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10 Interesting Cruise Ship Facts

Cruise Ship Holiday 

Gone are the days when cruising was elusive. The luxury passenger ship experience can now be enjoyed by almost anyone. Over the years, a cruise ship holiday has become easily accessible with the huge selection of travel destinations and ports from around the world.

Add to that the convenience of booking your trip online with help from cruise travel specialists, and the trip of your dreams could be closer than you think. But before you embark on your journey, you might want to discover more about cruising. Without further ado, here are 10 interesting facts about the cruise ship industry today.

Cruising Attracts Millions of Patrons Every Year 

People’s love for cruising has been going on for over three decades now. According to the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association, the cruise industry is the fastestgrowing category in the leisure travel market, with an average annual growth rate of 7.2% since 1980. In the 2016 State of the Cruise Industry Outlook, the Cruise Lines Industry Association (CLIA) shared they are expecting a total of 24 million passengers setting sail for 2016. This, in turn, translates to 8 out of 10 CLIA member travel agencies expecting sales for the year as well.

World Famous Chefs are Also Hopping onboard Cruise Ships to Bring Passengers Exquisite Dining Experience

If you’re looking for the best dining experience ever, you may just find it aboard a cruise ship. Among acclaimed chefs working their magic on cruise ships are Jamie Oliver, Michael Schwartz, Atul Kochhar and Marco Pierre White. British celebrity chef and restaurateur Jamie Oliver partnered with Royal Caribbean to bring his take on homemade, favorite Italian cuisine onboard the Quantum fleet.

Michael Schwartz is also working with Royal Caribbean as the experience advisor on in cabin dining options. He’s also designed the menu for the Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas. P&O Cruises, on the other hand, has Atul Kochhar and Marco Pierre White delighting passengers with their culinary genius. Kochhur brings his modern Indian cuisine with a British twist, while White operates size restaurants across P&O ships. If you’re a huge fan to these celebrity chefs, you might just get the chance to meet them on a massive floating restaurant.

Around 2,000 Crew Members make the Cruise Ship Operations Possible Every Day 

Behind the scenes aboard a cruise ship is the mighty crew. The approximate number of crew members in an average cruise ship is 1000. Ratio of crew member to passenger may vary depending on the passenger capacity of the cruise ship. Apart from the jobs available onboard, the cruise industry also makes significant economic contributions on land. According to the Economic Impact of Cruise Industry on Destinations, a study conducted in 2012 by the Business Research and Economic Advisors (BREA), cruise-related expenditures generated 45,225 jobs across cruise destinations. This, in turn, has provided $728.1 million in wage income to the residents.

The World’s Most Expensive Cruise Trip will cost you $2 Million a Week to Rent 

Eclipse tops the list of today’s most lavish cruise experience and you could have it all to yourself in a week. If your budget would allow. Owned by Russian business tycoon, Roman Abramovich, Eclipse holds the record for the most expensive yacht to charter to date. According to reports, this luxury superyacht, spanning 557 feet in length, carries a price tag of around $400 million to $800 million. Renting it for a week costs $2 million. Some features awaiting you at the Eclipse are three helipads, a fitness center, and a master suite with a six feet home cinema screen. Security is impressive too with the superyacht equipped with bulletproof windows and a military grade missile defense system.

The largest cruise ship ever built is taller than the Eiffel Tower 

Measuring 1,188 feet in length, the Harmony of the Seas, is the world's largest cruise ship, surpassing her sisters, Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas. Owned and operated by the Royal Caribbean, Harmony of the Seas is 125 feet taller than the Eiffel Tower and is twice as tall as the Washington Monument. It's home to 10,000 plants and a 100 feet or 10-storey slide. Christened in May 2016, the astounding cruise ship also features 23 swimming pools, 2 rock climbing walls, a casino with full selection of slot machines, an escape room game designed by Puzzle Break and Show, a spa and fitness center, 11,252 works of art and a lot more.

Building a Ship takes Two to Five Years 

Have you ever wondered how a cruise ship is built from the ground up? Building a cruise ship comes at a hefty price tag of $500M up to $1B. Today, only few shipyards have the capacity to produce today’s cruise behemoths. One of which is the STX Europe, an international shipbuilding company based in South Korea. STX Europe has 15 shipyards, among which is located in France. The team built the world's largest luxury passenger ships, the Royal Caribbean's fleet. Another renowned cruise ship builder is Germanybased Meyer Yard that started business in the mid 1980s. Today it stands as one the largest and most modern shipyards in the world with over 2,500 employees. Meyer Cruise Line gave birth to Celebrity Cruises’ Horizon and Zenith luxury passenger ships.

Ship innovations get more and more thrilling overtime 

Did you know that today’s ships now offer skydiving simulators? Some ships even have facilities that simulate surf experience. There is something in store for every age group. Some even have a nursery where parents who want to enjoy some quality time alone can take their little ones. Turns out, bringing a baby on board doesn't have to be stressful.

According to CLIA, intergenerational cruising is becoming more popular over the years. Cruise ship companies design amenities that cater to everyone, from kids to seniors.

Cruise ships track dining areas to determine peak eating times

Ever wonder how cruise ships know about the volume of passengers dining at restaurants at specific times of the day? Cruise ships are filled with cameras not just for monitoring food peak times per se. This is also done to monitor the popularity of cruise ship facilities and flow of passengers in various ship areas. The moment you step out of your cabin, chances are you’ll see a camera right away. Say hi!

Caribbean still holds the title for the most popular cruise destination 

As per CLIA, 33.7% of cruise line deployment is in the Caribbean region followed by 18.7% percent in Mediterranean.

Australian online travel resource Traveller lists 20 reasons why people should visit Caribbean, and among which is the luxury of doing nothing. After all, the Caribbean islands feature attractive beach lines and gourmet destinations. The glorious weather year round is also another reason the site is flocked by cruise ships and tourists from across the globe. Once you’ve ticked Caribbean off your bucket list, know that there’s a lot more equally gorgeous destinations waiting to be explored.

Scoring affordable cruise ship packages is a lot easier these days! 

Itching to fulfill your dream cruise vacation? Cruise ship discount packages are available online! Be sure to book only with trusted travel consultants for a smooth-sailing cruise experience. Choose from the various packages available for you and your loved ones. Take advantage of the opportunity to pack once and see more in one go! A cruise holiday offers freedom and flexibility, two factors that make up an ultimate retreat. Brought to you by Deck Chair Cruising . For more info, check out:

10 Interesting Cruise Ship Facts  

Considering a cruise holiday vacation soon? Know what to expect and more! Check out these 10 Interesting Cruise Ship Facts we’ve rounded up...

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