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Hugh Cosby Hugh is a bonafied thug. He first got his street cred while selling used cars in Vermont (That shit is raw). Then he was raped by Lil B in prison and developed Stolckholm Syndrome which explains why he wants to suck the dude off all the time. David spends the majority of his time fucking Greek bitches and getting money but he makes music sometimes too.

Alan South Alan South started his career as a pornstar in the bondage space, but eventually turned gay for pay. He is also a vermont native who is famous in his home town for liking 8 Mile. He once tried to crash a little girl’s birthday party, but was arrested for smoking weed in the playhouse. As a true thug with a seemingly unlimited amount of street cred he is one half of HCAS and usually, but not always, can be found jerking the turntables with his left hand.


David Byrd (408)-857-4330

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