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NOW A new play by Billy Richter August 24-30

NOW A New Play By Billy Richter August 24-30

1619 Chestnut Ave The Dublin Theater Company

Call 989.793.3798 for tickets and showtimes

Problem: To create a poster for a play in the International (Swiss) Typographic style.

Solution: This problem was very open ended and I was allowed

to use basically any grid that I chose as well as whatever color scheme that I felt worked the best. I had to create several posters using the same information, and these two were the strongest of the group. With each I tried to guide the viewer through the piece using various lines and shapes without being too blatant. I also tried to establish a fairly evident visual hierarchy, and since the eye is trained to start with the top left part of a piece, I started each design there and then moved throughout the page, eventually ending in the bottom right corner.

1619 Chestnut Avenue T he Dublin T heater Company C a l l 9 8 9 . 7 9 3 . 3 7 9 8 fo r t i c ke t s a n d s h o w t i m e s

Problem: To create a new and unique

typeface that could be based on an existing typeface or something completely new.

Solution: At the beginning of this problem I

was encouraged to find a purpose for my type and then design it with that purpose in mind. I wanted to create a typeface that could be used as both Display and Body text interchangeably. I based my typeface on the display type Trebuchet and the body type Times New Roman. Treman DB is the offspring of the marriage of Trebuchet and Times, taking advantage of the strengths of both faces and making it ideal for both display and body text.

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Problem: To create a logo for a fictitious

company, and then develop an identity package for that company in the form of letterhead, envelope, and business card.

Solution: For this problem I had a gourmet dip

and sauce company to work with. When I began sketching out ideas I knew that I needed to create something fairly identifiable since it would be seen mostly in grocery stores where identities are key. I also wanted a name that sounded pretty sophisticated and elegant, and so I came up with an Italian name, Fabiano’s. I then experimented with several typefaces before I found a good descriptive and elegant one, and I used Pristina for the uppercase “F” in my logo. I then used that as my focal point throughout the rest of the identity since I wanted to create an easily identifiable brand.

Problem: Create a new media program and a web site for

users to learn about the program and download it.

Solution: This problem was a challenge. It was a significant

under-taking for the amount of time that I was given to complete it, but I began with designing the media program first. I looked at both iTunes and Windows Media player to see what worked and what didn’t work, and I created my media program based off of my research. After I got my program together, I began to tackle the web-site that would be responsible for showing it off and allowing people do download it to their computer for personal use. I tried to base most of my design for the web site off of my media program so that they would feel very unified on the screen together. I also tried to keep the site very clean and straightforward with minimal imagery and color so that the focus stayed on the media program that it was showcasing.

Problem: To create an identity for an existing

company in the style of the Pictoral Modernism movement of the late 1800s and early 1900s

Solution: The goal of this problem was to use

current major companies, with a special encouragement and focus on companies that had very digital identities. I chose to re-invent Verizon’s identity, and I began by creating a template out of Illustrator. I then took my template and applied many different color schemes to it. These three were the most successful of the group of ten that I created. For the final part of this project I transferred my black, white, and red design to a piece of 11�x17� linoleum and carved it out in order to physically print out the design as a poster.

Problem: Create a new package design for a current package that is difficult to use and visually displeasing.

Solution: The main goal for this problem was to create a new

package design that enhanced a current package design that did not function very well. I chose to re-package hot dogs because many people find the plastic shrink wrap that they are currently packaged in to be hard to open, impossible to re-seal and store, and just a mess to deal with all the juice inside the package. My solution to this package flaw was to put the hot dogs in an upright position in a plastic jar so that they were easy to remove, stayed fresh, easy to store, and kept the juice from getting everywhere after opening the package. After solving the main problem, I then got to re-design the package label to create something that would be more visually appealing to consumers as well as reach the more health-conscious market.

Problem: To create record album cover

in the style of Reid Miles

Solution: This problem was a lot of fun to

solve, and I began my solution through research on Reid Miles and the company he mostly worked for, Blue Note Records. After learning a lot about how he did things and by looking over multiple examples of his work, I came up with a name for my album and then shot my own photography at an abandoned bus stop in town. I decided to use just one color plus white for the cover so that it would give that classic “blues� feel that I was going for. I used white very sparingly and mainly as a variation to the blue.

Problem: Re-design a current magazine so that it would be more successful in reaching it’s demographic.

Solution: This problem was very similar to the packaging

problem, but this problem was much more focused on the form and visual appeal of the magazine. To start this problem I had to first find a current magazine that needed a new look and feel. After researching several magazines, I chose to work with American Handgunner. As it is printed currently, the magazine is a disaster. There is no order throughout the whole publication, and bad photography, type, and color dominate its pages. With this re-design, I first established an order to they layout so that the whole magazine would have a strong backbone running through it. I also cut down the 10+ typefaces they currently use to 3, and I got rid of all color except for red so that it could be used sparingly to highlight and draw attention to certain details.


Your Booth Is Waiting.

Open 24 Hours

Problem: To re-brand an existing company into a

completely new establishment.

Solution: I worked on this problem for several

weeks, and I had to create a company name, logo, and several touch points for my new company. The company I chose to re-brand was Waffle House. I felt like they could really use an update on their design as well as with their touch points, so I felt like it was a good base for my re-design. Through research I chose the name Hawker’s Grill, and I created a logo that seemed natural and healthy as well as fast and moving. I wanted my company to be known for its speed as well as for good, natural food. I spent most of my time in research and in designing my logo, and all of the touch points referenced back to the original tag line, color, and type choices that I made with the logo.

Open 24 Hours

Problem: Create book jackets for a series of four classic

novels that would be appealing for a broader demographic.

Solution: To begin this problem I first researched and put

together a series of four novels that could be related to one another as a series through a book jacket design. I chose to work with Dracula, Frankenstein, Phantom of the Opera, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I chose to work with these because the main character in each novel is very iconic, and very often, misunderstood. I wanted to present these characters in a new light that showed more about them than what they are perceived as such iconic characters. Each character began each novel with noble intentions, but due to some event in the story, they turn into the monsters that made them so iconic. With the cover of each book jacket I put a single word and its definition that described what exactly caused each character to fall.

David Bishop Portfolio  

A portfolio of my best work

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