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Text, photos, and designs Š 2015 DB-R Designs 2016 Design Catalog Textile and Paper by DB-R Designs, First Edition Printed by CreateSpace, An Company CreateSpace, Charleston SC. ISBN 13: 978-1518611889 ISBN 10: 1518611885 A DB-R Designs Publication, Binghamton, NY. Designs contained in this catalog are the property of DB-R Designs, and individuals should seek written permission of DB-R Designs for reproduction of these designs. This book may not be reproduced, either in part or in its entirety, in any form, by any means, without written permission of the copyright holder and publisher, with the exception of brief excerpts for purposes of radio, television, or published review. All rights, including translation, are reserved. Cover Art & Design Š 2015 DB-R Designs

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love for flowers led me to Textile Design. My desire to know more about how I can get my flowers onto a piece of fabric led me to Parsons School of Design, where I studied Textile Design, BFA (1999). Hello, I’m Dawnette Blackwood-Rhoomes, and I am the Creative Director at DB-R Designs, a design company which I started in 2006. I’ve always enjoyed drawing flowers, not only because they are fun to draw, but also because flowers lend their elegance and sophistication to fabrics, changing it from drab to fab! Capturing a flower, its motion or sway, its vivid color, and its contours and depicting these in pencil, paint, or on a design program is not only a satisfying experience, but also an educational one. All textile designers study the art of flowers. Flowers can be depicted in so many ways, abstract, stylized, realistic, and symbolic, just to name a few. The miracle is, the human brain will still recognize it as a flower! The designs featured in this catalog are just a few of the floral design ideas I have been working on recently. Please note that more designs and products are available at DB-R Designs Etsy store.




Scarves Available: 7


Scarves Available: 9


Scarves available in all four colors: 11

Print on 100% heavy cotton twill. Photo insert enlarged. 12

Cushion covers available in 18x18in and 15x10in. 13




Colored Pencil 14

Tea towels available in all four designs: 15 16


Spring Burst Sensation

Catching Spring

One Spring Night 18



Super Heroes at the Stoplight

Super Heroes on the Night Beat



aper Flower designing is the art of die cut flowers mounted on top of each other on an entirely different background to create a three dimensional design. Paper flowers are mostly used in scrapbooking and greeting cards, and they can be stitched, glued, and put together in a variety of ways.



owever, paper flower designs when added to repeat layouts, create a whole new look to gift wrapping paper! Here the possibilities are endless in creating new ideas.

23 24


26 27


year (2014), I decided to explore combining textile designing with book cover designing. It began with a novel about a writer and a weaver (Writing for Love, 2014), and evolved into a Textile Legacy trilogy! Coming this fall, The Cannon Durnam Textile Legacy debut! Book One - The Virtuous Husband will be available in December 2015. Books Two and Three - The Love Inheritance and The Hopeful Promise - will follow in 2016. Merging textile designs into book covers and their corresponding accessories such as greeting cards, wrapping paper, tea towels, and scarves is a new and exciting venture. One which gives me the opportunity to combine my two great loves, textile designing and writing! Textiles, books, and all other products are available at the DB-R Designs Etsy store. 28



letter which Elizabeth Durnam had been dreading for the past three years, has finally turned up on her doorstep, and now her fear is her reality. After her Dad died, Elizabeth resolved to working on her designs in the family textile mill, Durnam Fabrics, but to complete her father’s dream and textile legacy, she must first comply with his one request. The request is a hard one to fulfill. It goes against every grain in her body to wed the egoist Rhys Cannon. However, to complete the merger of Durnam Fabrics and Cannon Textiles, Elizabeth and Rhys must put their differences aside. But not before Elizabeth gives Rhys a lesson in virtue! On their wedding day, it’s no deal until Rhys signs The Virtuous Husband Clause, and may God help them to learn to love each other for better or for worse.

Book & Scarf: 30

Cannon Durnam Textile Legacy The Love Inheritance Book Two ______ The Hopeful Promise Book Three 31


God concerned with our love lives? If we ask, will He actually give us the desires of our hearts?

Willow Pichard is on a quest to find out the truth, as well as true love and her Prince Charming. When the opportunity came to enter a writing competition, held by Wickham Publishing, Willow decides to write her own dream fairy tale romance. In her story of Esther and the King, Esther enters The Fair Maiden Contest and must do the unthinkable, contend with the lovely Princess Leah to win the King's hand in marriage! But as this fairy tale plot thickens, Willow finds that the love story transcends the pages of her book and parallels a real life romance between her and Chad Wickham, heir of Wickham Enterprises! It would have been nice if Chad didn't get on her last nerve, and she didn't have to contend with the ex-girlfriend. Now with Willow entangled in a romance drama and the story of Esther playing out so vividly in her own life, Willow fears to finish the manuscript! Must she forfeit the contest or must she keep on writing for the sake of love? 32


you believe anything the Bible says? Have you ever been angry with God? How did you cope with it? Read the story of a child's disappointment in God's broken promise; and a woman's face to face encounter with the real truth about God, His love, and His promises.

Books and their accessories available: 33

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DB-R Designs 2016 Design Catalog Textile and Paper  

Capturing a flower, its motion or sway, its vivid color, and its contours and depicting these in pencil, paint, or on a design program is th...

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