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January 24, 2014


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F1s in pole ole position for super carp

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18+ only. Each message received costs £1.50 and you may receive a maximum 4 billed messages per message sent. Messages are sent by real people, no meetings or dating is implied or guaranteed, virtual operator service. We may send promotional SMS to opt-out send ‘STOP’ to 89248. Mobile Software Solutions Ltd. Customer care 0845 226 0723.

Y father never caught an F1 carp. M Neither did Richard Walker or Bernard Venables, nor any other angler

Tactics changed out of all recognition and so did baits. Pellets became an essential while maggot farms went out of business. Match records tumbled daily. The current UK six-hour match record is close to 700lbs which is of that generation. They didn’t exist. So how come this species of fish has a ridiculous weight of fish. You needed the become the mainstay of modern match strength of a weightlifter combined with the of a long distance runner. fishing? Where did it come from and, more stamina All this was possible because carp grow fast to the point, why? and eat like pigs, but unfortunately they don’t For answers we have to look back at stop growing when they reach a convenient size, the earliest commercial match fisheries. which then results in lots of very expensive Generations of match anglers had grown up carbon poles being smashed. scratching moderate weights of silver fish from Anglers soon start complaining to fishery rivers, drains, canals and stillwaters but the owners when that happens and vote with their outlook was looking decidedly bleak. feet unless the owner removes the big carp and Water boards were hell bent on dredging replaces them with small ones. That’s an the life out of rivers. Pollution was rife and expensive and futile process. the impending doom of unacceptable predation Something had to change and sure enough it levels was looming. did in 1996 when Kent’s Riverfield Some bright sparks decided Fish Farm produced an F1 hybrid the future lay in heavily-stocked carp by crossing common carp with stillwaters with cafes, toilets, the much smaller crucian carp. parking behind each peg – not to F1 means first filial generation mention lots of rules that, to the – a species created by selective angler, seemed hell bent on breeding rather than genetic preventing you from catching modification. too many fish. F1s are a match angler’s dream. The target species of choice was They don’t generally grow much the common carp. Carp are hardy bigger than 3lbs so they can be creatures that thrive in turbid landed on light tackle. waters and low oxygen levels. The biggest plus of all is they They’re quite easy to catch, too, are happy to feed throughout the providing you stock enough of winter months and that makes them so they’re competing for food. them a hit with commercial fishery To the match angler this was owners and customers alike. heaven. Instead of struggling to But there’s a downside. Where a catch a few stunted roach from the common carp might live for 40 years or more, local canal they were now knocking out a F1s tend only to survive for five or six years. hundred pounds in five hours with ease. That’s great news if you are a fish farmer but Unfortunately, there was a huge flaw. Carp not so great if you’re a fishery owner. grow big very quickly. Riverfield Fisheries aren’t complaining as The more anglers fished the more food the carp they now produce seven tons of them every year ate and fish that were six inches long when and each 4-6 inch F1 retails at around the pound stocked soon began to pack on three or more mark. Sounds like great business to me. pounds each year. The Environment Agency has concerns about That’s great if you are a fish farmer but not so the distribution of F1s and stocking can only good when these beasts start smashing your take place when a Section 30 notice is issued. tackle. Poles designed to be slim and lightweight, Under no circumstances will the Agency allow ideal for stretching 12 metres across the F1s to be stocked in rivers or waters where pure local cut would snap like twigs under the strain crucian carp exist but as most are designated for of a 12lb carp. man-made fisheries, specifically excavated for An industry grew up around these fisheries. the purpose of match fishing, there’s no problem. Stronger, heavier poles, elastic systems that Some anglers treat F1s with scorn, describing would safely tether a small boat, floats that them as the spawn of the devil and refusing to didn’t disintegrate after catching a few fish, fine fish waters containing them. More fool them. diameter double-strength lines and lightweight Without F1s and commercial fisheries, angling powerful hooks that were chemically sharpened. would be the poorer because the few remaining wild fisheries unaffected by cormorants and otters would be in huge demand. I spent a pleasant afternoon on my local commercial, Barnburgh Lakes, managed by former England GRAND UNION CANAL, BERKHAMPSTEAD International Gary Jubb, this week. MANY anglers have been turning to canals while the nations The weather was kind to us as we rivers are flooding and those targeting the Grand Union Canal set up on adjacent pegs and we caught have been catching some outstanding perch running to over loads of fish while putting the world 3lbs on lobworms and livebaits. When the canal is coloured, to rights, as you do. you can catch plenty of roach and skimmers using maggot or With matches on two of the three pinkie over a little groundbait. When the water is clear, bread lakes despite this being midweek punch comes into play. there can be no doubting the popularity Address: Grand Union Canal, Berkhamsted, Herts, HP4 2BG of fisheries like this and the Phone: 020 8520 7477 ubiquitous F1. Angling wouldn’t be Email: the same without this little monster!






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