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Writing as a Tool for Thinking, Research as a Tool for Writing Strand

WHEN AM I GOING TO USE THIS? This can be used at any time in any class. Seriously Examples: The Great Gatsby  Prose  Poem

WHAT TO KEEP IN MIND Real-World Discourses “Which purposes will retain the most value to our students after they leave the school system? What kind of writing do we want our students to be doing ten, twenty, or thirty years from now?” (Gallagher, 2009, p. 9)

Teacher and Real-World Models We must be at risk as much as they are

WRITING NEXT Showcases 11 Key Elements of Adolescent Writing Instruction  Each is given an “effect size”  These are cumulative  The approach today:  Writing Strategies (.82)  Summarization (.82)  Specific Product Goals (.70)  Pre-Writing (.32)  Process Writing Approach (.32)  Study of Models (.25)


“Flexibility is now perhaps the most prized goal of writing instruction” (Graham & Perin, 2007)

MENTOR OR MODEL? Mentor Text: A piece written by a professional students use to develop their own writing skills ď‚­Rhetorical Analysis

Model Text: A piece written for or in front of students to show students how to do something in the writing process ď‚­Guided Practice

THE BABYPROOFER – MENTOR TEXT Breaking into the Text  Reading it aloud for enjoyment – Performative Reading

Beginning to Analyze  One paragraph

Applying the Process  Pulling the Traits

Practice, Practice, Practice  It makes permanent

THE BABYPROOFER – ANALYSIS SAMPLE Excerpt There’s a dead baby, he said, not a foot in the door, re the staircase. Then in a bouncing gesture along the baseboard: Dead baby, dead baby, dead baby . . . What is that? What, that penny? Dead baby. Our poor baby died so many times during that initial consultation: 187, according to the babyproofer’s written assessment; it seemed like more. Dead baby in the toilet. Dead baby down the disposal. Dead baby with my scissors plunged into his carotid artery.


 Repetition: Emphasis on the words “Dead baby”

 Dialogue: Using the dialogue to tell the story rather than narrating the event  Allusion: 187 = police code for murder; made popular by Samuel L. Jackson film  Detail: Increasing horror of the dead baby deaths

DON'T FORGET THE VISUAL TEXT Having the original source material (complete with visuals) provides the opportunity to analyze visual texts.

LEONARD PITTS EDITORIAL Sometimes, the earth is cruel.

ď‚­Same process ď‚­Warm-up Activity

That is ultimately the fundamental lesson here, as children wail, families sleep out of doors, and the dead lie unclaimed in the rubble that once was Port-auPrince, Haiti. Sometimes the rains fall and will not stop. Sometimes the skies turn barren and will not rain. Sometimes the seas rise and smack the shoreline like a fist. Sometimes the wind bullies the land. And sometimes, the land rattles and heaves and splits itself in two. Sometimes, the earth is cruel. And always, when it is, we do the same thing. We dig ourselves out. We weep and mourn, we recover and memorialize the dead, we rebuild our homes. And we go on. This is the price of being human. And also, arguably, the noblest expression. Sometimes, the earth is cruel, and you have no choice but to accept that as part of the bargain called life. And when it is your turn to deal with it, you do.

But what if it's always your turn?

This is how it is done, kids.

Thanks, Mr. Author!


Well-Versed in Modeling Chris Spencer, North Stafford High School

METHODS Found Poetry Mentor Poems

FOUND POETRY Found in poems from class Prose from class Something from outside Films Songs – Mash-ups Other Classes

MENTOR POETRY “My Number” by Billy Collins Used in Standard English 11 Student turned conceit about death on head No teacher intervention

“MY NUMBER� Is Death miles away from this house,

Or is he stepping from a black car

reaching for a widow in Cincinnati

parked at the dark end of the lane,

or breathing down the neck of a lost hiker in British Columbia? Is he too busy making arrangements,

shaking open the familiar cloak, its hood raised like the head of a crow, and removing the scythe from the trunk?

tampering with air brakes, scattering cancer cells like seeds, loosening the wooden beams of roller coasters to bother with my hidden cottage that visitors find so hard to find?

Did you have any trouble with the directions? I will ask, as I start talking my way out of this.



Modeling the Exploratory Process

CGS CULMINATING PROCESS Develop a Question Gather and Evaluate Sources Develop Useful Notes Develop a Literature Schematic Develop a Literature Review Develop a Product Present and Defend Research

WHO IS DOING THIS? 14-18 Years Old High School

Gifted, Talented, and Highly-Motivated

WHAT IS BEING DONE? Students are using sources to develop: A High Quality Literature Review A Product

WORKS CITED Gallagher, K. (2009). Write like this: Teaching real-world writing through modeling &

mentor texts. Portland, ME: Stenhouse. Graham, S. & Perin, D. (2007). Writing next: Effective strategies to improve writing of adolescents in middle and high schools. New York, NY: Alliance for Excellent Education.

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Thank You! Daniel A. Bruno, M.Ed., NBCT @HSMatters

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