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Presented to Backstage Gallery by MindField on May 4, 2009

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Status Quo Situation Analysis SWOT Analysis

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Research Secondary Research Primary Research

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Backstage Gallery is a pioneering online company offering distinctive high-quality prints of musicians that appeal to the “true fans.” Backstage Gallery hopes to motivate college students and recent graduates to abandon their unattractive dorm room posters and opt for a more sophisticated print available at an affordable cost. The intent of this campaign is to increase brand awareness among college students and recent graduates and direct traffic by showcasing the exceptional prints. Furthermore, the tactics deliver these goals by reaching out to the true music fans in imaginative and effectively placed approaches. Primary research that included one focus group and survey, personal usage of and competitors’ sites, combined with a wide range of secondary research, led us to conclusions about the target audience’s purchasing habits and preferences for high-quality prints of musicians. Key findings show college students like to express their individuality and interests via wall décor and rate wall art as very important in their home. Research illustrates college students excel at multi-tasking and have short attention spans and crave fast, easy and entertaining media on their own time. In addition, research shows college students view social networking as integral to their everyday activities. The campaign will be delivered through viral banner ads, online contests, interactive street teams and social networking. The plan will also include point-of-purchase displays and cross-promotions appealing to the audience’s “ease preference” by offering complementary products in well-established venues. The campaign will launch in June 2009 and continue until July 2010. The budget of $100,000 is mainly allocated to the guerrilla tactics and non-traditional media. The tactics will be implemented in both flighting and pulsing schedules, emphasizing the respective tactic during the most suitable part of the year.

"bossy" kelis


STATUS QUO Situation and SWOT Analysis


The Problem Backstage Gallery occupies a niche market. Current users are true fans of the musical artists. Backstage Gallery would like to reach out to a younger audience by establishing an Internet presence through an interactive Web site. Strategic Plan The aim is to reach out to college students and recent gradutes, ages 18 to 30. We plan to inform them of the existence of the product by engaging them in various social outlets and encourage them to upgrade their dorm room décor to a more mature alternative. We will also showcase the interactive nature of Backstage Gallery by conducting a transparent campaign. This transparency is evident through the use of our blog and the drop site in conjunction with the other teams. See Appendix. Audience Analysis The main audience for this campaign consists of college students and recent college graduates. They are ready to move on from their dorm room lifestyle and add a more sophisticated flair to their surroundings. Living in a world “cluttered” with media messages they must be engaged in new and different ways beyond the scope of traditional advertising. Budget The budget is $100,000. The bulk of it will be employed in guerilla marketing and new media techniques. Company Background Backstage Gallery is an innovative company based in Chaska, Minnesota. They collaborate with freelance photographers to provide people with high-quality prints with their favorite artists. Backstage Gallery differentiates its products from the typical dorm room poster by offering a “PR-free shot” that ensures a “behind the scenes” look. These prints are of much higher quality than a typical poster and retail for much less than a comparable art piece.


"Same 'ol situation" motley crue

SWOT ANALYSIS Breaking It Down

Strengths • Backstage Gallery occupies a niche market • The Web site features a user-friendly interface • The product is easy to position—more affordable than art prints but higher quality than posters Weaknesses • Backstage Gallery has not yet executed any major marketing campaigns resulting in low visibility • Significant lag in uploading new images • Many artists of interest to our target are not represented on the Web site Opportunities • The Web site content provides opportunities for social networking and discussion • Our target audience has a limited disposable income and are therefore looking for cheaper alternative to art prints Threats • The current economy causes members of our target audience to be very cost-conscious • A number of other free concert photo sites have recently emerged • Web sites such as Flickr allow users to upload their own personal concert photos and share their experience with other users

"breakdown dead ahead" Boz scags


RESEARCH The why and the wherefore

SECONDARY RESEARCH Gently “Newsed” Information

Backstage Gallery products are something of a rarity—the distinctive prints are reminiscent of a higher-priced gallery piece, while avoiding the tacky, unframed poster feel. As such, Backstage Gallery has competitors on both of those fronts. Luxury art galleries, as well as Web sites such as and poster bins located on college campuses nationwide, are alternatives consumers consider. Backstage Gallery draws competition from Web sites with a concept similar to its own. Related Web sites such as and offer comparable products and prices. According to Google search, these sites have better search engine optimization than Backstage Gallery using keywords such as “buy concert photos online” or “live concert prints.” It is possible that customers choose these sites over Backstage Gallery because they have been established for a longer period of time. Several of these Web sites have more modern artists available in a simply organized structure compared to the products at Backstage Gallery.

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"dirty second hands" switchfoot

Our audience craves fast, real-time media that deliver information quickly and effortlessly.

Our audience craves fast, real-time media that deliver information quickly and effortlessly. In a world in which they are constantly bombarded by advertisements, (the average American will see more than 3,000 ads on an average day), the fast and effortless delivery of innovative products has never been more important. Our target of college students and recent graduates has been dubbed ‘The Net’ generation. They own the newest gadgets, excel at multi-tasking, and have short attention spans. Most importantly, the target audience wants complete control over their entertainment on their own time. Social networking is the ideal way in which to reach our tech-savvy audience. Texting has replaced phone calls; the blog is the current diary. Twitter is the new sticky note. Facebook is the new background check. Social networking is particularly appealing to our audience because posting and commenting on forums offers the ultimate freedom to express their thoughts, individuality and experiences.

"Second hand sunshine" sparrows


PRIMARY RESEARCH Our Rhyme and Reason

Problem Statement: Research is needed to find how best to reach our audience. Research Objective: to determine the ways in which our target spends their disposable income, and where they purchase home dÊcor items and music. Population Defined: the target audience consists of older college students (living off-campus) and recent graduates. They may have limited disposable income, but are willing to spend money decorating their apartments or on a musical artist they particularly like. This is a media-involved crowd. Most students have a Facebook and/or Twitter account, and read or contribute to entertainment blogs. Sample Plan: We will use social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to distribute short surveys, including screening questions, which will allow us to analyze demographic results. We will also moderate focus groups allowing participants to freely discuss purchase habits and musical tastes. Research Methods: We will primarily employ quantitative research methods, via a site like, and supplement with qualitative methods such as small focus groups. Data Collection and Reporting: We will analyze the quantitative data using Excel and’s crosstab and filter options, and highlight important points from our qualitative results.

:10 "i'm gonna find another you" john mayer

We surveyed a total of 127 people nationwide, including 111 college students and recent graduates (ages 18-28). We tabulated the results using only responses from members of our target demographic.

Do You Read or Contribute to Blogs About Your Favorite Musical Artists?

Yes No

With Which Decades of Music Do You Most Identify, or Listen to Most Often? 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s

"find yourself" Brad paisleY



Do You View Online Shopping for Decorative Items as More or Less Convenient?

More Convenient Less Convenient

Where Do You Most Often Purchase Music? iTunes Amazon Target Best Buy Download Illegally Other


"when i survey" steve ivey

What Types of Decorations Do You Have on Your Walls? Photos of family or friends Paintings Prints of musicians or other celebrities Posters of musicians or other celebrities Other

Are You Interested in a Social Networking Web Site That Connects Fans of Your Favorite Musicians?

Yes No

"on the road to find out" cat stevens



We conducted a focus group on 2/22/09 that included six undergraduates and one recent graduate, none of whom live in campus housing. The following quotes are taken from that focus group.

“I don’t buy stuff online…. Because I don’t really know how.” -Cari Lewis, MU Junior

“I’d say I listen to a lot of classical, so that doesn’t help…. But probably 60’s, early 90s and now.” -Jordan Hickey, MU Senior

“I can’t think of anyone I like enough to want to put them on my wall, unless it’s a friend or a family member.” -Justine Young, MU Senior

“If it struck my eye, and I liked it, but if it’s just a big blow up poster, then no.” -Dylan Oran, MU Junior


"man research" gorillaz

Recommendations: Convenience is the main factor affecting where young adults purchase or otherwise obtain music. However, when it comes to purchasing decorative products, this demographic prefers to see a tangible object before making a purchase. As products are sold primarily online, we recommend increasing in-store promotions, while developing social networking functions on the site itself. Seeing as iTunes is the audience’s main source for downloading music, partnering with this company would be beneficial. We also recommend considering cross-promotions with popular, low-cost furniture stores such as IKEA.

"you'll find a way" Dead Prez


CREATIVE BASE What you’re paying for

OUR PLAN The Good Stuff

Strategy Our strategy is to create an awareness campaign, driving our audience first to visit then eventually purchase from the Web site. Objectives Brand awareness is the primary objective at this point as many members of our target are not familiar with the brand or the Web site. To achieve this we will select tactics which “cut through the noise” of the media messages they are usually bombarded with during the course of the day. Audience We are talking to young, educated professionals, recent graduates and older college students with disposable income and a strong interest in music. Our audience consists of the true fans—they believe there is no price too great to pay for their favorite artists, and are sick of the altered PR heavy images usually available for purchase. They also want to upgrade their college décor to a more adult look. Key Messages Backstage Gallery offers a better alternative to cheap concert posters at a comparatively lower price than other art prints. The consumer also gets the “backstage feel.”


"the new workout plan" kanye west

CREATIVE BRIEF Creative in a Nutshell

Who is the company, what do they do, and why does it matter? Backstage Gallery is a tech savvy company selling unique concert photos. These prints are different from others on the market because they are candid shots of artists. The prints are positioned as high-quality art prints. What is the objective? The purpose of the campaign is to build awareness by engaging the audience in new and different ways, driving traffic to the Web site while highlighting the product itself. Who are we talking to? We are trying to reach young adults ages 18–30. They are the “Net Generation.” They are entering a new phase in life and for the first time in life have some disposable income to spend. What is the single most important thing to say? Interactive. Modern. Unique. Experiential.

"creative revolution" neighbour


LOGISTICS This is how we do it

CREATIVE TACTICS Tactic 1: Banner Ads

The first tactic will be to run banner ads on weblogs found through This Web site handles the advertising for many weblogs frequented by our survey respondents, such as Perez Hilton, Van Halen News Desk and You Ain’t No Picasso. In addition, this helps us target the “true music fan,” since current Backstage Gallery users tend to surf directly from an artist’s gallery on the Web site to a weblog about the artist. Banner ads are designed to pique interest and motivate online users to click on the ad which drives traffic to the Web site. The banner ads will kick off the campaign beginning in June 2009. The effectiveness of the banner ads will be evaluated using Google AdWords. We will easily be able to view when and how many people clicked on the ads and pay for the advertising space accordingly. The ads will exaggerate the realism of the high-quality prints. The ads do this by showcasing artists interacting with real people in a variety of everyday situations.


"waving flags" British sea power

this is tim. tim carries a 4.3 handicap. today he is playing with his friend john. tim doesn’t know john is not real. neither do you. this is ben. ben likes to fish. ben likes to fish with his friend bruce. ben can’t tell bruce is not real. neither can you. these are the andersons. this is their dinner party. they invited their friend steven. they don’t know steven is not real. neither do you. "fly the banner" mykal rose


CREATIVE TACTICS Tactic 2: Cross-Promotion

This technique is a convenient and efficient solution for our target market’s “ease preference.” It will also be lucrative as these companies are well-established and already have top of mind awareness. Our goal is to encourage our target to consider high-quality prints in their search for entertainment and decorating. IKEA: To stock up on basic furniture and décor for a new apartment, many young people take hand-me-downs from family or friends—and then go to a cheap, stylish furniture store to stock up on whatever they could not beg, borrow or steal. Our suggestion? Partner with IKEA. In exchange for stocking Backstage Gallery products in stores and online, we will offer a “Back 2 Campus” promotion. For every $350 spent online or in an IKEA store (the average cost of two pieces of furniture), customers recieve a $15 rebate for any Backstage Gallery in-store product or a promotional code to be redeemed online at This tactic can be measured by the amount of coupons redeemed. iTunes: Since an overwhelming majority of our audience uses iTunes as their primary source of music, we suggest pursuing a cross-promotion with them. Our idea? Genius. No really, this tactic utilizes the algorithm from the Genius feature introduced in iTunes version 8.0. Genius suggests a playlist of 25 songs based on the subtle nuances of one song the user chooses. We suggest utilizing a simpler version of this algorithm, as well as the popularity of iTunes, by adding a section to each Backstage Gallery user’s photo collection. Based on the artists appearing most often in the user’s photo, an application at the bottom of the page would generate a playlist available for purchase in the iTunes store. In return, we would ask iTunes to list relevant Backstage Gallery products in artists search results. This tactic can be measured by identifying what Web site customers previously visited before navigating to Backstage Gallery. Since Apple has an established marketing program already, it may be hard to get “in.” In that case, we also suggest considering a similar partnership with Pandora Internet Radio. In exchange for triggering a banner ad when a Pandora user searches for a particular artist, Backstage Gallery could provide a link to the artist’s Pandora station at the bottom of their gallery. The algorithm could also develop a custom Pandora station based on the artists in a Backstage Gallery photo collection.


"Both Crosses" The hold steady

On each user’s search results we will provide a link to the artist’s collection on Backstage Gallery.

"cross the dancefloor" treasure fingers



Tactic 3: Point-of-Purchase Displays

The objective is to direct the target’s attention to the product while engaging them in an entertaining way. We will evaluate the effectiveness of this tactic by webcam surveillance. Best Buy and Costco: When the target demographic does buy music in stores, they often go to Best Buy. In an industry where convenience drives the main consumers, making a trip to a physical store is for something special— whether it’s for a collectors’ edition CD, or just something from an artist they particularly admire. In light of that, we suggest products sold in Best Buy and Costco stores not only be placed in the music section, but in endcap displays with the discography of the artists pictured. The endcap displays will feature life-size cardboard cut-outs of famous musicians and their band. The face will be cut out from one band member allowing the target audience to pose in a realistic background. A motion-activated webcam would allow users to capture their image. Signage would provide a URL where the images would be found and they could text, tweet or email the link to their friends. There would also be a link on that site allowing users to export the photos directly to their Facebook walls or upload to TwitPic. Since Costco offers numerous complete discographies, this point of purchase will be especially effective because the customers will be the “true music fans” we are trying to reach.


"Sell the life" the damnwells

"i will buy you a new life" Everclear


CREATIVE TACTICS Tactic 4: Online Contests

The objective is to increase user’s social networking on the Web site. Effectiveness will be measured by participation in the contests. Online contests: Backstage Gallery will create online photo contests in which users nominate a photo that best represents each specific category. The categories should be similar to a yearbook superlative. The Web site will offer different contest categories at the same time and allow users to nominate the best photo representation over a period of one week. Some superlative category examples might include: • • • • • • • •

best hair best facial expression best outfit funniest dance move prettiest smile ugliest face most flexible least attractive

Backstage Gallery will offer approximately ten photos per category on which to vote. For a short period of time, users will be able to select photos from their own galleries. The users will be able to vote on a photo only one time per category. This ensures that a user does not skew the voting process. Under each uploaded photo, there will be an option to post comments on favorite photos and allow users to interact with one another. At the end of the seven-day contest period, the nominations will be tallied and the photo with the highest percentage of votes will be selected as the winner. The winner will have a choice on the prize they receive. They may choose either a high-quality print discount from Backstage Gallery or a rebate coupon to one of our cross-promotion companies, such as Costco, Best Buy or IKEA. 


"the created void" underoath

nominate this photo best hair best outfit best facial expression prettiest smile funniest dance best group shot ugliest face most flexible least attractive wildest eyes best shoes

"the mountains win again" BLues traveler


CREATIVE TACTICS Tactic 5: Street Teams

Concert Event Street Teams: Both summer and concerts can be long, hot and yet attractive to our target audience. Festivals such as Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza draw hundreds of thousands of target audience members each year. If we want them to visit our Web site, we must visit them first. The street team objective is to increase brand awareness by distributing Backstage Gallery merchandise. This will be evaluated by monitoring Web site visits. A street team seems to be the obvious solution. Social media heavily influences this generation. Add the personal interaction a street team provides, and you have a lethal combination.   MindField has selected four summer music festivals, varying in geography and in line-up: • Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN (June 11–14, 2009) • North by Northeast in Toronto, ON (July 17–21, 2009) • Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL (August 7–9, 2009) • Austin City Limits in Austin, TX (October 2–4, 2009)   Instead of hiring through a third party, we recommend Backstage Gallery develop an internship program. Partnering with college and university photography or photojournalism programs will keep costs to a minimum, and help ensure photographers are present at key events. Recommended schools (by festival): • Bonnaroo: University of Tennessee-Knoxville or Vanderbilt University • North by Northeast: Ryerson University or University of Toronto • Lollapalooza: University of Missouri-Columbia or Northwestern University. • Austin City Limits: University of Texas at Austin In order to encourage the cooperation of the schools in promoting the internship program and possibly offering students course credit for the photography experience, Backstage Gallery could make a small donation to each school. Interns would need to sign a release giving Backstage Gallery the rights to photographs taken at the events.


"Streets on fire" lupe fiasco

Water Bottle Label. Standard Dimensions 7 X 2.5 inches

"Let's go team!" the team


CREATIVE TACTICS Street Teams Continued

We suggest hiring teams of five interns per festival. Interns would be provided with admission to the festivals as well as a Backstage Gallery polo shirt. They would take turns photographing the artists for use on Backstage Gallery and performing street team duties. Street team duties would include: • The distribution of branded water bottles, fans and drumsticks • Use of digital cameras to take photos of attendees then provide them with a calling card directing them to a Flickr group account. Interns would utilize Eye–Fi memory cards, allowing instant wireless upload of the photos from the camera to the web. Concertgoers could send the link via mobile device to friends not in attendance, or visit the site later and upload their own concert photos (in order to upload photos to the group account, users would need to be logged in, thus agreeing to Flickr’s Terms of Service). If the social networking tactic is implemented, a section of the Backstage Gallery homepage should be updated with regard to each concert, linking to the Flickr group or hosting a slideshow of images from the concert on the page. Comments should be enabled in order to allow discussion among registered users. • Tweet concert updates from a Backstage Gallery account, using both an established hashtag for the concert (i.e., #Bonnaroo) and for Backstage Gallery (i.e., #BSGallery). The intern can announce the availability of free bottled water (compared to the usual concert cost of $3-6), fans and photo opportunities. In addition, they could run mini-contests throughout the event. For example, in a giveaway of backstage passes, a member could Tweet: “We’ll be giving away 2 backstage passes to the first person who finds us and mentions this tweet—we’re set up (location). #Bonnaroo #BSGallery.”


"Street spirit" radiohead

How Eye–Fi Works

"team" Bon iver


CREATIVE TACTICS Street Teams Continued

Housing Fair Street Teams: At the housing fairs, interns’ tasks would be simple. Beginning in February and continuing through April, most large universities hold “Off-Campus Housing Fairs” to aid freshman and sophomores in their transition from the dorms to their first appartment. Usually an informal event, local rental companies are invited to set up tables or distribute leasing information. We suggest sending a street team to these events as well. Though attendees may be current dorm residents, they have made the decision to move out. Sending street teams to these events puts Backstage Gallery on top of mind from day one. Team members will distribute branded items students could use in their apartments such as coasters, tote bags, picture frames, calendars and doormats. The street teams will also use digital cameras to photograph students, and then give them a calling card directing them to a group Flickr account. Many students attend these fairs in set groups of roommates; they have already determined the “who” of their living situation, and just need the “where.” Students could be encouraged to download their first “roommate picture” and put it in the frame given to them.

Free Doormat


"takin it to the streets" the doobie brothers

with HANG rock OUT star www s at .b Free Hangers




er y.


Tote bags that make the user feel like they are part of the crew

"Streets of philadelphia" Bruce springsteen


CREATIVE TACTICS Tactic 6: Social Networking

Members of our target audience expect their entertainment to be engaging and interactive. Given the nature of the Backstage Gallery product, we recommend implementing a few social networking features on the Web site. The objective is to create a community of music aficionados where the users feel free to discuss their favorite music artists. This will be evaluated by participation in the Flickr groups. We recommend allowing users to connect with one another. This can be done simply by enabling comments (through a service like Disqus) for registered users under photos, and permitting users to share their photo collections with one another. In addition to allowing users to browse by artist, genre and photographer, we suggest adding an “events” section. This way, users in attendance at a specific event can easily find photos taken there. For events with a street team presence, links to Flickr groups should also be provided for the event. Another option is to develop a Facebook application “My Backstage Gallery.” Users would select and caption pictures in their photo collection on Backstage Gallery. The application would import low resolution watermarked copies of the images to the users Facebook page, creating a photo album on their profile entitled “(X)’s Backstage Gallery.” After a six-month period, we recommend implementing a live chat application. This capability will allow users to interact in real-time, providing an outlet for music lovers to share their passion.


"we are your friends" justice

"I've got friends" manchester orchestra



Where the Money Goes

Tactic (% of Budget Used) Point-of-Purchase Displays (54%) Best Buy/Costco End Displays Coupons/Flyers Street Teams (34%) Intern Program (All Concerts) Ticket Costs Polo Shirt Eye-Fi Share Cards Donation to University Intern Kit: (All Concerts) Water Bottle Labels Water Bottles Fans Drumsticks Calling Cards Intern Kit: Housing Fair Coasters Tote Bags Calling Cards Koozies T-Shirts Door Mats Traditional Advertising (12%) Banner Ads on Blogs Total Budget Used Unused Budget


"i get money" 50 cent


Dollar Amount Used $25,000

200 X $40 1,000 X $0.10 TOTAL:

$8,000 $100 $33,100 $15,512

5 X $824 20 X $20/shirt 20 X $60 4 X $1,000

$4,120 $400 $1,200 $4,000

1,000 X $140 1,000 X $0.57 800 X $0.48 720 pairs X $1.48/pair 1,000 X $0.09

$1,400 $570 $384 $720 $90

480 X $0.96 (X4) 25 X $10.25 (X4) 1,000 X $0.09(X4) 200 X $0.52 (X4) 400 X $1.57 (X4) 15 X $21.95 (X4) TOTAL:

$2,000 $1,025 $360 $660 $2,512 $1,317 $20,761

10 Million Views over 3 months

$7,000 $60,861.00 $39,139.00

Percentage of Budget Used

Point of Purchase Displays Street Teams Traditional Advertising

Budget Used

% of Budget Used % of Budget Unused

"cash machine" hard-fi



The What and the When

Banner Ads Cross-Promotion Point-of-Purchase Displays Online Contests Street Teams Social Networking

Banner ads will be pulsating three months out of the year, specifically, May, June and July. Cross-promotions will run continuously throughout the year. Point-of-purchase displays will run continuously throughout the year. Online contests will be flighted throughout December, January and February. Street teams will be in action February and March and also May through August. Social networking will run continuously throughout the year.


"When you were young" the killers

EVALUATIONS & RECOMMENDATIONS Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Evaluations: The overall effectiveness of the campaign will be apparent in the number of new users registered on Backstage Gallery. As far as the success of individual tactics, most can be measured through Web site traffic. Tracking the point at which users enter the Web site will be key—are they just surfing in, or are they coming from weblogs hosting Backstage Gallery banner ads, from Flickr groups, from the Facebook page, links in a tweet or from one of the cross-promotion partners? The number of users entering Backstage Gallery from each location will be indicative of the tactic’s effectiveness. As far as street team effectiveness not measured via Web site traffic, we suggest adding a question to the registration process on Backstage Gallery such as “how did you hear about us?” Users could then check one or more boxes indicating how they found the Web site. An optional survey at checkout could also be utilized. Recommendations: For maximum effectiveness, MindField recommends putting our plan into effect as soon as possible (June 2009). Since social media is an ever-changing field, we suggest reassessing each tactic quarterly in order to ensure we are at the forefront of technological innovations. This way, developing technologies can be incorporated so each tactic can reach its maximum potential. The objective of this campaign is to create brand awareness. We recommend conducting further demographic research (age, income, etc.) for users creating accounts, with a separate questionnaire at checkout.

"Check yo self" ice cube


PRODUCTION NOTES How we got here


The FACES of the Agency

Name: Emily O’Bryan • Position: OR Media Planner • Brief Bio: Emily is the only member of MindField Agency who’s getting her life together and getting hitched. The stress from wedding planning led her to take up tennis— she should probably put it back down. Hailing from the mighty metropolis of Nixa, MO (Jason Bourne’s hometown), Emily enjoys movies and movie trivia. In fact, she’s an important cog in the corporate machine called Blockbuster. Emily aspires to be a wife, mother, and copywriter/media planner. Think of a Stepford Wife with a brain. Name: Darcy McIsaac • Position: the Swiss Family Robinson. ALL of them OR Account Executive • Brief Bio: This frequent flier considers four cities to be her hometown, and thus has become a “master packer.” Darcy was disciplined at a young age when her mother misinterpreted her first word, “duck.” She is a huge fan of the classic wool cardigan sweaters—but don’t remind her of it because she’ll Photoshop you French-kissing Ronald McDonald. When not MindFielding, Darcy likes to pretend she’s Davey Crockett by climbing trees and searching for food. It must be a Canadian thing.


"We are rockstars" Does it Offend You, Yeah?

Name: Jeremy Sherard • Position: Y Chromosome OR Art Director • Brief Bio: The St. Louis area leader in cleanliness, Jeremy James Sherard usually derives an abnormal amount of satisfaction from cleaning his computer screen. Some of his life goals include retirement and “having a baller home theater” in his basement. Ironically enough, his childhood hero was his dad, who is now retired. When not polishing his computer screen, Jeremy enjoys downloading obscure indie music (legally), vacuuming his car, snuggling and watching pointless YouTube videos. A fan of Mizzou football since birth, he actually cried at the last home game of the 2008 season. Name: Melanie Myears • Position: Hermione Granger OR Copywriter • Brief Bio: Melanie Myears is America’s last true gourmand. Her penchant for Top Chef and all things Food Network led her to create her favorite meal, Tostito’s salsa, eaten with a spoon. She has a phobia of four-way stops, despite the fact that she always has new tires. Luckily, this advertising thing is working out, because Mizzou does not offer a degree program for a “mall kiosk ear piercer,” her childhood dream. She lovingly nicknamed her dog Beezelbub. Considering Beezlebub is a colloquialism for Satan and the wand we found in her bag, we’re starting to wonder what she really does on the weekends.

"So here we are" BLOC PARTY



The Chronical of Hihger Education

Google Answers: American Advertising in the Media

Educase: Educating the Net Generation



JEREMY: Okay, and except for you as a grad student, you guys are all seniors? Dylan: I’m a senior, technically. Cari: I’m a junior. JEREMY: Okay. So are any of you guys currently employed? If you don’t mind me asking, how much money do you guys make, say on a weekly basis? …. I mean, if you have an hourly or salaried job, we’re just trying to gauge. Kelsey: I make $28k/year Derek: I get between $10 and $14/hour, depending on what I do, and I get about 16 hours/week. Dylan: I make $70/week. Not much Cari: Does my summer job count? JEREMY: I guess Cari: (didn’t know how much she made) JEREMY: What’s the population of the town you guys are from? Like where you live when not it Columbia Derek: 14,000 Justine: 200,000 Dylan: Do you… know the population.



JEREMY: St. Louis? Maybe like 3 million people Cari: I don’t know. A lot. JEREMY: When you guys make purchases, where do you go? In stores, online, the specific stores? Justine: If I’m buying groceries, I’ll go to Gerbes or Wal Mart. If I’m shopping for clothes I’ll shop online, for the most part, or I’ll go to the mall somewhere not in Columbia…. And if… is there anything else? Dylan: I buy most things online. And I guess from the mall, but mainly online. Cari: I don’t buy stuff online…. Because I don’t really know how. Kelsey: Groceries from Gerbes, clothes online or from the mall, and then other stuff, like books or CDs online. Derek: Yeah same for me. Like, if I’m getting something that’s a specialty item, I’ll try a specialty store first, then I’ll go to Wal Mart. JEREMY: usually an online specialty store? Derek: no JEREMY: Do you guys ever shop at Costco at all? I know there’s not one here, but what about at home. Justine: no Cari: Sam’s. Justine: yeah Sam’s.


JEREMY: How often do you guys shop at Best Buy? Derek: I’d say once a month. Dylan: Once every three months. Justine: I would say maybe 2 or 3 times per year…. Cari: me too Justine: but for the most part, like if it’s a camera or something, I’ll shop online. You can search around there a little easier. JEREMY: What kinds of things are you guys usually looking for when you go in there? Derek: Usually DVDs, that’s what I usually get. Cari: CD’s Justine: iPod…. iPod stuff. JEREMY: How would you guys describe your current residence? Derek: Duplex. Justine: Duplex. Dylan: Filth. Laughter



Cari: really cute duplex. JEREMY: So mostly apartments? Yeah JEREMY: The things that are in your house right now, where did you buy them? Or if you don’t have your own place right now, where do you plan on buying home furnishing kind of things? Cari: Ashley Jordan Hickey enters. MELANIE: Hi Jordan. Justine: Tuesday Morning…. I live for Tuesday Morning. Cari: I like Ashley, because they have cute furniture for cheap. Derek: Yeah I really don’t know too much about it, so I would probably ask someone that would know. Dylan: Just a furniture store in general… right now it’s all Goodwill stuff. JEREMY: For those of you guys that have decorated, or at least bought things for your house, how much money do you estimate that you’ve spent? Dylan: I’m just not going to answer that one…. JEREMY: like ten bucks? Dylan: yeah. Like forty maybe.


Cari: probably like I don’t know, I feel like for my room, $1500? Justine: probably $4,000 Kelsey: $2,000 Derek: under $100 JEREMY: If you guys have spent $4,000 or something, is that for your room, or is that for your whole house? Justine: mostly kitchen stuff, bedroom, decorating, pictures, stuff like that. Cari: Mine’s just for my room. Kelsey: Whole house. JEREMY: and for those who haven’t really spent any money for whatever reason, how much would you be willing to spend? Dylan: like when I go out and get a place? JEREMY: Yes. Dylan: Probably $1000 or so. JEREMY: Alright, on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the least and 5 being the most, rate how important you feel it is to have artwork hanging in your home and on your walls. Derek: 4 Cari: 5



Justine: 5 Dylan: probably around 4 or 5. Melanie: Everyone, this is Jordan. Jordan: sorry. JEREMY: this is kind of going back to the last question, but for those of you who have bought home décor, where did you buy it? It can be online, or a specific store you guys like to shop at. Justine: I really like C Gallery, a lot. JEREMY: is that online? Justine: I don’t know if they’re online, but it’s a store. Cari: I like Home Goods. Justine: I love home goods. Kelsey: Target Jordan: IKEA JEREMY: Ok. I’m going to ask you guys some questions about music, since that’s kind of what our client deals in. With which decade of music do you guys most identify with or listen to? ‘70s, 80s, 90s…. Derek: 70s, probably. Cari: now-times


Justine: Recent stuff, 2000’s, 90’s, 80’s, eclectic. Dylan: 90’s, stuff nowadays. Jordan: I’d say I listen to a lot of classical, so that doesn’t help…. But probably 60’s, early 90s and now. JEREMY: where do you guys usually purchase your music, if you purchase it? Cari: iTunes. Justine: iTunes. Dylan: illegally downloading Derek: from someone who has illegally downloaded Kelsey: iTunes and Amazon. Jordan: local places, and then a little that I’ve downloaded. JEREMY: Why do you guys choose to get your music from those sites or stores? Derek: my roommate has a lot of downloaded music, so pretty much anything I want he’s got. Cari: I download from iTunes because it’s easy, and fast, and I can just do it and it goes right into my…. Box. Jordan: For a lot of the local places, it’s the atmosphere, the people I know who work there, as opposed to downloading, which is just convenient. JEREMY: anyone else?



Kelsey: it’s just convenient JEREMY: how much would you guys be willing to spend on a big print, like a framed portrait of your favorite artist? Justine: (immediately) nothing. Cari: probably like $50. Dylan: 40 or 50. Derek: 30, probably. Jordan: I’d say $30. JEREMY… Would you guys even be willing to buy one? Jordan: mmhmmm. Justine: no. Cari: um, yeah. Dylan: If it was cool enough. Cari: yeah, if it was cool. JEREMY: what do you guys mean by cool enough? Dylan: if it struck my eye, and I liked it, but if it’s just a big blow up poster, then no.


Cari: I like stuff that’s rare, like if it was different and added something to my house ,not just like, THERE, like, “there’s Garth Brooks” Justine: yeah, it’s just not really my thing, I mean, I don’t really want Garth Brooks with me in the living room… Cari: yeah, I want it to bring some kind of aesthetics into my room. Justine: Maybe if I like, really liked someone, but I can’t think of anyone I like enough to want to put them on my wall, unless it’s a friend or a family member… those are the people I’d want in m pictures. Jordan: I think um…. Personally not for me, but if I’d been to a concert in the 70s or 80s, maybe then… JEREMY: Do you guys ever online shop for photographs? Like without being able to see what you’re buying? Do you guys think that’s more or less convenient than going to like, Deck the Walls? Cari: Less. Dylan: I’d say less. Justine: you can’t really see the quality of the picture, and you can’t see it up close to see the colors, you just can’t really tell. Kelsey: I’d say it’s more convenient, just because I’d probably spend more time in the store. JEREMY: How do you guys feel about people who would have a life-sized photo of a celebrity or musician on their wall? Cari: I’d think that they were weird. Jordan:…. I mean if it was a cut out, I think it’d be alright.



Justine: I think I already shared mine. Derek: definitely would depend on who it was, for me. Dylan: I think it would be funny. Derek: yeah, I mean I think if it was humorous it would be fine. Cari: if it fit in with like, their décor I guess, like if they were kind of out there it could be cool, but it could be kind of awkward. JEREMY: That’s all the questions that we have written down, if you guys have thought of any…. DARCY: When you guys moved in to your first apartments, who was funding the decorating? I mean, did your parents buy you a bunch of stuff or did you go most of it on your own? Derek: definitely hand-me-downs. Cari: yeah, stuff that we’ve had that we just didn’t use, and my parents bought stuff too. Justine: I had some things left over from the dorm that I still have, and when I moved into the dorm my parents helped me a lot. They bought pretty much everything I had as far as the dorm décor goes, and then ever since then it’s just been kind of accumulating, I guess. Kelsey: I’d say it’s 50-50, some stuff I bought, some stuff we had. Jordan: when I first had an apartment, I lived with a dude from Columbia, so pretty much everything we had was just stuff his parents had accumulated over the years.


DARCY: When you moved into your first apartments, say from the dorms to your apartment, what was your first priority? Was it more “let’s get our furniture set up,” or was it more “Let’s make sure we have all our kitchen stuff,” or “let’s get stuff hung up on the walls….” Justine: I decorated before I brought my, you know, clothes and stuff in. Cari: yeah, I wanted to get stuff hung like right when I moved in, just to make it more homey. Justine: yeah I just wanted to make my space, so I decorated before I even touched…. You know, as far as getting all my belongings in there. Derek: yeah, that’s what we did. Well, when we first moved in, all our stuff was furnished, but when I moved in to my second duplex, we did all that small stuff first an the big stuff last. MELANIE: What comes to mind when you hear “Down with dorm room posters?” Cari: makes me think of the poster sale, like by the fountain, like don’t go there kind of…. Like going to those and waiting in line, and going through those huge things and you awkwardly flip one over that’s like a naked girl, and you’re like... Laughter Justine: I’m literally picturing taking the dorm room pictures down…. The dorm posters down that I had freshman year down and thinking “I will never put posters on my walls again,” so down with the dorm room posters. Dylan: don’t really have anything on my walls. Cari: I threw mine away. JEREMY: what kinds of things do you guys have on your walls?



Derek: my posters are all bands, either representing the band or a picture of the band, something like that. Dylan: same here, all band posters for the most part. Justine: I have a bunch of different random things, but I have one picture of Audrey Hepburn, that’s the only one that’s of an actual person, it’s more like a canvas, and then the other’s are drawings of two girls traveling in Europe Cari: mine are just like random black and white photographs. Kelsey: Mine are just random modern art prints. Jordan: I really don’t have a lot, some random art prints, and then I can’t remember the name of the website, but where you can just print off … you upload a picture and print off on like 8 sheets of printer paper and make a poster. MELANIE: any idea? Jordan: I’ll email to you. Justine: that just reminded me, I‘ve printed off a bigger, like 8x10 picture of friends and sent it to Target, and that’s something that I would put on my wall. EMILY: would you guys hang pictures of other celebs? Justine: like I said I wouldn’t want to put someone up there that I didn’t like enough, I mean I’ve got Audrey Hepburn hanging on my wall, but that’s probably the one person I like enough…. So yeah. Derek: the one thing I could commit to would be like a sports figure…. But then I would be afraid to because they always change teams.


Dylan: yeah I would maybe get like a team and put it on there. Cari: I think mostly like iconic figures I would pick, not someone who’s just out, like Rihanna, but someone you would always know and appreciate. MELANIE: would you take it as far as to say politicians? Like what kind of artists. Derek: for me just athletes. Justine: politicians no, but I know people I could see putting that in a bar area… not me personally, but I know people who really love Reagan. I wouldn’t rule it out. Or I’ve seen pictures of Bill Clinton framed in peoples’ homes before. Cari: I think a lot of people have pictures of Barack. Justine: yeah I could see politicians. EMILY: If you guys went to a concert, would you be interested in having a place where you could upload photos that you took at the concert? Cari: A lot of my friends who like, go to film festivals upload pictures, but it’s really hard to get that close up on your own camera. Justine: something like that I would do more than a picture of some random musician because I would feel more connected to it. It would be more special to me because it would remind me of being at the concert. …. And that would be something I would want a print, more like a 5x6 than a giant wall thing, because sometimes the pictures you take yourself don’t do it justice. DARCY: Can someone describe the appeal of uploading photos from these concerts?



Cari: just like “I was there,“ ya know? This was really cool and fun, can bring up stories from when you were there. I know I’ve asked my friends about the festivals they’ve been to and I saw then saw the pictures. Conversation pieces. Justine: Now I’m just thinking outside the box, but if it was a festival-type thing, and if it was artists I really loved, or a lot of pictures I loved and I wanted multiples, I think it would be neat to get a photo book, of different shots from the show beginning to end. DARCY: (after pause) Okay, well, does anyone else have anything they want to add? Jordan: I think a lot of the pictures would suck.... but I’d be more likely to go to the Web site just to look at them Justine: right, and I mean I’m not saying I would want the photo book to be my photos, but a professional photographer who was there and near the stage DARCY: and if that was the case, how would you want to be notified of that? Would you rather go to the website and find a show you know you attended? Or would you go to a site if the photographer handed you a card with a URL? Justine: Either way, and I have been to events where they’ve done that, if I saw the photographer taking pictures, I’ve gone. Or when they send you the email with the ticket confirmation it could be included, like this is the company handling the event, go to this site afterwards… Derek: I’d definitely trust it a lot more if it was in person Derek: because if I got an email saying “hey I got a picture of you at this concert” I’d be afraid it was spam Cari: I like it when we have parties and stuff with Kappa, you get a reminder in your purse to go look at the photos. If it was an email reminder I’d probably just delete. DARCY: Well, thanks for coming out tonight guys, we really appreciate it.



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With which decades of music do you most identify, or do you listen to most often? • 1950s: 4 People, 3.2% • 1960s: 23 People, 18.3% • 1970s: 30 People, 23.8% • 1980s: 38 People, 30.2% • 1990s: 85 People, 67.5% What Types of decorations do you have on your walls? • Photos of families and friends: 82 People, 71.9% • Paintings: 54 People, 47.4% • Prints of musicians and other celebrities: 8 People, 7% • Posters of musicians and other celebrities: 22 People, 19.3% • Other: • Prints of City Skylines • Travel Photos • My own photographs of Chicago and tropical places • my photography • my own art work including my photography • nothing • in general, my walls are blank right now cause I have commitment issues, have some photos I’ve taken sitting above the window. • Prints of Alcohol advertisements • graphics • photographs, conceptual art origins, ethnic art • dog photography • my photography from trips of other countries • panoramas of different cities, peace flags • personal fine art photograph • inspirational quotes • photos I have taken • graphic prints and photos of places and objects • mirrors

otherwise, I



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• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

scenic pictures quotes photography and other self made art prints of non-muisc photos etchings sconces used to have lots of posters of musicians in the dorms sports shit photographs/art pieces (famous landmarks), etchings, comics, postcards (i.e., pagodas, chains of bells, etc) nothing advertisements flags of 3rd world nations photos of places in Europe Collages and drawings I’ve done Calendar Nothing Concert posters, college posters I have a poster of kittens and floral prints

Do you view shopping online for decorative items as more or less convenient than going to a store? • More Convenient: 54, 42.9% • Less Convenient: 72, 57.2% • Question Skipped: 1 person Where do you most often purchase music? • iTunes: 71 people, 62.3% • Amazon: 11 people, 9.6% • Target: 11 people, 9.6% • Best Buy: 13 People, 11.4% • Downloaded Illegally: 55 People, 48.2%


• Other—19 people • MoJo • Sam Goody • Independent Record stores at shows • Wal-Mart • Nowhere • Rasputin • CD Shows • Borders • Emusic • • Borders • Friends • Slackers • From Others’ computers • Friends • Lime wire • Friends • Torrents • Skipped Question —13 People Do you read or contribute in any way to blogs about your favorite musical artists? • Yes: 30 People, 23.8% • No: 96 People, 76.2% • Skipped: 1 Person If you answered yes, which blogs do you contribute to or read? • Twitter •,,, Stereogum • YouTube • Pearl jam



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1:04 Winnie Copper, Deadbase, Lossless Legs Facebook fan pages Naturalismo, stereogum,,,,, iTunes reviews John Mayer and PerezHilton myspace Sslyby, Bon Iver Daytrotter, Pitchfork, fabulist, good weather for airstrikes, said the gramophone, the music slut, you ain’t no Picasso PerezHilton Jambase PerezHilton Metacritic, stereogum, gorillavsbear Hipsters united Myspace Skipped Question — 99 People

Several freelance photographers snap shots of artists “in action” both onstage and backstage at concerts. Would you be more interested in purchasing a print of your favorite artist if the photographer notified you they were at the concert (i.e., if they handed you a business card with the URL of the website with the pictures from that event)? • Yes: 79 People, 62.7% • No: 47 People, 37.3% • Skipped: 126 Would you be interested in a social networking website that connects fans of your favorite musicians, and enables them to share their favorite photos from these events? • Yes: 62 People, 50% • No: 62 People, 50% • Skipped: 3 People What is your approximate age? • Under 18: 1 Person, 0.8% • 18-22: 84 People, 66.7% • 23-27: 18 People, 14.3% • 28-32: 9 People, 7.1% • 33+: 14 People, 11.1% • Skipped Question: 1 Person What is your gender? • Male: 37 People, 29.6% • Female: 88 People, 70.4% • Other: 0% Which most accurately describes your education level? • High School: 7 People, 5.6% • Some College: 63 People, 50.8% • Associate’s Degree: 5 People, 4%



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Bachelor’s Degree: 38 Peaple, 30.6% Some Graduate Work: 10 People, 8.1% Graduate Degree: 8 People, 6.5% Skipped Question: 3 People

If you completed an undergraduate degree, in what year did you graduate? • 2009 (15) • 2008 (10) • 2007 (5) • 2006 (2) • 2004 (3) • 2003 (2) • 2001 • 1999 • 1997 • 1996 • 1995 • 1994 • 1981 • 1980 (2) • 1970 • Texas Tech University • Skipped Question (79 People) Do you currently have a full-time job? • Yes: 32 People, 25.6% • No: 93 People, 74.4% • Skipped Question: 2 People


What range does your annual income fall into? • Under $12,000: 71 People, 63.4% • $12,000-$18,000: 6 People, 5.4% • $18,000-$25,000: 5 People, 4.5% • $25,000-$35,000: 7 People, 6.3% • $35,000-$50,000: 14 People, 12.5% • $50,000+: 9 People, 8% • Skipped Question: 15 People If you are expecting a tax return, do you already have plans for it? • Yes: 47 People, 37.6% • No: 34 People, 27.2% • I am not expecting a tax return: 44 People, 35.2% • Skipped Question: 2 People Part of our survey asked participant to list their five favorite bands or artists. The following is a list of responses in alphabetical order. If an artist appeared more than once the number of the times they appeared is listed in parenthesis. 311 AC/DC AFI Akon (2) Alanis Morissette All American Rejects (2) The Allman Brothers Amos Lee (2) Amy Grant Amy Winehouse Anastasia Anberlin (3) Andrea Bocelli

Andrew Bird Angels and Airwaves Ani DiFranco Annie Lennox (2) Aqua Appleseed Cast Arctic Monkeys (2) Avenge Seven Fold (2) The Audition Augustana Bad Company Band of Horses Bare-naked Ladies

Beach Boys (2) The Beatles (17) BB King Bee Gees Ben Folds (2) Better Than Ezra (2) Beyonce (3) Billy Idol Billy Joel (4) Blink 182 Bloc Party Blue Oyster Cult Blues Traveler



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Britney Spears (6) Broken Social Scene Bruce Springsteen Bryan Adams Cake Carrie Underwood (3) Cat Power Cat Stevens CCR (3) Celine Dion Charlie Parker Chicago Chris Brown Chris Rice The Clash Creed Cross Canadian Ragweed Coldplay (10) The Constatntines Counting Crows (2) Cursive Daft Punk Damien Rice (3) Dana Krall Dangerous Summer Dashboard Confessional Dave Matthews Band (8) David Bowie David Byrne D.C. Talk Death Cab for Cutie (4)


Depeche Mode Dierks Bentley Dire Straits Disarmonia Mundi Discount Dispatch (3) DMB The Donnas The Doors (3) The Eagles Eli Young Band Elton John (5) Elvis Presley Eric Church Eric Clapton (5) Eric Hutchinson Esther Phillips The Faint Faith Hill (2) Far-Less Fleet Foxes Fleetwood Mac (3) The Format (3) Frank Sinatra (2) The Fray (5) G Love Girl Talk Garth Brooks (2) Grandmother Flash Grateful Dead The Guess Who

Guns n’ Roses The Hold Steady Howie Day Incubus In Flames IOU Red Iron & Wine (2) Jack Johnson (10) Jack’s Mannequiin James Blunt James Taylor Jamie Cullum Janis Joplin (2) Jason Mraz (7) Jay-Z (2) Jenny Lewis Jessica Simpson Jewell (2) Jim Morrison Jimmy Buffet Jimmy Eat World (3) John Legend John Lennon John Mayer (15) John McLaughlin Johnny Lee Hooker Joseph Arthur Journey (3) Juan Luis Guerra Justin Timberlake (3) Kaiser Chiefs

Kanye West (2) Kate Nash Katy Perry Keith Urban (2) Kellianna Kelly Clarkson Kenny Chesney (4) Kid Dynamite The Killers (3) Kings of Leon (3) Lady Antebellum Lady Gaga Laura Pausini Led Zeppelin (2) Leona Lewis Leonard Cohen Le Tigre The Libertines The Libertines Lifehouse Lil Wayne (2) Lily Allen (2) Linkin’ Park Lucky Boys Confusion Lykke Li Lyle Lovett (2) Lynyrd Skynyrd Madonna (2) Mae Mana Manchester Orchestra (2)

Mariah Carey Maroon 5 (4) Martina McBride (2) Mary J. Blige Matchbox 20 (2) Matt Kearney Matt Nathanson Matt Wertz Meatloaf Mercy Me Metallica MGMT M.I.A. (2) Michael Bloomfield Michael Buble (4) Michael Jackson (2) Michael Khalife Miles Davis Minus The Bear Missy Elliott Missy Higgins Modest Mouse Motion City Soundtrack Motley Crue Murder by Death Murder City Devils My Bloody Valentine My Morning Jacket The National Neil Young Neko Case

Nelly (2) Nick Drake Nickelback Nirvana (3) O.A.R. (6) Oasis Old Crow Med Show Outkast Ozomatti Pat Benatar Pat Green Pavement Pearl Jam (3) Philip Glass Phish (2) Pink Floyd (4) The Pixies The Police The Postal Service Queen (4) Queensryche Radiohead (5) Rascal Flatts (7) Red Hot Chili Peppers (2) R.E.M. REO Speedwagon (2) Rhianna Rilo Kiley (2) Rocket Summer (2) The Rolling Stones (4) Ryan Adams (2)



“It only takes five minutes. Please?”

Santana Santigold Sarah Vaughn Sheryl Crow Shinedown The Shins Simon & Garfunkel Simply Red Skid Row Slipknot Smashing Pumpkins Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Soil Work Soulja Boy Spoon Steely Dan Steve Miller Band Stevie Ray Vaughan Sting The Strokes String Cheese Incident Stroke 9 Taj Mahal Taking Back Sunday Talking Heads Taylor Swift (17) The Temptations Tesla These Arms Are Snakes Third Day

Third Eye Blind 1:10

Thrice Tim McGraw (2) TLC Toby Keith Toby Mae Tom Petty (2) Tony Bennett Tool Toots and the Maytals Tupac U2 (9) Van Halen Van Morrison (3) Vashti Bunyan We Are Scientists The Weepies Whitney Houston Widespread Panic Wilco Willie Nelson (2) Wolfe Parade Yonder Mountain String Band You Sister Zack Brown Band (2) Widespread Panic Wilco Willie Nelson (2) Wolfe Parade Yonder Mountain String Band You Sister Zack Brown Band (2)

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