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Educa/on Updates In the fourth quarter of 2015, the Leland Management educa/on team awarded 162 state approved Board Member Cer/fica/ons to community board members throughout the state of Florida. We are proud of the impact our educa/on ini/a/ves have had on our communi/es and look forward to our next series of courses in the Spring. Visit our website at www.LelandManagement.com for more info.

Leland Management has been nominated for the 2016 Florida Community Associa/on Journal’s Reader’s Choice Awards! This award was created to recognize communi/es, individuals and service providers that demonstrate excep/onal service to the community associa/on industry and the larger community. Please visit www.fcapgroup.com to vote for Leland Management as your reader’s choice in the Management category.

Stonecrest & CSI

Workplace Wellness

Community Volunteering

Budget Season Ins & Outs

Raising the Caliber of Association Management

CAM Designations and What They Mean for You

It has been another great year for Leland Management and the communi/es we serve. As we begin 2016 we would like to thank you for con/nuing to choose Leland. Whether you are a new community or a long standing associa/on, we appreciate having the opportunity to work alongside you. At Leland, 2015 proved to be a year of milestones and accomplishments. From the grand opening of our new office in Tampa, to having mul/ple communi/es and CAMs win pres/gious awards, we have been busy. Perhaps one of Leland’s most valued accomplishments is winning Best Places to Work for the 5th consecu/ve year. A company is only as good as its team, and having a happy, dedicated team ensures that Leland will succeed in providing quality services to all of our clients. Looking ahead to 2016, our mission is clear. We will con/nue to strive to be the best associa/on management company in the state of Florida. We will con/nue to work to: exceed your expecta/ons to provide the best services a management company can offer, focus on Board Member and team educa/on, and con/nue to foster a corporate culture that encourages all of our team to go above and beyond in their daily work. We are pleased to announce that in 2016 we will be expanding our services to be able to offer maintenance services through our newly acquired,

New Year’s Resolutions

family owned maintenance company, Alden Contrac/ng and Services. Alden will work closely with Leland Management and our associa/on managers to enable us to offer dependable, reliable, quality services from the smallest maintenance task to large renova/ons all while working within the best interest of the community. Also coming in 2016 we are upgrading our management soCware to an advanced integrated system called Caliber. This new soCware will greatly enhance our ability to interact with Homeowners and Boards. Changing soCware is part of our con/nued commitment to maintaining the most advanced technology in our industry, and with Caliber, we will be able to offer both the Board Members and Homeowners addi/onal features and access than are offered with our current soCware. As we have a lot slated for 2016, it is important to emphasize that no maEer what changes we have planned, Leland Management will always remain grounded in our roots as a family owned business. Family focus runs throughout our organiza/on from our Senior Team through each and every community we work with. It is this focus that helps us stay commiEed to our common goals and keeps up striving for con/nued success. So, from my large extended family to yours, we wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Rebecca Furlow

If you find yourself with a few extra hours to spare each month or even just once in a while, ask your HOA Board if there is any way you can help out. Volunteer opportuni/es are plen/ful in community associa/ons and oCen go un-no/ced. Serving on the Board of Directors or joining a commiEee requires a significant investment of your /me; however, you can give back to your community and meet your neighbors by being a volunteer.

Below are a few types of volunteer opportuni/es that are available in almost all communi/es. Needs do vary amongst associa/ons so make sure to ask your Board where your talents could be best u/lized. Community Communica ons: Can you update the HOA website or write ar/cles for the community newsleEer? If you have communica/ons experience or can write a story about something your neighbors would find interes/ng, contact your Board and see if any volunteer opportuni/es are open in this area.

“Give back and meet your neighbors”

Special Events: Does your community

the many ways to lend a host a block party, comhand in your associa/on. munity-wide garage sale You don’t need a lot of or summer BBQ? Any type /me to help make your of community event recommunity a beEer place. quires a lot of planning, prepara/on and manFind an area that cappower. Whether you can tures your interest or uses help out with one event or your talents, and start volmul/ple events, all volun- unteering in your commuteer help is appreciated. nity. Express yourself crea/vely, offer solu/ons to Social Team: day-to-day problems, help This group of people is set up an event. Whatever oCen responsible for iden- you choose, you’ll be part /fying ways to bring the of the team that shapes community together the living in your associathrough events or pro/on. A liEle of your /me grams. These can include produces big rewards. star/ng a specialized club or group, organizing a community field trip or even having a holiday decora/ng weekend.


These are only a few of

Leland is pleased to announce that we are upgrading our management soCware to an advanced integrated system called Caliber. This new soCware will greatly enhance our ability to interact with our Homeowners and Boards. Among the many benefits, Caliber will increase the online access that Boards will have to associa/on informa/on including the ability to review and approve invoices online, manage covenant enforcement and review accounts receivable details. The soCware will make it easier for homeowners to access their account informa/on,



and request services online. Leland personnel will also have faster access to informa/on needed to respond to homeowner calls and inquiries.

soCware to integrate with the

Leland Management is con/nu-

bank’s database in real /me for

ously looking for ways to improve

the quick and accurate sharing

service to our communi/es and

of data. Alliance Associa/on

we are confident that these

Bank is a division of Western

changes will be very beneficial to

Alliance Bank that specializes in

our communi/es.

community associa/on lockbox banking and is a $14 billion Five

To set up ACH with Alliance Asso-

-Star rated bank insured by the







and click on the red link on the The transi/on to Caliber began

homepage. For any further ques-

in December and will be done

/ons please call our Assessments

on a community by community

& Billing Department at 407-781-

basis. As Leland has over 400


communi/es, it will take several months for all communi/es to be fully converted. Lockbox banking conversion will be effec/ve January 1st u/lizing

In order to take full advantage of

the new coupon books that

Caliber’s advanced features we

were mailed recently. As each

will be moving lockbox and

community is converted we will

banking opera/ons to Alliance

provide instruc/ons on u/lizing

Associa/on Bank. Caliber and

the new features to Board and

Alliance have developed a sys-

homeowners as appropriate.

“Caliber and its support are superior to all other compe ve applica ons and a er years of research we are confident in our partnership with Caliber.”

tem that allows Caliber’s 11


Fall is the /me of the year when many HOAs shiC their focus to the next year and begin working on the annual budget. A solid budget helps track progress, plans for growth and makes adjustments throughout the year. Here are a few of the things we look at when preparing your annual budget. Know the History: It’s good to review the HOA financial informa/on for at least the last two years to get an accurate picture of where you are vs. where you want to be. Budge/ng is rarely an exact science because there are usually unforeseen situa/ons. Knowing the history helps us understand the adjustments needed to the budget and/or assessment fees to keep your associa/on in a solid financial posi/on. Evaluate Maintenance and Projects: It’s important to include the correct amount for monthly services, seasonal maintenance and special projects. We iden/fy all vendor contracts that are due for renewal and budget any changes in rates and record any updated insurance informa/on. Then we assess and priori/ze any major projects for the associa/on and include the associa/on cost in the budget.

2011 - 2015 Orlando Business Journal Best Places to Work


Budget for the Reserve Fund: No budget is complete without funding the reserves. The percentage of revenue that you put in reserve depends on the long-term liabili/es and obliga/ons iden/fied in your reserve study. Adequately funded reserves can’t eliminate special assessments but it decreases the likelihood that special assessments will be needed. Assess general and administra ve costs: This is a good /me to review insurance premiums and deduc/bles to ensure that they are budgeted correctly. Some associa/ons may need to review the budget for legal, collec/ons, mailings and other professional services required by the associa/on. Leland and the Board have a fiduciary duty to manage associa/on funds and property in a sound manner. We take every precau/on to ensure your associa/on adopts a stable financial plan for the coming year. For any ques/ons about your associa/on budget please contact your Leland accoun/ng manager.

WELCOME WAGON The Leland team decked the halls for Christmas

Bristol Estates

2015 at the Florida Hotel in Orlando, FL. The

Woods of Forest Lakes

Riviera Key

to bring free toy’s to VIP children (children with

Lake Sawyer South

special needs) and families in financial need at

Indian River Club

Sonoma District

Lake Gloria Preserve

Las Palmas

Lansing Ridge

River Chase of Tampa

Island Club Resort

Royal Palm

Buckeye Ridge

Buckeye Trace

Lavaya’s Vista

Preserve at Turtle Creek

Starling Oaks

Lake Berkeley

Alexander Ridge

Barringer Condos

Celestina North

team gathered for a half day celebra/on and giC exchange. GiCs were also donated to Nathaniel’s Hope Toy Drive, an ini/a/ve by Nathaniel’s Hope

Christmas. Leland homeowners also celebrated the spirit of the season with compe//ons for best decora/ons, a holiday parade, and even a train ride with Santa. We hope everyone had a great holiday season and a fantas/c New Year.

Rebecca Furlow, President & CEO, was nominated for the Orlando Business Journal’s CEO of The Year Awards for 2015

Sandra Lowery named Superstar for November

Sarah Roberge named Superstar for December

Chad Peck promoted to Senior Community Associa/on Manager

Colin Furlow promoted to Director of Community Manager Development

John Dougherty promoted to Director of Leland’s Volusia Division


Workplace wellness is any program that aims to improve the health of your employees and their families while reducing your health-related costs as an employer. Many companies implement comprehensive wellness programs that focus on preven/ve health and lifestyle modifica/on. This means encouraging employees to focus on key health behaviors such as increasing physical ac/vity, improving ea/ng habits, reducing stress, and ceasing tobacco use. The ra/onale behind wellness programs is that en-

Leland Management makes significant investments

couraging healthy habits now can prevent or lower

in our wellness program to show our employees

the risk of serious health condi/ons later. Similarly,

that we value their health. This has proven to be

adop/ng these same habits can help those with an

beneficial for our team as well as our company.

exis/ng health condi/on manage it.

Wellness programs have been linked to greater produc/vity, less absenteeism, and a reduc/on of

Here at Leland we care about the health of our team

long-term health care costs.

members. We started a fitness group known as the “Leland Bod Squad” that is open to all employees and meets twice a week under the supervision of a licensed personal trainer. Our “bistro” is an on-site lunch room complete with two fridge/freezer combos, two microwaves, two dishwashers, a toaster oven, and every necessary utensil for our team to bring and prepare healthy meal op/ons at work. We also take an interest in maintaining the physical health of our employees by offering free on-site flu shots and mammograms annually. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

We Want to Hear from You! Does your community have a story or photos of an event you would like to share? Send us your photos and stories to socialmedia@lelandmanagement.com and check us out on Facebook, TwiEer, LinkedIn, and WordPress. 4

Stonecrest & Converged Services Inc. Community Spotlight Stonecrest is an ac/ve adult community with 2200 homes nestled among the rolling hills of Summerfield, Florida in Marion County. Chad Peck, the Property Manager, along with the Board of Directors have been evalua/ng the security and technology of the community for months. Their goal was to develop a safe and technologically connected way to sa/sfy the telecommunica/ons needs and wants of this ever changing community. The first challenge was to develop a more effec/ve way of controlling access to parking facili/es. The second challenge was to combine the various technology programs that are currently being u/lized into one cohesive package that will grow with the community. While aEending the Leland Annual Team Building Mee/ng, Leo Delgado, President of Converged Services Inc. and John WaVck, Vice President, met with Chad and Diane Braswell, Director of I.T., who outlined the challenges Stonecrest was having with their gate system as well as all the different databases and programs the staff had to access just to change unit owner informa/on. Converged Services discussed the Lifestyle Management SoCware plaWorm Ver/linc Live with Chad and Diane and scheduled an online demonstra/on. Ver/linc Live offers managers and unit owners a mul/-func/onal plaWorm to effec/vely manage large scale communi/es, from seamless communica/ons, access control integra/on to over 70 other modules that make managing and living easier. ACer experiencing the soCware through the online demonstra/on, Chad found that Ver/linc Live did more than just gate access. The system basically did everything that the associa/on needed it to do. Upda/ng numerous systems created room for error in the transfer of informa/on. Data was also inpuEed in different ways to each system. Some/mes the addresses were spelled out; some/mes they were abbreviated. This made it hard to match informa/on in the different systems. With Ver/linc Live Stonecrest is able to update one system, eliminate several steps, and save /me when entering data. Once Ver/linc Live completes a redesign of Stonecrest’s website, they will reduce the phone calls to the gates because residents will be able to enter in the informa/on online to allow their visitors into the community. That will be the final step to eliminate the mul/ple databases. Un/l then Stonecrest is s/ll maintaining several databases; however, even in these early stages of implementa/on the Ver/linc Live SoCware has already eliminated several of Stonecrest's systems. True to CSI’s customer service standards they have been with Stonecrest POA every step of the way, any concerns that have arisen or any changes necessary they have been able to complete. Chad who is in regular contact with CSI says, “Any ques/ons I have are answered in an extremely /mely manner. CSI with their Ver/linc SoCware has been very accommoda/ng and willing to help. We will not be launching our new website un/l January but from what I can see it is going to make the resident’s and staff’s lives in Stonecrest much easier”.


Tampa Open House On Thursday, November 12th, a group of Leland Team Members, Vendors, Board Members, Homeowners, Family and Friends gathered to celebrate the official grand opening of Leland’s newest loca/on in Tampa Bay. The event lasted three hours and was highlighted by a ribbon cuVng ceremony with members of the Hillsborough County Chamber of Commerce in aEendance. Thank you to all who were able to aEend and those who sent their congratula/ons. We are proud of our partnerships in the Tampa community and are thankful to share our con/nued growth with you all.

Top 10 New Year’s Resolu ons The New Year is fast approaching and with that comes the colloquial “New Year, New Me” mentality. Across the country Americans are seVng new goals for the upcoming year and hold to them unwaveringly ….for the first week. Research shows that roughly 75% of those making resolu/ons fail to keep them aCer the first week. The most common reasons for abandoning your resolu/on are: seVng unrealis/c goals (35%), not tracking progress (33%), making too many resolu/ons (10%) and simply forgeVng (23%).

1. Lose Weight 2. Get Organized 3. Spend Less, Save More 4. Enjoy Life to the Fullest 5. Stay Fit and Healthy 6. Learn a new Language 7. Quit Smoking 8. Help Others Reach their Dreams 9. Fall in Love 10. Spend /me with Family

If in the third week of January you find that you have strayed from the path you had in mind, know that you are in good company. ACer all, Queen Elizabeth,

45% of Americans make New Year’s Resolu/ons 8% of Americans achieve their Resolu/ons

President Obama and Oprah have admiEed to forgoing their resolu/ons in the past. 8

75% of resolu/ons only last the first week

Did you know... •

Our team totaled 2.6 million emails in 2015 (sent and received)

Our corporate website had over 1.1 million page views by more than 100,000 users in 2015

40,471 people engaged with our posts on Facebook in 2015

3,270 community documents were uploaded to the resident portal in 2015

88 individuals joined the Leland Team in 2015

Q. “When and why should associa/ons update their reserve studies?” Reserve studies should be updated every three to five years, depending on changes in your property and whether you are mee/ng recommended bench mark funding goals. A reserve study update considers local changes in replacement costs, actual and expected dates of replacement, and incorporates any changes in future reserve contribu/ons. These changes can occur as a result of delayed or accelerated projects, extraordinary maintenance, extreme weather, changes in construc/on methods and materials, and addi/ons and dele/ons to the property. This answer brought to you by MaEhew Kuisle, Director of Client Services Reserve Advisors, Inc.

Leland Management con/nues to grow to support the needs of our clients. This quarter we welcomed the following team members: ● Angela Timmons ● Amanda Egan ● Megan Miller ● Alicia Barnes ● Debra Davis ● ● Lisa Livesay ● Jackie Mullen ● Tracey Hylands ● Heather Crawford ● ● Annette Ortega ● Amber Ucci ● Shirl Zwick ● Lynda Wick ● Paloma Collins ● ● Sheree Shearey ● Brittany Robberecht ● Tasha Lipford ● Angela Evans ● ● Ikema Campbell ● Romyna Sheehan ● Chelsea Peach ●


Earning one or more property management cer/fica/ons is a challenging process that tests a manager's knowledge, applica/on and understanding of the laws surrounding property associa/on management. These creden/als indicate that an individual takes a professional approach to their career as a property manager and is a credible resource for your associa/on. Cer fied Manager of Community Associa ons (CMCA) Awarded by the Na/onal Board of Cer/fica/on for Community Associa/on Managers (NBC-CAM) and created by the Community Associa/ons Ins/tute (CAI), this is one of most useful and prac/cal cer/fica/ons a property manager can obtain. Members are ac/vely kept up to date on the latest property management laws applicable to their state and are networked to other local CMCAs. However, members are also required to fulfill con/nuing educa/on requirements to maintain the cer/fica/on. If you are pursuing a career in property management, and expect to manage proper/es besides your own, I would highly recommend geVng your CMCA cer/fica/on. Associa on Management Specialist (AMS) Awarded by the Community Associa/ons Ins/tute (CAI), the AMS designa/on requires two years of experience in the financial, administra/ve, and facili/es management of at least one associa/on, the successful comple/on of at least two advanced level con/nuing educa/on courses, and a passing score on the CMCA exam. Professional Community Associa on Manager (PCAM) The PCAM designa/on is the highest professional recogni/on available na/onwide to managers who specialize in community associa/on management. Awarded by the Community Associa/ons Ins/tute (CAI), the PCAM designa/on requires a minimum of five years of direct community associa/on management experience, the successful comple/on of all six advanced con/nuing educa/on courses, and a passing grade on the CMCA exam. Accredited Associa on Management Company (AAMC) The AAMC accredita/on demonstrates a company's commitment to providing the unique and diverse services community associa/ons need. An Accredited Associa/on Management Company ensures that their staff has the skills, experience, and integrity to help communi/es succeed. Its managers have advanced training and demonstrated commitment to the industry. The AAMC accredita/on process requires a company have a minimum of three years of experience based on client verifica/on, a PCAM designee as the company’s senior manager, and a staff of which 50% of managers hold a professional manager creden/al (CMCA, AMS, or PCAM). Leland is proud to employ some of the best Community Associa/on Managers in the state, many of whom hold mul/ple professional designa/ons. Our company earned the AAMC designa/on in 2013.

6 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Online Overhaul (www.LelandManagement.com) If you follow us on Facebook or visit us online you probably know that our corporate website has recently undergone a major makeover. Our new website has made significant aesthe/c as well as technical upgrades. Added features like chat and zip-code lookup allow users to contact us online easily. We have expanded our e-form selec/ons and improved the func/onality of the resident portal. Individuals interested in applying for a posi/on with Leland will no/ce advances made to the careers portal. We invite you to visit www.LelandManagement.com and take a look around.

MSABC Orlando Named #1 5k Walk in the Na/on! The Leland Management team has once again joined the fight against breast cancer in Orange and Brevard coun/es. The Leland team raised upwards of $10,000 for MSABC through various fundraising events in October including a team breakfast and silent auc/on. The Orlando team also par/cipated in the 5k walk around Lake Eola in downtown Orlando. This walk was the most aEended 5k walk in the na/on and the highest earning walk in the na/on for the American Cancer Society. Our Brevard team hosted its second annual Gala of Hope to raise funds for MSABC of Brevard, earning “top striders” status and tallied over 50,000 steps in the MSABC Brevard 5k. Our Ocala team was also heavily involved in Making Strides and was named the top team in their area for the second year in a row! Thank you to all of our supporters who donated to this cause.

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7

The Great Debate….To Goat or Not to Goat Dogs, cats and hamsters are the leading pets in American households; however one type of pet is increasing in popularity. Goats have many prac/cal advantages over cats and dogs and are among the friendliest types of farm animals. Goats, like sheep, produce milk. However, unlike sheep they are people friendly and enjoy the aEen/on of their human companions. OCen /mes goats will come up to you, usually wan/ng a treat, but they will be just as happy with a good peVng. Goats milk is not only tas/er, sweeter and richer than cow milk, but also healthier. Though it does have more fat than cow milk, the fats in it contain more omega-3 faEy acids, which help prevent blood cloVng, reduces inflamma/on, and helps prevent cancer cell growth. In other words, the “good fats”. In addi/on to these advantages, people who are lactose intolerant can oCen tolerate goat milk. Though goat milk only has about 10% less lactose than cow milk, it is enough to make a difference for a lot of lactose intolerant people. This means that those people can get the benefits and nutrients of cow milk, with added benefits of goat milk. Goats can also make money. A single goat will produce 15 gallons of milk a month that could be sold to friends and family. In order to sell milk, you do have to pasteurize it, and you will have to have the processing area inspected at least once a year. You can also own a fiber goat. Goat fiber is very popular, though many people don’t realize that they have goat fiber clothing. There are two main kinds of goat fiber. Mohair, which only angora goats produce, and cashmere, which all goats produce. Cashmere, the more common of the two, is a soC under layer of fur for winter that comes off in the spring. 6972 Lake Gloria Blvd Orlando, FL 32809 407-447-9955 ph 407-447-9899 fax

Goats are cute, friendly, and prac/cal making it one of the fastest growing pets of the farm animal variety.

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