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4 JUNE 2010


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Benjamin Elliott Promoted Benjamin Elliott the Membership Department’s former Membership Assistant was promoted to the new position of Membership Administrative Coordinator. His new responsibilities replace the Membership Assist. position, which now no longer exists. Benjamin assists the department by managing the high-volume of requests from members and applicants, coordinating all activities for Medical Student member ships, and administering various data audit and update projects. He is truly an indispensable member of the Membership team. Congratulations to Benjamin on his promotion!!! APA Membership Department 1000 Wilson Blvd, Ste. 1825 Arlington, VA 22209 888.357.7924 ph 703.907.1085 fax

MEMBERSHIP WELCOMES SUNDEE HANCOCK Sundee Hancock began as a Membership Coordinator on June 14th in the Membership Department. She worked for the past four years in the APPI Call Center as a Customer Service Representative. She is responsible for Area 3 as well as the Missouri and Louisiana district branches. We are incredibly excited that she has accepted the Membership Coordinator position and joined our team. Welcome Sundee!!

Distinguished Fellowship– Nominations due July 1st Please contact your Membership Coordinator with an update on the number of expected submissions from your branch.

Checklist for nomination processing: There are now 10 categories. Members can type directly into the new DF form, expanding categories as needed and are no longer restricted to a two-sided form. Nominees are expected to complete the form in electronic format (handwritten submissions are not acceptable) The revised guidelines and nomination form, as well as other supporting documentation, has been posted to the DB-SA website on the Membership page.

Centralized Billing Contracts As June comes to a close, the Finance and Data Systems division of the Membership Department is preparing centralized billing contracts to be distributed in July. The contracts must be returned by all branches including those that do not participate in centralized processing. August 13th will be the deadline for returning the contracts. Contact Tony DeSantis at with questions or for more information.

DB Annual Meeting Registration Contest Winners! Ontario District Branch Brooklyn Psychiatric Society Psychiatric Society of Delaware Washington Psychiatric Society Eastern Missouri Psychiatric Society Louisiana Psychiatric Medical Association Central California Psychiatric Society Western Canada District Branch

Membership Experience Survey The Membership Experience Survey is a tool that allows the Membership Department to gauge and improve our service to members. Email blasts are sent on a regular basis to members having recent contact with Membership Coordinators, regarding reinstatements, transfers, and advancements. A link in the email directs the member to the general member page where they complete the seven question survey. The survey launched in May of 2009 and has produced valuable feedback from approximately 303 members. Below are the cumulative results of three questions from the survey. 1. During your most recent contact with the Membership Department, how satisfied were you with the experience? 70% extremely or somewhat satisfied 2. Was your request acknowledged within 48 hours? 85% - yes 3. Has your request been resolved? 88% - yes To learn more about the survey or its results, please contact Amira Cranor at

Recruitment & Retention In July, the APA Exit Survey to lapsed members aged 41-50 will include a question asking whether members decided to allow their membership to lapse due to the change in malpractice endorsement. Members who participate will receive a $25.00 coupon which can be used for an APA/APPI product or APA member dues. We received a phenomenal response from previous mailings to lapsed members. 2.8% of respondents or 87 members have reinstated their membership from this effort. A June 21st mailing to residency training directors will be targeted towards those programs who have achieved 100% as well as program who did not for the 2009-2010 cycle. Programs are encouraged to provide rosters so that we can verify their eligibility in this program. If district branches have access to rosters, please consider forwarding them to your Membership Coordinator for this purpose and for verifying residency enrollment during the application process. For more information about the exit survey, results or membership recruitment please contact Louise Martin, at

Annual Meeting Member Registration Improvements to the annual Meeting member registrant procedures resulted in an impressive drop from the number of members who owed 2010 dues. The Membership and Meetings and Conventions Departments collaborated and enacted a requirement for members to pay their member dues before they could receive the member registration rate at the Annual Meeting in Louisiana. In May 2009, there were still 230 registrants with dues unpaid before the meeting. In May 2010, there were zero (0) registrants with dues unpaid. Zero! The 2010 procedures are being evaluated and there may be additional improvements next year.

Malpractice Insurance Endorsement The change of malpractice insurance endorsement to the American Professional Agency, Inc. (APA, Inc.) has attributed to a variety of member questions and concerns. The Membership Department has managed these requests by creating a separate insurance email inbox, revising membership correspondence, applications, member card stock and welcome packet inserts, Membership website content and working with their new provider to clarify their offerings and coverage availability for our members. Louise Martin, Membership Development Manager has worked closely with APA, Inc. to address specific questions from members. A Q&A document that

DID YOU KNOW? APA Members may be eligible to recover a portion of a settlement from UnitedHealth. If members received a letter and claim form, they can visit AMA’s website for assistance. Practicing psychiatrists can volunteer for DSM-5 Field Trials. Interested members can send an email to including their name, mailing address, job title, E-mail, and area of expertise. Visit for more information about the finalizing of the new edition. Members are need to participate in a survey that gauges the time and intensity necessary for completing billing procedures. Please have members contact Becky Yowell at The APA Board of Trustees voted in March to approve the Corresponding Committee of Members-InTraining (CoMIT). Composed of MITs, this committee will meet monthly via Skype or conference call to initiate a resident leadership program, a formal mentoring program, and development of a more Web-like system of communication for MIT members.

Membership Department Calendar END OF SECOND QUARTER Distinguished Fellow nomination deadline




Advancement Email to MITs w/ June 2010


DB/SA Website Tips Membership Website The DB/SA's website is continually updated with resources to assist DB/SA's with membership processing and promotions.

Visit this section of the APA website for access to: JULY 5 Membership Calendar JULY 6 Prospect Lists Promotional Text and documents JULY 9 Membership Committee Reports JULY 13 Membership Data

Recruitment Mailing to Residency Directors JUNE 30 INDEPENDENCE DAY-APA CLOSED MAR/MICR SENT Billing Contracts Sent to all DBs June EFT and DB Dues reports in mail Email blast to members eligible for Fellow


Email to members w/ incomplete FE apps




DBs notified of number of FE apps


Email to members needing DB transfer


DB Update is prepared by Tara Spencer, Membership Administrative Manger

APPI has a NEW website !

2010 June DB Update  

Catch up on Membership Department processing and essential information for the district branches!

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