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May 2013

For week of April 14th, 2013: 

Introducing Author Lannah SawersDiggins...Read

Book Review | JJ The American Street Dog by Diane RoseSolomon...Read

For the week of April 21st, 2013: 

How simple bird watching can inspire creativity...Read

Introducing Lucy Rivas Enriquez...Read

Author Interview | Bullseye by Lannah SawersDiggins...Read

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A delightful children’s ABC book featuring page after page of whimsical illustrations and tongue twisting text. Order your copy at:

They can be strung together or mounted to form names and words. Check them out at:



Should Have Listened!

Cow Bubbles

Gone Coastal

Wolves’ Tea Party Phone (530) 467-5752 like me at: 5


Shelby’s fourth grade teacher challenged each student to do something over the summer that will forever change their lives for the better, Shelby didn’t know what would be the outcome but whatever it was she was looking forward to it. Tom T’s Hat Rack, written by Michele Spry, is a refreshing story about kindness in the form of ‘paying it forward’. Spry defines the term as “a random act of kindness towards another person with no expectation of return on investment.” As Shelby looked forward to her summer vacation with the Tuckers (Mr. & Mrs. T her neighbors); Mr. T had his own idea on a similar life-changing project in which he solicited Shelby’s help. Soon they were ‘paying it forward’ in their community in a way that was heartwarming and inspiring. The idea for the book is a breath of fresh air. Tom T’s Hat Rack is not the customary kid’s read of adventure and drama, or mystery and suspense. Instead it’s a very simple story of showing kindness to others and looking for ways to be helpful in your community. It’s the kind of story that will get children and adults thinking: “How can I help in my family and in my community?” Similarly, we can observe that Mr. T’s project made Shelby ask the same question, and soon after she devised a way in which she could help too. 6

Tom T’s Hat Rack teaches that change can begin with you and it’s a blessing to be kind. If you wanted to teach kids how to show kindness to others, this book is a great start. The author also encourages the reader to list (in the back of the book) all the ways in which you can be helpful in your community. It’s also an excellent book to introduce to a class (as an example) if the teacher wanted to get her class involved in community work.

What We’re Reading Now! In keeping with the 2013 Reading Challenge of reading outside our usual genre, here’s a sneak peek of what we’re reading now! Stella Bellarosa: Tales of an Aspiring Teenage Superhero by Julie Krantz

Inspiring and motivating, Tom T’s Hat Rack, teaches not to focus too much on self but rather to put the word ‘paying it forward’ into action and do something good for someone! If you’ve ‘paid it forward’ or someone has done so for you, the author wishes to for you to share your story on her Facebook page.

Book Cover Excerpt:

“A wallet, a thief, and a brilliant plan--what can possibly go wrong? At least that’s what Stella thinks when she urges Pin Pin to return the stolen wallet—until she gets caught with the goods, that is, and all heaven, hell and whatever’s-inbetween breaks loose, forcing the BFFs to hit the road. Tag along with Stella and Pin Pin as they ditch Little Italy for midtown Manhattan, all the while battling archrival Angie Como for the title to SOHO’s Annual Food Drive, their ticket to Regis Academy—a posh high school for girls, hidden far, far away in the Catskills. Oh-la-la, for the chance to leave home—for good!

Also, take a peek at the back of the book; a nice surprise awaits you there! (Reviewed by DBR Books Blog) 

Tom T’s Hat Rack by Michelle Spry

Paperback: 106 pages

Publisher: Spry Publishing (January 2, 2013)

ISBN-10: 0988778238

ISBN-13: 978-0988778238

Problem is... the road isn’t much safer than home, especially when the runaways attract the attention of police, museum officials and—worst of all—Stella’s unforgiving father. Also pitted against their extravagant dreams is the threat of Pin and her family’s deportation, including baby sister, Audrey, who lies at the heart of this quirky coming-of-age novel—STELLA BELLAROSA, a serious MG with a funny-bone.” An Amazon Kindle book. 7


WEBSITE     

How do birds have fun? What do birds really do when they fly south? How do they handle those naughty cats? Join the adventure and fun with Robby and his friends! eBooks are available from Amazon for Kindle or from Smashwords for Nook Book, Sony Reader, Kobo, Apple iPad and many other formats. Also available in paperback from Createspace. Check the authors’ website for details. 8

DBR ‘s WISHLIST books for May 2013! Why not make them yours too?

Fancy Nancy Puppy Party by Jane O’Connor

Dreams Come True by Mike Dooley

It’s a Busload of Pigeon Books! by Mo Willems

Big Nate Game On! by Lincoln Peirce

Anne—The Kindle with audio Collection

Whatever After #3 Sink or Swim by Sarah Mylnowski

by Lucy Maud Montgomery



) Is JJ The American Street Dog your first children's book? JJ The American Street Dog is my first children’s book.

2) You are a Certified Humane Education Specialist, what does that mean? Years ago I read about a woman doing animal rescue work, who was a Certified Humane Education Specialist so I looked it up. Believe it or not, Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has a University! People can get a Bachelors degree, or even a Masters, plus they have this Certificate program as well, which was more up my alley. Many of the participants in the program are teachers and use the humane education parts to add Humane Education to their curriculum. Many of the other Certified Humane Education Specialists that are not already teachers go into classrooms and build a seminar or program around school standards. It made me think about animal issues that I hadn’t thought of before- particularly the way a child might think about them. After receiving my CHES I started doing 10

a few local seminars teaching kids about basic animal care, dog bite prevention and humane animal treatment. Then I got busy writing and publishing the book and I use the education when I go into classrooms to read the book to students.

store, there’s a pet whose time is up at a shelter which didn’t get a second chance. Many people have a certain breed in mind, which is fine if they go to their local breed rescue- and there are even many pure bred dogs at the local shelter. We have the power to make a difference in the lives of voiceless animals. Children are the voice of the next generation, which is why I wanted them to become aware of this important issue.

3) The story of JJ is one you speak of from the heart because you rescued the real JJ 17 years ago. Tell me a little about JJ. The real JJ was such a sweet dog. I’ll never forget my husband bringing him home for the first time. Not too different from the book except he was on my husband's lap. I fell in love instantly. He was a gentle soul and very sweet with our cats and then we had kids and he was sweet with them too. He was a funny mix of a bunch of dogs and looked most like a cross between a Sheltie, a Shepherd and a Lab. But that’s just a guess. As I said in the back of the book- it didn’t matter what kind of dog he was- he was just a love. He gave lots of love and I believe he knew he was rescued and was so grateful.

5) Congratulations on receiving a Mom's Choice Honoring Excellence Award! What's next for JJ? Is this the beginning of a series about JJ or dogs? Thanks for the nice words about the Mom’s Choice Award! JJ The American Street Dog is the first in the JJ series. The next four books all address different animal issues including Basic Training, Bringing a baby home to a house where there is already a dog, Service and Therapy Animals and Misunderstood Breeds. JJ, Maya and her family are the stars in all of the books! (Interview done by DBR Books Blog)

4) What do you want your readers to learn from this book? I would like for people to learn that there are millions of amazing animals in need of good homes. If you choose a rescued pet from a shelter or rescue organization you are literally saving a life. Conversely, when people buy pets from a breeder, or worse, from a pet

For more information, see our Book Review and also visit the author’s website.

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JJ The American Street Dog by Diane Rose-Solomon Hardcover: 32 pages Publisher: SOP3 Publishing (December 15, 2012) ISBN-10: 0985769017 ISBN-13: 978-0985769017

What if the person seated next to you was the last person you’d ever want to see!

The Woman on the Bus by Dawnette BlackwoodRhoomes, is a short story of a girl's (Melissa) unexpected encounter with a mysterious passenger and seat partner on a bus heading towards Rhode Island. "The bus buzzed to life as she watched a welldressed woman burst through the terminal door, obviously fearful she was too late. She had one piece of luggage, which she carried unsteadily on her shoulder as she lengthened her stride towards the bus door."

Now on Your Kindle!

That day when she boarded the bus, she entered Melissa's life. As they journeyed together, it became apparent that the woman on the bus was the last person Melissa wanted to meet! 

Title & Author: The Woman on the Bus by Dawnette Blackwood-Rhoomes

File Size: 98 KB Print Length: 13 pages

Publisher: DB-R Designs; 2 edition (June 2, 2011)

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc. Lending: Enabled


by Lannah Sawers-Diggins

One author’s stand against bullying! Bullseye - A compilation of some 36 case histories written and submitted by victims of bullying from around Australia and one from the UK.


Learn more about the Land Down Under! A father writes, a daughter publishes and carries on his legacy! A memoir of a family’s ancestors and their movements from the family seat in Scotland to Australia; their employment on sheep and cattle stations between states; and a detailed and in-depth look at station life.

The Sawers From Pitcairn by Brian Sawers 13


are many children’s books which would not have seen the light of day if the writer and the illustrator didn’t work to together to make it all possible. We know that without each other, many creative and imaginative books, comics and even cartoons would not exist. Children’s Books Examiner says it best in her promotional article for authors and illustrators: 14

Writers and illustrators complement each other. Sometimes an author’s work is enhanced by the illustrator’s drawings.

Sometimes the things writers want to say in words are best expressed in art. There are many children’s books that have been published that are more about the illustrations than words. Did that mean the writer failed at his work? No. It simply means that the story would be best told with little words and more action. Illustrations jump off a page and bring a story to life. They further explain what the writer wishes to convey. Then there are times when words say so much more - especially when deep emotions are involved. Sometimes a picture or a drawing isn’t enough to speak of the feelings the character is experiencing. Here, words must say it for us. Here words must help us to understand. But when they do come together, words and illustrations - they create a dynamic combination that can only be achieved because they complement each other so well. So whether you’re a writer or an illustrator or both - take your talent seriously. Writing and illustrating are not crafts. They are talents that one should be proud of. Without writers we wouldn’t have movies, TV shows, books, newspapers - things we take for granted. Without illustrators we wouldn’t have cartoons, graphic novels and comic strips. As long as man exists there will be the need to draw and write our thoughts.”

Excerpt taken from article titled Writers and illustrators: promotion options all under one banner—Children’s Books Examiner. See full article for info on promotions for writers and illustrators. 15

2013 Reading Challenge Join in the FUN!

b00k r3vi3ws invites you to participate in its 2013 Reading Book Challenge! So you want to read books by authors you’ve never read before? Well here’s your chance to do it!

Then here's what you need to know about b00k r3vi3ws 2013 Reading Challenge: 1. Read as many books as possible, by authors that YOU haven't read before. 2. You do not have to be a blogger to participate. 3. Books read may be any form (audio, print, e-book). 4. The books can overlap with other reading challenges. 5. Post your links to your reviews each month to share with other participants. 6. The challenge runs from January 1, 2013 to December 1, 2013. Its never too late to Join In! Challenge Levels are: Amateur : Choose to read 1 - 10 New Authors Lover : Choose to read 11 - 20 New Authors Expert : Choose to read 20 - 25 New Authors Fanatic : Choose to read 25 or above New Authors To know more about this Reading Challenge and to join in with countless readers and authors, sign up for free on b00k r3vi3ws website and begin today! 16

Reading Challenge Books you might be interested in!


In the Body of the World A Memoir by Eve Ensler


Waiting to Be Heard A Memoir by Amanda Knox


A Step of Faith by Richard Paul Evans


Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella



is a list of newly released books to keep your kids busy! These are now available in our local libraries nationwide or anywhere books are sold:

For Ages 8 to 12: 1. Dork Diaries 6 by Rachel RenĂŠe Russell 2. Big Nate Genius Mode by Lincoln Peirce 3. Raising the Bar by Gabrielle Douglas 4. I Survived #8 The Japanese Tsunami, 2011 by Lauren Tarshis

DBR Books

The Books Magazine 18

May 2013

For Ages 3 to 7: 5. The Three Little Pigs by Roberto Piumini 6. Again! by Emily Gravett 7. Pete at the Beach by James Dean

DBR Books

The Books Magazine 19

May 2013

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