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‘BEST PLACE TO WORK AGAIN’ ___________________________

Orlando Business Journal names Leland Management Best Place to Work in Central Florida for the fifth consecutive year. Continued on Page 12

Where to Retire Magazine announces two Leland managed communities among the Top 50 places to retire nationwide. Continued on Page 2


Orlando Business Journal named Leland Human Resources Director, Tracey Clement, Business Executive of the Year in their 2015 Women Who Mean Business Awards.

STONECREST NAMED 2015 COMMUNITY OF THE YEAR Stonecrest POA in Summerfield, FL named Community of the Year at the 2015 Florida Communities of Excellence Awards. Continued on Page 8

Continued on Page 7 LELAND MANAGEMENT LAUNCHES LIFESTYLE SERVICES Introducing Leland LifeStyles. Where your community is more than just a place to live. Continued on Page 3

Educa on Updates We are proud to announce a new partnership between Leland Management's Tampa Division and Hillsborough County. Together with the County’s Office of Neighborhood Rela ons Leland will now offer Board Cer fica on Courses to Board Members throughout Hillsborough County each quarter. In addi on to their annual trainings at expos and seminars, Leland will also be providing a course on how to deal with difficult homeowners. For more informa on about courses offered by our Tampa Division please contact our office at (813) 915-6688.

Where to Re re magazine has placed two Leland managed communies on its list of the 50 best ac ve adult communi es throughout the United States. Arlington Ridge in Leesburg and Lakes of Mount Dora in Mount Dora were among only seven developments picked in Florida for the Top 50 list .

release from the magazine states. Where to Re re editors began gathering and evalua ng informa on on more than 100 communi es across the na on more than a year ago. The chosen neighborhoods offer homes that vary in price, from manufactured homes star ng in the $80,000s to site-built, singlefamily homes that begin in the $140,000s. Almost half

“The list is the only one of its kind in the na on, focusing on communi es rather than locales and featuring first-person tesmonials by residents,” a

the developments are ac ve -adult communi es, where residents must meet minimum age requirements. “More o en than not, the re rees we interviewed

“Where you get more than just a place to live”


praised the sense of community they felt within their neighborhood.” said Where to Re re editor Anne e Fuller. “By par cipa ng in all that these communi es have to offer, they are finding likeminded people, building new lifestyles and establishing friendships, o en with an unexpected ease.”

Ridge community associaon manager Ma Davidson.

Lakes of Mount Dora also opened in 2006 on U.S. Highway 441 with a Great Hall, produc on stage, billiards and game room, pools, fitness center and library. Lakes of Mount Dora community associaon manager, Dina Arlington Ridge, off of U.S. Brown, says she believes Highway 27 near her community offers not Okahumpka, opened in only beau ful ameni es 2006 with a golf course and grounds but also and restaurant, billiards brings a sense of belongroom, movie theater, cra ing to her residents room, pools, sauna, library through Leland’s Lifestyle and fitness center. “The services and 360 degree social scene at Arlington is management style. also bustling with over 30 leisure ac vi es and clubs”, says Arlington

As kids, we could not wait to get together to play with our friends a er school, on weekends or during hot summer days. As teens, our world seemed to revolve around our friends and our choice of ac vi es were dictated by the collec ve. As adults, we s ll enjoy being ac ve in the company of friends, but may not always feel as if we have the me to do so. Group exercise is a way that provides us with the opportunity to feel vital again while being physically ac ve with others. Group exercise involves a gathering of individuals in a class-like se ng where they perform designed and structured exercise led by an instructor or fitness professional. There are many forms of group exercise – aerobics, dance, core & muscle condi oning,




sculp ng, cycling and boot camp, to name a few. Your choice of classes can depend on the loca on you a end and the amount of me you have. We’ve been receiving the message loud and clear in recent years, whether from our doctors or the media, about the urgency to exercise and maintain good fitness, but trying to figure out a range of exercises that would provide op mal benefits for your health can be daun ng when leading a busy life. When people exercise on their own, they may skip por ons of a workout they know li le about or are not their favorite to perform.

Group exercise offers a workout for

A great example of this can be found

all levels, ranging from beginner to

over at the gated community Villas at

advanced, as the instructor designs

Nocatee, where residents benefit from

the workout to appropriate and

having access to Nocatee’s Fitness

effec ve levels to improve cardi-

Club (which serves all of Nocatee’s

orespiratory and muscular fitness.

neighborhoods), a 5,000 square-foot

This typically includes a warm-up

facility that provides a wide range of

session, cool down session, flexibil-

group exercise classes, personal train-

ity and condi oning por ons. So

ing and even a twice-a-month fitness

individuals are not required to have

orienta on to teach residents about

any prior exercise knowledge or ex-

proper equipment usage. Their group

perience, know which machines to

exercise instructor team covers a

use or for how long. The fitness in-

broad spectrum of exercise – from cir-

structor serves as a guide to par ci-

cuit training to core & cardio, Pilates to

pants, a resource, and a cheerlead-

Zumba, Yoga to AquaFit – all designed

er, encouraging them in class and to

to target strength building, muscular

take up other healthy behaviors out-

endurance and interval training.

side of class. Lastly, group exercise appeals to many There are group exercise facili es

people because of its diversity. Group

that are aware of the limited me

exercise classes started out as exercise

you may have in your schedule. To

choreographed to music, hosted inside

support that, they o en offer a con-

a fitness facility. While this format s ll

sistent schedule, some with only 30-

exists, there are many non-tradi onal

to 45-minute classes, to allow you to

classes, some even hosted outdoors –

choose a

me that best fits into

boot camps at the local park, yoga at

your daily life, making it easier to

the beach, bicycling or hiking on trails,

commit. If a variety of class formats

etc. Regardless of your preference,

are offered in your community, feel

what is most important is to move.

free to explore them all. An expo-

Group exercise offers a social and fun

sure to different instructor styles,

environment, safe and effec vely de-

music selec on, and interac on

signed workouts, a consistent exercise

with other par cipants may help to

schedule and an accountability factor,

keep your mo va on and interest

allowing you to simply show up with a


posi ve a tude and have fun!


Be prepared this hurricane season! Before the Hurricane: •

Know how and when to turn off the gas, water and electricity.

Know which room in your home is safest. O en this includes interior bathrooms and closets.

5 •

Trim back any dead or weak branches from trees.

Secure loose items in the yard that may become missiles in high winds. All pa o furniture may be sunk in the pool to ensure they do not cause any damage in the storm.

2011 - 2015 Orlando Business Journal Best Places to Work


Check into flood insurance. Find out about the Na onal Flood Insurance Program through your local insurance agent.

Buy a tarp to cover any poten al roof damage.

Stock up on groceries, ba eries, and candles. Don’t forget the manual can opener for non-perishables.

Store valuables and personal papers in a waterproof container.

Take pictures of valuables now and store the photos with your other valuable papers.

Hurricane season June 1st - November 30th.

A er the Hurricane: •

If the community were to lose power, look for communica ons to be posted in the common areas.

The rule of thumb is when the power is off, the pools are closed.

If debris begins to block storm drains, please help by removing the items so that water does not back up. If you are unable, please call your Community Associa on Manager to advise us of the blocked drain.

Turn your refrigerator / freezer to its coldest se ng. Open only when absolutely necessary, and close quickly.

Tune into your local radio sta on for important community updates.

Leland LifeStyles

WELCOME WAGON Leland welcomes the following communities:

We are proud to announce the addi on of Leland LifeStyles, a new service


Highlands Reserve


Condos at Toscana

Lakeside at Toscana

Lake Overlook Unit 4

Lake Dora

Waterford Chase Village Master

Watermill Master

Brookshire of Eustis

Enclave at Summerlake Groves

Summerlake Groves

Foxwood Condos


Huntington Neighborhood

Sunport Commerce Condo

offered by Leland Management that works to improve the quality of life for the residents in our communi es. Our team of experienced and talented Lifestyle directors will work side-by-side with our management teams to provide a 360 degree management experience for our clients. By u lizing our Lifestyle services you are making a commitment to give your residents more than just a place to live; you are commi ng to a community that feels like home. Learn more at www.LelandLifestyles.com

Avalon Park received the “Greenest” neighborhood award from Mayor Teresa Jacobs of Orange County at the 20th Annual Community Conference Awards.

Kent Taylor earned the PCAM designa on

Anne e Jones named Superstar for May

Chad Peck named Shining Star of 2015

Ma Davidson (Arlington Ridge) and Dina Brown’s (Lakes of Mount Dora) communi es named among top 50 places to re re in the na on

Chad Peck and Harley Clement nominated for Orlando Business Journal’s 40 under 40 awards

Stonecrest named Community of the Year at the Communi es of Excellence Awards (also took home awards for trendse er and water conserva on)

Avalon Park named Greenest neighborhood in Orange County 3

On Saturday, June 6th nearly 40,000 people flocked to Lake Eola in downtown Orlando for Nathaniel’s Hope’s 13th annual Make ‘M Smile event. This event is a community fes val that celebrates special needs (VIP) children in our community and their families. A endees enjoyed a day of family fun including a concert by Chris an recording ar st Blanca and visits by everyone from Scooby Doo and the Gang and Woody Woodpecker to Chris P. Bacon and former Magic player Bo Outlaw. This event allows VIP families to connect with

financial need. Leland Management is a proud supporter of

each other and showcases resources that are available

Nathaniel’s Hope and their programs. We are grateful

to them. Together 25 event sponsors came together

for the opportunity to spend me with and put a smile

with Nathaniel’s Hope to offer several themed “Zones”

on the faces of the thousands of children who a end-

for the VIP kids including Leland’s Animal Land with a

ed this year’s Make ’Em Smile event. It was an amaz-

live pe ng zoo, pony rides, and rep le encounters;

ing day, one that truly touched the hearts and minds of

and Westgate Resort’s Water Zone. Special perfor-

those who par cipated.

mances were provided by the VIP kids at the Amphitheater including the annual singing of R. Kelly’s I Believe I Can Fly and bu erfly release. Make ‘M Smile is only one of the many programs that Nathaniel’s Hope provides. They also operate Buddy Break, a free kid’s respite program where VIP kids make new friends and enjoy all kinds of ac vies, while caregivers get a break. This program is provided through partnerships with local churches. In addi on, Nathaniel’s Toy Shop and Caroling Caravan provide Christmas cheer and gi s to VIP families in _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

We Want to Hear from You! Does your community have a story or photos of an event you would like to share? Send us your photos and stories to socialmedia@lelandmanagement.com and check us out on Facebook, Twi er, LinkedIn, and WordPress. 4

The Path to Compliance Community Standards

HOA standards are a measure put in place to maintain the beauty and quality of the community at large. Homeowners agree to these standards when they purchase their new homes but over me can forget what needs to be done to stay in compliance. Ge ng your residents to comply with HOA standards does not have to be a difficult task, if done the right way a poten ally conten ous situaon can be turned into a posi ve exchange with producve results. Leland Management’s Jacksonville Division Director, Doug Harrier has found that when working with an associa on on community compliance, resident educa on and good communica on are paramount. "We have seen that educa ng our homeowners about how to maintain their property to the community standards greatly decreases the chances they will receive a viola on le er." Educa on can be done in many forms ranging from flyers and posters to seminars. Harrier cites his experience using educa on as a tool in a community ba ling chinch bugs. "Once we no ced there was a problem, we immediately got informa on out to the homeowners to make them aware of the situa on. Addi onally, we set up a page on the community website where people could visit if they had any ques ons on preven on or what to do if they were effected." This type of educa on and proac ve communica on brought the situa on to the resident's a en on and painted it as a challenge for the en re community, crea ng a sense of unity among the homeowners. This type of mentality tends to curb finger poin ng and increases the understanding that the board and the management company are aware that many owners are having this issue and are working together on the solu on. Whereas, if individual le ers were sent out to owners about the quality of their yard, these owners may have felt singled out or angry, thinking that they were the only one iden fied with the problem. Proper educa on allows us to proac vely address and/or prevent any compliance issues. Providing informa on on: how to prevent the most common viola ons, typical warning signs, and easy but effec ve ways to keep a property up to the community's standards are non-intrusive ways to remind people of how their property should look. Harrier states that, "Sending out informa on to all of your homeowners at the beginning of the spring about the proper way to maintain their lawn is a great way to get the issue front and center without singling anyone out. It is the community’s way of gently reminding people that we are going to be taking a close look at your lawns, follow these steps and you will be fine." When it comes to associa on standards, good communica on is key. Without proper and effec ve communica on, the board and the management company will not be able set the overall tone as to how the associa on's rules are going to be enforced. Make sure the standards are communicated clearly to the residents (in many different ways). People are busy and some mes forget the standards; the easier you can make it for them to understand how to do their part, the less viola ons will need to be issued. Making sure people know the standards as well as what steps the community will take when they are out of compliance will prevent many headaches for the board and the homeowner. At Leland we offer courses for our communi es on topics related to their specific community standards. Not only is this a great way to get to know the residents, but it is an excellent way to spread the word about how to keep the community pris ne. Compliance with community standards does not have to be a challenge. For the most part homeowners chose to reside in an associa on because they want the benefit of living in a nice community with standards. With proper educa on and the ability to distribute informa on effec vely, people will not only understand the requirements but will be encouraged to keep up with their property, resul ng in an amicable rela onship between the board, the management company and the residents. 9

Fireworks on the Fourth Across all of Leland’s communi es residents celebrated the Fourth of July by spending the day with family and friends ea ng Nathan’s famous hotdogs and shoo ng off fireworks from their front lawns. In addi on, many watched local parades while some hosted their own. Royal Highlands residents took to the streets of their community with decorated golf carts set to music by the bagpipes of the color guard. Avalon Park also partook in the fes vi es by launching fireworks over the park at 9 o’clock while residents at Foxwood Condos were treated to a visit from Benjamin Franklin and Betsy Ross. Whatever your celebra on looked like this Independence Day the sen ment was the same. God bless the U.S.A.

Stonecrest in Summerfield has been named “Community of the Year” in the 2015 Florida Communi es of Excellence Awards. Stonecrest was honored for its green water conserva on and was named a “Trendse er” for its Neighborhood Emergency Response Team. “To minimize water use, the Stonecrest community ini ated a water conserva on and five-year landscape plan,” says Chad Peck Community Associa on Manager for Stonecrest. A series of Florida Friendly Landscaping workshops were held for residents, the list of acceptable plants was revised, and residents were offered micro-irriga on starter kits. High-maintenance common areas were re-landscaped and St. Augus ne turf was replaced with Asia c Jasmin where possible. The irriga on system was audited and repaired, with a dual-wire controller and rain-sensor system installed to help reduce overwatering. Metered irriga on costs were reduced by $81,000 from 2012 to 2013, and the 2014 use was cut another 10 percent. And in being named a “Trendse er”, the Florida Communi es of Excellence lauded Stonecrest for improving response mes to cardiac arrest emergencies. The community purchased 32 automated defibrillators for its 23 volunteer Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams, and trained more than 300 residents. Volunteer responders are ac vated with “Call Alerts” from 911 dispatch. 8

Did you know….. Leland’s Architectural Review Department processes approximately 1200

applica ons a month, from roughly 175 different Associa ons.

Processing these requests involves facilita ng communica on between the homeowners and ARB Commi ee/Board Members, which requires answering phone calls, responding to emails, and mee ng with homeowners that walk-in to our office. Our ARB Department maintains records of all emailed and mailed applica ons as well as tracks the applica ons and Board’s responses to those requests. Finally, and most importantly they are responsible for informing the applicant of the Board’s decision. You can reach the ARB Department at 407-781-1406 or arb@lelandmanagement.com. We look forward to your next request!

Q. “How does pool care change in the Summer months?” The sun shines on the surface of your pool from 6:30 a.m. to roughly 8:30 p.m. each day in Florida’s summer months. With this in mind it is important to remember that water evaporates very quickly under such hot condi ons. Maintaining the water level in your pool is essen al to ensure your equipment is running smoothly. Due to increased rain fall it is important to have the water tested professionally and perform regular maintenance. Finally, increase the number of days you service the pool to keep up with the increased use. This answer brought to you by Jean Connelly, Connelly Pool Services Valued Vendor, Leland Management

Leland Management con nues to grow to support the needs of our clients. This quarter we welcomed the following team members: ● Melissa Edgin ● Emily Panke ● Bernadette Carlisle ● Raiza Castellanos ● ● Veronica Altarriba ● Katie Bishop ● Jill Rygh ● Michelle Vitale ● ● Barbara Sanders ● Valerie Lauson ● Gwen Bohanna ● 5

In many Florida communi es golf carts have evolved from a golf course convenience to a mode of transporta on. With their increase in popularity has come the debate over how these motorized vehicles ďŹ t safely in a residen al environment. Many communi es have been built with safe golf cart transporta on in mind by having designated cart paths and published cart guidelines. The complaints come when people want to take their carts outside of the community to go into town or live in a community that is not set up for cart opera ons. Leland Management hears resident complaints from both sides of the road; the cart owners about the restric ons on driving the carts and the non-cart owners and pedestrians about the safety of interac ng with the carts. To prevent these complaints and concerns, Leland Management recommends that communi es develop a set of guidelines around golf cart opera on and communicate it to all residents. It is important that the state and local laws around cart opera on are reviewed and incorporated into these guidelines. The state of Florida has several guidelines involving cart opera on (noted below). Addi onally, it is important to check with your local municipality and law enforcement to see if any addi onal restric ons or enforcements are in eect.

Summary for State of Florida Golf Cart Regula ons 1. The State of Florida does not require a license to drive a golf cart, but the local government can require a license or permit. 2. You must be at least 14 years old to legally operate a golf cart. 3. You do not need to register the vehicle. Yet, the local government may require that it be inspected. 4. The state of Florida does not require insurance on a golf cart either, but the local government may require it. A golf cart can only be driven on a local or county road that has been approved for golf carts. 5. A golf cart cannot be driven on a state road and you can only cross a state road at approved crossings for golf carts that are posted. 6. You cannot drive a golf cart on the sidewalk, and the posted speed limit has to be 30 miles per hour or lower to drive them on approved streets. 7. The golf cart can only be driven between sunrise and sunset, unless the local government has approved it for night use. 8. In order for a golf cart to be approved for night use, it must have a windshield, reectors, turn signals, headlights and brake lights.



Leland Director Named Business Execu ve of the Year We are proud to announce that Tracey Clement, Director of Human Resources, has been named among the Orlando Business Journal’s Business Execu ves of the Year for 2015. Tracey who has been with Leland for over 10 years was granted this honor based on her long list of business, community and personal accomplishments. At Leland, Tracey is responsible for human resources, training, assessment/billing and corporate facili es. She reduced the firm’s turnover to less than 3.5 percent by implemen ng a twoway training/mentoring program with managers and employees, whose average tenure is more than five years. In addi on, she reduced the company’s workers’ compensa on modifica on rate to well below the na onal average. Tracey is also ac vely involved in shaping the Human Resources industry through her appointment to the Employer Associa on Forum’s Board of Directors as well as the Community Associa on Industry as a contributor for FCAPs (Florida Community Associa on Professionals) educa onal material. In addi on, Tracey is also

dedicated to the community and serves as Vice President of LifeStream

Behavioral Center’s Founda on Board of Directors. She also has a long history of service with Nathaniel’s Hope and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

Florida’s Animal Residents: Alligators With over 1.25 million alligators swimming through Floridian waters, it is no surprise that we o en have some unexpected run-ins with Florida’s state rep le. From the pool at Riviera Bella in Debary to the pavilion at Keene’s Pointe in Windermere, alligators are making their presence known in our local communi es. With laying season, late June through mid-August, in full swing it is important to heed some safety ps from the fish and wildlife commission. Remember to never feed alligators; this causes them to lose their fear of humans and become more aggressive. Keep children and small pets away from unsafe bodies of water and if you find a nest do not approach it. Mature alligators are very protec ve and territorial and may a ack if they feel their nest is being threatened. If there is an alligator in your community that you feel may be a nuisance, please call 1-866-FWC-GATOR (866-3924286) to have your local fish and wildlife conserva on remove the alligator or call your community associaon manager for assistance.

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7

Leland Named Best Place to Work 2015 The Orlando Business Journal has named Leland Management one of 2015's Best Places to Work in Central Florida. Compe ng in the large category amongst some of Central Florida’s largest companies including the Orlando Magic, Expedia and FBC Mortgage, Leland employees reported a 92.42% performance score. This score is an aggregate of 37 ques ons covering topics on teamwork, job sa sfac on, employee engagement and benefits. The themes that were evident in our survey results included apprecia on for the ongoing training and con nuing educa on opportuni es Leland provides to the team and for corporate events like Team Building and Kid’s Day. Our team also reported an above average level of employee sa sfacon and commitment to the company. Rankings were determined by Omaha, Nebraska-based Quantum Workplace. This is the fi h consecu ve year Leland has earned the tle of Best Place to Work and we could not be any prouder. This recogni on is the result of a fundamental pursuit of excellence in all aspects of the company whether it be internally with our team such as in this case or externally in the work product we deliver to our clients. We believe our commitment to the Leland Team is crucial in recrui ng and retaining top talent which goes hand-in-hand with the level of service we can ul mately provide. Please visit the Orlando Business Journal’s website at h p:// www.bizjournals.com/orlando/blog/2015/05/best-places-to-work-2015-largecompanies.html to learn more about Leland and join us in celebra ng this most recent achievement. 6972 Lake Gloria Blvd Orlando, FL 32809 407-447-9955 ph 407-447-9899 fax www.LelandManagement.com

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