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LexisNexis News and Business

LexisNexis News and Business LexisNexis News and Business is a global news and business information service. There are two ways of getting stand alone off-campus access: 1) Search Nexis UK News in WebFeat, view a result and click the search tab in Nexis UK News or 2) contact the Library for a user name and password and click the Nexis UK News link.

Accessing LexisNexis News and Business 1. Via your MyAthens account You can access your MyAthens account via the Library website eLibrary page by clicking on the MyAthens icon or by going directly on MyAthens’ website available at:

2. Via the ‘Search electronic resources’ search tool on the Library website a. Click on the ‘Advanced Search’ icon b. Click on the ‘databases’ button. c. Click on the link to ‘LexisNexis Academic news’ on the database list.

Login screen on the Library e-Library page

Searching LexisNexis News and Business

TIP: Use the ‘Help’ button to access online tutorials and get further information on how to use LexisNexis efficiently.

1. General Searching Easy Search: enter words or phrases related to your subject in the Enter Search Terms field. The sources have been pre-selected for you. Simply choose a relevant category and date range and select the Search button. Power Search: For more advanced searching, the Power Search form lets you enter a search using terms and connectors. Use this page when you are searching on an unfamiliar topic or need to search a variety of sources. 2. Category Searching To search in a particular type of information, such as News or Companies. 3. News Searching To search for news, use the News form by selecting News from the Search tab. 4. Company Searching Use the Companies form to retrieve corporate information and financial reports about a company. If you do not know the exact name of a company, you can use the Company name look-up feature to find it.

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LexisNexis - News and Business  

Getting started with Lexis Nexis News

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