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HLWW School District By Brad Sellner Superintendent Independent School District 2687, serving the communities of Winsted, Waverly, and Howard Lake, is dedicated to providing the best possible education for its youth. With that commitment, we strive for quality and opportunity for each student in every offering and activity of the school. The school district comprises an area of approximately 115 square miles, primarily in Wright County, with a portion located in McLeod County, and a small portion in Carver County. District 2687’s high school is located between Howard Lake and Winsted on County Road 6 and its middle school is located in Howard Lake. The k-4 elementary and preschool facilities are located in Waverly and Winsted. Some of the highlights of our district are: • Elementary schools have been recognized as “Schools of Excellence” by the Minnesota Elementary School Principals Association for achieving continuous improvement in the areas of curriculum, staffing, and school culture (2005). • Extended-day kindergarten option (fee-based) offers traditional curriculum enhanced with activity/exploratory stations, physical education, library, art, and recess. A traditional half day-every day kindergarten option is also available. • Small class sizes and an environment that fosters good teacher-student relationships and allows for individualized attention to students. Due to small class sizes, there is an opportunity for all students to participate in extracurricular activities, too. This allows children to mix with other community members, connecting with long-lasting friendships. Teachers and staff are kind and caring so kids feel protected and safe as they learn. Safe and convenient bus transportation is provided.

• Strong focus on academics at all grade levels proven by student scores on state tests that are consistently above state average; ACT scores are consistently above national and state averages; graduates qualify for colleges of their choice. Elementary and middle school systems help prepare students for high school and beyond. • Excellent elementary music program including annual musicals. Middle and high school students can continue in music, through band, choir, jazz and pep band, and marching band, and individual band lessons. Top honors won by large groups, ensembles, and soloists. • A strong Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) program offering school-year and summer activities that are fun and educational, and services such as early childhood screening, parent and child activities, parenting information, and new baby welcome packets. • Preschool for 3 to 5-year-olds located in Waverly and Winsted; educational, nurturing, and fun. Curriculum with a focused approach on learning, and a strong emphasis on literacy skills. Transportation provided; limited scholarships available. • School Age Care (SAC) available for students grades k-6 before and after school and non-school days located in at the middle school (Community Ed) in Howard Lake; provides homework assistance, fun activities, and is convenient for busy families. Transportation available to and from all schools in our district. • Communities Connecting Collaborative-after school programs for youth including enrichment, prevention and intervention for grades k-12, homework help, reading skills, computer time and fun! • Community Education-activities, education, recreation and special events for birth-5, youth k-12, and adults. • Adult Volunteer Program-parents and community

Contact numbers HLWW District Office (320) 543-3900 Superintendent Brad Sellner Secretary Marilyn Greeley HLWW High School (320) 543-4600 Principal Mike Day Secretary Sandy Stallmo HLWW Middle School (320) 543-3501 Principal/Cirriculum Director Jim Schimelpfenig Secretary Jan Fitzpatrick Humphrey Elementary School (763) 658-4424 Principal Jennifer Olson Secretary Terry Knuth

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HLWW administrative staff are: Superintendent Brad Sellner, Elementary Principal Jennifer Olson, Middle School Principal Jim Schimelpfenig, and High School Principal Mike Day.

Winsted Elementary School (320) 485-2190 Principal Jennifer Olson Secretary Julie Stifter

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Howard Lake Community Guide  

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