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More than a word, we say thank you. The entire school will miss you. We do appreciate what you have been to the students and to the teachers.


Dear students, friends and family members in Don Bosco, we have come to the end of Term two (2) and of Semester one. Gaging all the efforts, I realize that there is much more to do, yet with you only in focus. You (students) remain the preferential option of our Salesian living. In this way I would like to say big thanks to our two AVI Andrew and Anke who are leaving for Australia after one and half year at the service of Don Bosco youth. Every students and staff learned from both of you the passion for excellence and the price of humility. You have contributed a lot to make Don Bosco a place where vision gets built. God bless your next mission to humanity. In addition, many changes are happening around us, either in the training of teachers, update of the curriculum of the Technologies, making our workshops and labs a safe place to train, beautification of the campus, opening the

schools for spiritual growth and in sports activities. Nowhere DBTI will go further without the hard work of teachers, spirit of belongingness from students and the generous support of parents and other people of good will. Indeed, dear Bosconians, there is much more to do for the second semester. Don’t lose track, make use of the three weeks’ holiday to supports parents and or your guardians. Be with them, for you will need their supports in return for the second semester. God bless our endeavors; may he keep us safe with great hope and excitement to meet again together in July. Fr. MOISE PALUKU, SDB

UPHOLDING THE “BOSCONIAN IDENTITY” From the   3rd   to   the   6th   of   May,2017   the   Deputy   Principals   from   all   the   Don   Bosco   schools   in   PNG   and   SI   gathered   at   the   Emmaus   Conference   Center   in   Port   Moresby   Papua   New   Guinea   to   meet   and   discuss   ideas   related   to   maintaining   the   ‘   Bosconian   identity’.   The   3day   program   organised   by   Fr.Robinson   and   facilitated   by   guests   speakers   Br.  Alfred,  Fr.Ariel   and   Fr.   Alfred   Maravilla,  covered     sessions   ranging   from   getting   to  know  one   self  and  colleagues  better  to  addressing  and  re-­‐emphasis  of  the  idea   of   ‘Salesian  Assistance’   and   the   importance   of  the   ‘Bosconian   identity’.  These   group   of   leaders   also  had  the   opportunity   to   go   through   the   ,’Salesian   Youth   Ministry  Frame   of   Reference’    an  important  document   which  provides  a  deeper  insight  into  the  foundation   of  Don  Bosco’s  Preventive   System.  The   meeting  being  the  Rirst  for  these  leaders  was  deemed  a  success  with  many  agreeing  that  they  have  learnt  a   lot   not   only  from   the   sessions   held   but   from   sharing   ideas   with   each   other.   Each   hopes   that   with   a   better  understanding,   we   can   effectively   uphold  the  ‘Bosconian  identity’.

Md. Stephanie

“TO LEAD IS TO SERVE” This year gain the DBTI students engage in Community service through the SALT program (Servanthood and Leadership Training). The program concerns the year two students include the EOSDT Welding and Computer. The purpose of this program is to form our Bosconians to an attitude of service, giving without expecting a return or appraisal. The activities consist on cleaning the surrounding communities in and around the towns. This year we had an overnight camp with a special trainer, Mr. Peter, a lecture at SINU with his team. He insisted on leadership in Solomon context. The following day, all the participants went to clean up at the National Referral Hospital (commonly known as number nine). As the program requires a completion of 12 hours, it is up to each class with its advisor to organize in order to complete the hours. Thus, some clean up along the road, to Bethesda Center, Visale Home for Aged. This experience remain an awesome experience for Bosconian formation, especially as servants and leaders of our nation.




The celebration of the saint Dominic Savio feast day Although the really feast day of Dominic Savio falls on 6 May 2017, the principal of the school together with the spiritual moderator and the liturgy group have opted to celebrate the first Bosconian saint on Friday 5th May at Don Bosco Technical Institute. Staff and students celebrated with a special highlight on dancing and singing competition. A day well organized, simple, sweet and short. We begin our program at 12pm and finished at 3pm in. As true Bosconians, in love with the Eucharist and Mary, our celebration began with a solemn mass presided over by Fr. Isidore, SDB our school spiritual moderator. Then each class presented its items. It was challenging to the judges of the day to the determine the winners after competition due to the high performance and participation of each student and class in general. For instance, the IT department presented the version of Lean On Me with Dominic Savio altered lyrics and the Electrical students designed the colours of the Solomon flag with their line-up. After all, the Life Skills Department won. As one family again, this celebration brought us all united together. Let’s keep on being cheerful as Don Bosco advised Dominic Savio, now he addresses us.

APRIL JOINT TEACHER FORMATION As professionals, it is important that teachers regularly update their skills. On Friday 28 and Saturday 29 April, teachers from Don Bosco Technical Institute and the Don Bosco Rural Training Centre Tetere came together in Henderson to participate in workshops and presentations on improving teaching practice. The theme of the formation was "Quality Questions, Deeper Discussions". On the Friday evening Andrew MacLean, AVI volunteer and DBTI Mentor to the Teachers, gave an overview of the topic and explored the idea of increasing the ratio of student thinking and participation in classrooms and workshops. Teachers practised writing questions and participated in discussions where participants connected and related ideas and opinions. After dinner, Anke MacLean, AVI volunteer and Head of Communication Studies, explored the idea of 'growth mindset'. Watching video presentations by Carol Dweck and participating in problem-solving tasks, teachers explored the idea that every student can learn and looked at how to encourage students to understand the worth of challenging tasks.  

"Quality Questions, Deeper Discussions"

By Unity Surupua


On Saturday the teachers met with Gwenda Lawther, a member of the Business Faculty at SINU who is working with the Skills for Economic Growth program. Gwenda volunteered her time to lead Don Bosco teachers through a number of sessions throughout the day. She began with an introduction into skills based learning and learner competencies. She moved on to exploring the fundamentals of student participation and working with teachers to identify practical methods of gaining student participation. Teachers later discussed learner characteristics and how to utilise them to ensure a good learning experience for everyone, and finally worked through 'group dynamics' theory and how it can help make use of the teaching time. The weekend was a good mix of researchbased theory and practical strategies and everyone who participated learned a great deal.



T h e D o n B o s c o Te c h n i c a l Institute and the Salesian family in Henderson Solomon Islands join the rest of the Salesian Family around the world to celebrate this great Solemnity of Don Bosco's Madonna, the Help of Christians. His Grace, the Archbishop of Honiara, Chris Cardone was the main celebrant for this great Feast. After the holy Eucharist, each trade from the school presented an item, plus a Marian song to help celebrate Our Lady's feast day. The whole week was accompanied with a novena prayer during every Morning Prayer while the Notice Board Marian Decoration competition was going on. It is certainly a great privilege for the students and us all to belong to this great big Family, The Salesian Family! Sr. Matalena Leota, FMA

GIRLS’ RETREAT: “WE ARE A FAMILY” To be true, this is my very best experience of fellowship, familiarize with other trade girls and including the OJT friendship and of spirituality, I ever had. The overnight of 5th Bosconians. I have been through challenging times but this to 6th of May, all the female students, we had our retreat retreat thought me something I needed to know. For here at Don Bosco Technical Institute. Not only were example, the feeling of belonging, sharing and the current students invited, but also other girls who caring; but the main thing I learnt is that I am on practical were invited to have a special night not alone in this. There are others out there WE ARE A with the Lord, as a family of Don Bosco. The who are going through the same situation and theme of our retreat was, “We Are Family.” The even harder than mine. Therefore, to help FAMILY Salesian sisters, our retreat facilitators, based on myself out of this, I should reach out and talk the Salesian strenna 2017, chose this theme. Not to someone. Share the burden so I do not have only was it a moment of prayer, but of fun too. Thus, to face it alone. Tangio Tumas Salesian sisters on the first day of the retreat, we had some fun singing, and the management for preparing such wonderful Zumba dance, sharing ideas, playing games and watching a activities and for making it a successful and enjoyable movie about Jesus’ family as an example of a good family. retreat. A short time, strengthened peace and hope for my Personally, I was very happy because every game that we future. played was mainly focused on the theme, we are family. In By Priscilla TAKAE addition, the retreat helped me to get to know and


“we are Bosconians, Run, jump and make noise” Attending the Don Bosco Technical Institute is fun to all students, when it comes to sports. Students normally have classes until 2:00 pm, and then an hour of sports is allocated on Tuesday and Thursday. Bosconians normally play in classes as a team. The usual games are soccer, Futsal, Volleyball and Basketball and Netball. For this year, the School has highlighted more on sport. This is in order to motivate youngsters to value their youthful age through sports. Thus, under the organization of Mr. Rodney Aita, the sport master, the School has sent two teams to join the league organized by Hockey Federation, the Futsal club strong enough to represent the school in the town league at the Lawson Tama Multipurpose hall. Hockey teams played all their match games for the first round and they were qualified for the quarterfinal rounds. With the same spirit of competition, the football and netball club are competing with different schools (Selwyn, St. Joseph, St. Nicholas) in friendly games. For every Bosconian, the playground is where he runs, jumps and make noise in order to avoid sin. MR. MAXWELL

“INSPIRING AND EMPOWERING STUDENTS” Visit of  FMA  (  Salesian   Sisters)  General  Councilor   from  Rome:  Sr.  Lucy  Rose  to   DBTI  Henderson. A   very   important  visitor   from   the   General  House   of  the  Salesian  Sisters  in  Rome,  Sr.  Lucy  Rose   FMA   visited   Don   Bosco   Technical   Institute   in   the   afternoon   of  Wednesday  10th  May.      The   purpose   of  this  quick  visit  was  to   see   the  mission  work  of   her   Sisters   and   to   familiarize   herself   with   the   reality  of  this  small  island,   Solomon  Islands.     She   visited   all  the   places  that  the   Sisters   work,  and  of   course   she   visited   DBTI   because   Sr.   Bernadette   Wauki   FMA   is  part  of  the  staff  here   as  well  as  Sr.   Matalena  Leota  FMA.    Sr.  Lucy  Rose   gave   a   talk   to   the   students  of   DBTI,  encouraging  each  and  every   one   of   them   to   study   well   especially   in   a   Don   Bosco  School,   to  learn  all  the  skills  that  they  need   to  find  a  job  for  their  future,  and  also  to  help  their   family  and  nation!  Sr.   Lucy  also  congratulated  the   Salesian  Fathers  who  are   running  the   school,  and   she   was   very   much   impressed   with   the   neat   surroundings   of   the   school   and   things   all   in   order!

“Run, jump and make noise”


Our DBTI School had chance to participate in a career talk organised at Woodford International School. The careers workshop was organised by the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce with the theme of “Inspiring and empowering students to shape their future and achieve their dreams.” It was an oppor tunity for us Bosconians there present representing the school to go and learn something new things about bigger companies, shareholders and industries which contribute towards developing our country (Solomon Islands). We were glad and proud introducing our school and technologies to other colleges, high schools and other people. Children from WIS were too interested with the Don Bosco trades. For instance, many students from other schools there present have not seen a lathe machine in their life. This was a day to remember. I strongly believe that those who visited the DBTI stall learnt something great from us and with hope that they will become Bosconians in the future. Mr. SAMSON

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