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Hornsey Rising 2018

Exhibition Catalogue


Debbie Karp Blue Moon 30 x 20 cm Acrylic on Canvas £250


Vivien Thomason Window 2 40 x 60 cm Acrylic on Canvas £200


A Joppich In the Land 100 x 71 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS


Jo Davies Yellow River 92 x 61 cm Acrylic on Canvas £700


A Joppich Ba-arets 100 x 75 cm Acrylic on Canvas £190


A Joppich Floating Bed 30 x 45 cm Acrylic on Canvas £50


A Joppich Reclining Figure 36 x 45 cm Acrylic on Canvas £70


Chris Byng-Maddick Self-Portrait after Picasso 60 x 50 cm Oil on Canvas £275


Fran Newell Bend 19 x 50 cm Acrylic on Canvas £100


Diana Henebury A Softer / Safer Journey 47 x 50 cm Acrylic on Canvas £400


Diana Henebury Crazy Mad City 45 x 35 cm Ink, Pen and Marker on Paper £300


Gill Walt Jugs and Lemons 45 x 55 cm Watercolour on Paper £420


Jennifer Worrall The Morning After the Night Before 28 x 38 cm Watercolour on Paper £200


David Mackenzie Birches Two 23 x 34 cm Watercolour, Pen, Ink on Paper £245

Hornsey Rising 2018 – Exhibition Catalogue

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Ruth Midgley Orange Lanterns 23 x 23 cm Watercolour on Paper NFS


Guinevere Tufnell Still Life with Fruit 42 x 32 cm Watercolour on Paper £75


Ruth Midgley Orange Plant, Jug and Fruit 31 x 24 cm Watercolour on Paper NFS


Gill Walt The Girl 30 x 40 cm Watercolour on Paper £200


Gill Walt Looking Out to See 32 x 44 cm Watercolour on Paper £120


Ruth Midgley Any Old Oranges 26 x 26 cm Watercolour on Paper NFS


Jennifer Worrall Succulents 18 x 18 cm Watercolour on Paper £100


Angela Eden Thank You Diebenkorn 43 x 33 cm Acrylic and Ink on Paper £65


Jennifer Worrall Cats Corner 28 x 33 cm Watercolour on Paper £200


Jennifer Worrall Special Fruit Bowl 29 x 39 cm Watercolour on Paper £200


David Mackenzie The Barbon Birch 28 x 40 cm Pencil on Paper £145


Angela Eden Marine Madness 90 x 55 cm Mixed Media £50


Clare Yates Susan's Rug 40 x 50 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS


Clare Yates Morning Light 40 x 50 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS

Hornsey Rising 2018 – Exhibition Catalogue

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Clare Yates Green Shoots 36 x 50 cm Acrylic on Paper NFS


Graham Proudlove Vase 37 x 54 cm Pastel on Paper NFS


Graham Proudlove Still Life 80 x 60 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS


Graham Proudlove Cubist Exercise 54 x 36 cm Acrylic on Board NFS


Catherine Cosgrove (Jug and Bugle)3 45 x 63 cm Coloured Pencil NFS


Janet Kumar Blue Jug and Fruit 54 x 44 cm Acrylic on Paper £150


Janet Kumar Blue Jug and Orange 74 x 54 cm Acrylic on Paper £200


Janet Kumar Coffee Pot 44 x 34 cm Acrylic on Paper £100


Phillip Stemp Trophies 50 x 60 cm Acrylic on Canvas £250


Mary Collins Spotted Guitar 62 x 46 cm Various Pencils on Paper NFS


Marco De Rienzo Guitar(s) 42 x 69 cm Pencils on Paper NFS


Gabrielle Boucher Still Pots 100 x 50 cm Oil on Canvas £730


Jo Davies Blue Jugs 35 x 53 cm Acrylic on Paper £280


Diana Henebury Soft Cityscape 38 x 30 cm Paint and Pen on Paper NFS

Hornsey Rising 2018 – Exhibition Catalogue

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Phillip Stemp Stained Glass 50 x 60 cm Acrylic on Canvas £450


Stella Cattini Memories 76 x 51 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS


Chris Byng-Maddick Still Life with Skulls 46 x 46 cm Oil on Board £125


Phillip Stemp Self Portrait 43 x 53 cm Graphite Pencil NFS


Gill Walt Concentration 64 x 46 cm Acrylic on Paper £300


Mary Ryan Yellow Flowers on Blue Table 80 x 60 cm Acrylic on Canvas £350


Liberty Mosse Still Life? 51 x 60 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS


Vivien Thomason West African Statuette 1 42 x 60 cm Acrylic on Canvas £200


Vivien Thomason African Mask 1 40 x 60 cm Acrylic on Canvas £200


Vivien Thomason West African Statuette 2 42 x 60 cm Acrylic on Canvas £200


Thelma Bricheno Alan 1 42 x 60 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS


Liza Manoochehri War 70 x 48 cm Ink and Tempura on Paper £120


Liberty Mosse The Sum of my Parts 85 x 61 cm Acrylic on Paper NFS


Phillip Stemp Dark Lady 120 x 65 cm Acrylic on Board NFS

Hornsey Rising 2018 – Exhibition Catalogue

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Marco De Rienzo The Sleeper 80 x 60 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS


Jennifer Worrall Execution: America's Shame 30 x 80 cm Acrylic on Canvas £300


Jennifer Worrall Prison Series: This Way 40 x 60 cm Acrylic on Canvas £300


Jennifer Worrall Prison Series: Beware 59 x 41 cm Acrylic on Canvas £300


Jennifer Worrall Prison Series: 5 Years 60 x 30 cm Acrylic on Canvas £300


Guinevere Tufnell Portrait of a Man 50 x 35 cm Acrylic on Paper NFS


Anna Nesterova The Rope 20 x 28 cm Charcoal on Paper £70


Liberty Mosse Dog Face 57 x 42 cm Mixed Media NFS


Maggie Hendrickse End of the Day 60 x 80 cm Acrylic on Canvas £250


Fran Newell Cove Bay 41 x 90 cm Acrylic on Canvas £100


Tamara Goldin By Jove! 55 x 45 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS


Anna Nesterova Repose 42 x 59 cm Acrylic on Canvas £200


Vron Ware Autumn Dawn 76 x 51 cm Acrylic on Canvas £150


Harry Charalambous Rhapsodie in K 61 x 92 cm Acrylic on Canvas £550

Hornsey Rising 2018 – Exhibition Catalogue

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Harry Charalambous Self Portrait - The Loss 77 x 51 cm Oil on Canvas £380


Jo Davies The Clock Ticks 60 x 80 cm Acrylic on Canvas £780


Vron Ware Grebes 60 x 60 cm Acrylic on Canvas £175


Gill Yudkin New Mexico 76 x 51 cm Acrylic on Canvas £100


Tamara Goldin Dvořák String Quartet No. 12 60 x 80 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS


Debbie Karp View from the Bridge 50 x 40 cm Acrylic on Canvas £250


Jacquie Head The Pantanal 59 x 43 cm Acrylic on Canvas £150


Mary Collins Here, There and Everywhere 61 x 46 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS


Gill Yudkin Sicily 76 x 51 cm Acrylic on Canvas £150


Jacquie Head Bruxelles 61 x 92 cm Acrylic on Canvas £200


Amparo Toboso Heat 90 x 90 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS


Amparo Toboso Dehesa 76 x 51 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS


Liza Manoochehri The Chess Game 124 x 98 cm Mixed Media on Board £600


Jacquie Head The Chess Players 76 x 51 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS

Hornsey Rising 2018 – Exhibition Catalogue

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Hilary Henderson Toblerone 50 x 65 cm Acrylic on Paper NFS


Jill Letten Strange Light in North Wales 50 x 60 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS


Hilary Henderson Boating Pond 52 x 42 cm Acrylic on Paper NFS


Liza Manoochehri Composition 77 x 96 cm Acrylic and Oil on Board £500


Sheelagh Neuling Pessimists' Game 61 x 61 cm Mixed Media £150


Jill Letten My Road in Hornsey? 50 x 50 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS


Gabrielle Boucher Mother and Son 50 x 50 cm Acrylic and Gold Leaf on Canvas NFS


D C Betsch i 60 x 60 cm Mixed Media on Canvas 2014 NFS


Mary Ryan Morning Fog Rath 42 x 60 cm Acrylic on Canvas £150


Gill Yudkin New Mexico - Pedernal 50 x 36 cm Acrylic on Canvas £75


Hilary Henderson Limehouse Light 50 x 60 cm Acrylic and Mi x ed on Canvas NFS


Debbie Karp Dappled Dreaming 91 x 60 cm Acrylic on Canvas £350


D C Betsch Radiant Child - Jean-Michel B 76 x 76 cm Acrylic on Canvas 2018 NFS


Fran Newell Small City 50 x 75 cm Acrylic on Canvas £100

Hornsey Rising 2018 – Exhibition Catalogue

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Mary Collins Uluru - Walk Around 50 x 41 cm Acrylic on Paper NFS

101 Catherine Cosgrove (Arum Lilies)3 – No. 1 30 x 40 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS

102 Catherine Cosgrove (Arum Lilies)3 – No. 2 30 x 40 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS

103 Claire Wright Flor de Caña 90 x 60 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS

104 Marco De Rienzo Pierrot and Pandora 80 x 60 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS

105 Guinevere Tufnell The Valley 75 x 51 cm Acrylic on Canvas £400

106 Stella Cattini Woman Reading 70 x 70 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS

107 Stella Cattini Autumn Glow 56 x 56 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS

108 Greta Fichtel Water Falls 70 x 50 cm Acrylic on Canvas £200

109 D C Betsch Burning Tree II 100 x 70 cm Acrylic on Canvas 2018 NFS

110 Greta Kiene Energy 60 x 46 cm Acrylic on Canvas £450

111 Greta Kiene Soft Meadows 60 x 46 cm Acrylic on Canvas £550

112 Thelma Bricheno Alan 2 42 x 60 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS

Hornsey Rising 2018 – Exhibition Catalogue

100 Greta Kiene Cranes 92 x 60 cm Acrylic on Canvas £300

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113 Vron Ware Untitled 75 x 51 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS

114 Tamara Goldin Super Sunday 51 x 76 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS

115 Gabrielle Boucher Crouch End after Derain 80 x 51 cm Acrylic on Canvas £390

116 Greta Kiene Flower 70 x 50 cm Acrylic on Canvas £500

117 Harry Charalambous Sporadic Memories 50 x 50 cm Acrylic on Canvas £80

118 Sheelagh Neuling Phases of the Moon 61 x 40 cm Acrylic on Canvas £150

119 Sheelagh Neuling How Long Have We Got? 60 x 42 cm Acrylic on Canvas £120

120 Amparo Toboso Hidden in the Bush 75 x 50 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS

121 Claire Wright Songlines 76 x 50 cm Mixed Media NFS

122 Mary Ryan Three Windblown Trees 20 x 30 cm Acrylic on Canvas £250

123 Greta Fichtel Summer Field 60 x 50 cm Acrylic on Canvas £200

124 Claire Wright Living Room 75 x 50 cm Acrylic on Canvas NFS

125 Anna Nesterova Forgotten Window 40 x 50 cm Oil on Paper £120

126 Angela Eden Memories of Migration 53 x 50 cm Textiles NFS

Hornsey Rising 2018 – Exhibition Catalogue

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127 Mary Ryan Night falls on Rath 30 x 40 cm Linocut NFS

128 Mary Ryan Sunrise over Rath 30 x 40 cm Linocut NFS

129 Mary Ryan Aileens Wave 33 x 45 cm Linocut NFS

130 Jennifer Worrall Trees 24 x 17 cm Linocut £60

131 Jennifer Worrall Trees 24 x 17 cm Linocut £60

132 Jennifer Worrall Trees 24 x 17 cm Linocut £60

133 Claire Wright Self Portrait 19 x 29 cm Linocut £120

134 Claire Wright Harlequin 23 x 38 cm Linocut £120

135 Claire Wright Barnacles I 19 x 29 cm Linocut £120

136 Christel Piarulli Mandala 34 x 44 cm Linocut £15

137 Christel Piarulli Mandala 34 x 44 cm Linocut £15

138 Christel Piarulli Mandala 34 x 44 cm Linocut £15

139 Jo Davies Gold Poplars 29 x 20 cm Linocut £200

140 Jo Davies Misty Poplars 29 x 20 cm Linocut £180

Hornsey Rising 2018 – Exhibition Catalogue

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141 Martin Bould Ship to the North 14 x 18 cm Woodcut Sold

142 Martin Bould Northern Town 14 x 18 cm Linocut £10 Unframed

143 Martin Bould Iceberg 14 x 18 cm Woodcut Sold

144 Martin Bould The "Jane Slade" 14 x 18 cm Woodcut Sold

Hornsey Rising 2018 – Exhibition Catalogue

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Meet Our Exhibitors Our Artists in their own words

A Joppich

As design is a visual semantic language allowing for communication, as user-experience design is proven successful when behavioural interaction has been obtained. Similarly art is an ineffable language not excluding the cognitive, but rather transcending the cognitive universe and its limitations. Art expresses intrinsically. Art invokes catharsis not only within the artist but also the viewer. Today Art is not only what an artist communicates and produces but the artist becomes the Art. Embodying the living Being as it communicates of him or herself. As one would say, not only does he speak French but he is French. Not only does he speak Dutch but he is Dutch, so also not only does he do Art but he is Art. Inspirational living artists: Mamma Anderson, Luke Tuymans, Marlene Dumas, Esther Mahlangu. Also Paul Klee, Honoré Daumier, Oscar Kokoscha and Eduardo Chillida.

Amparo Toboso

Amparo has been painting since she was a child. However, it was not until she arrived in London when she devoted more time to it, that it started becoming a very essential part of her life. For Amparo, art is an escape, a distraction from reality but also a reality in its own right. One could not develop without the other: without daily routine, the extraordinary would not be made.

Angela Eden

Angela spent her student days in looking at art, developing a visual literacy with art students. She learnt to look, criticise, and give feedback. She did not develop an art practice till 2000. Then she found many different art classes, and was able to experiment. She moved from looking at landscapes to ‘flying’ above them. Now she is absorbed in what the land looks like, what it means to her and to others, and how that can be represented.

Anna Nestorova

From an early age Anna has been passionate about drawing and painting. Her artistic journey started in St Petersburg, where she graduated from the Children’s Art school aged sixteen. During her time at university she attended classes of a prominent member of Russian artist group ‘Mitki’, famous for their straightforward and sarcastic representation of the ‘Russian soul’. Throughout the years she developed her own style influenced by the classical Russian school which pays great attention to detail while also striving to capture emotional substance of the subject.

A few years ago Anna moved to Paris and joined ‘Les Ateliers des Beaux Arts’, where she discovered a more emancipated and broad-minded French approach, absorbing the freshness and immediacy of impressionist attitude. In London where Anna has been living since 2012 she has followed multiple art courses and kept exploring various art media. She is particularly interested in life drawing and watercolours, fascinated by their spontaneity and the beauty of emotional response on the paper.

Catherine Cosgrove

Catherine has been painting and drawing longer than she can remember, well over sixty years - art materials were always welcome birthday and Christmas presents as a child. She has been on a few short water-colour painting holidays in the Isle of Wight, Spain and Minorca, and a one week landscape painting course in Cornwall. Catherine usually chooses to paint still lifes, flowers or landscapes - mainly in watercolours but also in oils or acrylics. Catherine is now attending an art course on Wednesday mornings at Art CLASS London, Hornsey Road.

Chris Byng-Maddick

Chris was born a 'baby-boomer' at the end of WWII and grew up on a farm in Kent. At school he always enjoyed Art, which he did at A-level. After school he went on to study Architecture and graduated in 1970. Chris had been working in London as an architect for nearly thirty years when, aged fifty-nine, he suffered a stroke. Unable to run his own practice, he turned back to Art starting a course of painting and drawing at The Working Man's College in Camden where he met Dubravka Kalinich. But after one year he had to decide what to do next, so went to Mary Ward College to follow a 'Pre-Foundation' and a Foundation course. This ignited his passion for the History of Art and his interest in non-representational painting. It was about 2014 when, while visiting an International Art Fair, he discovered the work of Adrian Heath, whose work on Abstract, non-representational art appealed to him enormously.

Christel Piarulli

Christel studied Art at college in her native France. She had to abandon her passion for full-time employment when she moved to the UK. She has been a student at Art CLASS London for six years. Her interests are watercolour and acrylic painting, mixed media and linocut printing. She is still in the process of finding her "niche" in the world of Art.

Claire Wright

Claire is a local artist who after procrastinating for years about picking up a paint brush, finally took the plunge and joined Art CLASS London. It was one of her better decisions! Claire is keen on multi media abstract art and lino print and has happily discovered that the years of doodling in meetings were not entirely wasted. The search for the perfect line continues...

Clare Yates

Clare has been drawing and painting for most of her adult life, thanks to some inspiring adult education classes. Art practice has been her retirement occupation of choice and lately she has begun to particularly enjoy “still life” painting. She also works regularly on portraits and life drawings.

D C Betsch

D C grew up on the Continent in a home brimming with reproductions from the Louvre, and enjoyed art when briefly taught at school. A series of eye opening exhibitions in her late teens/early twenties (Matisse, Picasso’s Sculptures, a Rothko retrospective and a first encounter with Pipilotti Rist – Ever is over all!) reignited her interest. But if a few ink drawings ended up peppering a few pages of writings and a travel journal or two, making art still

Hornsey Rising 2018 - Artists’ Biographies

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belonged to “more talented” people. Once in London (with a copy of Derain’s Waterloo Bridge in her luggage) she discovered the British art scene but it took over a decade before a drawing taster session persuaded her to give herself a proper chance. Well over six years at Dubravka Kalinich’s Art CLASS London and Art Studio 27 have helped her hone a few skills but also introduced her to artists such as O’Keeffe and Hodgkin, amongst many others. D C’s work tends to alternate between vibrantly coloured – sometimes playful or irreverent – pieces, and darker works both in tone and subject, usually as a way to tackle the raw material of feelings (about identity, ageing, prejudice, belonging and some other questions most of us have to grapple with), in hope that perhaps something valuable can ever arise from it.

David Mackenzie

David Mackenzie has been studying art with Dubravka for about eight years. He concentrates on watercolour, pen and ink and pencil drawings. His three favourite subjects are: trees; trees; trees. Why? Well, the texture of the bark in some trees is wonderful - birches, hornbeams, London planes etc. Also, if you make a mistake when painting a tree, you just incorporate the mistake into the tree. Great! Not something you can do in portrait painting. David’s favourite artists are those watercolourists of the late 18th, early 19th century: Turner and his contemporaries. Some of them were very good at painting trees.

Debbie Karp

Debbie has come to art relatively late in life, having spent many years believing drawing and painting were not within her capabilities. However having turned forty, she tentatively picked up a pencil, later followed by a paintbrush and has not looked back since. Debbie joined Dubravka's art class at Art Studio 27 in the very early days and now cannot imagine life without it. Debbie loves to paint, and particularly enjoys painting landscapes, frequently depicting scenes containing water and reflections. Debbie loves colour and appreciates the privilege of spending evenings after a hard day at work figuring out how to mix the ‘right’ colour to achieve the desired effect.

Diana Henebury

Diana Henebury (BA (Hons) Fine Art - Central St. Martins Art College), draws and paints using memory, perception and imagination, creating two dimensional spaces, often in series, moving between abstraction and figuration, sometimes including text. Underlying her work is a concern for the formal matters of organisation of space relating to two dimensional surface, the knowledge, both learned and instinctive, that in the end, it is all about space and transformation. Influences: personal, conjoined, memories, things seen briefly, mind maps (many) of certain places where things happened, the Vietnam War, history, jazz, film noir, the human body... and so much more... it is all grist to the mill, but transformed into a personal representation. So, there is no fixed agenda... essentially Diana does whatever she wants, and her interests are broad and while she now works alone she also enjoys collaboration. The simplest of means is the best. Armed only with pens, pencils, magic markers it feels as good as using paint and for her, drawing is like breathing. She likes to allow the viewer enough space to pick up the clues to make, if necessary, their own interpretation. Diana works alone at present, but has enjoyed adventurous collaborations.

Hornsey Rising 2018 - Artists’ Biographies

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Fran Newell

Fran picked up art again in 2015 after dumping almost all of her work in the dustbin many years ago. She is interested in art that has light, movement and depth, whether that is found in painting, print, drawing or three dimensional work. Perhaps the art she finds most intriguing are those that are deceptively simple - three examples are the Pech Merle prehistoric bear head engraving, Georgia O’Keeffe’s six smudged charcoal lines showing her dead mother or Klee’s painting ‘Fire Evening.’

Gabrielle Boucher

Gabrielle Boucher has worked in the creative industries for many years, in graphic design and photography. Her passions now lie in fine art (oils & acrylic) and illustration (ink & digital). She has been painting for around five years. She is inspired by the work of Vermeer, Derain and Klimt as well as the illustrator W. Heath Robinson. Gabrielle practices mindfulness and tries to incorporate this into her artworks.

Gill Walt

Gill loved art at school in South Africa, but on coming to the UK, took an academic pathway, and it was only on partial retirement that she took up art again. She is now entering her fourth year at Art Studio 27. She enjoys engaging a different side of her brain, and the stimulating and challenging opportunities offered to tackle the process of drawing and painting. Gill is especially intrigued by watercolours, and developing her skills using them. She also gets a kick out of the fact that her very young grandchildren think she is a brilliant artist!

Gill Yudkin

Gill has been attending Art CLASS London for three years now, having started going to other classes a few years before that. She was deemed useless at art at school so did not dare to pick up a pencil or brush for decades after that. She particularly enjoys landscape painting and her favoured medium is acrylic. She was disappointed that she failed to progress in watercolour painting and envies those who have a clear aptitude for this medium. She welcomes introduction to new artists and styles but has not yet learnt to appreciate much of modern and post-modern art.

Graham Proudlove

Graham has been a part of Art CLASS London for about three years. He had done no painting since leaving school, a long time ago! His interests are in the medium of paint rather than in more conceptual forms of art. The classes run by Dubravka have enabled him to gain the confidence and learn the techniques to work in this area.

Greta Fichtel

Greta has studied with Dubravka for a long time. She especially enjoys painting colourful settings, nature, children and fashion.

Greta Kiene

Greta has been doing art more seriously since she joined art class, six years ago. She has enjoyed learning various techniques in drawing and painting. She especially likes working with colour. Most recently her work has taken an interesting route - exploring abstract and colour work.

Guinevere Tufnell

Guinevere enjoyed painting and writing poetry in her youth. Later, as a busy doctor, these became holiday pursuits.

Hornsey Rising 2018 - Artists’ Biographies

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Since stopping work ten years ago, she has been re-discovering the joys of painting.

Harry Charalambous

Harry was born in 1956 in London. His interests are visiting galleries and Museums, reading, travelling and his family. He has been creating art seriously since 2014, he enjoys painting in both acrylic and oil paints and all his paintings are created to follow the modern art stream in terms of colour and form. Like most artists he is interested in various trends in art, he is inspired by his life experiences and seeks to create something meaningful and transmit these emotions to the eye of the viewer.

Hilary Henderson

Hilary did not do art at school beyond age fourteen - and found art teaching uninspiring. She enjoyed painting sets for school plays. Hilary started weekly drawing and painting classes soon after retiring, approximately fourteen years ago. She tried several different tutors and settings until finding Art CLASS London. She also attended a few holiday workshops in life drawing and watercolour. Hilary enjoys the current class because it offers an opportunity to experiment with a variety of mediums and techniques, and appreciates Dubravka Kalinich’s tutoring style, enthusiasm and commitment to her pupils.

Jacquie Head

Jacquie won a runner-up prize in the Observer's "Paint Daddy" competition when she was nine years old! She thinks it was because she painted him in the bath. She did art at school up to A-level. Ten years ago she did an art foundation course at Southgate College. She has attended adult day/evening classes for many years. She always feels she needs to practise her drawing but it is painting (usually in oils) that she enjoys the most. She also loves sketching out of doors.

Janet Kumar

Janet is a lifelong local resident, attending Saturday morning art classes at Hornsey College of Art in the 1960s. Later she earned a BA degree in graphic design at Hornsey, and an Open University degree in the arts. She worked in graphic design for architects and engineers. Janet has been painting, drawing and printing at Art Studio 27 in Hornsey Road since 2009. Working mainly in acrylic, her subjects are the natural and the domestic. She uses the abstract and suggestive qualities of the line, energetic and active. Colour is frequently an initial wash, overlaid with a fluid and sensitive Indian ink line. Influences are many, including Graham Sutherland, Ivan Hitchins, Arshile Gorky.

Jennifer Worrall

Jennifer has been making art for twenty years. She is inspired by sociopolitical events and themes and has completed a series in expressionist style on the 2008 financial crash, a series of geometric canvases based on the statistics of the UK's relationship with Europe, and single works on land disputes in Israel, bereavement and alienation. She is currently working on a series on spaces in prison. She works mainly in acrylic and occasionally in oil and collage. Jennifer has a separate thread of work comprising watercolour still lifes of objects of significance to her, often seen from unusual angles.

Hornsey Rising 2018 - Artists’ Biographies

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Jill Letten

Jill’s interest in art started in the early 1950’s when she had the chance to attend a children’s class at the local School of Art. Learning about painting and drawing has been a constant ever since. In 2007 she obtained a Diploma in the History of Art at Birkbeck College. Of all the teachers she has known the most outstanding are Bernard Staig-Graham and Dubravka Kalinich. Jill particularly loves painting landscapes and subjects from the natural world.

Jo Davies

Jo likes to do city and landscapes in bold colours or textures. She is influenced by familiar locations from around the globe but tries to twist reality in her finished work. She works mostly in acrylic but also loves lino printing.

Liberty Mosse

Liberty started drawing and painting two years ago in an attempt to avoid the children’s playground. Her young daughter loved arts and crafts and Liberty chose to encourage this interest by setting aside time to paint together. Liberty is interested in exploring her own experiences of pregnancy, motherhood and existential uncertainty (she also likes tulips).

Liza Manoochehri

Liza has been interested in art all her life. She has studied art with Dubravka for ten years. She is currently working as an independent artist.

Maggie Hendrickse

Maggie has always had a passion for Art and making. She studied for a degree in Fine Art in the 1970’s, but due to work and life’s demands has only been able to return to her first passions of painting, drawing and creating since retiring in 2011. Maggie is a skilled painter, drawer and basketmaker, taking her inspiration from her life’s experiences and her travels.

Marco de Rienzo

Marco established a methodical, precise style following years of working with Photoshop, but felt his compulsion toward pixel-perfect illustrations had become counter-creative. Choosing instead to trade his stylus for a paint brush, Marco resolved to discover more tactile and spontaneous methods of producing artwork. Marco has now spent just over a year with Art Studio 27 and Art CLASS London, his methodical approach may not have abated entirely, but it is something he continues to ‘work’ on. Marco’s interests are comprised from an array of themes and subjects, including Technology, Psychology, Identity, Memory, Dream-logic, Outer Space, Science Fiction, Counter-culture, Illustration, Animation and Cinema. Marco hopes to explore and articulate his ideas through abstract artwork believing that paintings that ask questions are far more interesting than paintings that offer answers.

Martin Bould

Martin found a childhood interest in art, music and architecture and had an ambition to work somewhere in those creative fields. He later developed his study and knowledge of these areas, learning a wide range of techniques in printing, drawing and painting. He eventually found full-time work in paintings restoration. He is impressed by many periods in the history of art, including Renaissance, Flemish, Pre-Raphaelites, and Modernism, but for practical inspiration he finds 20th century art the most useful and relevant, particularly British art. While being aware of contemporary art, he finds work of the early 20th century

Hornsey Rising 2018 - Artists’ Biographies

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his best inspiration, since it was a formative time culturally.

Mary Collins

Mary won an anonymous competition when she was about twelve, with a bowl of fruit (done at home). The teacher said she was surprised it was hers! Mary did not undertake any formal art training at all. As an adult she learnt “bits and pieces” from Ben Baker's class, occasional day or weekend courses and a two-week art holiday. Mary always loved using her hands for craft as well as art. She has always done dressmaking etc., dabbled in printing (wood block, lino, collagraph), mosaics, ceramic tiles. She loves drawing what she can see in front of her (or sometimes from a photograph), people, still lifes and maybe buildings - mostly in pencil, pen or charcoal. Mary has also used acrylics but never as interestingly as in the course work of this year’s spring term with Art Class London. She sold a painting once, from a photograph of a dear friend who had died, her husband commissioned it.

Mary Ryan

Mary Ryan enjoys painting in a free expressive style and her preferred mediums are acrylic and soft pastels. She has developed this style over the seven years she has been with Art Studio 27. Recently she has begun to produce Linocuts, though not in the traditional sense as she brings a loose, painterly aspect to the medium. Her preferred subject matter is landscape. She is inspired by places she knows and loves and draws on memories, stories told long ago and her own photographs. Her aim is not so much to produce an accurate representation of a place, but to try to capture its essence and her work may hide as much as it reveals. Her paintings can vary from moody atmospheric images to cheerful and sunny pieces as she likes to pull light from dark and uses a sense of movement to convey restlessness and change.

Phillip Stemp

Phillip Stemp is a local artist, mostly self-taught, who likes to draw in high detail with subtle tonal range. Phil also works in acrylic often with a limited palette but occasionally likes to use intense bright colours. A lot of his work tells a story or a least asks questions.

Ruth Midgley

Ruth is very much a part-time artist, who feels she benefits from being a member of Art CLASS London’s Watercolour Group and attending a weekly drawing class elsewhere. Although Ruth enjoys drawing and painting, it is not part of her regular weekly routine and she finds it difficult to settle down to draw or paint at home. Other commitments and interests typically take priority. Ruth drew and painted for pleasure as a child and enjoyed art at school. However, at university (reading History) and working (as an editor/manager of illustrated non-fiction books for adults; and also as a teacher of basic skills English and English for foreign professionals), she never found time for drawing or painting. She was always intimidated by the skills of her illustrator colleagues, though was very pleased when her old boss (and previous graphic design lecturer) saw some of her drawings a few years ago and said that she could have worked as an illustrator! She now feels that her initial desire to depict a subject realistically makes it difficult for her to loosen up and interferes with the creative process. Ruth started attending art classes about ten or twelve years ago and has typically attended one or two classes a week in term time since then. Most

Hornsey Rising 2018 - Artists’ Biographies

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have been privately run, local classes (general drawing; portrait drawing; drawing with occasional watercolour painting) plus, several years ago now, an acrylics course at Wood Green library and, when the classes were less expensive, several six or twelve-week courses at the City Lit (drawing, life drawing, drawing into painting, a painting course using acrylics, depicting the city landscape involving sketching sights and then developing a couple of paintings back in the studios, a flower painting course using different media). Ruth is aware that she does not share the passion for artistic creation that is so important to some of her family members (sister in law and two younger cousins), friends and acquaintances, but she does nonetheless enjoy the activity when she finds time for it. She is currently fairly satisfied with her drawing skills but realises that she has a long and time-consuming challenge ahead if she is ever to succeed as a watercolourist. Despite the difficulty, she is committed to giving it a good try!

Sheelagh Neuling

Sheelagh Neuling came to art late in life, having always assumed it was only the rest of the family who did art. Sheelagh was caught by the enthusiasm shown by her brother and her daughter and on retirement was lucky enough to join Dubravka’s classes. She prefers to work with palette knife and acrylic or pastel chalk on large scale life drawings.

Stella Cattini

Stella was a primary and special needs teacher for over thirty-five years, with responsibilities for creative activities, crafts and display, community groups and workshops. Art has always been very much part of her life but this has been mainly through inspiring her pupils. Apart from attending a few classes and some art holidays she has only been regularly painting since she joined Art CLASS London a few years ago after retiring fully. Her interests are very much connected with nature, trees, flowers etc. which she enjoys painting. In spite of occasional frustrations she finds absorbing herself in a painting project very relaxing and meditative!

Tamara Goldin

Tamara started painting a few years ago as a means to creatively disrupt the monotony of big city life and a grown-up job. Her art draws on her life journey from California to London via many stops in interesting places in between. She is interested in exploring the energy, mood, and especially the music of the moments and stories that have stuck in her memories.

Thelma Bricheno

Thelma has just joined Dubravka Kalinich’s Art CLASS London for its summer term and says she is loving it!

Vivien Thomason

Vivien has been painting and drawing again for the last three and a half years. Before that she studied for GCSE art and created illustrations for her college magazine. Vivien enjoys painting and beautiful colour combinations above all things. Portraiture is one of the most satisfying forms for her. She also enjoys learning new techniques, experimenting with more abstract forms, like rendering windows and textures from nature. Life drawing is something she would like to improve at.

Vron Ware

Vron is a writer, teacher and photographer who joined Art CLASS London in September 2017. She has painted on and off for many years but wishes she had found Dubravka’s class sooner.

Hornsey Rising 2018 - Artists’ Biographies

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Meet Dubravka Kalinich Dubravka Kalinich is the curator and main organiser of our exhibitions. She is the owner of the studio space hosting all our Art Studio 27 activities and is the Director and Tutor of Art CLASS London in Hornsey Road. She has been teaching, developing and nurturing other Artists’ talent, whatever the level of experience, for over twenty years. Dubravka holds a BA (Hons) Fine Art from Central St. Martins, a MA in Aesthetics and Art Theory from Middlesex University, London, and a PGCE Art and Design (QTS) from Goldsmiths, University of London. Find out more at

Catalogue Design & Editing: DC Betsch With Thanks to: Dubravka Kalinich, Mary Ryan, David Mackenzie, Janet Kumar Jennifer Worrall and Angela Eden, and all our other Exhibitors. Front Cover: Jo Davies, Yellow River London, July 2018

Hornsey Rising 2018 - Artists’ Biographies

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Hornsey Rising 2018 - Exhibition Catalogue  

Catalogue of our Hornsey Rising art exhibition in London, July 2018. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Hornsey Rising 2018 - Exhibition Catalogue  

Catalogue of our Hornsey Rising art exhibition in London, July 2018. We hope you enjoy your visit.