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KEY CLUB Dear Key Clubbers,

Now that summer break’s coming to an end, here’s another exciting issue of our club newsletter, summer edition! Sit back, relax, and read all about the many fun events we’ve had these past three months. From the Division Car Wash to Region Beach Cleanup, I can definitely say that Key Club’s made my summer that much more enjoyable. What has your favorite event been? At the same time, our officer board has been busy planning out logistics for the coming school year. If you have a planner from school, you’ll see that the informational meeting, as well as all the general meetings, are already set! Also, so far we’ve raised almost $900 for PTP, Eliminate, March of Dimes, and our club, so thank YOU for coming out to all the fundraisers we’ve had so far. For the coming month, take a look at all the events we have planned! I am especially excited for the September DCM/Pie Fundraiser (come and pie ME!) and the Region Training Conference. Keep checking your emails, and good luck this semester! Sincerely, Jane Wu

In June I went to the DCM/OTC event. To be honest, I had no idea what was going on; I was encouraged by my officers to go and see what it takes to be one of them, so I decided to check it out. Inside the church where the event was at, I saw for the first time what went on during a Divisional Council Meeting. It basically sounded like a report/ bragging session, but it was still cool to hear that DBHS Key Club had the best numbers out of all the clubs, as well as smaller clubs gaining more members and such. Then, the Officer Training Camp began. When they announced the different lectures going on, I panicked; so I chose the Vice-Presidency class, led by Jocelyn Hsu. After that, there were interesting classes such as Public Speaking, Time Management, and other such necessities for officers. The most important part for me personally was the Public Speaking Class, led by Andy Wong. There, I learned how to stand up and make a speech in front of complete strangers; it was nerve racking, but it taught me how to be more confident in front of others, a lesson I will carry for a long time. So to sum it all up, I had a really enlightening experience for Officer Training Camp and the June Divisional Council Meeting. I learned a lot, and grew a lot as a Key Club member, and I hope to do so in the future.

-Justin Kim

KEY CLUB It was a hot summer day in Diamond Bar. On this Saturday morning in June, over 30 students showed up to the parking lot of Carl's Jr. to wash cars under the blazing sun. Valiantly fighting the forces of dirt and mud, they raised over four hundred dollars for the Pediatric Trauma Program. Watching as the cars came in covered in dust and left squeaky clean, we were reminded of the joys of hard work as we hosed, scrubbed, and dried. Armed with sponges and towels, we quickly learned the ways of car washing. Yet, when the stream of cars stopped for a while, we stopped working and found time to enjoy ourselves by engaging in a fun icebreaker game. At the end of the event, we were rewarded with the satisfying knowledge that we had helped prevent childhood injuries with our hard work.

-Diana Zhou

One of the greatest things about 4th of July, other than the fireworks, is the parades. Diamond Bar Key Club had the opportunity to help out at the 4 th of July parade in Hacienda Heights! There were so many different types of people there, from boy scouts to senior citizens relaxing in the shade. There was also a lot of food. The Hacienda Heights Kiwanis were selling hot dogs and soda. They sold out on hot dogs! It was fun helping our Kiwanis serve food. Diamond Bar also helped out with the coloring tables. We got so

many little kids to come and color. At first, they were really shy about it and then they came and colored Uncle Sam holding a sign that said “Happy 4 th of July!” Some of our volunteers became bouncers for… the bouncers. They made sure that the children were having fun but playing safely. The parade itself was so entertaining! There were so many cheerleaders and floats. The showcased cars were really interesting too! There were

many volunteers too, to guide traffic or to help set up booths and serve food at different places. It was an exciting event and so much fun to attend! Though the heat was killer, the volunteers were able to persevere and serve their community by helping with the 4 th of July parade.

-Tiffany Cheng


Going to the Kiwanis pancake breakfast event was an amazing experience. I only joined Key Club this year and that was my first event! It was hard to believe being that all the other fellow members were so kind to me. I had a great time making new friends and helping my community. I arrived early in the morning and began to help set up tables and we got to cooking! Making pancakes with my new friends was very fun. I even got to make Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes! After making the pancakes and sausages, we began to serve them to volunteers of the marathon. I felt good about being able to help out. I left the event with a smile on my face and it was so great that I was able to help out and make new friends. I will definitely be going again!

-Sharon Byeon

On July 27th, I went to help the Hacienda Heights Kiwanis with their Stuff the Bus at Wal-Mart event. The goal of this event was to ask for donations of school supplies which would later be given to the Hacienda Heights school district. Since Wal-Mart was having a Back to School supplies sale, it would be easy for Wal-Mart shoppers to pick up a few folders and some supplies for less than a dollar. This event lasted from 8 am to 8 pm but volunteers could come and go any time in between. During this event, we handed out flyers to incoming shoppers and accepted their donations, which would later be carted away to the bus on the other side of the parking lot. I think I said, “Hi, we’re from Kiwanis and we’re collecting school supplies right now,” so many times that the sentence will forever be ingrained in my memory. However, it was truly a very satisfying event. For the many people who didn’t donate, there were also many generous souls who would bring bags and bags of school supplies for us. It was very rewarding, especially when I felt no one was listening to me, that the same people I handed the flyer to would come out and hand me a bag of school supplies.

Although I had to leave earlier, the Stuff the Bus event was a fun and interesting event. It was my first time handing out flyers in this manner, and I definitely found some joy in it, like when customers would actually help donate or stop to talk a little. Overall, Stuff the Bus was memorable because it was based on the sheer generosity and kindness of the community. -

Tiffany Zhang


During the months of July and August, Eric Chen and Steven Gomez (current officers of Diamond Bar) were chosen to become part of the Division 35E leadership team. They now hold the titles of “Director of Communications and Marketing” and “Director of Funds and Preferred Charities” (shown respectively). Eric Chen is the current tech editor of DBHS and will also serve the ten schools of D35E about communicating with members, officers, and the Kiwanis Faculty. He is in charge of creating marketing tools to help promote member activity. Steven Gomez is the current treasurer of DBHS and is in charge of assisting club treasurers about dues and fundraisers. He will help raise funds for PTP and the Eliminate Project.

-Allen Chen

It was around six o’clock in the morning, the sun was lost behind the gray clouds and the air was still chilled to a cool. However, nothing could stop the Key Clubbers from all around Region 13 who were bustling out of their homes for a fun day at the Santa Monica Beach! After the awesome turnout of the Region Picnic, everyone had been anxiously awaiting the next lion-fish event, the Region Beach 13 Clean Up! Upon arrival to the Santa Monica Pier, Division 35 East members looked around excitedly for other divisions. After ten or so minutes, Key Clubbers started emerging out of nowhere! Familiar and unfamiliar faces alike, we all joined together for introductions and ice-breakers. Together we engaged in several fun-filled activities that helped us become better acquainted with one another. We played games that promoted teamwork like “Pass down the Hula Hoop”, “Human Knot”, and “Speed Dating!” I think it is fair to say that everyone had such a marvelous time laughing with their new friends!

KEY CLUB Next on the list: SERVICE! Armed with hefty trash bags and rubber gloves, we all dispersed into individual groups of five or six people. Although there were many tiny pieces of trash found all over the sand, Region 13 moved efficiently and effectively! Most importantly, it felt very gratifying to make the beautiful beach a more enjoyable spot for the public! After an hour or so of patrolling, we were released out into the wild, a.k.a. the Santa Monica Pier, in jolly groups of fifteen for free-time! Some members grabbed burgers and fries while others began games of football. Whichever it was, the California sun and relaxing beach breeze were appreciated by all! At last, four o’clock came too soon and we slowly made our way to the buses. Even though it was sad to say goodbyes, we were all glad that we had a chance to see each other at this amazing, spectacular event!

-Caroline Hsieh

Summer Newsletter 2013  
Summer Newsletter 2013  

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