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Annual Report 2018

Annual Report 2018



Welcome from Simon Carnall, Head of Community


Welcome from Stephen Pearce, CEO, Derby County Football Club


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MISSION: Use the power of Derby County Football Club to improve lives through sport, physical activity and education.

VALUES: Caring in our approach


Collaborative in our partnerships

Effective in Fulfilling potential


Proud of our work

Valued by our community

Welcome from Simon Carnall

Welcome from Stephen Pearce

What a year 2018 has been for the Trust. As a team across both Club and Community Trust we can be justifiably proud of our achievements. In 2018 the Trust celebrated ten years as a charity and has been recognised nationally and regionally; being named English Football League Community Club of the Year, Not for Profit winner at the Derby Telegraph Business Awards and Professional Community Programme of the Year at the Sport and Recreation Awards.

Welcome to Derby County Community Trust’s Annual Report for 2018, which is a celebration of not just a fantastic year, but of the past ten years’ achievements as a charity. We are a football club which invites friendship, inclusion and diversity into our very heart, attributes personified by all that the Derby County Community Trust accomplish.

The Trust continues to use the power of Derby County Football Club to improve people’s lives. We are privileged to be in the position we hold at the heart of our community, delivering a huge array of outstanding projects for the betterment of those communities.

aim of raising aspirations and improving educational attainment of young people in the city. We are proud to be spearheading the project aimed at tackling the biggest problem the city faces at this time. Through the Department for Education funding, we are committing to providing extra-curricular activity in the nine most disadvantaged wards of the city, as well as working in SEND schools. As the single biggest investment ever made into our Trust, we are excited to deliver a collaborative and engaging offer to the young people of Derby, to improve social mobility, increase attainment and instil aspirations.

We are driven by our mission statement, visions and values which help to create the ethos by which we undertake all of our work. The variety and extent of our activities continues to expand year on year and we now attract funding in excess of £2.8m into the local area. Our programmes have raised attainment in schools; developed employment pathways; helped people get healthier and stay more active; built stronger and safer communities and ultimately made a difference to a record number of people.

The achievements of this year would not be possible without the partnerships that we as a Trust develop, nurture and explore with a wide range of organisations and individuals. We recognise our talents and expertise and collaborate with partners to fill the gaps to ensure that our programmes respond to local need and represent the very best that we and our partners are capable of.

In integrating Sporting Futures’ staff and programmes into the Trust at the end of 2017, we were delighted to host our very first Derby 10K in April, which saw record numbers of runners take to the streets. We look forward to future events and continuing the great legacy that Sporting Futures created.

This report allows us as an organisation to tell the story of our work and celebrate the outstanding achievements of our staff, partners and participants. I am delighted to share these stories with you and look forward to creating and telling many more in the future.

A key development in 2018 has seen Derby County Community Trust establish a relationship with Derby Cultural Education Partnership and Derby City Sport Forum. We have led the consortium of partners uniting organisations from across the city with the

To work with over 24000 individuals in this year alone, many of whom are society’s most isolated, vulnerable or marginalised, along with the accolades that have been achieved along the way, is a huge testament to the Trust’s mission and values: using the power of Derby County Football Club to change lives through sport, physical activity and education.

the Trust to get through cancer treatment. To be so diverse and yet so tailored to the wide-ranging needs of Derbyshire’s population is what the Trust do best and the messages of gratitude and respect from participants to the staff who have helped them to change their lives for the better are the ultimate compliment. What was described on that evening as the infectious ‘can-do’ attitude of the staff at Derby County Community Trust is evident in every individual, every session and every project and as more and more initiatives are launched and bought into by the wider public, the reach of Derby County Football Club, facilitated through the Trust, is only continuing to grow.

To win the EFL Community Club of the Year is no mean feat, and to win it twice in only four years proves that what we are doing is working. We are helping people, through the power of the badge, to become happier and healthier versions of themselves.

If the last ten years are anything to go by, then the next decade in the life of the Derby County Community Trust will be extremely exciting, rewarding and inspirational. Although I am speaking as only one trustee of a Board of 11 proud trustees here I know I can speak on behalf of the whole Board, when I say that we can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

We are helping people, through the power of the badge, to become happier and healthier versions of themselves. This year’s annual Awards Evening was the perfect showcase of just who the Derby County Community Trust have helped, with nominees ranging from the U12s Girls football team, to those who have overcome substance addiction, or have lent on the support of

Stephen Pearce, CEO, Derby County Football Club

Simon Carnall, Head of Derby County Community Trust



Community Manager Paul Newman

Staff Chart 2018

Disability Coach Andy Bromyard Community Coach Paddy Reston

Community Coach Brandan Wright

Community Coach Patrick Binnion


NCS Administrator Cora Doherty

NCS Project Officer Tom Liddell-Roberts

NCS Project Officer Gabriella Mould

NCS Projects Manager Simon Doherty

Marketing and Communications Manager Megan Patrick






AB LS ELS Co-ordinator Luke Shakesby

Community Coach Pearse Lavery

Disability Officer Stuart Asquith




School Project Officer Lauren Slater

Partnerships and Impact Manager Will Turner

PL Community Coach Sam Howard

Community Coach Zack Yates


Community Coach Jacob O’Keefe


Club Development and Disability Manager Lauren Asquith

Winning Minds Project Co-ordinator Dave Goulding



RM Apprentice Coach Saul Simpkin


Community Coach Arron Cuttriss


DT Community Coach Danny Tomlinson

Apprentice Coach Jack Vernon


Community Coach Elliott Dawson

Events Manager Emma Pilgrim


Apprentice Coach Will Mellor


= Senior Leadership Team

Community Coach Adam Woolley





Community Engagement Manager Gavin Lewis

Community Engagement Officer (South) Jordan Hedges

Community Engagement Officer (North) Jack Parkes

KW Education Manager Kieron Wicks



School Sport Officer Liam Drake

Lead PE Specialist Paul Edwards





PE Specialist Chris Bethell

School Sport Activator Joe Gallimore

Education Lead Jodie Hayes


Macmillan Quality Well-Being Lead Jack Bell


Active Supporters Team Leader Luke Wilkinson


Active Choices Team Leader Adam Rowley

Health Manager Sharon Dale

Education Support Team Greg Shone, Adam Jones, Jacob Straw, Jake Fairbrother, Bryan Bennett, Megan Spinks


Active Schools Manager Arwen Green


Active Children and Women’s Team Leader Stephanie Thompson


Trainee Assistant Accountant Carly Burns

Men’s Health Advisor Chris Russell

Active Choices Project Officer (Derbyshire) Marek Hyde

Active Choices Advisor Lee Fearnley



Physical Activity and Health Officer Ben Asquith

Physical Acivity and Health Officer Jess Needham





Physical Activity and Health Officer Hannah Stanier

Physical Acivity and Health Officer Sara Adcock

Finance Manager Donna Oakley



Board of Trustees Board of Trustees: Andrew Pilkington, Carol Ann Hart, Peter Sterling, Leon Taylor, Steve Hall, Keeley Brown, Stephen Pearce, Sharon Sewell, Phillip Ellis, Nick Britten, Tracy Harrison



Head of Community Simon Carnall


SSP Manager Jo Wilkinson Apprentice Coach Troy Riley

Apprentice Graphic Designer Jack Griffiths


SH Participation Manager Rich Mansfield

Marketing and Communications Officer Nicky Furness



Community Administrator Nazia Parveen

Community Administrator Tracy Potter

ÂŁ2.8 million invested into the community Youngest participant: 3 years old Oldest participant: 103 years old

60 full time staff

200+ weekly sessions



Derby County Community Trust

Improving Health and Wellbeing

Annual Report 2018

One of our main outcomes at Derby County Community Trust is to improve the health and wellbeing of our participants. This includes increasing healthy life expectancy, reducing health inequalities, a reduction in avoidable use of health and social services, and improving the quality of life for disabled participants.

We offer programmes for youngsters from three to improve their footballing skills, up to those who are 103 and living with conditions including cancer and dementia to improve their quality of life. This huge scope means our delivery is diverse and our demographic is wide ranging, so through collaborative work together we can achieve success across every part of our community. Throughout primary schools in the city, many of our initiatives are designed to implement sport and physical activity into the school day to reduce health inequalities caused by lack of exercise or poor diet. By empowering teachers and inspiring children, our programmes address the growing issue that today’s children are expected to live as much as five years less than their parents. +Sport, Move and Learn is a national initiative which aims to improve physical literacy in line with our own programmes, including Rammie’s Healthy Heroes, a targeted club for children who have a higher than average BMI. They are invited to or sessions on healthy eating and physical activity, which is then extended into our Live IT programme which encourages young people up to the age of 17 to maintain healthy, active lifestyles.

Over 2018 we have taken huge steps to increase our provision for those affected by their mental health. Our Winning Mentality programme aims to assist the recovery of those dealing with ill mental health.

Our Active Schools programme tackles lifelong inactivity by inspiring the whole school community to be more physically active. Hundreds of studies have shown that active schools and children do better in every possible way including better behaviour, higher levels of attendance and achievement, improved concentration and better life chances for a well-rounded future.


Our huge range of school sport events, including a diverse programme for SEND schools and pupils, have seen thousands of Derbyshire’s school children engage in physical activity competitions, workshops and events. Over 2018 we have taken huge steps to increase our provision for those affected by their mental health. Our Winning Mentality programme aims to assist the recovery of those dealing with ill mental health through partaking in sport and we have launched Winning Goals to deliver targeted referral only sessions for males and females of all ages. Team Talk is our males only session designed to provide a safe space for those feeling anxious or wary, and Active Minds is our female only course which helps women back into exercise who are feeling under-confident. A joint project between our Health and Disability teams has seen the creation of Recovery Rams, our first ever adult female football team, made up of participants recovering from substance misuse or mental health issues. Active Choices, our alcohol and substance misuse rehabilitation project has reached a huge milestone of helping 750 clients to beat addiction. Forever Active, our offer of gentle exercise for the over 60s, has expanded to encompass specific sessions for those living with dementia, keeping the older generation active, and importantly reduces the risk of falls. It improves many health factors including lung capacity and decreases the risk of Type 2 diabetes and other weight-related issues. Active Supporters, our targeted men’s weight loss programme, has also helped nearly 200 men decrease their risk of similar illnesses. Active Recovery celebrated its first birthday, helping local patients living with the after effects of cancer treatment to remain active. We have also been awarded a grant by Macmillan in recognition of our work with helping cancer recovery, which is one of the charity’s first ever grants focused on supporting BAME communities to access cancer support.

Annual Report 2018

Derby County Community Trust

Improving Health and Wellbeing:

Jimmy’s Story

Jimmy is a longstanding participant across several of our programmes who now volunteers up to 20 hours of his time on a weekly basis to help give back to Derby County Community Trust, who have helped to turn his life around over the past five years.

He joined our Active Choices programme as he was determined to beat his alcohol and substance addiction, and despite being quiet and fairly withdrawn to begin with, he soon came into his own and embraced the opportunity to change his life through the power of sport. The programme inspired him to come off the methadone treatment he had been receiving, which he successfully managed. As a result he gained weight and was self-conscious of his appearance, so joined our Active Supporters programme which aims to help males with a high BMI lose weight and combat the risk of facing health problems including heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers. Through determination and support from the Trust team, Jimmy lost three stone to bring him into a healthy weight range and is three years clean from misusing substances. He now volunteers to help others who are in the same position he once was: facing their addictions through committing themselves to healthier, sporting lifestyles. He peer mentors in the gym, at football and other sessions across the entirety of Derbyshire. He has enabled numerous clients to overcome their anxiety, by accompanying apprehensive newcomers on bus journeys to sessions. In the past year alone there are

eight individuals who have said they would not be in recovery without Jimmy. Without him, they would still be endangering their own lives. Jimmy has remained fully committed to volunteering despite some difficult circumstances in his family life, and leads a weekly residents’ meal at the YMCA, where he encourages young people to access Derby Drug and Alcohol services and Active Choices. This year, Jimmy and his partner were able to take their three children on their first ever holiday with the support of Derby County Community Trust. Jimmy’s successes were recognised at this year’s Trust awards, where he deservedly won our Volunteer Champion award, and he was runner-up in the countywide Sports Awards’ volunteer category. Adam Rowley, Active Choices Team Leader, said: “Jimmy’s ongoing commitment to both his own health and wellbeing and also that of others is truly outstanding. “From the man we met years ago who didn’t want to engage or improve his own life, to the man who volunteers 20 hours of his own time on a weekly basis, has lost a considerable amount of weight and overcome addiction, Jimmy is a fantastic example of how powerful sport can be in changing lives.”

Volunteering has helped me tremendously, by giving me structure in my life after coming off drugs, but also providing the flexibility so I can be there for my family when they need me. I can remember when I first started on the programme three years ago, I didn’t want to make any friends. Now I’ve made friends and a support network which has built my confidence and improved my people skills. It’s just been good all round really! Jimmy Brentnall


Derby County Community Trust

Sustaining Participation in Sport and Physical Activity

Annual Report 2018

As well as introducing sport and physical activity into the lives of over 24,709 participants across Derbyshire, the sustainability of these activities is crucially important to ensure that we are creating a local movement of healthier and more active individuals.

Our weekend and holiday sports coaching activities, led by our Participation department, provide ongoing opportunity throughout the entire year, with extended provision for those on our Talent Identification pathway. Our Girls Football offer has also gone from strength to strength, with us continuing to host the Regional Talent Centre and seeing over 60 girls competing at a regional level.

In 2018, two former Active Choices clients have become full-time employees at Derby County Community Trust, highlighting the longevity of the project and its impact on participants’ lives.

As well as allowing children and young people to engage in our activities, the Derby City SSP mentor, advise and train teachers to be able to confidently deliver sports activities.

Popular after school and lunchtime clubs and extracurricular activity, as well as our in-school delivery, engage over 10,000 children annually and are integral in embedding the long-lasting positive effects of sport and physical activity into the mindsets of children and young people so they continue this legacy into adult life. As well as allowing children and young people to engage in our activities, the Derby City SSP mentor, advise and train teachers to be able to confidently deliver sports activities in both traditional PE settings and across other parts of the school day. This creates a sustainable culture of sport and physical activity in schools beyond our provision.

Other progression pathways are provided in our Education department, where we deliver traineeships, post-16 and degree programmes, on which all participants partake in relevant work experience to give back to their community.

Making physical activity accessible for all is a key aim across Derby County Community Trust, with Everybody Active being launched in 2018 as a cheaper and more local alternative to using a gym or other sports facilities, therefore removing the barriers of cost and transport to exercise. We offer affordable options for those receiving their state pension and/or other benefits to ensure that we can offer opportunities for all.

Our PL Girls Football and Futsal programmes have seen excellent rates of retention and progression, across 14 satellite hubs there have been 35 qualifications achieved and 10 participants who are now taking responsibility and supporting sessions through volunteering. It is hugely important that opportunities remain viable for our disabled participants too, and across 2018 over 600 children and adults have accessed many of our pandisability sessions, with over 100 of these participants transitioning into club football or other sports clubs.

Our popular walking football teams for over 50s, 60s and 64s, provide participants of all ages with the chance to engage in both the physical and social side of sport. This year our walking footballers took part in various matches, tournaments and festivals across the country, reached the National Cup Final and played in an international tournament in Portugal.


Annual Report 2018

Derby County Community Trust

Sustaining Participation in Sport and Physical Activity:

Frank’s Story

Frank Woodward, aged 69, is a current Forever Active participant and regular volunteer at Derby County Community Trust. After joining the programme in 2016, two years on Frank is a much healthier and happier version of himself.

He joined the Trust’s walking football programme after playing locally and hearing about our teams on the radio. Frank soon became a familiar face, rarely missing a training session. He quickly made a lot of new friends and was encouraged to get more active.

Our walking football teams were given the opportunity to play in an international tournament in Portugal for the second consecutive year in 2018, and several of our participants took on fundraising challenges for Derby County Community Trust to make the trip materialise.

Through the support of the programme, his increased exercise reduced his waist circumference and improved his lung capacity. Over 12 months his lung capacity had almost doubled, from 280 litres per minute to 550, a huge increase which has seen his asthma improve significantly.

Luke Wilkinson, Active Supporters Team Leader, said: “Frank’s journey with Derby County Community Trust has been remarkable given the relatively short time he’s been with us. Over two years he’s made significant improvements to his health and his outlook on life and is helping others to do just the same. We look forward to seeing everything else Frank achieves with us in the future and thank him for all his help as a volunteer across our programmes.”

Alongside improving fitness, being part of the Trust has allowed Frank to improve skills beyond football too. He has completed his Sports Leadership course, a Walking Football Activator course and First Aid. Whilst completing his second level of Sports Leadership, Frank received some devastating news in his personal life, but with the support of the Trust he was determined to complete it and support others through sport. These qualifications have allowed Frank to increase his involvement as a volunteer and given him a real focus in retirement. The trips to other football clubs, which are organised to boost the social side of the sport, have given him a huge lift and allowed him to continue improving the quality of his life.

I would like to emphasise without all the support from Derby County Community Trust staff and the friendships I have made with my involvement in the Trust, my life would be very different. I would have gone on a downward spiral by losing all confidence, but instead I am really grateful for all the help and support I have received and look forward to everything that is coming up in the future. Frank Woodward


9th September 2018: Derby County Ladies v Nottingham Forest Ladies

Girls RTC and Recovery Rams Showcase

The first ever Derby County Ladies fixture at Pride Park Stadium was played this year and our U12 and U14 girls teams were invited to take part in the match, as were our Recovery Rams, in a celebration of girls’ and women’s football. They showcased their skills on the pitch before the game, and at half time, and stayed to watch the Derby County Ladies take the victory over the Forest side.

25th August 2018: Derby County v Preston North End

Walking Footballers

The Preston North End Community and Education Trust walking footballers were invited down to Pride Park to compete in a number of short fixtures before the main game. There was a fantastic atmosphere outside the stadium with many supporters cheering the teams on. At half time in the first team game the walking footballers were invited to play on the pitch, the result finished 0-0 and both teams had a fantastic afternoon.

10th November 2018: Derby County v Aston Villa

Remembrance Fixture

As part of the centenary commemorations of the First World War, and as Derby County’s annual Remembrance fixture, we invited serving and exmilitary personnel to the Aston Villa game, where they laid the wreath and stood pitch side in front of a 30,000 strong crowd to pay their respects during the two minute silence. We work with a number of veterans and serving military personnel through our work with the Royal British Legion throughout the year, and look forward to continuing our work in the future.

18th September 2018: Derby County v Blackburn Rovers

World Suicide Prevention Day

As part of World Suicide Prevention Day on the 10th September, we worked with familiar faces at Derby County Football Club to publicise messages around seeking help, understanding potential symptoms and raising awareness around general mental health. As part of the fixture we were invited alongside the Derbyshire Suicide Prevention Alliance to spread the word about our programmes designed to help mental health, and also to signpost to relevant agencies where necessary.

Ten Years as a Charity

10 09 08

Moved to Pride Park Stadium.

Premier League funded The Movement – only girls project funded which was none football related.

Derbyshire Business Award Winners – Commitment to the Community.

11 Best Community Project – Football League Awards. First football and education programme in partnership with the EFLT launched in the new Orchid Technical Area Classroom.

12 First Rams in Kenya trip took 12 volunteers. DCCT participants performed dance routine at the London Olympics.

13 Winners Sport Industry Award for Active Choices. Coca Cola Midlands Community Club of the Year – Football League Awards. Derby City SSP joined DCCT. Degree programme starts with 7 students. DCCT seconds a full time member of staff and a full time apprentice into the NCS team at Derby College to deliver the NCS contract.

TIPs launches.

Kickz launches. at DCCT.

FA Partially Sighted and Deaf Regional Talent Centre / Disability Football Development Fund Launched. Premier League 4 Sport and Premier League Girls Football Launched. U13 Girls Cup winners.







Charity registered






20 full-time staff

25 full-time staff

29 full-time staff

30 full-time staff

33 full-time staff

30 full-time staff

14 Publication in an international journal: ‘Sports Team and Social Impact: An analysis of recent developments and best practice’ – the Movement. Sport and Recreation Alliance – Community Programme of the Year Award: Derby Pride Academy.

15 Johnstone’s Paint Community Club of the Year. Derby City SSP: Level 5/6 Professional Learning Centre of the Year, awarded by Association for Physical Education. Premier League Primary Stars launches.

Derby City SSP: Best Event – Youth Sport Trust.

16 Moved to our own building – 14 Pride Point Drive. U11 Kids Cup Winners – Hilton Primary School. DCCT delivers its own NCS contract to 60 participants. FA Disability Talent Hub / Disability launches.. Workforce Fund / EFL Trust Every Player Counts launches.

17 Winner of Sport and Recreation Alliance – Professional Community Scheme of the Year: Active Choices. Signed the Covenant Pledge. Hosted first Annual Awards. Merged with Sporting Futures. Sport and Recreation Alliance – Community Programme of the Year Award: Active Choices. U11 Kids Cup Winners – Etwall Primary School. Derby County Girls Deaf Team Won FA Disability Cup. The NCS Core Team is formed with 4 full time employees.

DSActive starts.

Winning Minds Leadership Hubs launches.

Kinder +Sport Move and Learn launches.

Derby County Community Trust Adults Cerebral Palsy Squad launches.

18 Invited to the Queen’s Garden party. Hosted first Derby 10K. EFL Checkatrade Community Club of the Year. Derby County Girls Deaf Team Won FA Disability Cup for 2nd Year. Derby County Girls RTC U12s become first ever girls team to win a Derby Junior Football League. Derby Telegraph Business Award: Not-For-Profit organisation winner. The first NCS Grads in Kenya trip is announced. £1 million bid received from Department for Education for This Is Derby: a city wide collaboration project led by DCCT.

Derby County Girls Futsal Squad and Girls TIPs launches.





Projected turnover:






40 full-time staff

38 full-time staff

40 full-time staff

59 full-time staff

60 full-time staff

Derby County Community Trust

Show Racism the Red Card March 2018 Derby County players Sam Winnall and Mason Bennett took part in a Q&A at Pride Park Stadium on the 22nd March in support of Show Racism the Red Card.

2018 Player Appearances

Year 9 pupils from local schools visited the Dave Mackay lounge to take part in a range of workshops covering hate crime, cyber bullying, stereotyping and a screening of a Show Racism the Red Card video to raise awareness of their work. We support the work of Show Racism the Red Card throughout our programmes, integrating respect and equality into everything that we do.

World Book Day Celebration March 2018

Belper Holiday Coaching August 2018

Chris Baird and Bradley Johnson inspired Year 4 pupils from Roe Farm Primary school as part of the Community Trust’s Reading Rams initiative in March of this year for World Book Day.

It was an exciting summer at our holiday courses with Derby County Football Club’s mascot, Rammie, and some special guests visiting sessions across Derbyshire.

Baird and Johnson competed against each other with pupils from the school to identify how often they use their reading skills as footballers. Bradley Johnson’s team were victorious on the day and won the Derby County annuals to take away with them.

Welsh duo Joe Ledley and Harry Wilson dropped into Belper Leisure Centre while Max Lowe and Luke Thomas went to the Powerleague Soccerdome and all the children were excited to have a kickabout with the players and ask their burning questions before getting their signatures to take home and treasure.

The event highlighted the importance of reading beyond school and the classroom and the players were able to explain how they had to use their reading skills every day, at the training ground and on matchdays.

Rammie went on tour across all five of our venues where the kids on the course got to take part in penalty shootouts against their favourite mascot. Our holiday courses are for kids aged between 4 to 11 years and run every half-term, Christmas, Easter and summer holidays with the chance to take part in football or multi-sport activities.

EFL Day of Action March 2018

DS Active September 2018

Tuesday 20th March saw the Derby County Community Trust celebrate the success of Active Recovery at Pride Park Stadium, our cancer exercise and rehabilitation programme, as our EFL Day of Action celebration.

In September, Derby County first team players Jack Marriott and Martyn Waghorn surprised our Down’s Syndrome Active squad.

Special guests and former professional footballers Stiliyan Petrov and Geoff Horsfield attended the event, both of whom battled with cancer during their playing careers, highlighting the importance of checking for signs and symptoms even if you’re at peak physical fitness. Club Ambassador Michael Johnson hosted the event alongside our trustee Nick Britten, and participants on the programme took to the stage to talk about their own experiences, as well as having a quick dance!

Our DS Active players showed off their football skills and participated in a Q&A with Marriott and Waghorn. It was a brilliant evening for all involved, the participants are big supporters of the Rams so getting their photos taken with the players and getting their signatures put big smiles on faces! Disability Manager at the Trust, Lauren Asquith said: “It was an outstanding experience for the DS Active players, having their two Derby County idols taking part in one of their sessions and answering their questions – they thoroughly enjoyed the night.”

Derby County Community Trust

Improving Personal Attainment and Aspirations

Annual Report 2018

As part of our mission statement, our ambition to improve lives through sport, physical activity and education is realised through our participants’ achievements and aspirations. This leads to increased educational attainment, a reduction in those not in employment, education or training, improved access to sustainable employment and a reduction in the ‘gap’ faced by those from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

In schools, our delivery of the Premier League Primary Stars programme is inspiring pupils and teachers across Derbyshire to use the power of sport across the curriculum. The programme has been accessed by 3250 pupils in 60 schools, with several receiving targeted interventions to help their pupils improve their attainment. This year, 84 Year 5 pupils have completed the Reading Stars programme and a further 270 Year 6 pupils have completed our Winning Minds programme which aims to help alleviate the stress of SATs and make their transition into secondary school less daunting. We also offer subject specific programmes for maths and PSHE: Matchday Maths and Resilient Rammie. We have seen huge successes on a national and international level within our Disability department, with two of our Cerebral Palsy squad and two of our deaf footballers representing England at U21 level. Our Deaf Girls’ squad defended their title and brought the FA Disability Cup home for the second consecutive year. At our Girls’ Regional Talent Centre a further four participants received call ups to represent England at U16 level.

Our Education department has welcomed more learners than ever before in 2018, by offering places in traineeships, our Football and Education post-16 programme and Community Football Coaching and Development degree programme. Our Education department has welcomed more learners than ever before in 2018, by offering places in traineeships, our Football and Education post-16 programme and Community Football Coaching and Development degree programme. We continue to work alongside Rolls Royce on our Kick Off Take Off


programme which benefitted 300 students this year. Trainees are encouraged back into further education, employment or training through a ten week, hands-on programme where participants learn key employability skills included interview techniques and CV writing. Our post-16 and degree programmes provide ideal pathways for those wanting to pursue a career in sport whilst completing academic studies. Both projects have expanded significantly this year with the post-16 offer now delivered in four venues across the county. Utilising our Get Started in Football programme, we work with young people aged 16-25 to undertake a week long intensive programme and gain the FA Junior Football Leader qualification, as well as increasing their soft skill development, including confidence, communication, leadership, self-esteem, planning and organisation. We encourage leadership skills to be instilled across our programmes, with the Derby City SSP training leaders within city schools throughout the year, and our Health team equipping older volunteers with further qualifications too. We were successful in securing a £1 million grant from the Department for Education’s Opportunity Area fund this year, which is aimed at increasing the educational attainment of Derby’s children and young people. The city currently sits at 303rd out of 324 national areas for academic achievement. The project, This Is Derby, is bringing together sports and arts organisations to provide extra-curricular opportunities in lower socioeconomic areas. Over the next 12 months, we look forward to leading an exciting and innovative project which will boost the hopes and aspirations of Derby’s younger population.

Annual Report 2018

Derby County Community Trust

Improving Personal Attainment and Aspirations:

Will’s Story

Will Mellor was part of the traineeship that started in February 2018 at the Derby County Community Trust. Whilst on the traineeship Will spent time getting to know more about the Trust, the different departments and programmes. He worked towards key employability-based skills and qualifications as well as accessing Maths and English support.

Will engaged in work experience within both the Derby City SSP and the Participation teams, both of which were complimentary about his approach. He passed both his functional skills in Maths and English with close to 100% marks. As soon as Will was aware that there was the opportunity to apply for an apprenticeship within the Trust, he was keen to find out more and enquired about how to apply. Will’s enthusiasm and commitment to the traineeship led to him obtaining the apprenticeship position after he had completed his course. When Will first joined the traineeship he was quiet and shy but over the ten weeks he grew in confidence and began to believe that he had what it took to become a sports coach. His attitude towards all activities was always positive and he worked hard to motivate others within the group. He was good at evaluating his performance and looking for ways to better himself. His commitment was clear to see and recognised by all those around him.

Jodie Hayes, Education Lead at the Trust said: “Since completing the traineeship and starting his apprenticeship, Will has grabbed every opportunity he can to develop himself, including completing the Go Lead Award (Sports Leaders) for himself within his first week as opposed to just watching it being delivered. Will has now been employed full-time at the Trust since Summer 2018, saying: “I’ve always been interested in sport, playing football and cricket at school. After seeing how the day to day sports and coaching sessions went on during my traineeship, it made me realise that it is what I wanted to do full time. “People at the Trust are constantly motivating me to improve in confidence and get better each day, which is one of the reasons why I love the job.”

Throughout the programme Will worked hard to achieve as much as possible, going out of his way to ask for extra work experience across different departments to increase his knowledge base. His attendance throughout the traineeship was 100% and he was always one of the first to arrive and the last to leave, ensuring that he didn’t miss any of the activities or chance to gain qualifications.

I’ve always been interested in sport, playing football and cricket at school. After seeing how the day to day sports and coaching sessions went on during my traineeship, it made me realise that it is what I wanted to do full time.

Will Mellor


Annual Report 2018

Derby County Community Trust

Enhancing Communities

Our programmes aim to make our communities happier and healthier places to live, by reducing levels of crime, improving community cohesion and resilience and enhancing community facilities and provision.

As the local providers of the national NCS initiative, every summer we take hundreds of 16 and 17 year olds through a four week project which culminates in them completing a social action project to support a charity of their choice through fundraising and offering their time. This year was our biggest programme to date, with 538 young people raising almost £25,000 for local charities.

As well as providing opportunities for young people to participate in sport and physical activity and removing the barriers of cost and travel which may usually stop their participation, PL Kicks and our wider Community Engagement sessions also promote and encourage young people to lead healthy and active lifestyles, support the reduction of anti-social behaviour and increase the aspirations of Derbyshire’s young people. They are also encouraged to become volunteers, and in turn paid coaches, to ensure that delivery in these areas is sustainable and ongoing. We have also committed to Fit and Fed this year, a project designed to tackle holiday hunger and isolation in deprived communities.

The projects supported a huge range of worthy causes, including homelessness, access to services for disabled children, support for those recovering from eating disorders and maintenance of facilities for victims of domestic violence. Over the six waves which took place in the summer, an approximate social investment of £160,326 was made into Derby’s communities.

We have worked with various agencies, including the Derby Refugee and Advice Centre and the Youth Offending Team, to promote integration and cohesion in our communities. We invite NHS project workers trained in sexual health to our sessions to advise young people about the importance of good sexual health, and the emergency services also attend in order to encourage respect and reduce nuisance crimes and low level ASB within set localities, working on an eight week programme with the Fire and Rescue Services and Police to support young people as part of their Cadet programme.

All 588 teenagers on our summer NCS programme also completed workshops on Mental Health First Aid, sexual awareness and relationships, confidence building and substance misuse and gambling.

We have worked with various agencies, including the Derby Refugee and Advice Centre and the Youth Offending Team, to promote integration and cohesion in our communities.

This year saw us take our seventh cohort of volunteers to the slums of Nakuru, Kenya, to help those whose lives are incomparably different to our own. Since the first Rams in Kenya trip in 2012 we have helped transform lives through building new classrooms, installing plumbing and water facilities and helping teachers in lessons. Many volunteers return year-on-year to visit the children they have supported grow up and prosper with the help of the Rams in Kenya project. The success of the Rams in Kenya trip has seen the launch of a second trip this year, as NCS plan to take their first group of Grads in Kenya to Nakuru next summer.

Another group of young people and teenagers improving their own lives as well as their communities’ have been supported by our Winning Minds programme. Launched this year in various Derbyshire venues, it’s seen 145 young people complete 81 leadership qualifications so far, with plans to expand into further venues in the next 12 months. PL Kicks is our biggest Community Engagement programme that utilises sport as a tool to engage with young people from priority wards within Derbyshire. The Community Engagement department currently runs 38 sessions per week to young people aged 8-19, using a number of different sports.


Annual Report 2018

Derby County Community Trust

Enhancing Communities:

Lauren’s Story

Lauren has joined every Rams in Kenya trip since 2013, when she was completing her last year of university to become a primary school teacher. On graduating, Lauren secured a teaching post at Albany Junior School in Stapleford where she has gone on to embed the trip and its ethos throughout the school.

Every year, Lauren goes above and beyond by ensuring every pupil at her Kenyan school receives a package, whether it’s a hygiene pack, education materials or simply gifts for them to enjoy. She organises and coordinates the entire process. Lauren ensures she does all she can to develop the Kenyan teachers, volunteering knowledge and understanding of teaching to enrich the quality of education throughout the school. Lauren also spoke eloquently and enthusiastically on the Rams in Kenya footage when it was nominated as our flagship programme, leading to Derby County Community Trust winning the 2018 Checkatrade Community Club of the Year at the EFL Awards. She also accompanied the Trust to the House of Commons where she accepted the award on behalf of the Trust. Back at home, she has embedded Rams in Kenya throughout Albany Primary School over the last six years, increasing awareness of how different life in Kenya is, and what the children can do to help those less fortunate. Lauren is also the PE Coordinator at the school and has affiliated to our schools offer. This affiliation means that the school are committed to accessing a comprehensive range of programmes and projects aimed to help their children develop through sport, physical activity and education.

The role that Lauren has played throughout this partnership has been crucial in ensuring that the children are able to participate in a variety of competitions, events, sessions and workshops to improve their physical skills as well as knowledge in areas such as PSHE and healthy eating. One of the main programmes delivered within her school is the Teacher Support programme, where one of the Trust’s coaches supports the teachers with their delivery of PE lessons, aiming to increase confidence and knowledge. Lauren has organised the logistics of this from the school’s perspective, liaising with teaching staff and ensuring they are on board with what the programme sets out to achieve. This has made the process run smoothly and enabled great success to be achieved. Paul Newman, Community Manager, said: “I cannot possibly compliment Lauren’s commitment and contribution to St Trizah and Mama Kerry schools highly enough. Her unwavering determination to help, support and raise the standard of education for the school’s pupils is limitless. “Lauren has an engaging and caring, yet determined personality and she is committed to maximising her impact every second that we are in Kenya. Lauren is a cornerstone of our Rams in Kenya trips and they simply wouldn’t be anywhere near as successful or productive without her.”

Through the Rams in Kenya project the way I live my life has been completely shaped by the six years of trips I have taken part in. I used to be shy and sometimes self-indulgent, but now by putting away money to help somebody else, to help a family send their children to school, it just has value beyond words. Lauren Richards


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What next?

Annual Report 2018

We have had a fantastic 2018 engaging with the people of Derbyshire. We have delivered diverse projects and programmes in our community, supporting people to improve their lives.

We have built on the strong and longstanding relationships with key partners and funders, whilst also developing new local partnerships to set up new and exciting initiatives. We have continued to reach those communities that need our support the most.

It is evident that in continuing our fantastic work, we can’t go it alone. Our partners, stakeholders and supporters are vital to ensuring we are a success. In line with this, in 2019, we are delighted to be launching a new partnership with significant corporate supporters, including Utilita as new headline sponsors of the Derby 10K, engaging in a fundraising partnership with Motorpoint and delivering on our Essential Life Skills programme funded by Derby City Council and the Department for Education, which is the largest ever single investment into the Trust.

The local, regional and national awards that we have won have made us immensely proud of our work. It has been a tremendous year celebrating ten years as a charity. Despite our success, as an organisation we strive to continually improve and get better. In the next 12 months we will be aiming to build on our success of the last ten years to increase impact and outcomes for the people of Derbyshire.

We have exciting plans for 2019 that we are determined to deliver successfully, despite us operating in a challenging landscape.

We have exciting plans for 2019 that we are determined to deliver successfully, despite us operating in a challenging landscape. We recognise the many political issues and changes that lie ahead with the increasing pressure on local authorities and central government.

The charity will use the new partnerships and opportunities to continue to benefit people in our community. We will continue to engage people, inspire them and provide them with opportunities to improve their lives with the support of Derby County Community Trust.

It is evident that in continuing our fantastic work, we can’t go it alone. Our partners, stakeholders and supporters are vital to ensuring we are a success.

We believe that this will result in us continuing to deliver our strategic outcomes of improving health and wellbeing; sustaining participation in sport and physical activity; raising attainment and aspiration and enhancing communities.

We face the challenge of diversifying our income through innovative and efficient ways, whilst committing to maintain our high standards and continue to achieve our outcomes regardless of the backdrop we may be working against.


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We would like to thank all of our partners for their valued support over our past ten years as a charity. We look forward to continuing our collaborative work across the community.


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Derby County Community Trust Annual Report 2018  

Derby County Community Trust Annual Report 2018