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Year 1

Curriculum Overview Information

Curriculum Overview 2


Our World theme Singing and playing music from around the world

Soundscapes Students will explore untuned and tuned percussion instruments and their timbre. They will create their own pieces based on a variety of backgrounds.

Mandarin Chicken Licken

Students will be learning the story of Chicken Licken in Mandarin through our gesture-based AIM programme. Students will begin to recognise and say the names of common farm animals in the story, understand simple place prepositions and perform a role from the play with some support.


Motor Skills and Athletics Students will play games to develop their gross motor skills and learn to work cooperatively in team relays. Skills developed will be the underarm target throw and overarm distance throw, moving at speed, changing direction, balancing and object control.

Swimming Students will be working in one of 4 ability groups and learning to float on the front and back, perform water skills on the surface and under the water, develop leg and arm actions of the competitive strokes.

Striking and Fielding Games Students will learn modified games of tee ball and cricket.

Gymnastics Students will learn to create and perform movements showing a range of balancing, jumping, landing, rolling and travelling movements.

Ball Games Students will continue to develop their object control through a range of simple individual and small team games.

Learning Technologies Learning To Learn -

Students will be introduced to the Discovery Lab and will spend a few weeks getting to know this fabulous new learning space and how to use it and the resources within it responsibly. Students will also be introduced to responsibly sharing their own learning journey through the use of Seesaw.

Robots, Robots Everywhere Building on their prior learning about Robots in the Early Years and inspired by a range of Robot themed stories, students will have an opportunity to explore a range of real robots in our new Discovery Lab. They will learn how they can control what robots can do and will begin to develop a simple understanding of coding through this play themed unit. They will also have the opportunity to design, program, evaluate and improve their own real working robots.


Students will be learning to; zz use logical phonic strategies (RWI) when trying to spell unknown words zz

name the letters of the alphabet in order


Develop fluency, accuracy and confidence when re reading a book


apply phonic knowledge and skills as the route to decode familiar and unfamiliar words


blend sounds together to form words


form their lower case letters correctly so they start and finish in the right places and face the right way


say sentences out loud before I write them down independently


form sentences using capital letters and full stops


produce their own ideas for writing


leave spaces between words


listen and respond appropriately to adults and my peers


ask relevant questions to extend my understanding and knowledge


Curriculum Overview 4


Students will be learning to; zz identify one less and one more from a given number zz

read and write numbers from 1 to 100 in numerals and words


read and write numerical symbols +, - and =


count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s from zero


identify odd and even numbers up to 20


recognise and name common 2D shapes (rectangles, circle, square, triangle)


continue simple number sequences and shape patterns

Discovery Learning to Learn

In this unit the children will explore how their attitude can best support their learning. The children will build on their Growth Mindset and the importance of learning from their mistakes.

Our World In this unit the children will learn about their own community and how it fits into a larger world. They will also explore how they share their environment with other living things and the impact that humans have on our environment.

Learning for Life

The Personal Goals that will be discussed this term are; zz Enquiry zz






The Personal Goals are discussed in detail during our Learning for Life lessons. These lessons take place on a rotation and include a Learning for Life Assembly, Circle Time activities and online Moodle activities. The Personal Goals refer to the individual qualities and dispositions that we as a school feel are essential for DBIS students. The language of the Personal Goals are shared widely with the students and permeate through all aspects of learning.

Key Dates for the Term 14.8.18 15.8.18 WB 27.8.18 18.9.18

New Students Visit Start of Term 1 Parent Teacher Conferences Year 1 Literacy Evening

WB 24.9.18

Public Free Day Monday and Tuesday

WB 8.10.18

Sustainability Week

WB 29.10.18 WB 5.11.18

Sports Day Box of Hope Collection


Year 1 Open Morning


Term 1 Reports Go home


Parent Teacher Conferences


Year 1 Show Parent Performance


Carols on the Pitch


Christmas Jumper Day and End of Term 1

Discovery Days / Weeks WB 8.10.18

Sustainability Week


December Christmas Week


DBIS Year 1 Curriculum Overview Information  
DBIS Year 1 Curriculum Overview Information