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There Are Several Entertaining Activities At A Dude Ranch If you're searching for a family-friendly vacation which offers something for all to enjoy, you can't beat a dude ranch. While in an appealing rustic environment, parents, children and extended family members can relax and spend quality time together. Whether it is gathering together to watch a cattle drive go by or take part independently in guided, age-appropriate activities, all family members will enjoy the experience. There are a number of activities to enjoy, so each member of the family will come home with memories to last a lifetime. What Makes a Dude Ranch Extraordinary? Visitors are given an inside look at the operation of a real Western ranch when they go to a dude ranch. Several of the attractions that draw visitors yearly include the cattle, horses, farm animals and lots of down-home cooking. Large accommodations, plenty of open space for hiking, guided horseback tours, and Dutch oven cook-offs are only a few of the things that make dude ranches such an appealing destination. Families who want to experience the real flavor of the Old West will discover exactly what they have been searching for. Dude ranch programs are full of activities that begin with familiarizing guests with the ranch environment. You will spend a bit of time in the stables getting to know the horses if you're interested in horseback riding. To get everyone in the mood for many days of jam-packed fun, planned social activities help break the ice. Hikes through panoramic backcountry and whitewater rafting are a lot more fun when you know the people in your group. Younger family members really benefit from interacting with kids their own age and will quickly create lasting bonds with their new friends. Animals Galore Time spent with the animals completes a vacation to a dude ranch. With regards to creating an authentic dude ranch, horses and cattle are two essential elements. Group penning, a rodeo-style activity in which riders maneuver cattle into a pen is one popular activity. This activity is perfect for novice riders to build confidence in their abilities. Even skilled riders will appreciate the dynamic experience of group penning. A cattle drive is yet another fun activity that lots of riders can engage in at the same time. During a drive the herd of cattle is moved from one place to another. Traditionally this was done to move herds among various grazing locations; this is still a necessary activity on several ranches. Horseback riders get the cattle moving and herd them safely and securely to their new location. Whether watching or taking part, this is an enjoyable activity. Vacation Value A great value is provided by package vacations. Meals, lodging and basic activities are included in a package vacation; premium activities, for example fishing, might require a small additional expense. These packages make purchasing your dream getaway a snap since everything is itemized in advance. You know precisely how much you have to pay with no surprises later on. French Broad River Dude Ranch

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There Are Several Entertaining Activities At A Dude Ranch Some dude ranches offer reduced package vacations during the off-season, too. Every visitor to an authentic dude ranch can come away with unmatched experiences and lifelong memories. Spending time outside surrounded by horses, cattle, and ranch hands puts you in touch with the authentic Old West and keeps alive an exclusively American spirit. You're sure to be whisked away to another time and place through the combination of the open range, the starry skies and the shimmer of a campfire. Family-friendly activities await you and your loved ones! If you're searching for a family-friendly vacation which offers something for all to enjoy, you can't beat a dude ranch....

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French Broad River Dude Ranch

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There Are Several Entertaining Activities At A Dude Ranch