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promoting the community of cycling through the support of amateur riders looking to enhance their racing skills

2008 - 2009 Sponsorship Proposal Year-Round Branding • Healthy Lifestyle Affiliation • Print, Online & On-Site Promotions Community Involvement • Guerilla Sales force of 125+ Consumers & Word-of-Mouth Advocates Connect With Young, Affluent, Educated & Healthy Demographic Commitment to Sponsors • Team athletes and team are committed to promote and represent your company in a positive and professional manner.

The athletes will: • • • • •

Always compete in team clothing Train in team clothing Promote sponsor’s brand & product Demonstrate good sportsmanship Regularly use Member Cards & distribute Promo Cards

The team will: • Promote sponsor on website, team promotions, and in all press releases highlighting community involvement, clinics, race results, photos and human interest stories. • Provide banner, tent and table - with sponsor logos - at targeted races, rides and events. • Provide advertising space and design for sponsor promotions in newsletters, and on website. Blue Sky Velo is a cycling team consisting of 125 members riding bikes year-round through Training, Racing & Participating in Cycling Events, Road Races, Mountain Bike Races, Triathlons & Ironman Races, Endurance Races, Cyclocross Races and even racing on skiis in the winter at Skate Skiing Races

To Grow and To Succeed, We Need Your Sponsorship. To Sponsor Blue Sky Velo, Contact: Jeremy Duerksen • 303.437.9652 •

Why Sponsor Cycling? Cycling is one of the few sports which fully embraces corporate sponsorship. Team uniforms display the brand of your corporation throughout the entire year. As a result of the athletes’ training and racing schedule, your brand is not just a static medium; thus they return a higher impression and retention value. Since cycling is a lifelong activity, which appeals to children, families and adults, it reaches a broad audience that goes beyond traditional demographics. Cycling offers its fans and participants a healthy, environmentally sound and technologically innovative sport that is results driven. Bicycle Riding is a $3.5 billion industry in the US and is the 8th most popular sport with 35.6 million people. * SOURCES: National Sporting Goods Association, Mt Prospect IL 60056 847.296 NSGA FAX: 847.391.9827 CNN Factoid, 21 Nov. 1997

Why Boulder County, Colorado? Outdoor Magazine - “Best ‘All-Around’ Outside Town 2006” • Runner’s World - “Best Running City” • Self - “Thinnest City in America” • Health - “10 Fittest Cities” • Outside - “Best place to be an Uberjock” • Shape - No. 2 ranking in “Fittest City” • Sunset - “The West’s Best City” • Forbes - No. 4 ranking in “Best Places” 59% of the market is between 25 and 54 years old. 78,700 use health clubs and take fitness classes. 66,300 (66%) have household incomes of $75,000+. 85% of the market are professionals. And, 28,300 adults purchased a bicycle within the last 12 months. Base: 197,900 adults in the Boulder-Broomfield market. Source: Wilkins Research, 2006.

Why Blue Sky Velo? You will see Blue Sky Velo cyclists everywhere! 125 active members (2007) - 40 on the road; 27 doing triathlons, 8 racing cyclocross bikes, 10 racing mountain bikes and the rest just riding for fun. Blue Sky Velo cyclists are your ideal consumer demographic • 34 average age (oldest = 72; youngest = 14) • 30% female 53% male • 80% have professional careers • 58% report household income of $75,000+ • 80% regularly use a health club & 52% purchased a bike last year You will read news reports, see photos and hear many good things: • 306 Top 10 race finishes (last 24 months) • Articles written in Daily Times-Call, Daily Camera, USA Cycling • Weekly email newsletters delivered to 150+ recipients • Frequently visited website:

and, by the way...

Cycling Isn’t Cheap Racing Expenses (estimate per rider) • • • • • •

Licenses Coach/Training Clothing Equipment Travel Racing Fees

12 mo. estimate per rider

To Sponsor Blue Sky Velo, Contact: Jeremy Duerksen • 303.437.9652 •

$100 $2,500 $500 $1,000 $1,000 $500 $5,600

Snapshot of the Team 124 Team Members (65% race; 35% club). Over 306 Top 10 Finishes (last 24 months). Racing, Riding and/or Skiing Year-Round all across New Mexico, Wyoming and of course, Colorado. See more results and stories at

Road Racing


• Season = March - Sept • 40+ racers, 11 categories • 83 top 10 finishes

• Season = April - Oct • 27+ racers, 6 categories • 22 top 10 finishes

• 71 yr old Eleanor Hamre won 3 gold medals and 1 silver at the ‘07 Senior Games in Louisville, Ky. Eleanor was also crowned Colorado State SW 65+ Champion for Road & TT and won 1st at Mt. Evans • Lee Gerakos 2nd place at the Dillon Criterium

• Michael Starck placed Top 10 in 5 Triathlons & 1st in the 40-44 age Xterra Crested Butte

Mountain Bike • Season = May - Sept • 10+ racers, 19 categories • 47 top 10 finishes • Michael Madigan placed Top 10 in 4 endurance races • Drake Madigan 1st place overall - Juniors - Bldr Short Track series • Sasha Millhous 2nd place overall - Women’s B’s Bldr Short Track series • Mike Bernhardt 1st place overall - Men’s B’s - Bldr Short Track series

Cyclocross • Season = Sept. - Dec. • 8+ racers, 5 categories • Valerie DuMond won ACA Best Cross Rider (Women’s 35+) with 13 Top 10’s

Club • Season = Year-Round • 44+ club riders • 2 - 3 group rides/week Community Rides/Events • Elephant Rock • Triple Bypass • Sunrise Century • BMA Trail Building • Buffalo Bicycle Classic • Denver Moolight Classic • Boulder Urban Assault • Trips for Kids

To Sponsor Blue Sky Velo, Contact: Jeremy Duerksen • 303.437.9652 •

2008 - 2009 Sponsorship Commitment All commitments are ‘per year’ for a minimum of 2 years and All Sponsorship Levels Include the Following: • Logos on website, newsletter, email newsletter, banner to be displayed at events, and all marketing products. (Size and placement of logo will vary depending on level of commitment). • Discount or promotion on team member cards and on cards which members distribute to promote the team • Opportunity to display product at events • Other opportunities available depending on your particular business needs - we want to work with you to ensure this partnership is successful for all involved!

Carbon Fiber Sponsor – $10,000 per year • Becomes team name: Blue Sky Velo presented by “_____”. • Prominently displayed on team clothing

Titanium Sponsor – $5,000 per year • Secondary logo displayed on team clothing.

Aluminium Sponsor – $1,000 per year • Logo displayed on team clothing.

Steel Sponsor – $500 per year or product donation

Regardless of Sponsorship Amount,

Donations will be Utilized as follows: • • • • •

Event Promotion Development Race Expenses Equipment Community Involvement

20% 20% 20% 20% 20%

or, donation may be earmarked as requested

How will your Sponsorship Donation be Implemented? Each sub-team of Blue Sky Velo (example: Triathletes or Cyclocross racers) will be provided an equal share of 2008/2009 sponsorship donations. Each sub-team is represented by a Captain who, with the input of their team, will submit a proposal for how their portion of the donations will be used. The Board of Directors approve the proposals and oversee the implementation. Examples of successful proposals previously implemented include: • 6 weeks of pre-season professional coaching for the entire Cyclocross team • Entry fees and travel to the 2006 National Cyclocross Championships for top two women • Money to refurbish road bikes for Junior team members

Thanks to our 2006/2007 Blue Sky Velo Sponsors: Blue Sky Cycles, Keymark Enterprises, JoCo Fitness Consulting, Training Peaks, Pump House Brewery, Longmont Athletic Club, Ziggi’s Coffee House, Sugoi, Edward Jones Investments, The Optical Centre, Jade Mountain Health. Please see to learn about these great businesses. A special thanks to Ron’s Printing for printing this brochure. To Sponsor Blue Sky Velo, Contact: Jeremy Duerksen • 303.437.9652 •


Year-Round Branding • Healthy Lifestyle Affiliation • Print, Online & On-Site Promotions Community Involvement • Guerilla Sales force of...