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What we here at DBMC try to incorporate in all of our programs is the thought that all who walk through our doors are contributing to the center’s legacy. While DBMC has been in existence over 20 years it is my hope and the hope of my staff that our contributions along with those from the people we serve can continue to build upon the bedrock that was in place long before any of us were a part of this epitome of community and connectivity. I want to take time to thank my staff because they are the glue that keeps our family together and have been a part of the framework here at DBMC for a multitude of years. They have accepted me with open arms and have shared my vision for what this Center can become in the future and it shows in the level of their commitment to the people we serve.

the center running smoothly and is what I would consider my “right hand”. She always has a sunny disposition and always provides our clientele with impeccable service and dedication. Marino Frias who is approaching his 5th year with our After School Program was appointed to Coordinator in August and has been a catalyst for the success we’ve had this year. He has helped to create a community of togetherness not only within his After School Counselors but also within the parents of our youth. He has helped to motivate the parents to have a bigger voice in the type of programming and fund raising that we do on behalf of their children. He has also instilled a dedication to having one of if not the best after school program in the neighborhood. This is evidenced in parents enrolling their children in OUR program even though there are FREE programing options available. Thank you to ALL OF OUR DONORS because WITHOUT YOU THERE IS NO US! No amount is too small and it warms my heart to see people in the most giving of moods and mindsets.

All in all I am honored and forever thankful to be a part of such a wonderful community that keeps the not only the mission statement of DBMC going strong but adds to that in keeping with the directive th Marcela Cuevas going on her 13 year working here of LEGACY. Please enjoy the updates and photos at DBMC was promoted to Programs Coordinator; we have in this new letter to get a snippet of the because she has showed a passion toward helping types of things we do here at the Center and I hope and being an advocate for those who walk in our you enjoy it as much as we all do participating in it. doors. From the Adult Education classes which she oversees, as well as the Golden Age Seniors she Thank you, advocates for; she continues to grow in her new role Damian Gracia and has so much to offer our community. She keeps Program Director


It has been a full year since I was appointed Director of DBMC, and in that time I have been constantly reminded what the power of LEGACY can do. As I type these notes, After School participants are doing arts and crafts projects centered on making DBMC year books (as voted on by the older group) for the upcoming end to the school year. While downstairs the younger children are making “cookies” so that they can fill up a makeshift cookie jar with their hopes and wishes on them as a way of making a time capsule.

Spring- 2017

Hello all,

Spring 2017

Spring - 2017

New Playground at DBMC


n the Fall of 2016, we here at Dorothy Bennett Mercy Center were excited to unveil our newly remodeled play area. With this remodel we have given our children an area to safely have outdoor activities without fear of getting too dirty, as well as giving them a place to play basketball/whiffle ball to name a few. This could not have been done without the contributions of the Pinkerton Foundation. Their grant donation was able to pay for the necessary changes to have the playground area ready in preparation of the school year that started in September 2016.


We are thankful to all of our funders and the contributions they all make to making our Center such a wonderful place to be involved in.

Dorothy Bennett Mercy Center

Multicultural Party


Spring -2017

n November 19th 2016, DBMC had its Annual Multicultural Party. DBMC Staff/Board Members along with our families/participants spent a fun filled day with copious amounts of food from various countries of Origin, as well as educational information about each country. Countries/Locales represented were the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Ecuador, Honduras, Russia, and Paraguay.


So Thankful at ThanksGiving!


e are so grateful to Sacred Heart Church of Bayside, Queens for their generous donation of canned goods and turkeys for our families here at the Center. Every year they remember our families at this time and at Christmas as well.

Dorothy Bennett Mercy Center


hristmas Show 2016 for Dorothy Bennett Mercy Center Afterschool had music in the air, sugary snacks everywhere and special guest appearance by Santa. The families were all delighted by the songs and the performance. We thank the staff and parent committee for all their help in preparing the program. We were also happy to see some of our Board memberspresent this year and to Pat Morgan for bringing the special guest.


Spring - 2017

Christmas Time

Christmas time with Our Seniors


ur Golden Age club enjoyed a Christmas brunch and went home with a little gift of a coffee mug filled with sweet treats for them to enjoy with their families. Pictured from left to right are Mrs. Maria, Ms. Tomasita and Mrs. Fanny, who have been faithful members of our senior group for many years.

Dorothy Bennett Mercy Center

After School Program Spring -2017 5



ew this year for our After School Program was the implementation of “Club Day” pictured here are some of our youth making homemade volcanos for Science Club. This was done via paper mache, empty soda bottles, Pepsi, and Mentos mints.

his Year DBMC (with input from Staff & Board Members) raised funds for the Center by selling DBMC customizable sweatshirts via Custom Ink. The Sweaters became the unofficial uniform for the After School Staff. It was a twofold investment: 1) to build community within the DBMC family, and 2) to advertise us out in our neighborhood to give a glimpse as to the type of close knit bond our center has within the community so that others would be interested in joining.

Valentine’s Day


n February 16th 2016 the After School Staff and the Parent Committee held a Valentine’s Day bake sale fundraiser/Celebration. Children and Staff made Valentine’s Day Hearts, Cards and flowers, while staff sold parent donated baked goods. All proceeds went toward funding “Club Day” activities. Pictured with After School Coordinator Marino Frias are the members of our Parent Committee along with a “dance party” with our Youth and Staff. Dorothy Bennett Mercy Center

Inmigration Workshop


Spring - 2017

n March 20, 2017 we offered an Immigration Information Workshop to the parents and adults of our programs.


Board member Fr. Bob Vitaglione presented information on what to do if detained and also gave contact information for lawyers who can further help free of charge. We are thankful to Fr. Bob for his help and dedication to the undocumented population we serve.

Crochet Club


his year the ladies of the crochet club celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day by making shamrocks for the kids of the after school. They also made hats and scarfs for our Golden Age members.

Spring 2017 Raffle Winners Congratulations to the winners of the Spring into Cash Raffle!! 1st Prize $500 Winner: Beatriz Pocasangre 2nd Prize $300 Winner: Sr. Joan McCarthy 3rd Prize $200 Winner: Dennis Gallagher

Please visit our website at To make a donation, go to our website at and click on Paypal.

For more information, call 718 622-7448 Dorothy Bennett Mercy Center

Adult Education Programs Tasc/Ged Graduates They were able to accomplish this feat all while having various responsibilities that did not deter them from successfully pursuing their educational goals. This was done due to the teaching of our GED instructor B. Raul Andrade. His passionate teaching style was instrumental in helping our students prepare for the GED exam.


Luis Cesareo Maria Contreras Maria Lizbeth Hernandez Ronferis Lopez Brenda Reyes Patricia Ruiz Carlos Rocano Maria Solis Osvaldo Perez

Spring -2017


ongratulations to our TASC (in Spanish) students for gaining their GED diploma.

Tasc and Computer Class


he students at the Dorothy Bennett Mercy Center want to send theirs thanks to all donors that make it possible to run the Adult Education Programs including our computer training and the H. S. Equivalency Diploma for adults. At the present time, we have two groups on the TASC/GED program and one group for Computer Training.

ESL Program for Adults


ur evening English as a Second Language class is a multilevel program. We adjust the curriculum to what best fit the students’ needs. Two of these students, Milton Mendez and Marciano Ramirez, enjoy coming to class and are glad their teacher understands their different levels of English comprehension. They have been attending classes here since September 2016. Marciano likes the fact that their teacher Krisia takes her time with them. Milton says he appreciates the motivation he receives to come to class since he works long hours. They are both happy that they are able to progress in English speaking skills.

Upcoming Events: • •

Annual Garden Carnival: Sunday, June 4th, 2017 Summer Camp - July 2017 (continued from page 1)

Dorothy Bennett Mercy Center



Spring - 2017

Dorothy Bennett Mercy Center 273 Willoughby Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11205

A Note of Gratitude . . . To the following foundations, agencies, and persons who have generously provided financial support this past year: Apple Bank for Savings

Sisters of Mercy, Mid-Atlantic Community

AT&T Corporate Employee Giving Program

TD Bank

Bonamassa Family

The Hyde & Watson Foundation

Maureen Decker

The Joseph and Laura Wortman Foundation

E-Group Tech Services Inc.

Julia Palmer Award for Library Development

Kiwanis Club Parkway East

The Pinkerton Foundation

Mercy Home for Children Ridgewood Savings Bank

The RTS Family Foundation The Tablet Bright Christmas Appeal

Sacred Heart Parish of Bayside, Queens

Honey and Michael Theogene

Shelley Family

Western Beef

The neighborhood businesses who contributed to our Garden Carnival. Also, a special word of thanks to the students of Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, Berkeley College, St. Joseph College, NYC Tech and other volunteers for their dedicated service to the children in the After School Program.

Dorothy Bennett Mercy Center

Spring 2017 Newsletter  

Dorothy Bennett Mercy Center Spring 2017 Newsletter

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