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Fingerspelling & Numbers: T he Native Way! Miriam Morrow, CDI WWW.DEAFBLINDTIP.COM Do not copy or distribute without permission from DB-TIP

NO bouncing!

Just go SMOOTH

Lisa Harold

Lisa H.

239 F lora Ave

46 Waverly St

40 Opal Rd

52 Valley Rd


T hink as a whole

Facial expression still exists




Warm- up Choose one 3-4 letter word





Handshapes – Bob – Eve – Ann

Pat Liz John

Question for you How was the sign for “dog” invented?

Own cool Style

bank fun sale

did hurt burn

John buzz pizza

drunk wow haha

what when fix

job back junk

eek fax early

too bad No good

Activity! Own did drunk job Cool hurt wow back Style burn haha junk Bank John what eek Fun buzz when fax Sale pizza fix early Too bad no good

Double letters Pizza Ann Janne Ball Jennifer Burritto Larry Dull Polly Jeff

Same or different? OBSERVE MM

How to practice?

Glenn Chris April Jeffrey Drew Beth Greg Quinn Jane Judy Phillip Stanley

Activity! Create your own 4-5 letter name in your mind. Tell people your first initial only. People are allowed to guess up to 5 times. You win if you guessed 5 names correctly.

Abbreviation –Company –Domestic

partner –Overtime –Refrigerator –Apartment

Activity! Split into groups

Abbreviation Fla Ga Conn SC Vt NC Minn KY NYC LI Wisc NJ

Wyo NC NM ND Tenn Mass SD Md Pa LA RI KS MO ILL Va NH Mich DC

Quiz Time! Mississippi

Quiz #2 Go Fish

Here is your link:



Basic Number Rules Cardinals vs. Ordinals • Front: time, age, year, address, ph #, money, weeks • Back: counting numbers, months ·        67,68, 69, 78, 79, 89 ·        22, 33, 44, 55, etc ·        101-109 vs. 110 and up ·        1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc (same as $) ·        year (2000-2009 vs. 2010 and up) hundreds, thousands, millions, billions

Money Money – Dollars & Cents • –

$1-$9 vs. $10 and up $1.01-$1.09 vs. $1.10 and up

• –

$3.50 vs. $11.50

Bingo (B: 1-15, I: 16-30, N: 31-45, G: 46-60, O: 61-75

N-42 N-40 O-74 B-10 I-29 B-1

B-15 I-30

O-70 G-49

O-68 O-61 G-58 I-26 I-17 I-25


O-73 G-52 B-3

G-47 G-51 N-32 O-67 N-33 N-44 B-2


B-12 B-13 O-63 G-48 O-69 O-66 I-18 I-23 I-21


G-46 B-9

G-60 G-59 N-39 O-62

Time 1:05 2:10 3:15 4:20

5:25 6:30 7:35 8:40

9:45 10:50 11:55 12:00

TME TO PRACTICE! • • • • • • •

What time did this workshop start? What time will the workshop finish? What time do you get up? What time do you start work? What time you finish work? What time do you eat dinner? What time do you go to bed?

ACTIVITY PRACTICE · · · · · · · · ·

first name in alphabetical order last name in alphabetical order height number of brothers and sisters number of children birthday age years they have worked at their present job amount of change in their pocket


y o u

Fingerspelling & numbers the native way!  
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