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Leland Insider In the second quarter of 2015, the Leland Management educa on team will be hos ng 11 Board Cer fica on Courses for community board members throughout the state of Florida. These courses are free of charge and a endees will receive cer fica ons from the state confirming their compleon. To receive your cer fica on visit our website at www.LelandManagement.c om today to register for a course near you.

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In the next few days bills will be voted on in the Florida House (HB 611) and Senate (SB 736) that will be very detrimental to community associa ons should they pass. As we have discussed in previous communica ons, the impact of these bills will be to shi some of the costs and risk related to the sale of a home from buyers/sellers to community associa ons. These bills are opposed by every major organiza on represen ng community associa ons in Florida including: The Community Associa on Ins tute (CAI) ● Community Advocacy Network (CAN) Council of Neighborhood Associa ons (CONA) ● Community Associa on Leadership Lobby (CALL) Space Coast Community Associa on (SCCA) ● Chief Execu ves of Management Companies (CEOMC) Council of North County Neighborhoods (CNCN)

We are proud to announce that Leland Management has once again been voted a Reader’s Choice by the Florida Community Associa on Journal in 2015. This year we achieved the Diamond Level award for Community Associa on Management. Thank you to all who voted and helped us reach this achievement. .

The groups pushing these bills have tremendous power and deep pockets. They have over 90 lobbyists now working legislators and have contributed millions of dollars to gain influence. In contrast the not for profit organiza ons represen ng the interests of community associa ons have at best a hand full of part me lobbyist and limited poli cal contribu ons. However, community associa ons do represent the millions of homeowners and voters who live in Florida’s community associa ons. If these homeowners speak up it is very hard for poli cians to ignore them. We encourage you to contact the Legislators to voice your opposi on to these bills. This is likely the only way to stop these bills from becoming law. Time is very limited as these bills could be voted on as early as this Wednesday. If you are interested in reaching out to your legislators please click the link below.

http://eepurl.com/bkq5gz Please take a moment now to send these messages. Please also forward this message to other homeowners who may be willing to speak up.

It is well known that Orlando, Florida is a popular vaca on des na on with a mul tude of resorts, but loca on alone does not determine the success of a resort. In the minds of many, a “resort” is less about the loca on and more about the se ng. Resort status is achieved by being able to provide for the majority of vaca oner’s needs in a luxurious se ng with the highest quality ameni es. To many, The Reserve at Town Center is just that resort.

se ng. Town Center fits the bill by offering pools at every home and gorgeous views of the surrounding preserve and landscaping. As the website suggests, The Reserve at Town Center is the, “Perfect place to stay during your dream holiday.” We at Leland Management, the Community Associa on Management Company, could not agree more. Crea ng and maintaining a resort like status for a community is not an easy task, but by working together, Leland and the Board of Di-

Located in Davenport, Florida The Reserve at Town Center is an exclusive gated community of 94 homes that offers short term rentals to vaca oners who are looking for a “Resort” like

rectors of Town Center make it happen. Leland has

“Town Center is the perfect place to stay during your dream holiday.”

focused their a en on on enhancing the beauty of this lovely community and improving the rental and resale value of the homes. In addi on to the daily management tasks of the community, Leland created a renewed focus on the concerns of residents/ owners such as: landscaping, lawn care, maintenance and trash removal. Another key element was vendor selec on. Leland Management and the Board at The Reserve at Town Center were able to select key vendors that share in the overall vision for the community. “The success here at Town Center has been a group effort, not only by Leland and the Board but also vendors that have a vested interest in the

community beyond that of a job. Long term partnerships with our vendors have allowed us to build rela onships that ensure the community is performing at the resort level”, says Sabrina Stephan, Community Manager. As a result of all the hard work from the Board of Directors, the management company and the vendors, the community of Town Center is a wonderful place to vaca on and live. People are looking to buy and rent in the community because of how it looks and makes them feel. The Reserve at Town Center is a Resort and it a racts people from all over the world to bask in the Florida sun, enjoy the exci ng a rac ons and most of all relax in a beau ful se ng.

Disabled is not a word Howard Slayton uses to describe himself. Although an accident le him with a par al arm 18 years ago, he connues to rise to the challenges of life. Born and raised in Newhall, California, Slayton worked as a troubleshooter for a power company in Sacramento. He was checking on power lines when he fell off the telephone pole onto a 12,000 volt line that shot electricity down his le arm, through his body and blew a hole in his right hip. “My Levis were smoking” he said. “When the firemen arrived, they were surprised I was s ll alive.” Slayton was rushed to the hospital, where he underwent six surgeries. Surgeons were unable to salvage his arm, severing it just below the elbow. “I was at peace with what happened,” he said. “I was just happy to be alive.” Life wasn’t the same a er his accident, but Slayton made every effort to adjust to his circumstances. “Everything had to be done differently”, he said. “I never looked at it as a disability, only a challenge. I even had to brush my teeth differently.” He said that Donna, his wife of 52 years, was a huge help in his adjustment. His two children, nine grandchildren and six greatgrandchildren also have been an inspira on for him.

He re red a er his accident

“Players will look at me and

and moved to Leesburg, where

tell me to do the best I can,” he

he focused on staying ac ve. As

said. “A couple points in and

a so ball player, Slayton need-

they realize I have no disad-

ed to figure out how to con n-


ue playing. Catching, throwing and ba ng would never be the same for him. However, he

S ll, it was hard for Slayton to adjust to people staring at first. “I would look at people com-

took the challenge and joined a

ing toward me and then turn

league at Royal Highlands.

around to find they were s ll

He also frequently play pickle-

staring at me,” he said. “This

ball, a racquet sport that com-

was hard at first, but then I re-

bines elements of badminton,

alized how important it was for

tennis, and table tennis.

me to be a role model since

“Howard is one of the be er players I play against”, Ron

they were already staring.” He has reached out to chil-

Eversole said. “I know when I

dren to help them be less afraid

see him, the compe

of differences and also to am-

on is go-

ing to be good. What I admire

putee veterans who feel dis-

about him is that he expects to


be treated like everyone else.

“I can’t think of anything I

His handicap doesn’t stop him.

can’t do that I’ve wanted to

In fact, it doesn’t even slow him

do,” he said. “We must remem-


ber to not think of our life as

Slayton strives to play to the best of his ability, despite his supposed disability.

disabled. Just accept what comes and adjust.” By: Cindy Dian, Daily Commercial

As we enter into a new year many associa ons are adop ng a new budget, many of which contain a reserve study. Here at Leland we recommend that associa ons maintain a current reserve study as a barometer for future expenses that are nonannual. A reserve study provides a current es mate of the costs of repairing and replacing major common area components (such as roofs or pavement) over the long term. Ideally, all major repair and replacement costs will be covered by funds set aside by the associa on as reserves, so that funds are there when needed. This requires: examina on of the associa on’s repair and replacement obliga ons; determina on of costs and ming of replacement; and determina on of the availability of necessary (reserve) cash resources. Because the board has a fiduciary duty to manage associa on funds and property, a replacement reserve budget is very important. Not only does this informa on supplement the annual opera ng budget in providing owners with financial informa on, the reserve study is also an important management informa on tool as the associa on strives to balance and opmize long-term property values and costs for the membership. Poten al buyers may want to request a copy of the reserve study before purchasing. Fully reviewing and understanding the reserve study is an important part of evalua ng the value of an associa on. For associa on members, reserve planning

helps assure property values by protec ng against declining property values due to deferred maintenance and inability to keep up with the aging of common areas and ameni es. A good reserve study shows owners and poten al buyers a more accurate and complete picture of the associa on’s financial strength. The reserve study should disclose to buyers, lenders, and others the manner in which the associa on is making provisions for non-annual maintenance requirements. Preparing a reserve study calls for explicit associa on decisions on how to provide for long term funding, and on the extent to which the associa on will set aside funds on a regular basis for nonannual maintenance requirements. A good reserve study may also func on as a maintenance planning tool for the associaon.


Leland’s New Tampa Office Open for Business

Leland Management’s newest loca on, located in

Leland welcomes the following communities: ◊

Lakeview Villas

Ocala Downs

Magnolia West

Clermont Yacht Club

and Community Managers as well as the newest


technologies to support our team. We believe this

Estates at Sawgrass

new office is representa ve of our presence as a

Preserve at Sawgrass

leading community associa on management

Sawgrass Lakes

company in the Tampa area. Please feel free to

St. James Park

Toscana Master

Riverview at Grand Haven

Lake Pineloch Village

The Lemon Tree

Harmony at Lakewood Ranches

Covington Creek

Water’s Edge

Walden Cove

Windermere Trails


Spring Lake Reserve

Sera Bella

Bay Hill Village Club

Tampa, Florida, opened early April 2015. Serving as a flagship loca on, our Tampa Bay divisional office features a state-of-the-art conference room ideal for educa on courses for Board Members

visit us at 12630 Race Track Road, Tampa, FL 33626 or call us at 813-915-6688.

President and CEO, Rebecca Furlow and Human Resources Director Tracey Clement were nominated for the Orlando Business Journal’s Women Who Mean Business Awards. •

Stacy Learned promoted to team leader for Collec ons/A orney department

Anne e Jones named Pulte Group’s Manager of the Year

Chad Peck named among Top 3 Onsite Managers of the Year na onwide

Misty Oaks Park named finalist for Family Friendly Programs & Ini a ves in the Communi es of Excellence Awards

Stonecrest named finalist for Communica ons & Community in the Communi es of Excellence Awards

Stacy Learned named superstar for month of January

In 2013, Leland Community Associa on Manager Traci Bradford was approached by her friend Secily Wilson about becoming involved with an event that supports and empowers women who are in transi onal periods of their life. Traci, who has a background in community oriented event planning, was enthusias c about the possibili es and agreed to be the event coordinator. Their ďŹ rst step was to reach out to the community and local businesses to gain sponsors and donaons for the event and a er a year of hard work and planning the second annual Fall into Fabulous event was held on December 6th, 2014 at the Second Harvest Food Bank on Mercy Drive in Orlando. In partnership with Harbor House and Gi ed Ones, Fall into Fabulous invited thirty women to a day of empowerment and friendship. The ladies in a endance were all immersed

with shoes and accessories to revamp their wardrobe and provide an extra boost of conďŹ dence. Planning is well underway for the third annual Fall into Fabulous event to be hosted in December 2015. Should you have any interest in becoming a sponsor or dona ng please contact Secily Wilson at secily.wilson@yahoo.com for further informa on.

in life transi ons ranging from job loss or failed marriages to termina ng an abusive rela onship. The nearly 6 hour event featured a ladies’ luncheon, mo va onal guest speakers, mock interviews, and a VIP shopping experience. Together Leland Vice President, Gary van der Laan, and Simply Self Storage Human Resources Director, Charmaine Green, conducted mock interviews with the women and provided valuable feedback for those looking to make a career move. The women also took home new ou its complete _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

We Want to Hear from You! Does your community have a story or photos of an event you would like to share? Send us your photos and stories to socialmedia@lelandmanagement.com and check us out on Facebook, Twi er, LinkedIn, and WordPress.

Best Prac ces for Data Security There is no ques on that modern technology has changed the way we live. Technology has made us more efficient and open to the outside world. With the internet you are able to affordably communicate with people from virtually anywhere around the world as well as save me by handling a good por on of your financial business online (banking, shopping, bill paying). With these advances comes a price. As we become more open to the world so does our personal informa on and our risk for iden ty the or fraud is heightened. Below are some measures you can take to help protect yourself from the bad characters lurking in the digital world. Follow these ps to help prevent having your data stolen or your pc disabled. 1. Back up your data - Not only are hackers looking to profit off of iden ty the or stealing your banking informa on, there is a new breed of hackers who profit off of ransoming your data. The viruses known as Cryptowall and Cryptoblocker have been very ac ve in hi ng corporate and personal compu ng sites. The best form of protec on is to make sure you keep good back ups. If you don't have your data backed up, you may be stuck paying the ransom and hoping they will return the data to its original form. In addi on, you are coun ng on criminals to keep their word and return the data. 2. Only open email you are expec ng - Do not open email from unknown sources and never click on an a achment or link unless you know who it is coming from and that they intended to send it to you. One of the most common routes viruses use to invade is through email. Be careful what you open, even emails that appear to be legi mate could very dangerous. 3. Avoid phishing scams - Phishing scams use fraudulent emails and fake web sites, masquerading as legi mate businesses, to lure unsuspec ng users into revealing private account or login informa on. To be safe, if you receive an email from a business that includes a link to a web site, make certain that the web site you visit is legi mate. Instead of clicking through to the site from within the email, open a separate Web browser and visit the business’ web site directly to perform the necessary ac ons. You can also verify that an email is in fact from a legi mate business by calling the business or agency directly. 4.

Create strong passwords - Your password is your last point of protec on, it needs to be challenging. Avoid common or obvious combina ons (such as birthdays, kids names etc.) and avoid using any personal informa on. Make your password more secure by adding numbers or special characters. A strong password is a good line of defense; however, passwords need to be changed periodically and guarded. Using the same password indefinitely and for mul ple accounts opens your virtual iden ty to mul ple access points for hackers.

5. Be careful what informa on you send through electronic communica on - Be careful about sending personal informa on such as banking info and social security numbers through electronic communica ons such as email, text and discussion boards. Also, never accept IM's (Instant Messages) from strangers as they could be looking to collect your informa on. 6. Shop safely - If you are shopping online make sure you are using a store that employs security measures. When you are at the checkout screen, verify that the Web address begins with h ps. Also, check to see if a ny locked padlock symbol appears at the bo om right of the checkout screen, or that there is a statement on the checkout screen sta ng that the pages are secure with a security technology vendor. 7. Employ an virus and malware so ware - Install an -virus so ware on your computer and keep it updated. Make sure that the so ware(s) you are using provides protec on from all types of threats such as viruses, spy ware, adware and spam.

Sweet Game; Sour Name A new game that is sweeping across the U.S. and Canada has made its way into some of our most ac ve communi es. This paddle sport is suitable for all ages and skill levels, is easy to learn and requires minimal equipment. Combining elements of tennis, badminton and Ping-Pong, Pickleball was created in 1965 near Sea le, Washington. This low impact sport is played on a court one-third the size of a standard tennis court allowing for longer rallies and more fun. Like tennis and badminton the goal is to rally the ball back and forth over a net un l one side cannot return it. The net in pickleball however is only 34 inches tall as opposed to the 42 inch net used for tennis and the 60 inch net used for badminton. Addi onally, the pickleball has holes through it, similar to a wiffleball, that allows it to travel at one-third the speed of a tennis ball and the solid pickleball paddle is lightweight. The compe

ve nature of the game has a racted over 100,000 play-

ers who compete in local and na onal tournaments throughout all 50 states. This year Casa Grande, Arizona will host the USAPA (United States of America Pickleball Associa on) Na onal Tournament on November 8th.

Chad Peck first joined the Leland Management team almost 8 years ago as an Associa on Manager. Chad started his career as a lifeguard and swim instructor with the YMCA and possess several instructor and trainer level cer fica ons. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Educa on. A er college he spent a few years traveling the states and teaching. He was given the opportunity to become an Ac vies Director for a re rement community close to his home town and moved back to Lake County. He received his Community Associa on Manger license and was promoted to Associa on Manager within a few months. He is presently the Associa on Manager for Stonecrest POA, an ac ve adult community with 2100 units, located in Summerfield, Florida. Chad is very ac ve in the day to day running of the community and has implemented many posi ve changes since he took over in 2011. For the last two years the community has been a finalist for the Florida Communi es of Excellence award in several categories including Water Conserva on, and Communica ons and Community. Chad has also been a top ten finalist for the Manager of the Year Award in the na on for the last three years and is currently in the top 3 finalists for 2015. Chad is a Cer fied Manager of Community Associa ons, MBA, and is currently working on a dual Masters in Human Resources Management and Management and Leadership. In addi on to his role as a manager, Chad is heavily involved in his community, teaching instructors and lifeguards at the YMCA and volunteering several hours a month for different non-profits in the area.

Your Call Is Important To Us Your call is important to us and we mean it. Our team of customer service specialists works hard to ensure each call is handled in a mely manner and each caller experiences the highest level of customer service. In fact, our call center team answered 50,463 calls in 2014. Of those, 44,064 were answered in under one minute! Addi onally, we log and record all of our calls for training purposes and to track performance. Go ahead and give us a call, we’ll answer.

Q. “How can I get rid of chinch bugs in my lawn?” A. Applica on ming is key when dealing with chinch bugs. They are most ac ve in Central Florida between March and November when temperatures are at their highest. Start talking with your pest control provider in March about what products they are planning to use. Some products to control Chinch bug popula ons include, but are not limited to, Arena, Meridian, Alo , Bifen XTS, Up-Star Gold, Criterion and Merit. To green up your yard try using a complete ferlizer that is lower in nitrogen and has 4% to 6% Chelated Iron in the blend. Rou ne follow up inspec ons are needed and addi onal treatments may be needed 10 to 14 days a er the ini al treatment. It is important to treat a 5 foot buffer area of healthy turf around dead or damaged areas. This answer brought to you by John Dougherty, LCAM, Cer fied Arborist, FCHP, FCLC Senior Community Associa on Manager, Leland Management Leland Management con nues to grow to support the needs of our clients. This quarter we welcomed the following team members: ● Christina Lamoureux ● Paula Roberts ● Jacqueline Albarran ● Trevor Seepersaud ● ● Francesca Lupinacci ● Dionne Harper ● Judy Park ● Gwen Riggs ● ● Christian Martinez ● Fred Kapelewski ●

The closings department at Leland Management is responsible for aiding homeowners in facilita ng the closings process whether they are buying or selling a property in one of our communi es. This team of four representa ves processes everything from deeds to ques onnaires and estoppels, verifies tenant approvals, downloads homeowner payments daily, updates homeowner informa on, and ensures each new owner receives a personalized welcome le er. The closings department processes all deeds and estoppels received each month while simultaneously providing each owner with the superior level of customer service they deserve. The closings process can be confusing and one of the most common ques ons our closings department receives is in regards to the difference between an estoppel and a ques onnaire. To answer this ques on we have included short descrip ons of each below. Estoppels and ques onnaires are both documents that are processed by Leland Management and can be ordered via our website, www.communitydocsnow.com. Both documents may be requested when a closing is coming up, but they serve different purposes. An estoppel is a document typically ordered by a tle company that is meant to protect both the buyer and the seller during a closing. The estoppel will disclose any outstanding liens, u lity balances, viola ons, gate access charges, and any addi onal amounts that may be due to the associa on such as capital contribu ons or resale fees. Ques onnaires are documents that are usually ordered by a lender. Lenders require these documents to be completed in order to verify the financial status of the associa on. Ques onnaires vary in length and can range from a few ques ons to several pages of ques ons depending on the lender. Typically, a ques onnaire will at least ask whether the associa on has pending li ga on, how many delinquencies there are in the associa on, and it will also confirm that an associa on is strictly residen al property as opposed to commercial property. The cost of a quesonnaire is usually incurred by whoever is requiring the loan and applies to the associa on as a whole as opposed to an individual property.


Communi es of Excellence We are proud to announce that this quarter two of Leland’s communi es were named as finalists in the Communi es of Excellence Awards. Stonecrest is in the running for Communica ons and Community in the large community division and Misty Oaks Park is in the running for Family Friendly Programs and Ini a ves in the small community division. We wish both communi es the best of luck in the finals and are proud to have been a part of this accomplishment.

The Florida Sandhill Crane We have been fortunate the last few months to receive many pictures of beauful Sandhill Cranes (and their adorable babies) from around the communi es we manage. These magnificent birds have become an unofficial resident of almost every community in central Florida, and even though they can be bothersome at mes (causing complaints about walking out into the roadway regardless of traffic) they are a large part of central Florida living. Generally these well loved birds are found everywhere in the community, in your backyard, the playground, crossing the street, or at a local golf course. The Florida Sandhill Crane, scien fically known as Grus Canadensis Pratensis, is a charcoal gray color throughout their life except during breeding when there feathers become worn down and are seen as an ochre color. The average adult male weighs 10.1 lbs and the average adult female weighs 8.9 lbs. Although their large height (80 to 120 cm) may not lead you to believe it, the large wingspan of the crane (5.4 to 6.9 feet) allows them to soar on high al tude winds for long periods of me with just the occasional flap of the wings. Sandhill Cranes use loud trumpe ng calls, o en compared to a French rolling r, to communicate with each other. Unfortunately almost every species of this magnificent bird, including our very own Florida Sandhill Crane, are on the endangered species list due to the birds being too comfortable around humans. These birds are magnificent and awe-inspiring in many ways…they truly are a Florida treasure. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How to Spring into Spring... Modern psychology has shown that changes in weather correlate heavily with changes in a tude and happiness scores. While the winter season hosts a higher rate of depression, the increase in average temperatures and longer days has earned Spring a reputa on as the season of hope and star ng fresh. Perhaps this is why many choose to kick off the season with a spring cleaning. A fresh, clean house does as much for our outlook as a good therapy session. A 2014 survey showed that 78% of individuals who engaged in spring cleaning felt more organized, serene and op mis c about the year ahead. Yes, we know cleaning isn’t the glamorous p you were hoping for but give it a shot, 78% is almost a “B” a er all. Relax….no, don’t take it like that. Our second p is to find new ways to relax. Spring is a season flush with flowers, sunshine and relief from colder weather. Embrace the changes in weather and try gardening, hiking or any new way to get in touch with nature and relax. If you can’t relax because you know Summer is coming and your beach body aspira ons went out the door when hot chocolate came in; stop worrying. Spring’s temperate climate and nearly twelve hour days are ideal for ge ng in some extra laps at the pool or going for a walk around the neighborhood. Exercise also triggers the release of endorphins in the body that leave you ready to tackle our last p, ge ng involved. Many local organiza ons and communi es host events to bring people together, think Spring Fling. Get involved, meet your neighbors and integrate into your community this season. 6972 Lake Gloria Blvd Orlando, FL 32809 407-447-9955 ph 407-447-9899 fax www.LelandManagement.com

Whatever Spring holds, spring into it.

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