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v Wellington Phoenix Saturday, February 20, 2016 Links Ave, Mt Maunganui Kick-off: 1pm Photo: Photosport. wa wai w aiibop a bo b op o puni un u n ted ed d.c .co co o.n .nz 1

We love goals as much as you do. ASB Achieving them are successes to be celebrated. And because football is all about goals (and savings too of course) we’re proud to support it at every level. New Zealand Football, Succeed on. 2

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A Few Kind Words Dwayne Barlow

So here we are - the final home game in the short life of Loaded WaiBOP United and almost the end of the road for the franchise that started out as Waikato FC back in 2003. It’s a bit sad - and I’m sure next week’s final game at Auckland City will be even more so - but football moves on quickly. In a few weeks our players will be back with their winter clubs, Federation staff will be doing their thing across our region and I’ll probably be having my heart broken as Spurs get pipped at the Premier League post by the most horrible club in the world. We’ve had some real highlights on the field over the last three seasons. The two maulings of Waitakere United this season were about as good as it gets. The home wins over Canterbury United and Team Wellington last summer were superb results made even more special by the fan engagement at Cambridge. And, right back to the beginning, our 2-1 come-from-behind victory over Canterbury United in our first ever game seemed to suggest anything was possible for our franchise. As it turns out we never quite achieved the perfect storm. We had several good runs

of results, but couldn’t quite stretch those out long enough to make the play-offs. Commercially, we didn’t fully realise the potential of the franchise. The superb work done on this front this season shows what could have been possible had we started building these relationships from day 1. The fan culture that was growing out at Cambridge has dissipated a little this season due to the necessary move to more suitable facilities. We battled to get all the essentials lined up and working in harmony meaning, ultimately, we’ve fallen just a little bit short of where we could have been during what, to be fair, is a pretty short existence. While this is frustrating, it illustrates the massive effort needed to compete properly at this level. Quite simply, it’s an expensive exercise to do it well. If there’s one lesson we can pass on to Hamilton Wanderers, who will represent our region in the ASB Premiership in 2016/17, it’s this: if you have the resources you’ll be successful. So today we sit back and enjoy watching our team play at home one last time. A few goals and three points would be fitting lads.

THE RA ANGE E Official Matchday Magazine of Loaded WaiBOP United Editor Dwayne Barlow. Enquiries to Contributors Football Dad, Brendon Coker, Merv Williams, Paul Bates, Photosport, NZ Football. Images WaiBOP United unless otherwise acknowledged. Copyright None of the contents of this publication should be reproduced without prior permission. WaiBOP United Brian Perry Sports House, Wintec Rotokauri Campus, Akoranga Road, Hamilton. Board Chair Merv Williams. CEO Mark Christie. 3

From The Dug Out Peter Smith

Hello everyone and welcome to Links Ave for what is Loaded WaiBOP United’s final ever home game in the ASB Premiership. It doesn’t seem like all that long ago that we were lining up at Rotorua International Stadium for our first match at this level, but here we are almost three full seasons later. We won that day [2-1 over Canterbury United] and, obviously, I’m hoping we can repeat the feat today. It would be the perfect way to bookend things. Our play-off hopes came crashing down over the last three weeks as we couldn’t quite do enough against our three biggest rivals. I really thought we had the squad to give the top four a real shake this season so it’s disappointing to fall short. The culture within the squad has been superb, the lads have worked really hard and we’ve played some good football...but it’s just not to be. That’s football and, after today and our match in Auckland next Sunday, the game moves on without Loaded WaiBOP United. Before it does, however, I’d like to say a few thank yous to the people who have made the last three years for me. Firstly, to all the players who have pulled on the WaiBOP United badge a massive well done. We have never been one of the big boys in this league but we have competed, performed well and pulled off some excellent results. I’ve met some fine players and excellent young men with this franchise. The same goes for the various coaching and management staff who have been 4

involved with the franchise. I’d particularly like to mention Paul Drake, who was a rock for me during our first two years, and Neil Mouncher, who’s been superb for all three seasons. Also, it was great to work with Seamus Marten last summer. There’s no-one quite like Seamus... I’d like to acknowledge Allan Jones who has been my coaching mentor for a number of years. What Jonesy doesn’t know about coaching isn’t worth knowing. His support has been invaluable to me as I grew as an ASB Premiership coach. There have been plenty of unsung performances from the Federation’s staff over the last three seasons. The staff, particularly the core few who have been at pretty much every home game, along with all the volunteers have meant that we have put on one of the best match day experiences in the league. Finally, but most importantly, I’d like to thank the families of the players and staff who have willingly sacrificed time with their loved ones to ensure we can compete at this level. It’s quite a commitment to train three times a week and travel up and down the country to play. Personally, I’m extremely grateful for the support offered by my family. So that’s about it from me. I’m not sure what the future will bring. We have a couple of games left to concentrate on so I’ll worry about those then look to my next challenge after that. In the meantime, welcome to Andy and his young side. We’ve had some decent matches previously and I’m hoping for more of the same today.

Today We Welcome Wellington Phoenix

The he Wellington We Phoenix reserves are an important part of the structure of this country’s only A-League representatives. Operating as the link between the Phoenix’s academy and professional football, the ‘Wee Nix’ are in their second ASB Premiership season. Already a number of players who have made appearances for the side have moved into the 1st team. We have won both our away games against the Wee Nix, while losing 3-2 against them at John Kerkhof Park last season. Coach Andy Hedge.

Player(s) to watch It would be worth keeping an eye on pretty much all the Wee Nix’s players, not necessarily for what they’re doing now but to reference this game when they start doing things in the future. With a number of national age-group representatives, including Waikato lad Logan Rogerson, in their squad, the Wee Nix won’t be short of skill and invention. Their record this season shows they can score goals but also have a habit of letting a few in. This was encapsulated in the reverse fixture, which we won 4-3 with an added time Ryan Tinsley strike after a goalless first half.

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Football Dad The End of the Road Football Dad brings to an end his three year run as a mainstay of The Range. We’d like to thank this mysterious figure for his insights into a part of the game many of us know so well

Football Mum was at the door, an expensive craft beer in one hand, and a tall glass of pink grapefruit juice in the other. “How did it go?” she enquired, a little hesitantly. She could normally gauge the result within four or five seconds. Football Dad’s face always gave it away. “7-0!” screeched the Youngest One, sailing through the door with a hop and a skip. “We pumped them 7-0! Oh, but Mum, that town stank sooooooo bad.” Football Dad explained: “Sewage outfall into the harbour, disgusting but necessary I guess. Tide washing at one corner of the pitch. Parents sucking on RTDs at 11am.” “7-0! Woop woop woop!” Another declaration from the daughter, who promptly ditched her boots and bag right bang-slap in the middle of the kitchen floor, swiped the drink from her mother’s hand, and tore off to the other end of the house to share the news with her sibling. Football Dad slumped in a couch, kicked off his sneakers, and flicked his hat in the general direction of the coat rack. A long, satisfying draw on his beer, as his wife joined him. “Ahhhhhhhh…thanks babe.” He reached for the battered little notebook in his bag, and leafing through a few pages, began scribbling. Match details, full-time score, the name of the kids who had managed goals. A note or two on things to work on with specific kids. Next to his own child’s name, he wrote two words: “Fitness. Courage.”

Football Mum leaned over and looked at the notes. “Don’t be hard on her. She’s trying. You know she doesn’t have the other one’s athletic gifts. Just work with what you’ve got.” A reassuring hand on the shoulder: “She will learn. She’ll learn that she either has to try a bit harder, or she needs to give it away and try something else. Look at her now, she’s stoked.” Another squeal from the end of the house - “7-0! I mean, really!” – as the shower was turned on. Moments later, a small football strip flew from the bathroom door, and into the hallway. Football Dad nodded, slowly. Another lengthy chug on his beer, which by now was only a third full. The Eldest One emerged from her bedroom, smiling and slinking into the living room. “She score?” the lanky one asked. “Came close!” exclaimed Football Dad, a grin spreading across his face. “A nice turn to beat a defender, little 20-yard dash down the flank, then a wee one-two with the Indian lad….she got to the corner of the box, but ever-so-slightly toe-poked it, and it bounced off the post. She was unlucky.” Football Mum leaned across, and grabbed the notebook and pen. She looked Football Dad square in the eye. “I think we need to make a little edit here,” she said. She crossed out the words “fitness” and “courage”, and replaced them with one word. “Love.” She nudged him with her elbow, and handed back his notebook. “That’s a note for you.” 7

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Macular Degeneration causes progressive loss of central vision but the peripheral vision is not affected. It is the leading cause of severe vision loss. One in seven people over the age of 50 years is affected in some way and the incidence increases with age. The macula is the central part of the retina, the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. The retina processes all visual images. It is responsible for your ability to read, recognise faces, drive and see colours clearly. This is something that has the potential to cause functional blindness and yet is


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Thank You Merv Williams - Board Chair

As the end of the 2015/16 ASB Premiership season rapidly approaches, it is an appropriate moment to reflect on what has been an interesting tenure for Loaded WaiBOP United in New Zealand’s premier football competition. When the Federation took up the reigns, and opted to run the local franchise in the national league, it was always with the strong intention that WaiBOP United would provide for all stakeholders in our region, a genuine pinnacle club that delivered a pathway for our players, coaches and administrators and a focal point for our fans. There was no belief this would be an easy task, or a task without challenges both on and off the field, however, with the potential demise of Waikato FC, it was felt that ensuring representation from within our region was always the first and key consideration. As we appraise our three years in the ASB Premiership, it should be with a sense of genuine pride that we can say that on many levels these key goals have been achieved. From John Kerkhof Park to Links Ave, FMG Stadium Waikato, Gower Park, Rotorua Stadium and Owen Delany Park in Taupo, local fans of the game have had the opportunity to witness, engage with and be enthralled by a WaiBOP United side that has at times reached sublime heights, had great results and delivered a good mix of quality football and old fashioned footballing graft.

As all lovers of the beautiful game can appreciate, more often than not, the dollars spent as a fan to watch United play have not been wasted. We haven’t had a championship winning squad, but the playoffs have been tantalisingly close on two occasions and for a franchise without a big chequebook and without the large population bases of others, our performances have been a real credit to Peter Smith, his coaching and management team and of course the group of players who have donned the United jersey at both first team and youth level. To add to this mix of those deserving recognition, it would be remiss to not thank extensively our loyal sponsors. We have so many sponsors to whom collectively, the franchise owes great thanks. Without them, the superb volunteer base at clubs such as Cambridge and Tauranga City, and the tireless help of Mark Christie and all the staff of the Federation the last three years would not have been possible either on or off the field. As most of the footballing community are aware, the Federation now passes the ASB Franchise license over to Hamilton Wanderers. We are supportive of Wanderers being granted entry to the league. They have enjoyed success both on and off the pitch in recent years and we wish Brendon, Mark and all at Wanderers well.

Vote Now Su upporters’ Player of the Season It’s time for our fans to have their say. Who’s caught your eye for WaiBOP United during the 2015/16 ASB Premiership season? Who do you think should be recognised as WaiBOP United’s Supporters’ Player of the Season? Email your vote to 11

#Ia amWaiBO OPUniited Scott Hilliar has been a virtual ever-present for Loaded WaiBOP United this season, only missing the final six minutes of our away match against Team Wellington. Fellow full-back, Finn Cochran, is the only player to have played more minutes for us this summer. Cochran has played every second of the season. Photo: Photosport.

12 13



Looking Forward Brendon Coker - Hamilton Wanderers

Hamilton Wanderers is very excited and honoured to be handed a license to participate in the 2016/17 and 2017/18 ASB Premiership. Wanderers developed a business plan three years ago and one of our goals was to achieve National League status. We have built strong infrastructure within the club to achieve our goals. The club has two working boards with the Operational Board focused on running the winter operation and the Club Executive focused purely on the National League. One of the strengths of the club is our Youth Development Programme led by our Director of Coaching, Mark Cossey. This is the foundation of the club as we believe you must have clear pathways for players to aspire to play at the highest level. We have achieved strong results in the Northern Premier League for the past four years. Last year we finished second and this year we are striving to go one step better. A number of our players are already playing in the National League so we feel

we have a strong player base to succeed in the ASB Premiership. Wanderers have already started discussions with other winter clubs offering opportunities for their players to play for us in the ASB Premiership. We have made it clear players don’t have to play for Wanderers during winter to be eligible to play for us in the national league. We are also working with the clubs on a number of other issues to ensure the football community supports its national league team. It’s vital for all clubs that we have a strong national league team and that the young players in the region have a pathway to aspire to play at the highest level. The club is also very focused on developing ladies football and we are excited about the upcoming NRFL Premier season. Hamilton Wanderers would like to acknowledge the work of the Federation and what Loaded WaiBOP United has achieved in the past three years. Both parties are working proactively together to ensure a smooth handover of the license.

Welcome and thank you to our 100 Club Members Cambridge FC, Peter & Tanya Lawrence, Allfast Solutions, Rose Lynn Fashions, Phil Rogers Builders Ltd, Dincel Construction Systems, Bettle & Associates, DBMM, Davies Foods, Jet Creative, Printhouse, The Soccer Shop, H3 Group, Crombie Lockwood, Ebbett Volkswagon, MTF Vehicle Finance, Media Works, Fairfax Media. 15

Thank You To our partners for the 2015/16 ASB Premiership

Loaded WaiBOP United is pleased to have a number of organisations join our football family for the 2015/16 ASB Premiership season. The companies with ads in this issue of The Range, as well as those shown on this page, plus others, are backing football in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty region. Scan the QR code to ďŹ nd out more about our partners.

MTF Matamata


Today’s Hosts Tauranga City United FC

Welcome to Tauranga City United FC. We are proud to host today’s ASB Premiership football game between Loaded WaiBOP United and Wellington Phoenix at Links Avenue, Mount Maunganui. Tauranga City United was formed in 1967 with President Jack Bryan’s vision and mission being to change the face of New Zealand Football and for our club to play at the highest possible level in New Zealand. Today, with the professionalism and guidance from Duncan Lowry, our first team coach, we have achieved success with back to back promotions to once again compete in the NRFL Premier League. The last two seasons are the stuff of dreams and this success would not have become reality without complete dedication from Duncan and his team. Quite incredibly last season we had to score 10 goals with none against in the last two games of the season to even have a sniff of promotion. Roy of the Rovers stuff (for the old gits...Google it!!) for a 17 year old, Strauss Boom, who came on as a sub

to score in the last 15 minutes of the final game to ensure Tauranga City United FC were promoted back to where we belong. However, this achievement would not have been possible without the huge support from our major sponsors The Belvedere Group. This success would have been extremely hard to achieve without them and as a club we thank them for their continued support, along with our NRFL Reserve team’s partner, Broker Web. The club’s future is bright with top players such as Jerhal Hughes re-signing for the club, new initiatives underway for youth development, an incredible long term kit deal with Legea, Tauranga City United FC’s community initiative and the commitment from Tauranga City United’s committee and members, to take the club to the pinnacle of New Zealand Football. This incorporates a short, medium and long term plan... and all I can say is watch this space! Paul Bates President, Tauranga City United FC 17

Meet the Team Loaded WaiBOP United - 2015/16

Peter Smith Head Coach Peter Smith is in his third season as Head Coach of Loaded WaiBOP United. He took the franchise to 6th in its debut season (2013/14), 5th last season and hopes to go at least one spot better in 2015/16.


Barry Gardiner Assistant Coach

.Neil Mouncher

Sunz Singh Trainer

Goalkeeper Coach



Kirsten Laurence Physio

Janina Aricheta Physio

Graeme Kinney Manager



.Brock Radich Manager



01 Neil Achary

Scott Hilliar Defender




Tyler Lissette Defender

Finn Cochran Defender

05 Adam Mitchell

06 Sam Redwood





Mark Jones Midfielder


Sanni Issa Forward

Ryan Tinsley Midfielder

09 Dylan Stansfield

10 Federico Marquez




Mario Ilich Midfielder 19



Israel Whitley Defender



Robert Gallegos Midfielder

James Hoyle Defender

17 Stephen Hoyle

18 Alexis Varela





Wade Molony Midfielder


Diego Viera Defender


Maksim Manko Midfielder

Xavier Pratt Midfielder

21 Sean Morris

22 Cory Mitchell




Zac Speedy Goalkeeper

ASB Premiership Wrap Round 12 21

ASB Premiership Standings & Fixtures

2015/16 ASB Premiership Table P Auckland City 11 Team Wellington 12 Hawkes Bay United 12 Canterbury United 11 LOADED WAIBOP UNITED 12 Waitakere United 12 Wellington Phoenix 12 Southern United 12

W 9 7 7 7 5 4 2 1

D 2 3 3 1 0 0 1 0

L 0 2 2 3 7 8 9 11

F 32 30 25 22 24 20 21 9

A 10 18 15 16 21 32 36 35

Pts 29 24 24 22 15 12 7 3

2015/16 ASB Premiership Fixture List Date Nov 15 Nov 19 Nov 26 Dec 6 Dec 10 Dec 20 Jan 9 Jan 14 Jan 21 Jan 31 Feb 7 Feb 14 Feb 20 Feb 28

Opponents Team Wellington Waitakere Utd Hawkes Bay Utd Southern Utd Canterbury Utd Auckland City Well Phoenix Southern Utd Waitakere Utd Team Wellington Canterbury Utd Hawkes Bay Utd Well Phoenix Auckland City

H/A Home Away Home Away Away Home Away Home Home Away Home Away Home Away

Venue Gower Park, Hamilton QBE Stadium, Auckland Owen Delany Park, Taupo Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin ASB Football Park, Christchurch FMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton Newtown Park, Wellington FMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton FMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton David Farrington Park, Wellington FMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton Bluewater Stadium, Napier Links Ave Stadium, Mt Maunganui Kiwitea Street, Auckland

Result 2-3 loss 5-1 win 0-1 loss 2-1 win 0-2 loss 0-2 loss 4-3 win 3-0 win 5-0 win 1-3 loss 2-3 loss 0-2 loss 1.00pm 4.35pm

* Please check for any alterations atďŹ xtures

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Neil Achary Scott Hilliar Finn Cochran Tyler Lissette Adam Mitchell Sam Redwood Mark Jones Ryan Tinsley Dylan StansďŹ eld Federico Marquez Sanni Issa Mario Ilich Israel Whitley Maksim Manko Robert Gallegos James Hoyle Stephen Hoyle Alexis Varela Wade Molony Xavier Pratt Sean Morris Cory Mitchell Zac Speedy

2 wai 24 w bopuni bop united uni ted .nz nz

Match Officials Referee Nick Waldron Asst referee Glen Lochrie Asst referee Carl Watkins 4th official Campbell-Kirk Waugh

Head Coach Andy Hedge James McGarry Ben Sigmund Lewis Italiano (GK) Logan Rogerson Tamupiwa Dimairo Oliver Sail (GK) Luke Tongue Sarpreet Singh Oliver Whyte Sam Gillespie Ruairi Cahill-Fleury Liam Wood Sam Philip Justin Gulley Sam Wilson Joe Bell Cherbel Khouchaba Marcel Kampman Louis Evans Max Mata Liam Hare

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The Range - Issue 7 (2015/16)  

The Range is Loaded WaiBOP United's match day magazine. Issue 7 (2015/16) is published for the Loaded WaiBOP United v Wellington Phoenix ASB...

The Range - Issue 7 (2015/16)  

The Range is Loaded WaiBOP United's match day magazine. Issue 7 (2015/16) is published for the Loaded WaiBOP United v Wellington Phoenix ASB...