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DURRANT ENGINEERING | Energy / Sustainability

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At Durrant, sustainability and energy are engrained into our culture. Durrant offers an integrated team of design professionals, including architects and engineers, with the experience to provide a comprehensive energy solution for your facility. Our high-performance design approach addresses each opportunity by reducing the need for resources through envelope and site analysis; designing systems that are maintainable and highly efficient; verifying the systems are operating as intended through the commissioning process; and instituting a conservation culture through a continuous energy benchmarking program.

70% of the electricity produced in the United States.

DURRANT ENGINEERING | Energy / Sustainability

Davey Jackson Elementary - LEED Gold Davey Jackson Elementary School (DJES) is a new 498 student elementary school located in Jackson, Wyoming. DJES was the first school in the State of Wyoming to achieve a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold rating from the U.S. Green Building Council. The team used an integrated design process to meet the functional needs of the facility and minimize the impact on the environment. The team held multiple design charrettes with key stakeholders including school district representatives to address sustainable design strategies including appropriate building orientation, programming, and budgeting. Major goals included reducing energy use by 35 percent and water use by 30 percent, daylighting all classrooms, treating all stormwater before it leaves the site, diverting over 50 percent of construction waste, and achieving good indoor air quality. Energy conservation efficiency strategies included: special attention to the building envelope and glazing specification; The light fixtures and control components were scrutinized to optimize performance; A high performance HVAC system was selected to compliment the other building features that included variable volume air delivery, dedicated outside air ventilation system, and condensing boilers to provide a quality indoor environment. A detailed energy model was developed to assist in the system decision making process and predict energy performance. The energy performance for this facility was calculated to be 54% improvement versus a code compliant facility. Ultimately, the benefit to the owner was a lasting facility specifically designed to minimize the life-cycle cost. For more information, contact: Rod Oathout, PE, CEM, LEED AP | 563.690.1763| Rod has more than 20 years of mechanical engineering experience focusing on design of HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, indoor air quality, and building automation systems. He is a recognized expert in sustainability and energy conservation providing innovative solutions through precise design documents for both public and private clients across the country. Rod provides leadership at Durrant as Director of Engineering and Managing Principal of the Prime Engineering market sector.

Services include: Energy Modeling Life Cycle Cost Analysis Energy conservation assessment Daylighting analysis Net zero consulting Energy benchmark analysis Behavioral energy conservation Renewable energy systems Solar hot water Solar photovoltaic Wind generation

DURRANT ENGINEERING | Energy / Sustainability

SUSTAINABLE DESIGN PHILOSOPHY Durrant embodies six key principles that we feel are enduring qualities of significant architecture and engineering design. We judge our work by the extent to which that work responds to these guidelines: • • • • • •

Responsiveness Integration with environment Respect for function Expression of meaning Unity of design Cost awareness

The extent to which each principle is found meaningful is dependent on: • • • •

Philosophical intentions of the Client Requirements of the Program Characteristics of the site Building typology

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED®) Durrant has been a leader in environmentally conscious design for more than 30 years. We recognize the importance of sustainable design and are dedicated to working with our clients to design buildings that make efficient use of energy, water and building materials. We strive to incorporate energy and water conservation into our projects, to minimize impact on the site and surrounding natural environment, and to use indigenous materials wherever possible. We have also designed both passive and active solar systems, earth sheltered structures, and a wide variety of environmental issues.

“Durrant is focused on

LEEDing by Example

sustainable design not

Durrant Corporate Headquarters - Dubuque, IA

because it has recently

Located at the Port of Dubuque, this 17,600-square-foot manufacturing facility underwent a historic renovation that incorporated sustainable aspects throughout. The Durrant design team had a goal of creating a sustainable facility that would stand the test of time and an environment that employees will take pride in and label a great place to work. One unique aspect of this project was our construction waste management process that saved $57,000 in tipping fees at the local landfill as well as over $100,000 in material costs that did not have to be spent due to reused and salvaged materials.

captured headlines and marketing slogans, but because green design is good design.”

DURRANT ENGINEERING | Energy / Sustainability

LEED Certified Projects: • • •

Davey Jackson Elementary School, Jackson, WY–LEED Gold City of Scottsdale Police Crime Lab & Evidence Storage, Scottsdale, AZ–LEED Silver ‘Imiloa Astronomy Education Center, Hilo, HI–LEED Certified

LEED Registered Projects: • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

State of Iowa Maximum Security Prison, Fort Madison, IA - goal of LEED Gold Iowa Department of Corrections 8th Judicial District Community Based Corrections Facility (LEED Facilitation only), Ottumwa, IA - goal of LEED Silver Iowa Correctional Institution for Women Expansion (LEED facilitation only), Mitchellville, IA - goal of LEED Gold Carnegie-Stout Public Library, Dubuque, IA—goal of LEED Gold City of Tucson William M. Clements Center Senior Center, Tucson, AZ—goal of LEED Silver Denver Forensic Crime Laboratory, Denver, CO—goal of LEED Silver Durrant Corporate Headquarters, Dubuque, IA—goal of LEED Gold EB Lyons Interpretive Center, Dubuque, IA—goal of LEED Certified National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium Expansion, Dubuque, IA—goal of LEED Certified Missouri Military Academy Educational Building Addition, Mexico, MO—goal of LEED Certified Portside Plaza Phase II, Dubuque, IA—goal of LEED Certified Port of Dubuque Public Parking Facility, Dubuque, IA —goal of LEED Certified Great Rivers Center, Dubuque, IA—goal of LEED Certified National Czech & Slovac Museum & Library (Kosek Building), Cedar Rapids, IA—goal of LEED Certified

LEED Equivalent Projects: (Owner did not pursue formal certification.) • • • • • • •

Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Depot, Dubuque, IA—LEED Certified equivalent Dane County Courthouse, Madison, WI—LEED Silver equivalent Humint General Instructional Building, Ft. Huachuca, AZ—LEED Silver equivalent Lancaster Library/Joint Use Facility, Lancaster, WI—will be LEED Certified equivalent Loyola University Life Sciences Building, Chicago, IL—LEED Silver equivalent Northwestern College Library & Learning Commons, Orange City, IA—LEED Certified equivalent Roosevelt Middle School, Dubuque, IA—LEED Certified equivalent


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