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KEY CLUB Dear Key Clubbers, Grab a snack and flip through the pages of our very last newsletter for this Key Club year! Major props to our tech editor, Eric Chen, for bringing our club newsletters to life this past year. None of this would be possible without his hard work. January has been a very special month for us, and I hope you had the opportunity to enjoy some of the amazing service opportunities we’ve had. First and foremost, shout out to our KFamily Chair, Jasmine Lin, for working with South Pointe, our Kiwanis, and myself to finally start a Builders Club! They started off by joining us for the Diamond Bar Snow Fest and Isaiah’s Rock, and I think I speak for all of us who attended when I say that they are all little balls of energy. I literally had a hard time distinguishing them from other Key Clubbers. From the Anti-Bullying Rally to ice skating and dancing with our division/region to FFDY, January has definitely been an amazing month. Not to mention, we were awarded Club of the Month by our Lieutenant Governor Andy Wong!! Your time and hard work pays off. My, how time goes by! With March and April just around the corner, a new Key Club year is about to arrive. As we reflect on all the service we’ve completed since April of last year, I want all of you to think about how Key Club has changed YOUR way of life. Maybe it was packing grains, bags, or cans for the needy, working with disabled children, or serving food for the homeless. Maybe it was talking about bullying in front of fifth graders, or flipping pancakes for Relay for Life. No matter what your “Key Club moment” was, I hope you have learned to cherish the beauty of community service, and reach out to your friends and peers to be active in Key Club! It’s been a good run, and we must finish strong! Remember, your goal should be at least 50 hours of service by the end of the school year. It’s not that hard! With that in mind, I hope to see you at the next event or two. If you don’t have ANY hours yet (why??!!), you should make it a goal to attend at least ONE event by the end of the year. Come on, you can do it. Serve on Key Clubbers, and it’s been a pleasure serving you. Sincerely, Jane Wu

I watched the movie Monsters University on a Key Club event eliminate movie day. Monsters University narrates a story about two animated characters Mike Wazowski and James Sullivan on their way to accomplish their dream to be a scarer. The movie Monster University is funny but touched, and I learned many things from it. Mike’s persistence and diligence, Sulley’s tenacious character and soft heart, and other “Ok” team members’ supports make me believe the strength in friendship and the importance of never giving up. Mike has a dream to become a scarer since he was young, but he doesn’t look scary at all. Even though everyone denies him, he still studies hard and never gives up his dream. Unlike Mike, Sulley has a scary outward, but he is too complacent. They don’t like each other at first. However, many things happens during their experiences, and they finally become really good friend and learned the importance of cooperate.

KEY CLUB At the end of the movie, they were expelled from the university. When Dean Hardscrabble comes to them, I thought that Dean Hardscrabble is asking them to re-emerge into the school. However, if true, the ending is boring, and the result doesn’t disappoint me. Dean Hardscrabble guides them another way to accomplish their dream. Since study in Monster University has come to nothing, they start again in the MU front, with a dream to start again. They are no longer timid at this time, and they actively go step by step firmly. The front, Cleaners, Energy irrigation Caregiver, Machine repairman, and finally, they pass the exam and become a real scarer. I think Monster University is a really good movie to watch. It’s a story about accomplishing dreams. Every character in the movie has a unique characteristic. They are funny but really have some deep meanings. Even though they are animated figures, their cooperation, persistence, and caring for each other make me moved. I appreciate Key Club for giving us a chance to see it.

-Sara Liu

On Saturday, January 11, Diamond Bar High School Key Club teamed up with Interact at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church to help with the Foundation for Disabled Youth (FFDY). Over twenty Key Club members spent three hours of service at the event, held in Rowland. Both organizations had the opportunity to engage angels in activities like drum lessons and dancing to the Hokey Pokey. Throughout the evening, the church was filled with enthusiasm. “Playing games with the angels allowed me to connect with them on a completely different level. In those moments, all that mattered was that everyone was together and happy," said Vice President Ananda Gutierrez, a senior at Diamond Bar High School. Angels may be looked down upon, since they are different from other kids. Some of their parents are anxious about taking their angels out into the public, worried that others might make fun of them for their disabilities. “These kids are often discriminated against other children, and they do not feel comfortable in the outside world. It always feels good when we are able to reassure an angel and their parents that they are safe and no one is going to criticize them,” Leader of Operation and Management for FFDY Maggie Lee said. Key Club’s efforts help make the angels feel accepted and loved.

KEY CLUB The evening consisted of games, social activities, and arts and crafts. Although working with these children was a wonderful experience for the club members, it was not as easy as it sounded. “It tested my patience, since the kids do not always follow the instructions,” said junior Alvin Zhang. Their disabilities make it hard for them to understand the directions. Sometimes they have to be told many times what to do in order to follow what is going on. However, as hard as it sounded, Alvin stated that “working with the angels was fun” and that “it was inter-

esting being in an environment like that.” The remainder of the event involved hands-on interaction with the angels, such as arts and crafts. “My favorite part was the arts and crafts. That was when my angel started to open up to me,” said DCON Chair Alan Wu. “I felt as if my angel started to trust me more, and he became more comfortable with me. Bonding with my angel was a great experience.” There was plenty of glue to go around while the children pasted glitter onto their paper. “I felt like a good person when I made my angel smile. It is always a joy being able to bring happiness to these people,” said Junior Bryant Tang. FFDY ended on a bittersweet note as the members waved farewell to their new friends.

-Daniel Dayto

The Anti-Bullying Rally was actually my first Key Club event that I attended, due to not being able to attend others because of previous engagements. We met after school at the upper quad to begin discussing the rally. The rally was to educate the fifth graders at Maple Hill Elementary School about the dangers of bullying, whether it be cyber, physical, or emotional. We would need to make a presentation that would have a general idea of what Key Club is, a skit, questions and answers, a story, and an activity for the students to participate in. After splitting into groups, I was with Andru, Alice, and Grace. Our group decided to mainly focus on the effects of cyber bullying. We made a skit draft that day and planned to meet with each other at a park for the next step in our plan. We finalized the skit, practiced it with props, and memorized it. We got our props ready and planned out what we were going to do and say. For the activity, we decided to cut out paper hearts for the elementary students to crumple. The next time we saw each other was the day of the Anti-Bullying Rally. We all met at the park across from Maple Hill Elementary School at about 7:30 in the morning on Tuesday. Though we could have been catching up on our sleep since it was a late start, we devoted our time for this rally. Our groups were performing our own skits and preparing for the rally. There was a yoga ball and a banana costume in one group and one could only wonder what they had planned for the students. Though I had a weird outfit of a pink tutu skirt over jeans, a red blazer and a dinosaur hat, I'm quite certain that we were not nearly as interesting as they were. After taking our picture in front of their hand-ball court, we proceeded to go to the fifth grader classrooms. Normally, the Anti-Bullying Rally would have taken place in the multipurpose room, but due to construction at the school, we split into the groups.

KEY CLUB The students had fifteen minutes of silent reading while we were setting up. It was kind of awkward setting up, but, then again, it might have been the fact that I was wearing a weird outfit. We got everything set up and began our presentation at 8:15. Alice gave a basic overview of what Key Club is and encouraged them to get involved when they can. Andru told them about the different forms of bullying and what bullying does to a person. We then performed our skit and they, surprisingly, actually found our skit to be quite funny. We asked them questions about what went on in our skit and tempted answers with the promise of chocolate kisses. I was chosen to share my story of being bullied to the students. What surprised me the most is that when I stated that the probably haven't been bullied yet, or at least should not have been, they all laughed out of how untrue that fact was. This actually showed how early bullying starts in life. After sharing some bullying stories, we began the activity. We handed out ten hearts to ten random students in the classroom and saved another one for us to use. I told them that every time they remember someone being mean to them, to give the heart a crumple. At first, none of them were eager to give the heart a crumple. After I began crumpling my heart and encouraging them to let their emotions out, they began crumpling their hearts. Some kids stomped on the hearts while others ripped their heart to pieces. After a couple minutes of letting our emotions, I told them to stop and to try making the heart as smooth as it was when they first received it. Their first responses were cried of incredulous because they knew that it was impossible to get it back to the way it was, especially after being ripped and stomped on. They scrambled for the tape and staples and performed heart surgery in order to fix the hearts. We asked them what this meant and they understood that it meant that once a person is affected by bullying, there isn't much of a way back. However, they could always fix it and smooth out the wrinkles. We then had a general questions and answers session and soon the rally was over. As we were leaving, they thanked us and the teacher instructed the students to staple their hearts onto the wall as a reminder not to bully.

-Kitty Wang

Every year as January rolls around, Key Clubbers look forward to the special DCM. It has now become an annual tradition that our first dcm of the year is held at an ice skating rink! Not only do our members fundraise for a noble cause, but it is also great as everyone gathers together for skating and fun. As a graduating senior, this will be a fond memory of mine for the years to come! The ice skating dcm serves as proof that service CAN be fun, for everyone.

-Ananda Gutierrez

KEY CLUB On January 18th, I attended the annual Diamond Bar Snow Fest held at Pantera Park. I was assigned to work at a bowling alley game booth with a few of my friends. This booth in particular was a lot of fun to work because we would try out best to make sure that every kid would walk away with a smile and a handful to tickets. Whenever one of the kids tried to knock the pins over and failed, we would always “accidentally” trip and knock over the pins for them. It was totally worth it when we saw the children’s excited faces and the grateful smiles of their parents. While we worked the booth, we had a lot of fun talking and getting to know each other better. It was definitely a team effort, and I couldn’t have asked for a better team than the people we had there. There was never a dull moment throughout the entire event because of the live performances by various organizations and talented signers. We even managed to get a picture with the mascot, Flurry the Penguin, while we were there. All in all, I had a great time working at this event and I would gladly go again.

-Kevin Wang

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