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May | June 2014

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new readers‟ forum, The Reader’s Journal, is off with a great start. So far we‟ve read:

The Power to Transform - Passion, Power, and Purpose in Daily Life by Chris Majer, a 90 day read with inspiring exercises was our first choice for The Reader’s Journal. Lance’s Travels - UK, an interesting mix of blog-like personal travel experience interspersed with instances of historical drama!

The purpose of The Reader’s Journal is to help motivate you, through great reads, to aspire to greater heights. Also, we would like to give you a more enriching reading experience! This is our gift to you - to introduce books and authors that will motivate you to take charge of your life and to inspire the greatness in you! This issue‟s Reader‟s Journal book is The Opposite of Everything by David Kalish. We hope this book motivates you to step outside the box and live life to its fullest! More of our reader’s journal entries, reviews, plus author interviews, can be found on our Blog and on Examiner! Do you have a recently published children’s or YA fiction book you would like us to review or promote? Then, write to

Read our weekly newspaper, DBR Book News Weekly! DBR Books would like to hear all about your reading experience; share with us on Examiner, our Blog, and on Twitter! 3


this issue of The Books Magazine we wanted to feature the review of Snow White's Seven Patches, just in case you've missed it! The review, done by Binghamton Children's Book Examiner, highlights the wonderful way in which author Jewel Kats captures that 'beauty is limitless in its meaning'. Here is the review: Jewel Kats, author of Snow White's Seven Patches - A Vitiligo Fairy Tale, has successfully taken the popular fairy tale to a whole new level. This Snow White rendition has all the basics of the traditional fairy tale, but has one important element which sets it apart - vitilogo. The book highlights the misunderstandings people with vitiligo face, and indirectly teaches that people with vitiligo are people too. How do we view others who are different from us? Do we have the right to view one person less than the other? Snow's mother, Ivy, was ashamed that her daughter was born with vitiligo and she hid her away for many years. Although this is a fairy tale, the book closely mirrors the sad reality of our harsh world; that is, there are people who live daily hidden away because their families are ashamed or they choose the introvert lifestyle because of fear of being ridiculed. Not all real life stories have the happy ending that Snow had; nevertheless, the ending gives hope to a child who has vitiligo, that someday people will be more accepting of the diversity that exists in our world. It is also interesting that Snow's patches are in the shape of the seven continents of the world; this became one of the key factors in the shaping of the story. This book is an interesting read, especially for teachers introducing awareness and acceptance. The book is also a good tool in illustrating that the word 'beauty' is limitless in its meaning, and the concept of beauty should reach far beyond its cookie-cutter edges. The book is illustrated by Dan Goodfellow, and published by Love Healing Press, a publishing house which produces books that help to heal both the mind and spirit . 4

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The Opposite of Everything

by David Kalish Book Description: When Brooklyn journalist Daniel Plotnick learns he has cancer, his fortunes fall faster than you can say Ten Plagues of Egypt. His wife can't cope, his marriage ends in a showdown with police, and his father accidentally pushes him off the George Washington Bridge. Daniel miraculously survives his terrifying plunge, and comes up with a zany plan to turn his life around: by doing the opposite of everything he did before. In the darkly comedic tradition of Philip Roth and Lorrie Moore comes a new novel from author David Kalish, who draws us into a hilarious, off-kilter world where cancer tears apart relationships...and builds new ones. Author’s Bio: David Kalish is a playwright, screenwriter, and author of The Opposite of Everything, a comedic novel published March 2014. His fiction has been published in numerous literary magazines and a short film of his, "Regular Guy," won honors in film festivals here and abroad. He earned his MFA in fiction writing at the Bennington College Writing Seminars. Before Bennington, he was a journalist for twelve years at the New York City headquarters of The Associated Press. He is currently working on a second novel and a Latinthemed comedic musical entitled, The Gringo Who Stole Christmas that will be performed in upstate New York in December. 6


ur 3rd book for the Reading Journal is The Opposite of Everything by David Kalish.

It was life as usual for Daniel Plotnick until he awoke one morning with a painful lump in his throat, and suddenly life wasn‟t so usual anymore. However, with his diagnosis of throat cancer, Plotnick decides that the only way to live was “to do the opposite of everything that came before.” How do you write a story about cancer and divorce, the two most dreaded circumstances in life, without sounding cynical and pessimistic? Kalish employed wit and humor as his assistants to tell his story of surviving cancer and divorce, in his third person novel of the story of Daniel Plotnick. But just employing wit and humor was not enough. Kalish also included wellrounded characters with whom readers can relate. We‟ve all had some encounter with one or more of these characters in our lives. For example, Judy, Plotnick‟s wife, tries to heal her husband the vegan way, by juicing fruits and vegetables and placing him on a diet that will „cleanse the liver‟. Her character trait of trying to „fix what‟s broken‟ is real in the eyes of female readers. But also, readers can too empathize with Plotnick‟s rebellion and simmering rage as he tries to deal with his diagnosis and the all too blatant fact that life was indeed terminal. Kalish‟s main character is vivid, down-to-earth, and true. He is three dimensional and tangible; reaching out to readers fearlessly and boldly as he tells his „side‟ of the story. But, just as readers are about to „settle in‟ and be comfortable with the main character and his circumstance, Kalish surprises the reader with the twist of a decision—Plotnick, in looking at his CT scans, decides that they suggests to him to “do the opposite of what came naturally.” We are excited to see how this main character evolves as he is about to embark on doing that which is contrary to his natural tendencies. We hope too that you‟ll follow along with us as we read Kalish‟s new novel The Opposite of Everything. Follow us on our blog at DBR Books Blog, for updates in our journal entry for this book. (Review written by The Books Magazine) 7

What We’re Reading Now! This book is our first read for 2014 Reading Challenge, of which readers are challenged to read outside their usual genre! We hope that you will be able to reach your goal for the year! Thanks for participating!

Forgiven by Janet Fox Book Description: Kula Baker never expected to find herself on the streets of San Francisco, alone but for a letter of introduction. Though she has come to the city to save her father from a cruel fate, Kula soon finds herself swept up in a world of art and elegance - a world she hardly dared dream of back in Montana, where she was no more than the daughter of an outlaw. And then there is the handsome David Wong, whose smiling eyes and soft-spoken manner have an uncanny way of breaking through Kula's carefully crafted reserve. Yet when disaster strikes and the wreckage threatens all she holds dear, Kula realizes that only by unlocking her heart can she begin to carve a new future for herself.

Product Details        

Age Range: 12 and up Grade Level: 7 and up Paperback: 288 pages Publisher: Speak (June 2, 2011) Language: English ISBN-10: 014241414X ISBN-13: 978-0142414149 Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 5.6 x 0.8 inches 8

DBR’s WISHLIST books for May | June 2014!

Pinkalicious Crazy Hair Day by Victoria Kann

My New Friend is So Fun by Mo Willems

Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too by Anna Dewdney

File Under 13 Suspicious Incidents

Big Nate Great Minds Think Alike by Lincoln Peirce

Double Feature Timber Ridge Riders—Book 9 by Maggie Dana

by Lemony Snicket


...bestsellers in our store! The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty Regular Price: $25.95 Now: $16.95 "My darling Cecilia, if you're reading this, then I've died...." Her husband had not intended that she read the letter until after his demise, but Cecilia's curiosity betrayed him. The unsettling words that she read forever changed the life of this once contented wife and mother; yet this well-intended posthumous missive also becomes the spur that enables Cecilia to connect with two other women recently pushed towards crossroads. A new novel by Liane Moriarty (What Alice Forgot; The Hypnotist's Love) as original and well-crafted as a fine string quartet. Why Should I Believe You? by Dawnette Blackwood-Rhoomes

Price: $2.99 Do you believe anything the Bible says? Have you ever been angry with God? How did you cope with it? Read one woman's encounter as she came face to face with the real truth about God, His love, and His promises.

Facing Your Giants by Max Lucado Regular price: $16.99 Now: $7.99 You know your Goliath. You recognize his walk, the thunder of his voice. He taunts you with bills you can't pay, people you can't please, habits you can't break, failures you can't forget, and a future you can't face. But just like David, you can face your giant, even if you aren't the strongest, the smartest, the best equipped, of the holiest. David. You could read his story and wonder what God saw in him. His life has little to offer the unstained, straight-A saint. He fell as often as he stood, stumbled as often as he conquered. But for those who know the sound of Goliath, David gives this reminder: Focus on giants -- you stumble; focus on God -- your giants tumble. If you're ready to face your giants, let his story inspire you. 10

DBR Book News Weekly

The following book news clipping was featured on DBR Book News Weekly, from which the excerpt was taken from the Guardian. The article was written by Paul Laity on Friday, April 25, 2014.

As the non-fiction Penguin imprint relaunches, Paul Laity tells the story of the blue-spined books that inspired generations of self-improvers – and transformed the publishing world. Pelican covers, from George Bernard Shaw to the designs of the 70s. Photograph: Courtesy Penguin Books "

The really amazing thing, the extraordinary eye-opener that surprised the most optimistic of us, was the immediate and overwhelming success of the Pelicans." So wrote Allen Lane, founder of Penguin and architect of the paperback revolution, who had transformed the publishing world by selling quality books for the price of a packet of cigarettes. Millions of orange Penguins had already been bought when they were joined in 1937 by the pale blue non-fiction Pelicans. "Who would have imagined," he continued, "that, even at 6d, there was a thirsty public anxious to buy thousands of copies of books on science, sociology, economics, archaeology, astronomy and other equally serious subjects?" His instinct was not only commercially astute but democratic. The launching of the Penguins and Pelicans ("Good books cheap") caused a huge fuss, and not simply among staid publishers: the masses were now able to buy not just pulp, but "improving", high-calibre books – whatever next! Lane and his defenders argued that owning such books should not be the preserve of the privileged class. He had no truck with those people "who despair at what they regard as the low level of people's intelligence". Read more…

Visit DBR Book News Weekly for more information and news on books. 11

Product Description: Cool Kind Kid -17 Award Winning Original Songs


Original Songs- each teaching a different social skill. The FUN way for 2-10 yearolds to learn manners and resist bullying. This children's manners CD encourages better behavior. Fun, original, and entertaining songs teach basic social skills without kids thinking it's educational. There's sing-a-long fun for home, camp, or classroom. Lyrics are included. All songs were written from the content of the Tanner's Manners: Be a Cool Kind Kid Social Skills and Character Values Curriculum. Parents, teachers, camp, community and recreation professionals rave about the positive messages of Tanner's Manners. Tanner's Manners is more than character education and social skills development. It's a proactive way of working with kids to equip them to resist the deception that bullying is cool. Kids are confronted on a daily basis in school, their neighborhoods, and the media that the mean, rude, disrespectful person is the cool person; and that bullying is cool. Through award -winning music, fun activities, and the Cool Kind Kid Concept, kids learn that Kind is Cool and Cool is Kind, It's cool to live The Golden Rule, and The kind kid is the cool kid, not the bully. As we redefine cool, kids learn how to be kind, caring, and respectful. They learn to reject bullying and being bullied, and that bullying is the ultimate un-cool.


hile reading through Handbook 1 by creator of ―Cool Kind Kid‖ Barbara Gilmour, we saw an area in the book activity in which an alien from outer space asked ―Why are you doing that?‖. It got us thinking, if aliens were to visit the planet Earth, what would they think of our world today? Would they find a people of a generous nature, with mannerable social skills, caring, respectful, and practicing the Golden rule with others?


In the Cool Kind Kid Handbook 1, Barbara Gilmour, Sydelle Mason, Ed.D, and Wendy McDermott, Ph.D , help parents and caregivers, educators and counselors, to effectively assist young children in developing adequate social skills and successfully reject bullying within their peers. The handbook is an activity book designed to help the parent/instructor introduce social etiquette in a fun way through Q & A exercises and catchy-fun songs and lyrics. The message? It‘s okay to be a ―cool kind kid‖. The handbook demonstrates various circumstances in which kids can be kind to others—at home, at school, with their neighbors, in their community etc. This book is very practical and down-to-earth, and encourages kids to look for opportunities to be kind. When we think of the Golden Rule—‖do unto others as you would have others do unto you‖ - we see that it requires action. Just as Love is an action word, not just something you feel; the Golden rule requires action too for it to be a practical, tangible experience. Cool Kind Kid fully explores the real meaning of this principle, and gives sound practical advice in areas in which the Golden Rule can be applied. The book encourages children to be ―cool‖ at home, at school, at play, in their neighborhood and community. Then it goes into detail, giving parents/instructors/counselors wonderful tips and objectives on accomplishing this task. One commendable aspect of the book is that it is interactive. Parents/ instructors are not just simply regurgitating suggestions from the book; but they are required to ask the kids various questions on topics addressed, and then discuss the answers together. Also, kids and parents are encouraged to put into practice what they have learned from these ‘training‘ sessions within various social settings and environments. We liked that it wasn‘t the cookie-cutter format of creating good citizenship, but that the authors explored the avenues that have long gone neglected in our society. The issue of proper manners and respect for others are resounding key factors in the book. 13

Cool Kind Kid handbook is a guidebook that should be kept by parents and caregivers as an instruction manual and activity book in which adults can refer to from time to time. For example, you may want to choose the objective ‗character building‘ as a project for your kids. Parents are encouraged to read and involve their kids in the corresponding activities for the project. Remember to make it fun! What better way to learn and grow! The book highlights a lot of role-playing. This is important because children learn by emulating what they have seen and heard. For instance, acting out the polite and rude ways of using the magic words is a profound teaching tool that will definitely leave a more lasting impression in the minds of young children. Cool Kind Kids is timely and appropriate for our society today in which bullying seems to have taken over as the ‗new norm‘. The book is refreshing and it reinforces those lessons that sets us high above the animal kingdom and makes us who we are, humans. Which takes us right back to the beginning of this article. If aliens were to visit our planet, what kind of people would they find? Well, we hope, amongst the harsh reality of our world, they‘d find honorable, upright citizens in our children and young adults; after all, they are our future. A future with honest, kind, and honorable citizens, is the kind of future we should all strive for. [This book review of Cool Kind Kid, Handbook #1 is written for The Books Magazine]

The Cool Kind Kid CD (Single) There are 17 original songs that are can be used as teaching tools in providing young children with the proper social skills necessary for our society today. Each song (single), sold separately, costs $0.99 and can be downloaded on a MP3 player. Here are some of the titles:       

Magic Word Mambo When the Telephone Rings Polite to Me Rude Rudy The Best Friend I Can Be School Rules Manners Matter Everywhere


DesignPump on! 15

2014 Reading Challenge Join in the FUN!

b00k r3vi3ws invites you to participate in its 2014 Reading Book Challenge! So you want to read books by authors you’ve never read before? Well here’s your chance to do it!

Here's what you need to know about b00k r3vi3ws 2014 Reading Challenge: 1. Read as many books as possible, by authors that YOU haven't read before. 2. You do not have to be a blogger to participate. 3. Books read may be in any form (audio, print, e-book). 4. The books can overlap with other reading challenges. 5. Post your links to your reviews each month to share with other participants. 6. The challenge runs from January 1, 2014 to December 1, 2014. It‟s never too late to Join In! Challenge Levels are: Amateur : Choose to read 1 - 25 New Authors Lover : Choose to read 26 - 50 New Authors Expert : Choose to read 51 - 75 New Authors Fanatic : Choose to read 76 or above New Authors To know more about this Reading Challenge and to join in with countless readers and authors, sign up for free on b00k r3vi3ws website and begin today! 16

Reading Challenge Books you might be interested in!


Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo


Strong Mothers, Strong Sons by Meg Meeker, M.D.


Everybody’s Got Something by Robin Roberts


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn



is a list of newly released books to keep your kids busy! These are now available in local libraries nationwide or anywhere books are sold:

For Ages 8 to 12: 1. Whatever After #5: Bad Hair Day by Sarah Mlynowski 2. Popular Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek by Maya Van Wagenen 3. The Julian Chapter by R.J. Palacio

4. The River by Alessandro Sanna

DBR Books

The Books Magazine 18

May | June 2014

For Ages 3 to 7: 5. Duck & Goose Go to the Beach by Tad Hills 6. The Very Fairy Princess: Graduation Girl! by Julie Andrews 7. Hi, Koo! by Jon J. Muth

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The Books Magazine 19

May | June 2014

Celebrate Your Success! Advertise your books with us in our next issue! Make 2014 your best year yet! For more info: The Books Magazine


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The Books Magazine May/June 2014  

A Books Magazine featuring helpful book reviews, author and illustrator interviews, and book sales for children's and YA fiction books.

The Books Magazine May/June 2014  

A Books Magazine featuring helpful book reviews, author and illustrator interviews, and book sales for children's and YA fiction books.


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