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Digital textile inks

Complete range of the best inks for digital textile printing

Courtesy of Nathan JendenTM

When Stork Prints introduced digital textile printing equipment to the industry in the late 1980s, it became immediately clear that a dedicated digital textile ink solution was required. It is the combination of the printer, the print head, the inks and the fabric that make (or break) a good printing application. As Stork Prints has extensive knowledge of all these aspects, they are clearly in a perfect position to develop and produce the best digital textile inks possible. Today Stork Prints owns a complete modern production site for digital textile inks. All inks are developed in house by our dedicated R&D team. This team works very closely with the production department, all under one roof in the Netherlands. Each batch of ink is produced according to a recipe that is fine-tuned by our R&D department to achieve the narrowest tolerances possible from batch to batch. This guarantees perfect automatic colour control during printing, even if the printing order is split over multiple printers or needs more than one colour cartridge on each machine. Stork Prints’ patented air-free degassed ink cartridges allow unattended printing at the highest printing speeds that are available on the market today. Our inks are degassed using the highest factory-set vacuum to ensure that the patented cartridges are filled with completely air-free inks. Only air-free inks guarantee that the highest printing speeds can be maintained throughout the entire printing job, without any machine stoppages or time and ink consuming cleaning cycles. You don’t even need an operator to watch the machine - it will do its job by itself! Over the years Stork Prints has invested a lot of resources in helping digital textile printing companies to develop this new market. We have learned, with the help of our customers, what it means to produce digital production runs. We have used everything to improve our products and to ensure that they are the best inks available for digital textile production. Not only do they give you the largest colour space possible, the prints will also comply to all major industry standards for light fastness, wash fastness and all other requirements. Last but not least, all Stork Prints inks are water-based and therefore environmentally friendly. There are Oekotex certificates for all inks and, because the inks run so well in all major printers, there are hardly any cleaning stops required, saving on waste and minimizing printing time per job. There are four types of Stork Prints ink available 1 Reactive inks – for printing on all natural fibres 2 Acid inks – for printing on polyamide lycra, wool and silk 3 Disperse inks – for printing directly onto polyester and blends 4 Sublimation inks – for printing on sublimation paper to be transferred to textiles. Stork Prints inks run on all printers using Epson print heads. In addition to all Stork Prints digital textile printers, these include Mimaki TX2, Mimaki JV5, Mutoh Viper TX, Atex DBP, D-Gen Heracle, Aracne and Teleios, Roland FP-740, La Meccanica Qualijet, MS JP4 and JP5, Aleph txB 160s and BT1820, Robustelli Monna Lisa and more. If your printer is not listed, please contact us to find out if our inks run on your printers. A special reactive inkset is available for all DuPont and Ichinose Digital textile printers. An acid inkset is planned for release in the fall of 2010. The inks are available in different packages • 220 ml degassed cartridges for all Mimaki, Roland and Mutoh type printers • 2 kg degassed ink cartridges for Stork Prints bulk feed systems • 1 kg degassed ink cartridges for Robustelli, Aleph and MS printers • 2 kg and 25 kg ink jerry cans for all open ink systems (inline degassing unit on the printer is recommended for higher speed applications) • 2 kg ink bags for DuPont and Ichinose printers (reactive, acid in fall 2010)

The data in this brochure was valid at the time of publishing, and is subject to change without notice. Stork Prints reserves the right to modify its products at any time without further obligation.

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Digital textile inks