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June 7, 2013


BOB’S A GOOD ’UN: Our man shows off a cracking chub he caught from the Stainforth and Keadby Canal

Our canals are a Brit of all right! FISHING WITH



NEXT Sunday is arguably the biggest day in the angling calendar. The ‘Glorious 16th’ of June is when thousands of anglers head for the nearest river.

bits of stuff Samantha Jones can’t do without… By JESSICA HAWORTH

SEXY Samantha Jones says the key to seduction is sexy lingerie, kissable lips and sky-scraping heels. The 32E babe couldn’t live without her beauty essentials and loves investing in kinky underwear. The 21-yer-old also admits that she’d be lost without her phone – as she loves to take sexy snaps for her fans and post them online. We asked Samantha, from Hove, East Sussex, to reveal the six things she’d never be without.


“I couldn’t live without my iPhone. I know everyone says that, but it literally sorts my life out for me. And how else am I supposed to sex text!? I love taking rude pictures on it and sending them to the man in my life. All my friends do it, and it’s almost rude NOT to. My phone is also full of pictures of me making an idiot of myself during wild nights out. I’ve normally got my boobs out, flashing, and there are plenty of knicker shots too!”


“Every girl loves make-up and one of my beauty essentials is a long-lasting lip gloss for sexy, kissable lips. My favourite is by Lancome because it’s not too sticky and stays on for ages, even on a night out, and even if you’re doing a lot of snogging! The shade I usually use is a light pink because you can wear it every day but I love a deep red when I’m glamming up. I think kissable lips are the best

weapon when it comes to flirting. Showing a bit of cleavage always helps too.”


“I’m really glad I splashed out on this. I watch all my movies and TV shows on it and I’m addicted to catching up on the latest soaps. The webcam is great for Skyping my friends and the speakers are good so I blast out tunes. I’ve never done saucy webcam before but I’d maybe be up for trying it – could be fun!”


“I straighten my hair nearly every day so GHDs are worth the expense – they’re the best ones you can get. They’re also really good for styling curls and waves for a boho, relaxed look.


“Ann Summers is my favourite undies shop because it sells quality lingerie you don’t have to spend too much on. I have a gorgeous bra and thong set in a deep red with black lace, it’s really sexy and I love wearing it in the bedroom. Sometimes I’ll team it with a suspender belt and a pair of black stockings when I’m really in the mood. It never fails to please. Plus it makes me feel feminine and glamorous.”


“I don’t spend too much on heels because I prefer getting loads of pairs to choose from, and Topshop have some lovely heels in. They’re not too expensive and they’re comfortable, which is key. They can be really sexy too. What guy doesn’t love a girl with bare legs and a killer heels?”

and scratched around for a few dozen tiny gudgeon are long gone. Today you are more likely to encounter a specimen carp, a shoal of bream or some big chub. Roach fishing can be excellent all year round Traditionally June 16 was the opening day and the perch potential is mouthwatering, yet for some reason banks remain largely deserted. of the coarse fishing season on all waters, in South Yorkshire, I’m surrounded by although the removal of the closed season a Living network of big canals. These are often 20 on still waters diminished the grand sense metres or more wide and up to three metres deep. of occasion. Providing you know where to head for, the Even so, most river fanatics will be straining fishing is nothing short of sensational and this at the leash this week as they make kind of knowledge is dead easy to come by. final preparations for their first If I’m going to fish the Stainforth onslaught since March. and Keadby Canal, for instance, I’ll We endured such miserable drop into the Stainforth Angling weather last winter many will not Centre to buy my bait, perhaps have wet a line in running water purchase a new float or a packet since the autumn so they’ll be of hooks. keener than ever. That’s rule one. Cross the tackle But I hate to say many will be dealer’s palm with silver – he’ll then disappointed because the prolonged prove far more accommodating cold spring has put spawning way when you ask for information. behind schedule. Tell him what you’re hoping to You only have to listen to catch and the chances are he’ll direct gardeners and farmers – everything you to the current ‘hot’ pegs. in nature is late this year and those Anglers love nothing better than normally super-reliable early season to boast about what they’ve caught swims may be anything but. and after a good catch you can bet Meanwhile, we still have seven his regulars are in the shop spilling days to go so I’ll be dropping in on the beans on what they’ve caught, one of my local canals this week where from and how. hoping for some bumper sport. The smart tackle dealer will Canals get a bum deal. Ninety per encourage this and when you turn cent of anglers have probably never up to purchase a few bits and bobs fished one because they have a picture in their it only takes a nonchalant question to tap you minds of grim industrial backdrops, poor water straight into the grapevine. quality and stunted fish. ‘Bream you want? Fred Bloggs had 50lb of They imagine it’s like stepping through a time them from The Willows on Tuesday. Fished the warp into the 1950s and not worthy of their time. pole at 11 metres and fished a worm over some How wrong could they be? casters and groundbait. I’d try Peg 57.’ Okay, during the peak summer months the It’s the kind of information that will make jolly boaters in their gaily-coloured barges all the difference between a mediocre day and a might drive you crazy and the would-be Bradley brilliant one. Wiggins of this world seem to think the towpath With bream it is so important to know exactly is a racetrack for bicycles and anyone who fishes where the fish are at a given time. there deserves to have his pole sections smashed. Bream are nomadic by nature, pushed along But don’t let this picture put you off by wind direction, temperature, locks opening completely. Things are much quieter in late and closing, boats, angling pressure, you name spring and since the UK manufacturing industry it. Location is everything. You can easily end up went to the dogs our canals have become a haven catching nothing while sitting 50 metres away for quality fish. from a bonanza and not realise it. The days when canal anglers wore flat caps At this time of year the shoaling mentality is even more prevalent as they gather to spawn. You could easily find every bream in a two-mile stretch of canal shoaled up in the space of four or five pegs. RATHER than pick out an individual fishery, I’m going to highlight It’s the same with chub and carp a club which offers 10 different stillwaters and 17 stretches of and to a lesser extent roach. rivers, canals and drains for the bargain price of £35 a year (£25 Once location is determined the concessions). Best of all it has an open membership policy. most important thing to do is not The club is Scunthorpe Pisces and the river fisheries include frighten the fish away. stretches of the upper Witham, tidal and non-tidal Trent and Idle. You don’t have to feed kilos of It doesn’t take a genius to work out there are some prime groundbait. The fish are already in barbel waters in there, not to mention some decent carp fishing front of you. There’s no need to attract or hold on the lakes. The fisheries are spread across Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Humberside and access to any one of them. What you have to do is tempt them. As is often the case, show them would be justification alone for the price of a yearbook. Go to: or email: caution in your approach – feed little and often until you get some action.

Everything in nature is late this year and normally reliable swims may now be anything but




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