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Independent Film Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You


by Gabrielle Pantalena

t is hardly a secret that Wilmington is a comfortable home to the film industry. After all, the EUE Screen Gems Studio is the largest T.V. and movie production studio in the U.S. outside of California. Wilmington is no stranger to the silver screen, as smash television hits “Dawson’s Creek,” “One Tree Hill,” and, most recently, NBC’s “Revolution” are quick to prove. But what many may not be aware of is Wilmington’s strong ties to the independent film industry. Since 1994, the Cucalorus Festival of Independent Film has been held in Historic Downtown Wilmington, drawing visitors from across the world to join together for the simple love of filmmaking. Founded by members of a filmmaking collective called TwinkleDoon, the Festival began as sixteen local films open for viewing at a restaurant downtown. Directed by Dan Brawley since 1999, the Cucalorus has grown to incorporate over 100 independent films over a four-day span every 4•

Nov Dec 2012

November. In many ways, Cucalorus reflects and emulates the ideal aspects of the Wilmington community and, just as the quirky name may suggest, the Cucalorus Film Festival is anything but average. Despite its irregularities (or perhaps because of them), this homegrown film festival has found its niche in filmmaking society and has been highlighted again and again as a film festival worth watching. The Brooks Institute put Cucalorus at number nine on their list of “Top 10 Film Festivals in the United States,” placing Cucalorus on the map next to big-name festivals like the Sundance, Tribeca, and New York Film Festivals. The July 2009 edition of Movie Maker Magazine put Cucalorus on the list of “25 Coolest Film Festivals.” In 2006, Time Magazine dubbed Cucalorus a “Film Festival For the Rest of Us.” Time Magazine is right: that is exactly what Cucalorus is. Its laidback atmosphere and lack of competition brings filmmakers and moviegoers together to forget the cutthroat atmosphere of Hollywood, and to revel in the beauty and genius of film.

“The festival is an opportunity for artists to engage with each other, and for artists to connect with the audience in a more intimate setting,” Brawley says. This year, from November 8th to November 11th, the Cucalorus Film Festival will once again be hitting downtown, utilizing spaces such as the City Stage Theater, Thalian Hall, Screen Gems Studios, the Soapbox, and the headquarters at Jengo’s Playhouse. Cucalorus director Dan Brawley believes that one of the biggest advantages to these spaces reflects one of Cucalorus’s most unique qualities, and that is the encouragement of the relationship between the filmmaker and the audience. “The festival is an opportunity for artists to engage with each other, and for artists to connect with the audience in a more intimate setting,” Brawley says. It was with this in mind that the founders of Cucalorus decided against giving awards. Brawley continues, “There’s something about the tension that comes with competition that prevents people from connecting with one another on a certain level.” This connection, and the building of a relationship and community of artists, is at the heart of Cucalorus’s mission. Brawley calls it a “participatory, retreat-style celebration,” which “provides something that’s not really out there.” For four days of the year, Cucalorus has a huge impact on the Wilmington independent film community, and the overall community itself, but it is the Port City that provides the perfect backdrop for this grassroots organization. Brawley says, “The artists make a temporary community of creative individuals who get together and make their home in Wilmington,” and with over 1200 film submissions, 170 films, and a smattering of international participants, Cucalorus is certainly a diverse community. Being able to utilize the resources of Wilmington, especially its ties to the film industry’s vast resources and tools, will allow Wilmington to become what Brawley hopes it to be “a center for independent filmmaking,” playing a role in “informing the next generation of independent filmmakers.”

Brawley draws the comparison between Cucalorus and Wilmington in that “Cucalorus is a lot like Wilmington— it’s a couple of different populations, a couple of different groups of people.” He adds that while much of Cucalorus’s participants are indeed young artists and film enthusiasts, “a lot of the audience of Cucalorus is retired people, who are really engaged in their communities,” and there’s “a really nice inter-generational mix.” Just as Wilmington is an eclectic community of different groups of people who exist side-by-side, so is Cucalorus. To Brawley, one of the most valuable aspects of the festival is that “everybody’s on the same level,” and that no one filmmaker is considered above another. All participants are thought of as equally talented and qualified, with voices that should be heard. Above all, Brawley wants to encourage the average Wilmington resident to come and experience Cucalorus. “It’s a lot of fun!” he says. “The films are better than what’s playing at Carmike or Mayfaire.” And, best of all, “there’s a little bit of something for everybody.” With over 170 films, about fifty of which are feature-length, and 120 shorts and music videos, it would be impossible not to find something to enjoy. “On the one hand, there’s a quirky, indie, romantic comedy, and on the other hand, we’re showing a sweeping period drama from Denmark,” Brawley says. He does caution against limiting the festivalgoer to just one film, however, and he likens participation to going to an art museum and seeing only one painting. “If you see just one film, you haven’t really attended the festival. You want to get a little bit of the whole experience.” For more information about how to purchase passes, as well as news and updates about the films and other general information about Cucalorus, visit, or visit the festival’s Facebook and Twitter pages, at www. and •

Nov Dec 2012


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Nov Dec 2012


This edition’s cover art features “Wilmington Steeples” by artist Brue Bowman. Bruce, born in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, relocated to Wilmington after attending NCSU School of Design and is now partner in the firm Bowman Murray Hemingway Architects located in downtown Wilmington. His architectural training is evident in his painting style, and subject matter. Bruce’s expressionist style incorporates distorted perspective, bright complimentary colors, and geometric simplification with subject matter consisting of buildingscapes and interiors. The application of oil paint utilizes a wet on wet technique and crisp geometric line work applied with palate knives. The often striking images draw the attention of the viewer through perspective play while placing them into the scene. The paintings attempt to illustrate the essence of a place or the artist’s perception of that place through his own experience. Bruce’s architectural portfolio includes the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort and the New Hanover County Judicial Building (Cobb Annex) which bears a stained glass mosaic in the plaza created by the artist. The artist’s work may be seen at New Elements Gallery located at Second and Princess Streets in downtown Wilmington.

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32 Gardening—Color in the Winter Garden

34 Health—Alternatives for Steroids for Pain 35 Island of Lights and Flotilla


Nov Dec 2012


economics forecast


By Vincent J. Truglia

World Growth Is Slowing

orld growth is slowing, but the US remains the one major bright spot. Why is this happening? What dangers lie ahead?

Europe What was meant to solidify Europe has brought it to the breaking point. I am not a fan of the Eurozone. No matter what your view regarding the long-term outlook for the euro, one thing is clear: it is causing recessions in many countries. It has gotten so bad in periphery countries that the question no longer is, “How much they will grow?” Rather it is, “How fast will their economies contract?” China Chinese growth is also slowing, although at above 7%, it is still enviable by world standards. However, for China, growth needs to remain high if the country is to avoid political unrest. China still has a large rural population, which needs to be absorbed into the modern sector. Growth in excess of 7.5% is a minimum requirement. However, increasing exports is no longer the answer. The world simply cannot provide ever-growing markets for Chinese goods. 8•

Nov Dec 2012


Emerging Markets Other emerging market (EM) economies are also slowing. This is not surprising. In recent years, Chinese growth has provided important markets for EM countries. Chinese demand underpinned commodity prices, an important export component for most EM countries. Europe’s slowdown is also robbing EM countries of another source of demand. In the case of the US, although demand remains strong, since the US is slowly rebalancing its external sector, the US is not providing an adequate increase in demand to compensate for slowdowns in China and Europe. The US Why is the US the only bright spot? I believe there are four factors: 1) The US does not have a fiscal crisis (I will discuss the fiscal cliff below); 2) The Federal Reserve has a dual mandate; 3) Americans have accepted on-going real income declines; and, 4) US energy prospects have improved dramatically. The US has a medium-to-long-term fiscal problem, not a crisis. The Federal Reserve, unlike the ECB, is free to undertake monetary policies, which not only benefit price stability, but which also take into account their impact on the real economy. Despite over a decade of declining real incomes for most American families, people seem to have become resigned to it. Cheap energy, especially from natural gas, makes many US many

manufacturing industries competitive on a global basis for the first time in decades. This is explains why parts of the rust belt are witnessing a manufacturing renaissance. The Fiscal Cliff If the fiscal cliff is not dealt with promptly, the US will plunge into recession in the first half of 2013. I am hopeful the problem will be resolved relatively quickly next year. If not, US growth will temporarily slow. Slow Growth in 2013 I am not optimistic for the world economy in 2013. The European debt crisis will not be solved. China will experience growing economic malaise. Emerging market growth will slow further. Iran Iran is the wild card. Although in a minority, I believe the Iran nuclear issue will likely lead to military action next year, if not before then. I am hoping military action will be short-lived, and as such I remain optimistic about US growth. If military action drags on, the US will no longer be an economic bright spot. World growth would slow even more. Vincent J. Truglia has more than 34 years experience as an economist. At present, he is a Principal and Managing Director of Global Economic Research and Managing Director of Global Research at Granite Springs Asset Management, LLC. Vincent also headed the Sovereign Risk Unit at Moody’s Investor Service for a number of years.

B y r ya n m c c o m b s

Carolina Canines Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole —Roger Caras


wagging tail and a lick on the hand are everyday occurrences for those fortunate enough to have a dog. These loveable animals can be more than just house pets and members of the family. Dogs can be trained to be eyes for the blind, to be ears for those who cannot hear, to assist people in wheelchairs, and to sense and prepare for oncoming seizures. These are service dogs of the kind trained at “Carolina Canines” where dogs and their humans are prepared for special roles as service companions. The program was established on December 1, 1996 by Rick Hairston and was the first of its kind in Southeastern NC. Rick came to Wilmington with years of experience in training service dogs, and he wanted to give people in need the opportunity to have canine companions that would change their lives. Carolina Canines offers four programs that focus on the physical and emotional well being of the people who receive the dogs. Canines for Service allow trained volunteers to bring dogs into their own homes and to raise them for twenty-four months. While host volunteers are responsible for typical ownership costs, they can find sponsorships to assist in these expenses. Canines for Vets is a national program, which teaches military prisoners to train service dogs for wounded veterans. This is a program with a “Triple Win” model: rescuing shelter dogs, rehabilitating military prisoners, and enlivening wounded veterans. Canines for Vets dogs assist veterans who suffered mobility losses, and they help wounded vets with physical balance and daily tasks, such as pulling wheelchairs, pushing elevator buttons, and transferring money from their owner to cashiers. For a veteran suffering from PTSD, Canines for Vets dogs can sense anxiety based on perspiration and changes in breathing from their owners and immediately respond by distracting their owners with affection. Canines for Therapy allows people to bring in their own dogs to receive training and certification for assisted visitations in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, group homes, and treatment facilities. Canines for Literacy are therapy dogs that help children who have trouble reading in front of peers and assist in their communication skills because children are often more at ease with dogs. Therapy dogs can help with the communication barrier that many special needs students have due to their innate interest in the dogs and the calm demeanor these trained dogs bring to a successful bond. Carolina Canines is always looking for volunteers, donations, and sponsors. Dog training has an estimated value of $40,000

per animal and is donated by Carolina Canines. They have given $6.2 million in services to the community since 1996. There are 32 million disabled adults in the U.S. alone and 5 million disabled children. Cases of children with intellectual disabilities are on the rise as well, so there is a high demand for these trained companions. There are many opportunities to get involved; any type of contribution is helpful. On March 23, 2013, Carolina Canines will sponsor Walk – Wilmington in Hugh MacRae Park. If you are interested in getting involved, or for more information, email

theatres Amuzu Theater

Plays from ll Productions and concerts by Circle Entertainment. 111 N. Howe St., Southport 910-540-2801 Brown Coat Pub & Theater

Home to Guerilla Theater. Production varies. Plays, music, open-mike comedy night and more. 111 Grace St. 910-612-1018 Brunswick Little Theater

Plays and musicals are performed regularly at Odell William Auditorium at Brunswick Community College. US Rte 17 800-754-1050 ext. 7416 www.brunswicklittletheater. com Cape Fear Playhouse

Home to Big Dawg Production. Fine comedy and drama. 613 Castle St. 910-341-7228 City Stage Theater & Level 5 at City Stage

A 1914 theater once owned by actor Dennis Hopper. Musicals and comedy. Rooftop bar. 21 N. Front St. 910-342-0272 Greenfield Lake Amphitheater

Open-air facility on Greenfield Lake host plays, concerts and other events. 1941 Amphitheater Drive 910-341-3237 Hannah Block Historic USO

AKA-Community Arts Center. Plays, concerts and art class facility, auditions and rehearsals. 120 S. 2nd St. 910-341-7860

Kenan Auditorium at UNCW

UNCW Campus. Theater and music. Home to the Wilmington Symphony. 601 S.College Rd. 910-762-4234 Minnie Evans Art Center

Named after famed artist. Plays, concerts and lectures. 555 Halyburton Memorial Pkwy. 910-790-2360 ext. 821 www.catherine.brumm@nhcs. net Opera House Theater Company

25th year. Produces top notch plays and musicals at Thalian Hall 310 Chestnut St. 910-762-4234 Play House 211

Home to Cape Fear Repertory Company. Plays and Concerts. 4320 Southport Supply Blvd. Suite 1 St. James 910-200-7785 The Red Barn Studio Theater

Founded, owned & operated by Linda Lavin and husband Steve Bakunas. Plays. 1122 S. Third St. 910-762-0955 Thalian Hall Center for the Performing Arts

One of the oldest theaters in the US. Opened in 1858 and the crown jewel of Wilmington’s art community. All types of performances at the Main Stage, Studio Theater and Grand Ball Room. 310 Chestnut St. 800-523-2820


Nov Dec 2012


utilities Get The New Healthier Living™ Carpet Installation System With Any Installed Carpet Purchase At


Waste Management

Progress Energy Carolinas



Cable Providers



Piedmont Natural Gas

Charter Communications



Water & Sewer Cape Fear Public Utility Authority

910- -6550


Healthier Living Carpet Installation System



Residents within Wilmington city Limits: Solid Waste Mgmt Dept

• Offers a superior level of care and health benefits for your family

• Hypo-allergenic and 100% recyclable antimicrobial premium carpet cushion

• Minimizes allergens, dust, mold, and odors

• You – and the planet – can breathe easier

• Encourages better air quality in your home

Cape Fear Computer Center

910-392-7778 Charter Communications

Residents outside Wilmington city limits:

Windstream Communications


We promise you’ll love the way your new floor looks, or we’ll replace it – FREE!†



Waste Industries

We’ve Got The Prescription For A Healthier Home




Allergies? Want Carpet But Want To Minimize Dust, Mold, Mildew, And Irritants?



A-1 Sanitation Services


Time Warner Cable


Garbage &Trash Collection

Introducing The



800-600-5050 Road Runner High Speed

(Time Warner) 910-762-2337

Big South Auction & Antiques is now excepting consignments for their upcoming auctions please call

910.251.1038 3911 Market Street Wilmington, NC 28403

10 •

Nov Dec 2012





amily un b y J e s s i c a H e at h


he holiday season comes at the end of each year and, for most, this is the best time of the year. Everything is more festive and filled with fun for the family. Children love the holiday season because it is abundant with activities geared specifically for them. Aside from all of the construction-paper turkey making, ornament decorating, and holiday cookie eating, there are tons of things going on in and around the Wilmington area that can be enjoyed by children and their families If you and your family are looking to start the Christmas season with entertaining activities, be sure head over to the historic downtown Wilmington on November 23rd to participate in the two most important events leading up to Christmas. First, Santa arrives at the Front Street gate of the Cotton Exchange with his elves and will remain there every weekend until Christmas Eve, and on the same day there is the downtown Christmas tree lighting. Mr. and Mrs. Claus make a combined appearance at this event, and there will be music and caroling. One of the most captivating things to take part in this season is Enchanted Airlie. Taking place in the beautiful Airlie Gardens, this one-of-a-kind experience can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Holiday flowers and an exquisite light display surround guests as they enter the Airlie Gardens gates. Selfguided tours of the grounds are accompanied by live musical entertainment. The most unique (and definitely the kid’s favorite) part of Enchanted Airlie is the giant Lego arrangement. According to the event webpage, “Last year’s display was made up of over 250,000 bricks and set a record as the largest crowd to see a single LEGO display in the US!” A record-setting event like this one should not be missed. The children will love how their small toys come to life in a giant way. There is also

C o u rt e s y o f B a t t l e s h i p N o rt h C a ro l i n a

a large garden model train running for young rain enthusiasts. Enchanted Airlie runs every Thursday through Saturday from November 23rd to December 22nd, and there are two different show times each evening. Tickets must be pre-purchased, so hurry up and get them before they are all sold out. Information about Enchanted Airlie may be found at http://airliegardens. org/events/513/enchanted-airlie-5-7pm/. If you are looking for something educational to do this upcoming December, Battleship Alive is the perfect event to share with your children. Since 1997, the USS North Carolina has sponsored “Living History” weekends where interpreters bring the experience of being aboard the vessel to life. Guests are given insights into the daily routine of the crew and are even allowed to interact with the demonstrators. The event takes place on December 1st aboard the USS North Carolina located across from historic downtown Wilmington. If history isn’t all you are looking for this winter and you want your children to take in a little culture, visit the 14th Annual Festival Latino in Ogden Park on November 11th. This festival features food from all over Latin America, along with music and dancing. There will even be a children’s fiesta and a Mexican Hat Race. Your children can visit the many craft and information booths throughout the festival to learn more about Latin culture. A week earlier, there is also the 15th Annual Polish Festival that takes place on the 3rd of November at St. Stanislaus Catholic Church in Castle Hayne. Here the whole family can enjoy traditional Polish food and polka dancing. There will also be crafts, live and silent auctions, a raffle, and a variety of authentic Polish activities. Be sure to join in the community spirit and celebrate your holiday this year with some or all of the activities that make celebrating the season in Wilmington so special.


Nov Dec 2012

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By Richard Marquard

IT’S ABOUT TIME! “Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Ghandi

Amazing Soaps with Incredible Ingredients

Fall into Luxury Bedding

Experience the Feeling of Fun Sophistication


he home plays a keen role in the health, happiness, and well-being of those who journey within. Home is a reflection of who we are, and it greatly influences who we will be. How fortunate I was to have driven into Wilmington over 10 years ago and to have found a path (through Paysage Interiors) to actually live here! Like lots of people who find their way here, I was looking to connect with a place that had wonderful energy and an environment that suited my TIME of life. I took off my watch when I moved here and I have never put it back on because real and important time is not on the face of a watch. When we remember the most wonderful times in our lives, it’s the people and the venue we remember most clearly. The time we spend with loved ones and friends is framed by the things that are in our memories as the supporting cast: the weather, the smells, how we were feeling, the comfort of the room, and the taste of the food. Many of the elements that

12 •

Nov Dec 2012


play a big role in the memory of our lives are the things that we aren’t even conscious of experiencing. That’s where the interiors of our lives come into the conversation. Our homes serve as the backdrops of our lives, present and future. And if the time that we spend with friends and family is the most precious time we have, how can we make that time exceptionally improved by our surroundings? Here is a short list of the time essentials that can make the time that you spend in your homes more comfortable, livable, and memorable.

TIME with yourself:

Take some time to analyze how a room is used and who uses it. Function is always the leading construct for beginning a room’s design or layout. And as a caveat, start with ONE room at a time because an entire houseful of rooms can make

you over-wrought and crazed with anxiety! Ask questions like: Is there seating enough for everyone to be comfortable watching TV, reading, playing games together? Do you even play games as a family or group of friends? We had a client who insisted on having a game table in her house because she loved the look of a beautiful game table. But did she or her circle ever play games? NO! So that square footage was given to a larger seating area so everyone could be together. Seems simple, but sometimes we don’t know to ask the right questions. Do some soul searching about what style of furniture and design makes you happy. Study the subject in magazines, on TV shows, or in movies. Take notes on yourself. You may be surprised at what you learn about YOU and what you like. We all change with time and the Spanish Revival you loved as a young adult very likely isn’t who you are today! Interior designers specialize in analyzing space, and people and can cut through months of agonizing confusion with a few short hours of conversation because designers DO know the right questions to ask. Choose a firm that has experience, knowledge, and talent and can show you how and what they do. Connect with WHY they do what they do and determine whether or not that fits with WHY you want your house to become your home. And THEN they can help you make the very most of your space and your budget. Avoid the pitfall of domino mistakes: buying the wrong sofa, then buying a chair to fix the wrong sofa, then buying a lamp to fix the wrong

chair that fixed the wrong sofa, then buying a pillows to fix … you get the picture. Tell the designer about yourself, and they will apply their expertise and years of experience to give you the room that will make for years of happy living.

Take TIME with the budget:

Not everything has to be today. A good designer will help you set up a plan for your space. You can pick out every single thing that your room needs down to the lamps and rug. Then implement as your budget allows. Very few people can put together an entire house in one go. It’s better to buy the best that you can, one piece at a time, than to buy inferior quality at a low price that will be a piece of junk in a few years. If you buy an entire living room for $5,000 and it is falling apart in 3 years, you have wasted $5,000!!! Not a good investment. In short, TIME is everything. TIME is the stuff that makes up our lives, good and bad. So go out and spend some valuable TIME making your home the very best it can be for the TIME of you life! Richard with his wife Jane are the owners of Paysage, the decorating and design shop in Lumina Station. They are very open to answering any questions you may have. You may contact him or his wife at Paysage--Lumina Station 1908 Eastwood Road. 910-256-6050

John Friend

Mortgage Consultant NMLS# 114141 Phone 910-313-0045 Cell 910-264-3054 Email

Wendy Mitchell

Mortgage Consultant NMLS# 113082 Phone 910-313-0045 Cell 910-232-4164 Email

Ashley Ballard

Loan Processor Phone 910-313-0045

The Reputation You Trust. The Flexibility You Need. 4130 Oleander Drive, Suite 103 Wilmington, NC 28403


Nov Dec 2012

• 13

senior health care Valentine’s Day Specials & social services Dozen Red Roses910-458-6609

Autumn Care of Myrtle Grove

Katie B. Hines Senior Center

910-792-1455 5725 Carolina Beach Rd. Wilmington, NC 28412


*Britthaven Northchase

910-791-3451 3015 Enterprise Dr. Wilmington, NC 28405

308 Cape Fear Blvd. Carolina Beach, NC 28428 Lake Shore Commons

910-251-0067 1402 Hospital Plaza Dr. Wilmington, NC 28401

Roses and Lilies


*Britthaven of Wrightsville

910-256-3733 221 Summer Rest Rd. Wilmington, NC 28405

*Liberty Commons Nursing Center

910-452-4070 121 Racine Dr. Wilmington, NC 28403

Catering • Cakes •Weddings Florals • Rentals Exquisite

Cakes, Flowers, Catering, Rentals Jim Thomas



Mention this ad and receive a FREE bridal bouquet with the purchase of one of our packages.

Hanover County Social Services One DozenNewHand Dipped 910-798-3400 1650 Greenfield St. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Wilmington, NC 28402

Brightmore - Independent Living

910-350-1980 2324 41st St. Wilmington, NC 28403 www.brightmoreofwilmington. com


Clare Bridge of Wilmington default.aspx

*Pacifica Senior Living

910-790-8664 3501 Converse Dr. Wilmington, NC 28403

910-452-1114 2744 South 17th St. Wilmington, NC 28412 Visit at for

Cypress Pointe Rehab & Health Care

910-763-6271 2006 S. 16th St. Wilmington, NC 28401

other great specials. Plantation Village Mention this ad and receive a half dozen 910-686-7181 1200 Porters Neck Rd. of gourmet strawberries free with the Wilmington, 28411red roses. purchase of oneNC dozen

Davis Health Care Center - Champions Assisted Living

910-686-7195 1011 Porters Neck Rd. Wilmington, NC 28411

Social Security Administration

866-964-6227 or 800-772-1213 1528 S. 16th St. Wilmington, NC Senior Resource Center

*Elderhaus at the Lake

910-798-6400 2222 S. College Rd. Wilmington, NC AGNG/Pages/DeptInfo.aspx

910-343-8209 or 251-0660 1950 Amphitheater Dr. Wilmington, NC 28401 Glen Meade Village Apartments

Spring Arbor of Wilmington

910-762-8108 1518 Village Dr. Wilmington, NC 28401

910-799-4999 809 John D. Barry Dr. Wilmington, NC 28412

*Jensen’s Coastal Plantation

*Woods at Holly Tree

910-270-3520 133 Nandina Dr. Hampstead, NC 28443

910-793-1300 4610 Holly Tree Rd. Wilmington, NC 28409

Lloyd’s Sales & Storage


Open 7 Days A Week

• Fenced & Well Lighted • Units 5x5 to 10x25 • Roll Up Doors For Easy Access • Rent by the Month • Lock Your Space & Take the Key • Insurance Available •Residential & Commercial • Park & Upload at Your Door • Pest Control • We Sell Boxes & Moving Supplies

*Not a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Medicaid

Administered jointly by the federal government and the state, Medicaid pays medical bills for families with children, adults 65 and over, people who are sightless or otherwise disabled and pregnant mothers, who qualify economically. Social Security

The U.S. SSA handles Social Security issues like pension payments, as well as the Supplemental Security Income program. SSI makes payments, as well as the Supplemental Security Income program. SSI makes payments to qualifying adults or children who are disabled or blind with limited income and resources. Residents of New Hanover County who need help with Social Security, need a card, have lost their card or wish to apply for SSI benefits must visit the Social Security office, call, or go online.

14 •

Nov Dec 2012


FREE truck rental with initial move-in In-Town & One-Way Truck Rental


6505 Market Street

cooking By Chef Dean Bauer

Breaking Bread with Chef


The Uncomplicated and Delicious Way to a Gluten-free Life I have been a professional chef the majority of my life. Studying the changes and progression in culinary trends over the past decade has given me a new perspective on the passion with which I started my career: the impression of love that comes with serving people. Today healthy eating and new age diets well outweigh the need and demand for culinary traditions and classically trained French culinary chefs. What I want most for my family and for myself is an easier way to cook a familyfriendly, healthy, and nutritionally efficient meal. As I said, my goals in this industry have changed— sometimes daily over the years! Gluten-free has become a main focus in my life. I was privileged to marry my wife Elena and to expand our family with the birth of a beautiful baby girl three years ago. Both my wife and my daughter suffer from celiac sprue disease, a gluten intolerant autoimmune disease, which affects 3,000,000 people with a growing number per day. ( The passionate need and knowledge for me is obvious, gluten-free is a lifestyle. My wife and daughter have need a diet that is unprocessed, healthy, and uncomplicated. A glutenfree diet can be very simple, but to say that “gluten free” is an understudied cuisine is an understatement. Gluten-free eating is healthy, light, fresh, and abundant in nutrient rich ingredients. I hold my family’s diet to a regimen of grilled lean meat, fish, fresh vegetables, grains and rice, legumes, and overall non-processed food. As things stand now, a cheeseburger from the local “fast food joint” costs about $1.00, and a fresh garden salad costs an amazing $3.95. I was surprised to learn that I could buy processed food from the store, create a meal of chicken potatoes and vegetables for my family, and every single item contains gluten in some way, shape, or form. I knew it was time to look for a better option. Given the foods commonly consumed, It's almost too obvious why celiac sprue (gluten intolerance) and other diseases are on the rise. In this article I will address my way of cooking for my two greatest fans. It should be simple, straightforward, and certainly not over-thought. I will address what many gluten-free people miss out on daily a delicious way to end your meal. Desserts!

Wild Berry Crepe with a White Chocolate Crème Fraiche (cultured whipped cream) For the crepe: 3 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla (gluten free) ½ cup milk ½ cup water ¼ teaspoon salt 3 tablespoon sugar 2 cups gluten free flour (stay away from fava bean flour…trust me!) 2 tablespoon unsalted butter For the berries: 1 cup asst berries ½ cup sugar Zest of 1 lime For the crème fraiche: 1 cup sour cream 1 cup whipped cream (gluten free) 1 tsp vanilla ½ cup powdered sugar ½ bar white chocolate (melted in microwave 10 seconds at a time, let cool) Directions: In a mixing bowl, whisk all ingredients for the crème fraiche. In another mixing bowl, mix all ingredients for the crepe, except for the flour & melted butter. Sift in flour, then drizzle and wisk in melted butter. (The batter should be slightly runnier than a classic pancake batter.) Heat on medium a non-stick sauté pan. Drizzle a small amount of butter, coat the pan well. Finally add 2-4oz batter, depending on how large a crepe you wish to make. Once you swirl the batter around the pan to the edges, set the bottom of the crepe (bubbling like a pancake), remove from stovetop and broil to finish top of the crepe for 30 seconds-1 minute. (If you are really brave, attempt an “omelet” flip and avoid the broiler.) Slide out of the pan onto a paper towel & let cool. Scoop 2 tbsp berries into center of the crepe, Roll tight and decorate with crème fraiche. Be creative and garnish with a mint sprig and/or powdered sugar. Make it spectacular, put some love into it! Remember, people who are gluten intolerant can’t just order chocolate cake! Spread the love, and break bread!

Dean Bauer has worked professionally as an Executive Chef for 10 years. He has been a chef at private country clubs and high-end restaurants. His background is in Contemporary American-Italian fare, but he has decided to move into classical island cuisine. He is currently the head chef at Havana’s Island Restaurant at 6722Wrightsville Ave. LIVING

Nov Dec 2012

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real estate

Up or Down?

Making Sense of Real Estate News


t seems like every day, sometimes multiple times per day, we hear conflicting reports and predictions about the real estate market. The news stories and press releases can come from varying sources such as economists, cable news channels, newspaper, real estate brokers, your neighbor, your father-inlaw…you get the picture. Right now there are as many outlooks as there are sources. I’ve always been a big fan of gathering as much data as possible and then trying to form my own educated opinion. So let me give you some facts about the residential real estate market today.

u Prices Prices today on average nationally are at the same levels as they were in 2003-2004. Keep in mind that this is an average …but it’s probably not off by much.

u Interest Rates Interest rates are in the range of 3.4% to 3.5 % as of this writing, which is incredibly low. The federal government has made it clear that they will do whatever they can to keep rates low through 2014 but this doesn’t always translate to mortgage rates.

u Cost of Ownership Home ownership is more affordable now than it has been since 1970! Values being at 2003 levels coupled with interest rates below 4.0% means that you, in most cases, can own a home for less than you could rent a similar property! How can you go wrong?

u Loans If you don’t have enough to purchase a home then you’ll need to get a mortgage loan. YES banks are lending money! Over 9000 mortgages are approved everyday in the United States. It can be tougher to get now than they used to be but it doesn’t mean you can’t get a loan. My main advice is that you talk to a qualified, reputable, local lender earlier on in the process. Since this is what I do all day every day, let me tell you what I am seeing in the market. 16 •

Nov Dec 2012


BY a s h l e y b . g a r n e r

• Many more homes are selling now than in recent years.

For example, in New Hanover County in September 2012 (last month) we sold 437 residential properties… the highest September since September of 2006!! • Average prices in New Hanover County are at the same levels now as they were in 2004-2005. • I have sold houses this year to clients who ended up paying less out of their pocket each month as owners than they paid as tenants…and some even borrowed 100% of the purchase price and had the seller pay the closing costs so they didn’t need ANY cash to buy the house! • High end properties are selling more now, too. Most of the time the high end buyer leads the way. These buyers tend to be very knowledgeable about the economy as a whole and the trends. They now see real estate as a very good place to put their money. • Financing is definitely is available even though it takes longer now to get it.

u Outlook The outlook is positive. Most studies show that real estate values will begin going up (appreciating) starting in 2013 (only 2 months away). The predictions are that the appreciation will be between 2 to 3% per year. That means that if you live in a home that is worth $300,000 at the end of 2012 it will be worth $309,000 at the end of 2013 and $318,270 at the end of 2014, etc. On average, 3 to 4% per year is normal around the Cape Fear region and we should return to that level by 2014 – 2015. Real estate is, and always has been, meant to be a long term investment. There is no question that owning real estate is the single best way to obtain true wealth.

u Summary We are in the midst of the recovery. The number of sales is increasing, increasing values will follow soon. If you are selling – price it right, make it look good and it will sell. If you are buying – contact your lender up front, be ready to jump on the house you like or it will be gone. If you are renting – buy now. If you want to wait until the “bottom” before you make a move…I am afraid you have already missed it….that is good news, by the way.

registration & licensing Driver’s Licenses 1 Station Road Wilmington, NC 28405 910-350-2005 or 2390 Carolina Beach Road Wilmington, NC 28401 910-251-5747

Birth & Death Certificates

Marriage Licenses

Automobile License Tags

216 N. Second St. 798-4350

2390 Carolina Beach Road South Square Plaza Wilmington, NC 28401 763-6752 or 13 South Kerr Avenue Wilmington, NC 28403 Market Plaza Shopping Ctr. 397-0277

Vehicle Inspection

This can be done at service stations throughout the community that display the official North Carolina inspection station sign.

216 N. Second St. 798-7758

We are a full collision repair facility

Voter Registration

When it comes to collision repair, we do it all.

Whatever make and model you have, and whether

Board of Elections 230 Government Center Dr, Suite 180 910-798-7330

Boat Licenses

800-628-3773 or 919-707-0398

Hunting & Fishing Licenses

For hunting and freshwater fishing: 919-707-0010 or For saltwater fishing: 800-682-2632 or

Pet Owners State law requires that all pets get a booster shot for Rabies within one year from the last date administered. All pet owners are required to register with Animal Control (180 Division Drive/910-798-7500). Wrightsville Beach residents should register pets at Wrightsville Beach Town Hall. No dogs are allowed outdoors without a leash unless they are in a fenced yard. No dogs are allowed on Wrightsville or Kure Beach from April 1 through September 30, with or without a leash. Remember to scoop after your dog or you will receive a fine. Year-round heartworm prevention is recommended.

your body repair needs are major or minor, you can rest easy knowing that you will receive the best in service and customer satisfaction.


numbers to know TOWNSHIPS Wilmington

Fire Department

Parks & Recreation

Fire Department



910- 341-7846

Police Department

Town Hall

New Comers Club




Parks & Recreation

Police Department


Kure Beach


Town Hall

Fire Department

Public Information



910-256-7900 Carolina Beach

Police Department

Parks & Recreation

Fire Department



Town Hall

Police Department


910-341-7855 Wrightsville Beach

• Cape Fear River at Fort Fisher, on U.S. 421 near ferry landing • Carolina Beach State Park, on State Park Road • Dram Tree Park, end of Castle St. • Federal Point-terminus of U.S. 421 near Fort Fisher • Greenfield Lake, West Lakeshore Drive • Intracoastal Waterway at Wrightsville Beach, north side of drawbridge • Intracoastal Waterway at Carolina Beach/Snow’s Cut, on east end of Snow’s Cut • Northeast Cape Fear River at Castle Hayne, on Orange St. just before the bridge • River Road Park, 6578 River Road, Wilmington • Sutton Lake Road, off U.S. 421 North • Trails End Road terminus, Wilmington

New Hanover County 910-798-7330 Emergency Management

Federal Point: Beginning from the intersection of U.S. 421 and K Ave. in Kure Beach, travel south on U.S. 421 3.7 miles to the end. The area will be located on the left at the pavement. Shallow-draft vessel recommended.


Pender County


Board of Elections

Brunswick County Board of Elections



Health Department

Brunswick Hospital



New Hanover Regional Hospital

Emergency Management



Cape Fear Hospital

Emergency Services



Parks Department

Parks Department



Sheriffs Department

Sheriff’s Department

910-798-4200 Social Services

910-798-3400 Fishing & Boating Access



Board of Elections

Boat Ramps

6101 A Market St. Wilmington NC 28405

Tax Office

910-798-7300 Visitor Information

910-253-2777 Social Services

910-253-2077 Tax Office


910-259-1220 Pender Hospital

910-259-5451 Emergency Management

910-259-1210 Parks Department 910259-1330 Sheriff’s Department

910-259-1212 Social Services

910-259-1240 Tax Office

910-259-1222 Tourism

(Pender Co) 888-576-4756 Visitors Information




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calendar of events

nov-dec 2012

Performing Arts




Outdoor Events & Festivals


Lectures & Literature

Thursday November 1st

sunday november 4th

William Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Little Shop of Horrors Browncoat Pub and Theater An Evening with Frank Vignola Thalian Hall Bald Head Island Nature Tour Bald Head Island Conservancy Cape Fear Fair and Expo Wilmington International Airport Lecture; The Business of Wine Osher Lifelong Learning Institute FREE Olive Oil Education & Tasting Class Taste the Olive Oil Fundraiser- Ladies on the Links Magnolia Green Golf Course Leland

Little Shop of Horrors Browncoat Pub and Theater Music and Comedy Cape Fear Playhouse Muder Mystery Comedy Theater Sneads Ferry Community Theater NC Symphony Concert: Mahler's Kenan Auditorium Horse drawn Wagon Rides Oakdale Cemetery FREE 4th Annual Cape Fear Kite Festival Shell Island Resort Little Explores Nature Program: Camouflage in Nature Halyburton Park

Beckwith Recital Hall UNCW Dorothy Meets Alice Playhouse 211 Theater Fundraiser- 10th Annual Willie Stargell Celebrity Golf Country Club of Landfall Fundraiser- The Vintage Event Brooklyn Arts Center Coastal Carolina Clay Guild Holiday Show & Sale Community Arts Center FREE Names Projest; Aids Memorial Quilt UNCW Warwick Center

Wednesday november 7th

Little Shop of Horrors Browncoat Pub and Theater 18th Annual Cucalorus Film Festival Various Locations Call 910-343-5995 Angles in America, Part 1: Millennium Approaches UNCW Cultural Arts Building The Hit Men in Concert Odell Williamson Auditorium Supply-Brunswick County Barry David Salwen. Piano Recital Beckwith Recital Hall Bald Island Nature Tour Bald Head Island Conservancy Reversing Your Auto Immunine Disease Part 2 Grub FREE Names Project; Aids Memorial Quilt UNCW Warwick Center

Live Standup Comedy – Mark Viera Nutt Street Bar & Comedy Club The Metropolitan Opera Live in HD – The Tempest UNCW Lumina Theater Little shop of Horrors Browncoat Pub and Theater 18th Annual Cucalorus Film Festival Various Locations Call 910-343-5995 Angles in America, Part 1: Millennium Approaches UNCW Cultural Arts Building Music and Comedy Cape Fear Playhouse Fundraiser- Golf Tournment Magnolia Greens Golf Course Leland FREE 14th Annual Festival Latino Ogden Park Dorothy Meets Alice Playhouse 211 Theater Fundraiser-10th Annual Willie Stargell Celebrity Golf Country Club of Landfall Fundraiser-Breathe Deep Wilmington Greenfield Lake Dance Lessons & Social Dance New Hanover Senior Center FREE Native American Artifact ID Day Cape Fear Community College FREE Names Projest; Aids Memorial Quilt UNCW Warwick Center

Friday november 9th

Sunday november 11th

Live Standup Comedy – Mark Viera Nutt Street Bar & Comedy Club Little Shop of Horrors Browncoat Pub and Theater 18th Annual Cucalorus Film Festival Various Locations Call 910-343-5995 Angles in America, Part 1: Millennium Approaches UNCW Cultural Arts Building Music and Comedy Cape Fear Playhouse

Little shop of Horrors Browncoat Pub and Theater 18th Annual Cucalorus Film Festival Various Locations Call 910-343-5995 Angles in America, Part 1: Millennium Approaches UNCW Cultural Arts Building Music and Comedy Cape Fear Playhouse Wilmington Symphony Orchestra Concert Kenan Auditorium UNCW UNCW Choirs Beckwith Recitial Hall UNCW

Friday November 2nd Compagine de Danse Jean-Rene Delsoin Kenan Auditorium Little Shop of Horrors Browncoat Pub and Theater Music and Comedy Cape Fear Playhouse Jazz at the Cam: Elemental Love Cameron Art Museum Travis Tritt in Concert Greenfield Lake Amphitheater Cape Fear Fair and Expo Wilmington International Airport Hubb's Corn Maze Hugh McRae Park Saturday november 3rd Little Shop of Horrors Browncoat Pub and Theater Music and Comedy Cape Fear Playhouse Murder Mystery Comedy Theater Snead Ferry Community Theater FREE 15th Annual Polish Festival St Stanislaus Church - Castle Hayne Cape Fear Fair and Expo Wilmington International Airport Truck-a-Roo Riverfront Park Super Saturday: Politics American Style Osher Lifelong Learning Institute FREE First Saturday Seminar Cape Fear River Watch Mindful Eating;Peace w/ Food Everyday Mindful FREE 4th Annual Cape Fear Kite Festival Shell Island Resort Legacy Farms Haunted House Halloween Legacy Farms Wallace, NC The Great Grinch Event Children’s Museum of Wilmington Women’s Basketball UNCW Vs.UNC Pembroke Trask Coliseum UNCW Men’s Basketball UNCW Vs.NC Wesleyan Trask Coliseum UNCW

18 •

Nov Dec 2012

Victor Wooten Band / Jimmy Herring Band Greenfield Lake Amphitheater Against Me! In Concert Brooklyn Arts Museum Spanish Wine Workshop Taste The Olive Snake & Turtle feeding Halyburton Park thursday november 8th

FREE Waterfront Music Series Nancy King, Soprano and Friends


Dorothy Meets Alice Playhouse 211 Theater Discover Science Day Children’s Museum Fundraiser-10th Annual Willie Stargell Celebrity Golf Country Club of Landfall Men’s Basketball UNCW Vs. UNC Ashville Trask Coliseum UNCW FREE Names Projest; Aids Memorial Quilt UNCW Warwick Center Monday november 12th

saturday november 10th The Imposter –Movie Cinematique - Thalian Hall Cleve Jones: The Power You have to Make a Difference UNCW Barney Center Life Long Learning Speaker Series: Osher Life Long Learning Institute FREE Lecture The Story of the Navajo Code Talkers Battleship NC Native American Art & Story Telling for Children Children’s Museum FREE Names Project; Aids Memorial Quilt UNCW Warwick Center tuesday november 13th The Imposter –Movie Cinematique - Thalian Hall UNCW Jazz Guitar Ensemble Beckwith Recital Hall UNCW Native American Art & Story Telling for Children Children’s Museum wednesday September 14th The Imposter –Movie Cinematique - Thalian Hall Wine Workshop Taste the Olive Native American Art & Story Telling for Children Children’s Museum FREE Names Project; Aids Memorial Quilt UNCW Warwick Center thursday november 15th Little Shop of Horrors Browncoat Pub and Theater Angles in America, Part 1: Millennium Approaches UNCW Cultural Arts Building Delta Rae in Concert Brooklyn Arts Center Bald Head Island Nature Tour Bald Head Island Conservancy Mason Inlet/ Wrightsville Beach Bird Hike Halyburton Park

Native American Art & Story Telling for Children Children’s Museum FREE Names Project; Aids Memorial Quilt UNCW Warwick Center FREE Admission Open House Friends School of Wilmington friday november 16th

Cinematique –Thalian Hall UNCW Percussion Ensemble Beckwith Recital Hall UNCW FREE Discussion – Wilm’s Yellow Fever Federal Point History Center Little Explorers Nature Program: Nocturnal Animals Halyburton Park

mas Thalian Hall Big Gigantic in Concert Brooklyn Arts Center Sweet Wines Workshop Taste the Oilve Women’s Basketball UNCW Vs. NC Central Trask Coliseum UNCW

Holiday Parade Downtown Wilmington-Front & Walnut St FREE Christmas Open House & Craft Fair Poplar Grove Plantation monday december 3rd Little Explorers Nature Program; Animal Armor Halyburton Park

thursday november 29th Little Shop of Horrors Browncoat Pub and Theater Live Standup: Andrew Schulz Nutt Street Bar & Comedy Club Angles in America, Part 1: Millennium Approaches UNCW Cultural Arts Building UNCW Jazz Combos Beckwith Recital Hall UNCW FREE 18th Annual Arts by the Shore Oak Island Recreation Center saturday november 17th Little Shop of Horrors Browncoat Pub and Theater Live Standup: Andrew Schuls Nutt Street Bar & Comedy Room Angles in America, Part 1: Millennium Approaches UNCW Cultural Arts Building Emile Pandolfi in Concert Thalian Hall Smokey Robinson in Concert Trask Coliseum UNCW FREE Tidewater Camellia Club Fall Show & Sale New Hanover County Arboretum FREE 18th Annual Arts by the Shore Oak Island Recreation Center Fundraiser-2nd Annual NC Surf to Sound Challenge Blockade Runner Beach Resort Cape Fear River Watch Paddle Series Cape Fear River Watch Tri-County Amateur Golf Championship Cape Fear National Course FREE 10th Annual Art for the Masses UNCW Burney & Warwick Centers sunday november 18th Angles in America, Part 1: Millennium Approaches UNCW Cultural Arts Building Cape Fear Choral Fall Concert Grace Methodist Church FREE 18th Annual Arts by the Shore Oak Island Recreation Center Wilmington Symphony Youth Orchestra Kenan Auditorium UNCW Tri-County Amateur Golf Championship Cape Fear National Course

tuesday november 20th tuesday december 4th

The Intouchables – Movie Cinematique –Thallan Hall Little Explorers Nature Program: Nocturnal Animals Halyburton Park Cape fear Camera Club Meeting C F C College Bldg S, Rm. 002

It’s A Wonderful Life Cape Fear Playhouse The Music of Bill Monroe Kenan Auditorium Bald Head Island Nature Tour Bald Head Island Conservancy Enchanted Airlie Airlie Gardens

wednesday november 21st

Friday november 30th

The Intouchables – Movie Cinematique –Thallan Hall

Lie Standup: Maronzio Vance Nutt Street Bar & Comedy Club It’s A Wonderful Life Cape Fear Playhouse The Swing Sister; America’s 1940’s USO Christmas Show Odell Auditorium, Supply, Brunswick Co. UNCW Big Band and Little Big Band Beckwith Recital Hall Passion Pit in Concert Battleship Park FREE Island of Lights Festival; Christmas Parade Carolina Beach Lake Park Enchanted Airlie Airlie Gardens

thursday november 22nd Fundraiser- Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity 2012 Turkey Trot Wrightsville Beach Park Enchanted Airlie Airlie Gardens Gallop for the Gravy 5K Wilmington Family YMCA friday november 23rd Dinner Theater: A Christmas Carol Theatre NOW FREE Island of Lights Festival; Lighting at the Beach Carolina Beach Lake Park FREE Downtown Christmas Tree Lighting Riverfront Park Enchanted Airlie Airlie Gardens FREE Santa Arrives Cotton Exchange FREE 4th Friday Gallery Night Various Venues CALL 910-620-2047 saturday november 24th Dinner Theater: A Christmas Carol Theatre NOW Enchanted Airlie Airlie Gardens Wrightsville Beach-Banks Channel Men’s Basketball Nations Of Coaches Classic Trask Coliseum FREE 29th Annual North Carolina Holiday Floatilla Wrightsville Beach Banks Channel Wilmington Art & Craft Show Wilmington Convention Center sunday november 25th Wilmington Art & Craft Show Wilmington Convention Center

monday november 19th

wednesday november 28th

The Intouchables – Movie

Cherish the Ladies; Celtic Christ-

Little Expolrers Nature Program; Animal Armor Halyburton Park wednesday december 5th Men’s Basketball-UNCW Vs Coker Trask Coliseum Women’s Basketball UNCW Vs. Charlotte Trask Coliseum UNCW thursday december 6th It’s A Wonderful Life Cape Fear Playhouse Miracle on 34th Street: The Musical Thalian Hall Bald Head Island Nature Tour Bald Head Island Conservancy Enchanted Airlie Airlie Gardens Reversing Your Auto Immune Disease part 3 Grub

saturDAY december 1st

friday december 7th

Lie Standup: Maronzio Vance Nutt Street Bar & Comedy Club The Metropolitan Opera Live: Mozart’s La Clemenza Di Tito Lumina Theater—UNCW It’s A Wonderful Life Cape Fear Playhouse Wilmington Symphony Orchestra Concert Kenan Auditorium UNCW Enchanted Airlie Airlie Gardens FREE Island of Lights Festival; Christmas Flotilla Carolina Beach Boat Basin FREE First Saturday Seminar Cape Fear River Watch Fundraiser- Old Wilmington By CandlelightTour Various Locations CALL 910-7620492

It’s A Wonderful Life Cape Fear Playhouse Miracle on 34th Street: The Musical Thalian Hall UNCW Wind Symphony Kenan Auditorium UNCW Enchanted Airlie Airlie Gardens FREE Fantasy Christmas Show Kure Beach Pier Holiday Flea at BAC Brooklyn Arte Center

sunday december 2nd It’s A Wonderful Life Cape Fear Playhouse Viva Vivaldi St.Paul’s Episcopal Church Wilmington Symphony Orchestra Concert Kenan Auditorium UNCW FREE 10th Annual Wilmington

Saturday december 8th The Metrpolitan Opera Live: Verdi’s Un Ballo in Maschera It’s A Wonderful Life Cape Fear Playhouse Lumina Theater Miracle on 34th Street: The Musical Thalian Hall FREE Island of Lights Festival; Tour of Homes Carolina Beach Lake Park Enchanted Airlie Airlie Gardens Holiday Flea at BAC Brooklyn Art Center

See next page for venues and information u See next page for venues and information u LIVING

Nov Dec 2012

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nov-dec venues Airlie Gardens 300 Airlie Rd Battleship NC 1 Battleship Rd 910-251-5797 www.battleshipnc.comd Bald Head Island Conservancy 700 Federal Rd Bald Head Island Beckwith Recital Hall UNCW Campus 910-962-3500 Brooklyn Arts Center 516 N. 4th St 538-2939 Brown Coat Pub and Theatre 111 Grace St. 910-341-0001 www.browncoattheatre. com Cameron Art Museum 3201 South 17th St 910-395-5999 www.cameronartmuseum. com Cape Fear Museum 814 Market St 910-798-4370 Cape Fear Playhouse 613 Castle St 910-341-7228 www.bigdawgproductions. org Cape Fear River Water 617 Surry St

910-762-5606 Carolina Beach Lake Park Hwy 421 & Atlantic Ave Carolina Beach State Park 1010 State Park 910-458-8206 Children’s Museum of Wilmington 116 Orange St 254-3534 Cinematique at Thalian Hall 310 Chestnut St. 632-2285 Community Arts Ctr /Hanna Block 120 S 2nd Street 341-7860 Fort Fisher State Historic Site 1610 Ft. Fisher Blvd. S. Kure Beach 910-458-5538 fisher Fort Fisher State Recreation Area 1000 Loggerhead Rd Kure Beach Greenfield Lake Amphitheater 1941 Amphitheater Drive Grub 2133 Wrightsville ave 910-632-0464

See pages 18 and 19 for the Nov-Dec Calendar of Events Halyburton Park 2nd Street St South 17th St 962-9666

(Brunswick Community College) 910-755-7416

Oak Island Recreation Center 3003 E. Oak Island drive 910-278-5518

Thalian Hall 310 Chestnut St 910-632-2241

Hugh Mac Rae Park 1799 S. College Rd 910-799-7630

NH County Senior Center S. College & Shipyard

Ogden Park 615 Ogden Park drive 910-341-341-0007

The Bellamy Mansion Museum 503 Market St 251-3700

Kenan Auditorium UNCW Capmus 632-2241 html Kure Beach Pier K Avenue, Kure Beach 910-458-8216 Lumina Theater UNCW Campus 772-2424 html Magnolia Greens Golf Course 1800 Linkwood Circle, Leland 910-383-0999 Mason Inlet Water bird Mgmt. N End Of Wrightsville Beach Mayfaire Town Center 6835 Main Street

Cameron Art Museum Oct 15th to Feb10th Art Exhibit: The Transformative Power of Friendship Oct 15 to Feb. 17th Art Exhibit: From Gatehouse to Winehouse: Inside the Artist’s Workplace showcases the works of Minnie Evans, Elizabeth Chant and Claude Howell Cape Fear Museum Oct 5th to May 5th Fragments of War—scraps of fabric, torn paper, tattered flags & patches

River Front Park North Water Street Thalian Hall 310 Chestnut St 910-632-2241 The Bellamy Mansion Museum 503 Market St 251-3700 New Hanover County Arboretum 6206 Oakdale Drive NH County Senior Center S. College & Shipyard Nutt Street Comedy Room 255 N Front St 520-5520

NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher 900 Loggerhead Rd, Kure Beach 910-458-8259 fort-fisher

Odell Williamson Auditorium 50 College Rd, Supply, NC (Brunswick Community College) 910-755-7416

Odell Williamson Auditorium 50 College Rd, Supply, NC

Oakdale Cementry 520 N. 15th Street 910-762-5682

Galleries & Museums

Battleship North Carolina Dec. 12th Battleship Alive-- Interacting with WWII Living History

Popular Grove 10200 US Hwy 17 North

Nov 1st Elemental Love—Bandleader Frederick Cooper-every idiom of Jazz Children’s Museum November 11th Discover Science Day


Squidco 1003 North 4th St 535-0265 Shell Island Resort 2700 North Lumina Blvd Wrightsville-910-256-8696 Sneads Ferry Community Theater 26 Park Lane Sneads Ferry 910-934-0083 Taste the Olive 1125-D Military Cutoff Rd 910-256-6547

Warwick Center UNCW UNCW Campus WHQR Gallery 254 N. Front St. 343-1640 gallery.html Wilmington Convention Center 515 Nutt St 910-251-5101 www.businessmadecasual. com Wilmington National Airport 1740 Airport Blvd 910-313-1234 Wrightsville Beach Park 1 Bob Sawyer Drive 910-256-7925

law enforcement & legal system Civil – Small Claims

910-341-1190 District Court Judges

910-341-1140 UNCW Police Department

FBI (local)

U.S. Marshal Service

WHQR Gallery Oct 15th to Nov 11th Bright & Beautiful: Paintings by Barbara B. Jamison & Julia B. Toone



Magistrate’s Office

Wilmington Police Department

Nov. 11th – UNCW Burney & Warwick Center 10th Annual Art for the Masses—Original Fine Art all below $250

River Front Park North Water Street

UNCW Cultural Arts Building UNCW Burney Center UNCW Campus

Sweet Nectar’s Florist and Gallery Oct 15th to Nov. 15th Art Exhibit: Barbara Salisbury

Oct 15th to Feb 17th Shopping Around Wilmington—100 years of Shopping in Wilmington

Nov Dec 2012

Popular Grove 10200 US Hwy 17 North _ arket.htm

Trask Coliseum UNCW Campus 910-962-7536


Oct 15th to Jan 13th Cape Fear Treasures: Campaigning-- The museums political artifacts

20 •

Playhouse 211 4320 Southport-Supply Rd. SE, Southport 910-200-7785

Theatre Now 19 S. 10th Street


UNCW Oct 12th to Nov 9th--UNCW Cultural Arts Building Art Exhibit: Seven Billion Plus –Examine population Growth, Urbanization & Globalization

Oct 15th to May 5th Exhibit: Fragments of War Tour – Experiences of People in the Civil War

Osher Lifelong Leaning Institute UNCW Campus



Federal Court

U.S. Coast Guard

910-798-4159 New Hanover County Court

910-772-6600 New Hanover County District Attorney Office

(non-emergency) 910-343-3600 Wrightsville Beach Police Department (non-emergency)



Carolina Beach Police Department

New Hanover County Sheriff

(non-emergency) 910-458-7061

(non-emergency) 910-798-4200

Kure Beach Police Department

Resident Superior Court Judges

(non-emergency) 910-458-7586

A Healthier Choice Improving Indoor Air Quality

The air quality in your home is important. Rising concern about indoor air pollutants and allergies may have you looking for ways to make the air inside your home cleaner in order to minimize potential allergens. When you think about your floors, you may think that treating your carpet will eliminate the air pollutants but, it may not be the carpet at all that is causing your allergy symptoms. It could be what is underneath your carpet that is the real culprit. Carpet and the padding underneath are often just hiding what lies beneath. When carpet is removed during the installation process, dust, bacteria, mold and mildew that may have been concealed under your old floor can be stirred up. And, if proper precautions aren’t taken, they will remain in your floor, underneath your new carpet. There is now a new 21st Century way to address these concerns. It is called the Healthier Living™ Installation system, which uses the most advanced technology to help clean the air of dust, odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew that can trigger allergic reactions during and after home-renovation projects. The way carpeting is installed can dramatically reduce exposure to irritants that can provoke serious allergy and allergylike symptoms. By minimizing dust and odors, the cleaner, healthier practices of the Healthier Living™ Carpet Installation promote better home air quality, especially for families in which allergies and dust sensitivities are a issue. The system also ensures that the subfloor under the carpet is sanitized. During the Healthier Living™ Installation, extra precautions help keep dust, bacteria and particles from becoming airborne and moving throughout the home when old carpet is removed, and new carpet is installed. Coupled with extra steps to remove and help prevent mold, mildew and bacteria growth under the carpet, this system is one-of-a-kind. Here’s how it works: Once the old carpet and padding are removed, the subfloors are treated with HealthinEx™ -- an antimicrobial agent that disinfects, protects and diminishes mold, mildew and bacteria. Healthinex™ also traps microorganisms on the surface so they cannot become airborne, and it provides a lasting, clean surface that resists mold growth. Throughout the installation, the HomeGuard Care System™ ensures that dust and particulates are contained to and removed from the work area. This includes using a HEPA filter-equipped vacuum that will not release dust back into the home before and

after the cushion and carpet are installed. Plastic sheeting is used to keep dust out of other rooms. And protective booties help prevent tracking of dirt, grit and contaminants in the home. An antimicrobial premium carpet cushion that blocks spills from seeping through and inhibits growth of mold, mildew and odor causing bacteria is used during the installation. And if these extra steps and better air quality aren’t enough, Healthier Living™ Installation also doubles the wear and texture retention warranties of the product it is installed with. As of now, the only place in Wilmington where the Healthier Living™ Installation is available is through Carpet One Floor & Home on Oleander Drive. Carpet One is locally owned and has been a Wilmington staple since the 1980’s offering a broad selection of flooring that not only includes carpeting but also a variety wood, laminate, ceramic and vinyl floors. This includes such exclusive names as Bigelow and Lees. “Truly, not all flooring installations are created equal. We’re very excited that we are able to offer our customer this superior installation system,” said Nona Wilson of Carpet One Floor & Home. “With the Healthier Living™ Flooring Installation System, we’re taking the extra steps homeowners today expect for a cleaner, healthier living environment in their home.” Carpet One Floor and Home offers a unique customer experience with the exclusive SelectAFloor merchandising system that simplifies the shopping experience and The Beautiful GuaranteeTM, which guarantees that the customer will be 100% happy with their floor or they will replace it for free. Allergies or not it is worth checking out for your health. Carpet One Floor and Home is located at 5560 Oleander Drive or you can reach them by phone at 910-392-5810.


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calling all


Calling all local artists! If you want to showcase and sell your artwork, UNCW Art for the Masses is the perfect place to do so. Art for the Masses was established in 2002 by a non-profit organization called Creative Wilmington as a place for local, beginning artists to showcase their original artwork and to offer affordable art to the public. Creative Wilmington ended in 2010, leaving Art for the Masses homeless and without a sponsor until Jenni Harris, assistant to the chancellor for community partnerships, suggested that UNCW host the event. Art for the Masses was originally held in the convention center downtown, but will permanently be moved to and become a part of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. This year, Art for the Masses will be held in two buildings— the Burney Center and the Warwick Center on the UNCW campus—on Saturday, November 17 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

J i l l i a n E . L a n g s to n

This event will be free to the public with a request for a $3.00 donation at the door. All donations collected from this event will help fund public arts projects at UNCW, including student workshops and lectures from visiting artists. The November 17th event will offer original artwork from local artists, including UNCW students. All pieces of art will be priced at $250 or less, and artists will keep all proceeds from their individual works. There will be approximately 200 tables featuring many different kinds of fine art and mixed media, such as photography, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and much more from aspiring local artists. Artists will receive an 8x8 foot space to display their art on a 6-foot long table. The application fee for artists who are not UNCW students is $50 and will be used to fund events, such as Art for the Masses, next year. The application fee is waived for UNCW students. Although Art for the Masses was originally not a part of the UNCW art department, it has now been adopted and will have a permanent home at UNCW. It is hoped that this will promote art education at UNCW. For more information, please visit the Art for the Masses event at or contact Shane Fernando at (910) 962-7972.

osher olli

The Osher Life Long Learning Center (OLLI) is showcasing four films at the Lumina Theater in UNCW’s Fisher Student Center during the months of November and December as part of their Metropolitan Opera series. All tickets are $20 for members of OLLI to attend, and $30 for nonmembers. On Saturday, November 10, The Tempest will premiere live from 12:55-4:30 P.M., putting a new spin on Shakespeare’s classic tragedy. Composed and conducted by Thomas Adès, who is also making his Met debut, and directed by Robert Lepage, The Tempest is transmitting live in HD from La Scala, Italy. On Saturday, December 1, Mozart’s Italian opera La Clemenza Di Tito will be showcased from 12:55-4:15 P.M., 22 •

Nov Dec 2012


conducted by Harry Bicket. This stunning version of La Clemenza Di Tito is set in ancient Rome, and is conducted by Harry Bicket. On Saturday, December 8, Un Ballo in Maschera will return to the Met stage for the first time in over two decades in a new production directed by David Alden. As one of Verdi’s best-known pieces, Un Ballo in Maschera is a masterpiece of drama, music, and craft. It will stream live in HD from 12:55-5:00 P.M. On Sunday, December 16, an encore performance of Verdi’s Aida will be showing from 12:55-5:00 P.M. Set in ancient Egypt, the performance features Met debut singers alongside veterans of the craft to produce a stunning version of the classic story.

Nelson Fine Art Gallery


HAN “Sunlit Courtyard” - by Sandy Nelson

GRAND OPENING SAT, DEC. 1st 2-6pm “Southern Exposure” exhibit by Sandy Nelson Local and guest artists new works Shayne Greco-Marty Allran-MJ Cunningham Demo-3pm....Book signing....Refreshments

for more information

for information, call 910.256.9956 or visit Located in Lumina Commons 910.256.9956 1982 Eastwood Road Wilmington, NC

a lifestyle


ur s at yo



management company imagine what you could do with more free time. . .

Let us do the foot work for you! call us 910.399.4441


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Music & Theater ilmington’s lights are bright these next two months with some heavy drama, snappy musical shows, and music performances of every genre. There is so much happening you won’t be able to see it all (not unusual for Wilmington), so make your choices early to beat the traffic and still have time for all of those holiday parties The biggest entertainment event during the next two months is the 18th Annual Cucalorus Film Festival. You can not say enough about this fantastic movie festival. Simply put, it is one of the best in the world. The festival will run for four days and nights between November 8th and November 11th. The movies are held in various locations around Wilmington. For tickets and information on the movies, call 910-343-5995. The Wilmington Symphony Orchestra is alive and well with four upcoming performances in November and December. The first is concert on Nov. 4th features Mahler’s “Song of the Earth” within the program. Then, on Nov. 11th it’s the Symphony’s salute to our Veterans with their Patriotic Pops, which always draws a patriotic audience. Our musical “artists of the future,” the Wilmington Symphony Youth Orchestra, will be performing on Nov. 18th. The Symphony will wrap up the holiday season with their “Home for the Holidays” concert, so popular there will be two shows, one on Dec.1st in the evening and the second a matinee on Dec. 2nd. All performances are at Kenan Auditorium. Plan now as these tickets go fast. Thalian Hall has two main attractions on the calendar, and both are in the month of November. If you’d like to hear one of top rated guitarists in America, be sure to set aside Nov.1st for “An Evening with Frank Vignola.” You will be amazed at how Frank makes his guitar sing. Then gear up for the holidays with “Cherish the Ladies: Celtic Christmas.” This top Irish & American group will excite you with their music on Nov. 28th. Also performing at Thalian Hall will be the renowned pianist Emile Pandolfi. If you have never attended a piano concert you must attend this sure-to-be-unforgettable event. Okay, now let’s talk about some theater before we go back to the upcoming concerts. The first one to be excited about is the Little Shop of Horrors which will be playing at the Browncoat Pub and Theater for three weeks beginning on Oct 31st. Talk about a fun and lively show! Over at the Cape Fear Playhouse on Castle Street is “Music and Comedy” – two one-hour shows with music

24 •

Nov Dec 2012


written and directed by local John Grudzien. Guaranteed to be enjoyed by all, the show opens on Nov 2nd and plays for two weeks on Friday & Saturday evenings. One of the truly great American plays and a Pulitzer Prize winner by Tony Kushner – Angels in America: Part 1 Millennium Approaches – is being put on by the UNCW Department of Theater. If you haven’t had a chance to see this play, put it on your calendar – it is a do-not-miss show. They will start performances on Nov 8th at UNCW Cultural Arts Building. To make sure you will not miss this show call for information at 910-962-3500. Theatre NOW, Wilmington’s new dinner theater, will be playing A Christmas Carol for several weeks starting Nov.16th. The theater is located at 19 South 10th St., just one block off of Market St. There are three great shows for you and the kids to see. The first is It’s a Wonderful Life starting on Nov. 29th at the Cape Fear Playhouse. The second is Dorothy Meets Alice presented by The Stagestruck Players (youth division of Brunswick Little Theater). This is one the kids will love for sure. It will be playing at Playhouse 211 Theater in Southport starting on Nov. 9th. The third is the big show Miracle on 34th Street –The Musical, which will be play at Thalian Hall starting on Dec.6th (presented by the Thalian Association). The Lumina Theater at UNCW will host several live showings of great operas. On Nov. 10th is The Tempest – written by Thomas Ades, who will conduct for the premier of the opera. Mozart’s La Clemenza is scheduled for Dec 1st, Verdi’s Un Bello in Masahera on Dec 8th, and Verdi’s Aida will be performed on Dec.16th. Greenfield Lake Amphitheater will feature two performers. The great country star Travis Tritt will have a concert on Nov 2nd, followed by the Victor Wooten Band / Jimmy Herring Band on November 7th. Kenan Auditorium is host to Compagine de Danse Jean-Rene Delso the wonderful dance and drum troupe from Port-au-Prince on Nov 2nd. Then on Nov 29th, several Blue Grass masters will pay a musical tribute to “The Music of Bill Monroe” (the Father of Blue Grass Music). Odell Williamson Auditorium at Brunswick Community College in Supply is host on Nov. 8th to The Hit Men in Concert, composed of band members from star acts like the Four Seasons. Then, for the holidays, on Nov 30th in comes “The Swing Sisters; America’s 1940’s USO Christmas” for an uplifting, fun and enjoyable music show. Ending the year is the New Years Eve fundraising event for Thalian Hall. This year City Stage and Thalian Hall are presenting that raucous, funny, and highly entertaining musical “Monty Python’s “Spamalot.”


ECLECTIC Consignment

are Rare Finds our Specialty




We felt them first. Fingers pressed to the rails, a dull rumble filled our hands and hummed into our arms before the cone of light, the great clatter of metal against metal. Trestled high, above the bridge on Grand Avenue, we knew those tracks went on forever, between trees that lined the ties like stations of the cross. The hill was forbidden but holy, thick with clover, ripe with berries in spring. The year I was nine, an April blizzard swept the sky and we went to the trains in the dark. The wires strummed into sparks, the rails were a dazzle of shadows. Our faces – ghosts of our selves – reflected in every train car window, lines of breath etched in passing glass. Above us, chimney smoke hung like smears of candle grease among the clouds. We were grubby and poor, but we believed. We said our prayers, ate fish on Fridays, and never rode those trains. We could only kneel in something like wonder, something like praise, and wait for the tracks’ reverent shudder. The memory is a gauze engine that time blows through and keeps me small.

Open 7 days a week

10 am - 5 pm ­— Sun 12-5 pm

(910) 399-4551

617 Castle Street Wilmington, NC 28401

FUSION of Essence Consignment

Open 7 days a week

10 am - 5 pm ­— Sun 12-5 pm

(910) 523-5663

615 Castle Street Wilmington, NC 28401 LIVING

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museums Battleship North Carolina

Cape Fear Museum History & Science

This great battleship fought in every major battle in the Pacific during WW ll. Eagle Island off US 421. 910-251-5797 www.battleshipnc@com

Oldest museum in NC. 814 Market St. 910-798-4350 Cape Fear Serpentarium

Regional history and a variety of traveling presentations. Over 100 species. 20 Orange St. 910-762-1699

Bellamy Mansion

One of NC examples of Antebellum Architecture built during 1817-1896. Changing Exhibits. Corner of 5th and Market St. 910-251-3700

Children’s Museum of Wilmington

The museum stimulates creativity and imagination and encourages a love of learning. 116 Orange St. 910-254-3534

Burgwin-Wright Museum

Restored 1770 home. Colony treasure with 18th and 19th c. furnishing and lovely gardens. Corner of 3rd and Market St. 910-762-0570

Fort Fisher State Historical Site

Cameron Art Museum

Permanent and rotating art exhibits, lectures, concerts, recitals and educational programs. 2301 S. 17th St. 910-395-5999

Tours and demonstrations at remains of earthworks. Home of NC Underwater Architectural Center with artifacts recovered from historical shipwrecks. Just off of US S.421. South of Kure Beach. 910-458-5538

Latimer House Museum

1852 Victorian home. Period furnishings, art, library, garden and archives. Home of Cape Fear Historical Society. Corner of 3rd and Orange St. 910-762-0492 NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher

NC State exhibit of NC fresh water, coastal, and ocean life. 900 Longerhead Rd. off of US 421, Kure Beach. 910-458-8257 Popular Grove Plantation

One of the oldest peanut plantations in the US. Tours, demonstrations, exhibits, and annual events. 10200 US Hwy 17 N. 910-686-9518 www.poplargrove. com

millinery bridal jewelry accessories custom hats veils vintage & new e downtown 19 South Second St. Wilmington, NC 28401 910.397.9099

s facebook amuse.artisanal.finery

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men's apparel Alternative Bed Stu Big Star Civil Society French Connection Jedidiah Lacoste L!VE Projek Raw Keds, Levis WeSC WeWood 1427 Military Cutoff Rd. Wilmington, NC 28403 910.679.4137

Wilmington Rail Road Museum

Railroad Memorial. 1840present Atlantic Coast Line. 505 Nutt St. 910-763-2634 Wrightsville Beach Museum of History

Restored 1907 beach cottage with memorabilia. 303 W. Salisbury St. Wrightsville Beach 910-256-2569

wedding ideas

Deck the Halls with

Wedding Bells


he holiday season is a time for family, and weddings celebrate the joining of two families. So, what better time to have a wedding then during the holidays? In the last issue, we explored fall weddings. If you are planning to get married on or around Thanksgiving then an autumn theme with browns and oranges will be elegantly perfect for you. However, a Christmas or New Years Eve wedding will invite other holiday themes and options. The good news is that Christmas trees are still absolutely necessary, even in wedding décor. Whether colorful and fun or classic white, wedding Christmas trees can be especially meaningful if you ask your guests to provide an ornament as their wedding gift. The guests will appreciate your inexpensive idea and it will give everyone a chance to be creative. Gift ornaments may be store-bought or homemade. For full-color trees, ornaments may be eclectic or themed. Some may even suggest inside jokes or funny photos may be made into ornaments. Two or three tress may be set up at the front of the reception area for guests to add their ornaments as they walk into the reception. This will provide the reception with meaningful decoration and conversation pieces for guests to admire. If you choose to go classic and white for your theme you can have ornaments made for each guest as a wedding favor. The bride and groom’s initials or last name may be printed

b y J e s s i c a H e at h

on the ornaments with a splash of glitter. With trees set up and decorated with these ornaments at the reception, guests may be invited to take an ornament as they leave as their wedding favors. A New Year's Eve wedding is a wonderful way to get everyone you love in one place to celebrate the New Year together. New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect on the year that’s ending, but it is also a time to start over. A new year means a new life. It’s a perfect metaphor for a couple starting the married life. As far as decorations go, whites and silvers are the best way to go. Having a black and white wedding is elegant, and the photos will have a vintage feel to them. We all know that it doesn’t snow a lot in Wilmington, so creating a winter wonderland for your guests is a great way to wow them. Make your wedding and reception like a living snow globe. Your guests will feel as if they are on a mini-winter vacation and will love every minute of it. The name cards that help your friends and family find their tables at the reception can even be printed on snowflakes to add to the seasonal appeal. Whichever winter holiday you choose for your special day, make sure that you enhance the idea of family. Holidays are meant to spend with the ones you love and a wedding is the ideal way to make sure that happens. LIVING

Nov Dec 2012

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Apple Pie for the Neighbor


here is a great gift to new residents who move here and new businesses opening that most people who live here are not familiar with-- that is the Welcome Service package. The Welcome Service covers southeastern NC and they personally deliver each month to new residents (about 20) and business (about 50) a bag full of goodies. This service is like a godsend to new people to the area and they are excited about it as if you were the neighbor bringing over an apple pie to welcome them. This package holds products, information, discounts, and coupons, and generally introduces the people to our area. The package helps explain where stores of interest are located or doctors, dentists, etc. The person delivering this bag sits down with each newcomer (where possible) and goes through the Welcome Service package with them and answers any question they may have about the area. This wonderful service was started in 1977 and the owner Nancy Wilcox has expanded it since then and even sold a franchise in Florida. The benefits are good for both the recipient and the businesses that participate. The recipient is exposed to timely information about their community and the businesses get personal exposure that would be almost impossible to get. Wilmington Living Magazine is proud to be a part of this service. The information in our resource guide can be of immense importance to a new resident and we are happy to be of assistance to them. If you as a business owner would like to participate you can contact Nancy Wilcox at or call her directly at 910-793-0950. You can also get information on their web site www.welcomeservicesllc. info. By participating you will be helping a new neighbor and you will also receive monthly list of all the newcomers and new businesses that they welcome, along with their name, address, e-mail address and other information. Help out our new neighbors and show them who you are.

golf courses *Beau Rivage Plantation

Country Club of Landfall

649 Rivage Promenade Wilmington, NC 28412 910-392-9021

800 Sun Runner Place Wilmington, NC 28403 910-256-8411

Cape Fear National at Brunswick Forest

Let the Memories Begin

*Echo Farms Golf & Country Club

4114 Echo Farms Rd. Wilmington, NC 28412 910-791-9318

1281 Cape Fear National Drive Leland, NC 28451 910-383-3283

Magnolia Greens Golf Plantation

1311 Grandiflora Drive Leland, NC 28451 910-383-0999 Porters Neck Country Club

8403 Vintage Club Drive Wilmington, NC 28411 910-686-8180 www.portersneckcountryclub. com Wilmington Municipal

311 S. Wallace Avenue Wilmington, NC 28409 910-791-0558 *Not a member of the Chamber of Commerce

28 •

Nov Dec 2012


6811 Market Street• Wilmington, NC 800-852-7148

emergency & first aid New Hanover County Department of Aging

910-798-6400 American Red Cross



Hospital Hospitality of Wilmington

Cape Fear Hospital



Cape Fear Rescue Mission

First Call for Help



New Hanover Regional Medical Center

Crisis Line 24 hour Service


910-392-7408 Rape Crisis Center


Largest furniture consignment store in the Southeast

Emergency Management-New Hanover County

Department of Social ServicesNew Hanover County

Poison Control Information

910-343-7046 Vitaline



Emergency Youth Shelter

Domestic Violence Shelter

Salvation Army




Emergency Medical Services

Southeastern Mental Health Center



libraries Carolina Beach Branch

Classic furniture, antiques, china, crystal, silver & oriental carpets Fine jewelry h Hundreds of new items daily h 25,000 square feet

300 Cape Fear Blvd. Carolina Beach, NC 28428 910-798-6385

Law Library

Judicial Building 316 Princess St. Wilmington, NC 28401 910-798-6306

Learning Resource Center of Cape Fear Community College

415 North Second St. Wilmington, NC 28401 910-362-7030

Myrtle Grove Branch

5155 College Road Wilmington, NC 28412 910-798-6391

New Hanover County Library

201 Chestnut St. Wilmington, NC 28401 910-798-6301

Northeast Branch 3020-3030-3100 Market St. • Wilmington, NC 28403 910-815-0907

open seven days a week

1241 Military Cutoff Road Wilmington, NC 28403 798-6371

William Madison Randall Library UNCW

601 S. College Road Wilmington, NC 28403 Circulation Desk: 910-962-3272 Help Desk: 910-962-3760


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cultural listings

medical & health care

Acme Art

North Carolina Azalea Festival

Alliance for the Regional Concert Hall

North Carolina Symphony

Associated Artists of Southport

Opera House Theatre Company

Azalea Coast Chorus of Sweet Adelines

Orton Plantation

Big Dawg Productions

Pender County Arts Council

Brunswick County Arts Council

Racine Center for the Arts

Cape Fear Jazz Appreciation Society

School of Learning Arts

Cape Fear Shakespeare

Thalian Association

Chamber Music Society

UNCW Department of Art & Theater

Cucalorus Film Festival

WHQR Friends of Public Radio

DREAMS of Wilmington

Willis Richardson Players

Girls Choir of Wilmington

Wilmington Boys Choir

Harmony Belles

Wilmington Choral Society Wilmington Concert Association

Vocational Rehabilitation

Historic St. Thomas Preservation Society

910-251-5710 or 910-254-4105

Historic Wilmington Foundation


Epilepsy Association of North Carolina


First Call for Help


Health Department, NHC


Hospice, Lower Cape Fear


March of Dimes


New Hanover Regional Medical

Center 910-343-7000 Pender Memorial Hospital

American Cancer Society


American Heart Association

Rape Crisis Center

910-392-7460 United Cerebral Palsy


Developmental Center

American Lung Association


American Red Cross


Brunswick Novant Medical Center 910-721-1000

30 •


910-791-3846 910-362-8535 910-371-1795 910-392-1200 910-763-5302 910-763-1942 910-343-5995 910-772-1501 910-799-5073 910-799-5850 910-763-4054 910-762-2511 910-762-0492


Nov Dec 2012



Lower Cape Fear Historical Society

Cape Fear Hospital



NHC Public Library



910-794-4650 910-791-3343 910-762-4234 910-371-6851 910-259-1200 910-452-2073 910-798-1700 910-251-1788 910-962-3440 910-343-1640 910-763-1889 910-799-5073 910-458-5164 910-962-3500

Wilmington School of Ballet


Wilmington Symphony Orchestra


Wilmington Youth Orchestra


Music for the Ears

Wilmington’s Eclectic New Sound b y G a b r i e l l e Pa n ta l e n a






f you ever find yourself all the way down North 4th Street and are intrigued by a store with a squid on the side, be sure to ring the doorbell. A friendly face and a couple of cats will greet you, and you’ll be ushered into a room lined with bookshelves overflowing with records, CDs, and books. This is SquidCo, the home base of a thriving online music business that specializes in the sale of music you’ll never hear on the radio. Founded by Phil Zampino in 2002, SquidCo came to Wilmington via New York. According to Zampino, “New York became sort of impersonal. People didn’t have the passion for the things that we were doing.” Passion is something Zampino has to spare. He began his business out of love for music, which stemmed from growing up in a musical household, as well as from personal experiences with classic jazz and blues. “At the Knitting Factory—the old Knitting Factory—down on Houston Street in New York,” Zampino says with a laugh, “I saw music and I didn’t even know people made music like that. I had never seen people play the way they did … it was such a creative spark for me.” It is this creative spark that drives SquidCo’s loyal customer base to continue buying music from SquidCo’s extensive catalogue. With over 8,000 customers served around the world, the only way to go is up. SquidCo’s faith to “fringe” genres such as free jazz, improvised rock, Downtown NY Improv Scene, Musique Actuelle, R.I.O. (Rock In Opposition), Avant-Rock & Folk, Unusual Vocal Improv, Avant-Garde and modern compositional music, and electroacoustic experimental makes

them highly unique. “We know we’re a satellite here on North Fourth,” admits Zampino, but he hopes that won’t keep customers from stopping by for a visit. He continues, “If anyone wants to hear something new, this is a really friendly environment. I hope that’s what we’re going to continue to bring to Wilmington,” Zampino adds. “To expose more people to try new music, and do so in a noncommercial, non-aggressive, non-pushy way.” When SquidCo hosts shows, they are very casual, and very inexpensive—the price of admission is only about five dollars, all of which goes to the artists. Typically, SquidCo features a musician or group, and gives two or three opening act spaces to artists from the Wilmington area. This gives listeners the chance to experience more than one style of music over the course of the evening. As Zampino says, “if you don’t like one thing, you’ll like something else!” Upcoming shows are held at SquidCo’s headquarters at 928 North 4th Street. On December 13th, the saxophone and drums duo Frode Gjerstad and Paal Nilssen-Love will perform, followed by the first show of the New Year on January 13th featuring cellist Daniel Levin and electronics master Rob Brown. SquidCo is open from noon until six P.M. on weekdays. Their entire online catalogue can be found at www.squidco. com, and important news and updates are posted on their Facebook page at For information on shows, including show times, and any shows that might be added between now and the end of the fall and winter season, check the website at LIVING

Nov Dec 2012

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Color in the Winter Garden G r e a t P l a n t s f o r C o o l We a t h e r Ascot Rainbow

Cinnamon Cindy

W e

hen you say “Winter Color”, most people immediately think of Pansies, Violas, Ornamental Cabbage and Snapdragons. They have been the mainstay for years, along with Camellias. But there is a vast array of “Winter Color” out there, most people never explore. A good part of that is due to the fact that people don’t often visit garden centers in winter, to see what is in bloom. Go out on a warm sunny day, and see if there is something that might add some additional color to your garden. Consider Foliage Color does not necessarily have to come from flowers. Different types and colors of foliage can add a tremendous amount of color to the garden and winter containers. The following are just a few that have worked well for me. Euphorbi — There are a number of winter flowering varieties that have wonderful burgundy or variegated leaves. “Ascot Rainbow” was a big hit last year. The blooms begin in late January or early February and the small chartreuse flowers continue on until May or later, but it is the foliage that is really quite spectacular (see photo). Heucheras ­— There has been an explosion in the number of hybrids introduced in the last decade or so. From greens, silver, burgundy, gold, yellow and just about every combination of them all. Used as a border in a partly shaded portion of the garden, they are at their most colorful in the cool weather. Used in containers, they set off the foliage of small evergreens with their broad colorful leaves. Needled Evergreens- Small plants, combined together in containers make a care-free winter arrangement. You can select from various shades of greens, golds and blues, with varying textures and upright or cascading habits. By adding a few of the “Cool Wave” pansies, a cascading variety, you can have the best of both flowers and foliage. Don’t Forget Fragrance!

32 36 •

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Tom Ericson

Colorful Evergreens

Pink Storm Quince

Tea Olive — While not showy, the Tea Olive has the most intoxicating sweet little flowers that will perfume an entire garden. This upright, broadleaved evergreen, blooms throughout the winter, starting in September and finishing up in early April. Daphne — I love the warm, sweet fragrance of this plant. But Daphne has an odd way of showing her love back. She can be difficult to grow, to say the least! I have had good luck (so far), by planting them under oaks, which keeps them dry in the summer and adding crushed oyster shells for Calcium and pH adjustment. Like I said, so far, so good. Edgeworthia ­— This is a cousin to the Daphne, with silver buds that open to lemon yellow. Edgeworthia drops its large green leaves in the fall, leaving a very interesting architectural growth habit standing in the garden. The buds clusters are quite prominent and begin to open in late January or early February. They have a spicy lemon-like fragrance. Unlike Daphne, this one is very easy to grow! Camellias — The Queen of the winter garden! But, fragrant? Yes! There are several varieties of fragrant Camellias. “Koto no kaori”, is one of the best. It is a small, single light pink bloom that packs a powerful punch of sweet clove. “Cinnamon Cindy” (see photo), yes a nice, light cinnamon fragrance, is a small double white with a pink blush around the edge. These are two of my very favorites. With the climate we have here in Wilmington, it is easy to have color year-round. It may not be as riotous as the color of spring, or as flashy as the summer annuals. However, with a little research, and some winter trips to the garden center, it is out there, you just have to get out and find it. This article has just scratched the surface of what is out there waiting to be found. Tom Ericson and partner Allen Sabin moved to Wilmington to open The Transplanted Garden in December of 1999. This has been their 13th year in business. To find out more about The Transplanted Garden go to or stop in to the shop located at 502 S 16th St. They can be reached at 910-763-7448.


local sports Wilmington Hammerheads (soccer)

910-777-2111 Wilmington Sharks (baseball)

910-343-5621 Wilmington Sea Dawgs

(basketball) 910-791-6523

Wilmington Tigers (minor league football) www.wilmingtontigersfootball. com

Transplanted Garden

Cape Fear Community College Athletics

910-362-7191 UNCW Athletics

Ticket Information: 910-962-7536

ferry schedule The Southport-Fort Fisher Ferry runs daily across the Cape Fear River between Southport in Brunswick County and Fort Fisher in New Hanover County from April 1 to September 30. Departure times from Southport

Departure times from Fort Fisher

A.M. Schedule 5:30, 7, 7:45, 8:30, 9:15, 10, 10:45,11:30 P.M. Schedule 12:15, 1, 1:45, 2:30, 3:15,4, 4:45, 6:15

A.M. Schedule 6:15, 7:45, 8:30, 9:15, 10, 10:45, 11:30 P.M. Schedule 12:15, 1, 1:45, 2:30, 3:15, 4, 4:45, 5:30, 7

Cost: $5 each way for cars, $3 motorcycles, $2 bicycles and $1 pedestrians.

Call 910-457-6942 (Southport), 910-458-3329 (Fort Fisher) or 800-BY-FERRY. Go online:

The areas destination for unique plants, pottery & garden gifts. 502 South 16th Street • Wilmington 910-763-7448



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Alternatives to Steroids for Pain are there really

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eports of the potentially deadly side-effects of steroid injections for back pain have filled the news recently. The Centers for Disease Control has announced an investigation into the outbreak of fungal meningitis among back pain patients who received these shots. In recent weeks, 119 people in 23 states have contracted the fungal infection; several of these people have had strokes, and at least eleven people have died. The possibility of this is not a surprise; a physician survey published in 2007 revealed 78 cases where people suffered serious injury, including 13 deaths, following shots in the neck. These frightening events beg the question: Is there a safe approach to neck and back pain? The answer is a resounding “Yes”! Every international guideline on lower back pain now recommends conservative approaches like chiropractic care before resorting to drugs and surgery. Also regarding neck pain and headache, evidence continues to mount supporting the utilization of conservative methods like chiropractic as the first line of treatment. Following thorough examination by a chiropractic physician, a well-rounded chiropractic approach to managing acute and chronic pain might include chiropractic spinal adjustments, therapeutic laser (and/or other physiotherapy modalities), therapeutic exercise/stretching, stress-reduction techniques, and guidance regarding anti-inflammatory nutritional therapy. SPINAL ADJUSTMENTS are utilized to reduce misalignment of individual spinal bones and overall posture. Spine and posture misalignment can contribute to acute and chronic pain by irritating spinal nerves, discs and other soft tissues. In addition to potentially causing pain, uncorrected misalignment of the spine and posture will contribute to degeneration of spinal discs (leading to disc herniation) and to degeneration of spinal joints (leading to spinal arthritis). The

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chiropractic spinal adjustment reduces misalignment through gentle manual methods and/or through instrument-assisted techniques. This proven procedure is the centerpiece of the chiropractic approach; the following treatments are utilized in our office to complement/expedite the healing effects of the spinal adjustment. THERAPEUTIC LASER is utilized to reduce pain and inflammation. Laser expedites the healing process; patients will often report improved mobility and pain reduction after even the first laser session. Laser is also very helpful in treatment of extremity pain, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as knee and shoulder problems. Dr. R. Todd Shaver, a chiropractic physician, has maintained a wellness-oriented family practice in Wilmington since 1991. He is credentialed as a Certified Chiropractic Wellness Clinician. He is also board certified in chiropractic pediatric and prenatal care. Questions for him may be submitted to www.

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f you’re going to be in Wilmington during this Christmas season, you do not want to miss Pleasure Island’s annual Island of Lights festivities throughout the months of November and December. The Island of Lights festival at Carolina Beach begins with the Lighting at the Lake, a ceremony held the day after Thanksgiving to initiate the beginning of the month-long festival. The Lighting at the Lake will be held on Friday, November 23 at 7 p.m. at the Carolina Beach Lake Park. The event will feature the Island of Lights committee president, Pleasure Island mayors, musical entertainment, and free cocoa and cookies. There will be lighted displays along the lake, and there is a rumor that Santa Claus might stop by. This event is free and open to the public. On Friday, November 30 at 7:30 p.m., the annual Christmas parade will be held on Lake Park Boulevard. The parade will begin on Atlanta Avenue and will proceed to Federal Point Plaza. The parade will consist of floats, bands and, once again, Santa Claus. If you are interested in having a float in the parade, please call Francis Massey at (910) 458-5507 or email your request to famassey@ This event is free and open to the public. The annual Island of Lights’ Christmas Flotilla will take place on Saturday, December 1 at 6 p.m. along the Intracoastal Waterway. The decorated boats will make a round trip from Snow’s

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Cut Bridge to the Carolina Beach Boat Basin and back, while competing in front of a panel of judges for prizes and celebrating the Christmas spirit. If you would like to enter a boat in the flotilla, please contact Kathie Winseck at (910) 458-0211. This event is free and open to the public. On Saturday, December 8, many homes in Carolina Beach will offer self-guided tours through beautifully decorated buildings to display their creativity and to offer guests a special bit of Christmas cheer. This event will take place from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., and tickets are available at local businesses in Carolina Beach. For more information, please contact James Allen at (910) 458-5006. Come ring in the New Year with your friends, family, and loved ones on New Year’s Eve, Monday, December 31 near the pier at Kure Beach. There will be a giant beach ball dropped at midnight, followed by fireworks. This is a free event open to the public. Festivities begin at 9 p.m. Volunteers organize all festivities for the Island of Lights celebration. If you would like to volunteer or have any questions about any of the Island of Lights events, please contact Francis Massey at (910) 458-5507. Volunteer meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month, and any adults who would like to volunteer are welcome.

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oliday flotillas are an increasingly popular seasonal tradition in the southeastern United States. All the sparkle of the season shimmers ten fold as boaters cruise along waterways showing off decorated vessels in traditional boat parades. The 29th annual North Carolina Holiday Flotilla weekend begins Friday November 23rd with a pre-festival party at the Blockade Runner. The festivities will continue on Saturday with the family friendly Festival in the Park, which takes place in Wrightsville Beach Park. Among the attractions offered will be games and crafts, inflatable toys, a mechanical bull, a car show, and much more. Following the Festival in the Park, the famous boat parade kicks off at six PM. Boats of all sizes are invited to enter, and the captains and crews will all be guests at the Blockade Runner the

C h a d Lov e t t e

Friday before the flotilla. The most creative vessels can win up to $7,500 in cash and prizes this year. All boats are judged solely on creativity and the crewmembers’ costumes (boat size and number of lights are not criteria for judging). The parade travels along the Intracoastal Waterway between Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach, and then ends at the south end of Wrightsville Beach. The judges for the parade will be stationed in the Blockade Runner Beach Resort. Immediately following the boat parade will be a breathtaking array of fireworks over the Intracoastal Waterway. Last year, attendees reported that the fireworks were some of the best they had seen in the Southeast, and this year is sure to be just as spectacular. The flotilla event and the Festival in the Park are designed to appeal to guests of all ages, and provide the perfect beginning to a festive holiday season.


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antiques & consignment

1107 New Pointe Boulevard, Leland 910-383-2797

555 Castle Street, Wilmington 910-815-6788



1427 Military Cutoff Rd., Wilmington 910-679-4137

19 South 2nd St., Wilmington 910-397-9099



6811 Market St., Wilmington 910-791-5371


1982 Eastwood Rd.

545 Castle Street, Wilmington 910-251-2224

3911 Market St., Wilmington 910-251-1038



Porters Neck Veterinary Hospital Porters Neck Veterinary Hospital Drs. Ron & Sharon Harris Drs. Ron & Sharon Harris Dr. Rebecca Simmons Dr. Neck Rebecca Simmons Hospital Porters Veterinary Dr. Stan Griffith

Dr. Stan Griffith

Porters Neck Veterinary Hospital We’ll Treat Your Pet Like OneDrs. Of Our RonOwn & Sharon Harris

We’ll Treat Your Pet Like One Of Our Own Dr. Rebecca Simmons


Dr. Stan Griffith


8129 Market St.


8129 Market We’ll Treat Your Pet Like One Of Our OwnSt. th

HANDS FEET at your service

Life Style Management Co. 910-399-4441

Drs. Ron & Sharon Harris Dr. Rebecca686-6297 Simmons 8129 Market St. Dr. Stan Griffith Dr. Amy White Located behind TLC Auto Wash & True 2 Form th 1/10 Mile South of Porters Neck Shopping Center Hidden behind Crystal Blue Car Wash & True 2 Form

Mon.-Fri. 8am-6pm Sat. 8am-12noon Family Owned & Operated

Classical Chinese Acupuncture 5725 Oleander Dr. E-2 910-392-0870


4421 Junction Park Dr. 910-452-5555


Unique plants, pottery & garden gifts.

8086 Market St., Wilmington 910-686-0496

502 South 16th St. 910-763-7448

th Mon.-Fri. 8am-6pm 1/10 Mile South of Sat. Center 8am-12noon Porters Neck Shopping Family Hidden behind Crystal BlueOwned & Operated Car Wash & True 2 Form Mon.-Fri. 8am-6pm Sat. 8am-12noon Family Owned & Operated

8129 Market St., Wilmington 910-686-6297


The Transplanted Garden

Sophia V. West

1/10 Mile South of Porters Neck Shopping Center Hidden behind Crystal Blue Car Wash & True 2 Form

Tony Harrington Broker/Owner NC Certified Real Estate Appraiser Wilmington 910-798-4009

6722 Wrightsville Ave., Wilmington 910-679-4646

6722 Wrightsville Ave., Wilmington 910-256-8847

4130 Oleander Drive, Wilmington 910-313-0045


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7037 Wrightsville Ave., Wilmington 910-679-4727


Business Center & Local Services THE

Michael Moore Antiques

ECLECTIC 5018 Oleander Dr., Wilmington 910-798-5071

615 Castle Street Wilmington 910- 523-5663

Furniture • Glass • Toys Buy or Sell

539 Castle Street, Wilmington 910-763-0300

3020, 3030 & 3100 Market St. 910-815-0907



NC Inspection Center OBD II Emissions and Safety

Bill West & Pat Moore

2362 Carolina Beach Rd., Wilmington 910-763-2007

6101 A Market St. Wilmington 910.798.6151

127 S. College Rd. 910-452-5455

5560 Oleander Dr., Wilmington 910-338-1917


Snyderhneff Dog Art Wilmington 919-274-3311

Michael Kerr


Dickson Bridger nmls# 420420

Wilmington 910-798-4009

1411 Commonwealth Dr., Wilmington 910-509-0400


als Catering • Cakes •Weddings Florals • Rentals Exquisite

1900 Eastwood Rd., Suite 38, Wilmington Cakes, Flowers, Catering, Rentals Jim Thomas 910-509-1949



Mention this ad and receive a FREE bridal bouquet with the purchase of one of our packages.

Lloyd’s Sales & Storage 6505 Market St. 910-791-4337



Airlie Gardens 300 Airlie Road 910-798-7700 Empire Park 3405 Park Avenue 910-341-4631 Greenfield Lake Park & Amphitheater 1941 Amphitheater Drive 910-341-4604 Halyburton Memorial Park 4099 South 17th St. 910-341-0075 Hugh MacRae Park 314 Pine Grove Drive 910-798-7630 Ogden Park 7069 Market St. 910-686-3269 New Hanover County Parks Dept. 910-798-7620 Wilmington Parks & Recreation Dept. 302 Willard St. 910-341-7855

Wrightsville Beach Parks & Recreation Department 1 Bob Sawyer Drive 910-256-7925 Wrightsville Beach Park Causeway Drive CAROLINA & KURE BEACH Carolina Beach Parks & Recreation Dept. 1121 North Lake Park Blvd. 910-458-7416 Carolina Beach Snows Cut Park Annie Drive Carolina Beach State Park 1010 State Park Road 910-458-8206 Carolina Lake Atlanta Ave. and U.S. 421 Fort Fisher Historic Site 1610 Fort Fisher Blvd. South 910-458-5538 Fort Fisher State Recreation Area 1000 Loggerhead Road Kure Beach, NC 919-733-4181 Freeman Park North end of Carolina Beach


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Michael Kerr B r o k e r / R e a l t o r Wa t e r Fro n t P ro p e r t i e s Ocean Creek 1854 Odyssey Drive Wilmington, NC $379,900

Intracoastal River Marsh N e w H o m e Co mmuni t i e s

3 Bedrooms 2 Baths Pond Front

Shor t Sales Foreclosure No matter what step of the process you are in — I am here to assist and ease your stress and help you complete your goals. No Reason to wait, let’s start that process now.

3707 Reston Court #C Wilmington, NC $274,900 3 Bedrooms 3 Baths

Call 910.798.4009 3746 Reston Court Wilmington, NC $319,000 3 Bedrooms 3.1 Baths

Mi c h a e l @ mi c h a e lke r r r e a l e s t a t e . c o m 38 36 •• Nov Nov Dec Dec 2012 2012 ••



Update your look. Choose from 800 + tempting colors of Resista® SoftStyle and Resista® Refresh carpets or from 70 + alluring wood tones of invincible™ Hardwood & Laminte. The selection is huge - each as durable as it is beautiful. Just your style. Whether you prefer carpet, laminate or hardwood, you’ll find it on sale now. Offers end soon! Don’t put off getting the look you want. Stop in now through November 25 to get great prices plus, learn details on how to get a FREE Benjamin Moore® Color Samples pint.



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Holiday Party!

$7.00 off

each entree book by November 31st Traditional Caipirinha

About us Centuries ago, the gaucho, Brazil’s equivalent to the North American cowboy, sparked the countries popular pastime of grilling meats on an open fire. Today, the tradition is continued through our own Gauchao Brazilian Steakhouse. We strive to provide an authentic gaucho dining experience. Your experience will begin in our terra-cotta colored dining room by grazing on a spectacular salad bar perfectly lined with 58 items, including fresh-cut vegetables, imported cheeses, cured meats, pasta salads, salsas, shrimp, and typical Brazilian hot side dishes. The fabulous feast continues at your table. You will be provided a stop-and-go card with a red and a green side, to let us know how to best serve you. When you are ready for your roasted meats, turn the card to the green “go” side and our Gauchos will serve you 15 different kinds of meat; one slice at the time. Once you are ready to take a break, just turn your card to the red “stop” side. At Gauchao Brazilian Steakhouse, you are welcome to stay and dine with us as long as you please!

6317 Market6317 Street, Wilmington, 28405 Market Street, NC Wilmington,

NC 28405

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