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Newsletter for the Dubuque Regional Humane Society

Spring 2012

S c o o P I N G o u T T h E l AT E S T o N D R h S

Pumpkin’s Story Pumpkin showed everyone what it means to be strong and never give up.

In September 2011 Pumpkin, a 7 year old Japanese chin mix, was found wandering around Boscobel, WI. her finders brought her to the DRhS in hope that we could find Pumpkin a great home. After a few days, the staff observed that Pumpkin was not okay. Every time she went outside to “do her business,” it seemed as though she couldn’t urinate. The staff gave Pumpkin special food in hope that it would help her. It did, and Pumpkin was finally able to urinate, but when she did there was blood. A typical sign of a urinary tract infection, the vet staff at the DRhS started Pumpkin on medication. unfortunately, Pumpkin did not get any better. In fact, she seemed to get worse. Pumpkin came into the DRhS weighing 10 lbs., and dropped to only 7 lbs. When the vet team looked more into Pumpkin’s condition, they discovered she had a bladder stone. on November 7, 2011 the vet team performed surgery to remove the bladder stone, and were astonished at what they found. Pumpkin’s bladder stone was about 1.5 inches in length and almost 1 inch wide, about the same size of her bladder! Pumpkin’s bladder stone Soon after the surgery was over, Pumpkin made a turn for the worse. her bladder would not stop bleeding after the stone was removed. She was very lethargic, and losing a tremendous amount of blood for such a small dog. The vet team continued to give Pumpkin fluids and tried to stop the bleeding, but it did not look hopeful.

As staff filed in the next day, it was a great surprise to find that Pumpkin was doing great! Somehow, Pumpkin turned completely around overnight. The bleeding had stopped, and she was actually up and moving around. Within a couple of days Pumpkin was running around and playing more than she ever had while at the DRhS. Finally on November 14, 2011 Pumpkin went up for adoption. After her long stay at the DRhS she had become a staff favorite and even attended a bake sale that Northern Iowa community college was putting on for the DRhS. The students, staff and faculty all loved Pumpkin, and she had her story told. on November 20, 2011 something amazing happened for Pumpkin. Janeane lee came in to DRhS! Janeane heard Pumpkin’s story that day and immediately fell in love with her. The DRhS cannot thank Janeane enough for giving this sweet girl a chance. We know that Pumpkin will be a great companion for Janeane, just as she was during her stay at the DRhS. Pumpkin went through a lot during her time at the DRhS, and probably before she arrived here. But Pumpkin never gave up and was a trooper through a tough surgery and recovery. Best of luck to Pumpkin and her new family!

It’s Garage Sale Time! The 12th Annual Garage Sale Extravaganza is here! The Garage Sale will be at the Dubuque National Guard Armory March 9 & 10. Shop Friday, March 9th from 3:00pm-7:00pm and Saturday, March 10th from 9:00am-1:00pm. . *First Pick Preview, Friday 3-4pm, $9 admission. *Friday 4-7pm, $5 admission *Saturday, $1 admission

Pumpkin and Janeane

Pet Dish

is a publication of the Dubuque Regional Humane Society boARD of DiRectoRS chair: Anne Benda Vice chair: Diann Guns Secretary: chad Ridardson treasurer: Nancy Troester Past President: Dale Repass Jennifer clemens-conlon, Anne hartig, Alan Krueger, Betsy Mccloskey, Michael McDonald, Joe Mulgrew, Nan Smith, Dr. Tim Sprank, Anthony Quinn and Nancy Wilson StAff President/ceo: Jane Mccall Director of operations: Pete Murphy Dir. Marketing & Development: Amanda Kisting Shelter Veterinarians: Naomi Sprank, DVM, and Myra Momot, DVM office Manager: Nick Gleason Mall Manager: Aimee Dix Veterinary technician: Jenna Steiner Administrative coordinator: Pam oster community outreach coordinator: Alissa Riegler offsite Adoption coordinator: Tara Miller customer Service Rep: Kristina Roehm foster coordinator: carol Tjaden Animal care technicians: Anna Arenz, lisa Brimeyer, cody clancy, Shelby Duve, Sean Keller, Janet Kraai, Nick Mihalakis, Katie Nechodom, Megan Perkins, Jennifer Sheldon, lincoln Stewart, Fred Wernke, Jayne Winger Maintenance: Dick hess SHelteR iNfoRMAtioN 175 N. crescent Ridge Dubuque, IA 52003 Phone: 563.582.6766 Fax: 563.582.0140 Email: houRS: Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 9 AM to 6 PM Tuesday/Thursday: 9 AM to 7 PM Saturday: 9 AM to 4 PM Sunday: Noon to 4 PM KeNNeDy MAll ADoPtioN & RetAil ceNteR 555 John F Kennedy Road Dubuque, IA 52002 Phone: 563.564.0087 houRS: Kennedy Mall Animal Adoption center is typically open during Mall hours except during the holiday season. tRAiNiNg & Agility offeRiNgS To learn more about our training and agility opportunities, call 563.582.6766, or send an email to

To learn more about the Dubuque Regional Humane Society go to

Current Events March 3 March 9 March 10 March 15 March 17 March 29 March 31 April 7 April 14-15 April 19 April 21 May 5 May 12-14 May 17 May 19 June 2 June 16 June 11-22 July 13 September 13

Volunteer orientation 9:30 am humane heroes 11 am - noon 12th Annual Garage Sale 3pm-7pm 12th Annual Garage Sale 9am-1pm Volunteer orientation 5:30pm PAWmobile at East Dubuque library 10am-2pm ladies’ Night out at FloorShow Furniture 5pm-8pm Dancing with the Stars featuring Jane Mccall Volunteer orientation 9:30am humane heroes 11:00am-noon Petco adoption event 10am-2pm Volunteer orientation 5:30pm Roller Derby Night Volunteer orientation 9:30pm humane heroes 11:00 - noon Petco adoption event from 10am-2pm Volunteer orientation 5:30 pm Scruffy Shuffle @ Murphy Park! Volunteer orientation 9:30am humane heroes 11:00am - noon Mutt Dog Derby at Mystique casino camp 4th-6th grade Wine & Noses Woofstock- 2012 Fall Gala

Volunteer orientations are held the first Saturday of each month at 9:30 am and the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm. * The Scruffy Shuffle’s date has been changed from May 5th to May 19.

12th Annual Garage Sale Kick off garage sale season with this mega-sale, March 9 and 10 at the Dubuque National Guard Armory! Get first pick of the best items from 3-4pm Friday and stay till 7pm for only $9. can’t make the first pick? 4-7pm admission is only $5. Saturday admission is $1. Join us for the FINAl FRENZY from Noon to 1pm on Saturday. Fill a 30 gallon bag and pay only $5 for everything inside! Tickets available at the door, or in advance at our main shelter at 175 North crescent Ridge or our Kennedy Mall location! Doing some spring cleaning? Donations of new and gently used items welcome! Drop off your items at the Dubuque National Guard Armory March 6-8 from 9A-6P or March 9 from 9A-2P. Sorry, but we can’t accept clothing, shoes, large appliances, TV’s, entertainment centers, computers, printers, magazines, encyclopedias or mattresses. call Nick at (563) 582-6766 or email him at to schedule a free pick-up of your large item (Dubuque only). We reserve the right to refuse any donated item. Proceeds benefit the lost, unwanted and abandoned animals of the tri-states!

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From the desk of Jane Mccall, President/cEo

Happy 2012! The DRhS had an exciting year with many highs and lows. The number of animals taken in was steady with 2010, at about 5,000. We did 2,800 adoptions in 2011, increasing our live release rate from 64% to 72%! After finding out we could not get access to the Grand View church property, we got our money back and began searching again. Five to ten acres of land in a visible and accessible location is VERY difficult to find! We were thrilled when we discovered the carlisle property was for sale. Not only is the location perfect, it has a 27,000 square foot building that can be retrofitted for our needs AND (best of all) at about half the price of building new! After negotiating a price, we gave it our best efforts to raise the money. unfortunately, we just didn’t have enough time and had to let it go since we couldn't get bank financing. We are still raising money for a new building. hopefully, the carlisle building will still be available, and if not, we will have to search for another. We sincerely thank all of you that donated to our capital campaign and annual operating funds. It was a difficult year for us, and all donations are greatly appreciated. coming up on March 31 is Dancing With The Stars - Dubuque Style. My daughter Jamie Bishop and I are both dancing for the benefit of the Dubuque Regional humane Society. Tax deductible donations may be sent directly to the DRhS. Please mark it for either Jamie or myself, and you can choose to have it go for the building fund or annual operating fund. You have no idea how much your support means to all of the lost, unwanted and abandoned animals and staff at DRhS!

Dancing with the Stars! DRhS's Jane Mccall dances the rumba, and cottingham and Butler's Jamie Bishop dances the waltz in the Dubuque chamber of commerce's annual fundraiser! Vote for DRhS by sending your tax-deductible donation ($1 equals 1 vote) to Dancing with the Stars, 175 N crescent Rdg, Dubuque, IA 52003. Be sure to let us know whether you're voting for Jane or Jamie, and if you want your votes to go toward our annual operations or a new Animal Resource center. To see Jane and Jamie dance, tickets are $40 per person and are available at the Dubuque chamber office at 200 Main Street, Dubuque.

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Fond of beagles, the Line family visited DRHS with their own beagle, Copper, to meet another beagle, Pickles. During their visit, they learned two senior beagles also needed a home.

Roslynn with her new family

The lines with copper, hope, Pickles and Winnie

The Lines decided to adopt all three! A very special thank you to the Line family from everyone at DRHS!

Adoptions Roslynn’s Story It is not uncommon to come into the Dubuque Regional humane Society in the morning and find an animal in our overnight “drop box”. The drop box is a safe, warm kennel, accessible from outside. When DRhS is closed, anyone who finds an animal can leave them there until staff arrives in the morning. on December 18, 2011, in one of our drop boxes was a female Pitbull Terrier. In the mail box, there was a note:

“I found this dog tied to a tree... Because of her condition, I called the on-call vet and took her out to Adams Animal hospital... Dr. Streif said she had her puppies 5-6 weeks ago, but she was still nursing recently. We gave her a large can of food and a lot of water. (Dr. Streif) said that she would be okay to take to you guys for the night... Please take care of her and find her a good home... This one is an absolute sweatheart.” -officer Michael Nevers, Dubuque Police Department

New Volunteer Postion: Adoption Counselor When people come in to DRhS to adopt, they can be overwhelmed by the number of animals available. They often have a lot of questions. What is his personality like? Will she be a good fit for my lifestyle? They need someone to spend time with them and get to know them. An adoption counselor is a volunteer that has good communication skills and assists potential adoptors. You’ll be trained to interpret animal evaluations, what questions to ask adopters, and how to match the right animal with the right family. This rewarding experience will put you in the middle of the adoption process, helping families find the newest member of their home. Adoption counselors must be age 18 or older and willing to become a certified Pet handler. For more information, contact Alissa Riegler at (563) 582-6766 or at

We named her Roslynn. At only 36 pounds, Roslynn was very underweight, but after two weeks of Tlc and plenty of food, she moved up for adoption. The next day, Rebecca Johnstone came to the DRhS just to look at dogs. She was interested in Roslynn, and once she heard what poor Roslynn had been through, she knew Roslynn was for her. Rebecca recently wrote to say that Roslynn is doing great in her new home, complete with a Dachshund and cats to play with. The Dubuque Regional humane Society is glad to hear that Roslynn is finally getting the home she deserves!

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Adoptions are Up! There were 2,806 adoptions in 2011! That’s 309 more than the number of adoptions in 2010! here at DRhS, we’re glad to see more people are choosing to adopt. Thank you to everyone who gave a shelter animal a new life!

Unusual animals seen at DRHS in 2011: chickens, a potbellied pig, a goat, a duck, a uromastyx, a bearded dragon and a goldfish.

Phoebe with her new family

leah Fitschen with Brian, Bobbles and Emma

The Foster Experience A Happy Ending for Phoebe on December 10, 2011, Phoebe arrived at the Dubuque Regional humane Society. Phoebe was a little shy when she came through the doors, but the real surprise was that Phoebe only weighed 38.4 lbs. Doberman Pinschers are big dogs that should weigh anywhere from 60-90 lbs. Phoebe also had sores on her legs and on her back side. The vet team treated her sores and ran tests for medical conditions that would make her lose weight. They found nothing; Phoebe was just horribly under-fed. So, she entered the DRhS foster care program for some extra Tlc. laura & Sean Gallagher, a regular DRhS foster family, wanted to help. After hearing her story, they took Phoebe home to stay with them, their 3 year old son and their 3 dogs. She was very shy, but she warmed up fast and began to blossom under the Gallaghers’ love and kindness. Phoebe gained one pound after only one week! And not only was she gaining weight, she was gaining life. After three weeks, Phoebe had gained 10 pounds and a whole new spirit. With everything she had been through, Phoebe captured the hearts of our staff, and the Gallaghers’ as well. She fit right in to their family. She started guarding the house and protecting them. After only a week they fell in love with her and knew they had to keep her. Now Phoebe has a wonderful family of her own. We know she will finally receive all the love that she was missing for the first 10 months of her life!

From a Foster Parent leah Fitschen always had a passionate love for animals. She knew DRhS badly needed a foster system and wanted to help. After helping start the program with her parents, leah now fosters with her boyfriend, Jason Emanuelson. leah specializes in fostering orphaned kittens. It’s a demanding job, bottle feeding kittens every couple hours. But she chooses them because of their need for a mother, and treats these kittens as her children. leah encourages anyone who is interested to try fostering, and she is willing to share her knowledge and experience with new or even long-time foster families. leah has the following advice for people wanting to foster. First, make sure that you are allowed to have animals in your home! Then, find out what to expect by talking with someone that has fostered before. Most importanlty, never be afraid to ask for support. Sometimes fostering can come with challenges and there are other fosters, such as leah, who are willing to help. leah loves that she is saving kittens that would otherwise not have a chance. For her, it is the most rewarding experience, and it can be for you, too. If you are interested in fostering, contact our foster coordinator, carol Tjaden, at (563) 582-6766. If you’d like to talk to leah, just let carol know!

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New Volunteer System! our volunteers logged over 16,000 hours of service in 2011. That’s a lot of help, and we appreciate it! To make volunteering more convenient, DRhS now has an online volunteer system. Volunteers can see all of our opportunites and sign up from the comfort of their own home! To become a volunteer, simply go to and click on Volunteer. click the link to go to the online system and fill out our application. once you attend an orientation, we’ll activate your account, and you’ll be able to see all the opportunities available! This new system will better serve our volunteers and will help us become more “green” by reducing our use of paper. And by signing up ahead of time, you won’t have to log in once you arrive at the main shelter. Already a volunteer? You have an account waiting for you. contact Alissa at for your login information or for help signing up.

Scuffy Shuffle 2012! Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 19 at Murphy Park! Run or walk with or without your dog. organize a team or collect pledges. Bring the kids and stay for some great vendor giveaways, family and dog games, and prizes! For more info, log on to!

Kids N Critters Camp Kids looking for somthing fun to do this summer? Sign them up for DRhS’s summer camp program. Kids entering 2nd-6th grades in the fall of 2012 can spend every afternoon of a summer week learn all about animals while participating in a wide variety of activities. campers make friends with other animal lovers, have fun with arts & crafts and spend a lot of hands-on time with the animals in our shelter. cost is $125 per camper. For more information contact Alissa at (563) 582-6766 or at

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The Good, the bad, and the ugly By: Pete Murphy here at the Dubuque Regional humane Society, each work day is filled with a great sense of community. Throughout the week, generous individuals will spontaneously stop by with donations of both money and animal care items. School age children will arrive with their parents, ready to hand over earnings from a lemonade stand or donations received in place of birthday gifts. Many devoted volunteers and foster families will manage to freely give their time. And we will surely witness one of the most gratifying experiences of all - the pleasure of watching an adopter and adoptee happily walk out the door together. unfortunately, there are also days that can be trying. like the day a 5 month old, pit bull pup was discovered in downtown Dubuque so emaciated that he could not stand. he had to be hand fed small meals every few hours, and his chance of survival was unknown. There are also too many mornings when the staff is greeted by an animal that has been carelessly abandoned outside the shelter, left to weather the night alone, tied to the front door or in a small carrier instead of being placed in the warm “drop boxes” available. And too many abandoned dogs and cats will come in matted, covered in feces, sick, or injured. Although there are many well-intentioned people who feel forced to surrender their animals, there are also those who clearly have no remorse or care. I will never forget the day a young girl walked in to surrender her 8 year old lab. When asked why she was surrendering the dog she grew up with, her response was simple, “We just got a new puppy, and he is too old.” her honesty was shocking, but unfortunately, dumping an older dog or cat after purchasing a new, younger animal is not uncommon. While challenging, working, volunteering, fostering, and giving to the Dubuque Regional humane Society generates hope for the community. For example, chip, the emaciated pit bull, survived and was adopted by a long time volunteer. Those older dogs and cats thrown away by their previous owners often find homes with kind-hearted individuals willing to adopt a homeless senior. likewise, those sick and injured animals are often times treated and given the second chance they deserve. If not for the many promising examples of humanity seen at the Dubuque Regional humane Society each day, the cruel and cold ways of a few would be enough to break one’s faith in the human race. Thank you to everyone who endures the bad and the ugly, while working hard for something good.

Gifts & tributes from our shelter friends Gift and tribute listings are through January 31, 2011. If we missed your name, please know that we appreciate your patronage! You can make a contribution online at or use the enclosed envelope with our sincere thanks. All donations go to help the lost, abandoned, and unwanted animals of the Tri-States.

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175N crescent Ridge Dubuque, IA 52002 563.582.6766 DRhS protects and promotes the well-being of all animals by fostering respect for their inherent dignity Pet Dish Spring 2012 Edition change Service Requested

Pumpkin’s Story

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Jane McCall in DWTS!

The Circle of Life Continues... lost, abandoned and unwanted animals have taken refuge at the Dubuque Regional humane Society for over 110 years. leave a legacy of compassion for the next generation of tri-state shelter animals by remembering them in your will today. If you have questions about bequests, “in lieu of flowers,” or year-end gifts, please contact Jane Mccall at 563.582.6766 or email

The DRHS newsletter has a new look thanks to the support from Union Hoermann. We hope you enjoy it! The Dubuque Regional humane Society is not affiliated with any other organization.

PetDish - Spring 2012  
PetDish - Spring 2012  

Spring 2012 Newsletter for Dubuque Regional Humane Society