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DRASTI PATEL 2015-2017



Hand skills machinary for wood

Sketching (pencil)

Existing since . 20.11.1996

terracota, POP


Native. Himatnagar,Sabarkantha, Gujarat Nationality. Indian Languages. Gujarati(Mother toungue), Hindi, English

Model making

(working drawing)

(Jute board, MDF, GI wire, Paper)


2012 HSC. Faith higher secondary school,Himatnagar 2014 SSC and secondary schooling . Himat secondary and higher secondary school, Himatnagar 2015 First year In Bachelors in Interior Design,

machinary for metal

(casting, carving,sculpting)

Software skills

Currently in

3rd year (2016-2017), School of Design, CEPT Uni.

Indesign CC

(5 year UG programme)

Microsoft Excel Autocad 2D/3D

Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Sketch up Microsoft Word

+91 94093 55578 Interested in Bird lover Bird watching (water birds, storks)

Reading (fiction/non fiction) R K Narayan, Sudha Murthy

Design skills

Space Planning Adventure (thrilling activities, trekking)

Sports (skipping, swimming, badminton)


Design Problem solving

Representing ideas Metaphoring the concept

Detailing of Interior spaces



Retreat for a weekend


Centre for Contemporary Arts



Child Learning centre

Centre for Applied Research


Material Assemblies


Interpretation of spaces


Panjim Mapping


Outdoor seating for Rameshbahi


Working Drawing


Memorphosis Journey Centre


A Retreat for a weekend

Space planning exercise spring semester 2017 Site. Eastern bank of Sabarmati river Client. me and my friend Area. 80 sq m Time period. 4 weeks The excersice was intended to create interesting and interactive spaces with considering the function and to use the river view to its fullest. The retreat home for a weekend is designed for two people where other people can accommodate themselves during day time. The builtform consisted of a living space connected to a small kitchen platform and a dinning space which is overlooked by the bedroom on the first floor.



Site plan

Ground floor plan

sections through the double volume

The pause in the flight of stairs leading to the first floor is serving as study space or a mini library. The living and the kitchen areas end up in an open front yard with a swimming pool to submerge yourself in the waters as the river water is only for visual experience.


Centre for Contemporary Arts

Institutional studio Adaptive reuse spring semester 2017

Site. Three consecutive raw houses, Ellisbridge area, Ahmedabad, Gujatat

Client. Amit Ambala-an artist Area. 370 sq m Time Period. 16 weeks

This studio involves the design of an institution where the spatial, structural, form with discipline and relationship of building to its immediate context have to be evolved. The reuse of the heritage building has revived its value by providing a new function inside and by retaining the old facade outside. The interpretation of the raw houses can be typically stacked cubicles. where as the new function demands contemporary character of the space. Thus the concept has been derived from the meaning of contemporary arts.


Centre for Applied Research

Institutional studio monsoon semester 2017 Dada Saheb Flates

Site. Ground in front of CEPT campus, Ahmedabad, Gujatat

Client. A socialist, An

Industrial product designer, An architect with expertise in theatre

Area. 300 sq m Time Period. 16 weeks

This studio facilitates the design of spatial articulation in response to the chosen program as well as physical and visual attributes of a given site context. It will explore design research, program brief, understanding various built form systems as well as design and organization of various spatial elements.


CEPT UNI. Sectional Axonometric represntation of the built from

Site Plan

Long sections showing light quality of the built form

The design is about connecting spaces physically or visually, serving different functions and importance. The space becomes more interective when a level introduces at an eyelevel which has been experimented to its most in the designed space.

Centre for Applied Research

Institutional studio monsoon semester 2017

Collage showing the character of the spaces of the centre

Ground Floor plan showing public, semi public, private and services

Short sections showing different levels to increase interection

Development of spaces in process


Child Learning Centre

Basign Design spring semester 2016

Site. Hill with a Banyan tree, Parimal Garden, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Client. Children(3-5 yrs of age) Area. 60 sq. m Time period. 16 weeks The studio intends to understand the sensitive part of design where involment of our 5 senses is significant. The studio involves studying child psycology and behaviour which was interpreted in a way to break the monotonous way of learning. The design revolves around the Banyan tree and natural activities and phenomenons among birds, rats, fishes monkeys, water leaves and vegetation acting as the source of learning.

Plan of the learning space under the Banyan tree

Section showing the activities happening in the space under the Banyan tree

The design has the involment of the voids created in the trunk of the great banyan tree and approaching nature at different levels.

Child Learning Centre

Basign Design spring semester 2016

Model out GI wire, thermocol and plastisin clay showing activities under the Banyan tree

The model showing the projection of design in the waterbody and around the tree trunk

Development of seating for discussion under the tree


Material Assembly- Repeatation of paper module to create an arch

Elective Course monsoon semester 2017

Time period. 16 weeks Excercise. A material was

supposed to be choosen such that a module can be developed from it and the repeatation of that module can be transformed into an arch or a voult without using adhesive.


The course was intended to realise the potential of different materials collectively. The exercise was initiated by developing strong fixing by cut and fold method, then deriving a form of a module that can proceed in one axis.


The corrugated triangular surface bends to give two pointed flaps to get interlocked with another module.





1. Triangular surface 2. one module 3. two modules interlocked without adhesive 4. modules repeated in one direction 5. two such 4. connected by another unit 6. two such 5. connected in perpendicular axis


Interpretation of Spaces

Elective Course monsoon semester 2017

Time period. 16 weeks The course is about interpreting different spaces, its character, scale, function and reponse of people on different occasions.

Excercise 1. Interpreting Navratri

festival through a model. The festival is another world of 9 days in itself full of vibrant colours and lights. The scenario seems chaotic and busy with excitement. The world can be experienced only when you are the part of it.

Excercise 2. Interpreting the

activities of people on and around the plinth of neem tree in Sarkhej Roza.

1 string art in a sphere with a yellow light source at the bottom

2 Pencil, pencil colours and ink on paper (exonometric view)

3 Pencil, pencil colours and ink on paper (perspective plan)

Excercise 3. Interpreting the

scenario near pavalion in Sarkhej Roza on the day of Eid.


Outdoor furniture with sustainable materials

summer course 2017

Time period. 12 days Excersice. Designing and making

a furniture for Rameshbhai the watchman near GIDC bhavan. A furniture that allows him to openup his tiffin for the day meal and provide him a comfortable seating but for an alert posture for rest of the day (8am to 8pm).

Materials. ferrocement plate is

cantilivered from rammed earth with anchor bolts. the tappered back rest is out of cob and the seating out of rammed earth. A brick skirting at the bottom is to protect the rammed earth surface from erosiding. The course is about exploring sustainable materials where are which are weather proof thus a form out of such material can be used as furniture.


The making of Goan houses

Relative Study Programe (RSP) Winter 2016 Time period. 7 days in Goa

4 days in CEPT campus

Excersice. Mapping culture, food,

and traditions of a part of Pangim, Goa.

This winter school focuses on studying the elements- architectural, socio-cultural and geographical that influence the Goan house form and the life inside these houses. This study was limited to the Northern region of Goa with towns surrounding Panjim. Understanding the composition and dynamics of streets in Fontainhas, Panjim and the play at eye level in the streets of Ribandar.


Kitchen and bathroom

Working Drawing Monsoon semester 2017

Time period. 16 weeks Excersice 1. Designing a

bathroom of given area and making working drawings with specifications.

Excersice 2. Designing a kitchen

of given area and making working drawings with specifications and electrical layouts.

The course was more focused on the practical issues of constructions and materials. The construction details and specifiaction were prominent.


Memorphosis Journey Centre (Experience centre)

Detailing in Interior Design Spring semester 2017







space divider




form in transition

using convertor continous line





pipe gets required temp to tranform

Client. fictional company Area. 350 sq m Time period. on going

form A

flow of hot/cold water

industry, Kathvad, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

(Memorphosis) manufacturing interior elements

An alloy that 'remembers' its original shape: returing the predeformed shape by heating or cooling nickel+tin

How to transform the product !

Site. Built up infront of fabrication

As an approach, Interior spaces can be visualized and created by using Programme + Site context, Image of the place, and Qualitative aspect for execution of details (Function + Construction + Aesthetics) The company designes interior elements out of a continous line and produces out of a shape memory alloy. The process of designing to making to displaying take place in the centre only.

form B

The Memorphosis experience centre is like a journey from designing to displaying. The space is created out of a continous line guiding the journey.

Memorphosis Journey Centre (Experience centre)

Detailing in Interior Design Spring semester 2017

Representation of spaces

Material pallete

Detail 1

Detail 2

Children at play in Sarkhej roza

Drasti Patel +91 94093 55578

Drasti Patel Interior Design Portfolio  
Drasti Patel Interior Design Portfolio