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school and college. So many questions raced through my brain: How would I teach my children? What resources would I have? What if I completely failed as a teacher? How do I pick the age-appropriate materials? How do I know what subjects to teach? What if my children want to speak a foreign language? How on earth could I do this? So I did what all good parents do, I called for help. Thankfully, there was a website ( that allowed me the opportunity to explore, calm my fears somewhat and answer most of my questions. I signed up for more information, and soon I received a call from a friendly associate at K12. He further assuaged my fears and doubts and explained exactly how everything was going to work. I registered my students for 2nd and 4th grade with the online school. I received a call from my children’s teacher who further explained how the program works. Then I got to participate in an orientation for new learning coaches (me!) online. My children also got to learn how to navigate their online schools (or OLS). The week DC school began our boxes of curriculum and supplies began to arrive. And arrive. And arrive! Roughly 80 pounds of materials per child! I’ll admit that at first I was a little overwhelmed. But when I spoke with the teacher, she said to not even worry about any of the supplies marked for Semester 2, so I put those away. Then I noticed that for every subject my child was taking, there was a companion guide for the Learning Coach – me! The guides offer assistance with every step of the lesson, from how to prepare in advance for the lesson, to what questions the student may ask, to the answers for the student’s work. Plus, I had my own log-in so I could track my students’ progress, and see upcoming lessons before the student. My guides were also available online so I could have access to them anywhere I was. Also included with the curriculum were other supplies such as manipulatives for math, books for reading, an inflatable globe for history and geography, a graduated cylinder and safety goggles for science, paint brushes and paint for art, and much, much more! My biggest surprise was when we were informed that K12 was sending us all the required technology on loan while we were enrolled in the school! Sure enough, a computer and printer/scanner arrived at our home around the same

time as the curriculum. We set it all up in a good working space for the children and got ready to begin our work! Each week, my children would have class connect instructional sessions where they would log into their teacher’s online classroom and work on lessons together. The teacher would teach a new concept and then the students could go and complete the lesson. The Class Connects sessions allowed my children to interact with their classmates while I was able to observe the instruction. This shared teaching approach was very effective. It was also very beneficial to watch the teachers teach their lessons. Some of the subjects such as history and foreign language are taught through stories and videos the students watch Visit us online at |


DC Charter Schools Magazine Fall 2016 Issue  

The core objective of DC Charter Schools Magazine is to provide its readers with a wealth of information about charter schools in Washington...

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