Environment Awards Winners 2015

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Now in their 26th year the Environment Awards continue to attract a high calibre of entries, they are now well and truly part of the County Durham calendar. As the push for good design based on sustainable principles continues at a national level we are pleased that County Durham continues to produce schemes of great quality and innovation, as well as getting to the heart of communities and encouraging partnership working to make a difference for everyone.

The range and ambition of the schemes submitted reflects the dedication and skill of those involved. The Awards continue to be a unique opportunity to celebrate the fantastic achievements and commitment that people make to caring for their neighbourhoods, environment and individual communities. A special mention must be given to the recipients of our outstanding awards this year. Exceeding the criteria in several of our categories, whilst very different in scale they have both demonstrated considerable personal commitment. Congratulations to the award and commendation winners and thanks to everyone involved in the Environment Awards 2015.

Simon Henig Chair, County Durham Partnership

Terry Collins Chair, Environment Partnership