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Leveraging our Content in 6 Steps 2012 Marketing Plan Exepron- 360 Degrees of Best Practices

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Why? How? Benefits Step 1 – email outreach Step 2- white papers Step 3 – video and audio creation Step 4 – webinars/WEBEX Step 5 – co-op marketing dollars Step 6 – old school What else?

Why this approach? Leveraging our content makes it scalable. Most traditional marketing people don’t think about scaling content production. They think about scaling backlinks, or think about scaling low-level content if they think about scaling content in any form at all. Traditionally a one-to-many type of marketing plan is created. It is linear and sequential in scope.

Fig 1 In fig 1 a traditional marketing approach creates collateral and then pushes it out via preconceived channels i.e., mailing lists and advertising.

How our approach is different Our marketing plan takes a macro-approach. We have a 3tiered plan (e.g..; CCPM, project management, global management) of defined content for consumption as an engine that generates new inbound leads. We will expand this plan to create an organic, more holistic and multi-content, multidistribution point for our content. In other words many pieces of information spun out to many access points for distribution and syndication.

Fig 2 Fig 2 Picture Exepron in the Center of the spiral. As a document Is created it is then spun off into different modalities. It becomes an extension of the point of origination and continues around the spiral.

Benefits The beneďŹ ts of creating our formal marketing deployment in this way is that we are creating a system that allows us to syndicate our content across the web. We will reach our audience across different platforms and different modalities. Additionally, our outreach encompasses visual context, auditory context, written context and more so that our audience can consume information in a variety of user friendly ways. This adds diversity to our content so that we can continuously achieve top ranking in the search engines. Finally, by adopting a plan that leverages and re-purposes our content we create a strategy that fits the size and bandwidth of our company. We’re not making a huge investment in time or money. We are instead focusing on maximizing our core strengths—the differentiators that set us aside from the competition and the power of the internet to spread the word quickly, efficiently to a larger volume of prospects. Rather than pushing ourselves on the same hundred or two hundred contacts ad nauseum we create a powerful engine that will pull the right hundred or so prospects into our qualified opportunity pipeline.

Step 1 Email Marketing Outreach We create a point of content origination with the first introductory email. Short, sweet with a brief overview of SC and a quick overview of value proposition and key differentiators. We’ll focus on our initial 3 tiers i.e., CCPM, project management and global management. We have the option to create other key points at later dates. As our outreach matures we will then begin to segment our contact database. These segmentations could be by industry, introduction to organizations new to the concept of CCPM, etc. With each campaign, subject line and additional segmentation we’ll develop a grasp of what works, what doesn’t work and what needs a little or a lot of tweaking. In a very organic and holistic way our engine becomes refined and more powerful at pulling in prospects rather than pushing out or mobbing them with continuous outbound messaging.

Step 2 - White Papers We leverage our content from a series of white papers that describe a certain process from our 3 tiers --CCPM, Project Management or Global Management. We can include case studies in each subject simply by paring down a white paper to focus on a specific one or two page case when appropriate. We’ll also include emagazine articles, podcasts, video presentations, in-person events when warranted, webinars and other versions of the original white paper content.

Step 3- Video & Audio Creation Additionally we’ll use a simple slide creation tool like PowerPoint. We can find cool graphics within PowerPoint which aren’t just the clip-art that comes with the software, but are from sites like PresenterMedia or Fotolia, which are two great resources for really fun, quirky, engaging graphics that our team can use to put in to our slide shows. These decks feature the original content and can be placed on YouTube, on the website, sent into newsgroups, etc.

Step 3 - Video & Audio Distribution By submitting to the Exepron YouTube channel we can begin manually uploading video presentations as a means to refresh our search engine standings and distribute fresh content. As our team works through an original piece of content and begins producing it into a different modality --the audio voice overs can be spun out via MP3 download ďŹ les. These can go to the website, can be included in our blogs, we can tweet them out and publish them across various social networking sites like LinkedIn and the various CCPM, project management, process excellence sites that are relevant to our audience.

Step 4 - Webinars As we build our content library, each campaign leads to an end of quarter webinar. For example in Q3 2012 we may have a combined CCPM/Project Management approach. We’ve identified the best sources of content within the company to create an initial, introductory email, a white paper to follow up and to contribute content to a WebEx at the end of the quarter. White papers can be transformed into companion pieces such as the eMagazines to mine the search engines, create interest and generate inbound requests for information. It’s been my experience that the best received webinars are scheduled during lunchtime and include an actual client case study with enough time at the end for Q & A. Webinars can then be filed in our content library, retained in the knowledge base and can be sent out in newsletters, emails, tweeted, etc.

Step 5 Co-operative Marketing Dollars By partnering with strategic partners and local, national or global groups we can gain valuable face time with hundreds of prospects. We might consider a series of virtual events that leads up to participation in an industryappropriate panel discussion.

Gentle reminder-Not dropping tradition We’re not jettisoning old school marketing, we’re enhancing it. The original white papers, webinars, podcasts and other content will be hyperlinked and added to our website’s document library. These links can be included in corporate email signatures, email messages, news groups and social networking sites.

What do we need to succeed? The plan is consistent, simple and is sized properly for our company, but we will need a few things. • 20 hours a week of marketing management • Linda takes ownership of execution; • John, Danny and other Exepron team members will need to provide input and participation from time to time. • Luckily, Exepron has a good library of content to begin distributing.

Success • The greatest impact will be achieved by a combination of the following: – Great content – Fresh content – Updated, consistent content that feeds the search engines – Drawing in a large number of qualified prospects – Different content modalities that draw the interest of all interested parties.

Leveraging Our Content  
Leveraging Our Content  

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