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April 2013

Poetry Month

and we would like to invite you to participate. DBR Books have chosen to highlight poetry as one of the must-reads for Reading Challenge 2013 (page 16), and we hope you’ll read along with us. Take part in the Goodreads Giveaway for poetry books (pages 14-15); and read our Wish List recommendation Poems to Learn by Heart by Caroline Kennedy. Book Cover description: “There's a poem to celebrate every moment in life-whether it's hitting a home run, watching a sunset, or laughing with your best friend. A poem is a gift of the heart that can inspire, reassure, or challenge us. Memorize it-share it-it's yours forever. In this diverse collection, a companion to her New York Times #1 best-seller A Family of Poems, Caroline Kennedy has chosen more than a hundred poems that speak to all of us: the young and young at heart, readers new to poetry and devoted fans. These poems explore deep emotions, as well as ordinary experiences. They cover the range of human experience and imagination. Divided into sections about nature, sports, monsters and fairies, friendship and family, this book is full of surprises. Each section is preceded by Caroline's thoughtful introduction reflecting her own family's engagement with and enjoyment of poetry. Illustrated with striking watercolor paintings by award-winning artist Jon J Muth, this is truly a book for all ages and interests, and one that families will want to share for years to come.”

DBR Books would like to hear all about your reading experience; share with us on our Blog, and on Twitter! 3


A delightful children’s ABC book featuring page after page of whimsical illustrations and tongue twisting text. Order your copy at:

They can be strung together or mounted to form names and words. Check them out at:



Should Have Listened!

Cow Bubbles

Gone Coastal

Wolves’ Tea Party Phone (530) 467-5752 like me at: 5


Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob: A Journey Begins is the first of a series of early chapter books that introduces children to the principles of achievement and attaining your desired goals. Author Brooks Olbrys delves into a step by step achievement process taken from the teachings of personal coach Bob Proctor, Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, Wallace D. Wattles, and others. Sounds like a mouthful? By now you may be wondering that this kind of information may be too heavy for kids to handle. Not really! Author Brooks Olbrys imparts these important teachings of success in simple poetic form with every two lines a rhyme and rich illustrations which lends to the eloquence of the book.

The story begins with a young boy Bob who desires to be more fulfilled. He was bored with his idyllic life on the Island of Roses and longed to be more useful; but didn’t know how or where to begin. In asking questions of the sea animals, he sought the guidance of a wise old turtle called Doc, Earl the clam, Wallace the walrus, and Mary the marine biologist. They helped steered Bob in the right direction, each assisting him to attain a principle until his goal was met; and though Blue Ocean Bob faced several obstacles along the way, Olbrys shows the reader how to achieve success despite hindrances and feelings of inadequacy. Olbys had the skeleton of his story, which was the principles of achievement, but he successfully added meat to his plot giving the story depth and substance through character development. How did he do this? Let’s take a look:

• Olbrys added personality to his characters by highlighting their strong and weak points; this gives depth to the story. Even though the principles of achievement 6

Blue Ocean Bob had a vision and a goal to accomplish, and as the plot progresses the reader is drawn into the story as Bob’s feelings of inadequacy evokes empathy and you’ll find yourself willing and cheering him on to succeed. This is significant because not only do children get a clear understanding of the process of achieving, they are also learning how to identify or pin-point a single point of interest and zero-in on achieving it.

are the essence of the story, the real beauty of it shines forth in the true nature of the characters, for example Xena the hummingbird who has a very timid and pessimistic view of life brings a bit of angst to the story.

• Olbrys brought out the feelings of his main character. Blue Ocean Bob doesn’t just exist on the page, but through his feelings we can identify and empathize with him and therefore he becomes realistic. Therefore, the character Bob can easily exist outside the pages of the book and in the reader’s mind because his attitudes and feelings of frustrations are all familiar emotions we experience when trying to achieve our dreams.

These big teachings, broken down into bite size simplicity are life lessons that kids and adults can apply to any situation in life. This is a book that parents should keep on their shelves and read to their kids from time to time as it helps to prepare kids for adulthood. “With your purpose now set and your vision all clear, you can act on your goals and watch wonders appear!”

Olbrys teaches that one needs to have Purpose, Vision, Goals, the Right Attitude, and Persistence to achieve success and these words are put into action in the story thereby showing (not just telling) kids how each principle works. Even though kids may not know the meaning of words like Vision or Persistence, the storyline leads to an overall understanding of the word as each word is broken down into a series of tasks and undertakings, and it becomes three-dimensional and palpable therefore teaching the meaning behind it.

To learn more about The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob: A Journey Begins, the gifts and the apps available, please visit the author’s website. (Reviewed by Children’s Book Examiner) Also available, picture book Blue Ocean Bob Discovers His Purpose. IPAD APPS also Available. Visit the author’s website. 7


WEBSITE     

How do birds have fun? What do birds really do when they fly south? How do they handle those naughty cats? Join the adventure and fun with Robby and his friends! eBooks are available from Amazon for Kindle or from Smashwords for Nook Book, Sony Reader, Kobo, Apple iPad and many other formats. Also available in paperback from Createspace. Check the authors’ website for details. 8

DBR ‘s WISHLIST books for April 2013! Why not make them yours too?

JJ the American Street Dog

Red Hat by Lita Judge

by Diane Rose-Solomon

A Moose at the Bus Stop by Terry Cook

Mo The Talking Dog by Michelle Booth

The Matchbox Diary by Paul Fleishman

Whatever After Fairest of All by Sarah Mylnowski



egasus A Dragon’s Tale written by Gina LoBiondo is an award winning children’s illustrated book for kids; and it tells a tale of a baby dragon called Pegasus which grew up to be the protector and friend of the kingdom of the teddy bears (see our Book Review). For her outstanding and imaginative work, author Gina LoBiondo has received six (6) awards:  The Pinnacle Book Achievement Award (2011) - Children’s Interest (Winner)  International Book Awards (2012) - Children’s Picture Book: Softcover Fiction (Finalist)  Gelett Burgess Awards (2012) - Fables, Folklore & Fairytales (Winner)  Mom’s Choice Silver Award (2012) - Juvenile Level 1 - Fantasy, Myths & Legends (Winner)  USA Best Book Award (2012) - eBook Children’s Fiction (Finalist)  B.R.A.G. Medallion (2013) - Young Adult/Children (Winner) We interviewed Gina LoBiondo about her work and upcoming books: 1. Is Pegasus A Dragon’s Tale your first children’s book? It’s my first published book. I’ve been writing for 39 ½ years so I’ve written quite a bit in all genres. 2. Tell me a little about the book, and what made you choose a fairy tale and a mythical creature as your subject matter? 10

well as the original.

I wrote it years ago as a short story with two human princesses who found the dragon’s egg. When my nephew got married and became an instant father, his two kids became my niece and nephew as well. For Kameela’s birthday, I decided to get her a Build-A-Bear, which in turn, gave me the idea of turning the humans in the story into bears and naming them after Kameela and her brother Dayshawn.

4. What’s your best advice to first time children’s book authors? Keep writing and don’t stop! Never give up! That goes for any writer. Come up with a good plot and make your characters believable. I’ve noticed this is sorely lacking in many of today’s children’s books. 5. What’s next for Gina LoBiondo? Is there another book in the making? I’m working on a sequel to Pegasus and I’m also writing a new one called Button Nose the Sad Little Bear, the idea of which came to me when I found my bear on eBay! I also have a 120-page retelling of the Cinderella story that is just waiting for the artwork. I wrote it originally as a fulllength, 2-Act stage play (which I will also be making available once the novel comes out) and the following year took each scene in the play and wrote a chapter around it. It’s, basically, the faerie tale we all grew up with but with a twist that no other version has which makes it unique!

As far as the faerie tale aspect, I’ve always loved them. I’ve loved teddy bears since my childhood when I had an adorable Knickerbocker Bear that I named Button Nose, whom I just recently found again and purchased on eBay. Dragons are beautiful, majestic and magical creatures and I adore them as well. I’ve read the first three books in the Inheritance Cycle and can’t wait to finish the saga! 3. Congratulations, Pegasus A Dragon’s Tale has won several book awards! Is there going to be a continuing series to Pegasus? Thank you very much; I’ve been very excited about my awards. It’s all been a bit overwhelming! Actually, yes, I’m working as we speak on a sequel to Pegasus. It’s a brand new adventure with my favorite dragon and the two little bears at the end of the first book. I hope it turns out as

     11

Pegasus A Dragon’s Tale by Gina LoBiondo For Ages: 3 to 7 Paperback: 34 pages Publisher: Nephthys Publications (July 25, 2011) ISBN-10: 0982264828 ISBN-13: 978-0982264829

What if the person seated next to you was the last person you’d ever want to see!

The Woman on the Bus by Dawnette BlackwoodRhoomes, is a short story of a girl's (Melissa) unexpected encounter with a mysterious passenger and seat partner on a bus heading towards Rhode Island. "The bus buzzed to life as she watched a welldressed woman burst through the terminal door, obviously fearful she was too late. She had one piece of luggage, which she carried unsteadily on her shoulder as she lengthened her stride towards the bus door."

Now on Your Kindle!

That day when she boarded the bus, she entered Melissa's life. As they journeyed together, it became apparent that the woman on the bus was the last person Melissa wanted to meet! 

Title & Author: The Woman on the Bus by Dawnette Blackwood-Rhoomes

File Size: 98 KB Print Length: 13 pages

Publisher: DB-R Designs; 2 edition (June 2, 2011)

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc. Lending: Enabled


DBR Books is taking the plunge and we are reading outside our usual genre! Take a look at what we are reading now! Lance’s Travels Does Cornwall by Lance Leuven Kindle edition Book Cover Excerpt: "I’ve long possessed a warm fondness for that southwest tip of Great Britain called Cornwall. It’s an exceptional and beautiful place. And in June 2012 I spent a(nother) delightful week travelling around in exploration. This book is the story of my trip interspersed with some interesting background topics regarding the unique story of this fascinating place. I begin with a brief introduction to the region before embarking upon the tale of my seven day trip. I follow each day with a look into some of the other interesting, and often surprising, subjects relating to Cornwall and the Cornish. I hope you enjoy it." -Lance So, how did the French troubadours influence King Arthur? Who threw the hammer that killed the Cormoran the Giant’s wife? How did the Cornish rocks become so mineral rich? Why are the Cornish closer to the Welsh than the English? How dastardly were the Cornish smugglers really? And, most importantly of all, how do you make a ‘proper’ Cornish Pasty? Download today and all will be revealed! 

Lance’s Travels Does Cornwall by Lance Leuven

File Size: 757 KB

Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

ASIN: B009M91Z5Y

Print Length: 119 pages


Lending: Enabled


In keeping

with the Reading Challenge 2013, to read outside our usual genre, here is another genre which the average reader does not usually subscribe to - Poetry.

Poetry can take all forms and covers a wide variety of subject matters. They can tell a story—describing deeply a tale a poet weaves, or they can gently touch on emotions, vaguely giving light. They can speak to children or the child in us. They speak of the past and whispers dreams of the future. Poetry is anything and everything. Poetry is a genre that is not understood, sadly, by many people. In keeping with April - National Poetry Month, I am challenging you to challenge yourself to read at least one book of poetry for the month of April. Choose any of the three poetry books listed in the Goodreads Giveaway. Click on list for book details. 1. Variegated Verse by Jean Blane Flannery - 3 copies available for Giveaway! Giveaway runs from March 15 to April 14, 2013. 2. The Phlunk by Lou Rhodes - 8 copies available for Giveaway! Giveaway runs from March 8 to April 8, 2013. 3. Fire Watcher by Vivian Demuth - 8 copies available for Giveaway! Giveaway runs March 16 to April 28, 2013. Log into or sign up for Goodreads to enter the competition!


ote: If you can’t wait for the giveaway to end, go ahead and treat yourself; the books are available for purchase online!”

(NYC Poetry Examiner) Leila Rose-Gordon is a frequent contributor on Examiner, on which she is featured as NYC Poetry Examiner where she gives great advice on poetry and writing. If you want your poetry to be featured on her Poetry Examiner site, then click the link for more info. Poems must already be copyrighted. (NYC Poetry Examiner) 15

2013 Reading Challenge Join in the FUN!

b00k r3vi3ws invites you to participate in its 2013 Reading Book Challenge! So you want to read books by authors you’ve never read before? Well here’s your chance to do it!

Then here's what you need to know about b00k r3vi3ws 2013 Reading Challenge: 1. Read as many books as possible, by authors that YOU haven't read before. 2. You do not have to be a blogger to participate. 3. Books read may be any form (audio, print, e-book). 4. The books can overlap with other reading challenges. 5. Post your links to your reviews each month to share with other participants. 6. The challenge runs from January 1, 2013 to December 1, 2013. Its never too late to Join In! Challenge Levels are: Amateur : Choose to read 1 - 10 New Authors Lover : Choose to read 11 - 20 New Authors Expert : Choose to read 20 - 25 New Authors Fanatic : Choose to read 25 or above New Authors To know more about this Reading Challenge and to join in with countless readers and authors, sign up for free on b00k r3vi3ws website and begin today! 16

Reading Challenge Books you might be interested in!


Jesus Is‌ Find a New Way to be Human by Judah Smith


The Honest Life by Jessica Alba


Poems to Learn by Heart by Caroline Kennedy


Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler



is a list of newly released books to keep your kids busy! These are now available in our local libraries nationwide or anywhere books are sold:

For Ages 8 to 12: 1. Timmy Failure Mistakes Were Made by Stephan Pastis 2. Hold Fast by Blue Balliett 3. Better Nate Than Ever by Tim Federle 4. RUMP The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin by Liesl Shurtliff

DBR Books

The Books Magazine 18

April 2013

For Ages 3 to 7: 5. Rosie’s Magic Horse by Russell Hoban 6. Tea Rex by Molly Idle 7. Otis and the Puppy by Loren Long

DBR Books

The Books Magazine 19

April 2013

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