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The core objective of DC Charter Schools Magazine (DC CSM) is to provide its readers with a wealth of information about charter schools in Washington, D.C., and assist parents in the decision-making process. In addition, DC CSM provides a vehicle for charter schools in the District of Columbia to reach potential students by highlighting the features and benefits of their respective schools. With the growing number of charter schools in the District--charter education has become a viable alternative to private and traditional public education. With additional educational options, it is imperative that parents gather as much information as possible to make the best decision for their children’s future success. Inside this issue you will find a comprehensive directory, featured schools and summer camps, a message from the DC Public Charter School Board and an insightful article from clinical psychologist Dr. Maia Coleman King. Use DC Charter Schools Magazine as an informational tool to help navigate your school selection process. More information can be found at

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

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Cesar Chavez PCS. . . . . . . . . . . 29 District of Columbia Public Charter School Board . . . . . . . . . 18 Friendship PCS Online . . . . . . . . .3 Kid Elite Sports Camp. . . . . . . . . 22 Kids and Culture Camp (KCC) . . . . .4


National Collegiate Preparatory PCHS . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Princess Mhoon Dance Institute . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Paul Public Charter School . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 FEATURES:

IDEA PCS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24

Co-parenting: Keeping Children First . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8

Meridian Public Charter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

Directory of Schools. . . . . . . . . . 24

| DC Charter Schools Magazine – Spring/Summer 2015

Personalized education for all Develop your child’s full potential through K12’s statewide, tuition-free, online public schools for grades K–8 with state-certified teachers.

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There’s Something Magical Happening At KCC A CULTURE AND GEOGRAPHY-THEMED CAMP By Monica Z. Utsey

They talk about it all year long. They watch the videos from the website for entertainment. They kick and scream when it’s time to leave. Who? Apparently, these are actions of the returning campers from Kids & Culture Camp (KCC), who wait anxiously for the next summer session to begin. What started out as a way for homeschool moms to give their children something creative and educational to do during the summer has grown into something very special and unique for all children in the DC metropolitan area. Jania Otey, an attorney, wife and mother, began researching summer camps for her boys in 2009. When she couldn’t find what she wanted, she sent a message out to the Sankofa Homeschool Community Listserv. She received responses from 8 moms, and Kids & Culture Camp was born. The camp has not only grown, but today is thriving with a dedicated group of parents who commit each summer to teaching children about cultures from around the world.


| DC Charter Schools Magazine – Spring/Summer 2015

“We have such strong, well-educated, creative minds so I figured that we could make it happen and we would be good at doing it. But, I didn’t think five years later KCC would still be around. Nor did I think our numbers would increase as drastically as they have,” said Otey. The upcoming summer session will be KCC’s sixth year. Many camps are formulated to give children a “break” from traditional school. However, KCC was founded by homeschooling moms and there’s a different philosophy that undergirds camp programming. The learning is intentional and interwoven into every activity. Dissatisfied with camps whose focus was singular, such as sports camps, Otey and her team took the subject of geography and turned it into a multidisciplinary experience. Campers delve into the subject through visual and performing arts, science, technology, math, language arts, and social studies. Outdoor activities and field trips are also a part of the programming.

“Our campers have so much fun while they’re learning, they don’t even realize how much they’ve learned until Festival Fridays,” said Otey. At the Festivals, campers share all they’ve learned with their parents via an end of the week performance. Most summer camps have lots of staff turnover. But according to Assistant Camp Director Lovenda Burnett, KCC is like a family reunion. A unique aspect of KCC is that the majority of the staff are returning parents whose children also attend the camp. These are not college students, but seasoned, well-educated moms who give the children an experience they won’t forget. KCC staff travel from as far south as Alabama and as far north as New York to Washington, DC to make it happen. The children are not only learning; they are creating lifelong bonds as well. For parents like LaTeisha Williams, KCC provides needed diversity in her children’s lives. “I really love for my children to attend KCC because when

we participate in activities in our neighborhood they are the only children of color. I love that they learn about their ancestors and how far their influence spreads,” said Williams. Wendy Christian, the KCC cooking instructor and expert in getting children to try new foods, said her daughter gained a sister through consistent participation at KCC. In the process, the moms have bonded and become friends also. “We celebrate holidays together and we have that relationship through those two little girls,” said Christian. For new campers, the experience is the same, according to Monica Reynolds, a KCC parent-instructor, “The children garner connections to each other and the camp in a short period. They miss the teachers when they are absent. They miss each other when students are absent. They watch over and care for each other. The students model the behaviors of their teachers,” said Reynolds. Visit us online at |


Safety and association are just as important as content, which KCC instructors greatly emphasize. According to Jennifer Muhammad, a parent-instructor whose four children have attended KCC since its inception, anything can look good in a brochure. Knowing that her children are safe and that she’ll receive a call if there is a problem provides Muhammad with a feeling of security. “I know they’re going to be around like-minded families. There are two elements to any experience—what you get from the teacher and who you are surrounded by,” said Muhammad. KCC’s mom connection has been a draw for parents. When Jawana Msola found out that the camp was founded and run by moms, she had to see it for herself. She was

so impressed at the open house in 2010, that she enrolled her daughter and has been attending ever since. In addition to the ingenuity of the parent-instructors, organizations such as K12.COM/DC and Georgia Avenue Church of Christ have also contributed to the success of KCC. The magic continues this summer as children aged 3-12 explore Japan, Jamaica, South Africa and Native Americans at Center City Public Charter School, 510 Webster Street, NW. For more information about Kids and Culture Camp, visit, kidsandculturecamp, email, or call 202.643.8787.


★ ★ ★


| DC Charter Schools Magazine – Spring/Summer 2015

ww w.kidsan d c u l t u re .c o m

2 1 3 S E G A r o f 4 2 Y L U R CAMP JUNE 29 - J


SESSION 1: Joining Japan’s Journey

SESSION 3: Surveying South Africa’s Splendor

SESSION 2: Enjoying Jamaica’s Jewels

SESSION 4: Navigating Native American Nations

JUNE 29 - JULY 3

JULY 13 - JULY 17

JULY 6 - JULY 10

JULY 20 - JULY 24





Washington DC



In the United States, the unfortunate reality remains that approximately 40 to 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce (APA, 2015). Although healthy marriages are good for couples, children and families, an unhealthy relationship between couples can be devastating to the physical and mental health of all involved. Growing up in a twoparent household has been found to be a protective factor for children, as married couples can shield children from mental, physical, educational and social problems. Despite the many benefits of marriage, more often than not, couples opt to end the relationship for various reasons. When the ending of a marriage involves children, a “successful” divorce precipitates incredible relationship skills that were often lacking in the marriage. Unfortunately, far too often children suffer even greater consequences from parents’ inability to effectively co-parent after a relationship is dissolved. Co-parenting is the concept of setting aside differences with an ex-spouse in order to establish a common goal

for the benefit and welfare of raising healthy well-adjusted children. Yet, more often than not, the remaining emotional “baggage” between parents makes the establishment of a healthy co-parenting relationship extremely challenging. In the text, Parenting After Divorce: How to work together with your ex-spouse for happier, healthier children, Ron L. Deal provides a number of sound suggestions for parents: • Work hard to respect the other parent and his/her • • • • •

household Schedule a “business” meeting to discuss co-parenting matters Never ask your children to be spies or tattle-tales on the other home Don’t capitalize on children’s hurt and berate the other parent Make sure children have everything they need in both homes Try to release your hostility toward the other parent

CO-PARENTING – Keeping Children First” by Maia Coleman King, Ph.D.


| DC Charter Schools Magazine – Spring/Summer 2015

• Do not disappoint your children with broken prom-

ises or by being unreliable • Make the custody structure work for your children

Given the challenges presented by developing a healthy co-parenting relationship with your ex-spouse, it is important for parents to evaluate whether or not their coparenting relationship is a healthy one. Jennifer Wolf, a single parents expert, suggests a number of signs that you are on the right track. For example, have you established clear boundaries so that each parent recognizes what they do and do not have control over? Do you have a predetermined schedule for parenting time and transitions? Managing your child’s expectations by keeping a healthy balanced routine between households is essential. Yet, at the same time each parent must be willing to be flexible and accommodating when adjustments occur by communicating schedule changes. Also in a healthy co-parenting relationship, Wolf suggests that parents defer to one another for childcare before contacting a babysitter. Embarking on the road to a healthy co-parenting relationship suggests that parents have a basic foundation of agreement on important issues. This can be easily derailed when a parent attempts to manipulate, control or undermine their child’s allegiances to the other parent. Despite the loss of the initial cohesive family unit, children often want nothing more than the continued love, support and attention from both parents. For example, parents can demonstrate a cohesive parental unit by attending a child-centered event without tension. The emotional toll that divorce has on families can be overwhelming. Often times, both parents and children are left to cope with feelings of anger, hurt, and guilt following a divorce. As such, enlisting support from family, friends, and mental health professionals can be an essential component in supporting children and parents through this difficult transition. Children often look to parents for coping with such challenges; therefore, it is important that children develop resiliency and learn to

rebound. As suggested by the Co-parenting Guide, parents can show their children that even though times are tough, it is possible to get through a rough patch without falling apart. Additionally, maintaining your children’s trust in you will allow them to feel secure. Lastly, parents in a healthy co-parenting relationship must continue to recognize each other as significant influences in their children’s lives. Keeping this in mind, your ex-spouse and their extended family members are each important contributors to the healthy development of your children. A cohesive family network, despite divorce, leads to a strong sense of self, positive self-esteem and confidence in children. Therefore, putting past differences aside and learning to keep children first after divorce will be key at raising healthy well-adjusted children. References Co-parenting Guide: How it works (2013). The mini-guide for all separated parents who want to know what co-parenting is all about and how to make it work. Retrieved March 11, 2015 from Deal, R. to work healthier 11, 2015

L. (2009). Parenting After Divorce: How together with your ex-spouse for happier, children. Common Steps. Retrieved March from

Marriage and Divorce (2000). Adapted from the Encyclopedia of Psychology. Retrieved March 11, 2015 from Wolfe, J. (2015). 10 Signs of a Healthy Co-Parenting Relationship. Identify What’s Already Working, as Well as Areas You Hope to Improve. Retrieved March 11, 2015 from

Dr. Maia Coleman King is a licensed clinical psychologist who treats patients for individual, group and couples Continued on page 19

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A great place to call home We at National Prep have a great story to tell and we would love to share it with the public! National Collegiate Preparatory Public Charter School (National Prep) educates youth in grades 9th-12th throughout Washington D.C. We are the first and only International Baccalaureate High School in Ward 8. We serve students who are interested in graduating from high school and are excited about attending college. We have assisted students from different backgrounds to attain a great high school education and college acceptance. Thus far our two graduating classes have received over two million dollars in scholarships and grants. Let us help you! Here are a few accomplishments and special programs of which we are most proud: 100% High School Graduation Rate 100% College Acceptance Rate Two students awarded the prestigious POSSE Scholarship two years in a row 10

| DC Charter Schools Magazine – Spring/Summer 2015

STEAM – A plethora of opportunities for students to thrive in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Music. Special attention given to the needs of our youth at National Prep: from the beginning of our school year in the summer, to our ‘jump-start’ program which extends the length of the school day, and allows for more instructional time. Opportunities for all students to travel abroad internationally and learn about other cultures and customs while attending National Prep. One of the only DC Public Charter schools offering the prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma (Of note, IB is predominantly found at private schools and in high socioeconomic communities.) Rigorous athletic program to include: • Contact Football • Basketball • Baseball

• Volleyball • Cheerleading • Dance • Softball • Track and Field

The Rites of Passage Empowering Students (ROPES) program provides an opportunity for students to become socially prepared in any formal or business setting they may encounter in life. The Sankofa Ball is our culminating formal event to present and honor our seniors. We are looking for high school students that are excited to have a great high school experience and are looking for a wonderful home for their high school career.

All National Prep teachers are highly qualified. 90% of our faculty has a master’s degree, International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement trained. Visit us online at |


Graduation and 100% College Acceptance College acceptance for all seniors Achieved over 50 percent growth in both reading and math on state assessments Achieved distinction as the first school in Southeast, DC to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Achieved candidacy stage for Middle States Accreditation Offering service learning opportunities in Panama and the Dominican Republic

(202) 832-PREP (7737)




| DC Charter Schools Magazine – Spring/Summer 2015

★ ★ ★ While schools are cutting recess and arts programming, a generation of parents have found a way to stimulate their children throughout summer recess. Discovering the synergy between the brain and the body is top priority as they look to expand their child’s capacity to learn from late June to August. As a mother of 3 and the owner of a dance institute who has taught over 1,000 youth in the nation’s capital, I have a combination of experience and intuition on how to select the right summer program for young people. My philosophy is rooted in creating diverse experiences while developing cognitive and motor skills. I follow 3 simple criteria: 1) Will the child continue to learn? 2) Will the staff “wear my kid out” with rigorous physical activities? 3) Is the environment stimulating and nurturing to their emotional well-being? This formula has never failed me, or the hundreds of parents I interact with every summer. Of course there are other factors like location and fees. However, many will drive the extra mile and make the financial sacrifice when it comes to enriching the lives of their children. For 8 weeks, youth have the opportunity to explore their interests beyond the classroom. It is a break from sitting at desks the majority of the day and allows them to express themselves freely, learn new skills, and have fun! As a dance educator, movement of any kind, is highly recommended. For kids whom do not consider themselves ‘sporty,’ dance is the perfect physical activity. Every year I offer a 5 week Summer Dance Institute and a Summer Saturday Series. Students of all backgrounds and technical levels join me to go on a journey where they explore Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, and African dance. We culminate our week with an enrichment field trip and an in-studio performance to demonstrate what they have learned. Not only


is this approach fun, exhilarating, and intense – it also challenges us to maximize the potential of each student in a short period of time. There are many studies that examine the benefits of dance, but I am always delighted to observe and hear testimonials about how our students have experienced the following during our summer programs: • Improved body awareness, posture, strength, and

flexibility. • Developed confidence and built social skills. • Increased self-esteem and the ability to communicate with a group. • Learned about other cultures and diverse traditions. • Discovered the importance of nutrition. • Experienced a range of dance techniques. • Engaged in a rigorous program that helped them to access their innate talents. In just a few short weeks we will all be shifting our schedules, taking different routes to drop the kids, and meeting new smiling faces whom we will entrust our most prized possessions with for 8 hours a day. I invite to visit the Princess Mhoon Dance Institute for one of our summer programs. It is sure to be a summer CHARTERED for physical, mental, and emotional success. Let’s Dance! Princess Mhoon is the mother of 3, an artist, scholar and entrepreneur in the Nation’s Capital. She is the Founder and Director of the Princess Mhoon Dance Institute, an internationally acclaimed choreographer, and published writer. She holds a BFA in Dance and an MA in Public History from Howard University. For more information visit on Classes, Camps, & InSchool Programs:Princess Mhoon Dance Institute 932 Philadelphia Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20910 301-5658151 Visit us online at |



SUMMER DANCE INSTITUTE July 6—August 7, 2015 Ages 5-18 1 week—$275 2 weeks—$425 3 weeks—$625 4 weeks—$775 5 weeks—$875


July 11—August 8 $99


932 Philadelphia Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20910 301.565.8151




Experience It All At Paul! Paul Public Charter School, located in Northwest Washington, DC, serves students in middle and high school from grades six to ten, expanding to serve through grade twelve by school year 2015-2016. The mission of Paul Public Charter School is to educate our students and to develop in them the capacity to be responsible citizens, independent thinkers, and leaders.  Paul offers the distinctive “Triple A Program:  Academics, Arts and Athletics,” which provides comprehensive programming for a diverse student population.  By integrating arts and athletics into the school’s rigorous academic program, students become more engaged and motivated to learn.  Through arts and athletics integration, students’ academic content takes on deeper meaning and relevance.  Paul provides a positive and supportive school culture.  The foundation for the school’s culture is rooted in the character education program.  It provides the framework for model behavior, so that students strive to become M.E.R.I.T. Scholars.  Students learn to be “Motivated, Educated, Responsible, Independent Thinkers.”  We believe that this holistic approach to education rounds out the young learner for success in secondary and higher education.  To support the transition to middle school in the sixth grade, Paul provides a nurturing and supportive structure for its youngest scholars, coined “Paul Prep.”  Paul Prep motivates, supports and encourages scholars to transition smoothly and successfully into middle school and thrive immediately.  Seventh and eighth graders take on additional leadership roles, take an additional core course and have an opportunity to exercise more independence and empowerment.    After middle school, Paul scholars matriculate and flourish in our Cecile R. Middleton Ninth Grade Academy, the freshman component 18

| DC Charter Schools Magazine – Spring/Summer 2015

of the Paul International High School, where they begin to delve into the global issues that impact their lives and their communities. High school students develop global competencies through a global studies course scheme, community service and leadership opportunities, study abroad and international travel, and through completion of a culminating capstone project.  “At Paul International High School, I’m looking forward to studying abroad and being a part of the first graduating

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therapy. As a partner at Psychological Group of Washington (PGW), Dr. Coleman King balances the roles of administrator, as well as clinician, supervisor and Assistant Clinical Psychology Professor for The George Washington University. Dr. Coleman King specializes in treating women struggling with symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as couples seeking assistance in building communication skills, overcoming differences, and making decisions that are more satisfying. In addition, she has over ten years of experience in the psychological assessment of adults and children (including educational, psychological, intelligence and intellectual (IQ) testing such as the WISC-IV and WPPSI-IV).

class of 2016.” Aireon Boone, 10th Grade Scholar. It’s clear that our scholars are already motivated to achieve at the highest level. Overall, Paul is a family that bridges generations of M.E.R.I.T. Scholars, educators and leaders. Open our doors and you will discover an exciting educational community dedicated to taking students to the next levels of academic achievement, leadership and character development through discipline and diligence. As you walk our hallways, you will see active classroom learning – students translating a rigorous text in Spanish, digesting a complex science concept, practicing a new instrumental selection, or mapping out a new modern dance routine. For over a decade, Paul PCS has developed M.E.R.I.T. scholars that have successfully excelled and gone on to graduate high school leaving ready to succeed in college and prepared to be leaders in the global community! We invite you to help to continue our mission and join us as we prepare our M.E.R.I.T. scholars to thrive in middle school, high school, college, and in life. Be sure to visit our website at for more information. Our goal is to ensure our scholars “Experience it all at Paul! We are currently accepting applications for grades six through ten. Apply today spaces are limited! For more information, visit us at

Dr. Coleman King earned her Ph.D. at Howard University in Clinical Psychology in 2004. She is also a graduate of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor where she earned a Master’s degree in Developmental Psychology. Dr. Coleman King completed her Internship at the APA-accredited Howard University Counseling Service Internship Program. She has five years of experience working as a Certified School Psychologist and Psychology Program Manager in the District of Columbia Public School System. Dr. Coleman King completed a Post-Graduate Fellowship with the Washington Chapter of the New York Freudian Society and is a professional member of the American Psychological Association as well as the Association for Black Psychologists. She has been invited to speak on numerous health panels, has appeared in local and national media outlets (including television, radio, newspaper and magazine), and was a recurring guest on Skyline 360, a weekly radio program on WVLS Radio.

Special Thanks to: Brittany Fitts Psychological Group of Washington intern. Maia Coleman King, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist Psychological Group of Washington 1707 L Street, NW #220 Washington, DC 20036 ph. 202.223.9844 fx. 202.223.9845

friend us on facebook: psychgroupdc follow us on twitter: @psychgroupdc

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Meet PCSB’s

Community Advisory Group Established in 2010, PCSB’s Community Advisory Group (CAG) consists of 25 engaged and committed parents and community members. This volunteer group helps PCSB stay informed about the communities concerns.


| DC Charter Schools Magazine – Spring/Summer 2015

With a representative from each ward, the CAG’s insight continues to be invaluable. By reaching out to their respective communities and drawing from their personal experiences, CAG members are able to share information about PCSB and public charter schools with their neighbors and friends. Members of the CAG have lobbied councilmembers and participated in community efforts, that have helped more families understand how public charter school’s impact all learners, from PK to adult. Sherice Muhammad is a Ward 7 resident and DC Prep parent. She actively participates in the Ward 7 Education Council, ANC 7D Commission Chairperson and Deanwood Citizens Association. “I joined CAG to provide parental and constituent support to the success of public charter schools in the District of Columbia...and to work to bring about cohesion between public charter schools and DCPS,” Muhammad. CAG members display leadership skills and a passion for public education. They are active in their community and seek to ensure that all DC students have access to a quality education in their school of choice. Alex Hogan is also a proud parent and CAG member. “The voices of parents and the community are vital ingredients in helping our charter schools provide a firstclass education for D.C. students,” said Hogan, “As someone with a professional background in media and communications, I’m interested helping the Public Charter School Board better communicate with both charterschool parents and potential charter-school parents about all of D.C.’s educational opportunities.” Hogan is a Columbia Heights resident and parent to a public charter school student. PCSB is currently seeking additional CAG members. The voluntary, unpaid group meets on a monthly basis. If you are interested in offering your insight and sharing feedback on public charter schools, please contact PCSB via email at Visit us online at |



Kid Elite Sports Camp Kids Elite Sports Camp was started in 2013 with the vision of developing youth to excel at high school, collegiate, and professional sports by fostering character, teamwork, and scholastic achievement. Kids Elite is the premier summer program providing an array of recreational and competitive sports including basketball, soccer, volleyball, kickball, badminton, tug of war, flag football, wiffle ball, swimming, board games, and much more. Kids Elite provides an excellent foundation for your child’s development through individual and team sports. These “FUN” filled activities have been crafted to help your child develop essential motor skills to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Most of all, they will have a deeper appreciation for physical activity and sportsmanship, plus an ability to bond with peers and teammates. Our goal is to inspire, challenge, and motivate our campers to dream the impossible! We aspire to foster character and self-awareness through an emphasis on athletics, teamwork, scholastic achievement, and sportsmanship. Kids Elite strives to develop well-rounded individuals who will excel in school and throughout society while living a healthy and active lifestyle. Kids Elite Sports Camp was founded by Desmond Dunham, a native of Gary, IN with over 20 years of professional and collegiate experience. After falling in love with the city, its people, and its culture, he and his wife and family of two made Washington, DC his home. Commonly referred to as Coach Dunham, his career began as a state champion in high school, then as a collegiate athlete of Howard University, next as a teacher and coach, ultimately becoming one of the foremost coaches in the nation. After matriculating from Howard University with a Master’s of Science in Exercise Physiology, he founded The DC Redwings Youth Program, Inc., training youth runners, many of whom went on to break numerous youth track and field records over an eight 22

| DC Charter Schools Magazine – Spring/Summer 2015

year period. During his tenure with the Redwings, Inc., Dunham served as an athletic director at Paul PCS for seven years and coached numerous sports teams including soccer, basketball, and flag football. In addition, he was recognized as a 3-Time Washington Post All-Met Coach of the Year. Following Paul, Coach Dunham consequently led his Roosevelt High School boys and girls track teams in Greenbelt, MD to win state championships and notably back to back Penn Relay Championships. With a brief four (4) year stint as the assistant track and head cross country coach at NCAA Division I program, University of Maryland, he returned to coaching high school in 2012, landing at Wilson Senior High School in Washington, DC. This past fall, Coach Dunham led his girls cross country team to the DCIAA City Championship breaking a record by placing 1st thru 5th place. This victory was unprecedented and never done in the history of the sport in Washington, DC. Now he has decided to devote his love of coaching and mentoring young children to run on to see their potential if they dedicate themselves mentally, physically and academically. Why Kids Elite Sports Camp? The dedication, experience, and commitment needed to develop the youth athletes of today is a unique and challenging process that must be navigated by someone whom possesses both wisdom and character. Coach Dunham’s knowledge of recreational and competitive athletics is without comparison. If you are wondering about his character, you don’t have to look far to find someone whose life was positively impacted! The answer is simple, but the choice is yours! If you would like more information visit us at or call us at (240)321-9287. Thanks in advance for choosing Kids Elite Sports and giving your child the experience of a lifetime!



Celebrating DC’s biggest gains in math scores Ranked in the top 10 in math, reading, and composition among all non-selective DC high schools. In 2014, IDEA scholars outperformed all other high school students in Ward 7 on the DC-CAS. IDEA has now earned the designation of Reward School by the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education for two consecutive years.



o m Gra ll T ys de o ch s oo 9 – da ld 12 y! c.o rg




IDEA Provides

IDEA Academic Achievements

• College preparatory curriculum • Small class sizes and individualized attention

• Achievement on the DC-CAS math test increased by 29 percentage points, the greatest student gain of any DC high school in 2013–2014.

• Microsoft Academy offering technology training and certification valued by employers

• Achievement by seniors on the SAT test improved by 17 percentage points.

• Advanced architecture and computer-aided design classes prepare scholars for careers in engineering, architecture, and design

• At our current rate of performance, IDEA is positioned to become a Tier I school, the highest classification of DC public charter schools, by 2017.

• Competitive athletic teams including charter league champions in volleyball and softball • Leadership skills, discipline, and civic responsibility through JROTC • New computers and textbooks and cutting-edge technology including a 3-D printer • State-of-the-art fitness facilities • Dual degree program with the University of the District of Columbia Community College and online learning opportunities for students at all levels seeking challenges beyond IDEA’s curriculum

The mission of IDEA Public Charter School is to prepare students with the academic, social, leadership, and occupational skills for post-secondary opportunities and to be responsible citizens who contribute to the community. Learn more about IDEA at: 202-399-4750

Justin Rydstrom Head of School

Come see us! Call 202-399-4750 to schedule your personal tour.


DIRECTORY OF SCHOOLS Campus Street Address

Main Number


Academy of Hope Adult PCS [Southeast]

School/Campus Name

3700 9th St SE


Academy of Hope Adult PCS [Edgewood]

601 Edgewood St NE, Suite 25


Achievement Preparatory Academy PCS – Elementary

1500 Mississippi Avenue SE


Achievement Preparatory Academy PCS – Middle

908 Wahler Place SE


AppleTree Early Learning PCS – Columbia Heights

2750 14th Street NW


AppleTree Early Learning PCS – Lincoln Park

138 12th Street NE


AppleTree Early Learning PCS – Oklahoma Ave

330 21st Street NE


AppleTree Early Learning PCS – Southeast [Douglass Knoll]

2017 Savannah Terrace SE


AppleTree Early Learning PCS – Southeast [Parklands]

2011 Savannah Street SE


AppleTree Early Learning PCS – Southwest

801 7th Street SW



410 8th Street NW


Bridges PCS [Main]

1250 Taylor Street NW


4300 13th Street NW


Briya PCS [Main]

2333 Ontario Road NW


Briya PCS [Newton St]

Bridges PCS [Sharpe]

1755 Newton Street NW


Briya PCS [Georgia Ave]

3912 Georgia Ave NW


Capital City PCS – High School

100 Peabody Street NW


Capital City PCS – Lower School

100 Peabody Street NW


Capital City PCS – Middle School

100 Peabody Street NW


Carlos Rosario International PCS [Harvard St]

1100 Harvard Street NW


514 V Street NE


701 Howard Road SE

202-610-4193, 4194, 5780

Carlos Rosario International PCS [Sonia Gutierrez] Cedar Tree Academy PCS Center City PCS – Brightwood

6008 Georgia Avenue NW

Center City PCS – Capitol Hill

Center City PCS – Congress Heights

220 Highview Place SE


Center City PCS – Petworth

510 Webster Street NW


711 N Street NW


Center City PCS – Shaw Center City PCS – Trinidad

1217 West Virginia Avenue NE


César Chávez PCS for Public Policy – Capitol Hill

709 12th Street SE


César Chávez PCS for Public Policy – Chávez Prep

770 Kenyon Street NW


César Chávez PCS for Public Policy – Parkside High School

3701 Hayes Street NE


César Chávez PCS for Public Policy – Parkside Middle School

3701 Hayes Street NE


Community Academy PCS – Amos 1

1300 Allison Street NW


Community Academy PCS – Amos 2

33 Riggs Road NE


Community Academy PCS – Amos 5

1400 First Street NW



Community Academy PCS – CAPCS Online Community College Preparatory Academy PCS Creative Minds International PCS


202-723-3322 202-547-7556

2405 Martin Luther King Avenue SE

202- 610- 5780‎

3224 16th Street NW


| DC Charter Schools Magazine – Spring/Summer 2015


Campus Street Address

Main Number


DC Bilingual PCS

1420 Columbia Road NW


100 41st Street NE


DC Prep PCS – Benning Elementary DC Prep PCS – Benning Middle

100 41st Street NE


DC Prep PCS – Edgewood Elementary

707 Edgewood Street NE


DC Prep PCS – Edgewood Middle

701 Edgewood Street NE


DC Scholars PCS Democracy Prep Congress Heights PCS District of Columbia International School

5601 East Capitol Street SE


3100 Martin Luther King Avenue SE


3220 16th Street NW


E.L. Haynes PCS – Georgia Avenue

3600 Georgia Avenue NW


E.L. Haynes PCS – Kansas Avenue (Elementary School)

4501 Kansas Avenue NW


E.L. Haynes PCS – Kansas Avenue (High School) Eagle Academy PCS – New Jersey Avenue Eagle Academy PCS – The Eagle Center at McGogney Early Childhood Academy PCS

4501 Kansas Avenue NW


1017 New Jersey Avenue SE


3400 Wheeler Road SE


4301 9th Street SE


3700 Oakview Terrace NE


Excel Academy PCS – DREAM

2501 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE


Excel Academy PCS – LEAD

2501 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE


725 19th Street NE


Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom PCS

Friendship PCS – Blow-Pierce Elementary Friendship PCS – Blow-Pierce Middle

725 19th Street NE


Friendship PCS – Chamberlain Elementary

1345 Potomac Avenue SE


Friendship PCS – Chamberlain Middle

1345 Potomac Avenue SE


Friendship PCS – Collegiate Academy

4095 Minnesota Avenue NE


Friendship PCS – Southeast Elementary Academy

645 Milwaukee Place SE


Friendship PCS – Technology Preparatory Academy

620 Milwaukee Place SE


Friendship PCS – Woodridge Elementary

2959 Carlton Avenue NE


Friendship PCS – Woodridge Middle

2959 Carlton Avenue NE


62 T St NE


6200 Kansas Avenue NE


2917 8th Street NE


405 Howard Place NW


1027 45th Street NE


Ideal Academy PCS

6130 North Capitol Street NW


Ingenuity Prep PCS

4600 Livingston Road SE


Inspired Teaching Demonstration PCS

301 Douglas Street NE



2600 Douglass Road SE


5300 Blaine Street NE


2600 Douglass Road SE


KIPP DC – Connect Academy PCS

1375 Mount Olivet Road NE


KIPP DC – Discover Academy PCS

2600 Douglass Road SE


Harmony DC PCS – School of Excellence Hope Community PCS – Lamond Hope Community PCS – Tolson Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science PCS IDEA PCS

KIPP DC – Arts & Technology Academy PCS KIPP DC – College Preparatory PCS

KIPP DC – Grow Academy PCS

421 P Street NW


KIPP DC – Heights Academy PCS

2600 Douglass Road SE



4801 Benning Road SE


Visit us online at |



Campus Street Address

Main Number


KIPP DC – Lead Academy PCS

421 P Street NW



4801 Benning Road SE


KIPP DC – Northeast Academy PCS

1375 Mount Olivet Road NE


KIPP DC – Promise Academy PCS

4801 Benning Road SE


KIPP DC – Quest Academy PCS

5300 Blaine Street NE


KIPP DC – Spring Academy PCS

1375 Mount Olivet Road NE



421 P Street NW


1375 Missouri Avenue NW


Latin American Montessori Bilingual PCS [Missouri] Latin American Montessori Bilingual PCS [South Dakota]

1800 Perry Street NE


LAYC Career Academy PCS

3047 15th Street NW


Lee Montessori PCS

301 Douglas Street NE


Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy PCS

1404 Jackson Street NE

202-459-4710 ext. 600

Maya Angelou PCS – Evans High School

5600 East Capitol Street NE



Maya Angelou PCS – Young Adult Learning Center

5600 East Capitol Street NE


2120 13th Street NW


Meridian PCS Mundo Verde Bilingual PCS

3220 16th Street NW


4600 Livingston Road SE


1375 E Street NE


Paul PCS – International High School

5800 8th Street NW


Paul PCS – Middle School

5800 8th Street NW


Perry Street Preparatory PCS

1800 Perry Street NE


National Collegiate Preparatory PCHS Options PCS

Potomac Preparatory PCS

4401 8th Street NE


770 M Street SE 2nd Floor


15 Kennedy Street NW


4300 C Street SE


Sela PCS

6015 Chillum Place NE


Shining Stars Montessori Academy PCS

6017 Chillum Place NE


Somerset Preparatory Academy PCS

3301 Wheeler Road SE


1901 Independence Avenue SE


Richard Wright PCS for Journalism and Media Arts Roots PCS SEED PCS of Washington, DC

St. Coletta Special Education PCS The Next Step/El Próximo Paso PCS

3047 15th Street NW


2427 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE


Tree of Life PCS

2315 18th Place NE


Two Rivers PCS [Elementary]

1227 4th Street NE


Two Rivers PCS [Middle]

1234 4th Street NE


Washington Latin PCS – Middle School

5200 2nd Street NW


Washington Latin PCS – Upper School

5200 2nd Street NW


1920 Bladensburg Road NE


220 Taylor Street NE


705 Edgewood Street NE


Thurgood Marshall Academy PCS

Washington Mathematics Science Technology PCHS Washington Yu Ying PCS William E. Doar, Jr. PCS for the Performing Arts


| DC Charter Schools Magazine – Spring/Summer 2015




DC Charter Schools Magazine Spring Summer 2015  

The core objective of DC Charter Schools Magazine is to provide its readers with a wealth of information about charter schools in Washington...

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