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Culture, Sport & Tourism Service Plan Staff Guide to Service Delivery April 2019 - March 2021 durham.gov.uk/leisure

Stephen Howell Head of Culture, Sport & Tourism


Introduction Culture, Sport & Tourism delivers high volume front line services to a diverse range of residents, workers and visitors to County Durham.

Service Planning Framework

Whilst the service delivers its ‘business as usual’ activities within an ever changing and competitive environment it also has to respond to a variety of challenges. These include - but are not limited to - achieving Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) targets, developing the new delivery partnership with Public Health, and responding to the organisational transformation agenda.

DCC Corporate Objectives

To better prepare for these challenges, enhance focus, and drive performance, the service has been reshaped into five strategic areas, each with responsibility for both business as usual and transforming the service areas they lead. • • • • •

Leisure Wellbeing & Partnerships Culture Visit County Durham Service Infrastructure and Development.

This Service Plan is constructed as a guide for each strategic team to clarify where service objectives and strategic interdependencies lie. This document is intended to provide an overview of the issues we need to address as we progress through a phase of service restructure, re-alignment and transformation. In essence this initial version of the plan provides the foundations on which the new strategic management team will build their individual service teams and plans. The intention is to move to a rolling three-year plan approach which will help steer the service through a period of transition and transformation. It will inform the direction of travel for service teams, and will be reviewed regularly to measure progress and factor in any new areas of work or service challenges.

Culture, Sport & Tourism: Service Objectives

Service Plan


Wellbeing & Partnerships


Visit County Durham

Service Infrastructure & Development

Team Plan

Team Plan

Team Plan

Team Plan

Team Plan

Individual Work Plans

Workforce Development Plan

The contents of the plan will also form the basis of performance reporting for the service and will serve further purpose to inform REAL Service Management Team on progress against high-level service objectives.



2021 Plan The Culture, Sport & Tourism Service embeds the corporate values and behaviours in every aspect of service delivery.

Outcome Focused

People Focused



Service Mission & Values These values are further supported by the Service’s own mission and values.

Service Mission To deliver a Culture, Sport & Tourism offer which enhances the quality of life and wellbeing of the community and visitors to the County.

We work together to achieve the best for people

We put people and communities at the heart of everything we do and value our employees

We value, trust and support each other

We embrace change and look for better ways to deliver services

Service Approach • Safe delivery of all services • Digital development and delivery • Place increasing emphasis on partnership and commissioning to ensure efficient use of resource • Sustainable delivery models in all areas of the service • Innovative and forward looking service delivery models • Development of services and products to meet identified customer need • Future proof services by virtue of intelligent investment to generate income and deliver longer term savings • Transformation of the built assets managed by the service • Increased focus on commercialisation and income to sustain service delivery and reduce levels of subsidy • Investment in staff and the business to drive high quality services • Continuous improvement.

Service Values Customer Centric Customers are at the heart of everything we do. We listen, learn and aim to provide the best service possible to meet our customers’ expectations.

Confident in our role Committed and professional, we are

passionate about shaping and providing experiences that positively touch the lives of our customers.

Responsive Watchful and sensitive, we are respectful when

shaping and changing services which our customers value whilst maintaining our ambition for excellence.

Sustainable Far-sighted and vigilant, we strive to provide services for our customers that are cost effective but preserve our profitability today, tomorrow and into the future.

Creative and innovative Pioneering and inventive, we use our

knowledge and expertise to develop the best possible services so our customers can enjoy healthy lives.

Fair and just Objective and respectful, we embrace ethical and

safe standards as we seek to deliver on our promises to our diverse customers.



2021 Plan 2021 Key Deliverables

Strategic Projects

• A network of leisure centres with enhanced facilities, activities, and programmes • A Playing Pitch Strategy providing a countywide outdoor sports infrastructure • A redefined Library Service offer which meets the future needs and aspirations of the community • A theatre programme which combines high quality cultural content with commercially successful productions to sustain long term viability • A Festivals and Events calendar which entertains and engages audiences, and which further enhances the reputation of County Durham as a place to live, work and visit • A successful and growing visitor economy as defined in Visit County Durham’s Tourism Management Plan 2016-20 • A successful combined service approach to the Public Health and wider wellbeing agendas • An expanded Volunteering and skills programme to afford opportunity and grow talent • A sustainable support package for museum partners at Bowes, Beamish & Locomotion • A quality cultural and heritage collections offer with high standard curation and conservation approach • A re-invigorated heritage buildings offer at Durham and Bishop Auckland Town Halls • A vibrant Arts and Exhibitions Programme which engages all sections of the community • A motivated, dedicated and skilled workforce ready to deliver the transformed service.

Tier 1 • • • • •

Service Restructure Leisure Transformation Library Transformation Millennium Place Hub Bishop Auckland Town Hall

Tier 2 • • • • • •

Competition Line UK operational arrangements review Durham Town Hall Visitor Attraction Durham University/DLI Collection partnership Northern Saints Trails Review of Sevenhills Review of East Durham Leisure Contract

Improvement Groups The Service will continue to improve and develop via a framework of Improvement groups tasked with looking at specific areas of the service. Groups will be identified and activated depending on emerging need but for 2019 these include: • • • • • •

Service Standards Group Gala Improvement Group Service Digital Board Health & Safety Procurement Workforce Development



Service Costs MTFP - Strategic Intent

Performance Framework

The over-arching strategy to achieve planned MTFP savings is to increase income whilst simultaneously reducing operating costs.

The performance framework for Culture, Sport & Tourism focuses on three key areas:

This will reduce the level of subsidy required to offset the costs of providing the service, securing the long term sustainability of the services provided. In summary, we aim to reduce the net operating costs of the service by: Being innovative Increasing levels of customer participation and engagement across all service areas Raising our game commercially Working in partnership to increase resilience

Tracking the level of income generated and costs of delivering the service The level of use of, and participation in, the range of services provided How the service performs against corporate indicators for attendance and appraisal. Performance reports will be produced on a quarterly basis to track against targets; with the resulting data used as a baseline to measure the following year’s performance. In addition, the actions contained within this Service Plan will be reviewed and reported quarterly.

Transforming the services we deliver Developing a staffing structure with the ethos, skills and abilities to meet the demands of future service delivery.


Nigel Dodds Strategic Manager Leisure


Leisure Service Area Objectives To improve physical literacy and increase participation in sport and physical activity by providing a sustainable, modern leisure centre offer which promotes health and wellbeing, and balances service aspirations, both commercial and social.

Strategic Links and Agendas Sport England / National Governing Bodies Active Durham partnership

To manage 14 leisure centres across the county offering a wide range of activities suitable for all ages and abilities, ranging from traditional sports including swimming, netball, football, badminton, squash, to fitness services such as fitness suites, functional training and a wide range of GX classes.

Competition Line UK 1Life Swim Local legacy programme

To offer customers the opportunity to access an extensive learn to swim programme, sports coaching or training plans to help them reach their goals. To extend the product and service offer within leisure centres to attract a wider audience, increase income, further increase participation and reduce health inequalities. Leisure comprises the following leisure centres: Abbey Leisure Centre Chester-le-Street Leisure Centre Consett Leisure Centre Freeman’s Quay Leisure Centre Meadowfield Leisure Centre Newton Aycliffe Leisure Centre Peterlee Leisure Centre

Riverside Leisure Complex Seaham Leisure Centre Shildon-Sunnydale Leisure Centre Spennymoor Leisure Centre Teesdale Leisure Centre The Louisa Centre Woodhouse Close Leisure Complex

Try it, love it, thrive


Karen McCabe Strategic Manager Wellbeing & Partnerships


Wellbeing & Partnerships Service Area Objectives To manage the services response to the wellbeing and prevention agenda for the County. To address inequalities across County Durham and improve the physical, social and mental health and wellbeing of people and communities. To work in partnership with communities and key stakeholders to ensure that those who are furthest away from physical activity, culture and the arts have opportunities to engage in activities that are attractive, relevant and accessible, including delivery of: Volunteering, internships, work placements and apprenticeships Commissioning of community arts programmes Commissioning of sport and physical activity programmes Targeted interventions A strong partnership ethos across County Durham.

Strategic Links and Agendas Heath & Wellbeing Board County Durham Partnership Public Health Prevent Agenda Active Durham Partnership County Sport Partnership Corporate volunteering, apprenticeships and skills agenda Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategy Children, Young People & Families Plan Clinical Commissioning Groups / Primary and Secondary Care Social Care Wellbeing for Life Employee Wellbeing / Better Health at Work Healthy Weight Alliance County Durham Volunteering Partnership Childhood obesity agenda

Discover a new you


Helen Ross Strategic Manager Culture


Culture Service Area Objectives To provide the opportunity for all County Durham residents to learn, participate, engage and enjoy through the provision of accessible, diverse and high-quality cultural activities across theatre, festivals, heritage, libraries, visual arts, museums, collections and community arts delivery. To develop effective systems, processes and communication to support delivery across all activities. Explore new opportunities through partnerships and technology and to reach sustainability through the development of a focussed commercial offer. To develop a theatre programme which combines original and produced theatre with commercially successful productions and performances to sustain long term viability. Management of a range of cultural services across County Durham including: 39 libraries Four museums (Killhope and three partner-led sites) Two theatres (Gala Theatre and Empire Consett) Two heritage buildings (Durham Town Hall and Bishop Auckland Town Hall) Festivals & Events DCC Collections Partner Collections Visual arts programme Cultural development services Cultural education programme.

Strategic Links and Agendas Cultural Partnership Bowes Museum Beamish Museum Science Museum Group Durham University Library Transformation Durham History Centre Project Arts Council England Creative Case Corporate workforce development programme

Be entertained



Visit County Durham Service Area Objectives Provide leadership and coordination for partners nationally, regionally and locally to develop and grow the visitor economy which in turn will support long term social, economic and environmental sustainability across the County.

Strategic Links and Agendas

This will be achieved through the following objectives:

Beamish Museum

Auckland Castle Trust Business Durham County Durham Economic Partnership

Lengthen the time that visitors spend in the County

Cultural Partnership

Improve quality of the visitor experience

Discover Durham

Differentiate Durham from its competition

Durham University

Retain existing day visitors to the County

Durham Cathedral

Address seasonality

England’s Historic Cities

Develop new products

Land of Oak and Iron

Improve business performance.

North East Tourism Alliance North Pennines AONB Northumbrian Water Raby Estates Visit England Visit Britain World Heritage Site Coordinating Committee

Michelle Gorman Managing Director Visit County Durham

• • • • • • • • • 17

Su Lewis Strategic Manager Service Infrastructure & Development


Service Infrastructure & Development Service Area Objectives To manage and develop the service infrastructure to allow the service to meet its wider aspirations. This includes:

Strategic Links and Agendas Inspire Programme

Project and Programme Development Capital Programme Management

Corporate Digitisation agenda

Digital Programme Development

Corporate commercialisation agenda

Service Planning

Corporate HQ project

Performance Management

Capital programme

Health & Safety Funding, commissioning and contract compliance

Capitalised maintenance programme

Business and product development, research and analysis

Repairs and Maintenance Board

Specialist administration - leisure, library and theatre systems Service standards including thrive brand management Workforce Development Plan.

Business Support Unitisation Towns and Villages Agenda Corporate Health and Safety Board Corporate workforce development programme

thrive for a better you


Culture, Sport & Tourism Regeneration and Local Services Durham County Council County Hall Durham DH1 5UL

sportandleisure@durham.gov.uk durham.gov.uk/leisure

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Culture & Sport Service Plan  

Culture & Sport Service Plan