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Message to Our Community Dear friends - we are pleased to present you with our 2017 annual report highlighting the mission and services of your Community Foundation. It is our joy and privilege to be part of Shaping the Community Through Generosity thanks to our donors! Highlights from a very full year include: Endowments & Donor Services – With over $2 million donated and 23 new funds started in 2017, we continued to witness and partner with people throughout DeKalb County who use their financial resources to support organizations and people making a difference in the lives of others. Please see our ‘Year in Review’ on page 3 for community impact highlights! Frank Roberts 2017-18 Board President

Stewardship – Strong market growth (17.6% return in 2017) in our portfolio, not surprisingly, contributed to us surpassing $50 million in charitable assets – quite a benchmark! We also spent a significant part of the year working on updating our Strategic Plan – including hosting Community Gatherings, which were intentional opportunities to gather with donors, supporters, and leaders throughout DeKalb County. See highlights of our finances on page 4. Grantmaking – Our Board responds to needs and opportunities throughout DeKalb County through a number of grant programs. We have the honor of distributing ‘donor directed’ grants – in which donors have entrusted us with funds that directly benefit the organizations and causes they intended. We also are thankful to the many donors who contribute to funds that allow for ‘board directed’ grants – allowing them to give where funding is needed the most! Check out pages 8-11 for stories of how ‘Community Impact Funds’ make a difference.

Daniel Templin

Executive Director


Community Initiatives – Our commitment to strategically address key issues in our community continues to grow. Towns and villages across DeKalb County are accepting our support through Community Economic Development Grants, providing aid to economic development planning and projects. We are also excited to be working with professionals and families to help prepare our children for kindergarten and life success through our Kindergarten Readiness initiative! See pages 12-13 for highlights.


Statement of Financial Activities Revenues and Support Contributions Investment income Realized gain on sale of investments Unrealized gain on investment Administrative fees Grants Facility use Other revenue Total Revenues and Support Expenses Grants awarded Administrative fees Salaries and support services Depreciation Total Expenses


2,175,407 1,185,123 540,624 5,866,920 461,883 91,027 4,668 241,033




2,378,055 460,231 681,413 68,826



Change in net assets Net assets – Beginning of year

6,978,160 46,909,657

Net Assets – End of Year

$ 53,887,817


as of December 31, 2017 The Finance Committee of the Foundation Board of Directors oversees the investment of our assets as well as expenses. The following information is available upon request from our office: names of investment managers and fees charged, full audited financial statements, IRS Form 990, governing documents, and conflict of interest policy.

Total Asset Growth

Community Foundation Grants and Distributions

At a Glance Grants awarded during 2017

$2,350,086 Grants awarded since 1993

$24.81 million *In both 2015 and 2016, the Foundation distributed a large amount of Pass Through Grants to support community projects such as recovery efforts for the Fairdale tornado disaster.


Distributing Charitable Resources $2,350,086 in Grants Awarded - Shown by Fund Type Pass Through




Donor Advised

Field of Interest

Community Impact















Fund Types Community Impact (Undesignated Funds)

Provide the flexibility to respond to community needs and opportunities. Helping today‌Shaping tomorrow. Field of Interest Funds

Giving is focused on an issue, interest area, or cause that the donor cares about most. Donor Advised Funds

Allows individuals, families, businesses or groups, to be more actively involved in community grant recommendations.

Scholarship Funds

Provide ongoing educational opportunities for a variety of students both young and old. Designated Funds

Support specific community organizations as directed by the donor both now and in the future. Agency Funds (Organizational Endowment Funds)

Established by nonprofit organizations to provide financial support to themselves for use as needed. Pass Through Funds


Support charitable, time-limited community projects, by pooling contributions that are spent directly on the project.

Grantmaking Areas of Interest

Did You Know?

Arts & Culture

$247,908 Nonprofit Capacity Building





Community Development

The Community Foundation received contributions in 2017 ranging from $10 to $250,000. While many donors (individuals, families, organizations, businesses) partner with us to start new endowed charitable funds when the time is right for them, we also receive hundreds of donations into existing funds at the Foundation. Every fund we manage can receive tax-deductible donations at any time, in any amount. All gifts make an impact! True generosity comes from the heart, not from the size of a bank account.


15% Health & Human Services


3% Environment & Animal Welfare


20% Education


Included in the distributions above, community impact and field of interest funds provided $194,250 for administration costs associated with Community Foundation operations and initiatives including the DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership, Youth Engaged in Philanthropy, and CommunityWorks.


Grants in Action – Community Impact Funds Malta Township Public Library Shines With Community Support Helping today…Shaping tomorrow. “Since completion of the project, people coming in have expressed their pleasure with the updated look of the remodeled original building and how well the addition and storage barn blends in. Since the renovation, there has been a significant increase in the number of individuals using the library, with 27.3% more this year than last.” Peggy Wogen, Director, Malta Township Public Library

The newly remodeled Malta Township Public Library.

Every year, libraries around DeKalb County have been able to address their growing and pressing needs with Community Foundation grant support. After extensive input from its community in 2005, the Malta Township Public Library created a four-phase building plan and in 2007 launched the construction of a new addition to its original building which was built in 1922. Since then, the Community Foundation has leveraged broad community support for the library building project with a total of $32,000 in grants to construct the addition to the library, replace brick and mortar, and install new windows in the original building. With an additional $3,000 grant in 2017, the Malta Library addressed the final phase of its building plan by constructing a storage barn capable of housing library materials on-site for the first time in decades. Anticipating the retirement of its director of 15 years, the library is now poised to transition into the next era of leadership serving its community.


Grants in Action – Community Impact Funds Grants Transform Grassy Field in Waterman into Muingan Park Helping today…Shaping tomorrow. “There are endless opportunities for community-based activities in this space. The creation of the park, the wooded area, and the walking path have been a great blessing to the community. My family and I really appreciate all the work of the Waterman Enhancement Group and all their efforts toward our community!” Alysa Amy, Waterman Resident The walking path, shade trees, and benches offer an inviting spot to exercise, recreate, and relax for the residents of Waterman and the surrounding area.

In 2013, five engaged and motivated members of the Waterman community saw a need to improve their community both aesthetically and recreationally and formed the Waterman Enhancement Group (WEG). This growing grassroots organization prioritized creating a new park out of a vacant lot that would be accessible to the majority of the 2,000 members of the Waterman Community living north of Route 30. WEG partnered with Waterman middle school students in a “Name the Park” contest to create Muingan Park after the Pottawatomie name for “wolf.” Over a three-year period, starting in 2016, the Community Foundation supported the three-phase park development with $19,500 in grants. The enhancement group continues to engage with the community in fundraising, researching, and planning for development of the green space. Along with the Community Foundation, collaborating partners include the Village of Waterman, Waterman Lions Club, Waterman Business Association, Green Ridge HOA, Monsanto, and Watermen Middle School students.


Grants in Action – Community Impact Funds Community Economic Development Grants Benefit Communities Across DeKalb County Helping today…Shaping tomorrow.

DeKalb Co. Government $ 20,000

In 2016, the Community Foundation Board of Directors decided to set aside $300,000 over three years, generated from Community Impact Funds, to provide $20,000 for each community in DeKalb County. The goal is to incentivize and support communities in planning for and implementing priority projects that support local economic development. Since then, seven villages and towns in DeKalb County have received Community Economic Development Grants. Grant support is for both planning and project implementation. The entire $20,000 for each community remains available through early 2019.

City of DeKalb


Genoa SOARing

Village of Malta


With a grant received in 2014 from the Community Foundation, the City of Genoa and Genoa Area Chamber of Commerce identified and prioritized goals during their Genoa SOARing economic development planning project. The City of Genoa used its $20,000 Community Economic Development Grant to enhance the riverfront in Citizen’s Park along the Kishwaukee River. This riverfront enhancement will help to support and grow community events such as Volksfest.

Community Economic Development Grants: $300,000 over 3 years

Village of Shabbona


City of Genoa


Village of Hinckley


Village of Maple Park


Village of Kirkland


Total Grants to Date Key: Planning Grants Implementation Grants


$ 108,000

The enhanced riverfront along the Kishwaukee River in Genoa includes a canoe launch.

Grants in Action – Community Impact Funds Community Economic Development Grants Benefit Communities Across DeKalb County Helping today…Shaping tomorrow. DeKalb Planning

The City of DeKalb used its $9,000 planning grant to work with community members and the NIU Center for Governmental Studies to review and rank initiatives and projects in the City’s 2025 Strategic Plan. The City plans to use the remaining $11,000 to implement one of the prioritized projects. Shabbona Forward

The Village of Shabbona used its $20,000 Community Economic Development Grant to work with NIU Center for Governmental Studies to conduct an in-depth study and road map for Shabbona and the surrounding area. Residents and community supporters have organized themselves around specific opportunities and activities to increase the visibility and vibrancy of the Shabbona community.

Community members provide input during one of several planning sessions.

“Without the Economic Development Grant, we would still be talking about ideas. Instead, we are now beginning to implement ideas. The grant and the planning process has been the catalyst to make something happen within our community.” Jerry Foster, Director of Business Development, Resource Bank, NA Chair for Shabbona Economic Development Committee Shabbona residents gather for large and small group discussions during their community planning process.


Community Initiatives - Kindergarten Readiness Preparing our Children for School and Life Success The Community Foundation recognizes the importance of supporting young children and their families through one of the most challenging transitions in life, from early childhood to kindergarten. Early childhood experiences play a significant role in a child’s development and the degree to which a child is ready to learn and ready for kindergarten. In 2016, board members and professionals working in early care and kindergarten education formed the Kindergarten Readiness Working Group. As a result of this working group and with grants from the Community Foundation: l

Members of the Kindergarten Readiness Working Group present a check to the Regional Office of Education to engage families in the transition of pre-K students into kindergarten. Funding will also support ongoing collaboration and professional development opportunities for early care and kindergarten teachers.



The DeKalb County Kindergarten Readiness Study was completed in August 2017, providing background information to launch and inform the discussion of how DeKalb County may best prepare our children for success in school and life. A survey of pre-K and kindergarten teachers and professionals suggests the 71% of our county’s children are ready for kindergarten. Working groups continue to form around priority issue areas such as: l Kindergarten Readiness and Early Learning Toolkits for families of young children l Enhancing early childhood screening throughout DeKalb County to include screening for childhood trauma l Engaging young families through enhancing access to and use of home visiting resources

“I’m excited to be part of this community effort to support our children and their families socially, emotionally, and academically. Understanding the challenges families face and providing them with community resources will support their efforts to ensure their children’s first school experiences are positive ones.” Caitlin Lee, Executive Director, The Growing Place

Community Initiatives - Kindergarten Readiness l


The DeKalb County Regional Office of Education and its Early Learning Consultant is coordinating working groups to: l Establish and implement the process and framework for the transition from early learning to kindergarten, including family engagement l Facilitate ongoing collaboration between early learning, pre-school, and kindergarten educators l Provide evidence based professional development opportunities for early learning, pre-school, and kindergarten educators. l Determine common assessment tools for kindergarten readiness in DeKalb County The Community Foundation is providing grants for Kindergarten Readiness Toolkits for kindergarten programs throughout DeKalb County.

Funding for the Kindergarten Readiness initiative is made possible through 20 CommunityWorks field of interest funds held at the Community Foundation and established from 2004-2011.

One of many Kindergarten Readiness planning meetings designed to capture ideas, feedback, and facilitate discussion among local teachers and educators. Kindergarten Readiness Toolkit Grants will provide toolkits for families and educators to better prepare children for kindergarten.

Thank you to those who have invested in our community engagement work. See a full listing of CommunityWorks funds on pages 21-22.


Community Initiatives – DCNP The DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership (DCNP) is a membership-based program of the Community Foundation that strengthens the nonprofit sector through leadership, professional development, and collaboration. Membership DCNP membership increased to 112 nonprofits, businesses, governmental agencies, and individuals in 2017. Members come from 15 different communities throughout DeKalb County and the northern Illinois region. Programming DCNP coordinated 50 distinct trainings in 2017 for members to build skills that can be implemented in organizations both large and small. Overall, these trainings had a 95% satisfaction rating from attendees and 96% said that DCNP training increased their knowledge and/or skill level. DeKalb County Nonprofit Study 2017-2018 This valuable resource is the most comprehensive examination of DeKalb County’s nonprofit sector regarding trends, characteristics, practices, and impact. Made possible by support from the Douglas C. and Lynn M. Roberts Family Foundation, DCNP collaborated with the Center for Nonprofit and NGO Studies at Northern Illinois University who led an in-depth study of the local nonprofit landscape. In August 2017, Danielle Hoske was hired as DCNP Program Assistant.


“DCNP’s value transcends the size of an organization because all nonprofits benefit from the professional development, networking, and capacity building opportunities.” Michelle Donahoe, Executive Director, DeKalb County History Center

Community Initiatives – DCNP Giving Day Give DeKalb County, a 24-hour day of giving, was coordinated by DCNP on May 4, 2017. A total of $466,878 was raised from 2,965 donations that came from donors in 33 different states and 3 countries. Nonprofit Day In July 2017, DCNP hosted its annual conference for 124 attendees that featured a keynote presentation from Senior Consultant, Steve Strang, nine concurrent breakout sessions, a dynamic lunch plenary session, and a networking reception. Nonprofit Day received a 100% satisfaction rating from attendees in 2017. Internship Program Since fall 2014, 123 undergraduate interns from Northern Illinois University have been placed with DCNP members, completing over 14,760 service hours in DeKalb County. This program is made possible through significant collaboration between DCNP, NIU Career Services, NIU Center for Nonprofit and NGO Studies, and the Douglas C. and Lynn M. Roberts Family Foundation.

Keynote speaker, Steve Strang, addresses Nonprofit Day attendees.

Learn more and view a list of current members at Through four giving days, over $1.2 million has been raised to support nonprofits.


Community Initiatives – YEP In the fall of 2017, Youth Engaged in Philanthropy (YEP) began its ninth year as a high school focused philanthropy program of the Community Foundation. Through monthly meetings, leadership activities, and volunteer events, YEP members become familiar with local nonprofits, learn how to analyze grant applications, and allocate over $12,000 in youth impact grants for DeKalb County. Membership YEP membership increased with an average monthly attendance of 70 members. Members represent eight different high schools in DeKalb County. Grantmaking Through ongoing generosity to the DeKalb County Youth Grantmakers Fund, YEP members were able to allocate $12,562 during the 2017/2018 program year, providing support for a variety of programs and projects with youth impact. Programming Along with yearly programming geared toward increasing knowledge of nonprofits, philanthropy, volunteerism, and grantmaking, YEP embraced a stewardship exercise as a new addition to monthly meetings. The $100 Challenge exercise provides generous community donors the opportunity to entrust a YEP member with $100 to give toward a need the member sees in the community.


Elected by their peers each year, the YEP Executive Committee is responsible to lead meetings, facilitate grantmaking discussion, and coordinate activities and events for the year. 2017/18 Executive Committee (from left) Danniela Estrada, Grants Chair; Cameron Carani, Outreach Chair; Tyler Hull, Co-Chair; Stephen Poorten, Co-Chair; Libby Swedberg, Secretary

Community Initiatives – YEP YEP Outreach Events are an easy way for members to give of their time and talent to help others in the community.

Generous donors Jon and Liz Bockman participated in the $100 Challenge, providing opportunity and inspiration to YEP members.

During the December meeting, YEP partners with Adventure Works of DeKalb County, for some interactive games promoting youth leadership and positive development.

For more information, visit


Donor Stories Fund Dedicates Support to Malta Community Built through tax-deductible contributions from friends, neighbors, businesses, and community members, the Malta Community Endowment Fund provides support for projects and services dedicated to improving the quality of life in Malta. Created through generous support from twelve of its community members, the Malta Fund is the very first fund at the Community Foundation dedicated solely to a community in DeKalb County. The idea for the Malta Community Endowment Fund came during the expansion of the Malta Public Library. At that time, the building campaign for the library was the talk of the town, bringing in a great deal of support from the people of Malta. Seeing the pride and dedication that arose from this project, local resident, Kevin McArtor, began to conceptualize a way for Malta citizens to invest in their community for years to come. After pitching the idea to his mom, Mary Lynn McArtor, the Malta Fund was on its way to fruition with a lead gift. Since inception, support for the Fund continues to grow through community awareness and discussion. “We are grateful to those who have given generously, understanding the vision and long-term impact of a fund like this. Like so many in Malta, this is our community and our family’s community, and we want to do all we can to create a better tomorrow.� Kevin McArtor, Donor


Donor Stories Providing Assistance to Community Needs In any community, positive change starts with an idea, followed by an action. From a desire to address the needs in their community, Rick and Anita Turner of Sycamore created the Turner Family Charitable Fund. This newly established donor advised fund allows the Turner family to provide support for needs that align with their charitable interests. Rick Turner was born in Sendai, Japan, where his dad was stationed with the Army for a period of time. During his childhood, the Turner family moved quite a bit, finally settling in Ottawa, IL, hometown to both his parents. Today, Rick is an attorney for Turner & Sackett Law Offices, with offices in Geneva and Sycamore. Rick is extremely active in the community and thoroughly enjoys coaching Sycamore High School Rugby. Anita Turner was born in Kansas where she spent her childhood growing up while her father obtained his degrees at Kansas State and Kansas University. During her middle school years, her father took a faculty position with the College of Education at Northern Illinois University (NIU) and moved the family to DeKalb. Anita has a passion for teaching and is currently a teacher at St. Mary’s in Sycamore. She served on the DeKalb County Board for 12 years, before stepping down in 2016. Outside of the classroom, Anita enjoys reading and working with kids. Rick and Anita Turner have been in the community for a number of years, raising all five of their children in Sycamore. Four of the five children are now married, extending the reach of their family from Illinois, to Nevada, to Florida. The Turners recently celebrated another life event as they welcomed the birth of their first granddaughter in 2017.

“We believe in the mission of the Community Foundation and the role it serves. We wish to do our part in enhancing the quality of life in DeKalb County and desire to help those in need; particularly children in need of assistance.” Rick Turner, Donor


Donors How Do I Create a Fund? 1. Decide When to Give

Create your fund now, in the near future, or establish it in your will.

2. Decide What to Give

Almost any kind of asset can be used to start your fund.

3. Choose a Fund Name

Most funds are named for the donor, donor’s family, or as a memorial to someone special.

4. Choose a Type of Fund

We offer a variety of funds that are flexible to meet your charitable interests. See the following pages for a listing of fund types and donors.

How Do I Donate? Donations of any size can be made online at, in person, or by mail to DeKalb County Community Foundation – 475 DeKalb Avenue, Sycamore, IL 60178. Please make checks out to DeKalb County Community Foundation and include any gift direction in the memo section.


The following is a list of funds and donors to the Community Foundation in 2017. Each of these funds welcomes additional gifts of any size to strengthen grantmaking in our community. Every gift received is put to work to change lives…today, tomorrow, and forever. Donors, thank you for investing in our mission to enhance the quality of life in DeKalb County.

Community Impact Funds Steven G. Anderson Community Fund Bothe Family Endowment Fund Joseph & Robin Bothe William & Victoria Jacob Stephen R. and Betty L. Brown Endowment Fund Jerome and Blanche Cerny Undesignated Fund Community Stewardship Fund in Memory of Charles C. Roberts Charlie Roberts & Richard Ryan had a long-standing friendship and business relationship at DEKALB Ag Research and the successor company, DEKALB Genetics. Charlie was a strong believer in community stewardship and, following his death in 2005, Rich created this Community Foundation fund honoring Charlie to provide annual grants meeting local needs.

DeKalb County Building and Development Association Endowment Fund DeKalb County Community Endowment Fund Joseph & Sharoda Admonis Adolph Miller Real Estate Noel & Margaret Allison Juanita Anderson Marlin & Phyllis Anderson Anonymous Larry & Nancy Apperson Lawrence & Donna Asselborn Jerry & Helen Augsburger Linda Babcock Banner Up Signs Abraham & Elizabeth Bass Rudolf & Ingeborg Bisanz Brad Manning Ford, Inc. Thomas & Sandra Brotcke James & Paula Bryner Kevin & Marcy Buick Jo Burke Natalie Calhoun John Dickerman & Caroline Quinlan Juanita Challgren Donald & Patricia Clason Carol Cleveland Kenneth & Jane Dargatz Kiwanis Club of DeKalb *New fund started during 2017

Steve & Christine DeVlieger Eileen Dubin & Martin David Norman Eckstrom John & Ann Engstrom Mary Lou & Philip Eubanks Rosemary & John Evans Kevin & Kay Flavin Franklin’s Frames & Art Steven & Michele Glasgow Beatrice Glawe Steven Greenfield & Darryl Block Dan & Lisa Gudmunson Mitchell & Kathy Hallgren Daniel & Karen Hamingson Ralph Hannon Howard & Valerie Heidlauf Ray Heinisch Richard & Barbara Holland Kathleen Hott Dan & Claudia Hueber Todd & Mollie Hughes Stephen Jakes Richard Joslin David & Suzanne Juday Reva Jungst Larry & Sue Kendzora Dan & Maylan Kenney Janice Kinczewski Irene Kuusisto Laborers’ International Union of North America Local #32 Nicholas Lahey Beverley Lane Norman & Barbara Larson Peter & Patricia Lawes Bernard & Maureen Looney Patsy Lundberg

Richard & Maria Mamoser E. Phyllis McCormick Vincent & Patricia McMahon Rodney & Diane McQueen Robert Meissner Carol Meyer Tim & Tracey Michel Ronald & Bonnie Miller Bill & Carole Minor Kristina Misic Larry & Jane Mix James & Lynne Morel Beverly Murphy Vern Mutschler Sheryl Nakonechny Janice Nelson John Nelson Nicholas Noe Northwestern Memorial Healthcare Joe Pasteris Ronald & Barbara Pearson Robert Putz James & Sandra Quiram James & Sharon Rhoades Law Office of Charles G. Rose Robert & Linda Russell Brad Sanderson Elsie Sanford Richard & Jacqueline Schmack Averil Schreiber Service Master Restoration & Cleaning Ivan & Judith Shils Robert Shipman James “Ed” & Judith Sisler Sharon Skala Thomas & Laurie Sodaro

Kenneth & Kathleen Spears Standard Insulating & Roofing Company, Inc. Todd & Patty Steffens Clement Stiely Jr. & Anne Stiely Timothy & Marilee Struthers Suter Company, Inc. Roy Talbot Gayle Thistlethwaite Thomas & Jane Thompson Marty & Deanna Thornton Vision Pickling & Processing Carl & Paula VonEnde Thomas Warzecha Tom & Danielle Weaver Paul & Janice Weber Tim & Jennifer Weiss Russell & Betty Wood Gert Wylde George E. and Betty B. Dutton Undesignated Fund Emergency Undesignated Fund *James & Loretta Hipple Community Fund Provides the Community Foundation Board of Directors with additional funds to use for needs and opportunities in the community. James & Loretta Hipple E.T. and Jean B. Juday Fund Albert Kerby and Helene Tink Endowment Fund Ronald G. Klein Community Fund Michael Klein & Toni Taggart Ronald G. Klein

Gordon and Lucy Melms Fund DCCF Annual Operating Fund Anonymous Law Office of Michael P. Coghlan Verna Ehlers Jim & Marilyn Elliott John D. and Jane Leifheit Charitable Foundation Ronald & Kathy Modell Matt & Nancy Myre Denny & Karen Pickett Edward & Debra Rosenow Craig Scott Lynne Waldeland Janice & Henry Wassmann Charles W. Otto Undesignated Fund Charles and Mary Roberts Family Endowment Fund Sally Stevens Community Fund Sally Stevens Richard & Carol Ubl Fund Dick & Carol Ubl Rodney A. and Forothy Thiele Wright Fund


Donors Field of Interest Funds *Deborah and Colin Booth Fund Provides support to organizations that offer help to those dealing with food shortage and to victims of domestic violence in DeKalb County. Colin & Deborah Booth Charter Grove Grange #1843 Fund Clifford & Marjorie Danielson Fund Anonymous Jane Danielson Anne D. Pick Barbara P. Young Daycare for Children in DeKalb County Fund DeKalb County Youth Grantmakers Fund Kiwanis Club of KishwaukeeDeKalb Joan & Thomas Fenstermaker Mark Mannebach & Erika Schlichter Kenneth & Kathleen Spears Benjamin & Lori Swedberg


*DCNP Endowment Fund Supports the administrative and operating expenses of the DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership (DCNP) program within the DeKalb County Community Foundation. Anonymous Amie Carey Micki & Anthony Chulick Stephen & Patricia Faivre Donna & John Larson Mark Mannebach & Erika Schlichter Charles & Jennifer McCormick Lou Jean Moyer Frank & Susan Roberts Timothy & Julie Suter Anita Zurbrugg Janet Hack Animal Welfare Endowment Fund Ronald and Karen Klein Endowment Fund for Libraries Ronald G. Klein *John & Linda Linden Human Services Emergency Fund Created in memory of John Linden, this fund provides emergency grants to nonprofits that provide human services to the people of DeKalb County, IL. Linda Linden

Malta Community Endowment Fund Dennis & Joanne Abbott Steve & Anne Almburg Edward & Darla Arndt Noel Arndt Arndt Automotive Paul & Florence Butler Elizabeth & Bob Canova Brian & Jacqueline Fucilla Marcia Hueber Brenda & Tom Jergens Richard & Kathleen Katz Bobby & Shirley Kyler Michael & Millie Kyler John Maconaghy Kevin & Denice McArtor Mary Lynn & Gerald McArtor Thomas & Nancy Plote Dorothy Stoddard Loren Wilson Willrett Natural Farm Roland and Lucile Matteson Elderly Assistance Fund Rowland and Lucile Matteson Conservation & Wildlife Fund Helen and Kenneth O’Kane Fund The September 11 Fund Charles and Ruth Townsend Family Fund Wiegele Family Early Childhood Literacy Fund First Midwest Bank Farny R. Wurlitzer Fund

Field of Interest CommunityWorks Funds William H. & Mary M. Awalt CommunityWorks Fund Kathy Aichele Nancy D. Castle CommunityWorks Fund Tony & Micki Chulick CommunityWorks Fund Cinco de Mayo CommunityWorks Fund CommunityWorks Fund CommunityWorks Leadership Endowment Fund Pamela Wicking Curran CommunityWorks Endowment Fund Steven and Patricia Faivre CommunityWorks Fund First National Bank CommunityWorks Fund Dr. Gordon and Joan Graham CommunityWorks Fund Lana & Michael Haines CommunityWorks Endowment Fund Lana & Michael Haines Jerry and Annette Johns CommunityWorks Fund

*New fund started during 2017

Kishwaukee Kiwanis Club CommunityWorks Endowment Fund Kiwanis Club of KishwaukeeDeKalb in honor of 2017 Service & Leadership Award Recipients Bill and Jennifer Cummings. Karen Lee Klein CommunityWorks Endowment Fund Michael Klein & Toni Taggart Ronald G. Kleinn Bill and Bonnie Mullins CommunityWorks Endowment Fund Howard and Martha Mullins Memorial CommunityWorks Endowment Fund Northern Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine CommunityWorks Fund Robert & Mary Pritchard CommunityWorks Endowment Fund Barbara J. Rauman Family CommunityWorks Endowment Fund Daniel & Kristal Templin CommunityWorks Fund Dan & Kristal Templin

Donor Advised Funds Victor F. Barresi Memorial Fund Marla Barresi Bob & Pam Bowman Fund Anonymous James Batterham Ronald & Leticia Cerutti Nancy & Doug Engel Kristin Hicks Roger Hintzsche & Wendi Hintzche Michael Minichiello Lisa Thomson David & Sandra Wildermuth Michael C. Brown Memorial Endowment Fund Charles & Martha Brown Timothy & Ann Lehan Chulick Family Fund Curran Family Endowment Fund Jim Dionisopoulos & Tana Knetsch Fund James Dionisopoulos & Tana Knetsch Mary Lou & Phil Eubanks Fund First Midwest Charitable Impact Fund *Curt & Karen Lang Charitable Fund Supports the charitable interests of Curt and Karen Lang and their family – with a future goal of this fund becoming a field of interest fund exclusively for the City of Sycamore. Curtis & Karen Lang

Gary & Joan Hanson Fund Gary & Joan Hanson James K. & Loretta M. Hipple Family Fund Janis Hipple LuAnn Parkinson Horizons Unlimited Castle Advised Fund Tom & Barbara Hulseberg Fund Barbara Hulseberg Johns Family Donor Advised Fund Keleher Family Endowment Fund *Laing Family Charitable Fund Support the charitable interests of Kathy Laing and her family. Kathleen Laing Larson Family Fund Karsten Larson Fund W. Bruce Lincoln Memorial Fund Robert and Phyllis Miller Family Fund Jay & Lynn Montgomery Fund Bill and Bonnie Mullins Family Endowment Fund Marjorie A. Nelson Memorial Fund The Promise Fund/el Fondo de la Promesa Fund First Midwest Bank Jo Ann & Robert Skabo Fund Robert & Jo Ann Skabo

Jerry and Ging Smith Family Fund Francis & Marjory Stroup Community Endowment Fund Sycamore Containers Advised Fund *Turner Family Charitable Fund Provides a means for the Turner family to generously support needs in the community that align with their charitable interests. Richard & Anita Turner Mary Uscian Health Care Access Endowment Fund Carl Janas & Jeanne Harris Katherine Kennedy-Kartheiser John & Margaret Maieritsch Newkirk Electric Associates Nicholas Noe James & Evelyn Rottman Nicholas Santangelo Lynn Schmitz Mary Uscian Health Care Impact Fund Thomas Warren & Friends Fund Gloria Cook Leonard & Elaine Johnson Brent & Carol Bish David & Nancy Wirsing Community Fund Farny R. Wurlitzer Foundation Fund


Donors Scholarship Funds Christopher E. Anderson Memorial Scholarship Fund David & Ellen Anderson Michelle Emmett David & Ellen Anderson Kevin Ballantine Music Scholarship Fund Joseph & Sharoda Admonis David & Shirley Balika David Ballantine & Diane DeMers William & Barbara DeMers Judith Santacaterina & Matthew Swan Jazz in Progress Bobcat Scholarship Fund Alvin & Myrtie Warren Marvin and Gladys Bridger Scholarship CHS Elburn Scholarship Fund CHS Elburn Barbara Cummings Memorial Scholarship Fund DeKalb County 4-H Scholarship Fund DeKalb County Dental Society Fund


DeKalb High School Class of ‘63 Scholarship Fund William & Jacqueline Buehring Jim & Carol Dooley Patricia McKinley James & Lynne Morel Marilyn & Marilyn Smith Cal Doty Memorial Scholarship Helen Doty Fizz Ehrler Automotive Technology Scholarship Fund Turning Back Time Car Show Marian Elliott Scholarship Fund Keith and Viella Glidden Scholarship Fund Julie Eggert Haka Memorial Scholarship Fund Joshua Haka Michael Heimerdinger Scholarship Fund Robert & Barbara Heimerdinger Mary & Mark Hotwagner Elegie & Joseph Lo Cascio Barbara Swisher Holland (‘55) & Richard C. Holland Fund *Ibarra Family Scholarship Fund Provides an annual award to a Sycamore High School graduate of Mexican ethnic origin. This award honors Maria De Jesus Ibarra, who worked tirelessly to support her family and encourage ongoing education for her children. Juan & Michelle Ibarra

Annette and Jerry Johns Future Teacher Endowed Scholarship Fund Jerry & Annette Johns Peter L. Johnson Scholarship Fund Anonymous Randy Johnson Scholarship Fund Rhoda Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund Michelle Jouris Memorial Scholarship Fund Bonita & Gene Ruder *Keleher Family Scholarship Fund Provides support for the educational expenses of a graduating senior from Sycamore High School. Ken Keleher Donald D. Kendall Fund Nana Kendall *Sheldon & Betty Kesner Scholarship Fund Provides support for two graduates each year from Indian Creek High School. James & Sandra Kesner Robert & Mary Kesner Janet & Kevin Randall Carol & Don Ruhter Kiwanis Club of DeKalb Scholarship Fund James & Lynne Morel Brett & Thomas Kubasiak Scholarship Fund Steven & June Kubasiak

Emmette and Kathleen Land Memorial Scholarship Fund Deborah & Martin Buckley Susan Land & Glenn Cooper Meredith & Richard Machin James & Marjorie Lehan Family Scholarship Fund Lehan Drugs James Lehan James & Jessica Lehan Timothy & Ann Lehan Maria & Edward Paine Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy A. Raymond & Lois H. (Sohne) Linden Scholarship Fund Joseph & Elegie LoCascio Scholarship Fund Anonymous Roberto Barresi Hearst Company Cynthia Crawford Reva Fox Michael Klein & Toni Taggart Felicia Korengel James & Jessica Lehan Photine Liakos Michael & Annette LoCascio Ed Marsh Anne Marie Moss Erick Neher Katharine Parham Orrin and Linda Schwarz Ivan & Judith Shils Philippe Shils Jay & Stacey Wellman *New fund started during 2017

Donald C. Mack Scholarship Fund Donald Mack Malta Lions Club Scholarship Fund Malta Lions Club Martenson Family Scholarship Fund Terry and Sherrie Martin Scholarship Fund Rowland and Lucile Matteson High School Scholarship Fund Marybeth O’Brien McGill Scholarship Fund Wayne McIlrath Family Scholarship Fund Jeffrey Rosenberg John D. Meier Memorial Scholarship Fund Madeline Middleton Memorial Scholarship Evelyn S. Nelson Fund *Luan and Greg Olson Scholarship Fund To support a graduate from Sycamore High School majoring in the College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences (ACES) at the University of Illinois or the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) at Northern Illinois University in their undergraduate studies. Greg & Luan Olson

Harland L. and Mable Orr Memorial Scholarship Fund Palmer Family Music Education Scholarship Fund Edward & Darla Arndt Jill Vento & Jeffery Arnson David & Shirley Balika Steve & Lisa Feuerbach Lucinda Graves Joshua Haka Cynthia & Timothy Haug Charles & Joan Hoyt Ruby Jensen Gary & Barbara Palmer Dennis & Wanda Sabin Sycamore High School Class of 1950 Dan & Kristal Templin Joseph & Linda Totman Jerrold & Carol Zar Rebecca “Becky” Parker Fund Eleanor Anglin Price Scholarship Fund Thomas R. Rauman Memorial Scholarship Fund Donald & Rosemary Redmond Memorial Scholarship Fund Juliane Rhodes Renaissance Education Scholarship Fund

Edwin “Skinny” Riippi Memorial Scholarship Fund Doris Riippi Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Jolynn Wisted Rogers Memorial Scholarship Fund Sharon L. Rosenow Memorial Scholarship Fund Crum-Halsted Agency, Inc. Edward & Debra Rosenow Christopher David Sanderson Memorial Scholarship Fund William G. Schinske Memorial Scholarship Fund Gilbert ‘Gib’ Seegers Science Scholarship Fund Richard & Cecilia Seip Scholarship Fund Martha W. Shur Scholarship Fund Sara Noyes Jeff & Barbara Parness Aaron Shur & Tracy Koncilja Roy W. “Smitty” & Cora E. “Cody” Smith Football Scholarship Fund Kathleen and Kenneth Spears Scholarship Fund Beatrice M. Stankus Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dave Stoddard Memorial Scholarship Fund Anderson Funeral Home & Crematory Aqua Express Arndt Automotive Peter & Denise Bakken Banner Up Signs Harry & D. Marilyn Berg Ryan & Sherrie Bourdages Cory Crowley Barbara Dewitt Jason Engstrom Bradley & Karen Faerber G-Men Moving Inc. Joe Koch Mary Kuhn Jared & Jennifer Kunkel Malta Veterinary Hospital, P/C Jake Matekaitis Barry & Jan Melton Zachary Phelps Thomas & Nancy Plote Robert & Mary Pritchard Knapp Insurance Agency, Inc. Sandra Splansky State Farm Insurance State Farm Insurance Companies State Farm Insurance & Financial Services Dustin Steffa Dorothy & Dorothy Stoddard Brad & Holly Stoddard James & Marcia Stoddard


Donors Lucille & Darryl Strack Scholarship Fund Lorri Davis Steven Streb Memorial Scholarship Fund Charlotte Sundly Memorial Scholarship Fund *Suter Family Scholarship Fund To provide a scholarship to a DeKalb High School and Sycamore High School graduate annually in memory of Charles & Helen Suter. George & Mary Jane Suter Tim & Julie Suter Sycamore Masonic Lodge Scholarship Fund Wally “Mr. Pumpkin” Thurow Scholarship Fund Denis Jagodzinski Jerry & Nancy Malmassari James “Jimmy” Vaughn Scholarship Fund Harold P. Wells Scholarship Fund Daniel & Kathleen Schewe Wilma Wells Patricia Woodstrup Memorial Scholarship Fund


Designated Funds Administrative Endowment Fund Colin & Deborah Booth Bud & Debra Burgin Juan & Michelle Ibarra James & Loretta Hipple Robert & Mary Kesner Linda Linden Richard & Anita Turner Aikins Theatre Arts Fund Janet & John Yount Emma Anderson Fund *James Richard Andrews Graduate Student Clinical Award Fund Created in memory of James Richard Andrews, this fund provides an annual award to a second-year graduate student in SpeechLanguage Pathology at Northern Illinois University. David Andrews Mary Andrews Robert Bacon Carol Cuyjet Patrick Devaney Angeline Fabiszak Karen Geist Jennifer Heinisch Kenneth & Janet Olson Cheryl Schuster Earl Seaver & Pamela Jackson Roberta Silver Michael & Patricia Tattersall Katheryn Waecker Michele Wesling Jerrold & Carol Zar

Adra W. Baker Gallagher Fund J. Barr Designated Endowment Fund Ben Gordon Center Endowment Fund Bertram Animal Shelter Endowment Fund John G. Boyle Oak Crest Endowment Fund Lillian S. Boynton Library Book Endowment Fund Lillian S. Boynton Memorial Fund Joseph & Evelyn Bussone Endowment Fund Lois L. Callahan Fund Children’s Learning Center Fund Lana & Michael Haines Tony and Micki Chulick Community Leadership Fund Community Coordinated Child Care (4-C) Fund *Cornerstone Christian Academy Endowment Fund Provides ongoing support to Cornerstone Christian Academy to continue their mission of providing each student a comprehensive education, based on God’s truth, while building stronger relationships among parents, staff, and students. Bud & Debra Burgin Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Endowment Fund

Coveny and Whalen Family Endowment Fund Anna Marie Coveny DeKalb Area Women’s Center Endowment Fund Linda Conrad Anna Marie Coveny Arlen Roder Julie Sorensen DeKalb Bicentennial Fund DeKalb County 4-H Foundation Fund Todd A. Curtis, DDS MS, Ltd. Richard Hall DCCF Leadership Administrative Fund John & Mary-Glynn Boies Timothy & Julie Suter DeKalb County Excellence in Education Award Fund Carol & Russel Heck DeKalb County Farmland Foundation Fund DeKalb County Farmland Foundation Simonson Scholarship Fund DeKalb Leadership Academy Community Fund DeKalb Chamber of Commerce Smith for Mayor Campaign Tim Dunlop Administrative Endowment Fund

*New fund started during 2017

Ellwood House Museum Fund Kenneth Rodd & Donna Gable Dan & Kristal Templin Jerrold & Carol Zar Fairdale Community Fund First Midwest Bank Administrative Endowment Fund Floyd Flowers Family Service Agency Endowment Fund Charlie and Patty Foster Community Leadership Fund Milo and Elizabeth George Fund Joseph F. Glidden Homestead and Historical Center Fund The Growing Place Inc. Endowment Fund Bob & Jeanne Filipp Joseph & Karen Grush David E. Hall Memorial Endowment Fund Walter E. Hauswald Sciences Education Endowment Fund Anonymous Hope Haven Endowment Fund Howey-Guilinger Memorial Endowment Fund Pat Humo Nursing Fund Linda Conrad Indian Creek Education Foundation Endowment Fund Vera John Endowment Fund Gert Wylde

Joiner History Room Endowment Fund Anonymous First Midwest Bank Sarah & R.H. Hopkins Patsy Lundberg Anne D. Pick Alex Kelm Memorial Fund Bernice and Kermit Kirkus Fund Kishwaukee College Horticulture Fund Kishwaukee Kiwanis Club Community Leadership Fund Elizabeth Hampa Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra Endowment Fund Anonymous Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra Kishwaukee United Way Fund Robert and Mary Krupp Donor Designated Fund Thomas & Mary East Krupp Raymond Larsen Donor Advised Fund Virginia Larsen Fund Rowland and Lucile Matteson Kishwaukee College Fund Midwest Museum of Natural History Endowment Fund Janice and Steve Milner Fund Bill and Bonnie Mullins Administrative Endowment Fund NIU Hillel Fund

Jerry L. Johns Literacy Clinic Endowment Fund Anonymous David & Roberta Berglund Charles & Bobette Dodson Richard & Christal Egel Laurie Elish-Piper Bradley & Mary Gardner Susan Hinrichs Leland Hoffman Jerry & Annette Johns Richard & Kathleen Katz Hoon & Julie Ki James & Kathlynn Lockard John & Maria McClurkin John & Beth Metzler Philip & Rosemary Milano James & Dianne Moss Daniel & Susan O’Connell Wayne & Jill Plaza Kenneth & Tamera Potts David & Marjorie Ripley Roger & Mary Ellen Sanders Norman & Carolyn Stahl Laurel Stokke Marilyn Walach Priscilla Witte Northern Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine DCCF Administrative Fund Oak Crest Good Samaritan Endowment Fund Donald Mosher Bob and Mary Pritchard Community Leadership Fund

Elizabeth B. Reed Fund John & Betty Roberts Community Foundation Administrative Fund Charles & Cristine Roberts Frank & Susan Roberts Thomas Roberts & Teresa Grosch Ryan Family Education Fund for St. Mary School DeKalb Richard Ryan Safe Passage Angels Endowment Fund Anonymous Patricia Brown John & Nancy Castle Mary Jo Cessna Abby Chemers Stephen & Deborah Haliczer Anne Kaplan Arlen Roder Robert & Lois Self Lynne Waldeland Brian D. Slavenas Memorial Endowment Fund Jerry Smith Community Foundation Fund Sycamore Public Library Community Fund TAILS Humane Society Endowment Fund Daniel & Kathleen Schewe Barry Robert Totty Memorial Fund


Donors Dr. Raymond Tourville Illinois Foreign Language Teacher Fund for the Future Robert and Norma Wildenradt Community Leadership Fund Guyla Winebrener Oak Crest Scholarship Fund Voluntary Action Center Endowment Fund Irene Kuusisto

Agency Funds Altrusa Club - Daily Chronicle Literacy Fund DEF Wirtz Foundation Fund DeKalb Area Agricultural Heritage Association Inc. Endowment Fund Daniel Hueber Ann Koski Gerald and Mary Lynn McArtor Janice and Floyd Schroeder DeKalb Barb Boosters Endowment Fund DeKalb County Animal Welfare League Fund DeKalb County Forest Preserve Conservation and Environmental Education Endowment Fund Thomas & Pamela Burski


DeKalb County Nursing Home Foundation Endowment Fund DeKalb County Nursing Home Foundation DeKalb Education Foundation Endowment Fund DeKalb First United Methodist Church Fund First United Methodist Church DeKalb Park District Fund DeKalb Public Library Endowment Fund Charles & Martha Brown David Castle Gary & Patricia Cordes Beverly Pigott Egyptian Theatre Endowment Fund Egyptian Theatre Fund Preservation of the Egyptian Theatre, Inc. Marian Elliott SEF Sycamore High School Fund

*Endowment Fund in Honor of Edna L. Nelson & Kenneth A. Johnson Provides supplemental financial support to the First Lutheran Church of DeKalb in support of purchasing Bibles for children, expenses associated with Vacation Bible School, and/or other Christian education programming for children and youth in the congregation. First Lutheran Church Gurler Heritage Association Endowment Fund Dan & Kristal Templin Jerrold & Carol Zar Beulah & Roberta Hackett SEF Endowment Fund Beulah & Roberta Hackett VAC Endowment Fund Bernice Kendall Memorial Fund Nana Kendall Kishwaukee Family YMCA Endowment Fund North Grove School Preservation Fund in Memory of Kenneth Marsh Clare & Greg Hay Open Door Founder’s Fund Opportunity House Endowment Fund Opportunity House, Inc.

RAMP Endowment Fund RAMP-Regional Access & Mobilization Project, Inc. Sandwich Fair Association Endowment Fund Kenneth & Charlotte Tyrrell John & Kathy Wagner *Sandwich Fair Association Fund Provides a way for people and organizations to give back in support of the Sandwich fairgrounds. Donations received will support the mission of the Sandwich Fair Association. Sandwich Fair Association, Inc. Soil & Water Conservation Fund Dan & Maylan Kenney Somonauk Education Foundation Endowment Fund Somonauk Education Foundation Stage Coach Players Fund Jerry & Annette Johns Sycamore Education Foundation Endowment Fund Sycamore Education Foundation Sycamore History Museum Endowment Fund Interfund Transfer Donor

*New fund started during 2017

*Sycamore Lions Charities Jack Shrout Fund Created in memory of longtime member Jack Shrout, this fund will provide support to the Sycamore Lions Charities to fulfill their mission. Sycamore Lions Charities Sycamore Park District Endowment Fund Karen Stuedemann Sycamore Sports Boosters Endowment Fund *Tails Humane Society Fund Provides unrestricted financial support to Tails Humane Society in fulfillment of their mission. TAILS Humane Society

Pass Through Funds Answers 4 SUDC Citizens for Inclusive Playgrounds Fund DCCF Investment Administrative Fund DCCF Special Initiatives Fund DeKalb County Civil War Monument Fund DeKalb County Community Development Fund DeKalb County Disaster Recovery Fund DeKalb County Estate Planning Council Fund

DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership Pass Through Fund DCNP Giving Day Fund DeKalb Rotary Club Charitable Impact Fund Farm Bureau/University Extension - DeKalb County Unit Pass Through Fund Friends of the Cortland Library Fund IHSA Football Championship – Dest. DeKalb Fund Kiwanis Club of DeKalb Impact Fund Kiwanis Club of KishwaukeeDeKalb Charitable Impact Fund Peter L. Johnson Tribute Fund Spinoso Masters Scholarship Fund Sycamore Fire Preservation Company, Ltd. Fund Sycamore Park District Action 20/20 Fund Sycamore Rotary Club Charitable Impact Fund Sycamore Train Depot Pass Through Fund YEP Program Activities Fund

In Honor Of: Mary Jo Bressler Gloria Cook Family Dale & Regina Jahr Beth Johns Dominique Johns Ron Klein Joan Kubasiak Joseph & Elegie LoCascio Wayne McIlrath Janet R. Metzler Noah Panlilio’s mother John Pappas Julie Sgarlata

In Memory Of: Charles & Phyllis Abbott John W. Almburg Marian Anderson Andrew & Doris Anderson Edward F. C. Arndt Marilyn Augsburger William H & Mary M Awalt Agnes Ballantine Bob Bowman Olivia Butash Carol Cleveland’s Sister Robert Coveny Sharon Dowen Irwin Essenfeld Ewell Gardner Dorothy V. Gwaltney Betty L. Hall Linda Heinisch Lee H. Hinrichs

Ralph and Evlyn Hoffman Kurt D. Hudson Robert & Marian Jacobs Vera John Jeanette Jones Michelle Jouris Shirley Spencer Justice Emmette & Kathleen Land Henry Kinczewski Patricia Sawyer Lavigne Sandra McMahon Adolph Miller Mary Pavelick Carol Cutts Pearson M. Joan Popp Parents of Jim & Sharon Rhoades Arianna Sophia Russo Melvin Sanford Martha Shur Tom Sims Thomas A. Stark Harry Theisen Mary Uscian Friends of Wilma Wells Dr. Thomas Wheat


Incoming Board Members 2018

About Us Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in DeKalb County, IL by proactively addressing community needs and expanding, managing, and distributing philanthropic resources.

Christine Johnson Shabbona

Tho Pham DeKalb

G. Joseph Mitchell DeKalb

Karen Grush DeKalb

Our vision is to be a philanthropic leader as we partner to build strong communities throughout DeKalb County.


Left to right: Noah Nordbrock, Donor Services & Marketing Director; Barb King, Administrative Manager; Ben Bingle, DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership (DCNP) Director; Danielle Hoske, DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership (DCNP) Program Assistant; Anita Zurbrugg, Program Director; Becky Zantout, Grants Manager; Daniel Templin, Executive Director, Board Secretary; Betsy Hull, Finance Director

2017 Board of Directors

Kevin Buick Sycamore

Amie Carey Hinckley

Thank you for serving!

Thank you for serving!

Alethia Hummel Sandwich

Donna Larson Sycamore

Micki Chulick

Kevin Fuss

Kristina Garcia

LaVerne Gyant

Todd Hughes

Vice President, DeKalb

Treasurer, DeKalb




Rick Mamoser

Mark Mannebach

Kevin McArtor

Charles McCormick

Regina Parker






Thank you for serving!

Frank Roberts

Jesus Romero

Ken Spears

President, DeKalb



Dana Stover DeKalb

Thank you for serving!

Donna Turner Kirkland

Dick Underwood Somonauk

Beth White Waterman

These letters of gratitude are for you. Thank you!

475 DeKalb Avenue

Sycamore, IL 60178


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DeKalb County Community Foundation Annual Report 2017  

2017 - Annual Impact Report for the DeKalb County Community Foundation. Serving DeKalb County, IL.

DeKalb County Community Foundation Annual Report 2017  

2017 - Annual Impact Report for the DeKalb County Community Foundation. Serving DeKalb County, IL.