

Call for Your Price.

Blow Out Price.

2375 Versatile 375hp QSM11 Turbo 4 hyd 710/70R38 duals 4 hyds Radio work lites msrp $323,200 Only $181,000 Blow Out Price.

NEW 2375 Versatile 375hp 520/85R42 duals 4 hyd Only $174,900 $284,200 work lites radio

32’ TD600 TANDUM DISK, 10.5”S, 26X8mm c/o frt 26x8mm S/rear, S/L hitch 650# per ft, T2-215 brgs MSRP 92,100 Brg wear grds Intro 77,900 36’ TD600 TANDUM DISK, 96,100



Base unit msrp 88,120 Options 1nd sets drop

2013 280 Versatile 280hp, 16spd PS, 3 E/hyd

710/70R38, 600/65R28 540/1000pto, rear wts L/3pt. $237,470 with FEL 506488 $196,900 Pre-owned

Call for Your Price.

40’ HD 500 CULT 10”S 550# 76,800 Intro 61,900 52’ HD 600 CULT 12”S 600# 111,120 Intro 89,900 60’ HD 600 CULT 12”S 600# 117,125 Intro 96,900

20’ V-Wing Ditche

Call for Your Price.

Blow Out Price. 2012 535 Versatile 535 hp, P/Shift 780 hrs Del/Cab leather 80gpm, 6 E/ hyd, A/S/R, Canbus, HID lites, $442,300 850/60R38 Trelleborg 1-Only $249,900

Blow Out Price.

2006 2145 Versatile 145hp, 18spd PS, 3 E/hyd 6600 hr 710/70R38 600/65R28, 540/1000rpm pto, $127,350 w/ FEL, grapple 105,900 89,900

Blow Out Price.

60’ Morris Maxlll Air Drill 10”Space D/S

8425 Tank, 3 Tanks, 425 bu, grip tires, $69,500 84,450 midrow banders 75,900

32’ V-Wing Ditche

Base unit msrp 144,2 Options 2nd sets drop



The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

Spirit River, Ab


Web site:

Toll Free 800-661-7401 for Matt, Al, AJ or Larry Ross Chrysler Since 1948


2014 Sprayer 1100 uto Steer, 300 GPS, om wheels, Frt load Air Dryer Pkg,


Web site:

35’ M155 MD Swather 148hp,600/65R28,

May 2 - 2014 All Programs deducted

For Quotes email -, or

32 mpg

40 mpg

V6 Diesel & Air Ride

N S p i rit R i v er

R y c ro ft



O n ly 4 0 m ile s N o rth o f G ra n d e P ra irie

Se xsm ith

G r ande P r ai rie



16.5x16.1, DKD, 6 B/PUR, Transport, HID lites 191,900 msrp $209,400 May 1/2014 Free form 10’ hydraulic roller add Free form 10’ manual winch roller add

5,000 3,800

MSRP $61,850

32 mpg

2014 Sprayer 1100


MSRP $80,750

MSRP $68,950

f56,800 14 D1500 Laramie 8A CC4X4SB l814626

14 Citadel AWD 8spd, 5.7L 181558

$57,600 14 D2500 L / horn C/C4x4 SB 508729 40 mpg

Dsl & Air Ride

$67,900 Diesel

Coil Susp

40’ M155 MD Swather 148hp,600/65R28, 16.5x16.1, DKD, 6 B/PUR, Transport, HID lite 200,900 msrp $222,400 May 1 /2014

MSRP $51,950


14 Limited AWD 8spd, V6vvt 643479

34 mpg

MSRP $79,350

MSRP $58,950


$48,600 14 D2500 L / horn C/C4x4 SB 953715

14 D1500 SLT V6d 8ACC4X4SB v080536

40 mpg

Dsl & Air Ride


2014 Sprayer 1100 415,900 Steer MSRP $37,940

$34,000 14 D1500 SLT V6 8ACC4X4SB v079536

14Journey R/T AWD 3.6L v561347 NEW AB Grain Driers assembled & tested, ready for delivery to your Farm.

34 mpg

33 mpg

$34,000 14 G1500 SLT CC4X4 V6 8A SB I081461

14Journey R/T AWD 3.6L 541346

46, crop/divider auto-boom Steer, 710 tire avail $10k new hydro 124,900

36 mpg

1,000 bu/hr A/B Grain Drier

reg 43,500 reg 54,500

Approx. Capacity Barley 24T/hr (1000bu/hr) 20 to 15 @ 98oC, w/ambient AIR of 10o C & 20% R/H

$256,000 Customer no trade discount -16,000 47,500 Customer net Price fob SR $240,000 Flat rate Frt to Alta, Sask or Mb + 5,000 Customer net Price fob his farm $245,000


216,000 + frt 30,000 + su 10,000

DF22000 40’Long x 10’ Tran/Width x 13’ High Requires, 75hp 110 amp 3 ph power, 5 m/btu, NG burner max 20 psi at the meter, Auger box end discharge, Control Panel 3 ph 460-480 volt.


0 intro p downs

$32,900 14 G1500 Laramie QC4X4 8ASB 945531


36 mpg



Bright silver


36 mpg




520 Scale 5 point system

79,500 7,500

MSRP $52,330



MSRP $76,250


MSRP $69,850


MSRP $77,260


14 D3500 Larmie C/C4x4 LB 715699

White Diesel


13 D3500 SLT CC 4x4 SB 389607

36 mpg

1300 bu G/Cart tarp 50” tires $95,100


5.7L V8 Hemi VVT



12 G/Caravan SXT 6spd 224349s

MSRP $76,750


$54,200 13 D2500 SLT CC 4x4 SB 608615

White Diesel



$54,800 White Diesel

Silver Diesel


er, less drop downs 200 intro 134,000 p downs 23,500

1000+ bu. GC9250 UF Grain Cart, w/Tarp c/w 17” Auger, 1000 pto, 900/60x32R1 $59,500 48,900

$64,900 14 D3500 SLT C/C4x4 LB l320632

$40,900 12 G2500 SLT CC 4x4 LB 898473

36 mpg



MSRP $76,750

$41,900 14 D2500 Larmie C/C4x4 SB 385694

14 Town & Country 6spd 120469

12 Town & Country 6spd 441459

82,000 16,000

$48,100 14 D2500 Larmie C/C4x4 LB 622692 Diesel



MSRP $58,850

Coil Susp


er, less drop down

$41,100 14 D2500 Larmie C/C4x4 SB 377692

26 mpg

MSRP $76,450

Coil Susp

MSRP $50,950

Air Susp


14 G/Caravan SXT 6spd 409382

$48,600 14 D2500 Laramie C/C4x4 LB I940691



MSRP $37,940

Sprayer 200hp 2300hrs

MSRP $58,950


14 G/Caravan SXT 6spd 420382



13 D3500 Laramie CC4x4 SB 619691

$76,430 $62,400 13 D2500 SLT CC 4x4 LB 434622




ww.rossequip. ca • ROSS CHRYSLER

26 The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

John Deere adds Mulch On Demand™ deck to select Quiktrak™ stand-on commercial mowers The new 652R QuikTrak comes equipped with a Mulch On Demand deck Image of 652R QuikTrak with a Mulch On Demand deck CARY, North Carolina (April 17, 2014) – John Deere is continuing to meet the needs of its customers with the expansion of its Mulch On Demand (MOD) mower deck offering. The exclusive MOD is now available in the 2014 QuikTrak commercial mower lineup, which includes the 652R MOD and 652R EFI MOD models. The Mulch On Demand deck was previously only available in the John Deere ZTrak line. The John Deere Mulch On Demand deck allows an operator to switch between mulching and side discharging without leaving the mower. This saves cleanup time by keeping clippings off sidewalks and driveways and out of mulch beds. The QuikTrak MOD can be converted from a wide-open-side-discharge mode to a full-chambered mulching mode or any position in-between by holding down on the electric switch that is conveniently located on the dash. “The Mulch On Demand deck has proven capabilities that allow the operator to boost productivity and versatility in their commercial mowing operation,” said Chris Russell, John Deere product manager. “As the interest in stand-on mowers increases, it only made sense to integrate this industry-exclusive technology into the QuikTrak lineup. Now more commercial landscape contractors can enjoy the benefits of Mulch On Demand.” The 652R MOD features a commercial-quality


Two R Series models feature exclusive technology tested and proven in zero-turn machines

50’ x 100’ Truss Arch

(Fort St. John Area)

Engineered to take a 50lb/square foot snow load • Showing two 26’ wide x 18’ high AccuTrak winch doors • Two 36” Steel Man Doors • 15 year pro rated warranty on main cover • Rafters on 10’ Centres DON’T LET THE WEATHER DESTROY YOUR EQUIPMENT

Call for other available options & pricing

We sell single & truss arch buildings to any length. ...valuables out of the weather at a reasonable cost! g n i c Get your u d o Intr

Peace Country Shelters Phone (Fax) 250-827-3373 Email:

8’ x 16’ Custom Cargo

8’x16’ Custom Cargo

V-twin air-cooled engine coupled with an easy-tolearn hydrostatic transmission. The unit is equipped with a seven-gauge 52-inch Mulch On Demand mower deck and a 23.5* horsepower engine. The 652R EFI MOD boasts a commercial-quality electronic fuel injected (EFI) V-twin air-cooled engine for faster starts, smoother operation, and greater efficiency. The EFI model is also equipped with a seven-gauge 52-inch MOD deck, but comes with a 25.0* horsepower engine. John Deere QuikTrak mowers offer a lightweight, compact footprint for easy maneuverability around obstacles and contours in the turf. The zero-turn capability gives it best-in-class productivity, and they are easy to trailer, allowing crews to have multiple mowers on a job site. Like the rest of the John Deere lineup, the R Series MOD models are an eligible purchase within the GreenFleet™ Loyalty Rewards program. The industryexclusive loyalty program from John Deere is designed to help customers manage their equipment more easily and cost-effectively. Visit your local John Deere dealer, or www. to learn more. *The engine horsepower and torque information are provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. Actual operating horsepower and torque will be less. Refer to the engine manufacturer’s web site for additional information.


Circle J Lightning 7

30’ Triple Axle


• (2) 3,500 # axles • 110 volt package Pullwindows out Awning ••(2) w/ sliders/screens Rubber coin floor $ ••14’ awning/insulated $ • 110 volt Package

11,575 10,985

• 3 Compartments w/Sliders • 3 x 7,000# Torsion Axles

✔ - aluminum 4 Horse Bumper pull trailer MSRP $30,715 ✔ - 7’H x 7’W ✔ - (2) 6,000# axles We ca ✔n ! down feed windows er- drop re-ord ✔ - front tack w/ many extras!


33Horse HorseExiss ExissGooseneck Gooseneck

20,530 20,530 17,463

••2’2’Shortwall Shortwall••Dressing DressingRoom Room $ ••All AllAluminum Aluminum $$ ••6’6’Hayrack Hayrackand andLadder Ladder



16’ Tridem Bumper 3 Horse PullBumper-Pull Dump

2x3,500# axles, axles, 2x3,500# Mesh sides, sides, Mesh Side-rail ramps ramps Side-rail

3,350 3,350


• (3) 7,000# torsion axles Drop down feed gate windows ••3-way spreader Aluminum construction ••low-pro frame


15,618 12,550


16’ Gooseneck Dump • 3x7,000# Axles • Ramps, D-Rings, Tarp • 10 ton Scissor Hoist

12,950 13,550


36’ Triple Axle Gooseneck 20’ Charmac Stock 2(3) x 7,000# 7,000#Torsion torsionAxles axles 7’14Wide and 7” Tall ply tires LED’s andand Rubber Floor Ladder pipe bridge


Tel: 780.532.6827 Tel: 780.532.6827 •



12,350 11,750

20’ Loaded Loaded Stock Stock Combo Combo 20’ •• 22 xx 7,000# 7,000# Torsion Torsion Axles Axles Rubber Floors Floors •• Rubber •• Sealed Tack Sealed Tack Room Room w/4 w/4 Tier Tier Saddle Saddle Rack Rack

24,577 23,228 18,900 17,400

$$ $$



14’Tandem TandemUtility Utility 14’

30’ 30’ Triple Triple Axle Axle Gooseneck Gooseneck

• 3 x 7,000# Torsion •• 3Spring x 7,000# Torsion Assist Ramps w/Center • Spring Assist Ramps w/Center $ Lift Floor $ Lift Floor


14,915 $13,750 $

20’ Gooseneck Dump 3 Horse Aluminum -2x10,000# Axles • 7’ wide, 7’ tall -Dump TruckTorison style Tarp • 2x3,500# Axles • Drop down feed windows

Tel: 780.532.6827


15,250 13,812


9905 - 132 Ave. Grande Prairie, AB - 132 Ave. , Grande Prairie, AB Monday - Friday: 8:30am905 - 5:00pm (across from Keddies) (across from Keddies) Equipment Ltd. Saturday: 9:00am - 3:00 pm Equipment & Trailer Sales Closed Sundays & Holidays Trailer Sales MONDAY - FRIDAY: 8:30AM - 5:00PM • SATURDAY: 9:00AM - 3:00 PM • CLOSED SUNDAYS & HOLIDAYS


Equipment Ltd.

The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014



Bar B Charolais George Bolin of Bar B Charolais (right) relaxes in the dining area of Vold Jones Vold in Dawson Creek with Rob Carlson (centre) and Rob’s son at the conclusion of George’s bull sale on Thursday, April 10th. Rob’s son will be the third generation of rancher on the family farm.

RR#2 Sexsmith, AB T0H 3C0

Your One Stop For New, Used & Rebuilt Ag Parts Tel: (780) 568-4100 • Fax: (780) 568-2000 r001691486

Toll Free: 1 (800) 340-1192 Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 8am - 5pm

Seed Drill Parts Available

MXU 125 Case IH

Where are farmland values heading? by James Bryan, agricultural economics analyst, Farm Credit Canada Agricultural economists are said to seldom agree on things. The outlook for farmland values provides an excellent case in point. FCC released its annual Farmland Values Report last week. The national average farmland value increased 22 per cent, the highest increase FCC has ever reported. Large profit margins for crop production and continued low interest rates have driven the recent surge, mostly observed in the first half of last year. As we’ve noted before, the margins for the crop sector are expected to tighten. But there’s no consensus on what the future entails. Opinions diverge broadly, as outlined in these two separate outlooks on farmland markets. A Re/Max report states that despite a moderation of prices in the shortterm, the positive long-term outlook for Canadian agriculture will sustain a


This one


Krause New 34’ Class 3 Disc w.26”/Rockflex gangs/rear hitch/600lbs/ft (Reg. $87,000)


This one


Landpride All Purpose Seeder 7’ w/cast iron pkr/3th/demo’d (Reg. $8,600)



2009 Landini Vision 105 mfwd/ FEL/pth/1800hrs/100hp

This one

Coming in Spra-Coupe 4640 HiClearance Sprayer/low hours



Cab Damage • Genesis Engine • LX156 Loader w/ Bucket and Grapple

NEW ARRIVALS 8460 MF Combine CR9080 NH Combine 1680 IH Combine

8820 JD Combine 9030 Versatile 8640 John Deere Wilson Stock Trailer

2670 Case 1594 David Brown 9400 John Deere

Saddliells H



Wilson Super B


CALL RON TODAY! 7805684100 7804021244



Morris Maxim 30’ Airdrill/to be configured as single shoot/ liquid&NH3kit not included/clean unit

D L O S $


2012 Kubota SVL75 Track Skid Steer (30hrs/75HP/Warranty) bkt

Grande Equipment Ltd. 10116 - 132 Avenue, Grande Prairie, Alberta



New Holland TC35 Tractor fwa/ loader/soft cab/1900hrs/30hp



1990 Deutz Allis 9170 Tractor mfwd/170 ptoHP/3pth/7500hrs AFTER HOUR SALES: LAVERN (780) 512-1580 RANDY (780) 831-0053


AFTER HOURS PARTS: (780) 831-0050 SERVICE: (780) 831-0051

“healthy” demand for farmland. Professors Baker, Boehlje & Langemeier from Purdue University (Indiana) conducted a study which urges more caution when it comes to farmland valuation. “Even though our data confirms the conventional wisdom that farmland has high returns, low risk, and is a good inflation hedge, the current [price/10-year average rental rate] ratio suggests this is not a good time to buy. Those purchasing farmland today should not ignore the prospects of “buyer’s remorse.” Although crop prices have rebounded from their recent lows, the drivers of this recovery may be short term; such as being a function of the situation in Ukraine. As 2014 progresses, I’d urge crop producers to be cautious about using recent returns to project future cash flow. What are you seeing in your area? View the most recent Ag Econmist Commentary here.

PH: (780) 538-9330 • Fax: (780) 538-9328• Email: • Website: • Toll Free: 1-800-668-3955 (AB/BC)

28 The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

Become a Master of Mowing Self propelled. Mulch, bag or side discharge.

X300 Premium Series As low as $112/Month!

John Deere JS28

Retail $558

Sale: $498

John Deere JS38

Retail $666

Sale: $591

John Deere JS48 Electric Start

Retail $760

X500 Premium Series

Sale: $675

John Deere 40” Thatcherator

•18.5HP •Hydro Transmission •V-Twin iTorque Power Sys. •38-inch Mower Deck •4 YR/ 300 HR WARRANTY

Retail $4036

Z255 Zero Turn

Z235 Zero Turn

24 Months or 120 Hr Warranty

As low as $90/Month!


•20HP •42-inch Edge™ Deck •Hydro-Gear EZT Trans. •7.0 mph Mowing Speed •18 x 7.50 Rear Tires •Cut up to 0.5 acres/hour


•22HP V-Twin Engine •48-inch Edge™ Deck •Hydro-Gear EZT Trans. •7.0 mph Mowing Speed •18 x 8.50 Rear Tires •Cut up to 1 acre/hour

As low as $72/Month!

•19.5HP Single Cyl. •42-inch Mower Deck •2 Pedal Foot Control •Hydro Trans. •18-inch Turning Radius

Grande Prairie Fairview La Crete Dawson Creek 780.532.8402 780.835.4440 780.928.3337 250.782.4141


Retail $2748

On Sale $2447

Z425 Zero Turn

As low as $144/Month!

24 Months or 120 Hr Warranty •22HP V-Twin Engine •54-inch Edge™ Deck •Hydro Transmission •8.5 mph Mowing Speed •22 x 9.5 Rear Tires •Cut up to 1.5 acres/hour

Retail $5155 On Sale: $4599


As low as $77/Month!

•22HP •V-Twin engine •42-inch Mower Deck •2 Pedal Foot Control •Hydro Trans. •Special Edition inc/ Front Bumper, High Back Seat & Cruise Control!

On Sale $6659

Retail $7448

Retail $2973

On Sale $2639 As low as $83/Month!

•22HP •Hydro Trans. •V-Twin engine •48-inch Mower Deck •2 Pedal Foot Control •Electric PTO

Toll Free: 1-877-553-3373

Items may not be exactly as shown, accessories & attachments cost extra. Taxes, set-up, delivery, freight, and preparation charges not included. Prices are based on the US exchange are subject to change. A documentation fee of up to $250 will be applied on all finance offerings. Additional fees may apply. Some restrictions apply. Programs and prices subject to change without notice, at any time, see dealer for full details. Offer valid from March 4, 2014 until May 31, 2014. Financing on approved John Deere Financial credit only. See dealer for details. Limited time offer which may not be combined with other offers. Discounts or other incentives may be available for cash purchases. By selecting the purchase financing offer, consumers may be foregoing such discounts and incentives which may result in a higher effective interest rate. 2For purchases on your Multi-use Account for personal use. Offer is unconditionally interest free for the first 12 months. After the 12 month period, for eligible purchases of goods and services: 1) a minimum monthly payment of 2.5% of the original amount financed is required; and 2) finance charges will begin to accrue immediately on amount financed at 17.9% per annum. Minimum purchase amount may be required. A statement of account will be provided monthly. Representative Amount Financed: $1,000, at 17.9% APR/AIR, monthly payment is $25 for 62 months, total obligation is $1,550, cost of borrowing is $550. Monthly payments and cost of borrowing will vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment. MSRP cash price based on highest priced product in series: is $8,657. Cost of borrowing is based on Representative Amount Financed and not MSRP cash price. Minimum finance amount may be required and representative amount does not guarantee offer applies. In the event you default on this or any John Deere Financial Multi-use Account transaction, interest on all outstanding balances on your Multi-use Account (including on this and all other Special Terms transactions on your Multi-use Account) will begin to accrue immediately at 19.75% APR/AIR from the date of default until paid in full, and you will be required to make monthly payments on your Multi-use Account equal to 2.5% (personal use); 3.0% (commercial use) of the original amounts financed plus interest.



Retail $3799 On Sale: $3399

On Sale $2269

John Deere 40” Spike Aerator

Retail $540

Retail $2557

As low as $107/Month!

24 Months or 120 Hr Warranty

Retail $3206 On Sale: $2866

Retail $414

On Sale $3599

•24HP •Hydro Trans. •V-Twin iTorque Power Sys. •48-inch Mower Deck •Heavy Duty Tractor •4 YR/ 500 HR WARRANTY!

The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

Toll Free 1-877-553-3373 John Deere 9630T

John Deere 1830

•2008 •530 Horse Power •Autotrac ready •36-inch Track •Guidance-ready •Xenon lighting •Wide Swing Drawbar on Rollers

9630T Tractors are Interest Free until June 30th 2015! COMBINES

$235,000 Price Reduced! Now Only $215,000

4-JD S680 (13) 2WD, Duals, Chopper, yield monitor, guidance ready, c/w Header $379,000 JD S680 (12) 2WD, Duals, Chopper, yield $375,000 monitor, guidance ready, c/w Header JD S680 (13), 2WD, Duals, Chopper, $370,000 guidance ready, c/w Header. starting at JD S670 (13) 2WD, Duals, Chopper, yield $363,000 monitor, guidance ready, c/w Header

JD 568 (10) MegaWide p/u, twine & Surface wrap, 1000 PTO JD 956 Mower Conditioner (10)


JD 9750 (01) 2WD, Chopper, hyd fore/ aft reel, GS wiring harness only, 20ft auger


New Holland TX68 c/w header starting @


2-JD 9600, JD 914 header, starting @


JD 4630 (12) 80ft Poly Tank, Guidance Ready, Traction Control, 20” spacings

New Holland 1441 (00) Mower Conditioner 2-New Holland BR780 round baler, reg p/u, twine, 1000 PTO, 5ft bales starting at


JD 946 Mower Conditioner (03) JD 946 Mower Conditioner (02)

Kuhn FC 4000G Mower Conditioner (04)

$8,000 $6,500 $6,000 $2,900 $2,900



Price Reduced! $109,000

$19,000 Versatile SX275 (12) 100ft boom, SS $16,700 Tank, 20 inch spacings $14,500 JD 4720 90ft boom, Boom Leveling, SS $12,000 Tank, Hyd Tread adjust, 380/ 105r50 tires

JD 535 (92) Round Baler, regular pickup, twine, 1000PTO, 5ft bales JD 535 (89) Round Baler, regular pickup, 2-JD S670 (13) 2WD, Duals, Chopper, twine, 1000PTO, 5ft bales yield monitor, guidance ready, c/w Header $359,000 Case IH 8480 (92) Round baler, twine, JD S670 (12) 2WD, Chopper, Yield 540 PTO, Reg p/u, makes 5ft bales $330,000 Monitor, Guidance Ready, C/w Header Case IH 8350 (91) Mower conditioner 2-New Holland CR9080 (11) Singles, $349,000 Chopper, c/w header JD 9870STS, (11) 2WD, chopper, lat tilt feederhouse, guidance ready $259,000 JD 9420 (06) 425HP, PowerShift, guidance reader 4750Hrs JD 9770 (10) 2WD, Duals, Chopper, $247,000 JD 7230 (11) Cab tractor, 110HP, Partial Lateral feedhouse, Guidance Ready Powershift, guidance ready 2- JD 9870, (08) Singles, Chopper, $192,000 JD 7630 (07) 140HP, Cab, MFWD, Partial Yield Monitor c/w header starting @ PowerShift, JD 9870 (08) 2WD, Duals, Chopper, $199,000 Case IH Puma 2011, 155HP, MFWD, Guidance ready Power Shift, c/w Loader JD 9860 (06) 2WD, singles, Chopper, yield $165,000 Kubota M135 (10) Cab, Partial Powermonitor c/w header JD 9760, 2WD, chopper, yield monitor, singles, c/w header, GS less mapping




JD S690 2013, 2WD, Duals, Chopper, Yield monitor, guidance ready, c/w Header $399,000 2-JD S680 (13) 2WD, Duals, Chopper, yield monitor, guidance ready, c/w Header $382,000

•2008 Airseeder Drill •Comes with JD 1910 Cart •7.5 inch spacings •Single shoot •Primary Hoses Blockage Warning Systems

$180,000 $167,000 $146,000

Spray Coupe 4650 (06) 80ft boom width, Poly Tank, Mid tire width, Guidance ready,


Ford-New Holland S1070 (10) Pull-Type, 100Ft Boom, 1600US Gal. Poly Tank, triple nozzle bodies, cab controls, rate control


Flexi Coil 67 (02) Pull type Sprayer, 132’, wind screens, 5 and 10 Gal Nozzles, Chem Handler, Large tires, 1000 US Gal Poly Tank


JD Harmon (90) Pull-Type, 103Ft Boom, 800 Gal.Tank, 2 sets nozzle foam marker.




4- MacDon M155 (12) 35ft platform


Premier 2952i (06) 110HP, grain head, 25ft MacDon 972 header, SK, HD, PU reel



Premier 2952i (07) 30ft MacDon 972 header, Grain Header



MacDon 2950 (00) 30ft split reel dbl knife


shift, MFWD, 540/1000 PTO, c/w loader


JD 5525 (06) 75HP, Cab, Syncro trans, MFWD, 540PTO c/w Loader


JD 5205 (03) 50HP, 2WD, 540PTO, syncro transmission


Superior Quality. Trusted Tradition

Westward 9000 (94) Grain head, 3601 Hrs 25ft platform JD 2420 (83) c/w 25ft JD 130 draper header, 12 ft JD 230 auger


$33,000 $15,000


JD 1820 (05) 52’ drill, single shoot,c/w JD 1900 430bu Air cart,

$73,500 r001640389


30 The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

Late spring freezes seeding FARM CREDIT CANADA MAY 2, 2014

by Richard Kamchen A cold, wet and late Manitoba spring will delay the province’s farmers from seeding their crops. “Usually we like to target the May 1

timeframe for producers to be out in the field,” says Manitoba Agriculture cereal specialist Pam de Rocquigny. Manitoba experienced a long cold winter with plenty of snow. Much of that has melted, but farmers are still waiting for soil temperatures to warm up and for their fields to dry, De Roc-

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quigny says. “If the rain will stop and the sun comes out and we get some warm temperatures, hopefully we’ll see those planters and seeders going fairly quickly,” she says. Farmers and the provincial department are also monitoring annual spring flooding. Manitoba issued a flood warning to producers in the Assiniboine Valley from the Shellmouth Reservoir, near the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border, to Brandon, 214 kilometres west of Winnipeg. Approximately 200 kilometre of land along the river (approximately 30,000 acres) is flooded, and seeding may be delayed in the area, a provincial spokesperson says. Flooding also is taking place on Fisher River First Nation valley lands in the northern part of Manitoba’s Interlake region. Other areas, however, seem to be better off. “While there may be water on agricultural land in many parts of the province, most of it is starting to drain,” NATION/EDMONTON



Ability to plant paired row and side banded r001640552

Crashed Ice coming in 2015

The Red Bull Crashed Ice event in Edmonton next year could attract up to 80,000, Councillor Amarjeet Sohi says. The competition, involving groups of four skaters racing downhill on a curving course up to 600 metres long, will likely snake into the river valley near the Shaw Conference Centre. There will probably be a festival surrounding the three- or fourday event, probably being held in March 2015. “It’s one of the most … exciting and, yes, crazy sports in the world,” Sohi said. – Journal



CASE 1680 (1991) 2719 ENGINE HRS, 1015 P/U


CASE 1680 (1990) 2906 ENGINE HRS, 1015 P/U



JOHN DEERE 9600 (1997) 3100 SEP HRS


JOHN DEERE 9600 (1996) 2800 HRS, 914 P/U


JOHN DEERE 9650 (2006) 2400 HRS, 914 P/U


JOHN DEERE S690 (2012) 730 ENG/571 SEP HRS

Box 629 Beaverlodge, AB


(2) JOHN DEERE 9610 (1998/99) 2300 HRS

Call (780) 354-3622 • Jason (780) 518-8876 Sean (780) 518-3829 • Clint (780) 380-6989



BGT 3320


LEXION 480 (2000) 1477 SEP HRS LEXION 670 (2012) 542 ENG/362 SEP HRS LEXION 670 (2012) 520 ENG/350 SEP HRS


LEXION 670 (2012) 490 ENG/357 SEP HRS


LEXION 670 (2012) 660 ENG/525 SEP HRS


LEXION 590R (2008) 1159 ENG/1086 SEP HRS

BGT 3310



LEXION 590R (2008) 1384 ENG/1015 SEP HRS

(2010) 65’, MRBII’S, 2” OPENER, LOW ACRES

HONEYBEE SP30 (2004) 30’, CASE 2388 ADAPTER

LEXION 670 (2012) 477 ENG/343 SEP HRS

LEXION 590R (2008) 2779 ENG/1789 SEP HRS


says the spokesperson. “Of course, future weather will dictate the draining of agricultural lands.” Despite the likelihood of delayed planting operations, farmers in past years have demonstrated the ability to catch up. A late spring delayed seeding last year too. “Most guys were seeding by around May 10 and by the third week of May, there were a lot of acres that were in the ground,” de Rocquigny says. “Once conditions are right, producers can put a lot of seed into the ground in quick fashion.” Winter wheat has broken dormancy in the Pembina Valley Region of southern Manitoba but farmers will be waiting for better conditions to return to their fields to assess the crop’s condition. Most of the province experienced good snow cover, which would have provided insulation for the fall-seeded crop. Also favourable is that winter wheat was planted under good conditions last autumn.


LEXION 590R (2009) 1424 ENG/1038 SEP HRS


LEXION 590R (2010) 1092 ENG/741 SEP HRS

SAKUNDIAK 10-1600 AUGER (2012) – 4 WHEEL

LEXION 580R (2009) 1100 ENG/880 SEP HRS



The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

Spring warm up for stored canola MAY 5, 2014 Storing canola through the summer? Storage experts recommend turning on aeration fans now to warm up stored canola to 5-10°C. Canola to be stored on farm through summer will be safer if warmed up before outside temperatures get hot. “The goal is to reduce the temperature differential between stored canola and the outside air,” says Angela Brackenreed, agronomy specialist with the Canola Council of Canada. “This reduces the amount of moisture movement within the bin, and can prevent the concentration of moisture that can lead to spoilage and heating.” Cold grain should be turned or aerated to raise the grain temperature to between 5°C and 10°C. Joy Agnew, a grain storage researcher with the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI), says now is a good time to warm up dry grain. “If you use air that is more than 10°C warmer than the grain, the air will lose its ability to hold its moisture as soon as it hits the cool grain. This means it will condense on the grain and possibly freeze — which would cause major airflow issues,” she says. Agnew recommends turning the grain after it has been warmed. “If possible, entirely empty the bin and put it into another aeration bin,” she says. “If this is not possible, pull out several loads and put them back on top of the same bin. The goal here is to try to mix the grain to help even out the temperature variations and help warm up the grain a bit more.” She recommends that stored canola remain below 15°C. The larger the bin, the greater the risk of spoilage if canola is not warmed. “Bins larger than 5,000 bushels are more susceptible to moisture migration because there

will be a greater temperature differential between the outer edge and the core of the bin,” Agnew says. Canola that went into the bin with moisture above 10 percent, even above eight percent, deserves extra attention this time of year. “Tough canola is at much higher risk, and it should be dried if it can’t be delivered right away,” Brackenreed says. A hot air dryer will do the job quickly. Natural air drying with aeration fans can also work, but the ideal conditions for this technique are when outside air temperature is higher than 15°C and humidity is lower than 65 percent. Agnew adds that canola dried with a hot air dryer should be cooled to 15°C for storage. For more information, media can contact Canola Council of Canada agronomy specialist Angela Brackenreed or a CCC agronomy specialist in your region: Angela Brackenreed, Manitoba 204-720-6923 This media release is supported regionally by: Alberta Canola Producers Commission; SaskCanola; Manitoba Canola Growers Association; Canola Council of Canada; B.C. Grain Producers Association.


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CASE 1680 (1991) 2719 ENGINE HRS, 1015 P/U


CASE 1680 (1990) 2906 ENGINE HOURS,r001711130 1015 P/U

Box 629, Beaverlodge, Alberta JOHN DEERE 9650(780) (2006) 380-6989 2400 HRS, 914 P/U, FC •Box Call629 (780)Beaverlodge, 354-3622 • Jason • Clint AB (780) 518 -8876 • Sean (780) 518-3829 CHOPPER, CHAFF SPREADER

1-888-354-3620 1•888•354•3620 (2) JOHN DEERE 9610 (1998/99) 2300 HRS, FINE Call (780) 354-3622 • Jason (780) 518-8876 Sean (780) 518-3829 • Clint (780) 380-6989





32 The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

Nisku (Head Office) 1-800-352-6264

Kevin Kulak 780.518.0883

Rental Dealers in Your Area (Edmonton) 1-800-352-6264 Dawson Creek Fariview The Flaman Group of Companies would Nisku like to welcome Kevin Kulak to their Local (780) 955-3400

Ag Sales & Rental Team. Kevin will soon be re-locating to the Peace Country to manage the Ag sales & rental activitiesLethbridge in the region for Flaman. For rental Local (403) 317-7200 inquiries, please continue to contact your local Flaman rental outlet. Sales inquiries can either be made to Kevin or Medicine your local Flaman Hat rental outlet.



(New Location)

250.759.4587 La Crete 780.926.6468 High Prairie 780.523.1405

780.835.4530 Grande Prairie 780.390.6924 Falher 780.323.4362



winter booking


Tandem disc sizes from 22’ to 38’ Offset disc sizes from 10’ to 18’ • One pass breaking disc • Use it on stubble and slews • Reclain land

HOPPER BOTTOM BINS FROM 2000bu TO 9500bu CAPACITY aeration and temp monitoring packages available

STANDARD FLAMAN FEATURES • 30” Blades • Spool and bearing scrapers • Hydraulic leveler • Single point depth control • 10 Bolt hub on sizes over 30’


Full Floor Aeration. Unload System & Complete installation available!

Flaman rental dealers use Wishek discs



It Makes Sense to Rent


2007 14’ Wishek 842, Ser#44110714, New Front Blades 28” Rear 27” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $28,900 Leth 2008 22’ Wishek 842, Ser#10010822, Front Blades 22” Rear 28”. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $52,000 Leth 2011 22’ Wishek 842, Ser#60221122, Front Blades 26.5” Rear 27”$62,000 GP 2010 26’ Wishek 842, Blades 24”- 25” All Around, Nice Shape $62,500 Nisku 38’ Eze-On Modle 4600 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $46,500 Leth 35.5’ Ezze-On 4600 Disc, Front Notched Blades 24” Rear Smooth 25 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $49,500 MH


Tower Valley Rentals


Tridekon 9108 Hydraulic Drive, 2008, Good Shape . . . . . . . . $13,000 Fairview Tridekon 1210 HD, 2011, Ser# TRI-11-1091, Factory Updates, Excellent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $27,500 Nisku Tridekon 1210 HD, 2010, Ser# TRI-10-1066, Serviced, Field Ready . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $26,900 Nisku

MANURE Grande Prairie,SPREADERS AB Leon 425 Bushel, Hydraulic Push, Horizontal Beaters,

2001 50’ Riteway Heavy Harrow Ser#01-71112, Tines @ 17”, AS IS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $19,500 Nisku 2011 50’ Riteway Heavy Harrow Ser#11-71448, Tines @ 23” . . . $33,900 MH 2008 62’ Riteway Heavy Harrow Ser#08-71319, New 26” Tines $29,900 Leth 2011 62’ Riteway Heavy Harrow, Hydraulic tine angle, 24.5” Tines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $38,500 Barrhead

(250) 759-4587

2013 Pro Bagger, Hopper & 23’ Conveyor w/ mover Excellent Shape . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $36,900 Leth 2012 Pro Bagger, Hopper & 23’ Conveyor w/ mover, Used 1 Season . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $36,500 Leth


Flaman Rentals is your local rental dealer. With over 100 independent dealers across the prairies we have what you need where you need it. Our equipment is new, well maintained and requires no capital outlay for equipment you only need occasionally. Renting with Flaman makes sense.

No End Gate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,900 Nisku Leon 585, Walking beam axle, Floatation tires, Hydraulic push system, 2007, 585 bushel, Horizontal beaters, Ser# 7125, 1000 PTO. . . . . . . . . $21,900 Barr Leon 425 Vertical Beater Manure Spreader, New back end . . . $23,500 Nisku Meyer’s 440 Bushel Vertical Beater Manure Spreader #14VB44010. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $26,500 Leth

Keddie’s Tack & Western Wear

» Landscrapers » Heavy Harrows » Water Pumps (780)AUGERS, 323-4362 (780) 926-6468 CONVEYORS & GRAIN EQUIPMENT » Manure Spreaders » Grass Seeders Smoky River Equipment Rentals Henry U. Driedger » Rotary Mowers » Hay Floats ROCK PICKERS » Rock Pickers » Grain Vacs High Prairie, AB Fairview, AB » Rock Rakes » Post Pounders (780) 523-1405 SCHULTE MOWERS (780)& KODIAK 835-4530 » Pro Grain Baggers » Hay Rakes TREE CHIPPERS & PLANTERS Roll’N The Hay Rentals Dunvegan Fab & Welding » Extractors » Bale Cart » Land Rollers » Tree Spades GRAIN CARTS & GRAVITY WAGONS Don’t forget we sell everything that we rent WINTER BOOKING GRAIN VACSboth new and preowned equipment. LANDROLLERS

La Crete / High Level, AB

» Heavy Discs HAY Falher, ABRAKES 12 Wheel Sovema V Rake, 2007, Ser# 87743 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $9,250 Leth

2008 Riteway 45’ Landroller, Field Ready . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $32,000 Leth


Leon Model 550 Scraper,Red, Nice Shape . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $12,500 Camrose 2011 Leon 650 land scraper, 6.5 cubic yards, Excellent Shape . $19,900 Nisku 2007 Leon 1000, 10 Yard scraper, Ser# 8530710 . . . . . . . . . . . . $25,500 Nisku Cat HD 10 Yard Scraper, Ser# K-14552. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $20,000 Nisku Riteway ST250, Hydraulic drive, 1.75 Cubic yard box, 50” Pick up, New . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $14,000 Nisku Schulte R600 Rock Picker, Well Used . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,400 Nisku 15’ Degelman Mower . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $16,000 2010 Schulte XH600 Trailing Hitch Ser# 674006, Like New . . . . $7,800 Nisku 2012 Kodiak 10’ HD Pull Cutter, Good Shape. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,900 Nisku 2003 Schulte XH1000, 1000 RPM, Aircraft Tires, Ser# 49903 . . $8,500 Nisku Schulte FX520 20’ Cutter, Ser#C52000040505 . . . . . . . . . . . . . $26,000 Nisku 2013 J&M 750, Green, Nice Shape . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $32,900 Nisku 2013 J&M 1000, Red, 900 Tires, Excellent used 1 season . . . . . $51,400 Nisku 2003 Frontier GC1110, Scale, PTO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $34,900 Nisku 1998 Conveyair 2950 Grain vac, Descent Shape . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,500 Nisku 2007 Rem 2500, Ser# 8454, Field Ready. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $11,250 Nisku 2011 Rem 2700, Ser # 210191, 299 Hours, Nice Shape . . . . . . . $16,500 Nisku

Heavy Discs


810 Pro Bagger Hopper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $950 Nisku 1210 Pro Bagger Wide Mouth Hopper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,800 Nisku 2011 Pro Bagger, 23’ Conveyor w/ mover, Used 2 Seasons, Good Shape . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $32,500 GP 2013 Pro Bagger, 23’ Conveyor w/ mover Like New . . . . . . . . . . . $35,500 GP

12 Wheel Sovema V Rake, 2009, Ser# 118642, Tandem axle . . . $11,750 Leth

Convey-All 1014 Transfer Conveyor, 5.5Hp Honda, Grey . . . . . . $4,500 Nisku 20’ J&M drill fill auger, Hydraulic Drive, Mounts to side of gravity wagon. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,200 Cam 18” Sukup heater, propane or natural gas fired . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,895 Nisku 8” x 41’ Westfield, Mover Kit, Nice Shape. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $7,500 Leth 8” x 51’ Wheatheart, PTO, Good Shape . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,750 Cam 13”x 60’ Westfield, Man Swing, Man Winch, Light Kit . . . . . . . . $7,900 Nisku 10”x 60’ Brandt Swing Auger, Excellent shape. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $7,500 MH Bandit 65 XL, 24 Hp Honda V-twin, 6” material, Yellow . . . . . . . $6,900 Nisku Bandit 95XL, 50Hp Kubota diesel, 9” material, Yellow . . . . . . . $19,900 Nisku

» » »

Specialized Tillage Conveyors Trailers

. . . Plus much more Please call ahead to confirm what equipment is available at your local rental dealer.


Sovema RBS-150 Rototiller, Good Shape . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,350 Nisku Ramrod 1150 Taskmaster, Rubber Tracks, Extra Attachments. . . $9,900 Nisku 6’ M&W Rough Cut Mower . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,250 Nisku 6’ Kodiak Standard Duty Lift Cutter, Shear Pin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,295 Nisku 5’ Sovema Finishing Mower, Good Shape . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $695 Nisku 20 Ton Surge Master Log Splitter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,750 Nisku 8’ x 6’ Chain Harrow Sections, 5/8”, No Drawbar. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $550 Nisku Schulte 1100 Snowblower, Consignment Marlin Huber . . . . . . . $8,200 Nisku Schulte SDX-110 Snowblower Ser# B1101073010 . . . . . . .$13,250 Lethbridge Schulte SDX-110 Snowblower Ser# B1101074010 . . . . . . . . . . . . . $13,250 MH 8’ Geoffs Metal Works Snow Box, Universal Quick Attach . . . . . $2,795 Nisku Poly West 1075 Low Profile Transport Tank, NEEDS PLASTIC WELD $500 Nisku



Quick Attach Tree Spade, 3 Shovel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,500 Nisku 25’ x 80’ Arch Frame Tent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $6,995 Nisku

On all Grain Max and High SpeedBins Disc NEW Multipurpose




Corporate Store: Edmonton South (Nisku) 1-800-352-6264


Visit to find your nearest dealer.

North American Equipment

Dealers Association Announces 2014 Dealer’s Choice Award Recipients


Fenton, Mo. - The North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA) has announced the recipients of its 2014 Dealer’s Choice Award.

No experience necessary. A BIG personality is mandatory. If you think you have the stuff, contact Alison at 250-782-4888 (ext. 120) or email

The NAEDA Dealer’s Choice Awards are determined from results of dealer evaluation data collected from the association’s annual Dealer Manufacturer Relations Survey. The survey asks dealers to evaluate the companies whose products they sell in key areas correlated to a dealer’s operational model. The Dealer’s Choice Award is designed to recognize those manufacturers who in the eyes of the dealers are doing an exceptional job of providing them with top-quality products, parts, services and support.

Butler ‘s

The recipients of the 2014 NAEDA Dealer’s Choice Awards are: Kubota Tractor Corporation, Vermeer Corporation and Scag Power Equipment.  “These companies are to be complemented for their efforts to excel and assist in the key areas related to the dealer’s business operations,” says Joe Dykes, NAEDA. “While these companies came out on top it should be noted that many of the companies evaluated by the dealers also rated extremely well.  There is always room for improvement and the companies that our dealers represent, for the most part, perform well above average according to the survey results,” says Dykes.



HAYING EQUIPMENT Case 8450 round baler ............................. $8,000 Case 8350 Mo-Co..................................... $6,000 JD 567 baler ........................................... $16,000 Hesston 1150 Haybine ............................ $8,000


Deutz DX130 ........................................... $8,000


PB100 6 Bottom roll over NEW.......................Call PB100 8 Bottom roll over NEW ......................Call Kverneland EM100 4 Bottom Reversible, New ..............................................Call


Versatile 800 tractor w/12’ Degelman blade, 6600 hours, big singles ........................... $25,000 David Brown 1210 w/loader .................. $6,500 NH 660 Baler ............................................ $8,000

NH 499 Haybine ....................................... $8,500 60” flail mower........................................ $1200 Crown rock picker..................................... $1,500 Kirschner 10’ loader blade ALO mount..... $3,500 Recon hay conditioner ............................. $7,000 24’ Versatile field cultivator .................... $1,200 Recon hay conditioner ........................... $11,000 Wheatheart heavy hitter post pounder............................................. $9,000

NAEDA congratulates Kubota, Vermeer and Scag as recipients of the 2014 Dealer’s Choice Award and compliments all manufacturers in recognizing the importance of the dealer-manufacturer relationship from the dealers’ perspective.


Versatile 4018 Header for Bi-Di 9030, etc ......................................... $7,000


C190, New Tracks, 2,500 hrs ................... $38,000 NH LS180 (00) Cab 1800+ Hrs ............. $22,000

CCA Staffer SMART Makes Top 100 List VALUE

Deluxe supersuite™ cab features: heat/air conditioning, two doors, high-visibility panel, deluxe seat, left-hand shuttle, single go pedal, deluxe 3-point hitch and much, much more

Meet the best Boomers yet – Boomer™ 3000 Series tractors with SuperSuite™ cab. These 40- to 50-horsepower tractors from New Holland are the ultimate value with features that save you time and money, while keeping you comfortable and safe. Now that’s New Holland SMART. • 60 FT3 OF CAB SPACE WITH 360° VIEW • 2,800 LBS OF 3-POINT LIFT CAPACITY • NEW, SMOOTH EASYDRIVE™ CVT • TRANSMISSION • QUICK, EASY MAINTENANCE

9008 - 107th Street, Fort St. John, BC • Tel: 250-785-1800


Butler Farm Equipment Ltd.

John Masswohl, CCA’s director, government and international relations, is featured in the Spring issue of Power & Influence, a The Hill Times publication. Masswohl appears in the Top 100 Influencing Canada’s Global Future list. The CCA also features prominently in another articlein the issue, titled “10 Steps to a Perfect Lobby Day.” In addition to featuring photos from the CCA’s fall barbeque event and reception at the March annual general meeting, CCA receptions are mentioned in Steps 6 and 8 as examples to follow. The CCA congratulates Masswohl on this latest recognition.



The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

34 The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014


on 1 demo Apache AS1020 Sprayer


Call for details

TRACTORS Versatile 435 w/900 duals 2800hrs ...............$155,000

Versatile 435 w 900 duals, pto, 3000hrs ......$155,000 JD 1026 mfwd tractor w/ldr & tiller ...............$19,500 NH T6070, FWA, LDR 2,600hrs ........................$92,900 TV6070 Loader, bucket, pallet forks & Skid Steer Adapter, 100 hours, warr. .............................$138,000 NH T 5050 3,450 hours, loader, bucket ..........$49,000 Kubota KX057-4GA excavator ........................$71,000 New Holland C232 skid steer ..........................$61,750 2 - New Holland TV140 .................. $42,000 - $54,000 New Holland T6070, FEL, FWA .......................$78,000 Ford 5610 FEL, Bucket & Bale Spear ...............$14,000 John Deere 3400 Telehandler .........................$37,000 John Deere 6605 MFWD w/loader .................$32,500 Kubota M135 w/loader, 450 hrs .....................$99,500


Round Balers New Holland BR7090, NW, AW, BC, 6 in stock ......................................... $27,000 - $41,000 New Holland BR780A ......................................$25,000 New Holland BR780, 5 in stock...... $12,000 - $18,000 New Holland 664 ...............................................$7,800 New Holland 575 sq. baler..............................$14,800 Case 8480 ...........................................................$6,500 Haybines/Discbines/Mo-Co’s New Holland 499, 2 in stock ............ $8,500 - $10,000 John Deere 930, 10 ft. .......................................$6,500 John Deere 946................................................$19,000 Miscellaneous Haying Equipment Haybuster 2650 & tank ...................................$20,000 New Holland 166 inverter.................................$5,500


New Holland SD440 w/ SC380 TBT vari,dbl shoot 51ft 9” stl...............................................$95,000 New Holland P2050 w/ P1060 TBH vari, dbl shoot 51ft, 10” stl, ...................................................$195,000 New Holland P2060 w/ P1060 TBH vari, dbl shoot 70ft, 12” .........................................................$139,900 New Holland SD440 w/ 3450 TBH dbl shoot 51ft, 9” ..................................................$92,000 New Holland 2013 P2070/P1060 TBH, low acres, 50’x12” Dbl shoot, CNH openers ..................$234,000 New Holland SC380TBH-MEC/SD440, 57’, 7.2 space, SS, 3” rubber, 380bu .............$105,000 New Holland 1740TBT-VR, 170bu, 6-run, SS, 3rd tank, cart only .....................................$17,500 Case 620 Self Transport .....................................$1,500 Flexicoil 2320 .....................................................$7,500 Morris Maxim W336 ........................................$71,000


FC S67 S-boom 120ft .......................................$26,000 FC S67 S-boom, 800gal, autorate ...................$26,000

FC S67 wheel boom, 80ft, 1000gal .................$13,000 2 - New Holland SF216 100ft ..........................$29,000


Combines % fo r mo nth s .o .a .c Used Combines – New Holland CR9070, 2 units ...... $235,000-$242,000 New Holland TX66, 3 in stock........ $25,000 - $38,000 New Holland TR99 w/pickup header..............$59,000 New Holland TR96...........................................$25,000 New Holland (5) CX 8080’s w/pickup platforms ................................arriving soon New Holland (3) CX 8090’s w/ pickup platforms ...............................arriving soon Case 2388, 2 in stock .......................................$72,000 Case 1042, 30’ ..................................................$22,000 MacDon 972, 30’, JD adapter .........................$34,000 Header - New Holland 971, 30’ ......................$16,000 Header - MacDon 973, 30’ ..............................$36,900 Lexion 570 - 700 threshing hours 4wd, p/u .$192,000 Swathers CaseIH 8825 .....................................................$28,000 New Holland HW340.......................................$67,500 New Holland HW325, 30’................................$62,000 Honey Bee SP25 for V9030 .............................$12,000 Honey Bee ST21 for V9030 ...............................$6,000 John Deere 2360, 21’.........................................$9,500 MacDon M150-D60, 30’ .............................. coming in MacDon M150 35’ ....................................... coming in MacDon 2930, 30’ 960.....................................$28,000 MacDon 2930, 25’ DS/DK ................................$49,000 MacDon 9352I 30’, 2 units .............. $77,000-$79,000 Case 8825 - 25 ft DK/DS...................................$28,000


FC system 95, 60 harrow/packer bar ..............$10,000 Flexicoil S85 Heavy Harrows, 50’ ....................$19,900

Flexicoil 50’ Harrow Drawbar .........................$10,000 Riteway 8055 Heavy Harrow, 55’....................$24,000 Summers Heavy Harrow, 60’ ...........................$22,000

MISCELLANEOUS Deg. 14 ft rock rake ..........................................$8,000 Woods 1oft mower, fits bidIrectional ..............$4,500 New Holland skidsteer blade, 7’, 6-way...........$5,300 Degelman 12ft 4-way blade ...........................$15,000 Farm King Y1370 auger 2 units ......... $6,500-$20,900 Farm King Y80570 disc, 7’, 3pth .......................$2,200 REM 2500 grain vac .........................................$12,700 Schulte 5026 mower, 26’ .................................$17,500 Versatile 262 Auger, 6 x 24 ..................................$400 9ft Bobcat snow blade w/ new cutting edge ...$2500


Woods DS1440 Mower, 12’ .............................$10,800 Woods CZR2242 Zero Turn Mower...................$5,800

CONSIGNMENT Riteway 36ft wing up packet bar .....................$3,900 Flexcoil 50ft harrow packer bar w/ valmar ....$10,000 New Holland 3450TBT, Mech DS, cart only ....$35,000 New Holland Forage Harvester, c/w 990W header.................................... taking offers Flexicoil 3450 TBH, 6000 40ft..........................$52,000 Flexicoil C340, 33ft with Anhydrous ..............$16,000 Valmar Transfer Tank ........................................$9,800


Guardian™ front boom sprayers from New Holland allow you to take full control of your spraying schedule. With the industry’s highest horsepower, largest tank size, smoothest suspension, highest ground clearance and tightest turning radius, Guardian sprayers quickly protect more of your acres per hour. Now that’s SMART!

• Four front boom models from 240 to 365 hp • Now with larger deluxe and luxury cabs for even greater comfort • Center-mounted tank for 50/50 weight distribution at all times

• New four-wheel crab steer option available to follow tracks on headland turns • Boom widths up to 120 feet • Stainless steel and poly tank sizes up to 1,600 gallons


Dawson Creek, BC 11508 - 8th Street (250) 782-5281 • 1-800-663-3572


• DAN MULLIGAN (250) 784-8855 • ALEX RESCNHY (250) 719-9932 • RICK GIES (250) 219-0779

Grande Prairie, AB 14250 - 100th Street (780) 532-5344 • 1-888-532-5344


• DAVE MARTIN (R (Res) 780-505-1734 • KELLY SHANNON (RES) 780-532-2490 • Cell: (780) 505-1753 • ALEX MAUDE (780) 978-2883 r001692260

The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014



Now’s the season to New Holland SMART including O% FINAN just about every new


• Roll-Belt™ roun • Small square ba • Large square ba • Haybine® mowe • Discbine® disc m • Speedrower ® se • MegaCutter™ t • Pull-type forage


This offer ends June details or visit ready Are you Ready to Roll this season? We’re ready with tractors and equipment that are built New Holland SMART. Now’s the time to buy because we are offering 0% FINANCING* or cash back on just about every new model tractor, hay & forage or material handling equipment from New Holland. Stop by now because we are Ready to Roll!

*For commer New Holland or applicants unconditional with a sugges C$21,600.00 at 0.00% perconditions annum for months. There w *For commercial use only. Offer subject to credit qualifi cation and approval by CNH Industrial Capital Canada Ltd. See your New Holland dealer for details and eligibility requirements. CNH Industrial Capital Canada Ltd. standard terms and will 60 apply. Depending on model, a down payment may be required. Offer good through June 30, 2014, at participating New Holland dealers in the United States. Offer subject to change. Taxes, freight, set-up, delivery, additional options or attachments not included in price. of C$0.00. Taxes, freight, setup, delivery, additional optio © 2014 CNH Industrial Capital America LLC. All rights reserved. New Holland Agriculture is a trademark registered in the United States and many other countries, owned by or licensed to CNH Industrial N.V., its subsidiaries affi liates. Industrial CapitalNew and New AmericaorLLC. All CNH rights reserved. Holland Agricultu Holland Construction are trademarks in the United States and many other countries, owned by or licensed to CNH Industrial N.V., its subsidiaries or affi liates. affiliates. CNH Industrial Capital and New Holland Constr

Don’t wait! Offers end June 30, 2014. Visit for details.


Dawson Creek, BC 11508 - 8th Street (250) 782-5281 • 1-800-663-3572

Grande Prairie, AB 14250 - 100th Street (780) 532-5344 • 1-888-532-5344


• DAN MULLIGAN (250) 784-8855 • ALEX RESCNHY (250) 719-9932 • RICK GIES (250) 219-0779



• DAVE MARTIN (R (Res) 780-505-1734 • KELLY SHANNON (RES) 780-532-2490 • Cell: (780) 505-1753 • ALEX MAUDE (780) 978-2883

*For commercial use only. Offer subject to credit qualification and approval by CNH Industrial Capital Canada Ltd. See your New Holland dealer for details and eligibility requirements. CNH Industrial Capital Canada Ltd. standard terms and conditions will apply. Depending on

36 The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014


Book your Community Event and Group Events: Tel: (250) 782-4888 Fax: (250) 782-6300 Email: horizon @

Friday, May 9th 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Saturday, May 10th 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Located in the Clairmont Community Hall (9819 – 100th Avenue) For more information, Contact Marlene at (780)539-4262 Make It! Bake It!  Grow It! Buy something pink from a participating vendor for your mom for Mother’s Day! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation!



Norman Clinic @ Lakota AgriPlex G.P. - Barrel Racing Clinic at Evergreen Park G.P. - Music Festival at GP Regional College G.P. - Peace Motocross Association Races G.P. - Standing Ovation Dance Festival @ Evergreen Park

Dawson Creek - Northern BC High School Rodeo G.P. - High School Rodeo at Evergreen Park G.P. - Zirka Dance Festival @ GP Regional College Taylor - Peace Motocross Association Races



Peace River - PeaceDAY Oil THANKSGIVING Sands Tradeshow G.P. - Little Mermaid @ Douglas Cardinal Theatre GPRC

Dawson Creek - CONCERT - Backstreet Boys @ Encana Events Centre Dunvegan Park - Family Funday Taylor - FSJ & District Kennel Club Dog Show


VICTORIA DAY Taylor - FSJ & District Kennel Club Dog Show


Dawson Creek - DCHC Schooling Show Summer Games Qualifier Dawson Creek - Peace Motocross Association Races Fort St. John - Drag Races @ Northern Lights Raceway

Beaverlodge - West County 4-H Achievement Day @ AgPlex



We can custom blend seed mixtures to your specifications! Whether your Ranch raises Beef, Bison, Sheep, or Forage. Let us design a seed blend to suit your budget and needs! We will fill mini bulk bags! • CDC Austenson Barley • Peas • AC Mustang Oats • Common Oats • Radiant Winter Wheat

Dawson Creek - CONCERT - Luke Bryan @ Encana Events Centre

Peace River - Peace Oil Sands Tradeshow

Fort St. John - Peace River Zone Theatre Festival @ NPCC G.P. - The Longest Table (Guiness World Record attempt)

South Peace



Dawson Creek - Tara Norman Clinic @ Lakota AgriPlex G.P. - Barrel Racing Clinic at Evergreen Park G.P. - Music Festival at GP Regional College G.P. - Standing Ovation Dance Festival @ Evergreen Park Peace River - Song Rise Music Conference & Showcase



Dawson Creek - PCBRA Jackpot @ Lakota AgriPlex G.P. - Annual Reel Shorts Fim Festival G.P. - Zirka Dance Festival @ GP Regional College



Dawson Creek - CONCERT - Luke Bryan @ Encana Events Centre G.P. - Annual Reel Shorts Fim Festival G.P. - Zirka Dance Festival @ GP Regional College


Fort St. John - “Hotel California” Eagles Tribute @ the Lido Peace River - Peace Oil Sands Tradeshow


Fort St. John - SPARK! 2014 Ladies Leadership Conference



Dawson Creek - Tara Norman Clinic @ Lakota AgriPlex Fort St. John - Night of Legends with Adam Beach @ NPCC G.P. - Barrel Racing Clinic at Evergreen Park G.P. - Music Festival at GP Regional College G.P. - Standing Ovation Dance Festival @ Evergreen Park

Celebrate Mother’s Day with the Clairmont Farmers’ Market

MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU DAY Dawson Creek - Tara

Book your Community Event and Group Events: Tel: (250) 782-4888 Fax: (250) 782-6300 Email: horizon @


Fort St. John - Peace River Zone Theatre Festival @ NPCC G.P. - GRANDE PRAIRIE STOMPEDE @ Evergreen Park G.P. - World Movie Night @ Public Library


Fort St. John - SPARK! 2014 Ladies Leadership Conference


Fort St. John - Northern Winds Communnity Band Performance Fort St. John - Peace River Zone Theatre Festival @ NPCC G.P. - GRANDE PRAIRIE STOMPEDE @ Evergreen Park

South Peace Grain Co-Op



Dawson Creek - Tara Norman Clinic @ Lakota AgriPlex G.P. - Barrel Racing Clinic at Evergreen Park G.P. - Standing Ovation Dance Festival @ Evergreen Park Peace River - Song Rise Music Conference & Showcase Sexsmith - Town Clean Up Taylor - WI Spring Tea & Bazaar @ Baldonnel School

Clairmont - Mother’s Day Farmer’s Market Dawson Creek - Northern BC High School Rodeo Dawson Creek - South Peace Art Society Art Auction Gala G.P. - Zirka Dance Festival @ GP Regional College High Level - Spirit of the North Trade Show


Clairmont - Mother’s Day Farmer’s Market Dawson Creek - Northern BC High School Rodeo Farmington - Spring Tea & Craft Sale @ Parkland School G.P. - High School Rodeo at Evergreen Park G.P. - Zirka Dance Festival @ GP Regional College Grimshaw - Community Garage Sale High Level - Spirit of the North Trade Show Sexsmith - Town Garage Sale


Dunvegan Park Historic Dunvegan Presentation G.P. - Classic Car Auction @ Evergreen Park Taylor - FSJ & District Kennel Club Dog Show


Bonanza - “Bonanza Everything Sale” @ Community Hall Dawson Creek - DCHC Schooling Show Summer Games Qualifier Dawson Creek - UCW Spring Tea & Bake Sale Fort St. John - Drag Races @ Northern Lights Raceway G.P. - DHT Press Run/Walk Race Valleyview - Lawn Tractor Fairview - Couples Racing & Beer Gardens Open @ Fairview Golf & Country Club Fairview - Fairview Olympians Swim Meet Fort St. John - Bluey Day Fort St. John - Peace River Zone Theatre Festival @ NPCC G.P. - GRANDE PRAIRIE STOMPEDE @ Evergreen Park

G.P. - Classic Car Auction @ Evergreen Park


Fort St. John - Peace River Zone Theatre Festival @ NPCC G.P. - GRANDE PRAIRIE STOMPEDE @ Evergreen Park






Turf Grasses

Creeping Red Fescue • Perennial Ryegrass • Kentucky Bluegrass • Lawn Mixtures

Forage Grasses:

Brome • Alfalfa • Timothy • Clover

Forestry and Reclamation Seed Locally Farmer Owned & Operated Co-Op Grain Cleaning

Blends Custom Blended for their specific use! Call for a quote!

Check out our website for the 2014 brochure and prices


Box 758 Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4H8 • Phone : 250-782-7820 • Fax : 250-782-1646 • Cell : 250-784-7820 •


The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014




THURSDAY Rycroft 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Rycroft Ag Building


Clairmont 2 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Community Hall Grande Prairie 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 10032 - 101st Ave. LaCrete 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 10102 - 101st Street Manning 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Legion Hall

Rycroft 8 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Rycroft Ag Building Valleyview 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Memorial Hall

Clairmont 9 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Community Hall Grande Prairie 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 10032 - 101st Ave. LaCrete 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 10102 - 101st Street Manning 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Legion Hall


Clairmont 16 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Community Hall Grande Prairie 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 10032 - 101st Ave. LaCrete 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 10102 - 101st Street Manning 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Legion Hall


Chetwynd 22 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Chetwynd Recreation Center Cont 250-788-3494 Rycroft 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Rycroft Ag Building Valleyview 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Memorial Hall

Clairmont 23 :00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Community Hall Grande Prairie 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 10032 - 101st Ave. LaCrete 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 10102 - 101st Street Manning 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Legion Hall


Chetwynd 29 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Chetwynd Recreation Center Cont 250-788-3494 Rycroft 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Rycroft Ag Building

Clairmont 30 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Community Hall Grande Prairie 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 10032 - 101st Ave. LaCrete 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 10102 - 101st Street Manning 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Legion Hall

Beaverlodge 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Ag-Complex, 1014 - 4th Avenue


Beaverlodge 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Ag-Complex, 1014 - 4th Avenue


Beaverlodge 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Ag-Complex, 1014 - 4th Avenue


Beaverlodge 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Ag-Complex, 1014 - 4th Avenue


Rycroft 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Rycroft Ag Building

Beaverlodge 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Ag-Complex, 1014 - 4th Avenue


Beaverlodge 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Ag-Complex, 1014 - 4th Avenue

Beaverlodge 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Ag-Complex, 1014 - 4th Avenue


Beaverlodge 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Ag-Complex, 1014 - 4th Avenue

SATURDAY Albright 10:00 a.m. To 3:00 p.m. Community Hall Clairmont 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Community Hall Dawson Creek 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 1444 - 102nd Ave Enilda 10:00 a.m. To 2:00 p.m. Enilda WI Hall Fairview 9:00 a.m. To 11:00 a.m. Fairview Legion Fort St.John 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. North Peace Arena Grande Prairie 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 10032 - 101st Ave Peace River 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 10301 - 101st St. Contact TBA Wembley 10:00 a.m. To 3:00 p.m. Wembley Community Hall

CBerwyn 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 noon Legion Hall Contact 780-618-8592 Clairmont 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Community Hall Contact 780-832-6688 Dawson Creek 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 1444 - 102nd Ave Contact 250-782-1969 Fairview 9:00 a.m. To 11:00 a.m. Fairview Legion Fort St.John 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. North Peace Arena Grande Prairie 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 10032 - 101st Ave Contact 780-814-8224


Wembley 11:00 a.m. To 3:00 p.m. Wembley Community Hall




Wembley 18 1:00 a.m. To 3:00 p.m. Wembley Community Hall

Berwyn 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 noon Legion Hall Clairmont 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Community Hall Dawson Creek 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 1444 - 102nd Ave Fairview 9:00 a.m. To 11:00 a.m. Fairview Legion Fort St.John 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. North Peace Arena Grande Prairie 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 10032 - 101st Ave



Clairmont 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Community Hall Dawson Creek 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 1444 - 102nd Ave Fairview 9:00 a.m. To 11:00 a.m. Fairview Legion Fort St.John 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. North Peace Arena Grande Prairie 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 10032 - 101st Ave Wembley 10:00 a.m. To 3:00 p.m. Wembley Community Hall


Albright 10:00 a.m. To 3:00 p.m. Community Hall Clairmont 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Community Hall Dawson Creek 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 1444 - 102nd Ave Fairview 9:00 a.m. To 11:00 a.m. Fairview Legion Fort St.John 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. North Peace Arena Grande Prairie 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 10032 - 101st Ave Peace River 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 10301 - 101st St. Contact TBA Wembley 10:00 a.m. To 3:00 p.m. Wembley Community Hall

June 1

Wembley 11:00 a.m. To 3:00 p.m. Wembley Community Hall


1997 IHC PAYSTAR 5000 T/A





UNRESERVED AUCTIONS • 2014 June 14 June 21 June 24 Aug. 6

SCHULTZ • JUNE 14, 2014

• • • •

G. Schultz Estate, Beaverlodge, AB J7 Farms Ltd., Wanham, AB Equipment Auction, Rycroft, AB Dennis Novitsky, Bonanza, AB

To consign your equipment to our June 24th sale, Call Jeff, Lorne or Evan



J7 FARMS LTD. • JUNE 21, 2014

Weaver Bros. Auctions Ltd. • Auctioneers for the B.C. and Alberta Peace Country JEFF WEAVER • 780.864.7750 • | LORNE WEAVER • 250.219.0871 | EVAN WEAVER • 250.219.4539

NH Classifieds


1005 1010 1020 1040 1050 1075 1080 1085


2146 Wanted WANTING TO BUY: Back issues to Sheep Canada Magazine. Phone 250-467-3957

1090 1100 1105

Anniversaries Announcements Birthdays Card of Thanks Churches Congratulations Engagements Wedding Announcements Funeral Services In Memoriam Obituaries

1110 1120 1125 1135 1165 1205 1210 1215 1230 2020 2055 2060


Information Wanted Found Lost Personal Messages Volunteers Career Opportunities Career Training Help Wanted Work Wanted Auctions Firewood For Sale - Misc.

2080 2085 2145 2215 2220 3535 3560 4050 4545 5010 5015 5020

Furniture Garage Sales Wanted Heavy Equipment Misc. Farm Equipment Livestock Pets Seminars/Education Travel Business For Sale Business Opportunities Services

5520 6005 6010 6020 6030 6035 6036 6040 6045

1215 General Employment 1215 General Employment Attachments 2215 Heavy forEquipment skidsteers,

Mechanics to work on V671 Detroit shop supplied. 250-785-5325

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY FARM WORKER for year round employment on a large grain farm. Must be mechanically inclined; a clean Class 1 license would be an asset.

1205 Career Opportunities


Required for year round employment; a journeyman certificate would be an asset. Working mainly on newer farm-related equipment. Will be working out of a large wellequipped shop.

Employment Opportunity On Call Basis Pressroom Assistant Alaska Highway News (DC office) to start immediately. • Working on printing press • Must be reliable & willing to learn • Mechanically inclined • Frequent heavy lifting required Union position, wages as per collective agreement Phone Travis at 250-782-4888

Mills/Equipment 2218 Looking for Grain Grinder



Required for year round employment; must have Super B experience for hauling grain; needs clean driving record. Competitive wages. Accommodations are available. Resume can be submitted by fax to (780)864-4569, e-mail to or call Gerry at (780)831-8525.

1215 General Employment

Summer employment and career opportunitieS Melbern Vegetation Ltd., specializing in industrial vegetation services, with locations in Grande Prairie, Beaverlodge and Dawson Creek, B.C. is currently accepting applications for herbicide applicators, applicator assistants and mowing personnel for the 2014 season.

2045 Computers/Electronics r001742471

For more information Phone (780) 354-8186 or Submit resume via Fax: (780) 354-8196 Email:

Bag Phone-Motorola 800 with antenna and power booster. Works well in remote areas. $650.00 780568-4192 Power converter Samlex power supply, 10 amp, 110-12 volts. $115.00 780568-4192

2060 For Sale - Misc

95 Citation 5th Wheel, 28’, all options, extra clean. $8,000.00 OBO. Phone: 780-835-4565

South Peace Centennial Museum Summer Student Employment Opportunity Application deadline to be May 31, 2014 Employment to run: June - part time - during school, July and August - full time - weekends to be worked Submit Resume to: South Peace Centennial Museum, Box 439, Beaverlodge, Alberta, T0H 0C0 Any questions: you may send queries to or call 780-402-9436 for Neil. r001775880

tractors, loaders. Large selection of pallet forks, grapples, buckets, snow and dirt blades, tillers, mowers and snow blowers, etc. Phone 780-354-2161, Beaverlodge.

PEAT MOSS SOIL-6 miles NW of Sexsmith. $20 cubic yard loaded. 780-568-3957 or cell: 780-814-3082

Hammer Mill, PTO or Electric. Phone: 780-8354841 or Cell: 780-8350130.

Misc Farm Equipment 2220 16 ft drill fill for sale.

Phone: 780-322-2341 & leave a message. 19ft wide CCIL Light-field cultivator. $1000 Phone 250-262-8405 2003 Heston 956 Round Baler. Mint Condition. $10,500. 780-597-3035 2010 New Holland 72C-30 Ft straight cut header. Phone 250-843-7359 Cell 250-782-0220 350C John Deere Track Loader for parts Call 780-568-4192 350 John Deere crawler rails and pads. Call 780-8365694 40ft of 9450 John Deere Hoe Drills with Factory Transport and Hydraulic Markers. Phone: 780-6248851. 53Ft Seed can mover Good rubber $500 Phone 250262-8405 5th-wheel stock trailer, 20 feet. $2000. Front end loader, fits Case 1070, $1500. Call 250-789-3350 64 feet of steel packer for 5710 Bourdault air drill. In good condition. 9.8 inch spacing,3.5 inch packer. 780-864-8979 90’ Patriot field sprayer, 1993, 750 gal. tank. 3-way nozzles. Dicky John monitoring. $45,000.00. 780523-2394

1215 General Employment

Legal/Public Notices Apartments Condos-For-Sale Duplexes for Sale Farms for Sale Houses for Sale Industrial Commercial Land for Sale Lots & Acreages for Sale Mobile/Manufactured Homes for Sale

6055 6070 6505 6515 6516 6525 6530 6560 6920 6935

Open Houses Real Estate Wanted Apartments Condos for Rent Commercial Rent to Own Duplexes for Rent Farms/Acreages for Rent Houses for Rent Office/Retail Property Management

6950 Shared Accommodation 6965 Suites for Rent 6975 Wanted to Rent 7015 Business Personals 8034 Building Contractors 9025 Hay/Bales for Sale 9115 Auto Miscellaneous 9160 Trucks/Vans/Cars 9185 Boats 9220 RVs/Campers/Trailers 9225 Snowmobiles

Misc Farm Equipment Misc Farm Equipment 2220 2220 8-1/2ft Agrator heavy duty Rotovator, 4pseed gear box. Asking $2500. Masse Harris, 3 bottom plow, power lift. IHC 2 bottom plow power lift. IHC 8foot tiller with power lift. Cocksautt 10foot #14 cultivator with 2 new tires. JD 10-1/2foot heavy duty surflex with 24inch blades. JD 17foot surflex. 780-835-2418 Blanchard 6x15 Hydraulic Drill Fill Fits to tailgate $225. Call 250-782-9619 Evenings FOR SALE: 1996 Bourgault 3225 Air Tank. Single shoot w/granular tank. $12,000. OBO Phone: 780597-2386 For Sale 40’ Flexicoil harrow packer. $4000 Phone 780-5232349 For sale: 44 ft. Harmon air drill. 4480 with 3100 tank. Phone: 780-836-5334. For Sale: 52’ conservapak air-drill, 2320 flex-coil tow between air-cart, 1998. Asking $45,000.00 780523-2394 For Sale: Stock Racks to fit 8 ft. Truck Box, like new. $500.00 Phone: 780-5684192 Goose neck trailer, 20 feet, triple axle, $3000. Call 250-7893350 Graham cultivator 12 foot, 3-point hitch $800. Morris field cultivator, 16 feet, $1100 Call 250-789-3350 HAUL-ALL, two compartment drillfill, with 2 hydraulic unloading augers. Priced to sell. 780-8354338 HD IHC 35FT Cultivator 5700 Model With Mounted Harrow 32in Shanks & Dead Rod 780-864-5763/250-7823742 Honeybee Draper header 30 feet CX or Case adaptor Great shape Phone 780-323-3575 John Deere 96 Pull tight combine plus parts $300 Phone 250-262-8405

J.D. 7721 PT Combine, good condition. One season on rub bars. $3,500.00 250719-9601 or 250-780-2031

JD 9350 30ft hoe-drill with factory transport and hydraulic markers. Phone: 780-322-2341 & leave message. J.D. 9350 D.D. Seed Drill 20’, grass seed transport. $3,500.00. 250-719-9601 or 250-780-2031 JF 1350 Ford Harvester. New cutter head & feed rolls recently. 780-8648979

JOHN DEERE 235 tandem disc, 9” spacing, 23’ cut, greasable bearings, excellent condition. $18,000.00 780-835-4338. JOHN DEERE 3600 plow, eight 16 inch trip bottoms complete with coulters, good condition

Krummenacher Air-Seeder (like valmar) fits on Harrows. Seeds grass, legumes, grains, canola. $3000 Phone 250-262-8405 Leon loader w/6 foot bucket. No bends, no welds Like new condition. $2150. 780-766-2691 780-830-6079 New Holland CX860 combine, 1200 hour separator. Micheal Hopper topper, self levelling shoe, always shedded. Phone 780-323-3575 or 780-8370064

NH Model 488 9ft Haybine field ready. $4750. Call 250-782-9619 Evenings

Two coil packers 5’ & 6’ wide. $200 Phone 250-2628405 Vogel & Noot 4-bottom roll over plow. 3 point hitch. Low acres. $16,000 Phone 250-262-8405 Wanted: Fill Dirt. Free Dumping. South Rolla Area Phone: 250-759-4956 WANTED: HD7W Allis Chalmer dozer trackchains, sprockets, and idlers. Must be in fair to good condition. Call Jim: 403638-7890 or 780-836-0383. Wanted To Purchase Jiffy 600 or 700 model High Dump in Good Condition. Phone 250-719-9738


Wanting to Buy 4430 John Deere Tractor in good condition. Phone: 250-7594956



1 & 2 yr old Salers Bulls. Quiet,tested,guaranteed for cows or heifers. Delivery available. 780-924-2464



“ D I S C O V E R

3535 Livestock

FOR SALE Registered Polled Hereford Cows & Heifers and Commercial Hereford Cows & Heifers. 780-836-2125 MAINE-ANJOU YEARLING BULLS Quality Purebred, Polled, BlackBulls. Semen Tested. View catalog & videos on-line at or call Dennis Shannon @ 1-403-2272008, Innisfail, Alberta POLLED BULLS For Sale. Moderate birth weights, forage raised. ORV’s LIMOUSIN. 780864-1222 or 780-353-2161 Red Angus Yearling Bulls For Sale. $2200.00 each. Can deliver locally. Call 250-843-7183 Reg’d. 16hh, 4-yr old CB/TB bay gelding, green broke, dressage prospect, likes people 1-800-255-8225 Reg’d. 16hh, 7-yr old CB/TB bay mare, green broke, dressage prospect, likes people 1-800-255-8225 Registered Polled Hereford Bulls. 1,2&3 year olds. Small birth weights. Vet inspected. Free Delivery. 780-836-2125. Registered Red Poll Bulls for Sale on Farm. One 3yr old,$3,000 used last year on yearlings + 3 April yearlings, $2,000. Shadow Creek Farms. Call Dean or Marsha Anderson 250-8273293. Registered Simmental bulls for sale. Polled with low birth weights. Yearlings $2200, 2-yr-olds $3000 Semen-tested. Delivery available. 780-835-3165

5020 Business Services

Custom Crop Spraying Bill Fehr (780)876-1065

• Licensed • Insured • 12 Years of Experience





May 9, 2014

3535 Livestock

SPRING CHICK: Ringneck Pheasants; Chickens; standard/bantams; Peacocks; Wild Turkeys; Hatch Dates: Chickens hatching now; PheasantsMay, Turkeys-May; Peacocks-June. Taking orders now. 780-532-0758 evenings/weekends Yearling & 2 year old Speckled Park Bulls For Sale. Call 780-835-8097






IF IT’S NOT IN THE NORTHERN HORIZON C O V E R ” 1x12.25 Rural mst rd. auction2 - Composite IS IT REALLY FOR SALE?

5020 Business Services M Mulvahill Fencing Contract, Construction & repairs to corrals, pasture and game fencing.

Yearling and 2-Year-Old Purebred Shorthorn Bulls for sale off the Ranch. Call: 780-597-3973

5020 Business Services



Phone Robert

250-843-7654 250-719-8740


Ken Boon tel/fax: 250.261.6900

Rod Hedges tel: 250.263.7944

Pasture to Rent in Peace River AB for the summer. Call 780-618-1234



155 Acres of land just off the pavement and only 10 minutes from Dawson Creek. Hydro, Gas and telephone services alongside the property and is on school bus route. Call 250-784-4256

9020 Feed & Seed Alfalfa seed Canada #1. Grown in the Peace for the Peace. Phone 250-786-7932 or 250-219-8949 Common Fall Rye Seed for Sale in Onoway. 97% Germination. Phone: 780-9672138

The Notice AGM Northern Peace Country Beef Promotional Society Sunday, May 25, 2014 Horizon 3510 Reber’s Polled Herefords, Woking, Alberta Battle River Black Angus (Call Serena at 780-518-2643 for directions) is Supper at 5:30 p.m. at 7:00 p.m. FOR SALE• • • • theMeeting C straws l a s s• i• f• i• e• d• s Semen Tank with 369 41 of Black Angus Bull Semen Peace Region’s To register or for more information, contact: DAMAGED Monika Benoit most 780-837-4752 Call Ron Gordey GRAIN Battle River Black Angus read 780-836-6239 INVITATION TO TENDER ESTCAN W rural 9020 1.877.250.5252 BUYING: publication. DAMAGED GRAIN

KIR-ASH CONTRACTING LTD Hauling farm equipment of all types throughout BC, AB, SK,. Call us to book today, 780.978.2945, Grande Prairie, AB



All are invited to attend and give input on the direction you think the Board for the PCBC take “ D I S C O V Eshould R W going H A forward. T W E C O V E R ” Anyone interested in fi lling a director position July 29, 2011 is invited to join us at the meeting or notify 150 Straws Tla Prides Traveler 26H Monika previous to the meeting to let your Commercial 5020 Services Feed & Seed 9160 Tr 6040 Lots & Acreages for Sale 6515 name stand for a director9020 position. 89 Straws Battle River Bar Lad 27U

30x50 Shop for rent. 14’ Buying bay doors, $5200/month. Perfect for Vac Truck. Big or small. Phone Tony 250-219-1227. from Dawson Creek on We do it all. Highway 49. Phone BUILD TO SUIT Industrial Phone Tony • Heated • Light evenings 250-782-3553. sitesr001776442 available in Dawson @ 250-219-1227. • Springthrash Creek, Chetwynd, Tumbler Ridge. 1 13 Acres. Call • Bugs • Mix • Damp 6045 Mobile/Manufactured Homes for Sale r001775919 250-719-1815. 6020 Farms for Sale FOR SALE: 1981 Feed & Seed FEED & GRAIN Wanham Grazing Association is taking 6530 Farms/Acreages Briarwood trailer to be 740 Acres, excellent “On Farm Pickup” tenders for the following projects: moved. Needs some repairs cow/calf operation, west of FOR RENT: 1. Construct new 4-wire barbed wire fence with 3-4 gates. to flooring. $3000 obo. Edmonton, Call Richard 90 Acres alfalfa 6 miles in length. Projectstanding is approximately Phone 780-978-3334. 780-727-2919. and/ora.60 Acresexisting alsike to4 strands9160 Remove of barbed wire Trucks/Vans/Cars combine in Gordondale b. Materials will be supplied by the Association and will TO BE MOVED STARR AUTO SALES area.bePhone on-siteMike Older 14x60 Mobile home 6036• WHEAT Property• For Sale * TRADE-IN ALLwith TYPES BARLEY • OATS • PEAS • HEATED GRAIN 780-841-7998. 2. Spray approximately 900 acres of pasture land for sale. Gyproc lined, OF VEHICLES * • SPRING THRASHED • DAMP •working LIGHT • appliances, MIXED • BUGS Touchdown® herbicide. Spraying can be done 3 year Pasture Lease For Sale. 965 * FINANCING * by air or ground. 6560 Houses For Rent old propane furnace. To be acres, north eaglesham PHONE a. Chemical will be supplied by the Association moved from Three Creeks A large and Serviced Lot area. Also, complete cattle 780-897-0256 will be RV on-site. District, Peace River. in seed Rolla. $450 per 900 handling system Direct approximately acresbox to oats. Plastic liner, fits full • GREEN780-359• WEEDY • SPRING THRASHED $5000 obo. To view phone month a. plus hydro water. by size 2261. Seed will be&supplied the Association trucks, $150, 250-786780-624-8557. Phone 250-442-0313 and will be on-siteor 5860. “On Farm Pickup” 250-442-9413. Newa minimum 2011 18’ tandem Successful applicants must carry of car 9020 Feed & Seed 1.877.250.5252 9020 Feed & Seed hauler. GVW 7,000 lbs, $2,000,000 in liability insurance, must have valid 6965 Suites For Rent loading ramps. $3800. WCB coverage and work in compliance within the Phone 780-831-7733. Bedsitting Rooms For Rent Occupational Health and Safety Act. Aubins Autos. Buy, Sell or from $500 per month. InApplicant must&assess priorautomotive. to acceptance trade Callof 1cludes Utilities Cable.the site 780-897-AUTO (2886). Phone bid. To view worksite, contact Gilbert at 780-618-1621. 250-782-7998. 8ft box for 2001 Dodge Tenders must be submitted to the dually. C/W 2 bumpers, Furnished Rooms To Rent May 26 Association by Monday, $600 firm. Phone in private home, Dawson - Mail: Wanham Grazing Association, c/o Lenore 780-766-2893 Creek, 250-782-9223. Mueller, R.R.1, Wanham, Alberta780-814-0880. T0H 3P0 Attention Lenore 2009 GMCMueller Equinox SL 9020- Fax: Feed780-694-2580, & Seed - E-mail: SUV. Excellent condition, Phone: Quality Rye Seed for Sale. 90,000Lenore kms, traction 250-782-4449 For more information, contact at Mile 2 Alaska Hwy. Call 250-782-3337 control, power options, Dawson Creek, BC Toll Free: 1-866-782-4449 780-694-2573 or 780-864-8197 or 250-784-7854. $15,300. theWANTED! Phone:780-897-0256. Used grass seeder, 2008 Ford F350 crew cab, 10ft or 12ft. diesel, 4X4, 149,000 kms, Brillion or similar type. Lariat, loaded 780-897FOR SALE: 26W 105 Straws Lad Of Grassylanes Dawson Bluebird Creek 2 Alberta quarter sections. 25Radiator StrawsRepair. Grassy Lanes Bardolene Approximately 2535M minutes


We Buy Heated Canola & Heated Oats


Box 6237 Fort St. John BC V1G 4H7

Custom built 20x64 To Be Moved . H O R IBathZON 2 Bedroom/2 room,large storage, drywalled. Asking $85,000 780-933-8749

1/4 Deeded-Buildings/ 1,539 Acres Grazing Lease/ River Frontage/Oil Revenue. Will sell lease sperate/$439,000 780-568-4192



• New Home Construction • Restorations • Stain and Chinking Products

6930 Pasture For Rent

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5520 Legal/Public Notices

Farms for Sale


Bay Tree - Bonanza - Silver Valley - Spirit River - Rycroft - Wanham Sexsmith - Debolt - Bezanson - Little Smoky - Valleyview Grande Prairie - Wembley - Beaverlodge - Hythe

6030theHouses for Sale

Property For Sale



2 year old Charolais Bulls. 250-785-5325 2-Yr. Old and Yearling Red Angus Bulls for Sale off the Ranch. Phone: 780-8350463. 3 Dark Red 2 yr old Simmental Bulls, Easy Calving. Phone: 250-630-2303 or Cell: 250-793-2304. At Stud: Pure Cleveland Bay, 17hh, English import, all foals registerable, big bone, 1800-255-8225 Commercial Bulls. Polled Simmental, Hereford, Shorthorn and Black Angus. Vet Inspected. Free Delivery. Artificially Inseminated Cattle since 1978. 780836-2125. For Sale: 1 yearling Dexter Bull, purebred but no papers, quiet. $900.00. Phone: 780-933-9928 For Sale: Registered 2 year old Red Angus Bulls. Easy Calving Upperpine Red Angus. 250-827-3542 Red Angus Bulls For Sale 4 -2 year olds, 12 yearlings. Stan Hetman 250-827-3694


MM GBD diesel tractor with PTO. MS 97 diesel tractor. MM G gas tractor. 3 MM model 4 gas tractor. 1 MM 5 star gas tractor. 780-835-2418


Agro Source Ltd. BUYING:

Call (250) 782-4888 for more information Northern

Serving the



Tractors 2230 Parting out or Complete





2007 coupe, s tilt, cr c Phone 2007 C 4 doors, c/w f Tra Phone 2006 Ch sale. V6, cruise, p Phone 2003 Po 5 door 135, Phone 2003 Fo s/b, 4X4 Trades w 2886. 2001 For cloth, loa 780-8971998 O for sa come Phone 1998 Do cab, 4X4 897-2886 1998 D exte autom P Phone 1997 Do truck. V 260 win 78




Feed & Seed 9020 For Sale: CERTIFIED

Round-up Ready CANOLA Seed; FUSION CAFE and RUGBY; STETTLER & ELSA Wheat; AUSTINSON, MEREDITH, COWBOY Barley. Gerald: Home:780-5181505 Cell:780-538-3868


Hay/Bales For Sale

Alfalfa and mixed hay in 5x6 round bales. No Rain $38/bale 250-262-8405 Hay For Sale 2500 bales. $20.00 and $30.00 per bale, 1500 pound bales. Call 250-7893683 Large round good quality alfalfa mix hay bales for sale. Call Brian: 780-9712147. Mixed Grass Hay and Cattle Feed in Large Round Bales. No Rain, $45.00/Bale. Phone: 250843-7674 Small square straw bales banded in bundles of twenty-one. Can deliver. 780864-8979.


For Sale: 1650 bushel & 2000 bushel Westeel Grain Bins in Grande Prairie. Phone: 1-780-475-3805

For Sale Steel Grain Bins. Call 780-864-3052. Leave a message

9115 Auto Miscellaneous

Parting out or complete 76 Ford Courier w/Mercedes diesel engine. 84 Mazda diesel 5speed. 83 Mazda diesel 5speed. 83 Mazda, gas,automatic. 76 Courier, 4speed. 69 Datson, 4speed. 62 Ford Galaxy 4DR, 6 cylinder, low mileage motor. 83 Camry 4DR. 91 Camry 4DR, standard transition. 86 Micra 2DR. 780-835-2418

Parting out my 2004 1500 Dodge Truck, great parts. Phone: 780-568-4454.






May 9, 2014

9115 Auto Miscellaneous Dodge Ram Tailgate 1994, blue color, $250. Red Dodge Ram 2004 Front Bumper. $250 .250-789-3350 1971 International TravelAll Model 1210 345 V8. 4x4 Low Miles. Mostly restored. 250-262-8405






C O V E R ”


9220 RVs/Campers/Trailers

Selling 1977 Dodge Sportsman Motorhome. Good condition. 6600 miles on the motor. $3500. 250-719-3549

9165 Parts & Accessories Steel Deck and 350 Motor for Sale. Phone: 250-2199960 or Cell: 250-7844025.


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2009 Thunder Jet River Boat for Sale. 19’ , 325HP, Inboard, 12Hrs. $48,000.00. Phone: 250789-3683

9020 Feed & Seed Erbe Feed DEALER

400 bushel tank, 2000 anhydrous ammonia tank. Phone: 780-518-6347, Greg: 780-518-1223

Highway 49 Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4L1 Ph: (250) 782-2279 r001638509


Buildings/ 9035 Steel Granaries

9030 2001 SeedHawk seed drill,

For Sale: 108 mt Meridian Fertilizer Bin. Phone 780356-3606 or 780-978-0514.


“ D I S C O V E R

Tillage & Seeding

Steel Buildings/ Granaries


OPEN Wed-Fri 9am-5pm

Complete line of livestock feeds, quality grains, mineral supplements, tacks, pet foods, vet supplies, custom processing & Gallagher Electric Fencing

Steel Buildings/ Granaries

MAY 31 AUCTION Mike and Carol Schmermund (Res 780-967-2593) (Cel 780-991-3772) SATURDAY MAY 31 at 1 PM

LOCATED FROM STONY PLAIN - Go North to Hwy 16X, take Hwy 779 N to

Hwy 37 continue North for 3/4 mi on RR 10 to 55024 FROM MORINVILLE - Go South on Hwy 2 to Junction Hwy 37. Go W on

Hwy 37 for 14 1/2 mi to RR 10 then 3/4 N to 55024 FROM ONOWAY OR HWY 43 - Take Hwy 37 and go East on Hwy 37 for 16 mi to

Junction Hwy 779 turn N for 3/4 mi to 55024 VERY NICE WELL MAINTAINED, SHEDDED TRACTORS and HAY EQUIPMENT You won’t find cleaner hay equipment around. Be sure to attend. JOHN DEERE TRACTORS AND HAY EQUIP • JD 6410 MFWD Tractor w/(4200 hr), 13.6x28 FWD, 18.4x38 Rear, 3 pt, JD 640 Loader, bucket, grapple, clean and nice • JD 2950 MFWD Tractor w/(8650 hr), 14.9x28 FWD, 3 pt, JD 265 Loader, bucket, grapple • JD 835 Mo Co 11 ft Discbine w/hydra swing, new blades, 4 years old, very nice • JD 338 T Square Baler w/hyd swing hitch, hyd tension, 1/4 turn • JD 338 T Square Baler w/1/4 turn • Sitrex 12 W Magnum MK 1012 Hay Rake • 1979 NH 1049 Self Propelled Sq Bale Hay Wagon w/cab, gas motor, new rubber, nice shape • NH BR 780 Round Baler w/ (done 6000 bales), net wrap, bale command station, moisture tester, bale kicker, gather wheels, very nice • 42 ft Hi Boy Trailer w/tractor pull dolly • 16 ft IHC Disc w/manual wings • 45 ft Harrow Bar • 10 boxes of Baler Twine • 2 Hay Bale Moisture Testers ACREAGE AND YARD EQUIP • JD 737 Z Trac Lawn Mower w/(330 hrs), 23 hp, 54 inch cut, bagger • CIH 235 Yard Tractor w/(1369 hr), diesel, FWD, turf tires, FE Loader, bucket, 3 pt • 3 Point (Flail Mower) (4 ft Agrator Rototiller) (chemical sprayer) • JD 1130 SE Snow Blower w/(12 hrs) • 16 ft Car Haul Trailer w/ball hitch, 2 @ 3500 axles • 300 and 500 Fuel Tanks w/stands • 16 ft x 10 ft Tool Shed • Weight Lift Exercise Machine • Oils, Anti Freeze, slings, 2 Cordless Drills w/chargers, traps, 12 O/H Shop lights • 3 piles of 2” & 8” X 12’ & 16” Firewood. LIVESTOCK ITEMS • 4 Pipe Self Standing 12’ Gates • Creep Feeder • 2 Lewis Cattle Oilers • 2000 gal r001778480 Plastic Water Tank


Charles 780-674-7704 r001694181 • 780-674-3929

Jeff 780-305-4328

On the open road

The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014


Quebec: Riding like a local The thought of riding in Northeastern Quebec can be intimidating for those who do not speak French. The farther away from the larger centers you get, the more the locals speak French only on a day to day basis. As I would find out over the course of the next few days, that communication barrier is greater in our imagination than it is in reality. In Rivière-du-Loup, I took the ferry to Saint-Simeon. The day was glorious, the sunshine felt so good on my face and I was looking so forward to these next few days. I took in the Saint Lawrence Seaway and the vastness of it from the vantage point of the deck of the ferry. I marveled at the breeching Minke whales I saw off in the distance and excitement took hold. Francois was going to meet me at the ferry in Saint-Simeon and ride with me to l’Auberge des falaises in La Malbaie where I was to stay for the evening. In the morning, Francois and I would be riding to an Emu farm where I would be handed off to the Moto Saguenay Riding Club. I was going to be sharing the highway, the attractions, the history and the culture of their little piece of heaven called Saguenay Lac St Jean with local riders for three days. Then I was going to get to spend time with Francois Gariepy of Charlevoix Tourism and take in other aspects of the Charlevoix region that I have not experienced before. 6 days in these two regions, I just knew were not going to be enough! When the ferry docked at St. Simeon I rode off it, looking for Francois. It wasn’t long before I saw him waving and I pulled into the parking area where he was. After hugs and kisses on the cheeks, we jumped on the bikes and headed towards La Malbaie. Just a few moments outside of St. Simeon, we turned left onto a small road that almost looked like a driveway. We followed the curvy little path to the most beautiful boat launch area that has picnic tables and a pier that has been recently upgraded. There is a small Anglican Church not far from the boardwalk area that is

open all year round and the bay is a feeding ground for Beluga and Minke whales. After taking a few moments to admire the waterfalls and the view, we headed to the Boulangerie Pains D’exclamation. Filled with all sorts of baked goods and local delicacies, the smells in this shop were mouthwatering! I enjoyed an espresso and a piece of pie and the fabulous conversation with Francois and his lovely wife, Elizabeth, who joined us. Francois and I rode to L’Auberge des fallaise, my accommodations for the evening. After ensuring I was checked in, Francois headed off to his office to check up on things and I got unpacked and ready for supper. The rooms at L’Auberge des fallaise are comfortable, well appointed and offer magnificent views of La Malbaie. The Cloutier family has operated this property for generations and they take immense pride in their customer service. L’Auberge des fallaise offers a Nordique Spa with the most incredible views to relax by along with the ability to book massages! Their dining room is utterly fantastic, from the view to the menu and service, there is nothing lacking! After a fabulous meal with Francois, David Cloutier, the general manager came over to say hello, we all enjoyed dessert and coffee together. I headed to my room with a smile on my face; my God it was good to be here, to break bread with such wonderful people and let me tell you the food is simply divine! I enjoyed a jet tub and then settled down in the king sized bed for a wonderful and refreshing sleep. I was up nice an early and went to the spa to take in the pools, then headed for the dining room and the magnificent breakfast buffet. I opted for the crepes with real maple syrop and they were perfection! The service at L’Auberge des fallais has been spot on perfect both times I have been here. The staff works so very hard to ensure you feel cared for and looked after and they succeed at it very well indeed! I was packing my bike up as Francois rode up. In no time at all we were on our

way under skies that had become overcast. We were heading to Saint-Urbain and the Emu farm. The ride is only about 40 kilometers long, it takes you through the communities of Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs, Notre-Damedes-Monts, Saint-Hilarion before you arrive in Saint-Urbain. Four riders, four from the Club Moto Saguenay, greeted us and I was introduced to Gilles, Rejean, Denis and Francine. Over the course of the next three days, Gilles, Rejean and Francine would be a very big part of my days. We toured the largest Emu farm in Canada, which proved to be very interesting. With over 400 birds in various stages of growth, the Emu Farm gives you a really good look into the life and cycles of the Emu. Emus are a funny and inquisitive creature but they can also be very dangerous too. Here at the Emu Farm, the birds are raised for meat and cosmetics. In fact, every little bit of the bird that can be used to produce a product is. Not only is the meat served in restaurants regionally, but also it is sold in ready to eat meals and they offer jerky as well. The eggs are turned into magnificent art; the feathers are used in a variety of creations and the prized fat of the bird, that is ideal for so many purposes it is mind blowing, is rendered into cosmetics, skin care products, health products and more! The Emu is the second largest bird in the world and is native to Australia. Emu meat is very lean, 97% fat free and yet, it is very flavorful. I have eaten Emu before but I had no ideas about the healing properties of Emu oil and how it is being used in cosmetics these days. Did you know that you could ingest Emu oil to reduce cholesterol? It also aids in weight loss and can be used as a cough syrup! Emu oil is also used to reduce the pain and irritation of shingles, bedsores, nerve pain, insect bites and more! Emu oil can also reduce swelling and help with arthritis pain. Emu oil is also being offered in cosmetics because of its ability to penetrate the skin. In fact the Emu farm has its very own line

of cosmetics and skin care products. Inside the gift shop, we taste tested some Emu jerky which was mmm, so good and then we got to sample some of the creams, and skin care products. Emu oil is so silky smooth and it glides onto your skin leaving it soft and sore joints feel soothed. I bought some of the oil itself and some lip balm. All of you who ride should consider carrying a small bottle of the emu oil and the lip balm with you – the restorative effects for after burn care, dry and chapped lips and sore muscles and joints truly make this a must have product for riders! The lip balm is going to run you $7.95 and the small bottle of oil will run you $10.99 but both will last you far longer than you can imagine! ( From Saint-Urbain we rode north on #381 towards our lunch destination for the day, Auberge des Battures, La Baie. We stopped at a lookout that gave us the most spectacular view of Lac St. Jean and took in an old roadside church that was used by people traversing this way as a resting point. The church is still used by locals. When we arrived in La Baie, I was given a lesson about the floods that occurred here wiping out the entire town. In July of 1996, a series of flash floods hit the region creating the largest overland flood in the 20th century in Canada. After two weeks of constant rain an immense rainstorm on July 19th where 11 inches of rain fell in just a few hours, triggered the massive flooding. Over 16,000 people were evacuated, 480 homes destroyed, over 1,200 homes were damaged and 10 people were killed. A small white house that stood unharmed while torrents of water flowed around it became the symbol of the flood. It has been preserved as a historical park and museum commemorating the flood, and despite a fire in 2002 remains standing today. At the Auberge des Battures we were joined by Lynne Savoy of L’Association moto-tourisme de Jonquière. The view of the Saguenay Fjord from the dining room is spectacular. The food, the view and the company made this meal an amazing one!

Continued on 45

The WILD Atlantic Way is calling... Come discover 2,500KM of wild, rugged beauty filled with twists and turns that are made for motorcycling!

Celtic Rider Motorcycle Rental & Tours, is a 100% Irish owned company, and a national multi-award winning Tour company,


officially approved by Tourism Ireland! We are riders too!

42 The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014






Alan & & Pam Pam Roach Alan Roach


Directions: 9 km east of Beaverlodge, AB on Hwy 2, 6 km south on RR 92, 1 km west on Twp 710, 4.3 km south on RR 93. TRACTORS, TRUCKS and TRAILER: 1995 Ford 9680 4wd tractor, 360 HP, 2,422 hrs • JD 4440 tracFORD 9680 4WD TRACTOR tor, 130 HP, 20.8x34 tires, 3 hyd, dual pto, 9,591 hrs • JD 4230 tractor 100 HP, dual pto • JD 4230 tractor 100 HP, dual pto, JD 148 FEL • Cat 931C track loader, canopy, 4,663 hrs • 1997 IHC Paystar 5000 t/a gravel truck, a/r, 17 ft. gravel box • 1998 Dodge 4wd p/u, gas, 5 spd • GMC 5000 t/a grain truck, steel box • 2003 Southland 5th wheel 16 ft. stock trailer, tires • HARVEST and HAY: JD 7720 Titan II combine, 2,335 hrs, p/u, chopper • 2011 NH BR7090 round baler • 2007 NH 1431 discbine • 2004 bale processor • 2004 Inland Hayliner 2500 self loading bale wagon • MF 12 square baler • LIVESTOCK EQUIPMENT: Cattle scale, calf tipping table, livestock squeezes • Feed wagons • 2000 roller mill • Approx. 2500 hay bales • TILLAGE: Ezee-on 3500 40 ft. air seeder, tbh 160 air cart, ground drive fan • Flexi-Coil 890 50 ft. harrow packers • 52 ft. cult • 2 JD 3100 6x16 plows • Degelman rock picker • LAWN and RECREATION: 2011 Argo 750 Hdi, 8x8 • 2007 Ariens zero turn lawn mower, 23 HP, 50" deck • Honda lawn mower, Poulan rototiller • MISC: 2002 Ezee-on 2400 trail type post pounder • 1997 Weldanpower 125 portable welder • 6 Western saddles, tack • 2500 psi pressure washer • Saw mill, wood frame, extra 48" blades • Wilmar 500 t/a fertilizer spreader, sprayer • Treated fence posts • GRAIN BINS: 17 Westeel and Butler 2000 bus. grain bins, wood floors •


JD 7720 turbo combine, 2,676 hrs, p/u, chopper • JD 20 ft. grain header • Versatile 4400 18 ft. swather, p/u reel • JD 1830 tractor, 3 pt, pto • Dodge 500 s/a grain truck, steel box • 1983 Ford truck, dsl • 1984 Rampage truck • 5th wheel 24 ft. bale trailer • Case 32 ft. tandem disc • IHC 15 ft. disc • Morris 20 ft. grain drill • 12 Bottom plow, 5 Bottom plow • JD 5-16" plow, JD 4-14" plow on steel • JD 41 ft. d/t cultivator, Valmar • CCIL 14 ft. cultivator • 2.5 yd. scraper, 18 ft. field float • 25 ft. diamond harrows • 55 ft. flex harrows • 41 ft. diamond harrows • CCIL 40 ft. harrows • IHC spring tooth harrows • Grain vac • Allied 8 ft. dozer bladeAllied 8x40 ft. pto grain auger • Hopper wagon • 1968 IHC grain truck, needs motor • Fanning mill •

For more information call Adolph at 780.766.2772




Dixonville, Alberta Dixonville, Alberta Saturday, May 17, 17, 2014 Saturday, May 2014- -11:00 11:00a.m. a.m. Directions: 1 mile West of Dixonville to Range Road 241

Directions: 1For mile West of Dixonville to Range Road 241 information call 780-971-2539 For information call 780-971-2539 - Push Hand Lawn RECREATION, - Oval Shaped HOUSEHOLD & Decorative - Mower Push Hand Lawn ShapedWall Mirror RECREATION, HOUSEHOLD & MISCELLANEOUS TACK & OTHER- Oval - Leaf Blower - Franklin Leather

TACK &Grizzly OTHER - 2006 660 4x4

Decorative Wall Mirror

Recliner with Heat, - Franklin Leather Massage & Beverage ATV Recliner with Heat, - 2006- Grizzly 660 4x4 Cooler Camo ATV Cover Beverage ATV - ATV Gun or Bow Rack Massage - Bedroom&Suite (7) Cooler - Camo&ATV Cover Piece Golden Pine Other Accessories - Bedroom Suite (7) - ATV -Gun Bow Rack - Antique Singer Sewing ATV or Snow Plow Machine in Cabinet Golden Pine - 12' Accessories Starcraft Fishing Boat Piece & Other - (3) Brassai Laminate Boat Mower Singer Sewing - ATV -Snow Plow 9.8 Mercury- Antique Art Pictures - Boat Oars, Life Boat Jackets Machine in Cabinet - 12' Starcraft Fishing - Plant Stands Snow Blower - Boat-Mower 9.8 Mercury - (3) Brassai Laminate - Fold Out Table with Tecumseh 5.0 HP ArtChairs Pictures - Boat- Oars, Life Jackets (4) Wood Burning Heater Plant - Snow Blower - BedStands Side Wash Basin - Mini Hot Water Tank - Fold Out Table with Tecumseh 5.0 Saddles HP & Pitcher - (2) Horse (4)& GARDEN - Wood Burning Heater - Assortment of Horse Tack Chairs LAWN - Bed Side Wash Basin Antique Harrows - Mini -Hot Water Tank & Assortment of Horse Plow &- Pitcher - (2) Horse Saddles Decorative Planters - Alfa 9"ofMeat Slicer - Assortment Horse Tack LAWN & GARDEN - Yard Tools, Rakes, Shovels FURNITURE & - Wheel Barrow - Antique Harrows & Assortment of HorseACCESSORIES Plow - Gas Weed Eater Decorative Planters - Alfa 9" Meat Slicer Poulin Chain Saw - (2) Rocking Chairs Tools, Rakes, Shovels - Rain Barrel FURNITURE & -- Yard - Dining Table & (4) Wheel - Burn Barrow Barrel (not used) Chairs (2 Sets) ACCESSORIES - (2)Weed Bird Baths - Gas Eater - Buffet & Hutch - Miscellaneous House Chain Saw - (2) Tall Chairs Standing Lamps- Poulin - (2) Rocking Plants - Rain Barrel - TV Stand

- Dining Table & (4) - Burn Barrel (not used) Chairs (2 Sets) TO ADDITIONS LIST SUBJECT AND DELETIONS - (2) Bird Baths - Buffet & Hutch Miscellaneous House - (2) Tall Standing Lamps Plants - TV Stand


Weaver Bros. Auctions Ltd. • Auctioneers for the B.C. and Alberta Peace Country JEFF WEAVER • 780.864.7750 • LORNE WEAVER • 250.219.0871 | EVAN WEAVER 250.219.4539


-- Outdoor Bug Zapper Leaf Blower


Clubs & Bag - Outdoor Bug Zapper - Golf - Coffee Maker - Recumbent Exercise Bike GARAGE & - Golf Clubs Puzzles & Bag & Wizard TOOLS & - Dragon - Recumbent Exercise Bike GARAGE - Mattress & Box Spring - Dragon Wizard Puzzles - Miscellaneous Power - 60’s Folding&Card Table TOOLS Tools with Chairs & Box Spring - Mattress -- Standing Tool Chest Decorations - 60’s Folding Card Table Miscellaneous Power - Christmas - Tow Chains & Cable - Tents & Sleeping with Chairs Bags Tools -- Peg Board 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet - Christmas Decorations Standing Tool Chest - Table Saw - Mini Keg Dispenser - Tents & Sleeping Bags - Tow Chains & Cable - Water - Tool Box with Tools Softener - 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet -- Peg Set Board of (4) American - Vacuums - MiniDoors Keg Dispenser - Racing Table Chrome Saw Rims 15" - Folding - Water ToolofBox -- Set Hub with CapsTools for ’71 - Stack of 2 xSoftener 4’s Lengths - Vacuums - Mustang Set ofMach (4) 1AmericanAssorted - Ice- Machine Folding Doors Racing Chrome Rims 15" - Stack of 2 x 4’s - Set of Hub Caps for ’71- Dishwasher - Vulcan 2 x 2 Flat Top MUSICAL Assorted Lengths Mustang Mach 1 Grill (220 V) EQUIPMENT - Ice Machine - Hobart 2 Burner Stove - Dishwasher - Hobart Stainless Steel - Traynor 6 Channel PA - VulcanStand 2 x 2 Flat Top Equipment MUSICAL - Yamaha Cabinet Grill(220 V) Speakers 100 Watt/Side - BBQGrill EQUIPMENT of Miscellaneous - Hobart 2 Burner Stove - Academy Electric Guitar - Lots and Steel --Univox Mini6Practice Amp - HobartItems Stainless Traynor Channel PA Household much much moreStand -- Microphone with Stand Equipment Yamaha Cabinet GrillAVAILABLE Speakers 100 Watt/Side - BBQ LUNCH - Academy Electric Guitar - Lots of Miscellaneous Household Items and - Univox Mini Practice Amp much much more - Microphone with Stand




For Dale Wine {Little Fork Ranch} Valleyview, Alberta Saturday, May 31 2014, 10 A.M. of


Ed&&Marion Marion Przybylski Ed Przybylski 4801 - 49 Avenue, Grimshaw, Alberta

From Valleyview: 4.8 kms west to rg. rd. 230, 8 kms north to twp. rd. 712, 5 kms west to gate on south side.

4801 - 49 Avenue, Saturday, May 24,Grimshaw, 2014 - 11:00 Alberta a.m. Saturday, For May 24,call2014 - 11:00 a.m. information 780-332-2718

Recreation: Kubota RTV900 utility vehicle, Diesel eng, 324hrs, Hyd. at front & rear, Hyd. lift box, 4WD w/winch & power steering, Hydrostatic 3 speed, Cab w/heater & 2812 dirt devil tires w/spare {one owner} • Hyd. over electric snow blade, 72in. {to fit Kubota} • Solar panel • Wagon: High wheel wagon w/wheels done recently • Acreage Equip: MF GC2300 Tractor, 220hrs, Diesel eng., 4WD, Hydrostatic w/MF2350 FEL & 3pth. • Buhler rough cut mower, 5ft. • Buhler finishing mower, 5ft. • Fuller C2548, 25 series roto-tiller, 50in. • Cultivator, 7ft. • 3pth. 3x4 harrows • 3pth. V-plough for ditching • Wood Working: King mod. CH-900C variable speed wood lathe • Variety of wood working knives for lathe {good quality; some brand names include: Diamic & Craig Jackson} • King Ind. Jointer/planer, 6in. • Grizzly Ind. variable adjustable table drill, complete w/table & bits • Sears Craftsman band saw w/variety of blades & table • King Canada table saw w/extra blades & guide • King Canada mitre saw w/blades & table • Belt sander, 3in. • B&D router RP250 • Biscuit joiner • Sanders • Grinder w/motor • Shop & Misc: Millar mig welder w/full oxy bottle {owners bottle} • Oxy-accet. set w/ cart & bottles {owners bottles} • Air compressor mod. 8494K, 11gal. • No. of power tools, hand tools, wrenches too numerous to mention • Shop vacuum • Yard & Garden: Electric wood splitter • Honda front tine tiller • Stihl F586 power trimmer • Ice auger w/2 blades, 8in. • Wheel barrow • Various garden equip. • • Books for most machines & products • Guest consignors: Oak table & chairs • Teco Westinghouse 3hp, 3 phase motors {unused} • Insulated pipe wrap • Pipe saddles • Rag line, 3 & 4in. • Various steam valves & fittings • (2) sets tractor tire chains • Lockers, 12in.x12in. • Fender elect. Guitar •

NOTE: On offer at this is an excellent of well maintained carpenter and Forsale information callline 780-332-2718 shop tools. NOTE: On offer at this sale is an excellent line of well maintained carpenter and - Shop Lights - Wood Stove CARPENTER - Carpenter Beltsshop tools.

TOOLS CARPENTER - Table Saw TOOLS - Compound Mitre

r001775914 email: Ph: (780) 524-3169 Fax (780) 524-5605 Auctioneers: Robin Lovelace 524-6844 Dustin Lovelace 228-3220 Dave Daly 523-9699

- Hand Planes

- Carpenter Belts - Hand Saws - Hand Planes - Levels - Dust Collector - Hand Saws Saw - Table Saw - Many More Levels - Dewalt Radial Arm Carpenter Tools - Compound Mitre - Dust Collector Saw Saw - Electric Hand Planer - Many More - Dewalt- Belt Radial Arm Sander Carpenter Tools& LAWN Saw - Jig Saws GARDEN & - 16" Scroll Saw - Electric Hand Planer MISCELLANEOUS - Skill Saws - Belt Sander LAWN & - Palm Sander - Push Lawn Mower - Jig Saws - Air Nailer GARDEN M.T.D. 5 hp 24"& - 16" Scroll Saw - Router Snow Blower MISCELLANEOUS - Skill Saws - Power Saw - Leaf Blower - Palm Sander - Air Stapler - Trimmers - Push Lawn Mower - Reciprocating Saw - Air Nailer - Grass & Fertilizer - M.T.D. 5 hp 24" Spreaders - Router- Shingling Air Nailer Snow Blower - Laser Level - Garden Hose & - Power Saw - LeafSprinklers Blower - Clamps - Air Stapler - Trimmers - Garden Tools - Saw Horses - Reciprocating Saw - Camping Equipment - Work Mate - Grass & Fertilizer - Shingling Air Nailer Spreaders LIST SUBJECT TO ADDITIONS AND DELETIONS - Laser Level - Garden Hose & Sprinklers - Clamps - Garden Tools - Saw Horses - Camping Equipment - Work Mate


- Scaffolding

- Welding Table

- Shop -- Small WoodUtility Stove - Tool Boxes Lights Trailer Welding -- Wheelbarrows Scaffolding - Power Cords Table - ToolSupplies Boxes & - Small Utility Trailer - Welding TOOLS Rod- Power Cords - SHOP Wheelbarrows - Ladders - Welding Supplies & - Forney Welder - Tool Chests Rod Drills - SHOP Twin Tank Air TOOLS- Cordless Compressor - Ladders - Specialized Tools - Cut Forney Welder Off Saw - Tool Chests - Large Quantity of Bench -- Simplex Twin Tank Air Hand Tools Cordless Drills Grinder Compressor - Many More Tools &Tools Specialized - Vices Accessories - Cut Off Saw - Large Quantity of - 26" Radial Arm Drill Quantity of Lumber - Press Simplex Bench - PipeHand Taps Tools Grinder - 1350 Watt Generator Many More Tools & - Air -Tank - Set Vices Accessories - Air Hammers Watt Generator -- 1300 26" Radial Arm Drill- Levels - Quantity of Lumber Set Press - Hammers - Pipe Taps - 30 Amp Generator - Screwdrivers -- 700 1350 Watt Generator Amp Eliminator - Air Tank - Bolts SetTools - Air - Air Hammers Screws -- Drills 1300 Watt Generator - Levels Set - LUNCH Hammers AVAILABLE - 30 Amp Generator - Screwdrivers - 700 Amp Eliminator - Bolts - Air Tools - Screws - Drills LUNCH AVAILABLE

The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014



"If this is the new GM leadership, it’s pretty lacking. I am very disappointed, really as a woman to woman, because the culture you’re representing here today is the culture of the status quo."


– U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, speaking to new General Motors CEO Mary Barra, about evidence the company waited for years to recall cars known to have a dangerous ignition-switch defect.



Unreserved Farm and Real Estate Auction Farm and RealAltona Estate Auction forUnreserved John & Frieda Peters BC 21664 For for more info. listings call John @ (250) 630-2569 John &on Frieda Peters Altona BC 21664 For more info. on listings call John @ (250) 630-2569

Sale starts  @  10am/  Equipments  sells  @  1pm/  Real  Estate  sells  @  12noon                                                  

Fr.  Hwy  97  Fort  St  John  BC-­‐  heading  north  on  hwy  97,  turn  right  onto     Directions:   271  rd  for  21km,  then  left  onto  256  rd  for  3  km.  Turn  right  onto  Prespatou  rd  for  

54km, turn  right  onto  Altona  rd  for  8.5km.  Turn  left  onto  Loop  rd  and  continue  for   about  2  km.  Turn  right  onto  #21664.  Watch  for  Rhythm  Auctions  Signs!               CANTEEN  AVAILABLE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Queen Isabella, days before sponsoring Columbus' voyage to the New SHOP  TOOLS:  225G  Miller  Bobcat  welder  (has  only  gone  through  4-­‐5  boxes  of  rods)   World, issues an ultimatum to Spain's Jews: convert or leave. As many cutting  torch  w.  tanks,  tire  changer,  Miller  welder,  table  saw,  water  pump,  water   hoses,  belt  lacer,  engine  stand,    Dynablast  propane  steamer,  Rexon  Milling  machine,   as 800,000 left, and would not return in serious numbers until the hydraulic  ram,  tidy  tanks  (3x130gal,  1-­‐100gal,  1-­‐150gal)  side  grinders,  bumper  jacks,   19th century. circular  saw,  chop  saw,  cut-­‐off  saw,  Mastercraft  drill  press,  quantity  of  wrenches,   hydraulic  jacks,  assortment  of  belts                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             MISC.:  wheel  chair  lift  for  vehicle  (up  to  300lbs)  comes  with  all  installation  hardware,     aluminum  jockey  box,  box  rails,  aluminum  running  boards,  aluminum  head-­‐ache  rack   with  tool  boxes,  triplex  wire,  roll  of  chain  link  fencing,  steel  yard  light  pole,  truck   chains,  quantity  of  tires/rims,  quantity  of  45  gal  drums,  pig  crate,  quantity  of  V-­‐belts,   water  tank,  quantity  of  steel,  pallet  of  cultivator  shovels,   BUILDING  MATERIAL:  2x6's,  2x4's,  6x6's,  bundle  of  1x4's,  misc  lumber,  26ft  beam,   OSB,  galvanized  tin  sheeting,  assortment  of  siding,  treated  blocking,  fence  posts,   sawhorses,  coreplex  sheets,  sign  material,  assortment  of  windows  and  doors,  stove   pipe,  aluminum  shelving,                                                             LAWN/GARDEN:  Murray  Twin18    ride-­‐on  lawn  mower,  pull-­‐type  rotor  tiller,   Mastercraft  push  mower,  rotor  tiller,                                                                                                                                                   ANTIQUES:  cook  stove,  gas  cans,  antique  plow,  antique  grass  mower,  steel/wooden   RHYTHM AUCTIONS IS STILL TAKING UP CONSIGNMENTS wheels, EQUIPMENT:  700  Versatile  tractor,  700  Versatile  tractor  for  parts,  4520  John  Deere   tractor  (comes  with  2350  loader)  560  International  tractor  diesel  engine,  D4   International  tractor,  CCIL  Swather,  CCIL  swather  for  parts,    Versatile  Swather,    21ft   8820  CASE  International  diesel  swather,  46ft  420  Melroe  Harrows,    Allied  harrows   Unreserved Consignment Sale May 24, 2014@10am (different  sizes),  32ft  International  Vibrashank  w.  mounted  harrows,  18ft  Vibrashank,   RHYTHM AUCTIONS STILLsharp ACCEPTING CONSIGNMENTS! Vibrashank  for  parts,  27ft  Co-­‐op  implements  deep  tillage  cultivator  w.  mounted   RHYTHM AUCTIONS STILL ACCEPTING CONSIGNMENTS! Deliver dates to the auction yard are on May 13, 14, 15, 16, and harrows,  24ft  Friggstad  deep  tillage  cultivator,  14ft  CASE  cultivator,  20ft  CASE  disc,   22ft  230  John  Deere  disc,  5  bottom  plow,  1969  Chev  grain  truck  on  propane,  1984   May 19, 21,auction 22, Unloading hours are15,from 8am Deliver dates20, to the yard are on May 13, 14, 16, and Mayto 19,6pm. 20, 21,All 22, FORD  pick-­‐up  on  propane  (4  speed),  14T  John  Deere  square  baler,  Massey  Ferguson   items must beare in from the 8am yardtoby May 22nd, 2014 sharp. No Unloading hours 6pm. All items must be inby thenoon yard by May 22nd, silage  cutter,  ,  28ft  7200  International  hoe  drill  with  steel  packers,  12ft  International   exceptions unless arranged by Aron. 2014 by noon sharp. No exceptions unless arranged by Aron. seed  drill,  24ft  John  Deere  hoe  drill  with  steel  packers,  58ft  field  sprayer,  Lode  King  2   compartment  drill  fill  on  trailer,    Westfield  augers,  hammer  mill,  seed  cleaners,    510   DIRECTIONS FR. FORT ST JOHN BC: North on hwy 97 (Alaska DIRECTIONS FR. FORT ST JOHN BC: North on hwy 97 (Alaska Highway) and turn right onto 271 rd and go New  Holland  540pto  brush  mower,    18ft  steel  deck  with  tool  box  and  tie  straps,   Highway) and turn right onto 271 rd and go for 21km and then left tandem  trailer  with  like-­‐new  wooden  deck,  2010  PJ  flat  deck  tandem  trailer,  piler   for 21km and then left onto 256 rd for 3 km and then right onto Prespatou rd for 50km. Paved roads all onto 256 rd for 3 km and then right onto Prespatou rd for 50km. blade  for  Cat,  ripper  blade  for  D7  Cat,  culverts,  20"pipes,  32ft  36"  pipe,  10  ply  24.5-­‐32   the way out there. Watch for Rhythm Auctions signs! CANTEEN AVAILABLE Paved roads all the way out there. Watch for Rhythm Auctions tires    AND  MUCH  MORE!!        Many  items  not  listed.  List  may  be  subject  to  additions   signs! CANTEEN AVAILABLE and  deletions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             VEHICLES1998 1998 Plymouth Voyager Van VEHICLESPlymouth Voyager Van TERMS  AND  CONDITIONS:                                                                                                                                                                                                             ATVsPuma Catx3, Skidoo x3, 700Polaris, Sportsman ATVsPuma ArcticArctic Cat Skidoo 700 Sportsman LT 1000 Polaris, CraftsmanLT ride1000 on lawn We  accept  absentee  bids  only  if  the  bid  is  placed  at  $350.00  or  higher.  To  place  an   Craftsman on lawn mower mower , 15 ft. firide berglass boat c/w trailer. absentee  bid,  call  the  office  at  (250)  261-­‐4198  to  request  the  absentee  bid  form  by   FARM EQUIPMENT4010 John Deere ( tires are like new) FARM EQUIPMENT4010 John Deere tractor ( tirestractor are like new) New Holland manure fax.  Forms  must  be  sent  back  with  proper  information  required  48  hours  prior  to  the   New Holland manure spreader, John Deere rock picker, Westfield farm auction  sale  date.  Everything  sells  unreserved  and  to  the  highest  bidder  only.  No   spreader, John Deere rock picker, Westfield farm auger, auger tub, fertilizer spreader, auger, auger tub, fertilizer spreader, diamond harrows, tandem hay warranties  or  guarantees  on  items  being  sold,  everything  is  sold  as  is  where  is.  All   diamond tandem hay trailer, hay rake, 40ft 6ft 3point cultivator, 40ft Hydraulic trailer, harrows, hay rake, 6ft 3point cultivator, Hydraulic Diamond Harrows, sales  must  be  paid  on  day  of  sale  by  cash,  VISA,  MasterCard,  debit,  certified  cheque,   Diamond Harrows, 3 bottom point FORD plow (kick-back) 3 bottom 3 point FORD3 plow (kick-back) or  letter  from  bank  guaranteeing  payment.  A  sufficient  I.D.  (driver’s  license)  is   CATTLE EQUIPMENTmineral feeders, self feeder, water gateswater bowls, CATTLE EQUIPMENTmineralcalf feeders, calf selfbowls, feeder, required  to  register,  prior  to  bidding.                                                                                                                                                                                                         INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT- 743B Bobcat skid steer c/w material bucket, gates,  for  listings  and  photos.                                                                                                                   32125 E –2 sets 80c,of– skidder 3.375” x 2.125” –Visit   Nexpress DUE  TO  POOR  CELL  SERVICE,  DEBIT  AND/OR  CREDIT  CARD  TRANSACTIONS    MAY   INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT743B Bobcat skid steer c/w material tire chains (brand new) 30.5 x 32, NOT  BE  AVAILABLE  AT  THIS  SALE.  PLEASE  BRING  CASH  OR  CHEQUES     bucket, 2 sets of Miller skidder tireLincoln chains (brand new) 30.5 x 32, 12 pails) 10” SHOP TOOLSBig 40 welder, welder, 75w-90 gear oil (approx SHOP 40 Miller welder, Lincoln welder, 75w-90 gearchain oil radial saw,TOOLSgas pump,Big 3/4”drill, 7” grinder, welding rods, transmission jack, electric (approx grease 12 pails) 10" radial saw, gas pump, 3/4"drill, 7" grinder, sharpener, jugs of oil, water hose,electric 10” Craftsman saw, shop grease lights x 7,&45 gal welding rods, &transmission jack, chaintable sharpener, barrel carrier, 70 gal fuel tank, 135 gal fuel tank, unused fi re hose jugs of oil, water hose, 10" Craftsman table saw, shop lights x 7, 45 gal MISCNerf Bars, ATE intake for a135 04/05 GMC duramax, 18565 byfire 15 Honda barrel carrier, 70cold galairfuel tank, gal fuel tank, unused hoserims                 and tires, Nerf aluminum head-ache rackair forintake pick-up,for aluminum storage for the back of MISCBars, ATE cold a 04/05 GMCbox duramax, 18565                                       byRV,15wheel Honda rimsbox, and tires, aluminum head-ache for pick-up, an well tool shop supplies and tools, 1 set of horserack harnesses, water boiler A  great  opportunity  to  buy  a  half  section  of  farm  land    locate  on  John  A  Street  in   aluminum for the of tires, an RV, wheelSquare well tool box, long, shop heater, wood storage stoves, 12 box packages roofiback ng, misc 8-4x4-1/4” tubing-18’ Altona.                                                                                                                                                                                                     supplies and tools, 1 set of horse harnesses, water boiler heater, 1-8x8-Square tubing-29’6” long, 1-12”highx7” wide i-beam-29’6” long, 4-8”highx5.5” wide Unreserved  Real  Estate  Auction  for  John  G.  Fehr  @12noon  on  June  14,  2014.  This   wood stoves, 12 packages roofing, misc tires property  will  be  auctioned  off  at  the  site  of  21664  Altona  (Loop  rd)  at  the  Farm   i-beam-7” long   Auction   HOUSEHOLD ITEMSwashers & shelving, dryers, pellet TV, shelving, pellet stove, of  John  &  Frieda  Peters.  To  view  the  land  call  John  G.  Fehr  @  (250)  630-­‐ HOUSEHOLD ITEMSwashers & dryers, TV, stove, fi ling cabinet, 6ft long filing cabinet 2309                                                                                                                                                                                                       table (folding legs), 5 drawer dresser, cooling racks. ANTIQUES- feed cooker 32125 E – 80c,   – 3.375” x 2.125” – Nexpress Legal  Description-­‐  DL:  2521          PID-­‐  011-­‐238-­‐739                                                                                                                           ANTIQUESfeedconsigned cooker More items daily! Visit for up to Property  is  sold  with  the  following  outbuildings:    2  wooden  grain  bins  Hay  Shed   More consigned Visit for up to date listings and also  be  used  as  equipment  shed)  Approx.  30'x96',    Barn  with  concrete  floor   dateitems listings anddaily! photos.   (can   approx.  26'x40'  Property  is  fairly  flat  with  approximately  240  open    acres  and  2   photos. Listings are subject to additions and deletions. dugouts  and  a  well  but  no  hydro.                                                                                                                                                     Listings are subject to additions and deletions.   *CLASS  6D  road  access  to  the  property    



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TERMS AND CONDITIONS: We accept absentee bids only if the bid is placed at $350.00 or higher. To place an absentee bid, call the office at (250) 261-4198 to request the absentee bid form by fax. Forms must be sent back with proper information required 48 hours prior to the auction sale date. Everything sells unreserved and to the highest bidder only. No warranties or guarantees on items being sold, everything is sold as is where is. All sales must be paid for on day of sale by cash, VISA, Mastercard, debit, certified cheque, or letter from bank guaranteeing payment. A sufficient I.D. (drivers license) is required

to register, prior to bidding.

1-800-510-6669 Get auction-ready

REAL ESTATE  TERMS:  10%  non-­‐refundable  deposit  due  on  the  day  of  the  sale.   Balance  is  due  on  or  before  30  days  from  the  date  of  the  sale.  All  funds  are   Callto   now to Aget pre-approved for payable   Re/max   ction   Realty  &  Trust.  Real   estate  transactions  are  handled  by   Re/max   Action   Realty.   For  more  information,   contact  Wynette  @  (250)  262-­‐9966.   your farm equipment purchases.



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44 The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014

Measles outbreak declared in Calgary, Edmonton and central Alberta


Authorized Dealer for

Ag Leader Technology GPS Systems • Belarus Tractors & Parts Buhler Implements • LS Tractors • Snapper Mowers Box 420, Wembley, Alberta Ph: 780-766-2887 – Fax 780-766-3751 Email:

T 587 343 0904

Dugout/Lake Compressors Medical Air Quality 1/3HP OEM Weighted feeder line $ 75





(you wire power supply) Shipping/Handling extra

Weighted 0-60 Glycerine diffuser line Gauges $ 75 $ 00




Call Fresh Water Treatment Systems Ltd R001690433



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Contract Operating

Alberta officially declared a measles outbreak in Calgary, Edmonton and central Alberta on Tuesday. Health officials say the declaration was prompted by “several consecutive weeks in which new cases of measles disease have been confirmed.” Dr. Marcia Johnson, medical officer of health for the Edmonton Zone, said there have been 22 cases of measles in the province, but because the disease has a long incubation period, more cases are expected to emerge. The declaration means changes to the recommendations for routine immunization for children, she said. “It allows us to offer measles vaccine early to help protect infants over the age of six months to just under 12 months. Those infants usually are not eligible for measles vaccine and therefore are not protected against the disease.” Alberta Health Services recommends: - Infants six months of age to under 12 months of age are now eligible for an early additional dose of measles vaccine for shortterm added protection against the disease. That includes babies living in the zones or travelling to those zones, or any out-ofprovince destinations with measles outbreaks. Those children will still need an additional dose of the vaccine once they are four. - Children age four and older who are attending daycares, day homes and schools within the regions and have not yet received their second dose of measles vaccine should receive it as soon as possible. The outbreak applies to the Calgary Zone (nine measles cases), the Edmonton Zone (six cases) and the Central Alberta Zone (seven cases), but not to any other part of the province. Health officials are urging all Albertans born in or after 1970 to make sure they have received both doses of the measles vaccine.

The Northern Horizon, May 9, 2014


Quebec: Riding like a local Continued from 41

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The menu offered up a variety of local delicacies from salmon to lamb, and Francine and I shared bites of each other’s lunches and the heavenly desserts that came with the meals. We chatted about the riding in the region and the sites we were to be taking in over the next two days. Pretty soon it was time to head out. I was going to be staying at the Auberge Presbytere Mont Lac-Vert. The ride to the Auberge Presbytere was under sun filled skies and the scenery and riding was filled with lovely curves. It was a glorious afternoon of riding, one that I was sad to see end. When we pulled into the Auberge Presbytere I was totally taken aback. It was not what I expected at all! Built in 1917, the Inn started its life as the presbytery (home for the priest) of the parish of Ascension of Our Lord Lac-Saint-Jean but was sold in 1978 and moved in sections to its present location ad was a farmhouse until 1986. In 1986, the home was converted into a Bed & Breakfast/ Hotel and serves local skiers, snowmobilers and motorcyclists! The entire place, including the menu is themed to celebrate the beginning of the building as a rectory. My room was the Monseigneur’s! After taking my bags to the room we all met up in the basement lounge where we were served up some wonderful appetizers and beverages. We got to meet with the owners, Danielle and Robert and share some great laughs and conversation. I also got to meet one of the ladies for the tourism office, Karine, and she and I had this amazing meal out on the covered veranda. I had to have help reading the menu as it was all in French, but before too long, our waitress brought me an English version. I had the Maple drenched white fish and I have to tell you I have never enjoyed a piece of fish so much! After an amazingly productive dinner meeting with Karine, I wandered off with my camera to explore the Auberge a little more closely. The place truly feels like a rectory with all of the religious symbols and yet, it is very homey and comfortable. Upstairs there are dormitory style rooms that groups can rent, all divided by room dividers. I headed back to my room and settled down at the desk to download and tag photo and video and once done, I headed to bed. I slept so well! It was a good thing too because day two of riding in this region was going to be a busy one! Next week we will pick up with the dawning of day two and another phenomenal day of riding and sight seeing with the Club Moto Saguenay. BDB



Teepee Creek Stampede

2014 Pomeroy Guitars & Wagons June 19 to 22 • Evergreen Park, Grande Prairie, Alberta


98th Annual Teepee Creek 4 Days in the Wild” Stampede • July 10 to 13 Teepee Creek Fairgrounds, Teepee Creek, Alberta

To enter visit our websites at and scroll down the left side of the home page to our “CONTEST” button fill out the online form and enter One pair of tickets for each event will be awarded from entries received from the website and one pair of tickets will be awarded from entries received from the website All participants must be 18 years of age or older to enter. Entries for the 2014 Pomeroy Guitars & Wagons will be taken until Wednesday, June 11th with the winner being notified by Friday, June 13th, 2014. Entries for the 98th Annual Teepee Creek “4 Days in the Wild” Stampede will be taken until Wednesday, July 2nd with the winner being notified by Friday, July 4th, 2014. Enter as often as you wish. r001775930

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Alert: Possible new virulent clubroot pathotype APRIL 28, 2014 CANOLA COUNCIL OF CANADA CANOLA WATCH ALERT

Look out for clubroot patches in 2014 — even if the field is seeded to a resistant variety. New data from the Alberta clubroot disease survey indicates some forms of clubroot resistance are no longer functioning well against a possible new clubroot pathotype in the Edmonton region. Dr. Stephen Strelkov at the University of Alberta has investigated samples collected from several fields and verified higher levels of infection than expected in some clubroot resistant varieties. Further studies are underway to verify the true virulence of these clubroot strains. This risk was highlighted when clubroot resistance was first introduced in Western Canada in 2009. Researchers from Sweden had earlier observed that the clubroot pathogen overcame resistance in two crop rotations. Clubroot resistance in winter canola in the U.K. was overcome in four years. And greenhouse studies at the University of Alberta showed that some types of Canadian clubroot resistance can lose their effectiveness in as few as two canola crop rotations when under extreme pressure. For some fields in the Edmonton area, it’s like we’re back to 2003 and clubroot has been identified for the first time. Our advantage this time is experience. We know that this disease is aggressive and spreads quickly. The good news is that we’re likely talking about very few fields and patches within those fields. Clubroot resistance is expected to be functional in the vast majority of acres this year. But attention needs to be paid to prevent this situation from expanding. A new virulent pathotype, if allowed to spread, could set us back to the start of a new clubroot infestation. How do new pathotypes develop? This is roughly 1,000 kg of soil. Imagine that this soil is lightly infested with clubroot, meaning it has a low chance of selecting for a pathotype that could be virulent on clubroot-resistant canola. Now imagine the tiny amount of soil circled in red (zoomed below) is highly infested with clubroot. This tiny amount of soil, though roughly one millionth the volume of the soil in the truck bed, could contain as many clubroot spores as an entire truckload of lightly infested soil. New virulent pathotypes are 1,000,000 times more likely to be selected in a field of highly infested soil versus a field of lightly infested soil. Resistance can lose its effectiveness when repeated cropping of a resistance source selects for individuals within a pathogen population that are virulent on that resistance. Initially, these new pathogen strains are very rare but then increase by being able to attack the “resistant” genotypes. These few individuals with these new virulence traits can therefore infect “resistant” plants, create galls and build up relatively quickly to create

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a new pathotype population. Within a few canola rotations — particularly if those rotations have canola every other year and are the same variety with the same genetic resistance source — the clubroot resistance trait will lose its effectiveness. In fields with high levels of clubroot, there will be many billions of Plasmodiophora brassicae resting spores in the soil. The more spores, the greater chance of there being rare pathogen strains that can attack resistant genotypes. The weed analogy. Herbicide-resistant weed populations build up the same way. If there are thousands of wild oat plants in a field, there will be a population of individuals possessing a variety of mutations. Eventually, there will be a mutation in some individual weeds that confers resistance to Group 1 herbicide, for example. That resistant seed will form a plant that produces more resistant seeds. If that field is receiving Group 1 herbicide over and over, then what started as one resistant wild oat plant will form a population of Group-1 resistant wild oats that spreads throughout the field and farm. The same selection process has happened with wheat rust, soybean cyst nematode, blackleg in canola and various other crop pests over the years. In all of these cases, the risk of selecting for resistant pathotypes is proportional to the amount of the pest present. The bigger the population, the more mutations, and the greater likelihood of selecting for individuals with a mutation that can overcome the resistance. The odds. Suppose a newly infested field has Plasmodiophora brassicae spores at a concentration of 1,000 spores/g of soil, while a highly infested field near Edmonton has one billion spores/g of soil. If one in a million of these resting spores were capable of overcoming resistance being used on that Edmonton field, then there are 1,000 spores in a gram of soil in a highly infested field that would be capable of accomplishing this breakdown. The next time a grower grew the same clubroot resistance on that same field, there would be enough of these new virulent spores to totally overwhelm that same resistance. But in fields with low spore levels, perhaps in southern Alberta or in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, finding spores capable of overcoming resistance in that gram of soil is less likely. One would need 1,000 g of soil just to find one virulent spore, versus 1,000 spores in one gram of infested soil. That’s a million-fold difference. Therefore, clubroot resistant varieties grown in these low incidence areas would not face a significant risk of being overcome. And if there is no P. brassicae in the field at all, then resistance will not be eroded since there is nothing there to overcome that resistance. Growing resistant varieties in areas with low levels of clubroot is a good way to keep clubroot levels low. Waiting until clubroot levels get high before using a resistant variety puts the resistance traits at a much greater risk. How to protect clubroot resistance Continuing with the same resistant variety on the same field increases the

risk of selecting for and building up new virulent pathotypes. Source: Randy Kutcher Dr. Stephen Strelkov continues to study the clubroot samples collected in 2013, to see whether these new strains are virulent on all clubroot resistant varieties. Research indicates that the Pioneer Hi-Bred and Monsanto sources of clubroot resistance appear to be different from each other in the

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lab and field, but we currently do not have enough information to make conclusions about other varieties. In the longer term, development of additional resistance genes or cross licensing among seed companies could allow for stacking of resistance traits, which substantially lowers the risk of selecting for a pathotype that can overcome the resistance. Seed companies already have a history of cross licensing traits to battle soybean cyst nematode and in stacking Roundup Ready and Liberty Link traits to maintain the effectiveness of herbicide tolerance systems, to give two examples. Short of a stacked genetics solution and/or the development of several more distinct sources of resistance, which could take a lot of time and effort, we need to follow the risk mitigation practices to help prevent clubroot spread and protect this valuable genetic trait. 1. Crop rotation. Canola grown in longer rotations will reduce the selection pressure on the clubroot pathogen, especially in fields with a high clubroot spore load. This will reduce the risk of selecting for pathogens that will overcome genetic resistance. Under prairie conditions, the half-life of the resting spores has been estimated at about 4.4 years (Hwang et al, 2009), although there is evidence that a large proportion of the resting spore population dies off in the first two years after canola (Peng et al). 2. Resistance rotation. Avoid using the same clubroot resistance source back to back in sequence on a field. Researchers from Sweden had earlier observed that the clubroot pathogen overcame resistance in two crop rotations. Clubroot resistance in winter canola in the U.K. was overcome in four years. And greenhouse studies at the University of Alberta showed that some types of Canadian clubroot resistance can lose their effectiveness in as few as two canola crop rotations when under extreme pressure. Resistance sources are listed in this article. 3. Grow R varieties if clubroot is a concern in your area, even if you haven’t found clubroot in your fields. Growing resistant varieties in areas with low levels of clubroot is a good way to keep clubroot levels low. If growers wait for clubroot to show up before choosing R varieties, the selection pressure for new virulent pathotypes is literally millions of times higher than if growers begin using R varieties before the disease shows up. There is currently not enough seed available to use it everywhere across the Prairies, but planting clubroot-resistant varieties on fields with no history of this disease can be useful when clubroot has been confirmed nearby. 4. Scout. Growers using clubroot resistant varieties should scout their fields regularly to see if there is any evidence of the resistance breaking down. If the field is known to be infested with clubroot, then scouting should be very thorough before or during swathing. “Thorough” means examining the whole field to measure if there is an indication of pathotype shift, which will have a large impact on the future use of canola on that field. If the field is not known to be infested with clubroot, then scouting near the field entry points should occur once near the end of the growing season. Note that a bag of clubroot-resistant seed will include some off types that may not have the clubroot resistance gene. These plants will be evenly distributed throughout the field. Instead, look for patches of clubrootinfected plants. In fields planted to a resistant variety, these patches may indicate the presence of a new virulent pathotype. While scouting, observe the location of the plants. Infested plants outside the seedrow could be susceptible volunteers. 5. Limit soil movement from field to field. Preventing spread of the disease is important in the long term control of this disease — even with clubroot resistant varieties. Sanitation practices are essential for fields known to be infested with clubroot, and important to ensure that areas without clubroot do not become infested as well. Sanitize your own equipment between fields, and if you hire custom operators for any job make sure you ask about their sanitation protocols. If you purchase used equipment from clubroot infested regions, make sure it is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before it gets to your farm. 6. Manage weeds. Control of canola volunteers and other weeds that act as hosts for clubroot will be essential to keep the selection pressure low by not allowing the disease to build-up in the non-canola years. What we don’t know As mentioned in the previous article, we still do not know enough about this potential new clubroot pathotype. Dr. Strelkov is currently conducting phase 2 of greenhouse testing to help verify the virulence of these clubroot strains. More data is expected to be available later this spring. Dr. Strelkov, the CCC and others will develop a more concerted clubroot scouting effort this summer in a few Alberta counties to determine if there are pathotype changes occurring. We also don’t know how widespread this new pathotype is, geographically. Is it really new? Or is it already present in most of the clubroot infested soils, but just at a very low frequency?

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