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November 1, 2013



CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Teeter (6) 7. Quick inspection or appraisal (4-4) 8. Grain store (4) 10. Phlegmatic (6) 11. Dress (6) 14. Enemy (3) 16. Conceals (5) 17. Celebrity (4) 19. Strong thick rope (5) 21. Cabbage type (5) 22.Pulsate (5) 23. Sport (4) 26. Animal’s trail (5) 28. Monetary unit (3) 29. Disagreeable (6) 30. Fruit (6) 31. Leave out (4) 32. Appreciative (8) 33. Claws (6) DOWN 1. Perceives (6) 2. Seaman (6) 3. Small forest (4) 4. Deadly (7) 5. Bypass (5) 6. Star sign (5) 8. Couch (4) 9. Falsehood (3) 12. Drawn match (3) 13. Royal (5) 15. Confusion or chaos (5) 18. Musical speed (5) 19. Vehicle (3) 20. Hairstyle (3) 21. Becomes smaller (7) 22. Hill (3) 23. Easy-going (6) 24. Nagging, informally (2,2) 25. Distress signals (6) 26. Individual photographs (5) 27. Keyboard instrument (5) 28. Sweet potato (3) 30. Crossbow arrow (4)

TV TIMES: Me and Keith on set of The Bothy

Fishing pro? You’d do better flipping burgers


IT’S the ambition of thousands of up-and-coming anglers to work full time in the fishing industry.

Unfortunately their idea of work is sitting by a lake behind a couple of rods and getting paid for catching fish – if only it were really like that.

I know a number of anglers who are full-timers and it’s not a job I would recommend to anyone who has other talents unless they knew exactly what they were letting themselves in for. The perception is that the pros fish all the time when in reality we do anything but – in fact pro anglers probably get fewer opportunities to fish than someone in a regular job. This week I’ve been stuck behind a desk for several days catching up on writing articles for newspapers and magazines, updating my website and getting the shop section ready for the launch of some new products. It’s also trade show season, so it’s important to spend time meeting up with sponsors, making sure they’re happy with what I’ve been up to, talking about the development of new products and what’s going to be in the pipeline for next year. And then there’s the demand on your time from anglers, clubs and societies. ‘Bob, is there any chance I can book a day’s coaching?’ When you tell them, fine but you’ll be charging the same rates that a plumber or an electrician would for what is certain to be a 12-hour day, there’s usually a gasp at the other end of the phone line followed by a click. ‘Will you come and give a talk to our club? We’re happy to slip you £20 for petrol expenses and buy your drinks’. Sorry, but that won’t pay the mortgage. And the drink’s bill isn’t going to break the bank if I’m driving. ‘It’s for charity’ is another favourite. ‘Can you give us some prizes?’ Journalists ring up all the time asking for opinions and quotes for stories they are working on. There’s never any payment. ‘Oh, and have you got a picture we can use?’ Seriously, don’t go down the full-time angling route. Get a job in a burger bar – financially you’ll be better off because there are only so many magazines and newspapers that publish paid-for articles and there’s an army of wanabes out there who’ll do it cheaper, indeed for nothing, just to see their name in print. Fishing is one the worst paid jobs in the world, certainly in this country. But y’know what? I love it. And it’s because of that I do what I do. The returns are emotional rather than financial. I just need to work a second job to pay the bills and be prepared to burn the candle at both ends. The coming week is going to

be a busy one. Two columns to submit on Monday. Hopefully fish on Tuesday. On Wednesday Stuart Walker and I are giving a talk to the Nottingham Piscatorial Society in the fabulous Dome Room at Kelham Hall. It’s a spectacular building designed by the same architect who created St Pancras Station in London. This has meant a couple of days have already been set aside to create a film-based presentation for the first half based around the making of our DVDs, including the usual array of bloopers and outtakes, and then I’m delivering a picture-led presentation in the second half explaining how I tackle the River Trent. In addition there will be stands representing the Environment Agency, the Angling Trust, the Barbel Society plus several bait and tackle companies. Entrance to the show is just £5. Yes, you read that right, a fiver. And all proceeds raised will go to the NPS Juniors so yes, I’m out of pocket again. Anyone can be a busy fool! The following day I’m in London to record a TV show. I’m the studio guest on Sky Sports’ Tight Lines on Friday evening and the show will include the very first preview clips from two DVDs that I’m launching next week. It shouldn’t take a genius to work out that Caught In The Act Parts 3 and 4 follows on from the very successful Parts 1 and 2 released last spring and they really are must-see viewing for any keen angler. It involved 89 filming days over three years to capture the footage and as long again to edit. They’ll make brilliant stocking fillers at Christmas but for now they’re available only on my website Appearing on TV is not nearly as nerve wracking as I initially imagined it would be, in fact it’s a bit of an adrenaline buzz and I actually prefer the heightened tension of live broadcasts because you simply cannot make a mistake or accidentally swear. Keeps you on your toes. That said, working with Keith Arthur in The Bothy is always easy because he really is the consummate professional. The Bothy, for anyone who hasn’t seen the show, is the inside of a fisherman’s hut where we sit around a table and chat about fishing. I was shocked to learn how many viewers are actually under the impression the show is filmed inside a real shed in Keith’s back garden! LOT OF Let’s hope I’m not shattering too BOTH-ER: many illusions but it’s a stage Crew keep set, inside one of Sky’s West it real London Studios. The crew make a huge effort to keep up the pretence. Can you believe they change the lighting outside of the ‘Bothy’ window to match the seasons and sunset times? They also snap the props on the shelves so they appear in the same place each week? It’s mad really. Like my life!


ditched her fourth husband this week after claims he had cheated on her?

2. WHO staked a claim for a regular starting place in the Manchester United line-up after bagging two Capital One Cup goals against Norwich City?

3. WHICH former Bond girl

5. WHICH member of the original Chariots of Fire cast has passed away aged 85 after suffering pneumonia? 6. WHICH American city has reportedly been chosen by David Beckham to be the home of his proposed Major League Soccer team?

CROSSWORD ACROSS: 1. Seesaw; 7. Onceover; 8. Silo; 10. Stolid; 11. Attire; 14. Foe; 16. Hides; 17. Star; 19. Cable; 21. Savoy; 22. Throb; 23. Golf; 26. Spoor; 28. Yen; 29. Horrid; 30. Banana; 31. Omit; 32. Thankful; 33. Talons. DOWN: 1. Senses; 2. Sailor; 3. Wood; 4. Deathly; 5. Avoid; 6. Aries; 8. Sofa; 9. Lie; 12. Tie; 13. Regal; 15. Havoc; 18. Tempo; 19. Car; 20. Bob; 21. Shrinks; 22. Tor; 23.

1. WHICH member of the Royal family had his girlfriend “anointed” after she was invited to officially visit the Queen at Sandringham?

4. WHICH two of the big supermarkets are locked in a legal battle over their rival price comparison promotions?

7. WHICH hugely popular apocalyptic zombie series has just announced it will air a fifth season? 8. WHO has apologised to Lady Gaga (pictured) saying her criticisms of the singer meant she had “acted like a child”?

9. WHICH former snooker world champ is being lined up to appear on the new series of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here? 10. WHICH stunning singer says a medical condition means she can only sleep with her eyes partially open?





1. Prince Harry 2. Javier Hernandez 3. Jane Seymour 4. Tesco and Sainsburys 5. Nigel Davenport 6. Miami 7. The Walking Dead 8. Kelly Osbourne 9. Steve Davis 10. Katherine Jenkins QUIZ Genial; 24. On at; 25. Flares; 26. Shots; 27. Organ; 28. Yam; 30. Bolt.

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