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April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter


From the Desk of the DCBC President

A New Season I pray the kindness and grace of God is with each of you as you journey with Jesus from rejection to resurrection. It is my hope that the showers of blessing from



resurrection experience sprouts new for





communities. The Bible tells us: “There is a time and a season for everything under the heavens.” We are now enjoying the newest of spring in a way we have not been able to for the past two years because of the pandemic. As the weather is warming, and more churches are reopening, I encourage each of you to reconnect with our Convention. We are blessed to have a dedicated staff that works diligently to keep us informed, engaged and moving forward. However, their efforts are only as good as your participation. In this new season, it is our goal to strengthen our Convention, with new collaboration and a fresh look at our unique position as a body with many cultures, and to continue to be moved by faith. If we have the courage to take bold steps together, planting seeds of harmony and hope, we can enjoy a harvest worthy of the God we serve. Stay connected. Stay tuned. The best is yet to come. Be Blessed. Be God’s.

Rev. Patricia H. Fears President of the DCBC Board of Directors

April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter


A Message from the Executive Director/Minister

Easter People

To write a column of hope while war is raging in Eastern Europe, Myanmar/Burma and other places across our globe is daunting. Perhaps one of these will have eased up by the time you read this edition of the Capital Baptist. Just maybe there will be a little more peace and a little less hostility. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus tells his disciples not to be alarmed by the wars and rumors of war they hear, for, he says, “this must take place.” This is difficult to hear. I must admit, I have had many a conversation with God asking about these wars. It is a challenge as a mother to encourage your young children to use their words and not their fists only for grown-ups to use guns and bombs and not their words. And then I look and see the people for whom the atrocities are hitting the hardest, singing and praising God, and I am struck by their faith. These sisters and brothers are truly Easter people. They live into the power of the resurrection, not once and done but moment by moment, day by day. They bear witness to the hope we have in Jesus Christ and encourage me and you to do the same. As we journey through Holy Week and beyond, I pray we will journey as a people concerned both for our neighbors and our world. I pray we will join our voices with siblings who might look and sound a little different from us but call Jesus their brother, too. I trust we will continue to seek to be engaged in Glocal (GLObal + LOCAL) Mission as we train in Emergency Response Efforts, engage in concerns of mental health and proclaim the Good News of Jesus in word and deed. Let us sing together the words from the Song of Solomon, chapter two: Look around you: Winter is over; the winter rains are over, gone! Spring flowers are in blossom all over. The whole world’s a choir—and singing! Spring warblers are filling the forest with sweet strains. Lilacs are exuberantly purple and perfumed, and cherry trees fragrant with blossoms. (The Message) As always, please know I am eager to get to know you better, to pray with you and worship with you. Let me know when we can set a time to visit! In the meantime, I hope you will take advantage of the information and programs offered in this issue of the Capital Baptist. Joy and Grace, Rev. Dr. Trisha Miller Manarin Executive Director/Minister April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter


SAVE the DATE for Our 146th Annual Gathering of Churches


This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC


Some of the African students who’ve fled the war in the Ukraine. (Photo courtesy of Rev. Carmella Jones)

See if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour out an overflowing blessing. — Malachi 3:10


t all began when our pastor invited a few members for a conversation about how we might respond to the Ukrainian crisis, specifically the refugees fleeing into Hungary. So, our small group discussed the varied ways we might respond and also recalled the ways the church

responded to the Syrian refugee crisis in 2015. Our meeting ended with a conversation about the international students having a difficult time crossing the border. April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter


We’re an English-speaking church with members from all around the world which includes an international student fellowship.

confidence, I DECLARE that God is our strong tower and source of refuge. I witnessed the manifestation of the

Fast forward three hours later. Our pastor

scripture: “I will pour you out a blessing that

received a call from a student from our

you will not have room to receive.” The

international ministry to say, “Pastor, there

blessings have been in both donations and

are 20 African students from Ukraine, and

spiritual sharing. On the second night, we

they have nowhere to go.” Two calls later,

received 25 air mattresses plus fitted sheets,

Pastor responded, “I am coming. Bring them

blankets, pillows and towels, shower shoes

to the church.”

and personal toiletries. It was exactly what

The church was opened but the students

we needed, and the food donations were

had to sleep on the floor. We had nothing, but

continuous. We had everything we needed

at least they were out of the elements and had

for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus fruit. It

access to WiFi. And so, our journey began!

all seemed to have been delivered from

I have sat with these students and listened to their stories. Here are a few:

heaven! I think the most amazing of all of God’s

 “I lost my brother, they separated us at the border, and I lost him.”

gifts is having the opportunity to worship together. Praising God together has made the

 “We walked for days. I was so cold and scared.”

burden lighter for all of us. I am not naive enough to believe that all

 “They pointed a gun in my face, they

of our guests will be or are believers in Christ.

pointed a gun in my face! I’m not okay.

One afternoon, while I was stripping the linen

I’m not okay.”

from an air mattress, one guest asked me,

 “I could hear explosions and gunfire.

“What do you get out of doing all of this?”

I just ran. This little bag is all I have.”

Standing in our sanctuary turned shelter, I

 “I was supposed to graduate medical

was able to answer, “Joy and peace in

at the end of this semester….Now

knowing we provided you a safe space and


hope in a very difficult situation. But, also

My best and only response is, “Do you believe in prayer? Let’s pray.”

knowing that I have pleased the God I serve in showing His Love toward you.”

Since the war began, we have had

I ask for your prayers: We desperately

thousands of refugees from Ukraine flooding

need your prayers. We had to close our

into Hungary, and I have seen God’s mercy

temporary shelter due to a Covid outbreak


among our guests and volunteers. We have





April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter


made some important changes and are scheduled to reopen on Tuesday, March 22. Please pray for our sustainability. Pray for the ongoing supply of needed volunteers. Pray as God continues to open the windows of heaven for our strength as we seek to welcome the stranger.

Serving with God’s gifts, grace and strength. Rev. Carmella Jones, who has been serving in Budapest, Hungary, co-teaching English at a small Baptist school for children with learning challenges, is an ordained clergy with American Baptist Churches USA and a member of University Baptist Church/College Park, a DCBC member congregation (

April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter


Dear BWA Member Bodies, Merci. Khob khun. Obrigada. Gracias. Děkuji. Asante. Thank you! We are grateful to all the member bodies who were able to give financially to the Baptist World Alliance in 2021. It was amazing to see your sacrificial gifts and how they have helped our sisters and brothers in the global Baptist family. As is the usual case with a Congress year, we saw an increase in member body giving. 2020 was a difficult year around the world, so we are particularly grateful for the member bodies who were able to renew their giving in 2021 and for generous gifts from our newest members. This financial partnership helps the BWA impact the world for Christ, and the sign of solidarity is an encouragement and a joy. We also know that many of you wanted to give but were unable to do so because of the difficult times you are facing. You are not alone. We understand and appreciate you praying with us and continuing to minister faithfully in this challenging season. Please be reminded that we strive for all member bodies to financially partner with the BWA. We value participation immensely, and we thank you for giving generously to further our global mission. We do hope that you each received the notice about the upcoming BWA Annual Gathering from July 10-15 hosted by Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. We pray that you will be able to join us as we meet for this powerful time of prayer, fellowship, learning, and planning together. For more information or to register, please click here. Again, thank you. Shukran. Ngiyabonga. Takk. Спасибо. Danke. Arigatô. Thank you! Gratefully,

Julie Justus Williams Director of Global Partnerships and Unity P.S. It is never too early to give your 2022 annual contribution! Please click here to give online or email me for BWA's banking details.


Photos courtesy of Kachin Baptist Convention


he people of Kachin State in Myanmar

either have been burned or destroyed.



Growing challenges include the risk of food

because of the civil war between the

insecurity, unsafe water and the lack of

Kachin Independence Army and Myanmar

sanitation, each exposing thousands to

Regime. Then came COVID-19 and then, on

disease. Also, the lack of adequate health

February 1, 2021, the military coup began.

service can lead to loss of lives, inadequate

By December, 31, 2021, there were 169

shelter exposes families to multiple risks and

camps housing 106,248 “internally displaced

many children are missing out on a quality

persons” (IDPs) across Kachin State and





northern Shan State in Myanmar (UNHCR Report).

Kachin, a region rich in jade, timber and mineral wealth, is a zone of long-term violent

The situation in Kachin worsened after

conflict and rising geopolitical tensions.

the military took control. Reports of abuses

These times are hopeless for new and old

against civilians — killings, rape, sexual

IDPs living there. Thankfully its citizens, to

abuse and torture — by the Myanmar army in

date, have been spared the worst of Covid-19,

Kachin State continued. Tragically, hundreds

but maintaining a positive spirit is a

of villages and about 70 church buildings

challenge. Livelihoods are shattered, and

April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter 10

formal negotiations between conflict parties

those in need in our own community and

are now on hold until the November election

beyond. “If one member suffers, all members

and subsequent government transition. Most

suffer together with it; if one member is

residents believe the spread of Covid-19 is

honored, all the members rejoice together

worsening every day in the overcrowded

with it.”

camps, but since there is no official data

Kachin Baptist Convention graciously

available, no one knows how many people

received your generous “Palmer Grant”

have contracted Covid-19 in Myanmar.

donation on September 23, 2021, through the

The major burden in assisting the Kachin

DCBC. Because of your support, we are able

people has fallen on community networks

to provide shelter, food and medicine to two

and organizations. Facing a global pandemic,

of the camps housing IDPs. “Hpawng Seng

these local groups run the risk of being

Village” in Muse township is located along

overwhelmed. Any assistance received is

the border of China in northern Shan State,

only on a short-term basis. Eighty percent of

and the “Je Yang” IDPs Camp in Bhamo

Kachin people are Christian believers, and

Township also is located along the border

they kneel down and pray for their suffering

with China in Kachin State. Your support

like never before in their lives. God answers

means a lot to them. This is a Christ-like

our prayers as He promised in Psalm 46:1,

mission as we help meet both spiritual and

“God is our refuge and strength, a very

physical needs. May God continually work

present help in trouble.” We are believers in

among us in many ways. May He abundantly

Christ, “For as the body is one and hath many

bless our Christ-like mission to the people of

members, and all the members of that one

Myanmar in Kachin State. Thank you and

body, being many, are one body: so also is

DC Baptists for your gracious support.

Christ” (1 Corinthians 12:12-27). Christians need each other, especially in a time like this. We are not only praying for each other, but also showing love and care by supporting

Roi Ji Marip is “A Woman Minister” at First Kachin Baptist Church of Virginia in Harrisonburg, VA, and a member of the Burmese Work Group within the District of Columbia Baptist Convention.

April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter


JOURNEY TO THE CROSS AND EMPTY TOMB A Musical Perspective By Pastor Eric Mathis

April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter



Lent and Easter follow Christ’s earthly

f someone created a soundtrack for your

ministry, journey to the cross, crucifixion,

life, what music would it include? vividly

death and resurrection. It is no surprise that

remember was the one that accompanied the

these seasons, which include the full range of

1994 film, Forrest Gump. I used my summer

human experience and emotion, have their

lawn mowing money to purchase the two-

own soundtrack. From J.S. Bach’s St.

volume compact disc set that included every

Matthew Passion to the African-American

song in this iconic movie — from Elvis

Spiritual “I Want Jesus to Walk with Me” to

Presley’s “Hound Dog” to Aretha Franklin’s


“Respect” to Alan Silvestri’s Forrest Gump

Esperanza/We Have Hope by Federico J.

Suite. Every time I played this music, my

Pagura, the music of Lent and Easter provide

mind recalled with impressive acumen scenes

rich sources of music that have become

from the movie. Now, when I listen to the

central to the Christian life.








music, I not only remember the now classic

As faithful, worshiping Christians, how

movie, but I also recall key moments from

do we create a soundtrack for our individual

my freshman year in high school when the

and communal Lent and Easter journeys? I

movie was released. I also know the history

might offer three suggestions as starting

to some of the music, which adds another

points. 1. Recall a psalm, hymn, or spiritual

layer of meaning. Music forms us. It shapes us. It reminds

song that has formed your spiritual

us of who we are, and it tells others

journey. Journal about it. Share it

something about who we are. Music also

with a friend or family member, and

forms our spirituality and our faith. This is

tell them how it has formed the


soundtrack to your faith.





soundtrack that accompanies their faith

2. Use familiar psalms, hymns and

journey. My soundtrack includes hymns like

spiritual songs to shape your

“Jesus Loves Me” and “Holy, Holy, Holy.” It

prayer life. As you engage these

includes contemporary Christian artists and

pieces, thank God for the role they

modern worship music. It includes Black

have played in your faith journey and

spirituals and gospel songs, and it includes

ask God how they might deepen your

psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs I learned

spiritual life now.

while traveling to Nairobi, Mexico City, and

3. Engage a faith community that is different from yours, learn a song

Paris. If someone created a soundtrack for your faith journey, what music would it include?

that is important to them, and find opportunities to sing it with them.

April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter


If you aren’t sure where to start, find

faith. This Lent and Easter, may you be aware



of that soundtrack, may you add to that

represents a different ethnicity than

soundtrack, and may you experience the

yours and say, “I’d love to know more

cross and tomb more fully as a result.




about the music that forms the soundtrack to your faith.” Just as music forms a soundtrack that makes a good movie great, so too does music create a soundtrack that adds depth to a rich life of

Eric Mathis is the Associate Pastor for Worship Arts, Faith Formation, and Young Adults at the First Baptist Church of the City of Washington, DC.

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC

April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter


2022 ANNUAL GATHERING Samford University | Birmingham, Alabama, USA July 10-15, 2022

CONNECT WITH YOUR GLOBAL BAPTIST FAMILY Gathering for the first time in two years, join with a global family of Baptist leaders through worship, prayer, learning, relationship building, and shared ministry.

GROWING AND COLLABORATING Engage in racial justice-focused plenaries, Bible studies, regional ministry updates, and small group reflections developed by 14 BWA Commissions.

EQUIPPING FOR IMPACT Join the “Leading for Social Change” Pre-Conference, follow a dedicated path through the Annual Gathering, and receive a leadership certificate.

JOURNEYING TOGETHER Experience a visit to a nearby community that provides a historic lens as well as commissions us to serve as ongoing leaders pursuing racial justice around the world today.

TAKING ACTION Engage with BWA resolutions and resources and discover practical ways individuals, churches, and conventions can take immediate action to further racial justice around the world.



ith this issue of the Capital Baptist, we launch a new feature called Point Counterpoint. Our desire is that each issue will offer two perspectives on a topic related to society, leadership, mission, polity, the church and so on. The essays are solely the opinion and perspective of their authors, not declarations stating DCBC’s position on the topics. We do, however, hope this feature will provide opportunities for you to begin having conversations with your congregation around issues that may be divisive or even challenging to discuss. President Biden, in his March 1, 2022, state of the union address, said, “As I said last year, especially to our younger transgender Americans, I will always have your back as your President, so you can be yourself and reach your God-given potential.” The following essays are written by DCBC pastors. As people of faith, we are not asking everyone to agree or disagree with the president’s or with these pastors’ perspectives. We do however, invite you to consider how you might reach out to all people in our community with the Good News of Jesus Christ. We offer three questions for you to consider and/or use with a small group as you explore this topic: 1. Is it possible for someone to be a gender different from their sex at birth? 2. What do you do when the one you have been taught to despise saves YOU? 3. How far must the church go in accepting just anything? If you would like to submit an essay for Point/Counterpoint, send it to We do not guarantee your essay will be published, but it will certainly be read and considered. April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter


The Church vs.

Transgender Faith Rev. Dr. Orlando Jermaine Bego


recent controversy erupted over comedian Dave Chappelle’s “The Closer” stand-up act on Netflix. It received backlash from the LGBTQIA+ community over comments made that were perceived as transphobic. Chappelle even sarcastically referred to himself as

aligning with TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists). As clergy/pastor, I believe that our religious perspective on transgender inclusion is marred with Christian overtones of oppression steeped in a hegemony response to misogyny. This is a subject that Christians cannot ignore or evade. We need to evaluate and carefully respond to the issue. What’s more, we need to do so in a consistently Christian fashion. Theological debates on LGBTQIA2S+






issues have centered around various topics;

transgender people are “born of a woman” or

however, they are absent of discussions on


transgender people.

children. It is, however, related to what

Chappel says, “Gender is a fact. Every human being on Earth, had to pass through the legs of a woman to be on earth.” I agree





gender we are born as, and what gender identity is assigned. Churches



with this statement (not sure for how long),

affiliations have taken positions that require

that every human is born of a woman. Even


Jesus was born of a woman. But, have we

transgender people. There is a sharp divide

been making too much of this sacred text? I

along religious lines over whether it is

believe yes, but perhaps not for the reason

possible for someone to be a gender different

you would expect. This similar phrase “born

from their sex at birth. Consequently,

of a woman” is found throughout the Bible

transgender people have been made to feel

and other early Christian texts.

that they must choose between their faith and


April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter





an authentic life.

I have learned that the only way to fully

I am reminded of the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8. A story centered on trans-equality of

understand is to see the question through the eyes of someone who has found the answer.

a marginalized person. Phillip overheard this

So what about the souls of transgender

eunuch reading from the Book of Isaiah and

people who are the target of public and

asked him if he understood what he was


reading. The eunuch replied, “How can I,

isolation, family disownment and mental

unless someone guides me?”

health, many also struggle in their faith.




Phillip asked a question to someone who

As a child, I recall listening to my

was “different.” I wonder whether Phillip’s

grandmother during the holidays discussing

question was rhetorical? I wonder if the

“the family business,” including issues,

eunuch’s response was sarcastic? Maybe the

problems, addictions, and all of the above.

conversation should be viewed with a new

But, when the table was set, there was no

interpretative lens:

mention of distinction. Everyone gathered,

Phillip: You know you don’t understand

gave thanks, and ate. See, we struggle to

what you are reading. You are not like me

identify with people whose truth is different

and don’t know my God.

than our own, be it religiously, politically, socially or sexually. However, it does not

Eunuch: I know I am not like you. You

mean that anyone deserves to be treated with

speak of Christ but offer no compassion

less dignity as people living in the truth of

for one who is trying to understand your

their own existence. If only we decided, like


my grandmother, to live out the new

Confronting the questioner to realize that

commandment given by Jesus, prejudices

the answer was within himself is what

would be replaced with tolerance that does

Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher,

not devalue worth. We don’t have to accept a

would call the maieutic (childbirth or

person’s choice, but we should respect it as if

midwifery) method, concluding that the

it were our own.

answer was inside him all along. This encounter represents the current struggle within our own humanity — our willingness to look internally for the answers that we are

Rev. Dr. Orlando Jermaine Bego is a Pastoral Care Professional, Mental Health Advocate and Sex & Faith Educator (@DrBegoTransformed or

afraid to confront. “How can I, unless someone guides me?” Not how can transgender people learn, but how can we learn to find the answer within? April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter


Trans Faith: A Response By Rev. William T. Young IV


was privileged to guide my previous congregations in the United Kingdom through the hard and bitter process of publicly affirming LGBTQIA+ relationships. In that journey, the most compelling arguments came from the youngest congregants. When I spoke candidly with them about the struggle of some of the older members

and even my own, one of the youths said, “Just start with love.” Out of the mouths of babes… I commend Dr. Bego for his article and strong affirmation of humanity, biblical integrity and holistic pastoral concern. These tools are necessary for people of faith to discern how radically inclusive the faith of Jesus truly is and what it means for our generation. Raising the Ethiopian eunuch as a representative

produced tragic consequences that has left the church

of social outcasts (sexual, gender or otherwise)

preaching and living our learned opinions and

deserves elaboration that the injunction to include

behaviors, but not thoroughly revolutionized by

them predates Jesus. Deuteronomic law originally


banned eunuchs from the temple and branded them

As the proud pastor of one of the few publicly

with the stereotype unclean. However, the radical





initiative of prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah was to

churches in the nation, with a painful history of its

expand God’s kingdom, and, thereby, calling for

growth into the inclusive process, we understand that

eunuchs to be included in the kingdom. Jeremiah,

a church’s public move toward becoming an

who incidentally was rescued by an Ethiopian

inclusive ministry is not without internal loss and

eunuch (Jeremiah 38:6-13) further begs the question:

external alienation. The journey, however, is a

What do you do when the one you have been taught

fruitful engagement in the long run. In fact, some of

to despise saves YOU?

the most faithful and engaged members of Covenant

The prophets’ radical initiative is the beautiful

Baptist are transgender, and we support the Wanda

idea that, in eras of violence and imperial tedium,

Alston Foundation, which shelters and supports


homeless LGBTQIA+ youth who are estranged from







Unfortunately, traditional biblical sexual ethics have

their families.


Dave Chappell’s routine is evidence against the

(destroyed for lack of hospitality, not for sexual

popular criticism that, in being allies to our

impropriety) rather than the prophets. This has








April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter





following the way of the world. On the contrary,

preachers wrestling with this very issue, someone

affirming a truly inclusive society is not everyone’s

asked, “How far must the church go in accepting just

dream out “in the world.” Unfortunately, Chappell

anything?” My response is this: The church doesn’t

(whose roots include a great grandfather who was a

set the boundaries. That role belongs to Jesus alone!

revolutionary black preacher and an AME Bishop in

Finally, to paraphrase a sermon by Bishop

the 19th century) chose to weave words that ridicule

Claude Alexander of Charlotte, North Carolina,

and entertain, rather than generate a revolutionary

God’s love is not two dimensional or three

conversation on how “the other” is branded and

dimensional. God’s love is four dimensional

disinherited in our society.

(Ephesians 3:18-19)! The work of the church is to

Some of our church members, although they are

always manifest God’s four-dimensional love.

comfortable in a congregation that affirms their

Christianity always gives special place to the

being, shows God’s love for them and blesses them,

marginalized because Christ spent his life with and

felt alienated by Chappell’s words. I believe God is

gave his life for them.

calling the 21st-century church, already tainted by

I encourage us all to just start with love —

violence, prejudice and distractions, to an inclusive

infinitely long, wide, high and deep, surpassing

ethic that honors the revolutionary nature of Jesus

everything anyone previously experienced.

and the missio Dei. We are called to use a new language and to renew our commitment to allow God to transform our heart. This language is framed by

Rev. William T. Young IV is the Pastor of Covenant Baptist UCC in Washington, D.C. (

grace as old as the Torah to not only welcome the stranger, but also to include the stranger into one God-family. Recently, while in conversation with a group of

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND.

April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter



Strategic Excellence Program for Pastors: Equipping Pastors to Become Excellent Financial Stewards


inancial wellness is something

Lady Jo’Ann Washington, and Rev. Cynthia

that is always in the forefront of

J. Rioland, First Lady and Executive Pastor

every Pastor’s heart and mind:

of Paramount Baptist and her husband, Rev.

wellness not only for their congregation, but

Kenneth Rioland, Sr. Pastor of Paramount,

also for their family,” says Rev. Daryl M.

were very excited to participate.

Washington, Sr. Pastor of St. Mary’s Baptist

The program, funded by the Lilly

Church. “Stewardship is the foundation for

Foundation, was held February 1 and 2 in

pastors and churches,” he continues. So,

Orlando, Florida, for pastors from around the

when names were submitted by Rev. Dr.

country and their spouses. It is designed to

Trisha Miller Manarin, DCBC Executive

help pastors become better stewards of their

Director/Minister, to take part in the

finances, as well as of their church’s finances.

Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board’s

“Participants were afforded the opportunity

(MMBB) Strategic Excellence Program for

to connect and share candidly with one

Pastors, Rev. Washington and his wife, First

another and had some very real and honest

April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter 22

discussions about the multifaceted dynamics

get updates on their financial progress. The

of stewardship. Clergy taxes, budgeting,

journey will include discussions of God and

investments and retirement were some of the

money for the churches in matters of clergy

financial matters discussed over the course of

taxes, budgeting and investments, to name a

two days,” explains Rev. Cynthia Rioland.

few. In addition, each couple was assigned a

It has been found that many pastors retire

financial planner to assist in goal setting.

only to discover that they do not have the

“We are excited to take this three-year

means to live comfortably. Rev. Rioland and

journey and grateful to the District of

her husband recalled that they were asked


thought-provoking questions that caused

opportunity to participate in this meaningful

them to reevaluate their spending habits.

experience. Thank you also to MMBB and

Time was also spent working in small groups,

the Lilly Foundation for making it all

which proved beneficial as participants

possible. We are looking forward to receiving



the blessings that God has in store for us, and

questionnaires. “We could feel the Holy

we will share with the DCBC convention, as

Spirit shifting our outlook on faith and

financial wellness will also bless members

finances as couples shared how they would

churches,” says Rev. Washington.




hold each other accountable to reach the goals






households,” adds Rev. Washington. The Strategic Excellence Program for Pastors is a three-year program that will meet with each couple once a quarter via Zoom to





This feedback on the Strategic Excellence Program for Pastors is provided by Rev. Cynthia J. Rioland, First Lady and Executive Pastor at Paramount Baptist Church and her husband, Kenneth Rioland, Sr. Pastor of Paramount, and Rev. Daryl M. Washington, Sr. Pastor of St. Mary’s Baptist Church, and his wife, First Lady Jo’Ann Washington.

Empower 501: Foundations for Christian Coaching The next DCBC Coaching Ministry session, “Empower 501: Foundations for Christian Coaching,” will be held online. Class dates and times are as follows: • Monday, June 6, 1–4:30 p.m. • Tuesday, June 7, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. • Wednesday, June 8, 8:30 a.m.–12 noon April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter 23


The Way Forward


he world has changed drastically





since March 13, 2020. It is also quite

multilayered. Honeycombs are organic,

different from 1877 when the D.C.

active and collaboratively created, and allow

Baptist Convention was founded as the

room for new cells (initiatives) to be

Columbia Association of Baptist Churches

developed along the way. Unabashedly

during a meeting at Calvary Baptist Church.

Baptist, we will continue to be a Christ-

Throughout these years, DCBC has been a

centered Pan-Baptist convention (as in a

Great Kingdom experiment, dreaming into

cross-section of Baptist groups), centering

reality what other Baptist bodies in the

our beliefs around historic Baptist principles,

United States could not and cannot imagine

including but not limited to autonomy of the

possible. The Convention has been able to

local church, priesthood of the believer,

explore, wrestle with and navigate an array of

separation of church and state, non-credal,

diverse perspectives, heritages, languages,

soul liberty, authority of scripture, believer’s

theological foundations, social positions,

baptism by immersion, and congregational

denominational affiliations and so much

polity. To hear more about where we’re


headed, you’re invited to lunch, hosted in

Our heritage is grounded and calls us into

various locations around the D.C.-Maryland-

a new future: one yet to be fully realized. We

Virginia area. Check your email for specific

will use the image of a honeycomb to help us

details or email the DCBC Ministry

visualize our future and understand how we,


as a convention, are interconnected, active,


April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter










Mental Health Training


he District of Columbia Baptist Convention is engaged in a one-year initiative with the District of Columbia Baptist Foundation to launch a series of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) and Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) certification courses for congregations and community members in the DC region. Normally, this course is valued at $170 per person; however, through this initiative, which is being funded by the DC Baptist Foundation, the cost for DCBC members will be $25 per person and for nonDCBC members $75 per person. A certified MHFA instructor from the faith community with experience working with DCBC congregations will facilitate the courses, which may be delivered in person, virtually or via a hybrid in-person/virtual format. Since the pandemic began, congregations in our region and across the country have identified increased mental health challenges experienced by congregants and their families. The course is ideal for church leaders, volunteers and concerned community members who will learn to identify the signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses and substance use disorders. Mental Health First Aiders are equipped with an action plan to respond effectively to an individual experiencing an emerging mental health challenge or crisis.

This year, DCBC will sponsor training for at least 220 first aiders. At the completion of this 8-hour training program, participants will receive nationally recognized certification from the National Council for Mental Wellbeing. They also will… • increase their mental health literacy • increase their confidence in providing support to someone in distress • increase their knowledge of professional and self-help resources • help decrease the stigma associated with mental health concerns and responses This partnership will help our congregations to continue to be the difference and help save lives one conversation at a time. Registration for a course can be on an individual basis or churches can request to have their members/volunteers train as a group. MHFA/YMHFA course information is available at and registration information about either individual or group-based training can be found at You can also contact Jevon Billups at or 571-378-3030, or contact the DCBC Office at or 202-265-1526. — Jevon Billups, DCBC Mental Health Coordinator

April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter



Youth & Children’s Ministry Leaders Collaborative Kicks Off with a Paint & Sip

The inaugural meeting of the new Youth & Children’s Ministry Leaders Collaborative brought together several youth leaders, ministers and pastors in a virtual setting to discuss ways to care for youth in the “new normal” brought on by the pandemic. They let their creative juices flow through a painting exercise, held online and guided by the talented and creative Rev. Skye Hallman McQuillan of Heritage Baptist Church in Annapolis, Maryland. Each participant painted a tree and then Rev. Skye helped them see how this exercise could be used to help youth and children. The collaborative is a forum where those charged with helping to guide our youth on their spiritual journey can come together and share ideas. Rev. Dr. San No Thuan, pastor of Falam Baptist

Church (FBCMD) in Frederick, Maryland, was one of the Paint & Sip participants. Pastor Thuan is originally from Myanmar (Burma), and since 2009, has been serving at FBCMD. He also serves the Lord as Associate General Secretary of Chin Baptist Association, North America that comprises 40 churches. He graduated with a Ph.D. from Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia in 2014 and has been in ministry for 26 years. He is married and blessed with two boys, Joseph and Christian. Below, Rev. Dr. Thuan shares his Paint & Sip experience: “I was very glad to have a chance to join the DCBC Paint & Sip program with my family. I joined this art class because I wanted to know how to draw some pictures to help young people in my

April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter


teaching. Rev. Skye taught us how to paint a tree and then explained how to use paintings as a tool to teach life lessons. It is remarkable when she said that we are created by the creative God and hence, we can expand our imaginations through arts and use those arts to teach important life lessons to others. “After painting our own beautiful trees, we shared the life lessons we learned through the process of painting. I never thought I could draw life lessons from the process of painting, and I also learned a lot from the other participants. From Pastor Meg, I learned that as painting has time to stop, we must learn when to stop in life. Rev. Dr. Miller Manarin also shared that as there are many flowers on a tree, if we share the talents of each other, our life will be more beautiful. As I painted one flower, then, another and another until my tree was full of flowers, I realized that I don’t have to be what I am today — a very important life lesson for me. I can creatively become more than what I am now — that will be my gift to our creative God. I hope we can have this kind of workshop more in the future for our DCBC churches.” After painting and sharing about their trees,

Rev. Skye read the lyrics to the “Hymn of Promise” by Natalie Sleeth to the group. Rev. Skye shared the text of the hymn as the participants reflected on the seasons of life and the movement of Lent. Following is an excerpt from this hymn: There’s a song in every silence Seeking word and melody There’s a dawn in every darkness Bringing hope to you and me From the past will come the future What it holds a mystery Unrevealed until its season Something God alone can see* The next collaborative event will be held May 23 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. If you are interested in serving on the collaborative to help plan these events, please email Loretta Polite-Shipman at *Words & Music: Natalie Sleeth © 1986 Hope Publishing Company, CZljYzBuwiig?u= All rights reserved. Used by permission.

April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter



PASTORS’ CHAT On the second Tuesday of every




across our convention gather to share







consider an article on a topic, such




leadership, theology or some current issue, to undergird our conversation.



everyone reads the article ahead of time, we regularly have

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

thoughtful, encouraging and sometimes challenging conversations. New connections

 On May 10, American Baptist

are made, and we frequently resource one

Attorney David Ball will offer a

another as a result of gathering! Some of the


questions we’ve explored include have you

Prevention and Preparedness” — a

ever considered how Ted Lasso’s leadership

timely topic given the recent upsurge


of cases being filed by victims of








child sexual abuse, many of whom

leadership? And, have you thought of the

allege abuse by church employees or

baby Jesus in light of Elf on the Shelf?

volunteers. Mr. Ball offers six






Following is some information about our



churches to help them prevent

upcoming Pastors’ chats:  On April 12, leading up to Holy

liability from arising and to be

Week, we’ll meet online via Zoom at

prepared if litigation comes their way.

10 a.m. as a time of refreshment.

We invite you to join us at 10 a.m. for an

Come to simply pause and be

enriching time on the second Tuesday of each

refreshed for the long week ahead.






Visit for more information!

April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter


Reminder Monday, May 23, 2022 at 7 p.m. Connect with other youth leaders



Ministry to youth and their families can be a rollercoast er. When riding the "ministry rollercoaster," it is recommended to ride with a friend. You are invited to Youth Ministers' Collaborative Gathering on May 23 at 7 p.m. to meet other youth leaders in the area over Zoom. Let's connect with each other share ideas, joys, and struggles. Ministry is hard. Let's not do ministry alone.

REGISTER \__....J.


DCBC Notables DCBC shares the following notable events in the life of its members:

Rev. Dr. Kenneth R. Pruitt

The John Leland Center for Theological Studies Board of Trustees voted unanimously on Thursday, March 17, 2022, to appoint Rev. Dr. Kenneth R. Pruitt as its President. The John Leland Center for Theological Studies, also known as Leland Seminary, is located in Arlington, Virginia, a vibrant and growing part of the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Pruitt succeeds Provost and Acting President Michael Hines who faithfully stepped up during the presidential search process which launched upon the retirement of former president William H. Smith. The selection and announcement followed a search process led by the Leland Board of Trustees. The search committee was comprised of representatives from the Board of Trustees, faculty, alumni, and students.

Pruitt is in his third year of service on the Leland Board of Trustees. He is a Leland Board of Trustees officer, member of the Executive Committee, and is an adjunct Leland faculty member who teaches New Testament and Formation of Ministry. “It is with much joy and anticipation that I accept this appointment as Leland’s new President,” said Pruitt. “After many years as a pastor and teacher, I look forward to advancing Leland’s mission to equip transformational leaders for the global ministry of Jesus Christ. Leland is strategically placed in one of the most important metropolitan areas of our day, and we stand ready as the seminary of choice for those in this region and beyond who hear God’s call as pastors and lay leaders—for full-time, bi-vocational, or volunteer ministry and service.” Pruitt earned his Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) in Preaching and Theology from Baylor University, Truett Seminary, Waco, Texas; his Master of Divinity (M.Div.) with Biblical Languages from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, School of Theology, Fort Worth, Texas; and his Bachelor of Art (B.A.) in Religious Studies from Charleston Southern University, Charleston, South Carolina. He also studied for one year in the School of Religious Education at Southwestern Seminary with a concentration in Marriage and Family Counseling.

April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter



Before being called to serve as Leland’s president, Pruitt was full-time Senior Pastor at King’s Grant Baptist Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Prior to that, he had fruitful ministries in other churches in South Carolina, Texas, and North Carolina. In addition to his pastoral duties, as well as his teaching and Board duties at Leland, Pruitt is active in the Baptist General Association of Virginia, his local community, and speaking and leading seminary conferences in India. “We enthusiastically welcome Ken as the new President. The Board unanimously supported the recommendation of the search committee following earnest prayer and a deliberative process,” said Board of Trustees Chair Donna K. Alexander. “Our confidence

in Ken, his spirit of innovation, fresh energy, and clear vision of Leland’s mission, marks an exciting new chapter for Leland. Ken’s pastoral heart reflects our diverse community of students, alumni, partners, and the Church we seek to serve.” Pruitt will transition to his new role effective March 21, 2022. His official installation service will be announced at a later date. Pruitt and his wife Terry have three daughters: Nichole (24), Bethany (21) and Sarah Joy (9).

April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter



James Barbour

North American Baptist Fellowship (NABF) General Secretary, Jeremy Bell, announced the appointment of James Barbour to the role of Disaster Relief Coordinator, North America with the NABF. Barbour is an experienced leader in the world of disaster relief. He brings more than 12 years of directly related technical experience and leadership in disaster recovery activities in his home church with

the Fort Foote Baptist Church Missions program and is the current Disaster Relief Coordinator with the District of Columbia Baptist Convention. His role will complement the extensive experience of Dean Miller, Mission Development Staff Coordinator with the Baptist General Association of Virginia, who continues to liaise between the NABF and the Baptist World Alliances’ work in international disaster relief efforts with their Forum for Aid and Development. Barbour is a deacon, a grandpa, and a retired US Naval Officer and security engineer, having worked in various roles with NASA, FAA, and the IRS.

Congratulations to Rev. Dr. Orlando Jermaine Bego, who in February, received from President Joseph R. Biden, 46th president of the United States, and Vice President Karmala Harris the title of 2022 Presidential Award Honoree. Rev. Dr. Bego also received the Joseph R. Biden Lifetime Achievement Award along with The Presidential Volunteer Service Award medals.

April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter



Congratulations to the following churches and individuals celebrating anniversaries and installations:  Luther Rice Baptist Church which installed Pastor Aleisha A. Langhorne on March 12.  Purity Baptist Church which celebrated its 75th anniversary on February 27. “It was February 27, 1947, that the Purity Baptist Church became a reality. Here we are on February 27, 2022 celebrating our 75th year as a body of baptized believers in Christ. As a congregation we voted at inception to celebrate our Anniversary each Sunday in the month of March as to not in any way infringe on the recognition of Black History Month which is in February.” Pastor Robin Toogood also revealed the church’s new logo.  DCBC’s Accounting and Administrative Specialist, Fam Sae Chock, who celebrated her fifth anniversary with DCBC, where she began her career on February 13, 2017.  Dr. Darryl Roberts, who celebrated his fifth anniversary as Pastor of 19th St. Baptist Church on February 13, 2022  Calvary Burmese Church, which celebrated its 25th anniversary on February 6, 2022. It also installed two Associate Pastors — Rev. Awi K. Tunngo and Pastor Peter M.C. Win — on March 27.

Rev. Saw Ler Htoo, Calvary Burmese Church Pastor

Naw Hla Kyi, founding member of Calvary Burmese Church

DCBC Foundation Scholarships & Grants Heard Around the Convention The Capital Baptist just gets better and better. Very lively and vital!

Fall 2022 Scholarships deadline is


Grants deadline is


April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter



May 12 at 1:30 p.m. to May 14 at 12 noon.

(come for 1 or 2 night s!) ·

, CALLING ALL ADULTS! Space is limited.

Q Marsden Tract Group Campsite C--:;) Potomac, Maryland


(near Carderock Recreation Area ½ mile walk to campsite)

$15 per night


Be alert, be present. I'm about to do something brand new. It's bursting out! Don't you see it? There it is! I'm making a road through the desert, rivers in the badlands. Isaiah 43:19 (The Message)

Join us this summer, Wednesday, June 15 through Saturday, June 18, at the historic American Baptist Green Lake Conference Center, in Green Lake, Wisconsin for a unique conference. From the pioneering women of long ago to the trailblazing leaders of today and all women who have responded to the call of God along the way, the movement of women into ministry has involved the whole family of faith from all across American Baptist Churches USA. With women serving in a multitude of ways and a variety of roles throughout the United States and around the world, American Baptist Women in Ministry (ABWIM) is hosting a unique conference: Radical. Redeemed. Ready. The conference will feature inspiring speakers, creative worship, engaging workshops, and multiple ways to connect while experiencing innovative approaches to ministry. Celebrating Ministering Women – We are celebrating women ministerial leaders, their myriad journeys into ministry and their many ways of ministering. We are also celebrating the

40th Anniversary of the Women in Ministry Project, now known as American Baptist Women in Ministry (ABWIM), which fully launched in June 1982 with Rev. Dr. Margaret A. Cowden as the first Project Director, following the historic 1980 gathering in Green Lake. Radical – ABCUSA has carried out a radical witness, and a radical witness is still needed. Redeemed – Churches flourish and our world is transformed when all God’s gifts in all God’s people are fully accessed, embraced, and utilized. We are all then redeemed. READY! We are READY. Are you? Learn more about our: • Conference Leaders • Awakenings (workshops) • Full Schedule Register Now

All Are Welcome! And we do mean all…all ministerial roles, experiences, and contexts; all ages, cultures, and genders; American Baptists and any and all friends in faith.

This conference is hosted by American Baptist Women in Ministry (ABWIM), a ministry of the ABCUSA Office of General Secretary.


2 7 10 12 14 15 17 18 27 28


Pour into the Community Prayer Meeting* Palm Sunday Pastors’ Chat (10 a.m.) Maundy Thursday Passover | Good Friday | DCBC Office Closed Easter Sunday DCBC Office Closed Administrative Professionals Day Vacation Bible School Material Distribution (DCBC headquarters 9:30 a.m-12:30 p.m. first come, first serve)


5 Prayer Meeting* 7 Emergency Response Training (8:30 a.m.-12:45 p.m.) 8 Mother’s Day 10 Litigation, Prevention and Preparedness (during Pastors’ Chat 10 a.m.-11 a.m., see pg. 30) 11 Chapel/Staff Meeting. 12 Redevelopment Potential for DC Congregations – Staying in DC Chapel/Staff Meeting 12-14 DCBC Camping Adventure 23 Youth Ministers’ Collaborative Gathering (7 p.m. via Zoom) 24 National Strawberry Month 30 Memorial Day | DCBC Office Closed

April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter



1 5 6-8 8 9 14 19 20 21

Prayer Meeting* Pentecost Sunday Foundations for Christian Coaching Chapel/Staff Meeting Litigation, Prevention and Preparedness for Lay Leaders (6:30 p.m.) Pastors’ Chat (10 a.m.) Juneteenth | Father’s Day Juneteenth Observed | DCBC Office Closed Summer Begins | National Iced Tea Month

*Prayer Meeting is held on Thursday at 8:25 a.m. each week.

Photo credit:

April/May 2022 | Capital Baptist Newsletter


The Most Trusted Voice in Healthcare

Mask Buying Checklist for Protecting the Public Against COVID-19 This guidance will help you understand mask effectiveness and what to look for—and what to avoid. COVID-19’s omicron variant is estimated to be two to four times more contagious than earlier strains of the virus. Wearing a mask reduces the speed of virus transmission. With omicron, N95 masks are your best choice. A good or legitimate KN95 or KF94 can perform comparably to an N95, providing significantly better respiratory protection than a surgical or cloth mask. And, although N95 masks are harder to find and pricier than surgical masks, consumers can safely wear N95-type masks for up to a week (40 hours) before discarding. To avoid the risk of transmission from handling a reused mask, always wash your hands after putting on or removing a mask, and store it in a paper bag between uses.

Estimated Time to COVID-19 Transmission by Mask Type No Mask Cloth Mask Surgical Mask

7.5 Minutes 15 Minutes 10 Minutes 20 Minutes 15 Minutes 30 Minutes 1.25 Hours


2.5 Hours Omicron Variant

Early SARS CoV-2 Variant

This graph estimates how long it takes to get COVID-19 from an unmasked, infected person standing within 6 feet when you wear different types of masks. The longer it takes, the better protected you are in this situation. With the earlier, less transmissible variant, CDC estimated that it took 15 minutes to become infected if you were unmasked. The time to infection data with different masks comes from this ACGIH website. With the Omicron variant estimated to be 2-4 times as easily transmitted, we assumed for this graph that the time to transmission would be half what it was with earlier COVID-19 variants. The graph emphasizes why an N95 (or an equivalent mask) is a critical tool to protect you against infection.

N95-equivalent masks provide up to 7.5× the protection of a cloth mask

e | w |

Things to Consider When Buying Masks Where to buy — Buy from big retail stores (e.g., CVS, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart) when possible because these corporations thoroughly research their suppliers, and that reduces the risk of them selling counterfeit products. You can also buy online, but you may be more confident if you can buy from a manufacturer’s on-site store, for example those on Amazon. Mask shapes — Buy a shape that fits your face well without gaps and is comfortable. Ideally, try several types to see which works best. You’re more likely to wear the mask if it is comfortable.

Since there may be many counterfeit products, here are things to check for before buying:

N95 Masks DO BUY IF


Ó Mask is made by a recognized N95 manufacturer

Ò Mask has an exhalation valve

Ó Mask has head straps

Ò The N95 is marketed for children

Ó NIOSH and TC number appears on the mask

Ò The N95 has a decorative design, colors, or add on features

Ó Model name or number appears on the mask Ó Packaging has a lot number and expiration date Ó Mask fits over the bridge of your nose and under your chin Ó The mask fits your face and creates a good seal with no gaps

KN95 Masks DO BUY IF


Ó Model is listed on NIOSH website

Ò The mask or packaging states that it is NIOSH or FDA approved — this is a false statement since NIOSH and FDA do not regulate these foreign made masks

Ó NIOSH found its filter efficiency ≥ 95% (see: website) Ó GB2626-2019 or GB2626-2006 appears on the mask Ó Mask packaging includes a brand or model name Ó Packaging includes a lot number and expiration date Ó There is a bendable nose band that can be shaped to better conform to your nose

KF94 Masks DO BUY IF


Ó The mask packaging shows it is manufactured in South Korea

Ò The mask or packaging states that it is NIOSH or FDA approved — this is a false statement since NIOSH and FDA do not regulate these foreign made masks

Ó Mask packaging has a product name or number Ó The packaging has a lot number and expiration date

Learn more:

Contact us: +1 (610) 825-6000, ext. 5891 About ECRI ECRI is an independent, nonprofit organization improving the safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness of care across all healthcare settings. With a focus on healthcare technology and safety, ECRI is the trusted expert for healthcare leaders and agencies worldwide. The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) is an ECRI affiliate. Visit and follow @ECRI_Org.

e | w | ©2022 ECRI. All Rights Reserved. MS4379

Church Mission Giving

For the Two Months Ended February 28, 2022

The Convention recognizes that the giving cycles of each church are different. Some give monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. DCBC - 65%; Coop - 35% UNIFIED COOP

100% Designated




50.00 -

1,400.00 -










200.00 200.00 36.82 808.00 200.00 624.99 600.00 75.00 2,045.47 175.27 200.00 561.00 1,000.00 100.00 100.00 2,160.00 680.00 500.00 300.00 200.00 50.00 2,057.12 2,000.00

2,400.00 -

1,804.18 162.97 871.00 1,000.00 2,057.12 610.00






YTD Total Gifts



338.00 650.00 -

5,040.00 600.00 -


1,371.41 -

200.00 200.00 1,841.00 808.00 200.00 624.99 600.00 75.00 2,208.44 175.27 200.00 561.00 1,000.00 100.00 1,209.00 100.00 7,200.00 680.00 6,050.00 500.00 50.00 300.00 200.00 50.00 5,485.65 2,610.00






Churches Agape Bible Christian Fellowship Alafia Baptist Church American Baptist Church Broadneck Baptist Church Carmody Hills Baptist Church Clifton Park Baptist Church Dayspring Community Church Fellowship Baptist Church First Baptist Church/Silver Spring Forest Heights Baptist Church Heritage Baptist Church Luther Rice Memorial Baptist Church Metropolitan Baptist Church Metropolitan Outreach Ministry Montgomery Hills Baptist Church Mt. Airy Baptist Church Nations United Baptist Church Paramount Baptist Church Pathways Baptist Church Pilgrim Baptist Church Power House Baptist Church Resurrection Baptist Church Rivers of Joy Bible Fellowship Church Salem Gospel Ministries (Silver Spring) University Baptist Church/College Park Wisconsin Avenue Baptist Church Total

Your financial contributions allow DCBC to minister to and with our member congregations and partners. Please consider making a gift today at

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2022 Publication Schedule & Article Deadlines Issue

April – May 2022 June – July 2022 August – September 2022 October – November 2022 December - January

Article Submission Deadline Monday, Feb. 28 Monday, May 2 Monday, June 27 Friday, Sept. 1 Monday, Oct. 31

Article Submission Guidelines. • • •

• • •

All submissions should be sent as a Word document with one-inch margins on all sides. No PDFs, please. All articles should be typed in 12 pt. font, double-spaced and limited to 400 to 600 words. All articles should feature original content and be previously unpublished, unless reprint permission is provided. Please also provide a brief author bio in the following format: “[Author name is [job title] at [name of church/org. (email address or social media handle – optional).” Please provide a photo credit in the following format for any images you provide to help illustrate your article: “Photo courtesy of [name of photographer or owner of image].” Please provide the names of all persons featured in a picture listed from left to right. Please also provide background information about the image: the who, what, why, when, where. All articles are subject to editing and may be held for a future issue. Article submissions that do not meet the guidelines may not be accepted or will be returned for appropriate editing. Please email article submissions to Address questions/comments to Sonia Myrick, Capital Baptist Editor at

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