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David Bushay

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design The aim of the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design was to provide me with the opportunity to explore and experiment within a wide range of project-based art, design and media-based activities in order to prepare me for progression into Higher Education art, design and media courses. The course enabled me to build on my existing skills, and offer new practical, critical and theoretical experiences, with an emphasis on drawing in its broadest interpretation. The course provides a structure to assist me in making informed choices for my future education and career. The Foundation course draws on the expertise teaching within the following Pathway areas: - Graphic design - Film - Photography - 3D Design - Surface design This portfolio is a combination of various projects done on this year-long course, designed to prepare me for art, design & media courses in higher education. Enjoy.


The conditions or influences under which any person or thing lives or is developed. This project is to develop and enhance your technical skills in a new creative enviroment. You are asked to experiment with a variety of media, materials and technologies which may be new and unfamiliar to you. Consider any enviromental issue ranging from a scientific threat of global warming, rising pollution by car emission, excessive packaging or waste to rush hour in public transport or an overcrowding issue of your own wardrobe.

Medium is the Message

Typography surrounds us in Western daily life. It enables, guides and directs us through physical space with signage, time-tables, commercial agreements, advertisements, promotion, tokens of value and receipts and takes us on intellectual journeys through literature and poetry. This project requires you to re-evaluate your approach to mark-making and consider inventive creative methods in the production of experimental typography.

I’ll Look into That

This project asks you to explore how to document, record and importantly visually communicate a journey. Try to consider the two key issues of narrative and sequence within your work. The project is as much about them as it is the individual theme of the journey.

Reg Perfect & the Squeegees In sync with the diminishing culture of music graphics due to downloading, this project asks you to invent and advertising campaign for an imaginary band called the “Reg Perfect & the Squeegees�. The band can derive from any musical genre, for example Hip Hop, Opera, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Rock ect.

That is the Question

The Royal Shakespeare Company had been given a years residency at your local theatre. They have interpreted one of his plays in an alternative manner to try and attract a new audience to enjoy shakespeare. They have approached you to promote one of shakespeares plays to attract and inform the local people. They have specifically asked you because they want a fresh inventive and innovative designer to excite the public about the event.


Emotions is a central state connected with communicating and expressing feelings, thoughts and behaviour. For this project i will investigate how important and essential emotions are, and how our emotions are associated with so many aspects of our lives. I will achieve this by researching in depth about this topic and produce outcomes using relevant techniques and methods to portray my chosen subject matter. This topic comes under the areas of “social” and “personal” as it consists of enviromental issues to do with work for example as well as personal issues such as health.

2008/ 2009 Portfolio David Bushay Foundation Diploma in Art and Design London College of Communication E-mail:

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design  

2008/ 2009 Portfolio, David Bushay, Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, London College of Communication

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