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Faculty Handbook The West Virginia University Electronic Faculty Handbook provides general information about the University and its programs, with an emphasis on those policies and procedures that affect faculty. For more detailed information, the handbook directs readers to resources on the University's web pages. •

Part 1 introduces the mission of the University and identifies schools and colleges. 

Part 2 describes the administration and governance of the University. 

Part 3 describes faculty classification and evaluation. 

Part 4 provides information about teaching, research, and service. 

Part 5 summarizes faculty rights and explains faculty responsibilities and duties. 

Part 6 identifies opportunities for faculty development and awards. 

Part 7 discusses salary and benefits. 

Part 8 presents an alphabetical reference to support services, facilities, and other  general information. 

In addition to the overviews and web references found in the handbook, faculty will also find useful information in University catalogs, the West Virginia University On-line Campus Directory, and college or school publications. The handbook is subject to change by the Higher Education Policy Commission, the West Virginia University Board of Governors, University administrators, and the faculty. It is for informational purposes and is not intended to be a contract.

Revised July 2010

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Handbook Preface